Voyagers! s01e15 Episode Script

Voyagers of the Titanic

Ice! Dead ahead! The Titanic's going to sink? My, you do have an imagination.
Over 1,000 people are going to die.
We can stop it.
We can make it so it never happened.
It's a terrible tragedy, but it's going to happen.
We can't change that.
I can't let that happen.
I can't.
Iceberg! Oh, my God! We're going to hit! Collision! Collision! BOGG: : We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed: Bogg! BOGG: : When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong: Our job's to get everything back on track: (OMNI dlNGS) Green light, kid! We did it! (BOTH GRUNT) It's a cinch that you'd never make an aircraft carrier pilot.
Quit complaining, will you? We hit the deck, didn't we? That's exactly what we did, hit it.
Where are we, anyway? On a very big boat.
(BEEPING) In the middle of the Atlantic.
April 14, 1912.
Date ring a bell? No.
(WOMEN LAUGHING) Well, wherever we are, this time we're traveling first class.
Come on.
Wow! They sure don't build them like this anymore.
They certainly don't.
Hmm! Bogg I've got a feeling I'm going to like this job.
Well, hello there.
You must be from some uncivilized part of this world.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
I guess these clothes aren't exactly proper.
They're perfect.
You see, I've had it up to here with civilization.
Suzanne Brandes.
Phineas Bogg.
Bogg! Excuse me.
It's my nephew.
Look, this is going to take a little research.
Why don't you take a stroll around the deck or something? I'll check things out here.
Titanic? That's the big one that went down, huh? Maybe on another trip? It sank on its first trip.
Listen, Suzanne, why don't you go to your cabin, get a nice warm coat and meet me up on deck in, say, 20 minutes? Hmm, I'm on my way.
Oh, and bring your life preserver.
Okay, the first thing we have to do is find out how much time we have.
Are you crazy? We've got to stop this ship! Jeffrey, look Over 1,000 people are going to die.
We can stop it.
We can make it so it never happened.
That's not what's wrong.
How can you say that? I know it's hard to understand, but sometimes history's cruel.
There's wars, disasters, injustices, but some of those things, no matter how much you want them not to happen, are supposed to happen.
But the Titanic: : : It's a terrible tragedy, but it's going to happen.
It was in my guidebook, you learned it in school, we can't change that, but we can find out why the Omni's red.
Maybe someone's on board that isn't supposed to be.
Maybe we can save somebody important before it goes down.
No! We can save them all! No, we can't.
People are going to lose their families.
Their parents.
You don't know what it's like to lose your mom and your dad.
No! I can't let that happen.
I can't.
Jeff! I'm terribly sorry, but steerage class passengers are not permitted on the upper decks.
I'll have someone escort you below.
Look, I'm just going after the boy.
I'll be right back.
I'll get the boy.
You're not going anywhere dressed like that.
Now calm down, Mr.
Why, if he can afford that doodad he's wearing on his belt, he must be traveling first class.
You let him find his boy.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Brown, but as I've reminded you before, dress codes on the Titanic are unimpeachable.
I'm sure you'll understand.
No point in hitting him.
I've tried.
If you'll excuse me What a pain.
Who is that guy? That's Bruce Ismay.
He's General Director of these floating hotels.
Why, you must have met him at the bon voyage party.
Actually, I just dropped in at the last minute.
Oh, well, then you're lucky.
My name is Molly Brown.
Phineas Bogg.
Well, it's a real pleasure to meet somebody who isn't all stuffy and stuck up.
You know, Ismay isn't stopping me because of any dress code.
So why don't I go find your boy.
What did you say his name is? Jeffrey.
I think he was headed for the bridge.
Where else? I'll bring him back.
Molly, you said you'd seen one of these before? Seen it? Haggerty's had it under the nose of practically everybody on board.
Haggerty? Haggerty.
The walrus with the mustache that sold it to you.
How much did you pay for that? I know, I know, I know.
It's rude to ask.
But he was asking a pretty penny for a gizmo that don't even tell the time.
What did he tell you that is? Well, you know, I wanted to talk to him more about that.
You know where he is? Usually he holes up in his room.
Let's see, that's a deck below this one, room next to mine.
I think it's called the Edinburgh Suite.
Oh, Phineas! Phineas.
Now, Phineas, I know that you feel real comfortable in these clothes, but these folks, they just don't understand.
So why don't you put on a coat and a tie? Let me go! Come on! No! Let me go! I'll let you go when we find your father.
But I've got to see the Captain.
The Captain's busy.
But it's a matter of life and death! Oh, stop it.
And don't you be such a crab, Mr.
Why, seeing the Captain could be a matter of life and death to a young boy.
It would've been for me when I was his age.
It's really important.
I've really got to see him.
You know, I was just thinking how much I'd like to see that bridge.
Well, I'm sure something could be arranged.
Right now, Mr.
With this boy.
It would be my pleasure.
Can't seem to find my way around the ship.
Keep ending up in the laundry.
There you are! We must have just missed on deck.
Were you corning down here to look for me? Oh! Gorgeous! Actually, I was just heading up this way.
You know, let's just forget the deck.
My room's right down the hall.
We could have a little supper.
No, no, no, it has to be the deck.
With my life preserver? Oh, yeah.
That's the best part.
Oh! Anything you say.
Now, why don't you go right on up and I'll be right there.
I'm on my way, sugar.
Yes? Who is it? BOGG: Mr.
Haggerty? Yes, this is Mr.
Molly Brown sent me down to talk to you.
Brown? She said you'd have a device that resembles this one.
Please come in.
Be seated.
The Titanic's going to sink? My, you do have an imagination.
It's not my imagination.
You're going to hit an iceberg tonight.
The closest iceberg is over 250 miles to the north.
And even if we did bump into one, the Titanic would hardly go down.
Why won't you listen? People are going to die.
You can stop it.
I think that's quite enough.
The boy has seen the Captain.
Jeffrey No, you've got to believe me.
Come along, young man.
Come on, Jeffrey, it's best.
No! You're all so stupid.
So dumb.
MOLLY: Come on, Jeffrey.
It's a dark night.
Post extra seamen on watch.
It's odd, Mr.
Odd? Yes.
That I've not seen you before.
It's a very large ship.
Yes, but not that big.
And, quite frankly, I find it extraordinary that two people aboard the Titanic should have such a rare device.
Which is why I couldn't pass up the opportunity to come and see you.
I'd like to buy yours.
Start a collection.
And how much is it worth to you, Mr.
Bogg? That would depend on its condition.
May I see it? It's identical to yours.
Where'd you get it? I was just wondering when you'd get to that.
(WOMAN MOANING) Remove the sack.
(MUFFLED SCREAMING) I assume you know her.
If not, get acquainted.
You'll be joining her tonight for a midnight swim.
You really believe it's going to happen, don't you? It's out there.
Why won't they listen? You know, my daddy used to say to me, "Molly, children ought to be seen, not heard.
"My eyes are open, "but my ears are closed.
" I guess that has something to do with why I'm such a noisy person today.
You're Molly Brown.
Yep, for better or for worse.
The Molly Brown who owned all the silver mines.
The Unsinkable Molly Brown! Unsinkable? Well, considering the circumstances, I should hope so.
Come on, I said we'd meet your daddy near the salon.
(BELL CLANGING) Ice! Dead ahead! Jeffrey! Dead ahead? Huh? God help us.
Hard astarboard! Oh, my God! We're going to hit! It's drifting starboard.
Hard aport! Hard over! Hard over there! Turn! Turn! Splendid evening.
Yes, yes, just lovely.
Now, Mr.
Bogg, your device.
I feel that two will bring a fancy price.
We're going to collide! No! (GRUNTS) Collision! Collision! (CRASHING) Come on.
Come on! Get after them! Get after them! Help me a little bit, will you? We're going this way! I'm not going to argue with you.
I'm sure it was nothing.
Nothing at all to be concerned about.
Strike up a tune.
Something zippy.
Why in all the time zones in all the world do I have to land in one with you in it? Phineas Bogg, you idiot! Good to see you, too, Olivia.
We've got to go back.
Are you crazy? Come on! It's back there! So are they, come on.
Right there! The Captain's on his way up.
I want a damage report before he gets here.
Forget it! The ship's going down! We've got to save the people.
What's he doing here? Get him out! Jeffrey No! You've got to get the lifeboats.
You've got to hurry.
Jeffrey, you're not helping.
You can let him go.
I'll take it from here.
Jeffrey Jeffrey, now you listen to me.
Now, nothing that you say is going to make them listen.
I don't know how, but you were right about the iceberg and you have certainly got my attention.
Now, Jeffrey, if this boat's going down, there are two things we have got to do.
We have got to calmly warn the passengers.
And find your father.
Right? (BAND PLAYING UPBEAT TUNE) Phineas, we've gotta go back and get it! Get what? The Mona Lisa! Who? Stop that man! Stop that woman! They robbed me! Stop that man! Stop that woman! (ALL MURMURING) (EXCLAIMS) I left Bogg in a big salon down here somewhere.
We'll find him all right, honey.
The Mona Lisa! She's down in Haggerty's room? Yes.
That's what's wrong! We've got to go back! JEFFREY: Bogg! Jeff! The boat's going down! They wouldn't listen! Who's the kid? We're sinking, Phineas.
There they are! Haggerty, what is this all about? Phineas! There you are! Hang on, kid.
What in blue blazes? What is going on here? Oh, no! Stop, thief! Stop! Stop! You must get back in your cage.
Stop! Don't run! You are sick.
Please let me try to help you.
(BARKING) Don't be afraid.
I'm not going to hurt you.
(PLUMMETING) (GROANS) Sorry if we scared you, it's just that we (DOG GROWLING) Uh-oh.
Watch it, kid.
What in the name of What is going on here? (BEEPING) We got a red light.
Beware, the dog is mad.
Well, that must be what's wrong.
Why don't we catch the dog and get out of here? Wait a minute, you heard what he said.
That's a mad dog.
That's right, I forgot.
You've always been afraid of dogs.
I'm not afraid of dogs.
I'm just cautious.
Very cautious.
There's no need to apologize, Phineas.
You just stay out of the way and I will take care of this.
Please, get out of here.
This dog is very dangerous.
He has rabies.
I can help you get him.
No, it is too dangerous.
If he bites you, you will have the disease.
What is the disturbance? Careful.
The dog.
OLIVIA: Come on, boy.
Nobody's going to hurt you.
We need a net.
Yeah, but we don't have one.
Don't corner him.
Phineas, you're the wrong person to be giving me advice about dogs.
Easy, fellow.
Easy, boy.
Down! Down! Olivia, don't! Olivia, stop it! Here boy! Leave him alone! Please, you do not understand how dangerous he is.
You will only aggravate him.
Olivia, listen to him! Olivia, I told you not to corner him.
Olivia, no! Look out, kid! Quickly, put him in the bag.
I'll take that.
You and the dog have already caused lots of trouble.
This time, I am going to call the doctor.
The real doctor.
Listen, time is of the essence! We must treat the boy immediately.
I'll be right here.
No, don't leave me! Be quiet.
Bogg, I want you to take me back.
What about Jeffrey? Well, you can come right back.
Besides, I don't need you now, any more than I did on the ship.
Bogg, you had no right to interfere with my assignment! Now I want you to take me back, right now! Interfere with your assignment? Bogg, who is she? The most stubborn, headstrong, egotistical Dunn, Olivia.
Voyager, class of '97.
A voyager? How come you never told me about her, Bogg? I've been trying to forget I ever knew her.
Since when do you want to forget a pretty blonde? Since I was voted Voyager Most Likely to Succeed.
I must get more antiseptic.
Now, you are not to move, understand? Well, you weren't living up to your title back there.
Just what were you doing on the Titanic, anyway? I was doing my job.
Trying to rescue the Mona Lisa: Who's she? The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.
It's the most famous painting in the world.
Did that go down on the Titanic? It's supposed to be in the Louvre in France.
Only, I think it was stolen once.
By Vincenzo Perugia, an Italian who used to work at the Louvre.
He felt that this piece ought to be back in Italy where it was painted.
So he stole it and hid it in his basement where he felt it belonged until things calmed down.
What does that have to do with the Titanic? Because those two gents you met on the ship stole it from Vincenzo.
And smuggled it on the Titanic? Yeah, but I got to the dock too late to stop them.
So you stow away onboard ship.
Well, I had to finish my assignment.
And I was doing just fine until you showed up.
I knew you resented me, but to sabotage my mission Sabotage your mission? You weren't doing so hot when I got there, you know.
It was a temporary setback! Being thrown overboard with your hands tied would not have been temporary.
I had a plan.
They had your Omni.
(EXCLAIMS) Jeffrey, it doesn't look too serious.
You'll be okay.
The skin is broken.
The dog had rabies, didn't it? Yes.
In here, Doctor! There! There's the boy.
He was bitten.
So, this is your doing, Pasteur.
You may be a hero in Paris where the safety of their wines and milk is more important than the safety of their children, but not here.
Take him carefully.
We'll go to my office.
You can't let him take Jeffrey.
He's a doctor.
Bogg, if you'd paid attention in class, you'd know that this is Dr.
Louis Pasteur.
He discovered the cure for rabies.
Wait Wait a minute.
No, let him take the boy.
He will get plenty of rest at Dr.
But I don't want to go.
Go ahead, don't worry.
I'll take care of it, I promise.
I promise.
Pasteur, you do have a serum? Yes, I have been working on a treatment for rabies.
Then your serum does work? I have had some success with the animals.
But the last animal did not respond to the injections.
Perhaps it would be unwise to try it on the boy.
Bernard may be right.
I am only a chemist.
No, to try it on a child would be too great a risk.
Look, wait a minute Can't we Can't we Omni forward a few years, get the serum and come right back? Olivia, if Pasteur doesn't have the confidence to perfect that serum, a cure for rabies isn't going to happen at all.
We have a red light here and now.
Doctor Pasteur, you've got to try that serum on Jeffrey.
It'll work, I know it.
Besides, it's his only chance.
I have it here.
Come on, let's go get Jeffrey.
Not so fast, Olivia.
Don't make me pull rank on you.
We're both voyagers.
Oh, no! PASTEUR: Perhaps this is all for the best.
What? My work on this rabies serum has been cursed with one misadventure after another.
I cannot go on.
You have to.
I must abandon this research before I become the laughingstock of all Paris.
I could not live with that.
If Jeffrey dies because you were afraid to risk your reputation, how will you live with that? You are right.
I'm afraid that all my success has made me a coward.
Then you'll test the serum on Jeffrey? Yes, if I could.
Well, can't you just make more vaccine? It would take a month to get the equipment from the laboratory in Paris.
Well, then we'll just get it back together and quick.
What do you need? Flasks, a burner It took half a year to get that burner from England.
Jeffrey doesn't have six months.
Look, the stuff won't be state of the art, but we'll make do.
Stuff? Where do you think you're going? And you always prided yourself on being able to think on your feet.
I'm going on a scavenger hunt.
The only thing that might save me is Dr.
Pasteur's vaccine.
Pasteur is not a doctor.
Not like you, but he's a great chemist.
His theories are nothing but hypothetical mumbo jumbo.
His theories are going to change medicine someday.
It took generations for doctors to gain the respect and trust of their patients.
And now Pasteur comes up with this hocus-pocus of injecting his people with rabies.
(EXCLAIMS) But it's the only thing that might work.
No, I can't allow him to give you this injection of vaccine anymore than I would watch you swallow a whole bottle of poison.
Sorry it took so long.
Well, what do you have? Jars, dishes, and a cup.
And these will work as flasks, won't they? That's okay.
Louis says we got plenty right here.
Yes, Mr.
Bogg found some empty wine bottles and had the wonderful sense to break off the tops.
Simple, but functional.
Also, we managed to assemble another burner.
We've been very busy.
I can see that.
Let's get on with mixing up another batch of this vaccine.
Hey, wait a minute.
You got to sterilize those things.
They're perfectly clean.
I washed them with my own two hands.
In boiling water? How am I supposed to stick my hands in boiling water? Yes, boiling water will kill all the microorganisms.
A very bright young lady, indeed.
BERNARD: There, now, get some rest.
No, please, Dr.
You're a good doctor, but there are just some things you don't understand yet.
Now save your strength.
You're going to need all of it later, son.
No! No, no I'm not going to sit here and die.
I want to go back to Dr.
Pasteur's lab.
I want to go back to Bogg.
No, back in the bed.
Let's get some rest.
There now.
You go to sleep.
Sleep now.
How much longer is this going to take? This process cannot be rushed.
Yeah, we want it right.
Getting the vaccine right isn't going to help anybody if we don't get to Jeffrey pretty quick.
You don't have to remind me how much is riding on this.
Well, you seem to have forgotten about the Titanic easily enough.
I haven't forgotten anything! We have got to get back there, Bogg! There's nothing we can do till the vaccine's ready.
Why can't we get Jeffrey and bring him here? No.
We're going to bring the vaccine to him.
But we're wasting time.
We've got a lot better chance of getting in with a vial than we do of sneaking Jeffrey out.
What are you so afraid of? I'm not afraid of anything.
It's just a lot better if we wait and go in there together with Dr.
Yeah, no one will notice the parade passing through.
Please, I cannot concentrate with all this bickering.
We're all very concerned about Jeffrey.
Are you not going after your young lady? She's not my young lady.
You fight as if she were.
(BELL TOLLING) Jeffrey? Jeffrey? Jeffrey.
Take me to Bogg.
Oh, Jeffrey, I'm going to take you to him right now.
What are you doing here? It is ready.
Olivia Olivia! Where is the young lady? She must help us to get to the boy.
I have a lousy hunch she's already on her way.
Come on.
Take her away.
I don't want Pasteur or the man disturbing this child.
My men are on guard.
No one will get past them.
Well, I guess we were right.
Once you arrived, we knew you two would not be far behind.
Now you'll be spending a few nights in our jail.
Good job.
You and your stupid heroics might just have cost Jeffrey his life.
We must get the serum to the boy.
You ever play football? Football? Forget it.
Just follow my lead.
Listen Pasteur, I am the boy's physician, I will not let you do this.
Sorry, Doc, but I think we need a second opinion.
Go ahead.
Don't be a fool, Pasteur.
If the boy dies, you will be disgraced, ruined! Dr.
Bernard, I shall have them all arrested.
Do with me what you will.
My work is done now.
Let us wait and see.
You sure you're strong enough to leave? Yeah, I feel great.
All right.
Thanks for saving Jeffrey's life.
I thank you.
Without your help, the vaccine might not have had its test.
Thank God it did.
It seems that I was the fool.
I, too, had my doubts.
Only this man had faith in the serum.
My faith was in you, Dr.
We must rebuild your laboratory.
Only bigger and better.
Please, Dr.
Pasteur, let me help you with your work.
Yes, yes, that would be fine.
(DINGS) We got a green light.
Now can we get back to the Titanic? Yep.
Where's Olivia? She's out there somewhere.
What are you doing sitting out here? I didn't I didn't have the guts to face you guys.
It's a green light.
No thanks to me.
I'm really sorry, Jeffrey.
I'm okay.
Yeah, the kid's in one piece.
Next job, rescue the Mona Lisa off the Titanic: Yeah, and get your Omni and Guidebook back.
Yeah, well, let's get on with it.
The sooner we get it done, the sooner I can quit.
You can't quit.
First I louse up the Mona Lisa rescue, and then I nearly kill Jeffrey by letting that dog get past me.
It wasn't your fault.
You said it, Bogg.
Me and my stupid heroics.
I am one lousy voyager.
I didn't mean No, you were right.
I'm not worthy to carry that Omni.
When this is over, I'm going to walk into Voyager Headquarters and resign.
You win, Phineas.
You win.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
(BAND PLAYING MOURNFUL) Come on, let's find the Mona Lisa: Captain Smith.
If only I had listened.
(GUN FIRING) (PEOPLE SCREAMING) Everybody stand back! Can't allow any men on this lifeboat.
Women and children only! Save your breath, Murdoch! The Mona Lisa! HAGGERTY: I'm not in the mood for this chivalry nonsense.
Come on.
Come on! Come on, we got to help.
BOGG: Hey, Haggerty! Haggerty, stop! JEFFREY: Bogg! He's getting away! Start up there and work your way forward.
I'll try to flush him toward you.
I'd mess it up, Bogg.
I'd only slow you down.
Olivia, all you have to Just go without me.
I'll meet you and Jeff at the Louvre tomorrow.
I'm going with you.
Forget it.
You're staying here with her.
But how will you get there? Haggerty's got your Omni.
JEFFREY: Bogg! See you in Paris, kid! We can't just leave him here! The boat's going down! Jeffrey What kind of voyager are you? I just can't.
Well, I can.
Jeffrey! SEAMAN: Keep moving, please.
Just keep moving.
Right down the steps and to your right.
Follow the seaman.
Right, straight down.
No pushing.
There's plenty of room.
Ho, ho, ho! Where are you going? No, I can't! Mrs.
Brown! Isn't this boy with you? Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Oh, thank God.
Bring him down here, sailor, please.
No, I can't.
Just be glad you're not a man, son.
No! No! Let me go! (SINGING NEARER, MY GOd, TO THEE) Excuse me, ma'am.
Ismay! The dress codes of the Titanic are unimpeachable, huh? This hat isn't you at all.
Let me go! No! Come on, Jeffrey, there's nothing you can do back there, Jeffrey.
Let me go! No! Bogg's back there.
I've got to go back and help him.
Jeffrey, there is nothing you can do back there, honey.
Come on, ma'am, hurry into the boat.
Give this to the boy.
It belonged to his father.
There's room for just one more.
Just one more.
Lower away.
Bogg! No! No! Bogg! I got to get back to Bogg.
No! Bogg! (SINGING NEARER, MY GOd, TO THEE) (PANTING) Over to the left.
There's one.
There! Hand him your oar.
You can't put anyone else in this boat, it'll sink.
Ismay! Hand him your oar, or you're going to trade places.
Pull up there, Jeffrey.
Where's the device? Where is it? In my right vest pocket.
(SCREAMS) What the heck do you think you're doing? I had him right where I wanted him.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, but you had to fly in and play hero again.
Why, you ingrate.
If it weren't for me If it weren't for you, I'd have everything under control.
Oh, yeah? Yeah! Welcome back.
Now, where's the painting? Over there.
Did Haggerty have the Omni? No, it's down there.
Come on! Son, in all the excitement I almost forgot.
A woman gave me this.
Said it was your father's.
(BEEPING) Come on, Bogg.
It's down there.
Bogg, you can't do that! Bogg, you can't.
It's too hot! And the ocean's too cold.
There's another man in the water over there.
We can't put anyone else on this boat, it'll sink.
This time the coward's right.
The water is almost over the edge.
Pick him up.
But they said Pick him up.
Row over there to the right! You better be there, Bogg.
You better be there.
Jeffrey? Jeffrey! Give me your hand! Bogg, we're going under! I hope it still works.
Bogg! Hey! I mean I thought I mean, I saw the ship go down Yeah, believe me, it was close.
It was close.
Did you get the painting? We got the Mona Lisa, and she's safely in Vincenzo's basement.
That's why we're a little late.
Why didn't you put it back in the museum? Because the Mona Lisa stays in Vincenzo Perugia's basement for one more year.
At which time he tries to sell it to Italy, is apprehended And the painting's returned to the Louvre.
You got it, kid.
Boy, that Guidebook sure comes in handy.
And since Olivia's going to quit, she won't mind if we take hers.
Who is quitting? Well, you said before you were going to quit and And leave history in the hands of guys like you? What's the matter with guys like us? Nothing.
(OLIVIA MOANING) Thanks, Phineas.
See ya? Yeah.
See ya.
Some voyager.
(SIGHS) Some lady.
Come on.
JEFFREY: : If you want to learn more about the Titanic or Louis Pasteur, take a voyage down to your public library: It's all in books!