Voyagers! s01e02 Episode Script

Created Equal

JEFFREY: We got to jump, Harriet.
I'd jump in a fire if I had to.
Stop! (BARKING) What's going on here? This here is my slave.
I own her.
Harriet Tubman.
(ROARS) I'd like to see them fight as a pair.
(GRUNTING) Kill me, Spartacus.
Give the Romans what they want.
(YELLING) BOGG: We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI diNGS) Green light, kid! We did it! (MEN GRUNTING) What's he doing with a net? Spartacus will use the net to trip his opponent.
You were right, Bitiatus, he is the best gladiator in Capua.
(PLUMMETING) Noble fight, my friend.
(GRUNTING) I gotta be doing something wrong.
I know.
I know.
It's gonna be another one of those days.
(PEOPLE APPLAUDING) CICERO: Bravo! Wonderful, Bitiatus.
Simply marvelous.
Yes, it is indeed.
I'm glad Your Excellency is pleased.
Pleased? I'm amazed.
It's the first time I've ever seen men fly through the air like that.
It's the first time for me, too.
I think they mean us.
Where are we, Bogg? (BEEPING) How does the south of Italy, That explains the gladiators.
You got any idea what's wrong? It's flashing red.
I don't know.
I'm not too great with this part of history.
CICERO: They came out of nowhere.
How did you pull off such a feat? Well, surely, Your Greatness, I would not pretend to be more clever than you.
I'm sure you see right through my little trick.
A large catapult? Oh, Cicero, if only more members of the Senate shared your brilliance.
And your inventiveness.
It's no wonder you are the greatest gladiator trainer in the Republic.
Now, who are these human projectiles? What are their names? They're new, Your Grace.
In fact, they just arrived.
Names, slaves! I'm Bogg.
This is Jeffrey.
Jeffrey and Bogg are strange names for slaves.
Not to mention their attire.
Strange names for anyone, sire.
They must have been captured from one of the outer provinces.
The small one is cute, isn't he, Aunt Octavia? OCTAVIA: Yes, he is.
Very cute.
I'd like to see them fight as a pair.
Against that gladiator we saw this morning.
And I'd like to see them fight to the death.
To the death? Think, kid.
I'd kind of like to know what we're supposed to be doing here before I get myself killed.
I'm thinking, I'm thinking.
Come on.
No talking, slaves.
All right.
Take it easy, guys.
Cicero, Your Magnificence, Your Eminence, I love a bloody fight to the end as much as anyone, but we're but a humble school whose purpose is for the training of gladiators for sale.
And if I may be so bold as to say, a dead gladiator is not worth the ground he's buried in.
Unless you want to buy the loser.
I don't buy losers.
All right, not to the death, and I will buy the winner.
A most wise decision, My Lord.
And of course, I want to buy Spartacus.
Bogg, it's Spartacus.
What? Spartacus led the first slave revolt in history.
He led it from Capua in 73 B.
I knew you'd come through.
I want him shipped out to Rome immediately.
You will be the finest gladiator in my stable.
I'm no animal for your stable.
Seize him.
Well, he has a most rebellious spirit.
Well, I'll break him of that, or else he'll become meat for my lions.
Bogg, once a gladiator goes to Rome, he never comes back.
And the revolt was led from here.
So, we go to Rome and make sure he comes back.
That means we have to win this fight.
Don't worry, kid.
It's in the bag.
Here are your weapons.
You expect us to fight with these? (LAUGHING) At least give us some shields.
The Romans had a great sense of humor.
(ROARING) Bogg, this is it.
Don't try anything heroic.
That can't be human.
(ROARING) David beat Goliath.
I was there, kid, it was a lucky shot.
Stay away from him, let me handle this.
Come on, Bogg.
Look at him.
You can't beat him by yourself.
You know, kid, you might be right.
Easy, big fellow.
Come on, easy now.
Watch it, Bogg! JEFFREY: Look out! JEFFREY: Bogg, duck! Stay away from him.
The guy's an animal.
Bogg, look! Bogg, over here! Now, Bogg! Now! We did it.
I told you we would.
(LAUGHING) The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
The big ape.
Now, it's off to Rome See, I'm afraid of heights.
You big ape! I think you get down.
(ALL APPLAUDING) Bogg, are you hurt? Nothing a week with Florence Nightingale wouldn't cure.
Wonderful fight.
Have Tomeris sent to me in Rome immediately.
Well, we tried.
Yeah, but now we don't go to Rome.
Please, Father, will you buy the boy? You promised me that you would buy me my very own slave for my birthday.
But that's not for six months, dear.
Go ahead, buy him.
And buy his friend, too.
I have a feeling his good looks will attract the women of Rome to the arena.
Oh, please, Father.
It would be fun to see the three of them fight again.
All right, I'll buy them all.
Thank you, Father.
BITIATUS: Guards, have all three of them sent to Rome.
I'm going to love having him feed me grapes.
Yes, and I'm sure his friend might prove useful also.
It seems as though your sister has taken a fancy to your new slave.
Yes, this has happened before.
Funny, they always seem to be among the first to die in the arena.
See, I told you it would be much more fun having me as your friend instead of your slave.
Until now, I've never had a friend, only slaves.
Well, now you have a friend, and I'll do things for you because I want to make you happy, not because I have to.
That makes it nicer.
Okay, what'll it be? Your wish is my command.
I want to be able to do something for you.
To make you happy.
Really? Well, there is one thing that would really help me out.
But it's a pretty big favor to ask.
You're my friend.
No favor is too big.
(WATER DRIPPING) SPARTACUS: I've got to go back to Capua.
BOGG: I know.
You know? Sure, I mean, Capua was a whole lot better than this place.
Capua is a terrible place.
Men and women trained to be animals.
And all for the pleasure of the Romans.
It made me sick.
Slavery has gone on a long time.
Maybe it's time somebody did something about it.
I did do something.
I was beginning to unite the other gladiators.
I thought maybe we could form an army.
Attempt a revolt.
At Capua, the gladiators outnumber the guards.
We would have had a good chance.
You still have a chance.
Not in Rome.
Here we are outnumbered.
For me it's just a dream.
Maybe someday someone else can lead it.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Hey, kid, where'd you get the fancy clothes? Never mind that.
We're getting out of here.
Who's this? Don't worry, he's one of us.
Where'd you get the key? Calpurnia's gonna show us a way out of the house.
What about the guards? Don't worry about the others.
We slipped them mickeys.
What's a mickey? Come on.
Thanks a lot.
I hope this won't get you into a lot of trouble.
Don't worry, I can handle my father.
I'll come back someday.
I promise.
GUARD: The gladiators have escaped! Get them! (WHISTLE BLOWING) What's the trouble? Spartacus and the other two new slaves have escaped.
I want Spartacus back alive.
The others, I don't care.
Yes, my Lord.
(WHISTLE BLOWING) I have a feeling this isn't going to be easy.
I think you're right.
I have orders to spare your life, Spartacus.
You die another day in the arena.
I'd like to take you with me.
What about us? You? You and your friend aren't so lucky.
Take them both out and make an example out of them.
BOGG: Come on, kid.
I'm right behind you.
They're running toward the market.
BOGG: Get that torch, kid.
Throw it in the oil.
JEFFREY: What is that stuff? Olive oil burns great, huh? That should stop them.
There they are! There's no way out, kid.
So hit it, Bogg.
Hit the Omni.
It's nice to be home.
All countries are the same to me.
All have excitement.
All have women.
All have problems.
(DOGS BARKING) Bogg, look! Let's do something before they catch up to her and tear her apart.
It's okay! Come on down! Really, we have the dogs.
Don't worry.
They won't hurt you.
Harriet, you come down here, right now.
Andrew, Junior, get her down from there.
Get away from her.
What do you think you're doing, boy? What's going on here? Now, what's it look like? She's a runaway.
BOGG: A runaway what? Slave.
Slave? But I thought this was America.
It is.
Where it's legal to own slaves.
Leastwise in this state.
Now this here is my slave.
I own her.
I won her in a poker game.
Harriet Tubman.
Bogg, she was never in Missouri.
Well, she is now.
Better let go of her if you know what's good for you.
Stealing a slave is a hanging offense.
Bogg, we can't let them take her.
Well, there's not much we can do.
I'm sorry.
Those two must be abolitionists.
You see the clothes that young feller's wearing? You talk about strange.
You ain't kidding.
Bogg, we have to help her.
Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave who worked on the Underground Railroads.
She helped to free hundreds of other slaves.
All right.
All right, but we have to do it fast.
We've got to get back to Spartacus.
Let's find out where they're keeping her and break her out.
No, forget it.
I got a better idea.
This is the dumbest idea you've ever had.
There's nothing dumb about winning enough money to get Harriet's freedom back.
There is when you don't know the first thing about playing cards.
Hey, you know, I was a voyager long before I met you.
I was playing cards when they were still made out of rocks.
Must've been tough to shuffle.
Come on, Bogg, I still say we break her out tonight and I can't do it alone.
It's no use.
Look what happened when we tried to break Spartacus out.
We're out numbered.
My way is fast, easy, and painless.
Go ahead.
Chicken out.
Are you calling me chicken? If the feathers fit.
Okay, that's it.
I'm going on that boat, and I'm gonna win Harriet's freedom back.
If you don't like it, you're on your own.
Smart grownups give me a pain.
BOY: Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten JEFFREY: What are you doing? Counting the herd.
Herd of what? Herd of frogs.
I had sixteen head yesterday.
I think one escaped in the night.
What do you do with them? Jump them.
See which one can jump the furthest.
I've won six straight contests.
My name's Jeffrey.
Mine's Sam.
You come on in on the riverboat with your folks? No.
I don't have any parents.
I lost a pap a while back.
You're not alone, are you? Oh, no.
I'm here with a friend.
At least I was.
Boy, grownups can really be jerks.
I don't have much use for them myself.
You and your friend get in a fight? Yeah.
We saw a runaway slave get captured this morning.
I want to go back and help her escape again.
But my friend won't help me.
He says it's a bad idea.
Well, I have to go along with your friend there.
Ain't right to help a slave escape.
Well, you think slavery is right? Well, preachers don't say it's wrong, teachers don't neither.
Even the government says it's all right.
Well, you wouldn't want to be a slave, would you? Well, heck, no! Well, then why do you think it's right for anyone else to be one? I don't know.
It's just I've seen colored folk as slaves all my life.
I just kind of got used to it.
It just seems natural.
Well, it's not natural, it's wrong.
One day everyone's gonna see that, and it's gonna be illegal in every state.
Well, I still don't know if slavery's right or wrong.
But like my ma always says, I'm not one to put down a chance to get into trouble.
So if you're gonna break that slave out tonight, well, I'll help you.
How much have I made so far? Fifteen thousand on this trip.
Oh, yeah, and the slave.
What can I do for you? Well, sir, I'm here to play cards.
Well, I'm expecting a few more players in a while.
You're welcome to join us.
I don't want any others.
I want you.
Well, what's your stake? What is it, Sandy? Looks like a Spanish doubloon.
But it can't be.
It would be 300 years old.
It's real.
What do you do, polish this thing every day? It looks brand new.
How much is it worth? About Two hundred, I guess.
Well, I'm sorry, sir, you see, two hundred ain't much of a stake.
I play for a $5,000 minimum.
Two hundred will barely last you for the first deal.
That's if I lose.
I'm not going to lose.
Well, I do like a man with confidence.
Change it, Sandy.
All right.
Five card draw.
Jacks to open.
Five card what? Draw.
Phineas Frog? Phineas Bogg.
SAM: Well, do you think he has a chance? What are you gonna do? Two no trump.
Does that answer your question? (KNOCKING ON WINDOW) Could you excuse me for a minute? Oh, yeah, sure, but your cards, they stay.
Of course.
What do you want? I'm busy.
You're not supposed to be playing bridge.
You're supposed to be playing poker.
Poker? What's that? I thought you said you were a card expert.
Yeah, cards, not poker.
But poker is cards.
You know, three of a kind, straight flush, full house.
Snibbitz! Snibbitz.
I played that game in Hungary, learned it from the Gypsies.
Bogg, give it up.
Harriet's on board ship, we can break her out.
Are you kidding? Now that I know what game we're playing, it's a cinch.
Last time I played Snibbitz I won 12 goats.
See you later.
Bogg, wait! I know it doesn't look like it, but he usually knows what he's doing.
You're right.
It doesn't look like it.
I just guess we're gonna have to do this ourselves.
Come on.
That must be Harriet's cabin.
We gotta get that guy away from the door.
Come on, I have an idea.
What a jumper! Here, froggy.
Come here, froggy.
Here (CRASHING) (CROAKING) I knew he couldn't resist Algebra.
He's the best jumper in the state.
Come on.
Let's go get the keys to the cabin.
JEFFREY: Harriet.
What are you There's no time to explain.
We're going to help you escape.
But you boys are going to get into a lot of trouble.
Let us handle that.
Come on.
Hey! You hold it right there.
Hold it! Stop! Hey! JEFFREY: We got to jump, Harriet.
I'd jump in a fire if I had to.
You boys best bring her back here.
JEFFREY: Quick, grab a pole.
Let's get out of here.
MAN: You don't bring her back here, you boys are in big trouble.
Come on.
Pole, pole! I'm poling, I'm poling.
Well, now, don't look so down, Mr.
Bogg, you did win a few hands.
It's been a very pleasant evening.
I'm going to make a comeback.
You have to keep playing.
Oh, no, I don't.
Excuse me, Mr.
Yes? Sir, your slave has escaped.
Oh, not again.
There's a posse chasing her down right now.
She won't get far.
That slave is more trouble than she's worth.
I wish I'd won me a horse.
Yes, sir.
Well, I ain't gonna lose any sleep over no good-for-nothing slave girl.
You tell that sheriff he's got my permission to hang her.
Wait a minute.
You can't do that! Oh, sure I can.
I own her.
Okay, if you feel that way, why not play me a game of cards for her? Listen, I won that woman from her former master when he used her to cover my $500 raise and I figure that's what she's worth to me.
And it looks like you got what, less than $20 there.
$20 and this.
What in the world is this? BOGG: A very rare pocket watch.
I guarantee you'll never see another like it.
What's that red light? Aren't those Swiss watchmakers amazing? I don't know, Mr.
Bastaine, but there's no telling what this thing is worth.
I mean, it's one of a kind.
Well, I figure it's worth about as much as that pain in the neck slave girl that I'm just gonna hang anyway.
So I tell you what, Mr.
One hand of showdown, your watch against my slave girl now.
Five cards face up, (BEEPING) Best hand wins.
I still don't see why we didn't stay on the raft.
The only way that raft can go is downriver.
And downriver is south.
And that gets us deeper in slave territory.
I got a place up the road that we can stay for the night.
We can't stop now.
We got to keep going.
She's right.
The only way we can get Harriet to freedom is on foot.
But I ain't going deeper in those woods at night.
Crazy Indian out there, who picks up people and eats them alive.
There's worse things than man-eating Indians.
The Indian is only half of it.
There're snakes and quicksand.
It's dangerous enough by daylight.
Nighttime is suicide.
I should've known.
Queens have always given me trouble.
(WOLF HOWLING) What's that? Could be Indians.
Maybe even pirates.
You have some imagination.
(SHUSHING) When you're on the run, every sound makes your skin crawl.
How many times you been on the run? Lots.
I'm trying to get back to Maryland.
Join a thing called the Underground Railroad to help slaves like me get to the North.
Heck, you don't need no railroad.
We'll get you your freedom.
I'm not going to the railroad to be free.
I'm going to work to help other slaves win their freedom.
Slavery It's the worst thing one human being can put on another.
I won't rest until there's no such thing as slaves.
It's Indian Joe! No, son, it's the law.
Bat's breath! Well, not shaping up too well for you, Mr.
Yeah, well, I still have another card coming, so why don't you just deal it? SAM: My ma was right, I'm headed for an early grave.
HARRIET: I'm sorry, boys, I really am.
I never thought that anybody but me would have to sacrifice for my freedom.
If I had to, Harriet, I'd do it all over again.
Yeah, me, too.
Well, heck, there's something extravagant about being hung at the age of 12.
Well, good work, Sheriff.
Well, what do you want to do with them, Mr.
Bastaine? Hang them? BOGG: Nobody's going to be hung.
Bogg! You're friends with these two boys, aren't you? That's right.
So maybe you had something to do with this little escape.
Most definitely.
Take him, too, boys.
Except for one thing.
She's not a slave.
JEFFREY: What? What are you talking about? She's a free woman.
He's right, Sheriff.
He won her from me a couple of hours ago in a game.
That fool woke up the Justice of the Peace just to sign her freedom papers.
Let them go, all of them.
But, Sheriff Let them go.
The law's the law.
You can't hold a free person if they haven't broken the law.
Bogg, you did it! Yeah.
Pulled a full house of three ladies.
Praise the Lord.
Bogg, I'm really sorry I doubted you.
I should have known all along you could do it.
Jeffrey, you are as stubborn as a mule.
You had to go out there and do it your own way, no matter what anybody says or how it might turn out, just because you thought it was right.
I like that.
You act like a real voyager.
(SHIP HORN BLOWING) HARRIET: Well, I want to thank you for my boat ticket and my new dress.
But I feel bad you spent all your money on it.
That's okay, we don't need money where we're going.
So, how does it feel to finally be free? I've always felt free in my heart, and I always will, but I'm still a slave.
No, you're not, I won you fair and square.
Now, you all have been wonderful to me, and I appreciate everything you've done, but that gambler wasn't my master or the man before him.
I ran away from my real master in Maryland, and he still owns me.
So you're still a runaway.
And these are useless.
No, no.
Not to me they're not.
With these at least people will think I'm free.
And I can get back to Maryland and help people gain their true freedom.
(SHIP HORN BLOWING) Boat's leaving.
Bye, everybody.
I'll never forget what you done.
Bye! You're gonna make it, Harriet, I know you will.
She's gonna be a great woman.
She already is.
WOMAN: Sam? Sam Clemens? It's my mother.
She's gonna kill me.
You better get back this minute! I haven't been home since yesterday.
And I left a catfish in the washtub.
See you later, fellows.
Sam Clemens! Somebody special? Only my favorite writer in the whole world, Mark Twain.
You know, Huckleberry Finn? Huckleberry who? You know, Huck and Tom Sawyer.
They take this runaway slave down the river on a raft and Hey, wait a minute.
Green light.
Time to get back to Rome.
Spartacus needs us.
But, Bogg, that's just what we did Say goodbye to Hannibal.
(PLUMMETING) Bogg? (EXCLAIMS) I hope I didn't wake you.
You big hunk of slave.
How did you know I was dreaming about you? Bogg! Not now, kid.
Now, Bogg! So the runaway has returned to entertain my sister.
And in another strange costume.
I can explain, really.
Take him! You, I will spare.
Because I do not wish to break my little girl's heart.
For some unknown reason she has an attachment for you.
But for your friend, I'm giving him the opportunity to entertain all of Rome.
In the arena? Of course.
A fight to the death with our greatest gladiator.
I can't make up my mind who I'd rather see die.
You or Spartacus.
CICERO: Your slave did attract the people of Rome to the arena.
SPARTACUS: When I heard you two had escaped, I was filled with hope.
I thought for certain I'd hear that a slave revolt had taken place in Capua.
BOGG: It's still gonna happen, and you're gonna lead it.
My friend, you don't understand.
We fight each other today in the arena.
It's a fight to the death.
One of us must die.
It won't come to that.
I promise.
If the Romans suspect we're not fighting with all our strength, they'll have us crucified.
Believe me.
It's easier to die by the sword.
No, Jeffrey, absolutely not! But I told you, Calpurnia, you're our only chance.
I helped you escape once, and if guards had caught you, I would have lost you forever.
But I told you I'd come back, and I did.
Besides, we're talking about the lives of two people.
We can't let them die in the arena.
If I help your friends escape, do you promise to stay here with me? I can't promise you that.
Besides, a good friend doesn't do favors with strings attached.
It's hard being a good friend.
It's even harder leaving one.
(CROWD CHEERING) When are the gladiators coming out? CICERO: Bring them.
(CROWD CHEERING) This is unbelievable.
What a turnout! The Romans enjoy their spectacles.
Today they want to see blood.
We who are about to die, salute you.
Let it begin.
It's time to do battle.
Just make it look good for a while.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
Fight! Fight! Fight! Get up, you must fight.
Fight! Fight! Your gladiator, Bogg, doesn't seem to be fighting.
Oh, he will.
He will.
CICERO: How about a small wager? OCTAVIA: As you wish.
Get up! Fight! See? I told you he would fight.
But that doesn't mean he will win.
Just take it easy, will you? The Romans want a real fight.
If they don't get it, they'll kill us both.
Come on, kid, where are you? JEFFREY: Be careful, I don't want you getting hurt because of me.
Don't worry about me.
Oh, Jeffrey, I'm going to miss you.
Hey, I'm going to miss you, too.
But be realistic.
The lives of two little people don't add up to a hill of beans in this crazy republic.
I'll never forget you, Jeffrey.
(CROWD CHEERING) Oh, fight, Bogg.
Fight! Your slave fights well.
Good day.
Good day.
My slave would like to stand in my father's chariot.
GUARD: Sorry.
No one's allowed on the Senator's chariot.
But my father said I can and I Hey, get away from there.
JEFFREY: Here's looking at you, kid.
(YELLING) CICERO: They seem to be tiring.
It won't be long now.
Kill me, my friend.
End a slave's pain.
Do it now.
I'll make it look like you won valiantly.
No! Kill me, Spartacus.
Give the Romans what they want.
Always be their slave.
(CROWD BOOING) Sorry, Romans.
You'll see no one die in the arena today.
Take them! And hang them both from the same cross! (YELLING) JEFFREY: Grab on! Grab on! BOGG: It's about time, kid.
What took you so long? Are you kidding? Do you know how hard these things are to drive? JEFFREY: Goodbye, Calpurnia.
Goodbye, Jeffrey.
I don't understand why you two can't come along.
You could help me lead the revolt.
Slaves only need one leader, Spartacus.
Someone they'll trust and follow.
That's you.
I'll do my best.
Goodbye, my friend.
How does it turn out, kid? Is the slave revolt a success? Not exactly.
Spartacus and his followers fought bravely, but the Roman army was just too strong for them and they were defeated.
The toughest part of the job.
Every story in history doesn't have a happy ending.
I guess we went to a lot of trouble for nothing.
Nothing? Spartacus didn't die for nothing, Bogg.
He inspired slaves everywhere to try to be free.
Slaves like Harriet Tubman.
Spartacus would have liked that.
You know, we deserve a vacation.
Let's go to a time zone where we know that there's nothing wrong.
All right! Where to? The Orient? Tahiti? (DINGS) Hannibal! Hannibal? What for? Snibbitz.
I gotta win my lucky coin back.
You don't even have a stake to get back into the game.
We'll sell our clothes.
Look, I'll win us enough to take a first-class vacation, anywhere you want.
It's a cinch, kid.
Yeah, it's a cinch.
I'm not going to let you do it.
BOGG: Hey! Jeffrey, come back here! Smart kids give me a pain.
JEFFREY: If you would like to learn more about Spartacus, Harriet Tubman or Mark Twain, alias Sam Clemens, take a voyage down to your public library: It's all in books!