Voyagers! s01e03 Episode Script

Bully and Billy

Soon our fight for independence will be over.
What about Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders? I'm afraid you've got your facts mixed up, son.
He was the 22nd victim of Billy the Kid.
What? BILLY: Throw that shotgun down.
How dare you terrorize innocent people.
You haven't heard the last from me.
(WHISPERS) Looks like we found him.
Please don't do this, Mr.
We will draw our guns and the best man will be left standing.
The way I see it, he's no man at all.
Bogg, look out! BOGG: We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI dings) Green light, kid! We did it! MANUEL: We must hurry.
We have to reach the jungle before the Spanish soldiers come.
RITA: What about the Americans? The Spanish will capture them.
Forget the Americans.
Worry about your own people.
You didn't talk like that when the Americans first arrived.
Then, they were your brothers.
Then, they weren't defeated.
Besides, those two you want to go back for aren't even soldiers.
They are newsmen, here to report the spilled blood of the Cubans.
The war has turned you cold, Manuel.
If you won't go back with me, then I'll go alone.
Rita! Let her go.
She has made her choice.
(PLUMMETING) Where are we, Bogg? Someplace with bombs.
Let's find cover.
(CHICKENS CLUCKING) Oh! That was a close one.
You can say that again.
(BEEPING) Red light? What else? Cuba, 1898.
Cuban Revolution against the Spanish.
Hey, this is where Teddy Roosevelt led his charge up San Juan Hill.
I'm going after her.
You stay put.
BOGG: Over here! No, no.
(STAMMERING) Look, I'd like to talk, but I think we better get out of here.
Come on.
Are you two okay? I'll let you know when my ears stop ringing.
Those bombs can really do a number on your eardrums.
You are very brave.
It's all in a day's work.
My name is Rita.
Cuban? Yes.
You two Americans? I am.
Bogg here's sort of international.
The bombs are Spanish? Advance artillery.
The soldiers will come next.
I take it the Spanish are winning.
Yes, soon our fight for independence will be over.
My people have suffered long enough.
They cannot go on much longer.
What about Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders? Who? Teddy Roosevelt? I do not know him.
Oh, no.
(WHISPERS) Didn't he work for the government? Not yet, he was in Cuba before he became president.
Are there any American soldiers here? No, they have all retreated.
The bombs have stopped.
It's terrible.
The trumpets mean the soldiers will come next.
We better get moving No, first, you must help me.
There are two Americans in town who will be captured if we don't get them out of here.
I thought you said they all retreated.
These are newsmen.
They stayed behind.
Newsmen? Bogg, if anybody knows about Roosevelt, they will.
Do you know where they are? Yes, I was going to them right before the bombs started.
Let's go now, just in case they come back.
REMINGTON: Where are my sketches? Is that all you artists care about? We're in major trouble here.
Can you move your legs? No.
I don't know if I can move this stuff by myself.
(CHUCKLES) My luck.
I'm in mortal danger and the only one here to help me is a writer.
Great, make jokes.
The next one better be in Spanish.
Rita! Thank God! What happened? A bomb hit, the roof collapsed right on top of him.
All right.
Come on, everyone, we'll have to lift together.
(GRUNTING) It's no use.
I once knew an old man who said he could move the world if he had a large enough lever.
Archimedes! That's the guy.
Find me a fulcrum.
(REMINGTON GROANS) Don't worry, we'll get you out.
When I lift it up, slide him out.
You got it! Yeah.
RITA: That's good.
Lift him gently.
Come on.
My sketches! You have to understand my friend, he's an artist.
He can't appreciate it when someone saves his life.
But I'd like to thank you.
My name is Davis, this is Remington.
No time for thanks right now.
We'd better get moving before the Spanish soldiers get here.
I know of a safe place.
A barn outside of town.
Come on.
Those are pictures of our defeat at San Juan Hill.
RITA: If you are not a soldier then why are you in Cuba? Me and the kid are just sort of travelers.
We go all over the place.
Is he your son? I wish he was.
I just sort of watch after him.
You know, like a guardian.
Are you married? (CHUCKLES) No.
I've thought about it, a lot.
But in my line of work I never stay anyplace long enough to really get to know anyone.
Sounds Ionely.
It is sometimes.
But I have the kid and he's a good friend.
Friendship is nice, but it doesn't compare to the love of a woman.
No kidding.
Maybe a special woman could convince you to settle down.
Well, I'm willing to have her try.
JEFFREY: This is all wrong.
Just what I need, another critic.
No, I mean the scenes.
This isn't the way it's supposed to happen.
Well, that's what Hearst keeps saying, but I draw the truth.
What happened to the Rough Riders? The Rough Riders? Yeah, I think they were the first volunteer cavalry group from somewhere out west.
Texas and Oklahoma.
But that bunch got left in Tampa.
Teddy Roosevelt, too? Teddy Roosevelt? (SCOFFS) That rich kid from New York? He's not a kid.
He's the colonel in charge of the Rough Riders.
I'm afraid you've got your facts mixed up, son.
Yeah, Roosevelt went west in the summer of 1880.
After he graduated college? And got himself shot.
What? Yeah, he was the 21st or I did the drawing for the pulps.
And that was one of my best sellers.
In fact, I think I have a copy of it in here somewhere.
Yeah, here it is.
"An Easterner Meets Western Justice.
" Your people have been fighting for a long time, haven't they? Yes.
Since I was a young girl.
Now, I think it's finally over.
War is very strange.
It seems to tear people apart and bring others close together.
When I see all the pain around me, I just want to reach out to someone for warmth and tenderness.
I know just what you mean.
Bogg! Bogg, this is real important.
Don't move, I'll be right back.
When you get older, you're gonna discover what's really important.
I found Teddy Roosevelt.
What's this? Shot 18 years ago by Billy the Kid.
Who's Billy the Kid? Are you kidding? He's only the most famous outlaw of the Old West.
I dressed up like him three Halloweens in a row.
Wait a minute.
Maybe I have heard of him.
Didn't he shoot a lot of people? Twenty-one.
Now come on, we gotta get there.
What about Rita? You know the voyager code.
No romance while the Omni's red.
There's no code like that.
(BEEPING) Well, there should be one.
At least let me say goodbye to her.
Come on.
Come on.
Up, up.
Let's get on up.
Up, up.
Oh, dear.
Up, up.
Oh, dear.
(PLUMMETING) You could have at least let me say goodbye.
Are you kidding? I've seen your goodbyes.
We didn't have all year.
This doesn't look like the Old West.
And that guy can't be Billy the Kid.
(BEEPING) Pennsylvania, 1752.
That's not what I set the Omni for.
Sometimes it gets stuck in the automatic mode.
Well, if this is Pennsylvania, Who's the guy with the kite? Ben Franklin! Come on.
Franklin? Oh, no.
Don't tell me you two have been witnessing this folly.
Yeah, it looks like you're having a little trouble.
I'm having a confounded time getting it off the ground.
You've got a good wind.
There is a storm brewing.
That is, if my barometer was accurate this morning.
I'm conducting this experiment to prove that lightning is charged with two kinds of electricity.
Well, don't worry, Mr.
Franklin, your experiment will be a success.
You're a great inventor.
Well, I don't know about being a great inventor, but I I'm not a very good kite flyer.
This is hopeless.
Well, I know why the kite won't fly.
Why? It's too heavy.
This key is weighing it down.
Well, the key acts as a conductor.
Yeah, Bogg, he's gotta have that key.
Well, we'll just have to shorten the tail a little bit to make up for the extra weight.
There you are.
Yeah, that ought to do it.
Hold this for me.
Oh, I'll handle this.
I'm the expert.
Ready? Uh-huh.
Run, Jeffrey! Good.
FRANKLIN: Now up, up, up.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
He's got it.
He's got it.
He did it.
He did it.
You're doing it, kid.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) Just in time, too.
Here you are, Mr.
Thank you very much, young man.
I'm very grateful.
Now all I need is a bolt of lightning.
Green light.
Let's try Billy the Kid again.
(PLUMMMETING) (EXCLAIMS) Jeffrey! Bogg, help! Hold on, Jeff.
I'm coming.
Bogg, I'm sinking.
It's quicksand.
I know.
I'm stuck, too.
BILLY: What are you doing down there? Looks like you guys got yourselves in quite a mess.
Well, don't just sit there, do something.
Bogg! Don't move, Jeffrey.
It makes you sink faster.
Hey, come on, mister, give us a hand.
The kid's gonna sink.
Come on, will you? Bogg.
Hold on, Jeff.
Hold on.
Back, boy.
That's it.
That's it.
Keep going, boy.
(PANTING) That was great.
How'd you rope us like that? Easier than roping a running stallion.
I'm Jeffrey.
This is Phineas Bogg.
William Bonney.
It's Billy the Kid! You dressed like him for Halloween? It was an easy costume.
Just be glad he had some extra clothes with him.
We better hang around with him a while.
He might lead us to Roosevelt.
How did you fall into that sand, anyway? It's a long story.
Where are your horses? They ran off.
Must have got wind of some wild mustang filly.
Happens out here all the time.
You must know all about horses and roping and stuff.
Them that don't, don't live long.
I've read about you, Mr.
You're famous.
Call me Billy.
And don't believe everything you read in those magazines.
I ain't killed half as many men as they think.
They just make up stories about you because you're a legend.
You're laying it on a little thick, don't you think? I'm a legend, am I? Yeah.
I'll tell you what.
Since you two ain't got horses and I do, you want to ride with me? All right! Mount up.
Good job, kid.
I didn't know what you were going for at first, but you really conned him into taking us with him.
Who was conning? You mean you really think this guy is a legend? Bogg, he's Billy the Kid.
Right, the murderer.
You heard him.
He hasn't shot half the people they say he has.
One is too many.
Okay, okay.
But maybe he shot them in self defense.
Maybe they were murderers.
Maybe they weren't.
We're gonna stop here for a spell.
Why? I'm waiting for my men.
(SNAKE RATTLING) Look out! Wow! That was fast! I wish I could do that.
You mean you haven't learned to shoot yet? I've never even picked up a gun before.
Well, not a real one at least.
Then I'm gonna show you how.
I got some tins of beans in my saddle bags.
Make good targets.
Wait a minute.
I don't think that's a good idea.
He's gotta learn sometime.
He can't survive out here without knowing how to use a gun.
Come on, Bogg.
Would you excuse us a minute? Bogg, how many kids get the chance to learn how to shoot from Billy the Kid? None, I hope.
We're just gonna be shooting tin cans.
No way.
Please, Bogg, it'll be a good experience.
I said no! That's final.
Here you go.
Try your hand at it, kid.
I can't.
Why not? Bogg won't let me.
Hey, I don't want to get between a boy and his father.
He's not my father.
But he tells you what to do? Look, I take care of him, I just don't want him to shoot a gun.
Hey, that's okay by me.
Except when I was Jeffrey's age, I was on my own.
I learned how to shoot.
And after that no one told me what to do.
We heard some shooting.
Figured it might be trouble.
No, no trouble, Charley.
Just showing off a little.
Ned, Coley.
This is Jeffrey and that's Bogg.
They'll be riding with us.
Did you forget we've a stagecoach coming through in an hour? No one said anything about extra splits on the divvy.
Now they stay behind.
Are you taking over, Charley? What, you guys been planning something behind my back? No, Billy, I swear, we ain't planned nothing.
He's telling the truth, Billy.
A man have to be crazy to cross you.
Now that's the smartest thing you ever said, Charley.
And it just saved your life.
Okay, everybody mount up.
We've got a stagecoach to rob.
Billy's got himself a mean temper.
Yeah, well, I've seen you lose yours before.
Not like that.
Hey, wait a minute.
We can't go along on a stagecoach robbery.
You want to find Teddy, don't you? We've gotta stay with Billy.
All right, but we have to stay out of it.
We can't get involved in a hold-up.
Will you stop treating me like a kid? I know what I'm doing.
That kid's asking for it.
(YELLS) Whoa! BILLY: Hold it right there! Take it easy.
And you throw that shotgun down.
Here, you keep an eye on it.
Take the gun, Jeffrey.
I need you to keep an eye on the passengers.
You touch that gun and you'll find yourself in an orphanage in another time zone.
Suit yourself, kid.
Ned, get the money bag.
Oh, my! Oh, my! First Indians, now outlaws.
This is an awful place.
There, there, Maggie.
Everything is going to be just fine.
Oh, Mr.
(WHISPERS) Looks like we found him.
Who's in charge here? Who's the leader of this gang? I guess you could say I am.
You're gonna die, mister.
How dare you terrorize innocent people.
You don't understand me.
You are gonna die, right here, right now, in front of all these people.
Nobody hits Billy the Kid and lives to brag about it.
So, you're Billy the Kid, are you? You're even less impressive in person.
Kind of puny, if you ask me.
You're asking to die.
Charley, give him your gun.
Take it.
The unwritten code of the West, huh? Okay to shoot a man with a gun in his hand? I have nothing but disgust for you and all outlaws like you.
Put it in his hand, Charley.
It's very kind of you, Charley, but no thanks.
If Billy wants to shoot me, he'll have to do it in cold blood.
No! Okay, if that's the way you want it.
(GUN FIRING) My finger slipped.
I guess I got kind of tense.
It's been one of those days.
Let's get out of here, Billy.
This guy's not worth it.
You're a legend.
Legends don't shoot unarmed men.
Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, okay, kid.
Today, I'll be a legend.
Okay, boys, load them up.
Watch your step, Maggie.
This is your lucky day.
You haven't heard the last from me, William Bonney.
Please, Mr.
You don't want to die.
Just get in the stagecoach.
Okay, son.
But you should be more careful about the friends you choose.
Roosevelt, let's go back to New York where we belong.
Hey, move them out.
Go back into town and see if that yellow-bellied Sheriff's got a posse out after us.
You came through, kid.
I knew when it came down to it, you would.
Now do you think Billy is such a big hero? I knew he wouldn't shoot him.
I told you he's not as bad as you think he is.
After what you just saw? Look, I don't care now.
We saved Roosevelt and now we can get out of here.
(BEEPING) It still can't be red.
I guess we just gotta stick around a little bit longer.
Roosevelt? Yes, Maggie.
I've been your housekeeper now for five years.
And in all that time I've tried to keep my nose where it belongs.
Yes, Maggie, you are a wonderful woman.
Please, Mr.
Roosevelt, let's get out of this town and go back east.
Right now, right away.
We've just arrived.
I know, and already we have been attacked by Indians, and you have almost been shot by a dangerous outlaw.
That's exactly why we can't leave.
I don't understand.
You can't expect me to leave when an outlaw like that roams free.
You know my stand on law and order, Maggie.
I won't rest till that man is behind bars.
But you don't even live here.
We are all citizens of the world, Maggie.
Every person has an obligation, no matter where he is, to keep the peace.
Roosevelt, you can't fight this outlaw by yourself.
He's a killer.
This town has a sheriff, doesn't it? And good, upstanding citizens.
I won't be alone, Maggie.
No, I will unite this town into one large peace-keeping force.
Mark my words.
Billy the Kid is finished.
That man is gonna get himself killed.
SHERIFF: I can't believe that the Kid didn't shoot you.
Well, he shot others for a lot less.
I have a young boy to thank for that.
He talked Billy out of it, and I must say he convinced me not to be so bullheaded.
What you did wasn't bullheaded.
It took real courage.
Sheriff, I'm a man who believes in law and order.
I'd rather die than see outlaws like that take over.
I felt the same way, but when I was younger.
But now, I wouldn't stand a chance against someone like Billy.
You don't have to stand alone, Sheriff.
Not when you have good citizens that cherish peace and justice.
If you give me the authority, I'll round up a posse and go after that outlaw.
I'll end his terrorizing once and for all.
Oh, I'll give you the authority, but I don't know how easy it will be to round up a posse.
People around here like peace, but when it comes to justice, they'd rather someone else take care of it.
You underestimate them, Sheriff.
Good citizens of this community, can I have your attention please? (ALL CHATTERING) Good citizens of this community, you have, no doubt, all heard by now about my confrontation with Billy the Kid.
The sheriff has authorized me to organize a posse to go after this cowardly vermin and put an end to his murderous reign, once and for all.
I call for volunteers.
(ALL CHATTERING) Looks like I'll have to handle this by myself.
I don't know if I should've let that fellow get away with what he done.
You did the right thing, Billy.
You gotta understand something.
I stay alive because people are too scared to mess with me.
It ain't good people knowing I got hit and didn't do nothing about it.
It wouldn't have proved anything by shooting an unarmed man.
Yeah, maybe not.
But it sure would have been a lot easier if you had taken that gun.
I gotta check the horses.
You still like that guy after what he did yesterday? Roosevelt hit him.
In front of all those people.
Oh, that's good reason to shoot somebody.
He didn't shoot anybody.
He stopped because I talked him out of it.
Yeah, well, who says you're gonna be able to stop him next time? I'm starting to worry about you.
I thought you were smart.
I am smart.
So why don't you just lay off the lectures, okay, Bogg? Probably found himself another stagecoach to rob.
I'm gonna go check it out.
It's a good thing you sent me into town.
That Sheriff ain't doing nothing but that Roosevelt fellow sure is stirring up trouble.
What kind of trouble? He's been in town all morning trying to get up a posse.
And, last night in the saloon, he called you a coward.
I knew I should've taken care of him.
What's going on, Billy? I gotta go into town to get some supplies.
You wanna come? I gotta ask Bogg.
Yeah, if you do, what will he say? No.
But if I don't, he'll clobber me.
Look, if you have to ask just to go for a little ride, then maybe I should go by myself.
But Do you have to ask that guy if you can blow your nose? Come on, kid, cut the strings.
It's time to grow up.
We'll be back before he finishes his coffee.
I guess it'll be all right.
Just me and the kid.
I don't want his guardian angel following us.
Make sure he doesn't.
Come on.
Let's go.
Jeffrey, come back here.
Where are they going? Into town.
A little unfinished business.
Yeah, Roosevelt's been alive too long.
JEFFREY: Hey, slow down, Billy.
You're going faster and faster.
You're just gonna have to keep up with me, kid.
BOGG: How long do we have to sit here? CHARLEY: Till Billy gets back.
A man could go a little crazy hanging around like this.
Got anything to liven things up a bit? Like what? Whisky? I bought a new bottle back in town.
Wouldn't be a bad time to open it.
It's in my pack right there.
Come to think of it, I don't even drink.
Well, bon voyage.
Why that dirty Get him.
Get him! Stop him! Gotta stop here a minute.
What for? What are we gonna do, Billy? I gotta see someone.
(COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING) Where's Roosevelt? Where's Roosevelt? I said, where's Roosevelt? He hasn't been in today, Mr.
Anybody in here thinking of joining up with that posse he's starting? Nobody here.
Nobody in the whole town.
So that's what we came to town for.
To get Roosevelt.
I'm gonna do what I should've done yesterday.
You can't! First he hit me, then he called me a coward.
I can't let that pass.
You see the way those people acted when I walked in? That's respect.
I ain't gonna lose that.
That's not respect, that's fear.
Yeah, well, that's close enough.
Is that what you really want? People to be afraid of you? Kid, that's what keeps me alive.
And every so often you gotta make an example so everybody remembers.
If you shoot Roosevelt, it will be murder.
Yeah, well, I'll give him a fair chance.
Fair? You're 10 times faster than he is and you know it.
Kid, out here, that's called survival.
Survival of the fastest.
You're not a legend.
You're just a killer! You going soft on me, kid? I guess I am.
You know, I used to pretend I was you.
Even dress up like you.
That was all made-up junk and it's not fun anymore.
That's too bad.
I brought you with me so you could see firsthand a small dose of Western justice.
If you ain't got the stomach for it, maybe you better run along, little boy.
Sheriff, Sheriff.
Sheriff, you gotta come quick.
Billy the Kid is gonna gun down Teddy Roosevelt.
Oh, I know.
You know? Well, aren't you gonna do something? No.
Why not? It's Roosevelt's problem.
He got himself into this mess.
But he's gonna be killed.
Well, he should've known better.
What kind of sheriff are you? An old one.
And I've lived this long because I know when to step into something and when to stay out of it.
But you have a job.
You get paid to keep law and order in this town.
When I was young, maybe.
But not anymore.
I'm only a year away from retiring and I'm not about to risk my neck.
This town chooses to look the other way when it comes to Billy the Kid, and I choose to do the same.
You're a coward.
Son, you have to understand.
I'm no match for Billy.
He'd shoot me down in the wink of an eye.
Then two people would die.
Me and Roosevelt.
Billy'd just step over my body and go after him anyway.
But someone has to stand up to him.
Well, someday, somebody will.
Hey, Roosevelt.
Hey, Roosevelt, I know you're up there.
Show your face.
I hear you've been looking for me.
You heard right.
Also heard you called me a coward.
Right again.
You just don't know when somebody cut you some slack.
I want no favors from you, Mr.
Then come down here and we'll settle this once and for all.
I'll be right down.
Billy, you can't do this.
You can't.
Oh, yeah? Just watch me.
Get away from me, kid.
I ain't got no use for you anymore.
Where are you, Bogg? I need you.
Come on.
Everybody off the streets.
JEFFREY: Bogg! Hold it.
Stop! What do you think you're doing? Putting a stop to this.
What, are you crazy? How do you expect to stop me without a gun? I don't need a gun.
Yeah, you're crazy, all right.
Now get out of the street before you get shot! You better heed Mr.
We will draw our guns and the best man will be left standing.
If that's true then I could tell you right now that Billy is the best man, because if you draw your gun, he's gonna be the one left standing.
And the way I see it, he's no man at all.
Bogg, look out! JEFFREY: No, Billy, don't do it.
You stay put.
He was gonna shoot you in the back.
Yeah, Billy is not one for playing fair.
I think that was six.
I hope that was six.
Roosevelt, Billy would've killed you.
I don't back down, son.
I know that.
I also know your country needs you.
I can't tell you how I know, but I do.
You're going to mean a lot to this country's history.
Now, please, go back east where you belong.
All right, son, I'll leave.
Maybe I can redeem myself by knowing when to walk away.
I'd like to thank you.
And I hope to meet you both again someday.
(BILLY GRUNTING) Don't even try to move.
You're gonna die.
You're forgetting something.
I got the gun.
Come to think of it, I don't need this.
Give me a gun.
Somebody give me a gun.
I'm Billy the Kid.
Billy's not much without his gun, is he? Come back here.
I mean it! Not much with it, either.
(CRYING) I'm sorry, Bogg.
I was stupid.
I could've ruined everything.
I could've got Roosevelt killed.
All I care about is you're okay.
You learned a good lesson.
So did I.
What's that? That even though you act grown up, you're still a kid.
(DINGS) A pretty good kid.
We're on our way to Cuba.
Where'd they go? (SOLDIER SHOUTING) Where are your men, Colonel? You are captured, yet only this little rebel girl comes to your aid? This little rebel girl will have your life if she ever gets free.
I hope you exhibit such bravery when you stand in front of the firing squad.
My men will come soon, you can be sure of that.
They'll give you a taste of your own medicine.
Bully! I knew someone would come.
I've seen you two before.
I don't think so.
Rita? How do you know my name? The rebels sent us.
I knew my people would send someone for me.
Good people, these Cubans.
Take care of their own.
Roosevelt ever captured? I don't think so.
Red light.
Roosevelt, where are your troops? We were headed to San Juan Hill when I was cut off from them.
That's when I was captured.
We have to get him back there, Bogg.
The streets are filled with Spanish soldiers.
We wouldn't get 10 feet.
I need a diversion.
What are you gonna do, Bogg? Stir things up outside.
When you hear the first explosion, you and Rita get Roosevelt out of town.
Bogg, be careful.
It's a matter of routine, kid.
I'll be at San Juan Hill with you before Teddy can yell "charge.
" I think it's time to wake this town up a little.
Bombs away.
(PEOPLE CLAMORING) It's all clear.
Let's go.
RITA: War is a strange thing.
BOGG: Yeah.
Tears people apart, brings others closer together.
So true.
Like us.
Like my people.
This war has united us like never before.
With the help of Americans like you and Mr.
Roosevelt, we will gain our independence.
Oh, yeah, well, that, too.
Thank you, Mr.
I will never forget what you have done.
Now I must join the rebels.
There is much more that needs to be done.
Yeah, goodbye.
I liked her in the other time zone better.
Bogg! Bogg, Mr.
Roosevelt let me review the troops.
And a bully job he did, too! That's great, kid.
This could be a very decisive battle.
We must take that hill.
You will, Mr.
I know it.
Thank you both.
Nothing more to say then.
Charge! On to San Juan Hill.
(DINGS) It's green.
I think we're finally off the hook.
How did things turn out with Rita? Oh, fine.
But, you know, she has this war and all that so Got dumped, huh? Yeah.
JEFFREY: If you wanna learn more about Billy the Kid, Teddy Roosevelt or the Spanish-American war take a voyage down to your public library.
It's all in books!