Voyagers! s01e06 Episode Script

Cleo and the Babe

MAN: Get Cleopatra! Those barbarians want me dead.
Can't this car go any faster? I lost her.
You lost Cleopatra in New York City? (ALL CHEERING) Babe Ruth's the greatest player baseball ever knew.
Maybe I'm finished.
Just keep him busy tonight.
He's already inside.
Why would Lucky Luciano want to kidnap Babe Ruth? (CHATTERING) Hey, Mr.
Ruth, you wasn't gonna leave without saying good night, was you? BOGG: : We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: : When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI dings) Green light, kid! We did it! MAN: Caesar's been killed! He was assassinated on the Senate floor.
Find me Caesar's woman so she can share his fate.
A gold coin to the man who finds her.
(PLUMMETING) Search for her! It's better than a haystack.
BOGG: Wow.
Bogg, the Omni.
You won't take me without a fight.
Bogg, look out! Get away! Get away from me.
I will not be led away calmly like some sheep to slaughter! Look, lady, we're not here to hurt you.
He's telling you the truth.
I can't trust anyone.
They've killed Julius.
Julius Caesar? Yes.
Bat's breath! We're too late.
Wait, what's the date? (BEEPING) Is it the Ides of March? Yes.
Oh, Julius loved holidays.
He got to ride in his chariot and make speeches to the senators.
Bogg, Julius Caesar died in 44 B.
On the Ides of March.
He was murdered on the Senate floor.
You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
(BEEPING) Then why's the Omni red? MAN: Get Cleopatra! Kill the Egyptian princess! Those barbarians want me dead.
Cleopatra? Yes? The Cleopatra? There couldn't be more than one, kid.
Not with a face that beautiful.
Well, then, that's it, Bogg! Cleopatra didn't die with Caesar.
She escaped from Rome and went to Egypt.
(CHATTERING) I loathe Egypt.
It's hot and it's dusty.
MAN: Kill the Egyptian princess! But I have always loved sailing on the Nile.
BOGG: Good.
Here, put this on.
But this is a slave's robe.
I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this.
You may be dead if you don't.
Come on.
(BANGING) MAN: Cleopatra! We know you're in there.
BRUTUS: It'll be easier if you surrender.
Kid, get ready.
Oh, Brutus! I'm out here.
There! Get them! Come on, kid, let's go.
Go on, kid.
Don't let them get away! Please, not Julius! (GROANS) Help me! MAN: She's in there! Come on.
What do we do? There.
CLEOPATRA: There what? BOGG: Go on.
I'm not going to jump.
Oh, yes, you are! (SCREAMS) Help me! Now.
No! MAN: Get her! After them! She's gotten away! Search the city, scour the countryside.
She mustn't escape! BOGG: Okay, kid, let's go.
This is hardly the style in which I'm accustomed to traveling.
We just saved your life.
A simple "thank you" would be nice.
You expect gratitude? To most men, it would be considered a privilege to protect my life.
Well, I guess we're not like most men.
Come on, Jeff.
You're not leaving me here in the middle of nowhere? You're safe.
The coast is just beyond the hill.
As the queen of Egypt, I command you to stay.
Sorry, I'm a citizen of the world, free to come and go as I choose.
Please, don't leave me.
Much as I'd like to stay, duty calls.
Have you never heard of Queen Cleopatra? It is said that I have cast magical spells of love over men stronger than even you.
Yeah, I've heard.
And I always hoped that I'd bump into you someday.
But I really gotta go.
Oh, boy.
Come on, let's wrap this up.
Bogg? Bogg! (PLUMMETING) What a kiss! (BEEPING) All men promise their kiss will cause the Earth to tremble, but I thought we'd drop in to say hi.
your kiss, it really made the Earth move.
It's not my kiss.
Then what caused this magic? We gotta get out of here.
Come on.
It's a wonderful chariot.
Where are we? CLEOPATRA: What is this wonderful place? BOGG: It's not Rome, 44 B.
I can see that! Get going back.
This must be the lost continent of Atlantis! (HORN TOOTING) Such big chariots.
How did we travel here? It was a mistake.
You're not supposed to be here.
I was born to the throne of Egypt.
Certainly a place so rich and exotic as this is exactly where I belong.
Good afternoon, honey.
You belong back on your throne in Egypt.
I'd rather be queen of this magnificent land.
(WHISTLING) There's nothing for me back there.
Jeffrey is back there.
Then you go back and get him.
I'm taking you with me.
Now, what's the harm in my looking around this great, glorious land? I'm in no danger here.
MAN: Lucky Lindy's landed! (ALL CHEERING) (CLAMORING) Cleopatra? I can't believe he made it! Bat's breath.
Bogg! What took you so long? I had a little problem.
Where's Cleopatra? I lost her.
You what? I lost her.
What year? You ever hear of Lucky Lindy? Charles Lindberg? Yeah.
Well, he just landed in France.
(BEEPING) Where? I think I see something.
There, in the trees! You lost Cleopatra in New York City? Maybe I should've stayed there and looked for her instead of coming back for you, huh? No, Bogg, you did the right thing.
You there! Stop in the name of the Roman Empire.
Look for them.
They're gone.
Where could they go? Bogg, I lived here all my life, and believe me, it's a big city.
Don't worry.
We'll find her.
Where do we look first? You're the one from New York.
Yeah, New York, 1982, not 1927.
She's probably trying to find us by now.
Get serious.
She hasn't got a penny.
She'd be easy to spot, with that beautiful long black hair.
And she's running around town in that silly-Iooking outfit.
In fact, she's probably cold, hungry and alone.
Hey, you alone, toots? Toots? I hope you forgive me for being so forward, huh? But you are one good-Iooking doll.
You're forgiven, Mr Luciano.
I know every beautiful girl in this city.
How come we never met before, huh? Well, actually, I just arrived.
Oh, you're new in town, huh, toots? So, where you from? Most recently, Rome.
Hey, I'm from Sicily.
(SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) JEFFREY: Bogg, we've been searching for hours.
We're never gonna find her.
Well, we can't give up now.
(BELL RINGS) Hey, Bogg, Yankee Stadium's just up here.
Come on.
Yeah? What's a Yankee Stadium? It's like the Colosseum.
You think she might be there? You ever had a hot dog before, Bogg? I used to have them all the time with the works.
Relish, mustard Bogg, this is all wrong! What else could be wrong? It's gotta be around here somewhere.
What are you talking about? The stadium, Yankee Stadium.
Maybe we're on the wrong street.
No, it should be right over there.
They probably moved it.
Bogg, you can't just move something that big.
I lost a woman.
You lost a whole building.
Oh, come on, Jeff, we're supposed to be looking for Cleopatra, not a stadium.
"Yankees still in cellar.
Lose six-to-one at Polo.
" That'll be a nickel, kid.
Mister, do the Yankees still play at the Polo Grounds? Only when they ain't playing at Carnegie Hall.
What about Yankee Stadium? The Yankees gotta start winning some games before anybody builds them their own stadium.
Why aren't they winning? What about Murderers' Row? What about Ruth? Ruth? Ruth who? Babe Ruth.
Nobody named Ruth ever played for the New York Yankees.
JEFFREY: His real name was George Herman Ruth, but everybody called him Babe.
Babe Ruth.
Oh, I think I saw him pitch once, in 1922, when the Red Sox were in town.
Babe Ruth was still pitching in 1922? Yeah.
And he's not with the Yankees? Kid, I already told you.
Never was.
He retired a couple of years ago.
I think he went into vaudeville, and then just sort of disappeared.
Come on.
The Omni.
Is it still red? (BEEPING) Well, yeah.
What do you expect with Cleopatra running around loose? No! It's not her.
It's Babe Ruth.
Now we've got to go to the Red Sox Hey, look, kid, we got Cleopatra I think that's a little bit more important.
Yankee Stadium is called "the house that Ruth built.
" Without him, it never would've existed.
We're not exactly talking about the pyramids or the Great Wall of China.
Bogg, baseball just wouldn't be baseball without Babe Ruth.
Jeffrey, no.
You know, Bogg, as a Yankee, Babe Ruth did some pretty wonderful things for people.
It's just not important enough.
Once there was this really sick kid.
So sick, in fact, that he couldn't even get out of bed to go to the ballpark.
Quit the hearts and flowers, will you? Babe Ruth visited this kid at the hospital.
He promised to hit a home run just for him.
Yeah? Yeah.
And if we don't get Babe Ruth back on the right track, the kid'll never meet Babe.
What's a hot dog? (PLUMMETING) Jeffrey? I'm okay, Bogg.
Nothing broken.
Except this darn Omni.
The Omni's broken? (BEEPING) The gear's stuck in the automatic mode.
Days like this I wish voyagers had gone union.
We don't get overtime pay, paid vacations Flashing red.
I wonder what's wrong.
Oh, blast! Oh (EXCLAIMING) Here you go.
Oh, I'm most grateful.
Bogg, this is Jeffrey.
Beautiful day like this must be perfect inspiration for a writer.
Well, I'm not actually a writer.
I'm a professor here at Cambridge.
My father was a teacher there.
Oh, yes, and a very good one, I'm sure.
However, lately, I've been feeling more like a student myself.
I've been working on a problem for weeks.
A hypothesis on gravity.
(CHUCKLING) Oh, it's far too nice a day to worry about any of my dubious theories.
Thank you.
Good day.
Bogg, that was Newton.
Sir Isaac Newton.
"Sir" Newton? Well, he hasn't been knighted yet.
And he never will be out there.
We have to get him there, under that apple tree.
BOGG: Why? JEFFREY: Gravity.
Are you all right? I beg your pardon? Sunburn.
But it's been cloudy all day.
That's worse.
Much worse.
How long have you been out here? Well, when I'm working, I lose complete track of time.
But, perhaps you're right.
Maybe I should pack up and go home.
BOGG: Well (BOGG CHUCKLING) I don't know if that's really necessary.
No sense stopping your work.
Sit under this beautiful, shady tree.
Why, thank you.
(BEEPING) Yes, yes, this is much more comfortable.
Ouch! Blasted apple! Hit me straight on the head.
Dropped off the tree and fell on my head as if some force propelled it back towards the earth.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Our pleasure.
Now we can get back to New York.
After we go to the Red Sox's No.
We're going back to New York City, 1927.
But, Bogg, you promised.
I know, I'm sorry, but I changed my mind.
Voyagers' prerogative.
Bogg, what about baseball? What about the kid in the hospital? You caught me at a weak moment, all right? All the sob stories in the world aren't gonna change the fact that we're still talking about baseball.
But Jeffrey, it's only a game.
That's it! The apple was pulled by the Earth's gravity.
That's it.
Bogg, it's only an apple.
Come on, slap them.
Make them work.
Make them work.
Let's go.
Go down there and get some sweat popping on those guys, will you? Well, good morning, Mr.
I'm so pleased that you could join us.
You're late! Well, I'm sorry, Mr.
But I don't need a curfew, and you know that.
I mean, I'm out all night and here I am, sharp as a tack.
As manager of this team it's my job to enforce the rules.
So, you miss one more bed check and you're gonna find yourself on the bench.
No, you can't afford that and you know it.
I'm the best pitcher you got! Yeah, well, one more word, you're gonna be doing your pitching in batting practice.
Why don't you listen to me, Barrow? You got better pitchers, why don't you play them? BOGG: I'm better.
Are you talking to me? Yes, sir.
So you're better than the Babe, huh? That's right.
Yeah, well, that's one man's opinion, yours.
Why don't you let him try out? Then you can decide.
Yeah, you're a big, strong-Iooking fellow.
Where'd you play last? The bush leagues in Texas.
They play some pretty wild and wooly ball down there.
What have I got to lose? Okay, rookie, you got your shot.
Suit up.
I hope you know what you're doing, or we're both gonna look like a couple of fools.
Trust me, Bogg.
Just trust me.
I'll never pitch as good as Babe.
You gotta pitch better than Babe.
As long as Babe's a pitcher, he'll never hit 60 home runs.
JEFFREY: I'm teaching you how to throw sliders, screwballs and knucklers.
All these pitches haven't even been invented yet.
Nobody around here's ever seen anything like them before.
That's it.
You're tougher to please than Abner Doubleday.
You were there when Abner Doubleday invented baseball? Well, I knew him as Captain Doubleday at Fort Sumter.
We tossed the ball around a little bit between battles.
He thought my pitching was pretty good.
Give me a break.
Okay, kid, let's see what you got.
Hank! Give me a couple of hitters in there.
Good ones.
MAN 1: Macready? Got you.
MAN 2: Okay, kid, show us what you got.
(MAN CHATTERING) I don't know what it is, but he's sure moving it around.
He has a crazy style, doesn't he? Yeah, but there's no arguing with a guy that throws every pitch over for a strike.
Your friend, he's pretty good, kid.
Yes, Mr.
BABE: He throws a lot of trick pitches.
And the way his leg comes up, I figured for a second there he's gonna start tap dancing or something.
But he sure makes that ball dance before it goes across the plate, though, don't he? I've never seen a man throw a ball like that before.
Boy, he's a darn good pitcher.
Pitching's not everything.
It is to a pitcher, kid.
Well, Babe, what do you think? Any fool can see he's good.
Good? He's great! Now that I got a new ace, you're not gonna be able to be a bad boy no more.
Let's not get into that again.
You miss one bed check and I bench you.
You miss two curfews and I suspend you.
Will you stop yelling? I suspend you without pay! You're gonna start living by the same rules as the rest of the team.
You got it? I got it! Yeah, I got it.
Maybe the rest of the team would be better off without me altogether.
Suit yourself.
Hey, kid.
You're really something.
Hey, Barrow! Where have you been hiding this dynamo? MAN: Where'd you find him? Yeah, what's his name? What's your name, kid? Bogg.
Phineas Bogg.
Men, here's your big story of the day.
(CAMERA CLICKING) Gentlemen of the press, I want you to meet the new Red Sox pitching sensation, Phineas Bogg.
(MEN CHEERING) Gee, I never seen anything like that.
Boy, are you terrific! You're the greatest I've ever seen! You know, without your coaching, there's no way I could've thrown those pitches.
Abner never would've believed a ball could move like that.
You ought to be real proud of yourself.
JEFFREY: I didn't know he was gonna take it so hard.
He wasn't supposed to quit the game.
Guess that's why the Omni is red, huh? So we got to do a little bit more.
Like what? You know how to hit those pitches you taught me? Sure.
I was cleanup man on my Little League team.
How about teaching the Babe? Mr.
Yeah, kid.
Aren't you gonna eat your lunch? No.
Kind of lost my appetite.
And that ain't no everyday occurrence, either.
Did Mr.
Barrow kick you off the team? Not yet.
But it's only a matter of time, I figure.
He only put up with my shenanigans because he didn't have somebody better, and now with your friend, he's definitely got somebody better.
I figure the gentlemanly thing to do is probably quit before Barrow has to fire me.
What do you think? Isn't baseball more important than staying up late? Baseball's probably more important to me than anything, except maybe the respect of my teammates.
Did you see them when Barrow ripped into me, how they were laughing? You see, those guys used to look up to me before.
I just don't know if I can play on a team when everybody's feeling sorry for me.
Maybe I'm finished.
Finished? Babe Ruth's the greatest player baseball ever knew.
Come on, kid.
You're a hero to millions of kids.
Yeah, I'm not the hero now.
Your friend is.
And I taught him everything he knows.
And you did good, too.
I mean, he went through that whole lineup and nobody even got a bat on a ball.
What if you could hit those pitches? (SCOFFING) Come on.
In fact, what if you could hit those pitches out of the park? If I could hit like that If I could hit like that, I'd give up pitching tomorrow.
Take a breather, kid! You're going great.
How's it going with the Babe? You'll see.
Think he can hit off me? I taught him everything he knows.
Well, don't worry.
I'll take it easy on him.
Well, Babe, I thought you'd quit the team.
No, Barrow, you can call me a lot of things, but a quitter ain't one of them.
How about trying to get some of those trick pitches by me, huh? All right.
Come on, Babe, rip it.
MAN 1: Hit the sky, Babe! (MEN CHATTERING) Holy cow, look at that ball sail! MAN 2: Attaboy, Babe.
Show this rookie.
Nobody's ever gotten near that pitch before.
MAN 3: Hit it, Babe.
(ALL EXCLAIMING) I knew he could do it.
I can't get over it.
The more he swings, the further he hits them.
I could use him in the lineup everyday.
Too bad he's a pitcher.
Yeah, you can't use a pitcher everyday.
If he wasn't a pitcher, he could play in the outfield.
Yeah, then he could play every day.
Okay, Bogg, I've seen enough! We knew you could hit, Babe, but you killed those balls.
Babe, how'd you figure out that new kid's pitches? (CLAMORING) That was great, Bogg, the way you took it easy on him.
Yeah, well, you know, the idea was to make him look good, so Yeah, well, thanks to you, he's gonna be the greatest hitter in baseball.
Now, can we get back to New York to find Cleopatra? We gotta stick around.
Hang on, kid.
We're on our way to New York.
(CLAMORING) Terrific idea.
How'd you like to play everyday? (ALL CHEERING) JEFFREY: There it is.
Isn't it something? Yeah.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Come on, Jeff.
You can tell me.
(SOBBING) Last time I was here was with my dad.
He used to take me to ball games all the time.
We'd sit right behind the Yankee dugout.
One time he caught a foul ball and got the whole team to autograph it for me.
(WEEPING) Your dad sounds like a pretty good guy.
The greatest.
(SNIFFLING) I don't want anybody to see me cry.
They'll think I'm a sissy.
Why would they think that? 'Cause men aren't supposed to cry.
Says who? What about Napoleon at Waterloo? George Washington at Valley Forge.
General Eisenhower at Bunker Hill.
(LAUGHING) You okay now? Yeah.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, you know who Babe Ruth is? Are you kidding? Come on, kid.
Who hasn't heard of the Babe? Greatest hitter the game has ever known.
Keep it.
You guys look like a couple of real fans.
For the wrong team, but that's okay.
Yeah, thanks.
Thanks a lot.
Now we search this city till we find Cleopatra.
Yeah, and where do we look first? I don't know.
"Coolidge chooses not to run for reelection.
"Florenz Ziegfeld's new show opens to rave reviews.
" We found her.
Where? Yeah, that looks like her all right, but I'm not sure.
Her hair's a lot shorter.
No, it's her all right.
Look at the bracelet.
Yeah, the snake bracelet.
Who's the guy? "Patrons of Lucky Luciano's club "couldn't keep their eyes off the mystery vamp on Luciano's arm.
"Now we know why they call him Lucky.
" Jeff, it's Cleo! Lucky, can I trust the rest of your accomplices? It's almost closing time.
The only people left inside are a few loyal patrons and a couple of my trusted colleagues.
Come on.
The less witnesses, the better, I suppose.
Yeah, look, we're late already.
Come on.
No, wait.
If I'm to be involved in a kidnapping (SHUSHES) A kidnapping, I think I should know every detail of the plot.
Come on, toots, don't worry your pretty little head with details, huh? He's already inside.
All you got to do is keep him busy tonight, all night.
Come on.
You make it sound very easy.
Hey, for you, it will be, toots.
Just peel him a few grapes like you did for me, huh? But remember, Lucky, we have an agreement.
I do this job for you Yeah, yeah, and I take you to the White House to meet Emperor Calvin Coolidge, okay? Come on.
I have your word of honor? Look, I'm telling you, there's no problem.
Me and Coolidge, we're just like this.
Hey, come on.
Good evening, Mr.
There's some heavy action in the back room, Mr.
(GLASSES CLINKING) Kidnapping? Is she crazy? Come on.
Wait! Remember, that's Lucky Luciano! Bad guy, right? Very bad.
Then we'll have to be careful how we get her out of there.
How are we gonna get inside? We're just a couple of guys looking for a good time.
Then I think it's time we break training.
Break what? You're a little underdressed for a night out on the town.
(KNOCKING) Lucky sent me.
We're closing.
Lucky said whenever I was in town.
Well, I guess you got time for a short one.
Hey, no kids allowed.
Kid goes where I go.
But he's too young.
It ain't legal.
It's Prohibition, pal.
Everybody's too young.
I ain't gonna call the cops.
Are you? And don't ever lay a hand on my kid again.
Boy, a guy can say anything as long as he can say it tough.
Just don't try any smart moves, huh? These guys can get pretty rough.
You could get into trouble.
Hey, I can take care of myself.
Face it, kid, you ain't old enough to be tough.
I want you to stay here.
Oh, Bogg.
And no arguments.
I expected you to find me sooner or later, but right now is a little inopportune.
Sorry to inconvenience you, but I've got to get you out of here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Oh, yes, you are.
I can't go back now.
I've got a job to do.
We know all about you and your boyfriend's kidnapping plan.
Kidnapping is such an ugly word.
This sort of thing happens all the time.
In ancient Rome, maybe.
Lucky made a very large wager on a sporting event.
It's something about some old man called Homer getting hit.
Lucky wants me to stop that from happening.
Now, is that so bad? Yeah.
Hey, toots, is this guy bothering you? Yes, Lucky, he is.
Stop annoying the lady, huh? She's no lady.
(CHUCKLING) I mean, she's just a friend.
We sort of lost track of each other over the years.
Hey, that's real nice, pal.
The reunion is over, huh? So, get out! (MUSIC STOPS) (PEOPLE APPLAUDING) Wait, Bogg! Look.
It's Babe! BOGG: Why would Lucky Luciano want to kidnap Babe Ruth? JEFFREY: So he wouldn't hit the homer! Some hero he turned out to be, beating up on some old guy named Homer.
Home run! Tomorrow must be the day when Babe Ruth is supposed to hit his 60th home run.
And Luciano wants to make sure that he won't, so he hires Cleopatra to keep him busy.
Well, he sure got the right girl for the job.
Come on.
Hey, Bogg, we can't leave.
We're not leaving.
You are.
But, Bogg These guys play pretty rough.
I don't want you hurt.
Bogg No arguments! But Bogg, I have an idea.
You remind me of Julius.
The same strong profile.
Yeah? This Julius, he's your boyfriend? Before he was killed.
It was a long time ago.
A very long time ago.
You sure this plan of yours is gonna work? Sure.
I saw James Cagney do it in a gangster movie on TV.
Can't miss.
You were right.
Kid never could hold his milk and cookies.
A very long time ago.
I thought I'd find you here.
Hey, what's the matter? The Yankee front office send you out here to check on me? You little two-timing princess.
Don't I recognize you? Hey, pal, I'm talking to the lady, okay? Have a seat.
Bogg, will you get out of here? You're gonna ruin everything.
Bogg? Julius Bogg.
Her husband.
Cleo, hey, you told me this guy was dead.
Her late husband.
You're not gonna listen to him.
He's mad! You're darn right I'm mad.
(GROANING) How dare you! You all right, Cleo? No! Hey, pal, that ain't no way to treat a lady, even if she is your wife.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Well, how about settling this outside, clown? That's a good idea.
Maybe I could teach you a little common courtesy.
Babe, you can't leave.
I mean, Babe, please, don't leave! Babe! Please don't leave.
This Philistine isn't worth fighting.
BABE: I'm fighting for your honor, Cleo.
Bogg, come on.
Babe! Come on.
You and me, buster, we got a little score to settle here, huh? Babe, please, come back inside.
No, not till I teach this guy a little respect.
Come on.
Put up your dukes.
Now, stop this.
You're behaving like barbarians.
I don't wanna fight you.
You should've thought about that before you popped the lady with a grapefruit.
Will you just get in the car, I'll explain everything.
Explain it now! Cleo and her pal Luciano wanted to kidnap you.
Now why would we do that? Yeah, why would they do that? It seems Mr.
Luciano had a bet you wouldn't hit your 60th home run tomorrow, that's why.
Cleo, what's this guy talking about? Babe, I am going back inside, and you are coming with me.
(BOGG LAUGHS) Bogg, come on! Sorry, Cleo, he's coming with us, and so are you.
Hey, Mr.
Ruth, you wasn't gonna leave without saying good night, was you? Good night.
(EXCLAIMS) Come on.
Move over, kid.
Hey, this is my turf.
I know all the shortcuts.
Yeah, great.
You can navigate.
CLEOPATRA: He's ruined everything.
I command you to stop this car! No way.
You're too good at getting into trouble.
I wasn't in any trouble until you showed up.
And stopped you and Luciano from kidnapping him.
What's a hood like Luciano gonna do for a girl like you, anyway? Get me an audience with the Emperor.
What emperor? Emperor Coolidge.
This dame's a nickel short.
I don't think Lucky Luciano even knows President Coolidge.
I don't believe you.
Did Lucky tell you that President Coolidge isn't very handsome? For me it is power, not beauty, that holds the most allure.
And he's a lot older than you.
A young man is seldom wise enough to rule an empire.
And he's not gonna be reelected.
Can't this car go any faster? Take a shortcut, Bogg.
Turn here.
Watch out! (CRASHING) (ENGINE STALLING) Hey, come on! That was some shortcut, kid.
But there was a street there when I lived in New York.
I think we lost one.
If I can find a safe place for Babe to spend the night And then we'll take Cleo home after the game.
Hey, we can stay at Lou's.
Lou Gehrig's? Yeah, where else? Wow.
Here we go, fans.
It's the bottom of the ninth and here comes the Babe.
Hey, Jeff, I hope Luciano's ready to get a new nickname.
Today ain't gonna be his lucky day.
I'm gonna hit the 60th and he's gonna lose a bundle.
MAN ON SPEAKER: : Now batting, the New York Yankees.
(MAN CHATTERING) (CROWD CHEERING) This one's for you, kid.
Babe's had a perfect day so far, two singles and a walk.
But believe me, fans, no one has left this ball park.
This is the Babe's last chance to break his own record of 59 home runs.
Set back in 1921.
For six long years, the Babe has been knocking on that door, and this is his last chance in 1927.
I mean, this Yankee team with its famed Murderers' Row clinched that pennant a long time ago.
And my only question to that man is, "Can the Sultan of Swat hit 60 home runs?" Here's the wind-up.
And the pitch, swung on and missed.
Strike one! Now the pressure down there has got to be tremendous, not only on the Babe, fans, but that pitcher down there doesn't wanna be known as the man who served up home run number 60 to Babe Ruth.
Ball! Oh, that was blowing away, ball one.
Count evens out at one and one.
Here's the wind-up.
The pitch, swung on and missed, strike two! I tell you, the Babe wasn't just swinging for a single there, fans.
He was swinging for those seats.
The count now is one and two.
One ball and two strikes.
Babe is down to his last strike.
And here comes the pitch.
(CROWD CHEERING) You better kiss that goodbye.
All right! Babe Ruth, the greatest home run hitter of all time, has just hit number 60! BABE: Hey, kid! You fellows don't have to leave, do you? We got to.
Look, I owe you a lot.
Our pleasure.
But promise me, you're gonna see me next season, right? Promise? We'll sure try.
You got a minute? Oh, yeah, sure.
Several years ago I met a boy just like you.
I was about to quit the game, but he told me I was his hero.
Even showed me a little bit about hitting.
Turns out kids with curly black hair must be my good luck charms.
Bogg, did you see him? Down two strikes, and the Babe still came through.
Well, with two strikes I would have thrown them a slider.
You double-crossing little bimbo.
Bogg, I think I want to go back to my own time after all.
Can you kiss me now? But it's not the kiss Shut your trap and hold on.
(PLUMMETING) (ALL GRUNT) Uh-oh, it's the Romans.
CLEOPATRA: It's Mark Antony.
Don't worry, he's harmless.
He's always had a crush on me.
He doesn't look so bad from here.
Oh, he's as strong and as handsome as any man I've ever met, but he has no craving for power.
Rest your horses.
It's been my experience that behind every great man, is a great woman.
Power is an acquired taste.
Maybe I could teach him to savor it the way I do.
But there's one thing I could never teach him.
What's that? To kiss me as you did.
Such an embrace can never be taught.
Yeah, I guess.
CLEOPATRA: Here I come, puppy dog! Cleopatra, is that you? Yes, Mark Antony.
Is that the disguise you used to escape from Rome? Yes.
Do you like it? Your beauty overwhelms whatever costume you wear.
May I declare my devotion to you? Of course.
Might I also declare my long, secret love for you? If you must.
But, please, Mark Antony, whatever you do, don't ever call me "toots.
" JEFFREY: If you want to learn more about Babe Ruth, Cleopatra or Sir Isaac Newton, take a voyage down to your public library.
It's all in books!