Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s08e07 Episode Script

Day Forty-Seven

[theme music] - [camera beeps] - [muffled rustling] [camera whirring] - [watch beeps] - [camera whirs] Hello.
This is Lieutenant Ryan Kinkade, MFE pilot.
The time is 0600 hours.
It's day 47.
And this is a glimpse at day-to-day life aboard the IGF Atlas.
[man snoring] Last night, I unpacked my video gear and decided to document the crew.
- [spits] - [water runs] I know it seems strange, but before Earth was attacked, I didn't go anywhere without my camera.
[panting] Back home, people asked me why I liked recording things.
They also asked me why I didn't talk that much.
To both of those things, I'd always say [grunts] [Kinkade] 28, 29, 30.
You're recording? Why? Kinkade has always been, uh an individual who's most comfortable observing and reflecting on life.
Being a fighter pilot was actually his backup plan.
It's true.
I learned to shoot with a camera before I learned to shoot with a rifle.
I guess filming is just a small piece of the larger puzzle that makes up the picture of who I am.
[watch beeps] - [watch beeping] - Hmm.
[camera whirring] [camera beeps, whirs] - [electricity crackles] - Ah! So, you're really shooting another documentary? Please tell me this is going to be more exciting than that project you did for Mr.
Pollard's biology class about yeast.
That was actually about the process of fermentation.
Yeast converts carbohydrates into carbon diox Boring! Okay, look, if this little documentary is how history will remember us, I'm gonna help you spruce it up! How many cameras do you have? What's your visual effects budget? Do you have any smoke bombs? [Kinkade groans] [camera whirring] [Kinkade] Okay, we're set.
[Rizavi] So, catch us up on what's going on.
Well, the Atlas is headed to the Grei-Aye system where we've identified the remains of a disabled Robeast.
[Rizavi] Oh! Those things are pretty dangerous, right? Do I need to explain that the Robeast was one of the ones used in Honerva's intergalactic ritual? - [Rizavi] No, its fine.
- Okay.
Um, so, once the Atlas arrives in orbit around the planet, the other Paladins and I will head down to the surface to secure the Robeast and hopefully find its Altean pilot.
[Rizavi] Ugh! Okay.
Keith! Why don't you tell us about the dangers of this mission? Well, every mission has some inherent dangers.
For this one, we have to be especially diligent about the Robeast.
Even if it's not fully functional, it can still pose an extreme threat.
Combine that with the hostile Altean that's probably still in the vicinity, and you've potentially got threats on multiple fronts.
Hey, guys.
What's up? You making a movie? Cool.
Can I be in it? Now, wait, if this is an action movie is it? I don't wanna be in it.
[Rizavi] Hunk, we're trying to do an interview, here.
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, my bad.
Just came to see if you wanted to try this new recipe I've been experimenting with.
This is just the first pass.
The final version will be coming soon.
[Bebe whining, growling] No, Bebe! Not for you! [panting] I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I'll make you some doggy treats later.
[Kinkade] What's the recipe? Can we watch you work? Well, yeah! Yeah, this'll be great! - I've always wanted my own cooking show.
- What? No! Keith was telling us about the mission and dangers! We're not losing that to document cooking.
- [Kinkade] But I like cooking.
- [Rizavi growls] It's like you're trying to make this boring.
Whoa, first of all, cooking is not boring, okay? And it can bring people together.
Some of the best times were spent breaking bread with loved ones.
- So, is this interview over? - No! Great, now the talent's getting restless! [Iverson] Everyone, report to your battle stations immediately! [alarm blaring] [Iverson] I repeat battle stations immediately! This is not a drill! - The camera! - Leave it! We need to go! - But this is gold! - [grunts] Come o - [static crackling] - [booming] [Iverson] MFE pilots, report to hangars alpha-bravo! Scrambling fighters in five! Paladins, stand by for launch.
[sniffing] [Bebe panting] [elevator music playing] [Shiro] Where did it come from? Veronica, get me eyes on it! [Coran] That thing just appeared out of nowhere! - [Shiro] Iverson, fire when ready! - Target acquired! We've got lock! - [alarm beeping] - [Iverson] Wait.
No we lost it! Target has gone dark! [Veronica] Electromagnetic radiation from that planet is overloading our radars.
Voltron, do you have a visual? I repeat.
Voltron, do you have a visual? [Keith] Not yet.
We're going in now! Stand by! - [grunting] We can't see a thing in here! - [explosions] [Griffin] Copy that.
We have zero visibility as well.
- We need a visual.
- [Curtis] Roger.
Trying another avenue.
Scanning for biometrics.
Visual acquired! - [Coran] Incoming! - [crew shouting] [Iverson] Recharging starboard cannons! - [Coran] Sensors are offline! - [Bebe whines] - [creature roars] - [Iverson] What is that? - [Coran] It's massive! - [Shiro] Iverson, open fire! - [blaster booms] - [creature roars] - [mice squeaking] - [Coran] Direct hit! It's coming back around for another shot! [Shiro] Veronica, prep shields! Whatever hit us just knocked loose the gravity generator! - Grab the flaxum assembly! - I can't do that! It's red! Is this one of your crazy probability, reality things? [Shiro] All crew, report to stations and prepare for Atlas transformation - Go, go, go! - in T-minus 30 seconds.
- [alarm blaring] - [grunts] [Bebe panting] [Colleen] Bebe, what are you doing out here? And what's this in your mouth? A camera? Come on, girl! [Shiro] All crew, prepare for Atlas transformation sequence in five - Oh, no.
- four, three, two, one.
[camera beeping] [creature roaring] [blade rings] [camera beeping] [camera beeps, whirs] Camera's fully charged.
We're good to go.
The time is now 0900 hours.
We just experienced a minor mishap aboard the IGF Atlas, but we're back on track.
In the future, we'll hopefully be avoiding creature-occupied gas planets.
[camera beeps, whirs] Hey, Seok Jin, where you headed? I'm transporting these samples back to Earth.
Commander Holt thinks it can help with the recovery efforts there.
Well, they couldn't have picked a better man for the job.
Take care, man.
Hey, Seok Jin we'll miss you, buddy.
- [camera beeps, whirs] - [water running] [water turns off] There you are! Tell me this thing was recording during the attack! That was so intense! Oh, this documentary's gonna be awesome! [camera whirs] I believe our heading readout en route was 92254739.
Wait, no.
It was 9.
That was our heading per our readout just prior to our deployment.
- [mock snoring] - Our teams vary in size.
Often we use the three-person unit, but it's not unusual to have a four- or a five- or perhaps even a six-person unit.
Seven seems rare, but it could happen.
Okay, I like everything you're telling me, but let's just try it a little less like you're reporting the facts to your commanding officer and a little more like you're telling your friend an exciting story in the gym.
You understand? - Yes, understood.
- Okay, good.
Why don't you tell us about your last mission? Our last mission took place on planet K-V Exus.
The Blades divided into three four-person teams and we escorted approximately 12 rescue crafts to the surface.
I believe our heading readout en route was 359.
222 Thanks! Thank you! Okay, I think we got it! - But I wasn't done.
- Yeah, you nailed it.
We need to get someone more exciting in here.
Then the Atlas started firing with everything it had! [imitating gunfire and explosion] And don't forget the white hole is swirling right next to us the entire time! [imitates whirring] Oh, no! It's about to close! Meanwhile, not one, but two, yes, two, Robeasts are attacking! Shiro's shouting out orders.
"Coran, get closer! Iverson, open fire!" [imitating gunfire] Beams of Quintessence energy are converging from all over the galaxy! [imitating shooting beams] Ah! You know, you could just imagine it.
[camera beeps] Welcome to the engine room.
What you see here is just a tiny part of what keeps the ship functioning.
[electronic chirping] [Rizavi] Slav, you've created some incredible technology.
What do you think of the Atlas? I can respect any engineering that extrapolates for transmutation, but I wish the writing was in Altean.
He's mentioned that a few times.
So, what are you doing now? Right now we're about to adjust the gravity generator, which was fractionally increased during our last battle.
Yes, our gravity generator is actually a fluid system, ever-changing depending on the specific needs of the location, so it requires recalibrating from time to time.
Okay, adjust gravity generator back down to .
- Copy.
Adjusting now.
- [beeps] [all shouting] - [Sam] What did you press? - I don't know! Which one is the two again? I can't read these weird symbols you call numbers! Hey, big guy, toss me over! [all shouting] - Oh, no! Directly on a crack! - Weird.
[camera whirs] [Colleen] Beautiful, isn't it? It's an Altean juniberry.
The first one to bloom in nearly 10,000 years.
I managed to get it to grow by resequencing the genetic code of similar plant.
I wanna give it to Allura.
- [machines warbling] - These are our fertilizers.
We have fish emulsion, worm castings, Kaltenecker manure.
Just so much great recycled poop! And this is our lighting station.
I like to say our lighting array is literally out of this world! [chuckles] You know, because we're, you know, on a space ship.
Can I take a shot at this? [video rewinding] [rock music playing] [Rizavi] Welcome to extreme space harvesting! Where we have plants and crops and super fertilizers all under one roof! Meet Colleen Holt, the botanical genius behind it all.
I guess I just liked plants all my life.
I've done a lot of research, but I know I have much to learn.
I guess I like the challenge.
I'm sorry, where am I supposed to be looking? [Rizavi] Without Colleen, all life aboard the ship could perish.
One bad crop, the introduction of one foreign pest, and it's all over.
I just like plants.
Oh, sorry.
Am I interrupting something again? I just I just came in to see if Colleen had a very specific type of yeast.
- [Kinkade] Yeast? What for? - [Rizavi] Oh, no.
It's that recipe I've been working on.
I think I got the topping down, but I'm still trying to figure out the sweet bread.
[Colleen] I have so many strains of yeast, it'll make your head spin.
I got AB972, S288C.
I even have O unilateralis.
Don't mess with that one.
- Are you getting this? - [Rizavi] Unfortunately, yes.
[camera beeps, whirs] The time is 1200 hours.
We just got word that we are in the Grei-Aye star system.
The Paladins will be heading down to the surface of the planet any second now.
Lance, how are you feeling about the mission you're about to go on? Oh, hey.
I'm feeling good, I guess.
Maybe a little tense.
Maybe a lot tense.
I don't know.
Why'd you have to ask me that question? I think what Lance is trying to say is he'll be fine.
We all will.
Let's move out.
[camera beeps] Right now, we're headed to the situation room where we'll be monitoring the Paladins in real-time.
By the way, you know we're not gonna be able to bring our camera into that meeting, right? [sotto voce] Says who? [Sam] Come in, Pidge.
Are you reading us? [Pidge] Okay, we've just touched down on the surface.
[Keith] We're at the crash site now.
[Pidge] That's the Robeast.
It looks disabled, just like our intel reported.
The Altean should be nearby.
[ship whirs] Paladins, brace for incoming! - I didn't know it could do that! - [Keith] Take cover! [Lance screams] Paladins, report! We've lost visual.
- Bridge, lock on to that ship now! - [Curtis] Yes, Captain.
Adjusting to long-range parameters.
- [beeping] - [Curtis] Locked on! Light it up! - [laser blasts] - [Curtis] Direct hit! - Nice shot, Atlas! - Yeah, thanks for the cover! Bridge, stay on alert.
[Pidge panting] [Allura] Stand by, Atlas.
We're approaching the ship.
Guys, there doesn't seem to be a pilot inside.
[Keith] Hey, guys, over here.
[Pidge] Keith's found something.
Let's go! [panting] [Pidge] Give me a second.
Just reconfiguring to this barrier's isometric frequency.
- [beeps] - There! That should do it.
[beeping, chiming] Atlas, our target is acquired.
[overlapping voices] Yippee! All right! Yeah! [Shiro] Great job, everyone! We just got word that the Paladins have returned from their mission.
Maybe we can catch a glimpse of this new Altean.
[indistinct radio chatter] This will be the sixth Altean pilot we've recovered from the powered-down Robeasts left behind after Honerva escaped Oriande.
Allura keeps trying, but she hasn't been able to get any information from them as of yet.
[camera whirring] [Rizavi] Commander Shirogane said you two were needed on the bridge.
- We'll cover your station.
- [woman] Yes, Lieutenant.
[watch beeps] [gasps] There! Oh, man, I think we missed the beginning! [Romelle] Tavo, please.
You and I grew up alongside one another.
You must trust me.
We're here to help.
We were told you are a traitor, and I can see now that it is true.
I'm done talking with him.
I'm done with all of them.
[gasps] - [Kinkade] Uh, what are you doing? - [Rizavi] Shh! I got an idea.
[Lance] Anything? [Allura] No.
He was just like the others.
A true believer in Honerva, and there's nothing I can say that would make him think otherwise.
I'm sorry.
No, I am.
These Alteans are the key to unlocking Honerva's plan.
They're my people, but they won't speak with me.
You have no idea what it's like to find out after 10,000 years that you're not the last of your kind only to be rejected by them.
I don't.
But I wish every day there were something I could do to change it all for you.
You've suffered more than anyone should in a thousand lifetimes.
But still you persist.
Through the pain, you inspire.
It's one of the reasons I fell in love with you.
- [Kinkade] No, that's private.
- [Rizavi] Kinkade, what are you doing? That was our love angle! [camera whirs] - [Kinkade] Please don't touch that.
- Oh, sorry.
[Rizavi] So, Romelle, you know these Alteans from your time on the colony? Yes.
I lived alongside them for many deca-phoebs.
They are good people.
[Kinkade] What do you think would make them join forces with Honerva? I don't know.
But you must understand, my people were hunted nearly to extinction.
They're afraid.
And this Honerva she's turned that fear to aggression.
If there was just some way to get through to them.
[chatter] I've never seen anything like it.
All those tentacles so nasty.
- [camera whirs] - Oh, hey.
You're just in time.
I was just about to add the yeast Colleen gave me.
- [barks] - No, Bebe! Bad dog! [camera whirs] [watch beeps] [Kinkade] First off, thanks for doing this, Allura.
You're welcome.
[Rizavi] Maybe we can start with the Alteans we have aboard.
What about them? They're on the wrong side of this war and they refuse to speak with me.
There's nothing else to say.
- [Rizavi] So, you're frustrated? - Yes, I am.
Oriande was destroyed, Lotor is back, and we aren't any closer to tracking down Honerva.
She's out there, right now, planning something, preparing, and growing stronger.
And we're here flying around in circles, searching for Fraunhofer lines that don't appear and scanning for wormhole signatures that don't exist! [Rizavi] Do you think we'll ever find Honerva? No.
I think she'll find us.
[camera whirs] Okay, it's been a long day, but I'm finally done.
- [Kinkade] What is it? - [Hunk] It's an authentic Altean dessert! I'm gonna give it to the Alteans.
Coran helped me with the recipe, but I think his memory was a bit fuzzy, so, you know, I did some improvising.
No big whoop.
You did this for them? Why? Well, I don't know.
Because food has a way of reminding people of moments in time.
That's why I made a dessert.
Usually, when you eat dessert, you're pretty happy, right? Who knows? Maybe this'll help those Alteans remember some moment that made them smile.
Something before all this madness.
That could go a long way in building a relationship.
Well, that's just what I think.
[camera whirs] Please, eat.
Look, it's good! Mm, really! You made this? It reminds me of home.
Well, I had a little help from someone born and raised on Altea.
[Alteans gasp] [stammers] And I know you don't wanna talk with them, but Allura and Coran know more about your homeland than anyone alive.
They were on Altea until its final day.
They would've stayed and died to protect it if Alfor hadn't sent them away.
That's how much they loved it.
I heard Altea was one of the most beautiful places in the universe.
Did your Alteans ever tell you about the Zyo-Crystal Springs outside of the capital? The stories say those cliffs were more beautiful than all of the stars combined.
They never told me about them.
But I'm sure they'd love to tell you themselves.
This is Lieutenant Ryan Kinkade, MFE pilot.
The time is 2300 hours.
Day 47 aboard the IGF Atlas is officially done.