Voyagers! s01e05 Episode Script

Worlds Apart

(MAN YELLING) Lawrence of Arabia? (SCREAMS) Save yourself, kid.
Bogg! You've got to calm down.
The Omni! Where is it? This is Thomas Edison.
He probably invented the thing.
You've wrecked it! Now I'll never get back to Bogg! Make room for our two new guests.
And in the morning, you both die.
BOGG: : We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: : When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI dings) Green light, kid! We did it! Warm it in your hands.
What makes you think my hands are warm? This is great.
Just terrific.
Stupid Omni brings us to the middle of Siberia, (DINGS) Green light all the way, and the stupid thing won't take us out.
What do you expect? That thing's at least 20,000 years overdue for servicing.
So service it.
If I had my guidebook, I would.
But my guidebook is back With my mangy mutt in 1982.
Thank you.
Now keep moving or you're gonna freeze to death.
Freeze to death? Ten more minutes of this and I'm gonna be a popsicle.
Move! (GROANS) You know, they found frozen mastodons here in Siberia.
Yeah? Those big hairy elephant things? Yeah.
They were perfectly preserved after So? So maybe we should let ourselves freeze.
Thousands of years from now, somebody'll find us, thaw us out (LAUGHS) Good idea.
Did the mastodons come back to life? On the other hand I think I got it.
Hold on.
(DINGS) Think warm thoughts.
I'm thinking.
(BEEPING) Bat's breath! Come on, Omni, give us a little warm (SNEEZES) (WIND WHISTLING) (EXPLOSION) There, it worked.
(EXPLOSION) Come on, kid.
Under the wagon.
Where are we? I don't know, kid.
But you wanted it warm.
You got it warm.
(BEEPING) You got any idea what's going on here? JEFFREY: A major hassle.
BOGG: Yeah, I figured that.
Can you be a little more specific? Those guys are Arabs, I think.
What do you mean, you think? Well, they're dressed like Arabs.
BOGG: What about the others? JEFFREY: Well, they're dressed like soldiers.
This isn't a fashion show.
I need names, places.
Well, ask that broken-down, Mickey Mouse watch of yours.
I'll deal with that smart mouth of yours later.
At least we're safe for now, under this wagon.
(EXPLOSION) Let's get out of here! Come on! Lawrence? Lawrence! It is Lawrence! It is Lawrence! Lawrence of Arabia? Yes.
Come on.
We gotta help him.
You stay where you are.
But, Bogg, I wanna meet him.
I'll introduce you later.
Bogg! Bogg! Help! Bogg! Help! Jeff, get out of here! JEFFREY: Bogg! (COUGHING) Save yourself, kid.
Bogg! I can't leave you! Forget about me! Hit it! Hit it! Get out of here! Go on.
Come on, Omni, work! (CHURCH BELLS RINGING) Mary! Lunchtime! Come on, children.
And don't dawdle, Marion.
Your father's coming home for lunch.
Any luck this morning? Huh? I said, did you have any luck this morning? Confounded glass won't hold a vacuum.
What's for lunch? Well, I made sandwiches out of last night's (WIND WHISTLING) Do you hear something? Last night's what? Not that awful meatloaf again? JEFFREY: Bogg! That's a voice! Where you going? Thomas, it's a boy! Oh! Oh, boy.
Oh, dear.
Where did he come from? He smells like a bonfire.
(COUGHING) Maybe he's inhaled too much smoke.
The only thing smoking around here is this cigar.
Poor thing.
Let's put him up on the porch.
He looks just awful.
Probably ate some of your meatloaf.
I wonder who he belongs to? I don't know.
I'll ask the boys at the shop.
Maybe they'll know.
Well, we'll just keep him here until we find out.
Poor dear.
I wonder what could be so important.
Thomas, what do you make of this? (BEEPING) I'll take it to the shop.
Thomas, it's the boy's property.
I won't hurt a thing.
You bring that back here right now! What? Thomas Alva Edison, you are an impossible man! Can't hear you.
MAN: This is the day of celebration.
Yesterday, your Arab tribesmen made a feeble attempt to take this city of Aqaba.
The attempt was not only a defeat for them, but a more personal misfortune for your leader.
So prisoners, you have a new companion.
(CROWD CHEERING) Here he is.
Here is your blue-eyed hero of your Arab army.
This is the Englishman who says that you desert tribesmen can defeat the Turks.
We must talk to him.
There is no time for talk.
We must help him.
We cannot.
Not yet.
Welcome, Lawrence.
To the prison at Aqaba.
You may have failed your friends, but you have rewarded your enemies.
The commandant became a rich man today.
There was a tidy price on Lawrence's head.
Lawrence, I will leave you here among your people, so they may pay homage to their hero.
Regrettably, not long.
The Englishman has a long-standing appointment with a Turkish firing squad.
Tomorrow morning, the eighth hour, you die.
(CHURCH BELL RINGING) Well, hello, there, young man.
How do you feel? Where What happened? (CHUCKLING) That's what I'd like to know.
We found you out on the front yard.
Bogg! Really, you've got to rest.
You've got to calm down.
I've gotta get back to him.
Is Bogg your father? The Omni! Where is it? Have you seen a metal thing? It's just about this big? Looks like a watch? Yes, ma'am.
Where is it? I've gotta get back to Bogg.
Well, my husband has it right now.
Do you know where he is? Yes, he's across the street at the shop.
Thanks! I really don't think you should Edison.
MAN: Hey, does anybody know what gauge wire he wants? It's not in the specs.
Sixteen-gauge copper.
And he wants the solders perfect.
Is there any other way? MAN: Pull this off the burner, will you? Excuse me.
Kruesi, I blow eight in two hours.
Tell him if he does not find a vacuum in these, I quit.
You tell him.
Are you crazy? That way I could lose my job.
(BOTH LAUGHING) You're the kid that owns that watch device.
How did you know? Mrs.
Just called up from the house.
Come on.
John Kruesi.
Jeffrey Jones.
Yeah, the old man seemed real interested in that thing.
Where did you get it? A friend.
Hope he was a good one.
What do you want? JEFFREY: The Omni.
Well, kid, welcome to Menlo Park.
You've wrecked it! It's totaled! Now I'll never get back to him! What? You stupid idiot! Now I'll never get back to Bogg! Hey, kid, easy.
It's all right, Kruesi.
Let him yell.
Don't touch those parts! Move one out of place and I'll never be able to put it back together again.
You can get it back? Kid, this is Thomas Edison.
He probably invented the thing.
Not quite, Kruesi.
Darn thing's got me stumped.
You know what it had? A light.
This thing had a red light.
And it blinked on and off.
It's got a green one, too.
How? A good electric light hasn't even been invented yet, and this thing has got one in miniature.
This fellow, Bogg He an inventor? No, not really.
Not really, huh? I can't find a power source.
I can't find a lamp.
I can't find any good reason why this watch can produce light.
And yet it does.
Has he had it patented yet? I don't think so.
What is it, Upton? Mr.
Lowrey is here.
He's got the big fellow with him.
(CLEARS THROAT) Don't touch those parts.
Don't worry, kid.
He'll put it back.
Just right now he's got bigger things on his mind.
How close is it? If they dig all day, maybe we can break through by sundown.
They're going to kill Lawrence in the morning.
Must be tonight.
Lawrence, are you hurt? Stuck here in this humiliating pose, my ego is rather bruised.
But apart from that, no other injuries.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you for your valiant effort to save me.
What happened? You were supposed to win here at Aqaba.
The attack is still Ours was only an advance troop sent to find any weak spots in the Turks' defense.
And? And we were found out in the marketplace when one of my Arab comrades was thrown from his horse.
His temper got the best of him, and he started shouting at the beast, in Arabic.
Can't the army be pulled back together somehow? Well, I pray so.
For as long as the Turks control Aqaba, they can take good aim at any ship in the Suez Canal and that makes them very good allies for the Germans.
I could reunite them again, but not from inside this prison.
And not from inside the grave that the Turks have sworn to bury me in.
I think he's a friend to Lawrence.
Or perhaps a friend to the commandant.
We can't trust anyone, Oman.
Even Lawrence will have to wait.
Now go.
You're not going to end up in any grave.
Your friend, Jeffrey.
Has he gotten away, then? I hope so.
I hope so.
Wait, please.
What do you want? I've watched you.
You and your friend have been dropping dirt down the well.
You're mistaken.
Are you working on a way out of here? No.
I'm not going to tell anybody.
If I had three wishes, she'd be one of them.
(GRUNTING) Bucketful of mud.
Give it a few minutes to settle.
Has the well gone bad? No.
Good well.
It's running fresh water for many years.
Where's the dirt coming from? The tunnels.
Escape tunnels? Yes.
Then there is a tunnel.
I knew it.
I saw some prisoners dropping dirt in the well.
(CHUCKLES) Over the years I've seen tons of dirt being dropped into that well.
I've dumped my share in over the years.
You're digging a tunnel? Everybody's digging a tunnel.
Everybody? Yes.
The commandant has to find out sooner or later.
He knows.
He knows? Yes.
And he allows the digging to go on? Prisoners are kept busy.
The water table is high.
The commandant knows he needn't worry about escapes out of this place.
Then there's no way out.
For you? For Lawrence.
There is one way.
(LAUGHING) Oh, yes.
When the commandant and his firing squad are finished, Lawrence will be free.
(MUEZZIN CALLING) EDISON: Now, the last lamp you saw had a platinum filament.
And, as I recall, it burned for less than a minute.
Yes, but we're using lampblack now.
Pure rolled carbon.
That's an interesting approach.
Doesn't look like they're having much success with that either.
All right.
Close up the shades.
The man without the moustache is Grosvenor Lowrey, one of the biggest backers of the Edison Light Company.
Who's the other guy? The biggest backer.
Upton, are you ready? We're ready, boss.
Fire it up.
Just a little bit at a time.
You know, I don't think this is the way it happened.
What? Forget it.
Okay, a little more.
More! Okay! EDISON: Good! Now, I know it doesn't look like much, but I think we're on the right track.
If you could just give us One week, one month, one year? I think you could have all the time in the world, Mr.
Edison, and you still couldn't come up with a light that works.
No, thank you.
I'm pulling me and my bank out of this mess.
Good day.
P! Well, so much for the electric light.
There goes our backing.
But they can't back out now.
Edison's gonna make it work.
Not without Morgan's money.
Lowrey, talk to him.
I can't talk to Morgan when he's got his mind made up.
I'm sorry, Tom.
MORGAN: Coming, Lowrey? LOWREY: Right there, J.
Morgan! Yes, son? I haven't got much time.
You haven't got much sense, either.
What? Please, son.
Thomas Edison is the greatest inventor alive.
The phonograph, the repeating telegraph.
He even made the telephone work better.
That is not what's at issue.
Look, you wanna make some money, right? That's the general idea, yes.
Well, then what other inventor would you rather invest your money in? Thomas Edison's got a track record that just won't quit.
Track record.
Interesting expression.
You miss out on the electric light, and you're gonna miss out on an invention that's going to change the face of this world.
It's a gold mine here.
You're looking at a fortune.
All right, all right.
I give in.
Thank God! On two conditions.
The first is that you, young man, come to see me when you're an adult.
I could use a man with your persuasion.
Second is that I see some positive results in 48 hours.
Otherwise, Tom, we're back where we started.
Good day.
Forty-eight hours.
Is he crazy? Well, kid, it was a nice try.
Forty-eight hours.
Heck, I invented the phonograph in less than a day.
Let's go to work! All right! Is this the last of it? The tunnel is finished.
Then we will be ready in time.
We can free Lawrence tonight.
Good luck to us all.
Fire! Fire! MAN 1: Get buckets! (PEOPLE CHATTERING) MAN 2: Get the buckets! Get the buckets! I need men over here! Bring water from the well! MAN: Come on! Come on! What's going on? I'm getting you out of here.
Well, then, you're responsible for all this excitement.
You got it! Are you sure you're not British? This way.
I need more men! BOGG: Hurry.
The horses are down here.
Lawrence has escaped! MAN: Call the commandant! Lawrence has escaped! Hurry! Lawrence.
Did you really think it was going to be so easy? (LAUGHING) Clear a cell block.
Make room for our two new guests.
You'll be less trouble if you're locked up overnight.
And in the morning, you both die.
How's it going, Kruesi? This batch is ready to roll.
Huh? This batch is ready to roll! Good! Are you sure this is right? I don't even know what I'm doing.
What you're doing is scraping pure carbon from these lamps into little piles.
What has that got to do with the electric light? What I'm doing is rolling the carbon into their filaments, which go into the lamps.
Which light up when you put electricity through them.
Got it.
Problem is, it hasn't been working.
It'd work, all right, if you could roll the darn things thinner! Look at that filament, Kruesi.
It's a disaster.
EDISON: Let the kid do it.
He's got smaller hands.
Boehm? Where's Boehm? Has he got those light bulbs ready yet? We've only got 36 hours! Well, kid.
The future of the Edison light is in your hands.
(MUEZZIN CALLING) Well, it's dawn.
I've gotta get you out of here.
Down here, locked up, unarmed? I have a cache of weapons stored just outside the gate, but they might just as well be in Buckingham Palace for all the good they'll do us.
So, we don't have weapons.
And we're locked up down here.
We'll think of something.
Your optimism is appreciated, but I'm afraid this is the end for me.
I think I shall miss the desert more than anything else.
Nearly all Europeans think of the desert as nothing, as an arid void.
But I, I know it as a thing of rapture and beauty.
It's taken over my senses.
Just as its people have taken over my heart.
EDISON: That's it! Forget it! You did your best, kid.
We'll make another one.
One that's better! It's a waste of time, son.
Let's just call it a day.
No, you can't.
We still have four hours.
Look, you could roll lampblack for four more years and it wouldn't make a difference.
It's the wrong material, son.
Back to square one.
You got to invent the light.
You got to.
I will! I will! Just not today.
What is it, the 20th? The 21st? (SIGHING) On this day, October 21, I am gonna take a good long nap, put the electric lamp away for a rest, and tell J.
Morgan what he can do with his money.
(LAUGHING) What do you think of that, son? No! Don't you see? You're gonna mess everything up! You still upset about this watch? I can put it together in no time.
No! Get out there! Make the light! Do it! (CRYING) If Bogg was here I messed up everything.
Everything! It's been a long haul, son.
Maybe I have pushed too hard.
(SNIFFLING) Come on over here.
I'll sew that sleeve up for you.
I think I've got a needle and thread here somewhere.
Come on.
Come on over here.
Edison? Mr.
Edison? You put it in a kiln until it's carbon.
What? The thread.
It's a perfect filament! Upton! Kruesi! Quick! Fire up the kiln! I got it! I got it! EDISON: All right, Upton.
Let's give it a try.
An inch more.
That's it.
That's it! (ALL CHEERING) That's it! Hey.
Come on, you little teary-eyed monster.
There's nothing to cry about.
We did it! We did it! I hope it works okay.
You're lucky if it works at all.
This thing had the dirtiest movement I've ever seen.
What did you do to get it that way? I don't think you'd believe me.
(GRUNTS) I think that's it.
(OMNI DINGS) No leftover pieces.
A green light now.
I still can't understand how it works or why it's so tiny.
It's some kind of toy.
What's it supposed to be? A time-travel machine.
Time-travel? (LAUGHS) Now that'd be an invention.
It's a beautiful day for an execution.
Plenty of light.
No excuses for any of you to miss your mark.
(KEYS RATTLING) Here's your breakfast.
I watched you escape last night.
Would your escape have been any more successful? We must be desperate.
She's a kitchen maid.
She's much more.
She's been secretly dumping freshly dug soil into the well out there.
Is that true? Yes.
Then you do have a way out of here.
I did.
What do you mean? The commandant has cleared the entire cell block for your security.
So? For months, friends of mine had been kept in the next cell.
Well, then your friends should be grateful for whatever freedom our capture has afforded them.
Your capture has cheated them of their freedom.
LAWRENCE: How is that? The tunnel.
It's down here.
In the next cell.
Girl, why didn't you tell us this before? Because I was going to show you.
My friends and I were about to free you when he decided to rescue you.
It wouldn't have happened if you'd been more honest with me.
I couldn't trust you with that knowledge.
Then why should we trust you now? Because she could be on her way out of here right now.
I am not a martyr.
All we'd have to do is wait until you have both been executed and things return to normal.
Right in the next cell.
Might as well be in Buckingham Palace.
Where's the tunnel lead? Into catacombs that run beneath the prison and out into the city.
We must get to that tunnel.
You cannot go alone.
It is like a maze down there.
You would get lost.
I hope you enjoyed breakfast.
It was your last meal.
It's time.
Your firing squad waits.
Even though we didn't get out, it was a bloody good effort, Phineas.
BOGG: Yeah, "A" for effort.
Don't blame yourself.
The fire was a good diversion.
Not good enough.
No escape attempt would be good enough, gentlemen.
There is no way in or out of this prison that I don't know about.
(WIND WHISTLING) COMMANDANT: Get them! Stop them! Great entrance, kid.
What's going on? MEDINA: Follow me.
This way.
Get them! Get him! Up, you fool! The catacombs are just beneath this tunnel.
Up! Up, idiots! Get up! Never mind about me.
Get after them.
Go! MEDINA: Around this corner.
(RATS SQUEAKING) BOGG: I was wondering when you'd get back here.
JEFFREY: I came just as soon as I could.
You'd never guess what happened.
Awful dark down here.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
(SCREAMS) This is where we used to bury our dead.
This way.
LAWRENCE: Dark down here.
I hear them behind us! BOGG: All ahead.
I got an idea.
Oh, wow! Good work, old boy.
Is it much further? No.
The exit is this way.
Down here! Somebody! Help, somebody! Quickly! Come! There.
BOGG: Oh, no.
We'll dig it out.
Hurry! They made it through to the catacombs.
After them! Go! Come on, everybody, start digging.
(SHUSHING) This way.
COMMANDANT: There's no way out of here.
They can't escape.
JEFFREY: Bogg! I know, kid.
I hear it, too.
Keep digging.
To the right.
Bogg, Medina's gone.
MEDINA: Lawrence, hurry! Bogg, they found us! COMMANDANT: After her! This way! Get her! We got to help her.
No! She knew there was only one way out.
She's a courageous woman.
Bogg, the Omni's still red.
(BEEPING) We gotta get Lawrence out.
Where are they? The others? Gone.
Stupid little sewer rat.
You'll sacrifice yourself? Who helped to dig that tunnel? Show me the way out of the catacombs.
How did Lawrence escape? Lawrence has escaped.
Lawrence has escaped! (CROWD CHATTERING) Lawrence! Lawrence! PRISONERS: (CHANTING) Lawrence! Lawrence! Lawrence! Lawrence! Lawrence! Listen.
(PRISONERS CHANTING) We can't leave Medina behind.
We can't take on the commandant and all his men.
Phineas is rather like me.
He doesn't give much thought to odds.
You said there were weapons stashed out here.
Yes, guns, ammunition and some explosives.
Come on.
PRISONERS: Lawrence! Lawrence! Make them stop.
Tell them to stop! I could not even if I tried.
Keep your secrets.
Take them with you to the grave! Lawrence! Lawrence! Never mind the girl.
Get him! Go! You're not going to escape.
Medina! Get me out! JEFFREY: Bogg! Bogg! Bogg! Hey, don't worry, kid.
I'm not going anywhere without you.
I promise.
MAN: Lawrence! Thank you, Phineas, my friend.
My dear friends.
Thank you.
PRISONERS: (CHANTING) Lawrence! Lawrence! (DINGS) I hope he makes it.
He will.
Thanks to you.
BOGG: Menlo Park, December 31st, 1879.
It may be Menlo Park, but it feels like Siberia.
Quit complaining, will you? It was your idea to come here.
(OMNI DINGS) I can't believe this.
This thing is working like brand new.
All right, folks! It's ready! There's the guy who gave it the overhaul.
Has anybody seen Mr.
Dooley? He's lit this street for the last 40 years.
He's going to light it tonight.
Where you going? Inside with Edison.
I want to thank him in person.
I already did.
Beside, you don't want to be inside now.
Why not? We'll miss the whole thing! What whole thing? (CROWD CHEERING) (CROWD APPLAUDING) This the first time? The very first.
Isn't it beautiful? Yeah, kid.
It's beautiful.
JEFFREY: If you want to know more about Thomas Edison or Lawrence of Arabia, take a voyage down to your public library.
It's all in books!