Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s08e08 Episode Script

Clear Day

1 Tavo, I want to thank you for speaking with me.
Forgive me, Princess Allura, but we don't have much time.
- I'm sorry? - Please.
Once Honerva discovers I'm speaking with you, it will be over.
Slow down.
- What are you trying to? - Listen to me.
Now that she has Lotor, she will use him to destroy everything Tavo! Wait! I feel something.
Get them out of there! Reverse the magnetic polarity once the room is cleared.
The impulse prism just might stabilize the foreign object.
This unit uses the ship's crystal to energize the optronic vacuum casing.
It was designed to contain diseases, but it should suffice until we find a more permanent solution.
Thank you, Sam.
That thing, it was as if it was communicating with me.
Whatever this is, it might be how Honerva connects to the Alteans.
Perhaps you should get some rest.
It's best if everyone stays away from this until we learn more about Allura? You're right.
Best to stay away.
Captain, I'm picking up an abnormal signal from planet Drazan in the zeta-three sector.
Open a hailing frequency.
We need to find out what's going on.
This is Takashi Shirogane of the Voltron Well, if it isn't the Voltron Coalition.
And here I was thinking you were afraid to show your face after ruining the last Clear Day.
Yes, sorry about that.
That was on me.
We noticed a lot of activity on your planet's surface.
Are you in danger? Opposite! We're celebrating Clear Day! Hang on, isn't Clear Day four movements from now? Time dilation, you snarflaf! It's right now! So unless you'd like to waste more of my time, I need to get back.
Are you sure hosting a celebration is safe? This sector has seen a lot of hostile activity lately.
Oh, here we go.
I knew this was coming.
In fact, I just told my wife.
I said to her, "Just you wait.
You don't know them the way I do.
They promise to show up.
You tell everyone that Voltron is coming to Clear Day.
Everyone gets excited.
Then Voltron never arrives, and you're left with your top two paws stuck in the rocks!" We don't wanna ruin your holiday, but we're We're having Clear Day, and that is that! If you're so worried about our safety, then how about you show up and provide security? Free of charge! Veronica, make an announcement to the Atlas.
We're going to Clear Day.
You sure you don't wanna head to the carnival? I'm pretty sure the Swathian Meerakeet won't try to eat us.
I'm sure.
I haven't been feeling well, especially after what happened to Tavo.
I need to rest.
Well, I could stay here with you, keep you company if you want.
Please, go have fun.
Maybe you can win me a prize.
Something sparkly? Yeah, okay.
Winning prizes is kinda my specialty.
I am a sharpshooter, after all.
I want you all to enjoy yourselves today.
The celebration ends in five vargas.
It's important to remember that while the Atlas patrols the skies, we are the eyes and ears on the ground looking for any suspicious activity.
These people are relying on us.
I pulled some strings and got each of you ten complimentary tokens.
Use them for games, foods, rides.
- Where's Allura? - She's going to stay back and rest.
I just need to find something to bring back for her.
That's nice of you, Lance.
- I'll help, too.
- Me, three.
Let's remember why we came here in the first place: to provide security for the event.
Well, I better go find the arcade and make sure it's safe, yeah! Uh, me, too! Me, three! Uh, wait for me! Keith, relax.
Go have fun.
If we're not here for protection, then what are we doing here? Morale on the Atlas is low after what happened on Oriande.
Who knows? A few hours at the carnival might give us the boost we need to get back on track.
Lance? What are you doing here? I thought you were going to the carnival.
That's a beautiful flower.
Where did you get it? Colleen gave it to me.
It's a real juniberry flower.
I assumed they had gone extinct.
You should know better than anyone, nothing ever truly goes extinct.
It's good to see you again, Princess.
How? How did you get in here? You know, the ancients believed that all of life began with a single juniberry flower.
I thought you'd be happy to see me.
What are you doing here? I demand to know! You and I desire the same thing.
We both seek to destroy Haggar.
Haggar? Haggar is no longer.
She's Honerva now.
Though I could rename this a highlands poppy, you and I would still know what it truly is.
The witch may change her name, but she will always be a witch.
Be that as it may, she's too powerful.
There's nothing I can do to counter her abilities.
You are mistaken.
Everything you need is here.
How? This entity holds the power you seek.
It is an ancient form of energy that predates time itself.
It hails from the Quintessence Field.
Entities like this gave Haggar the ability to conquer worlds and control the universe for 10,000 years.
She recognizes the strength it provides her, and she uses it.
If you can become one with the entity, then the powers you gain can defeat the witch.
Mother! I am so happy you're here.
You have arrived just in time.
Just in time? For what? To save us.
Only you can protect us.
Huh? I am so proud of you.
It's It's okay.
It was only a dream.
I'm Coran, Coran, the non-truth telling man.
Pick up that mallet and bomp me on the cranker before I can tell you a lie! Bomp me enough times and you'll win a great prize! Yeah-ha-ha! No.
Come on! See here! Stop it! Ooh! Ah! Well, look who decided to actually show up.
Good to see you, too, Burr.
Couldn't help but notice the Blue Lion ain't here.
That's fine.
Can't expect Voltron to completely follow through on their promises.
What's going on over here? That's the arm wrestling contest.
- It ain't for people like you.
- Why is that? Because of my arm? No.
Arm wrestling is for the young and strong.
You're old like me.
Those kids would break you in half, mechanical arm or not.
Is it too late to sign up? Mm, I'm sure we could work something out.
Nice job, Glurry.
Very respectable scores.
Not bad at all.
Now, for our next contestant in the yalmor calling competition, please welcome "Corin"! Right, then.
Just do what Pop-Pop taught you to do.
Mmm Look, guys, I just wanna know if you've seen anything suspicious.
Well, there is one weirdo who's going around and bothering people about if they've seen anything suspicious.
Okay, that's a start.
Did you get a good look at? It's me, isn't it? Hey-o! What ya doing, Keith? Making new friends? Sweet.
It's good to see you finally letting your guard down.
- I wasn't making friends.
- Next! Come on! You're holding the line up! Let's go! The line? Line for what? - Yeah, get out of here! - What's taking so long? Move! Oh.
Uh, no, no, you don't understand.
I don't like rides.
Then why were you in line? - We didn't know it was a line.
- Likely story.
Keep your hands and feet in the mouth at all times.
You use 'em, you lose 'em.
Have a blissfully burrowful time.
We burrow every day Underground is where we stay Waiting for the time to say - Clear Day, Clear Day - This is awesome! Clear Day, Clear Day, Clear Day What do we say? Clear Day, Clear Day, Clear Day Huh? Sorry for the inconvenience.
We'll get this thing up and running in a tick.
In the meantime, stay in your burrow buggy.
And remember, have a blissfully burrowful time.
What do we say? Clear Day, Clear Day, Clear Day - What do we say? Clear Day - I gotta get out of here.
Oh! Voltron doesn't have a Purple Lion.
Wanna play? All you gotta do is throw one of these rings onto one of them sticks.
Win one for your special someone? You got any Blue Lions? I used to be the Blue Lion's Paladin and now my girlfriend is, so it's it's kind of our thing.
Oh, is that right? Let me see.
I happen to have a one-of-a-kind, collector's edition blue mechanical flying feline.
Perfect! How much? They only gave us ten of these token thingies.
Oh, wonderful! Ten tokens is exactly how much it costs to play the game! Did these rings shrink? Oh, no, friend.
They just look smaller in your strong, masculine hands.
Oh! So close.
Care to try again? Oh, this game is rigged! And I don't have any more tokens.
Well, perhaps we can make a deal.
What's the best prize you have? Every prize is the best prize, and everyone goes home a winner.
Okay, but say I was giving the prize to a princess.
For a princess? Behold.
I'll take it! Sure, but you're gonna need about twice as many tickets as this.
But I don't have any more tokens.
Well, in that case, you could get one of these shovels and use it to dig your way out of the hole you find yourself in.
I'll find a way to get more tickets.
May the best man win.
Who are you calling a man? All right! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! Dad, I ran out of tokens! Well, that's what happens when you waste it all on Dad! - Okay.
How much do you need? - How much do you got? You'll have to earn them.
I want a family picture.
I'll take the picture, but I pick the costume.
I get to add one accessory and you have to smile.
Half smile.
You've got yourself a deal.
Say "Clear Day"! Clear Day! I want another picture.
Katie isn't smiling.
Sorry! Gotta go do Paladin stuff! It's been here the entire time.
Everything you need the ability you've been seeking, within your grasp.
Go ahead, Allura, free it.
I can't.
I won't.
It won't do any harm.
The entity will help you.
It will save all of us.
- Take it.
- No.
This is not real! Only you can save us all.
Release the entity.
Come home to Altea.
Join us.
Follow me! We burrow every day Underground is where we stay Waiting for the time to say Clear Day Looks like everything is in order.
We apologize for the delay.
Again, have a blissfully burrowful time.
Clear Day, Clear Day, Clear Day - What do we say? Clear Day, Clear Day - That's it! I'm getting out of here.
You coming? Can we come back when the ride gets fixed? I wanna see how it ends.
Aw, man! All right, wait up! Oh, where are we? Ladies and burrowmen, this is it! Only two remain in the yalmor calling competition.
Who will be our champion? Is that Coran? She's done a twist on the Flogarian technique.
She's good, really good.
Wow! A blagmore and two durgises.
That score is gonna be hard to beat.
Oh, just gorgeous.
Three blagmores! The top prize for the best squoozle of the day goes to Corn-man Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe! And that's the last one.
Here you go.
Nice plushy! - Nice trophy! - Look what I got for Allura.
I bet she's really gonna dig it.
Where's Shiro? Ladies and burrowmen, are you ready to crown an arm wrestling champion? First up is our challenger, former Paladin of Voltron and the current captain of the IGF Atlas.
Hailing from some tiny planet no one has ever heard of it's Shiro! And our reigning champion, who needs no introduction Let's hear it for the Warden! You! - Friend of yours? - Not exactly.
You and your little friends took away my livelihood.
You held an innocent person prisoner to help the Galra Empire.
I'd gladly do it again.
Look, I know I did some bad things.
The truth is I thought you guys ruined my life, but, really, you saved me.
After I stopped working for the Galra, I was at a low point.
But then I found arm wrestling, and it helped me realize what's most important in my life.
Win or lose, thank you.
Now, let's put on a show! - Rip his arm off! Rip his arm off! - You got this! You're all right, Shiro.
Allura! Allura, are you okay?