Voyagers! s01e14 Episode Script

Sneak Attack

What's that? MAN: Some kind of iron horse.
MacArthur's in grave danger.
If you're not out of my sight in 10 seconds, I'll lock you both in the brig.
The Japanese are going to attack Pearl Harbor.
Is this a prank call? A lot of people on that base are going to get killed, and I don't want you to be one of them.
(MACHINE GUNS FIRING) Bogg, look, it's MacArthur! BOGG: We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI dings) Green light, kid! We did it! (MISSILE WHISTLING) (WIND WHISTLING) (BOTH GRUNTING) I have a funny feeling this isn't a resort.
Not with all this noise and lousy weather.
(BEEPING) Leyte Island, the Philippines, 1944.
World War II.
This is great! Great? You're getting a little warped, kid.
No war is great.
(ENGINE FALTERING) That guy's in trouble, and I'm going after him.
You stay put.
Fat chance.
Banzai! (GRUNTING) Hey, hold it.
You okay? Yeah.
Who are you guys? How come you're not in uniform? We're with the USO.
USO? Here? What we need are reinforcements.
We're getting the heck beat out of us.
But in 1944, America's supposed to be winning on Leyte Island.
Tell them that.
But what about MacArthur? He led the attack on this island that totally totaled the enemy.
MacArthur died over two years ago at the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Pearl Harbor! Yeah, he was there for some top secret meeting.
Listen, I got a lot of wounded waiting for this medicine.
Well, these guys won't mind if we take their car.
Hey, now you're talking.
They're not gonna shoot at one of their own.
What are you gonna do with these devils? Don't you worry about that.
Just get that medicine to the wounded.
Thanks a lot.
Bogg, MacArthur wasn't in Pearl Harbor during the attack.
He was in the Philippines.
BOGG: Wrong history, that's why we got a red light.
Without MacArthur, America could lose the South Pacific.
SOLDIER: Thanks, guys.
Good luck.
(BEEPING) Okay, kid, date? Well, we should get there the day before the attack, December 6th, 1941.
Sayonara, guys.
(WIND WHISTLING) (BEEPING) December 6th, 1941.
Pearl Harbor.
Right on target.
Tomorrow, that'll be a bad joke.
Schofield Barracks? You sure you have the right date? No one here looks very concerned.
That's because no one knows what's gonna happen except us and the Japanese.
All these people have no idea that tomorrow the world is gonna change.
Well, if MacArthur's here for a secret meeting, nobody's gonna know except the top brass.
We'd better find the base commander.
Excuse us, could you tell us where we could find one of the base commanders? How am I supposed to know? This is an Army base.
I'm in the Navy.
Yeah, we're just here for the big battle tonight.
You know about the battle? Yeah.
Who you rooting for? Rooting for? The Americans, who else? Well, sure, we're all Americans.
Listen, we've got the hottest trumpet player this side of the mainland but the Army, they've got a mean man on the skins.
What are you talking about? What do you think, silly? The Battle of the Bands.
Isn't that why you're in costume? Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, that's why we're in costume.
Well, listen, we've got to take a powder.
Tina and me are in the dance contest tonight, and we got to rest up.
Listen, I hope we see you there.
It's gonna be hot.
Yeah, good luck.
See you.
How come we're not wearing costumes? I didn't know we were supposed to.
Why did you give me this assignment? JACK: Well, it's what you've been bugging me for, isn't it? Yeah, but not this kind.
Look, the officer of the day is very busy with last minute details for MacArthur's meeting with the fleet captains.
Now somebody had to fill in.
And since it's a desk job, and I'm a woman, you figure I can handle it.
Well, you can, can't you? Yes, but I've been trained as an intelligence operative.
Why don't I get any of those kind of assignments? Well, maybe the commander of this post doesn't think you're ready.
You're the commander of this post! That's right.
I'm as ready as any of your other civilian operatives, and you know it.
Now why are you holding me back? Holding you back? Listen, young lady, it's time you faced the truth.
You've only gotten as far as you have because I'm your father.
That's not true.
I've worked harder than anybody for this position.
Working hard is not enough.
Because I'm a woman.
But, look, I know that's not fair, but that's the way the government is.
And that's the way the world is.
You have to do better than the men.
You can't make a mistake and you can't break down, because when you do, they're gonna be waiting to nail you.
I can handle that.
I can do the job.
Well, then prove it.
How can I when I'm sitting behind this desk? Look, it's like I said, no matter what the job, you have to do better.
Now don't forget, we have dinner with General MacArthur at 2000 hours.
That's 8:00 That's 8:00 p.
Sure, that assignment I can handle.
Bogg, we came here to find MacArthur, not the Battle of the Bands.
Those MPs ought to know where we can find him.
Come on.
Hey, you guys, excuse me.
Do you know where we can find a commander? You wanna see a commander? Yes, sir.
Yeah, we have something really important to discuss with him.
(SCOFFS) Don't tell me.
Your pirate ship captured one of our cruisers.
(BOTH LAUGHING) Look, guys, we're not kidding around.
This is very important.
How about showing us your IDs? IDs? IDs.
Must've left it in my other uniform.
I could lock you in the stockade for that.
Hey, look, can you just take us to one of the commanders? Commanders are very busy men.
Send in your request for a meeting, and they'll see you in about a month.
(BOTH LAUGHING) We need to talk to a commander about MacArthur.
I think you got their attention.
Wait, what are we doing here? We have to see the commander.
First you see the officer of the day.
Then you see a commander.
Keep an eye on them, Tom.
You know how pirates are.
Miss Knox, where is the officer of the day? He's busy.
I was left in charge.
What is it? Maybe I'd better get someone else.
Sergeant, I was left in charge by my father, the Commander.
(EXHALES) Yes, ma'am.
We've got a couple of kooks out there who want to talk to a commander.
Kooks? What kind of kooks? There's a man dressed like a pirate and a young boy.
And when I asked the young boy his date of birth, he said, "October 3rd, 1970.
" (LAUGHS) Well, maybe he's just having some fun with you.
What do they want to see the commander about? They know MacArthur's here.
They say he's in great danger.
They know about MacArthur? How? I don't know.
Do you think it may have leaked out? It's impossible! It's top secret! What do you want me to do with them? Release them.
What? Sergeant, release them.
Yes, ma'am.
Release them.
What? It's an order.
Look Okay, you two, get out! Look, we've got to see the commander.
Well, you're not going to.
And if you know what's good for you, you'll get off this base.
Don't you understand? MacArthur is in grave danger.
If you're not out of my sight in 10 seconds, I'll lock you both in the brig.
But MacArthur Forget it, we'll get out of here.
(SIGHS) What are we going to do? Look, security is a little loose around here, don't you think? Yeah.
Well, if MacArthur were here for a secret meeting he'd be under heavy security, right? Right.
Well, we're going to find that area.
Come on.
(ENGINE RUMBLING) Getting ready for tonight, huh? Oh, yeah.
You kidding? I was the jitterbug champ of the Bronx two years in a row.
I'm gonna show these hicks a thing or two.
We were wondering, you wouldn't know of any heavy security area on base, would you? Sure, Thompson compound.
Where is it? It's down the beach, about half a mile.
Hey, you'll never get in there, especially dressed like that.
Bogg, don't you think we should try to warn the base about the attack? You can't change history, kid.
Hey, you wanna get some lunch? We may not get another chance before we reach the security area.
I am kind of hungry.
You know, Bogg, it is kind of hard not to try.
What? To change history.
Oh, yeah, I know.
One of the drawbacks of the job.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
(EXCLAIMS) Oh, excuse me.
It's okay.
I'm so clumsy.
My pleasure.
My souvenirs.
You sure do have a lot of them.
Well, you know, I'm from Omaha.
This is my first time in Hawaii.
I was with a tour group but I got separated from them somehow.
So, now I guess, I'm kind of lost.
Where are you guys from? Oh, we kind of travel all over.
Yeah? Yeah.
My name's Jackie.
Phineas Bogg.
This is Jeffrey Jones.
Will you two look at that background? Would you mind if I got a shot of you for the folks back in Omaha? They're gonna love this.
Excuse me, could you get out of my way? Thank you.
Bogg, we have things to do.
Excuse me, Jackie, we kind of have someplace to go.
Oh, sure.
I don't want to impose.
Oh, no.
You're not imposing.
It's just the kid was hungry, and we thought we'd get some lunch.
Lunch! Great.
I'm starving.
Way to go, ace.
JACKIE: Just one more shot with the pineapple.
Oh, that's wonderful.
That's her fifth roll of film.
Don't complain.
She bought lunch, didn't she? Big deal.
The whole thing cost 15 cents.
Whoever heard of eating a hot dog with pineapple on it anyway? You know, Bogg, we're never gonna be able to sneak on the base with her tagging along.
Don't worry, I got it all figured out.
(GROANS) Hey, guys Hold it, there.
That's a great shot.
This lady is unreal.
Don't be long.
The coast is clear.
Come on.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Okay, kid, that's where we've got to go.
And there's our ticket in.
Come on.
I gotta hand it to you, Bogg, this is a great idea.
I have my moments.
Hey, fellows, what are you doing in the back of the truck? How did she find us? I think she's part bloodhound.
So much for sneaking in.
Where were you guys going in there? Just hitching a ride.
You could've got us in a lot of trouble, you know.
Oh, jeez, Phineas, I'm sorry.
It's just that I thought we must've missed each other when I went to get another roll of film.
Look, lady, we didn't miss you, we left you on purpose.
Hey, Jeff, easy.
She's all alone.
Is that true, Phineas? No! We were No, that's all right, you don't have to explain.
I mean, I've been dumped before by an entire tour group.
I know I'm a pest.
No, you're not.
It's just that we have business to do, you see, dangerous business, and we didn't want you to get hurt.
Hey, she's got the Omni! German or Japanese? Huh? Neither.
Dates, places, even a globe.
What is this? Nothing.
Really, you better give that back.
Hey, stop that! Freeze, buster.
What is this? Who are you? Jackie Knox, Army Intelligence.
You're both under arrest.
What? Since when does Army Intelligence dress like a day at the beach? I'm a civilian operative.
(GROANS) Oh, Jackie, we were having so much fun together before From now on, military procedure dictates that you only address me as Miss Knox.
Miss Knox, we were just spending the day at the beach.
Oh, sure.
That's what they all say.
I knew she was going to be trouble.
Okay, are you going to tell me what this device does, or would you rather wait and talk to Colonel Knox? I thought you were Knox.
The Colonel's my father.
Great, then you can take us to him.
Who else would I take two captured spies to? Oh, brother.
You know, this looks like some kind of a radio.
Wait till my father sees this.
Don't touch the button.
Grab her, kid.
(WHOOSHING) When are you riders ever gonna learn that no one gets through this pass alive.
(WIND WHISTLING) Sorry about that.
Where'd they come from? I don't know, but I don't want to stay to find out.
Jake, come on, let's get out of here.
Let's go.
My horse! They took my horse.
JEFFREY: What's going on here? Yeah.
That's what I want to know.
This isn't Hawaii.
No kidding.
I told you not to touch that button.
What's a Hawaii? What were all those stars we went through? It's called the cosmos.
Now give me the Omni But wait a minute.
Where are we? How did we get here, and why is everybody dressed funny? You people lost? Bogg, we gotta get her back.
I know.
We gotta get us back.
I know.
Listen, Jackie, we're far away from Hawaii, I think.
And the only way back is for you to give us that Omni.
Espionage equipment confiscated by Intelligence Personnel becomes the property of the United States Army.
Section 54, Paragraph 3.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, I can't even tell you where we are without it.
Well, I can tell you where we are.
You're in Utah.
Utah? That's crazy.
Yeah, well, you think that one's crazy.
Wait till you hear the next one.
What's the date? April 10, 1860.
Who are you? I'm Bill Cody.
Buffalo Bill? Give me a break.
Buffalo Bill? Nobody ever called me that before.
They will.
I'm a Pony Express rider, and I had to get this medicine to Salt Lake.
See, there's a sick little girl that won't make it past tomorrow night without it.
The Pony Express won't survive if she doesn't.
What do you mean? Setting up the Pony Express takes money.
No backer is willing to put up his money until somebody proves it'll work.
So far every rider has failed to get through that pass.
You see, the little girl's father, he's a banker.
He knew the stage wouldn't make it in time so he said he'd give the company the backing it needs if we could make it.
Do you expect me to believe all this? You think I'm lying about a sick little girl? Never mind her.
How's your ankle? I think it's broke.
I was the company's last chance.
I guess there's no way I can make it now.
Poor kid.
We gotta help Bill make that ride.
Wait a minute.
Do you guys expect me to believe that he's the Buffalo Bill Cody, and this is really 1860? JACKIE: What are you? Nuts? You got it.
Okay, look, fellows, fun is fun.
You say this is 1860, I say this part of Utah looks the same in 1941.
And for all I know that guy and his friends could just be a bunch of rejects from a Hopalong Cassidy movie.
Listen, Jackie, you have to understand.
That device you took from us is a time machine.
Time machine? There's no such thing.
That's what you think.
And this is Utah, 1860.
And if you ever want to see Pearl Harbor, either give us back the Omni, or wait around 81 years and take a boat.
I don't believe any of this.
Then explain how you got here.
It's some kind of espionage trick.
A spell of some kind.
Hypnotism or drugs.
That's it, you two have me drugged.
Let's argue about this later, okay? You don't mind if we get Bill here to a doctor, do you? Okay, but no funny business.
DOCTOR: Now, listen, you stay off that foot! (EXCLAIMS IN DISDUST) That stuff will kill you.
Tobacco, outlaws, what's the difference? And I don't care what that doc says, I only need one good foot in the stirrup.
Anyway, that little girl needs her medicine.
It's my responsibility to deliver it.
But you're just a boy.
You have to be young and light to ride for the Pony Express, ma'am.
And I'm not a boy.
I do a man's job.
Yeah, you have to be light so you can ride with more speed.
And you have to be an orphan, too.
Why? It's dangerous work.
Better off having somebody doing it that nobody cares about.
That's terrible.
No, it ain't, it's exciting.
Well, it'll be suicide if you try to outrun those outlaws with a bad ankle.
I'll make the ride.
No, wait a minute.
JEFFREY: No, Bogg, I think I should make the ride.
I'm young, light and an orphan.
Well, I don't know.
He'd have the best chance.
You two are forgetting something here.
You're my prisoners.
Nobody is going anywhere.
What kind of prisoners? Prisoners of love.
Excuse us a moment, would you? Take your hands off of me.
(LAUGHS) Prisoners of love.
That's a good one.
Sit down! Look, for once you're gonna For once you're gonna listen to me.
Look around you, will you? Whether you want to believe it or not, you traveled back through time.
This is 1860.
But that's insanity.
Don't talk, listen.
Look, the kid and I travel back through time with that time machine you confiscated from us.
And when we land in someplace where something's wrong, we try to get things back on the right track, like now.
(SIGHS) I believe you.
I know it seems impossible but I'm starting to believe it.
Then you understand why it's so important for us to try and deliver that medicine.
I understand.
What are you crying about? It's just that I think I'm losing my mind.
(LAUGHS) No, you're not.
I'm not? No.
I know it seems strange but it'll all work out, you'll see.
You know, I've always been a sucker for a girl in uniform.
I must confess, Phineas, I like you, too.
And you don't think we're spies anymore? Oh, I hope not.
And you'll stop holding us prisoners and give us back the Omni.
I can't.
What? I just can't, Phineas.
Training like I've had is hard to break.
Now, I've gotten myself into this assignment, and I'm not gonna mess it up, now.
Okay, have it your way.
You're still gonna let us make that ride though, aren't you? Sure, if I can go with you.
(MEN CHATTERING) BOGG: There are the horses.
You sure these are the outlaws' horses? Oh, yeah.
The Palomino's mine.
And the others I'd know anywhere.
I knew the riders who died trying to get them through the pass.
Well, what the outlaws took we can take back.
Let's go.
Tell me, Phineas, what's it like being a time traveler? You should know, you just did it.
Yeah, but this is my first time.
I'm totally disoriented.
So am I, all the time.
My clothes are always out of date.
I act different, talk different.
No matter where I go, I'm always an outsider.
Talk about being an outsider.
Try being the only female intelligence operative on a military base.
Even my job title may sound important, but all the men see is some little girl.
My social life is non-existent.
I haven't even had a date since I started working at that base.
Yeah? Yeah.
Well, try getting close to somebody when you spend one day in Rome and the next in Timbuktu or somewhere.
Well, if it weren't for the kid, I think I'd go crazy.
How old were you when you became an orphan? I was really young.
I never knew my parents.
I guess it's better that way.
I was 10.
I knew my parents real well.
I miss them.
Well, at least you know what it's like to be loved.
Something you miss living in an orphanage.
There they just wait for you to grow up so they can make room for somebody else.
When Mr.
Russell from the Pony Express come, said I was just what he was looking for That was really something.
First time in my life somebody wanted me.
I didn't care how dangerous it was or how much I was getting paid.
I was doing something to help somebody, and I'd do it for nothing.
Don't worry, we'll get past those outlaws.
Not the three of you together, you won't.
The guy's too big, and that girl, she's too slow.
But I can make it through.
You got the right build, and all.
What if I snuck away in the morning before they woke up? Hey, now, you know how dangerous it is.
For an orphan? Piece of cake.
Have you ever thought of quitting? Sure, lots of times.
(SIGHS) But I don't know.
This is what I do.
It's what I want to do.
I couldn't quit.
I know what you mean.
JEFFREY: Shh! Be quiet.
Now remember, keep your head down and whatever you do, don't slow up.
I'll remember.
Tell Bogg I'll see him in Salt Lake.
All right.
(HORSE NICKERING) Yeah! Go, boy.
Where's Jeffrey? Well, he's on his way to Salt Lake with the medicine.
Without me? Don't worry, he'll make it.
I'll make sure he does.
Hey, you're not leaving without me.
Here comes another one.
Let's go! Looks like Sam and Jake scared up another one.
Bat's breath! Box canyon.
(HORSE NEIGHING) Kid, you've just reached the end of the line.
Get off your horse.
Hurry up! I'm going as fast as I can.
Now we're gonna teach you why no one ever gets through this pass.
Bogg! MAN: You two stupid or suicidal? Boy, am I glad to see you.
We'll talk about this later.
Give me the Omni.
I've got a gun, let's take them on.
These guys shoot back.
Give me the Omni.
MAN: What are you doing? Posing for a family portrait? I won't tell anybody if you won't.
Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941.
What a relief.
Look, it's Schofield Barracks.
It's nice to be home again.
That's what you think.
I wonder what time it is.
I think those church bells are for 7:30 mass.
Bogg, that means we have less than half an hour.
We've got to find MacArthur, pronto.
Come on.
Hey, where do you guys think you're going? You're still my prisoners.
All right, Jackie, stop kidding around.
I'm not kidding.
But, Jackie, I thought we You and I, what we've been through I can't believe I know, Phineas, I like you, I really do, both of you, but we're back on base now, and I've broken, who knows, how many regulations and For Pete's sakes, if I'm ever gonna prove anything to my father, I've got to bring you two guys in.
I can't believe But I'm sure that after we explain to him But there's no time for that.
Why? Better tell her.
At 7:55 this morning the Japanese are going to attack Pearl Harbor.
That's impossible.
So is time travel.
And unless we do something, MacArthur is going to be killed.
Please, Jackie, you have to believe us.
Where's she going? Wait here.
If Jeffrey's right, we should pick up some blips on the scope.
Don't worry, they'll be there.
There's got to be something wrong.
This is the biggest blip I've ever seen.
That's what Jeff was trying to tell you.
It's got to be a malfunction of some kind.
Yeah, or a lot of enemy planes.
Well, if they are, there are two waves of them.
And they are coming in from the north 57 miles, three degrees east.
I've got to alert the base.
(BUZZING) Fort Shafter.
Private Buck speaking.
This is Miss Knox, Army Intelligence.
I want to speak with the highest ranking officer in charge.
You got him.
A private is in charge? Look, Miss Knox, it's 7:45 in the morning.
Everybody's either asleep or having breakfast.
But I've spotted a mass of planes on the radar scope.
I wouldn't sweat it.
We're expecting a flight of B-17 s in from the mainland.
He says they're expecting B-17 s in.
The kid says they're Japanese.
(MACHINE BEEPS) Listen carefully, you've got to alert the base.
The Japanese are going to attack Pearl Harbor.
Is this a prank call? I am very serious, Private.
Sure, sure, I'll jot down the information.
Sayonara, honey.
That stupid jerk.
Now do you believe us? I'd be a fool not to.
Look, we're running out of time.
We've only got MacArthur and my father are meeting with the fleet captains at 0800 this morning on the main base.
That's right in the middle of the attack.
Come on, let's go! You're staying here.
What? Why? Because a lot of people on that base are going to get killed, and I don't want you to be one of them.
But I No buts.
Something happened last night between us, and I don't want to lose that.
You're staying here where it's safe.
What about you? What about Jeffrey? I can watch out for the kid but I can't watch both of you.
Now I'm locking you in here behind me.
Phineas, I work for that base.
I belong there.
I don't want to lose what we have either, but you can't try to protect me.
That's been my problem my whole life.
I've spent so much time being protected that I never had a chance to prove I could take care of myself.
Please, Phineas, I've got to go.
Okay, but watch yourself.
I can't.
I'll be too busy watching you.
Come on.
Bogg! Bogg, listen, they're coming.
Look! I hope we don't get to the base too late.
(MISSILE WHISTLING) MAN 1: What's going on? What's all that noise? MAN 2: The artillery having target practice? MAN 3: Japanese planes! Hit the deck! (AIR RAID ALARM BLARING) Get down! Get down! Take cover! Take cover! Bogg, look, it's MacArthur! My father! BOGG: Try and shoot down the Japanese with a.
What's that child doing here? Sergeant, get that child under some cover! Yes, sir.
Bogg It's okay, kid, it's safer this way.
JACK: Jackie, get out of here.
This is no place for a woman.
Never mind that, are you all right? BOGG: Help me get your father out from under here.
Don't worry about me.
Get the General! He's going to get himself killed! We'll get him! Phineas, MacArthur! No, let me go.
Jackie, are you crazy? Let the man go! Please, Phineas.
Did you see that? Did you see what she did? I knew it all the time.
That's my girl! Come on, we've got to get you out of here.
Go on! Go on! I'm okay, my leg's not broken.
Come on, let's get out of here! (MACHINE GUNS FIRING) Thanks again, Jack.
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your daughter.
You know, General, she impressed me, too.
I could use an intelligence operative in the Philippines.
Do you think she might be interested? Interested? She'd be delighted.
She's been badgering me for months to give her an important assignment.
Good, good, she can start after the first of the year.
By the way, where is she? I'd like to tell her myself.
I believe she's at the beach with Mr.
Bogg, sir.
Well then, you tell her, Jack.
With your permission, sir, I know someone who'd really like to tell her.
Very well, Sergeant.
Jack, see you.
Good luck, General.
(OMNI DINGS) BOGG: Green light.
I guess it's time for the kid and I to get back to Bill Cody.
Nobody needs us here anymore.
That's not true.
I need you, Phineas.
You know, I've spent so much time trying to prove I could be as good as a man, I missed a lot of life.
I never let myself make mistakes, or get hurt, or fall in love.
Everything's changed now.
If it makes you feel any better, the feeling's mutual.
A lot of good that does me.
It's bad enough having a sweetheart overseas, I've got one over the rainbow.
You can't call me from another time zone.
And if you ever write to me, it could take me 100 years just to get the letter.
Well, that's one tradition between a man and a woman that should never change.
Listen, things are gonna get better for you, I know it.
I don't know.
You just be careful in Utah.
Okay? I will.
Just got to figure a way past them outlaws.
Jackie! MacArthur wants you to go with him to the Philippines.
Really? I heard him say it myself.
I told you things were gonna get better.
Would you excuse us for a minute, Sergeant? Yes, ma'am.
You know, Phineas, a motorcycle is a lot faster than a horse.
Was thinking the same thing, myself.
All right! Great idea.
(CHUCKLES) You take care of the big guy, okay? No problem.
Take care of yourself.
(SIGHS) (DINGS) Phineas.
I love you.
We'd better cover this thing up pretty well.
If somebody finds it, they'll either pass out or have a head start on the invention of the internal combustion engine.
That ought to do it.
Come on, let's find Bill.
Well, what happened? Outlaws.
They got our horses.
Well, at least you didn't get killed.
But we still have the medicine, and I think we have a way to get it to Salt Lake by tonight.
It's no use.
I tried and you tried, five riders been killed already.
I say we just forget we ever heard of the Pony Express.
I can always go back to the orphanage.
No! We can do it.
And we can.
Look, the kid and I found this horse, a very special horse, one that can outrun anything the outlaws have.
Yeah? Yeah.
Oh, good.
Can I see it? No, it's grazing a little ways from here.
We need you to do something else.
I'll try.
Get together a posse.
We tried that.
Outlaws just hide up in the hills.
But this time it's gonna work.
We're gonna draw the outlaws out of their holes long enough for you to get there with the posse.
Heck, I'll try anything.
Then you can ride the rest of the way to Salt Lake.
All right, I'll have a posse together in an hour.
BOGG: Any sign of outlaws? Not yet.
This might be easier than I thought.
Keep your eyes open, kid.
They could come out of anywhere.
Now what the heck is that? You got me.
What did you put in those beans last night? Maybe it's some kind of train.
Not without a track.
It looks like it's gotta be some kind of iron horse.
Well, if it is, I've gotta steal it.
Come on.
Here they come.
Hang on.
We got them out of hiding.
Now, let's give them a chase until the posse shows up.
JAKE: That iron horse is fast.
Bogg, they're coming.
Hang on, it's going to be a rough ride.
BILL: Come on, we've got to get to them before the outlaws do.
They're catching up, Bogg.
What's that? Let's get them.
They should be around the next bend.
BOGG: Do you see the posse yet? JEFFREY: No, we've gotta keep on.
They'd better show up soon.
Uh-oh, more company.
What're we gonna do? Hang on.
MAN 1: Get them! Get them! BOGG: I think we're gonna lose them.
MAN 2: That's the darndest machine I've ever seen.
(ENGINE FALTERING) JEFFREY: Bogg, what's wrong? There's something else that 1860 doesn't have besides motorcycles.
BOTH: Gasoline.
Take off the cap and look in the tank.
Bogg, look! It's too dark in there.
I can't see anything.
Bogg, we're going over a cliff.
Jump! (GRUNTING) (CRASHING) JEFFREY: That was close.
Yeah, and there goes modern transportation.
(SIGHS) Where's that iron horse? Down there.
Dad gum it! I wanted to steal that thing.
Hand over your cargo.
It's just medicine.
It's no use to you.
It's gotta be worth something for you to go through all this trouble.
Now, hand it over, now! (GUN FIRES) Put your hands up.
It's the last time you boys are gonna block this pass.
(GROANS) BOGG: Sure glad to see you.
Well, you did it, but how? Where's that horse you was talking about? Where she belongs.
Someplace it will take her What? You never mind that.
You've still got a ride to finish.
Seeing Mr.
Barley's face when the doc told him his little girl was gonna make it, made all the trouble we went through worth it.
Yeah, and the Pony Express came through.
Barley came through, too.
This here's a letter of credit from his bank.
It's enough money to buy the Pony Express everything it needs to get started.
I gotta ride back to Missouri right away to deliver it.
You fellows want to come along? No thanks, we've got things we got to do.
I was meaning to ask you, what happened to that girl you all was with? Oh, she had to go back to where she belongs.
That's too bad.
She had something, you know, something real different.
Anyway, I gotta go.
Thanks again.
So long.
(DINGS) BOGG: What are you doing? December 31, 1941, Hawaii.
Hawaii? Yeah.
Yeah, I thought Jackie might need a date for New Year's Eve.
That's real nice.
I'm gonna show Jackie the most exciting evening she's ever had in her life.
No way, Bogg, two's company, but three's a crowd.
What are you talking about? I'm taking Jackie out New Year's Eve.
What? Got you! JEFFREY: If you wanna learn more about Pearl Harbor or the Pony Express, take a voyage down to your public library.
It's all in books!