Voyagers! s01e17 Episode Script

Destiny's Choice

(WOMAN SCREAMING) Get out of there.
But we didn't do anything.
Somebody's been scaring folks around here and it could be anybody.
You think there's any chance the threats might stop the picture? If anyone can get it made, it's Wild Frank Roosevelt.
Roosevelt? Yeah, he's the top director in town.
We gotta get Roosevelt out of Hollywood, into the White House.
Get out of here.
Oh, no! Please, somebody help me.
BOGG: We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI dings) Green light, kid! We did it! (GAVEL BANGING) (PLUMMETING) What happened? I think Napoleon and Josephine needed a little time alone.
Oh, no! Please, somebody help me.
Stay here.
Are you all right? DIRECTOR: Cut! Cut! What in blazes do you think you're doing? Yeah.
What's the big idea? Jones, what kind of security is this? Sorry, sir.
I don't know how he got past the guards.
I have no patience for fools who think they can stop talking pictures by sabotaging this film.
Destiny's Choice may be the first talkie, but it won't be the last.
Hey, this is the guy that's been sending those crazy letters.
I thought you were in trouble.
MAN: Buddy, it's you who's in trouble.
I got news for you, pal.
It's gonna take more than a few threats to put us out of work.
Get him out of here.
Mister, you're getting lost and on the double.
Thanks for trying to save me, even though I didn't need saving.
It was real courageous.
JONES: Yeah, real courageous.
Come on.
Hey, what's all the excitement? So I made a mistake This kid says he belongs to him.
Bogg! Let go of the kid.
Wild Frank's seeing red.
This guy just broke onto the set and attacked the actors.
Come on.
Hey, I didn't know they were actors.
How'd you sneak onto the lot? We didn't sneak on.
Look at the way he's dressed.
He's probably another one of those extras from John Gilbert's new pirate picture.
SAM: Yeah, well, you got no business on this set.
JONES: Or on this studio.
Now, Sam, let's get them out of here before there's any more trouble.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Tell Miss Bliss that I'd like to see her.
BOGG: But I don't have any other clothes.
Really, you don't understand.
JEFFREY: Why won't you listen? All that belongs to me.
This is studio property, mister.
Come on.
The boots, too.
(BEEPING) Red light.
That, too.
That's mine.
Okay, pal, just relax.
But that belongs to me.
Sorry, but all props are studio property.
Look, you don't understand Hey, hey, hey.
You just feel lucky we're not calling the cops.
Now get your shoes on.
But we didn't do anything.
Somebody's been scaring folks around here and it could be anybody, even you.
Okay, come on, come on, let's go, let's go.
BOGG: Hey, you don't have to be so rough.
Hey, Sam, who you got there? Where have you been? The Terrible Tots just locked the director in a trunk.
Again? Those kids are gonna drive me crazy.
Are these the two that Wild Frank's been carrying on about? Yeah.
Tough guys got to cause trouble, huh? No way.
It was a mistake.
I thought the girl was in trouble.
Yeah, this guy just saved Veronica Bliss from her own acting.
What's that supposed to mean? Well, ever since the first day's rushes, the word's been out.
Veronica Bliss is finished.
But she is a great actress.
In case you haven't noticed, Sam, she talks kind of funny.
Veronica Bliss is a big talent.
Yeah, with a squeaky little voice and a lisp.
Now you please take these guys off my hands before Wild Frank has my hide.
Bogg, the Omni.
I know.
Let's get these guys out of here.
Come on, fellows.
Let's go.
Hold up a minute.
Look, that wasn't even studio property.
Well, it is now.
You gotta give it back to me.
Why won't you listen? Veronica, what's wrong? Thought I'd drop off my wardrobe and props.
I just got fired.
Who fired you? Wild Frank.
He's got no right Sam, we both knew it had to happen eventually.
I don't gotta do anything except get you out of the Hey, Sam! The kid.
Okay, okay, that's enough.
I've been trying to go easy on you.
What's going on? I'm gonna have both these troublemakers arrested.
But he's just a kid.
Yeah, we think him and his pal over here are the ones behind those threatening letters the studio's been getting.
Yeah and we're calling the cops.
Are you gonna call cops to arrest friends of mine? But Jones said he broke onto the set.
Oh, Sammy, who are you gonna believe? Yeah, I was just trying to find Miss Bliss.
Yeah, we have a date.
You're going out with this lug and a kid? Oh, come on, Sam.
Well, with all the funny stuff going on around here, a girl can't be too careful about the friends she chooses.
Now, don't be jealous.
I still love you best of all.
Brown Derby okay with you guys? Bogg, the Omni.
I still say we should call the cops.
Better get them out of the studio and quick or there'll be trouble.
Shall we? You got a date.
Keep your chin up, Veronica.
I'll be seeing you soon.
I know it's not exactly the Brown Derby, but you're not exactly in the movies, are you? Not exactly.
This chili is great.
Would you like some, Phineas? Would he? Bogg's a big expert on chili.
Oh, a connoisseur? Well, I have developed a certain familiarity with the cuisine.
It is good.
You're just saying that.
No, I'm not.
This is better than the chili Sam Houston whipped up at the Alamo.
Never seemed to put enough chili peppers in it.
It's been my professional experience that you gotta be very careful with peppers.
Were you a cook? No.
Mostly a waitress who picked up a few recipes along the way.
That's how I earned my living before I started acting.
Sorry this place is such a mess.
Did you just move in? I was just moving out of this cubbyhole.
I think this is a real nice place.
Not as nice as the pink stucco Spanish hacienda I was gonna buy.
Were you going to Mexico? No, right on Sunset Boulevard.
It has two bedrooms, a bath and a shower and, are you ready? A swimming pool.
JEFFREY: Sounds like a really nice place.
Yeah, it is.
I loved it from the first minute I laid eyes on it.
I just knew one day I was gonna live there.
But all that's changed now that I lost my job.
Well, I'll bet you'll have another one in no time.
Not as an actress.
Not with the way I talk.
I'm really gonna miss it.
I've never been this close to a movie star before.
In this town, tomorrow you might be the movie star.
I heard one of the Terrible Tots started growing a beard and they're looking for some new kid to replace him.
Don't laugh.
It can happen just that fast.
Look at me.
Today a star, tomorrow a waitress.
How long have you been an actress? I did two silents with Wild Frank.
Then he asked me to be in destiny's Choice.
I couldn't say no to the first talking picture.
Guess you should have said no, huh? Everybody hoped the vocal coaches would help.
I think it's lousy he fired you.
Wild Frank knew I wasn't right for the part, but the studio bosses insisted on their newest silent star.
So they made him use me.
I know it broke his heart to replace me.
After all, he's the one who discovered me.
How? I was waiting tables in the studio commissary.
Sam Winthrop, he's the guard who threw you off the lot.
I remember.
Well, he dragged Wild Frank down to the commissary to see me and that's how I got into the movies.
Sam has a good eye for talent.
But, unfortunately, not a good ear.
Darn, why can't I sound like Garbo? Well, I don't think there's anything wrong with the way you sound.
Honest, I don't.
You don't have to worry about hurting my feelings.
Well, I think it's a lot more important what you say than what you sound like when you say it.
In silents, an actress didn't need a voice, just her eyes.
Well, you do have talented eyes.
Doesn't count, not once destiny's Choice is a hit.
If they ever manage to finish it.
Why did everybody panic about us being on the set today? The studio's been receiving some threatening letters.
But who'd go through all that trouble just for a movie? A lot of people have a lot to lose.
All the writers who made up the title cards between the scenes and all the musicians who played mood music behind the camera so the performers could cry or laugh on cue and all actors like me.
And they figure that if destiny's Choice has enough bad luck, they might just toss the whole idea.
That's right.
Sounds dumb to me.
Sometimes when you're frustrated and angry and there's no way to change the situation, then people get desperate and they do dumb things.
You think there's any chance the threats might stop the picture? Well, getting this talkie made has been a real uphill battle, what with all the threats.
But if anyone can get it made, it's Wild Frank Roosevelt.
Roosevelt? Yeah, Wild Frank Roosevelt.
He's the top director in town.
There was a president with that name.
That was his cousin Teddy.
Wild Frank's got the right stuff to be president, though.
He might have stayed in politics if it wasn't for his legs.
(COUGHING) Too many peppers? Can I have some water, please? Oh, sure.
You okay? Bogg, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had polio.
But in 1928, he was governor of New York.
We gotta get Roosevelt out of Hollywood, into the White House.
All right.
Well, we need to find out exactly when and where lightning struck so we can go back and make sure he never comes to Hollywood.
But how are we gonna do that without the Omni? I'm gonna get it while you stay here and find out how FDR got off track.
How are you gonna get past those guards? They said they'd call the cops.
As Wild Frank would say, "We've nothing to fear but fear itself.
" Here you are.
Where's Phineas? He went outside to get some air.
I knew it, too many peppers.
Get out of here.
MAN: We got him.
We got him right here.
You again! It is you who's been making those threats.
It's him all right.
First he makes trouble at the set and now this.
This is it, pal.
Now we're calling in the cops.
(SIRENS WAILING) Poor Phineas, what a night you've had.
Rumor is you emptied the last of your savings to post my bail.
Couldn't just let you stay locked up in there.
It wasn't me that set those explosions.
I know.
You know? The fire bomb, the letters, it's been him all along.
It hasn't been easy holding it in.
But he's been so good to me.
Sam? I should have told somebody before it got this far.
"Destiny's Choice must never be released.
"I swear I will do anything to stop this picture from being made.
"I don't wanna hurt anybody" Why didn't you tell the police? I couldn't.
Not after all he's done for me.
I wouldn't even be in movies if it wasn't for him.
I owe Sam everything.
Unless we do something, sooner or later, someone's gonna get hurt.
Until last night, it was just the letters.
I found him writing these, took them and threatened to tell it was him trying to sabotage destiny's Choice.
It didn't stop him.
I feel awful 'cause I know he's doing all this for me.
But you were in the movie.
Why would he want to shut it down? Sam knew, as sure as silents had made me, talkies would break me.
He's such a gentle soul.
I never thought he'd follow through on the threats.
But yesterday when I told him Roosevelt had fired me, I saw a look in his eyes and for the first time, even I was afraid of him.
You don't think he will go after Roosevelt now? Phineas, I just don't know anymore.
I only know at that moment he looked as if he could kill.
Then we gotta make sure he doesn't get the chance.
When does Roosevelt get to the set? About 6:30.
It's after 6:00 now.
I'll wake Jeff.
We gotta make sure we get to Roosevelt before Sam does.
Hey, Sam, lot of excitement around here last night, huh? Yeah.
Listen, I gotta go check the back lot.
You think you can hold the fort down till I get back? Sure thing.
VERONICA: You guys okay back there? BOGG: Might say we got everything covered.
JEFFREY: Real funny, Bogg.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) VERONICA: We're coming up to the gate now.
BOGG: Is Sam on duty? No, I don't see him.
Good morning, Charlie.
Can I drive on? Well, Miss Bliss, we didn't expect to see you again.
I thought I'd drop by the set and say goodbye to everybody.
Sure, I understand.
I wanna give a big goodbye hug to Sam.
He around? He's on the back lot.
But he should be back soon.
I guess I'll catch him on my way out.
All clear.
Sam wasn't at the gate.
We heard.
That means we don't have a second to waste.
Still think you can sneak me onto the stage? Sure.
What about me? You're going to the prop department and see if you can find the Omni.
But I don't even know where to start looking.
How am I going to find it alone? Look, I've never been in a jam like this before.
My instincts tell me to stick close to Roosevelt.
If we find the Omni and fix everything, nothing of this will ever happen.
Yeah, but what if Sam gets to Roosevelt before we find the Omni? (PEOPLE CHATTERING) MAN: Hey, Veronica, we're real sorry you got kicked off the picture.
Thanks, guys.
There's Wild Frank, safe and sound.
Maybe we were wrong.
We can't take that chance.
Do you see Sam? No.
Somebody's gonna recognize me from yesterday.
Get in line over there.
No one ever pays any attention to an extra.
BOY 1: Yeah, we got you now.
(CHILDREN LAUGHING) Nobody's gonna tell us what to do.
BOY 2: We're the cowboys and you are the Indian.
What's going on here? Mind your own business.
You guys must be the Terrible Tots.
Want our autographs? No, thanks.
But how would you guys like to do me a big favor? ALL: No! Come on, you'll really be helping me out.
(ALL CLAMORING) How'd you guys like to get into a lot of trouble? ALL: Yeah! Come on.
Phineas, there are so many people.
Look, that's the girl that got my part.
I bet she sounds like Garbo.
BOGG: Maybe.
But she doesn't look like you.
Phineas, I don't think we could see Sam if he were here.
He could be hiding in a corner or behind a flat Here.
Phineas, what are you up to? About 20 feet, I'd say.
Why are you going up there? Nothing like a catwalk for a bird's eye view.
GIRL: I'm gonna find it.
BOY: You're too dumb.
I'm the one who will get it first.
MAN: Okay, everybody, remember.
This is a talking motion picture.
You can't gab off-camera like Let's go, we're ready to work.
'cause these mikes pick up every word.
So hold it down.
BOY: I found it.
I found it.
Hey, is this it? Yeah, that's it.
Finders keepers.
Hey, come back here.
It's mine.
Give it back to me.
Come back here.
MAN: Come on, first team on the set.
Actors, on your marks.
(MAN CHATTERING) Action! WOMAN: Oh, no! Please, somebody help me.
(WOMAN SCREAMING) (WOMAN SCREAMING) Look out! Get out of there.
Roosevelt, are you all right? I think so.
Bogg, are you hurt? No.
Nobody's hurt.
Thanks to this young man.
What kind of madman could have done such a thing? Sam Winthrop was up there.
I saw him.
Yeah, it was me you saw.
Sam, you did this? Yes, sir.
And the fire? But why, Sam? He did it for me.
I knew that talkies would ruin Miss Bliss.
I couldn't let it happen.
I don't understand.
Sam was my first friend in Hollywood.
I didn't have a dime.
He felt so sorry for me he bought me lunch day after day.
And when every door had been slammed in my face and I needed a shoulder to cry on Well, that uniform's still got tear stains on it.
He just felt sorry for me.
Losing my job, having nowhere to go I didn't do it because I felt sorry for you.
I did it because I love you.
Sam, we're friends, good friends.
I know you could never love a man like me.
You know, I've always known that.
It's okay.
I understand that.
You deserve more, better.
But as long as you worked for the studio, I'd be able to see you every day.
And every night after I get home from work, I'd go to whatever theater is playing one of your movies.
And even if you left the studio, I'd still be able to see you up there on the screen.
But, you see, they were trying to take you away from me, and even on the screen I couldn't let that happen, could I? Oh, Sam.
We'd all be better off if I'd just stayed a waitress.
Come on, we gotta try and explain all this to the big boss.
Wait, Sam.
I'm gonna go in there with you.
(CHILDREN CLAMORING) You can't have it.
My little darlings.
You are in the mood for games, my Terrible Tots.
Franz Lubin will show you games.
JEFFREY: Give me that.
Bogg! Bogg! Hey, you missed all the excitement.
No, I didn't.
Hey! You found the Omni.
With a little help from my friends.
Now all we gotta do is get to New York and make sure Roosevelt becomes president.
What year? Well, Veronica said there was a script called Old Ironsides produced in 1924.
It was by a new writer named Franklin Delano (OMNI BEEPING) BOGG: New York.
Red light.
JEFFREY: Well, we're right on target.
Now we just gotta stop Roosevelt from writing that script.
If he hasn't written it already.
Kid, how would you get a script from New York to California? I'd mail it, probably.
Yeah, that's what I was afraid of.
Oh, good morning.
Good morning, Mrs.
I did so hope you were the handyman.
The radiator upstairs near Mr.
Roosevelt's room isn't working.
That's too bad.
The nights have been real cool.
But it's a beautiful day out today.
Well, Mr.
Roosevelt ought to be out in the sun.
Bishop at the hardware store said he'd send someone over.
Oh, good.
Well, here you are.
Thank you.
Now I want you to be very careful.
Roosevelt is quite anxious about this script being delivered.
MAILMAN: So he finally finished it.
I want you to please be very careful with that.
We're too late.
I promise you this script's gonna get to Hollywood.
Roosevelt said he'd introduce me to Mary Pickford.
Oh! We'll see.
Come on.
Hiya! Hey, what's the big idea? Well, that envelope that Mrs.
Roosevelt gave you Yeah, we'll take it to down to the post office for you.
It's my job to deliver it.
Thanks just the same.
We're heading into town anyway Get your hands off there.
Don't you know interfering with the US Mail is a federal offense? Who's interfering? What's the matter with you guys? I could have you arrested for that.
Bogg, if that script gets to Hollywood I know, I know.
Wild Frank Roosevelt rides again.
You tail the mailman and make sure that script doesn't make it to the post office.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna convince Roosevelt that politics and not movies are his cup of tea.
How do you think you're gonna get inside? I'm gonna fix his radiator.
Go on.
Yes? Good morning.
Name's Phineas Bogg.
Bishop sent me.
You got a radiator on the blink? We certainly do.
Come in, please.
Mama, this is Mr.
He's come to fix the radiator near Franklin's room.
Oh, splendid.
My son needs to be kept warm at all times.
It's a beautiful warm day.
Perhaps we could take Franklin outside for lunch.
I won't hear of it.
A breeze might blow up.
It's as still as can be.
He can catch a chill.
Yes, Mama.
This way, Mr.
Eleanor, may I see the letters? Oh, they're for Franklin.
Why bother him with it? I can handle it.
These letters are addressed to Franklin and they will be delivered to Franklin.
Did the script get off? Oh, yes, Franklin.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize we had a visitor.
Franklin, this is Mr.
Good day, Mr.
He's come to fix the radiator.
Oh! I should have realized he would need some utilitarian purpose to get past Mama.
I am beginning to feel like the prisoner of Zenda.
Franklin, this is your home.
If you feel like a prisoner, I suggest you complain to your jailer and not to me.
Dear Mama.
Is that the mail? The radiator is in the hall.
This one's from Louis Howe.
I do so miss him and all of our other friends.
Eleanor, he says Al Smith wants me to nominate him for president at the convention.
ELEANOR: That's wonderful.
I guess this means I'm still a member of the human race.
Oh, Franklin, the world hasn't forgotten you.
Should I say yes to old Al? Well, yes.
I think it's a perfect chance to get back into politics.
This is almost too good to be true.
What is the excitement about? Franklin's just had the most wonderful news.
Mama, Al Smith wants me to nominate him at the convention.
Isn't that grand? You'll send your regrets, of course.
Why, no.
Eleanor thinks it's a splendid idea.
Yes, I do.
MAMA: Al Smith hasn't seen Franklin like this.
He knows about my legs.
Mama, he's going to give a speech, not do a dance.
That's very good, Eleanor.
I don't know much about politics and I don't care to.
But how great an advantage will it be for Mr.
Smith to be nominated by a man in a wheelchair? Stop torturing yourself, Franklin, and face the truth.
Your days in politics are behind you now.
Franklin, you must go to the convention.
No, Mama is right.
I'm no good to Al Smith like this.
Politics can't be conducted from a wheelchair.
Your mother is wrong.
And you are wrong.
Eleanor, we both must start to accept the limitations of my illness.
The only limitations I see are the ones you are putting on yourself.
Eleanor, please.
I'll bring your lunch up later, Franklin.
All finished, Mr.
FRANKLIN: That's just fine.
Yeah, that radiator ought to keep you real nice and toasty now.
Thank you very much, Mr.
Least I can do.
Must be tough enough to get through a day, you being an invalid and all.
I don't really think of myself as an invalid, Mr.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought you just sat up here in your bed all day.
I do.
But sometimes I sit in my wheelchair.
Well, at least you're lucky enough to have Mrs.
Roosevelt and your mother to do everything for you, huh? Mama and Eleanor do quite a lot, but they hardly do everything.
I am a writer.
I've just completed a motion picture play script.
No need to apologize to me.
I understand.
I think it's a real pity, you're so I don't need your pity, sir.
I don't need anyone's pity.
No offense.
Have a nice day.
Before you go, would you mind terribly helping me into my wheelchair? There you are.
Bogg, I need help getting into the chair.
The polio paralyze your arms, too, huh? (HUMMING) Excuse me.
Can I help you with something, young man? Yes, I just came from the Roosevelt house.
I think Mrs.
Roosevelt forgot to put postage on that envelope she gave you.
MAILMAN: Ten cents postage.
You tell Mrs.
Roosevelt this envelope's as good as in Hollywood right now.
All right? Small victory, eh, Mr.
Bogg? I don't know.
Seems like a pretty big victory to me.
It's been a long time since anyone challenged my disability.
Thank you.
You're not really here to fix the furnace, are you? No, sir, I'm not.
Did Eleanor put you up to this? No.
She Al Smith.
Al Smith and Louis Howe.
God bless them.
Mama was right.
I best stick to my writing.
I can't do Al Smith any good making a nominating speech from a wheelchair.
How about these? I've never used them.
Well, you're gonna learn.
So the delegates and the whole world can see you nominate Al Smith on your feet.
Yes, Mr.
Howe, he did receive your letter and must regretfully decline your invitation to attend the convention.
Whether or not he endorses Mr.
Smith's candidacy is beside the point.
Physically, he simply cannot withstand the rigors of what you propose.
Yes, yes, I will tell him you called.
Goodbye, Mr.
Why did you do that? Eleanor, I thought we'd settled this.
Franklin is in full accord with my feelings.
Then you should let him tell Mr.
Franklin hasn't got the strength for such things.
In his weakened condition Franklin is not weak.
As much as it wrenches my heart to say it, Franklin is a helpless invalid.
The polio has only paralyzed his legs.
You are destroying his spirit.
Eleanor, I am his mother.
I can only try to protect him.
From what? What does it matter if he stumbles, if he falls down at every turn? How could he be any worse off than he already is, trapped up there in that room? I cannot bear to see him stared at and ridiculed.
If he has the courage to take that risk, then so must we.
Mama, you tell him to make that speech.
I cannot urge him onto an escapade that can only cause him pain.
And I cannot stay here and watch you cheat him out of the life he is entitled to.
The life he is destined to have.
You're a harsh taskmaster, Mr.
I'll see if I can scare us up some lunch.
You get back to work.
Roosevelt, excuse me, your husband wanted to know if lunch was ready yet.
I'm afraid you will have to check with Franklin's mother.
She is in charge of this household now.
Wait, wait, wait.
You can't leave.
Bogg, the only thing in this home that should concern you is that radiator.
Roosevelt, I wasn't sent to fix your radiator.
I came to try and help your husband.
Well, he'll need you now because I can't help him.
He won't let me.
But you know how much he needs you.
He might be better off without me.
What do you mean by that? Well, sometimes I push Franklin to do more.
Mama thinks too much.
Seems to me that Mama protects him too much.
Well, I can't say that I'd behave any differently with my own children.
She loves him dearly.
And what about you? I love him.
His vigor, his appetite for life.
And that is why I cannot watch him use his illness as an excuse to waste his life.
Well, there is one thing that the polio did take from Mr.
He can't walk away from his problems.
BOGG: How far did you say the podium would be from where you'll be sitting? Twenty feet or more.
I'd say it's about from here halfway across the lawn.
Think you can make it? Surely.
Seeing is believing.
Franklin, you mustn't.
Roosevelt, with all due respect, if you say one more word, I'm gonna lock you in the butler's pantry.
Bogg, we stopped the script.
Come to me, Franklin.
You can do it, darling.
Yes, yes.
Just a little farther.
Franklin, I love you.
Hollywood, 1929.
Green light.
FDR's on his way to the White House and we're on our way to our next assignment.
Hey, look.
What does boffo mean? I think it means that the first talkie got made and it's a big success.
"It's Al Jolson's voice and singing talent "that show that talking pictures are here to stay.
" Green light.
It's all my fault.
I'm late for the set.
Veronica? Yeah, I'm Veronica Bliss.
Have we met? Well, sure.
Remember No.
We're just a couple of fans.
Fans? Yeah.
You're our favorite actress.
I am not an actress.
I'm a caterer.
Caterer? Yeah.
I cook for all the movie crews.
You must be working on that new pirate movie.
Here you are.
Oh, thanks.
You guys had lunch? No.
You keep that.
It's chili con queso.
My specialty.
Nice meeting you.
That was another time zone, kid.
Everything's changed.
FDR's on his way back to the White House.
Destiny's Choice never got made and The Jazz Singer is a big hit.
And Veronica found her niche, too.
Nothing stays the same, everything changes.
I know one thing that hasn't changed.
What? This chili.
It's still great.
Sam Houston, eat your heart out.
JEFFREY: If you wanna learn more about early Hollywood or President Franklin delano Roosevelt, take a voyage down to your public library.
It's all in books!