Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s07e13 Episode Script

Lions' Pride, Part 2

- No! - Paladins, brace for impact.
Hunk, help me with Shiro.
Hunk, get Shiro to the Atlas.
- We'll cover you.
- Got it.
That energy spectrum completely deflected our attack! We got it from here.
Shiro is aboard the Atlas.
Keith, we got you covered.
Get out of there! Anyone have any idea where this thing came from? No clue.
We just defeated an entire Galra armada, and now this? Paladins I know we're all in bad shape but we have strength together.
This is Earth.
This is our home.
We're going to defend it.
And we'll be by your side! Good to have you back, Atlas.
We've taken a direct hit.
It's aligning for a second attack.
- I need to get back.
- But, Commander Atlas, we need you to hold the beast back temporarily so we have time to form Voltron.
It's the only way we're gonna beat this thing.
Paladins, let's finish this fight.
Coran, what's our next move? Oh! This ship is so different from the Castle of Lions.
I uh Coran, hold course.
Oh, thank the ancients you're here.
- Captain, are you okay? - I'll be fine.
Shields report.
They're at 70 percent! - Iverson, the port side cannons.
- They're fully charged.
Shields down.
Fire! We lost an energy inverter on two cannons.
Diverting power! Thanks for covering for us, Atlas.
Coran, take us up to covering fire position.
Iverson, once those cannons come back online, we'll need to give Voltron some support.
- Guys, my bayard port just opened.
- Mine, too.
Pidge, shield! Launch fighters! We're coming in.
Covering fire.
Paladins, what happened? Are you okay? Those blades, they sapped our energy.
It felt like the Komar.
Pilots, fall back.
Those blasts can vaporize you.
Keith's right.
You've successfully drawn its fire.
Rendezvous with the Atlas ASAP.
Roger that.
The enemy has turned its attention back to Voltron, sir.
- Sam, how are those cannons? - Coming back online now.
Fire! Shields up! We've lost shields.
It's destabilizing the molecular reflection arrays! Pull out of range! The power this creature is generating is unheard of.
My surge indicators are spiking every time it's about to fire.
That sickle absorbed our quintessence.
It's using our own energy to power its attack.
Like the Komar.
Then we'll have to avoid direct contact.
Everyone, up! Guys, we need to be careful.
There are innocent lives down there.
Then let's take the fight to the sky! - We can't get a clear shot! - Rebooting shields! - Five minutes out! - Rerouting power.
Pidge, the cannon! The Atlas! No! What's our status? Stabilizing thrusters are gone.
I'm attempting to override.
The cannons are offline again, all of them.
Initiating backup generators! No.
Shiro, the shields are gone and we don't have countermeasures! What do we do? - Cannons are still offline.
- It's charging up for another attack! What do we do, Shiro? Shields are offline.
Sir, what are your orders? It's got us in its sights.
We have no countermeasures.
I'm rerouting power, but we're at least five minutes out! Bring us up.
Set coordinates for upper atmosphere.
But Voltron.
Commander Holt, I need all the power we've got.
Copy that.
Atlas crew, hold tight.
Everyone, report in.
I-I can barely move.
Voltron's power levels are depleted.
I've never seen anything this powerful before.
Guys Is that the Atlas? Paladins, are you there? What's your status? We're here.
- How did you? - I'm not exactly sure.
But we've got you covered.
- Hostile returning for another pass.
- Get me eyes on the target.
We have to do something.
It's gonna destroy the Atlas.
That's it.
It's the only place on that thing that isn't armored.
We have to strike there right before it fires.
That's a split-second window.
How do we do that? My bayard.
Team, we've got one chance.
Give it everything you've got! Lance! Anyone? Hello? I'm here.
I'm here, too.
Blue Lion, checking in.
Did we do it? Did we beat that thing? I think so.
Atlas, what's your status? Atlas, are you receiving me? They're offline.
What is that? Surge indicators coming from that thing.
I thought it was down.
It is.
Oh, no.
What? It's powering up.
It must have some kind of self-destruct mechanism.
According to my readings, the blast radius alone will envelope half of the Earth.
Then we need to get it out of here.
Come on! Come on! It's been an honor to fly with you all.
Now, everyone, give it everything you've got! Today is a solemn day.
Today, we look back at the lives that have been lost, and the sacrifices that have been made here on Earth and across the universe.
There isn't one of us here today who hasn't experienced the tragedy of losing someone close.
It truly feels like a light has gone out in our lives and the sun itself couldn't reignite it.
But that light, that fire, has not gone out completely.
It is fueled within each of us by the memories and the love of those we've lost.
And now we must move forward in their names.
And shine that light onto a new path for future generations.
Today is a solemn day, but it is also a day of hope.
Earth is now stronger than ever, and it stands as a beacon of light to help guide those fighting against tyranny and oppression.
From here, we will spread peace, and together we will hold strong as the defenders of the universe.
As you know, we've spent months recovering the pieces of this creature, but we never found its power source until now.
An Altean?