Voyagers! s01e18 Episode Script

All Fall Down

(ANNOUNCER CHATTERING) That's Joe Louis, heavyweight champ.
(MEN CHATTERING) Schmeling beat you two years ago and now he wants to beat you again.
JOE: If I go down again to that man, everybody loses.
Don't get cute or we'll all land very early a piece at a time.
(WOMAN EXCLAIMING) Hello? I need help.
Hello, can you hear me? MAN: (ON RAdlO) We'll have to bring you in.
I can't land this plane.
BOGG: We travel through time to help history along, give it a push where it's needed.
Bogg! BOGG: When the Omni's red, it means history's wrong.
Our job's to get everything back on track.
(OMNI dings) Green light, kid! We did it! (PLUMMETING) BOGG: We better swim for it, kid.
JEFFREY: Bogg, put your feet down, you can walk right out.
I knew that.
I was just testing you.
I don't care what you say.
The Omni needs a 60 zillion mile checkup.
Quit complaining.
We almost missed the lake, didn't we? Almost? Funny, I don't feel almost wet, I feel soaked.
(BEEPING) Where are we anyway? Pompton Lakes, New Jersey.
June, 1938.
I've never heard of Pompton Lakes.
Red light's blinking.
Yeah, well, unless the ducks are in trouble Well, something's wrong.
We'll find it.
Come on.
(MEN CHATTERING) Get out of the corner, Joe.
MAN 1: Come on, Joe.
MAN 2: Come on, Joe.
Get off the ropes.
Off the ropes.
Come on, Joe.
(BELL DINGING) MAN 3: Come on, come on, come on.
What is that? What am I seeing here? What am I seeing? My mama could give Billy a better workout than that.
I'll pick it up this round.
Three days, Joe, and we break camp.
You know, this has turned out to be even bigger than just a title fight.
Schmeling beat you two years ago and now he wants to beat you again.
Only this time he's out to prove something.
Colored people got it tough enough without all this Aryan supremacy the Nazis are talking about.
Am I supposed to give him a fight or run for office? Give me the bell.
I see.
Brown Bomber.
You know who that is? Are you kidding? That's Joe Louis, heavyweight champ.
Maybe the best there ever was.
Hey, I thought you said you were at the bottom of your class.
And light heavyweight champ of my boxing team.
This is my kind of history, kid.
You never told me.
Even I can be modest.
Guess I never noticed.
Next time.
I think we found the place, let's find the problem.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
JEFFREY: Why isn't he fighting back? BOGG: I think he's trying.
Well, he's not trying very hard.
The other guy is all over him.
You noticed that too, huh? Come on, Joe, come on.
Get your hands up.
Come on, Joe.
Come on, Joe.
MAN 1: Oh, come on.
Come on! MAN 2: Joe, what's the matter with you? Let's go.
Joe, what do you think you're doing? MAN 3: Joe, you just can't walk away.
MAN 4: Where you going, champ? You're not finished yet.
Joe, you all right? Stay here.
Joe, now, look, don't do this.
Brown Bomber? It's more like the Brown Bummer.
I have more than a hunch that's why we're here.
Hey! This is a closed camp.
You guys get out of here.
Yeah, we were just lost.
Maybe you could You mean you better get lost.
I mean, like yesterday.
No kidding, fellows.
We're just lost.
What do you think? I think maybe another time we'll get acquainted, huh? JACK: If you can't handle Billy, what do you think Max Schmeling is going to do to you? JOE: I know what Schmeling can do.
So you lost to Schmeling, so what? He beat me good.
Joe, no one goes undefeated.
Not Dempsey.
Not Tunney.
Not Baer.
And not you.
What's the matter with you? Nothing.
No, no, no, come on, buddy, lay it out for me.
Now, this is more than just a case of you losing your nerve.
I know you too well for that.
What is it? Leave it alone, Jack.
No, sir.
You know, ever since you gave that interview two weeks ago, you've been acting funny.
Neglecting your training, letting yourself go soft.
And that's it, isn't it? That interview! I said leave it! No, sir, I'm going to push it, Joe! And don't you walk out of here until you've satisfied me, brother! You really want to know, man? You want the truth? I'll give you the truth.
That man, that reporter, he was sharp.
He knew, he let me know.
If I lose that fight, everybody in the whole country's gonna believe the black man isn't good enough.
My whole people, your people, Jack.
How'd you like that load laid on you, man? But if I duck it, they can call me chicken not you, not Billy, not Seth.
Just me, get it? Just Joe Louis.
He's supposed to beat Schmeling, isn't he? Yeah.
And the whole world is waiting for this rematch.
What are we gonna do? I got a great idea.
Come on.
That's a great idea? Bogg, who in their right mind would want to be a punching bag for Joe Louis? Bogg.
I was real good.
I know how to protect myself.
Against Joe Louis? Listen, he's gotta face somebody tough.
Or at least somebody he thinks is tough.
That's why we're here.
Well, you saw him.
The mood he's in right now, he's gonna lose that fight.
You got a better idea? I don't mean any disrespect, Bogg.
I mean, I'm sure you were good and everything.
But how are you gonna make them let you get in the ring with him? I'm going to let you talk them into it.
Come on.
Say, anybody seen Joe? Some road work, I think.
We should be so lucky.
Seth, what's going on? Now don't you guys come down on me.
I can tell him how to train and when to train, but I can't make him train.
What? Who are you? I'm Jeff, Jeffrey Jones from New York City.
Well, what do you want, Jeffrey Jones from New York City? And how in the blazes did you get in here? I wanted to see the champ spar.
Well, we're through for the day.
Besides, this is a closed camp.
I saw the session or whatever you call it.
Yeah, well, that didn't mean anything.
Champ's just having an off day, that's all.
Then I guess you won't need Bogg.
Bogg, who's Bogg? Bogg, come here.
Kommen Sie.
(IN GERMAN ACCENT) Herr Bogg, at your service.
Bogg's one of Max Schmeling's sparring partners.
Or at least he was, until they fired him.
Yeah? How come? They wanted Schmeling working with guys who could fight like Louis.
Bogg here, all he knows how to do is fight like Schmeling.
And what are you, his manager? No, Bogg's my uncle from the old country.
Yeah, so? Don't you see? Bogg would be a great sparring partner for Louis.
Really get him ready for the fight.
Schmeling no good.
Bogg show Louis how to beat Schmeling.
See, Bogg's got a really big grudge.
He'll make Joe look good.
What are you trying to say, kid? I just thought it would be a good confidence builder for Joe, if he beat a German guy, a white German guy.
And my uncle, he's not real good.
Oh, yeah? Hey, Fred, Seth.
Those two again.
Sorry, Jack.
I'll get rid of them.
No, forget it.
I want you to go and find Joe.
Right away.
I don't know, Bogg, he looks awfully solid.
Well, what am I, chopped liver? I just don't want you to get hurt.
We're just sparring, kid.
I know how to move, duck.
If I go down, don't worry.
I just want him to know he could get to me.
Hey, what's the big idea? I just want you to try this guy.
He knows Schmeling's style, sparred with him.
Hey, I don't need to do this.
Oh, yes, you do.
We both know that.
This guy's a bum.
Now go on out there and do some work, huh? JACK: Ready? Give me the bell.
(BELL DINGING) Got get him.
MAN 1: All right, let's go.
Let's go.
All right.
(ALL EXCLAIMING) Look at this.
MAN 2: All right, that's it.
(ALL CHATTERING) Yeah, yeah, all right, come on.
All right, all right, move in.
MAN 3: Come on, Joe.
MAN 1: Come on, now.
Come on, keep your guard up.
Oh, yeah.
Your guard, come on.
Yeah, yeah.
Watch yourself.
Don't let him hurt you.
MAN 1: Easy, easy.
All right.
MAN 2: That's it.
You got him going now.
JEFFREY: Give him the old one, two.
The old ein, zwei.
MAN 3: Come on, Joe, defense.
MAN 1: There you go, jab him, jab him.
(ALL EXCLAIMING) Joe, you hurt? Joe, are you all right, Joe? Come on, let's get him to the corner.
Oh, no, I've really done it.
Get the stool.
Get the stool.
Where's the stool? That's making him look good? You'll never see a luckier punch.
I couldn't do that again if my life depended on it.
Stay tuned.
It may.
I guess you made your point, Jack.
Oh, Joe, you looked great.
The best in a long time.
That punch was just a fluke.
Who're you kidding? Schmeling's gonna even be worse.
Tell the promoters I've been hurt.
Tell them anything.
I'm not going to fight.
Now, that's crazy.
This is the fight of the century, Joe.
You heard me.
It's off! And they will suspend you.
Maybe even take away the title! I don't care what they do.
The so-called fight of the century is not going to happen.
Well, all right.
So it didn't exactly work out how I planned it.
We'll just have to think of something else.
It's gonna be a little harder than I thought.
Bogg! What? Hey, guys, we were just leaving.
Don't be in such a hurry.
We were pretty impressed.
Come on, it was a punch in a million.
I bet I could learn a lot from you, Herr Bogg.
Why don't we go a few rounds? No way he could ever do that again.
It was most unfortunate what happened.
Unfortunate? Nobody, but nobody sucker punches our man.
In the ring, tough guy.
Bogg, I don't think he really just wants to spar with you.
Well, at least he's willing to put the gloves on.
Look I'm not interested in a knuckle sandwich.
I've got the Omni.
Let's just get out of here.
Hang on to it.
I don't look for fights, but I don't run from them either.
Hey, where's the mouth piece? Anyone that can knock down Joe Louis doesn't need one.
Come on, man, get the other glove on.
He's gonna cream you.
Just lace it up.
I'm sorry, pal.
MAN ON RAdlO: Roger.
US Columbia 14 cleared for flight level two eight thousand.
Maintain heading and air speed.
Thank you, Tango control.
This is US Columbia 14.
Come on, Brooks, earn some money.
All right.
I got it.
It's your airplane.
It's big ditch time.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your copilot again.
In just a few moments you'll be able to see the Grand Canyon out the port, make that the left side of the airplane.
There'll be no extra charge for this, except in coach.
Are you sure I can't get you a soft drink, Mr.
Stewart? (PLUMMETING) What? No, no, no.
Well, how about some coffee? Hey, look.
Right in the air.
We never did this before.
Why'd you go and Omni us out for? It was psyching him out.
Look, I don't like the sight of blood, okay? Especially yours.
(BEEPING) February, 1970.
Somewhere over Nevada.
Red light.
I guess somebody important is on this plane.
I don't know.
Hurry up and get these off.
May I help you, sir? No, thanks.
Guess you're wondering why I got these on, huh? Well, I sell them.
And the kid here wanted to see how it's done in the big league.
Where are you sitting, sir? Sitting? What do you mean? In the back.
Way back.
May I see your tickets, please? You got the tickets? I thought you had the tickets.
Thought he had the tickets.
Wait here, please.
I think we're in trouble.
At least they can't throw us off.
PATTY: Mike, we've got a couple of stowaways here.
I think you better come on out.
Got a couple of freebies.
Freebies? Yeah.
US Colombia Airways.
The stowaway's favorite.
Try and sell them first class.
Good afternoon, folks.
I'm Copilot Dorfman.
Am I correct in assuming that you do not have tickets for this flight? Well, yeah.
As a matter of airline policy, I can give you the opportunity to purchase tickets at this time, or Excuse me.
Would you kindly wait until I'm through? This won't wait, flyboy.
You want to guess what's in the case? Mike? Stay right where you are, lady.
Do you hear me? All of you just stay right where you are.
Nobody is gonna get hurt if you pay attention and do exactly what I say.
Let's not alarm the whole plane.
Anyway you want it.
Just don't get cute or we'll all land very early a piece at a time.
Now, the pilot here and I are going on the radio and open up the bidding.
What? Could I please go to my seat? You see, my wife's down there and I told her I'd be right back.
Don't move.
Don't anyone get too near me either if my thumb slips.
STEWART: And I want any executive jet with a 2,000 mile range.
Two parachutes, no games.
And finally, the suitcase.
MAN: A million dollars is an awful lot.
We need more time.
The banks are open, friend.
Now, hold on.
The pilot wants to talk to you.
This is Brooks.
We've made a course correction for Salt Lake City, maintaining flight level two eight thousand.
The automatic pilot is engaged.
We are being removed from the cockpit.
Clear the air corridor all the way in.
We have radar contact.
All traffic being advised.
When will you call Salt Lake? Over.
Don't call us.
We'll call you.
PATTY: Under these difficult conditions.
But you must remain calm.
We are doing everything possible to ensure a prompt and safe landing.
Because of the nature of the threat, the captain has asked that you remain in your seats at all times.
We will keep you advised when we have any further information.
We're over the Rockies, headed for Salt Lake.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Captain, now, I suggest you keep the lid on out here.
I know the rap on air piracy so I'm not taking any chances.
Now I'm going back into the flight deck, just so nobody gets any funny ideas.
Just in case, maybe I ought to bring you along just to keep me company.
Wait, no.
Oh, yeah.
Get in there, kid.
Hold on a second.
Take me in there with you.
I won't be any trouble.
That's a promise.
Oh, I know that.
Come on, kid, move.
Leave him alone.
I'll go with you.
Come on.
Don't even think about it, kid.
I wasn't.
I'll bet.
(SIGHS) All right.
In case you're still wondering, let me just put all the doubts right out of your head.
That doesn't look like dynamite to me.
That's right.
It's not.
But there's enough shaped plastique in that case to blow the plane right in half.
What are you doing now? What, are you taking a professional interest? Just curious.
Before this case gets to be too popular, we'll just add a little surprise in case I misplace it.
What's in those canisters? Don't get in an uproar.
It's not deadly.
It's just a knockout gas.
What are you gonna do if you let it go, hold your breath? No, wise guy.
You know, the flight crew, they've got their own oxygen.
Now, if I had to I could get in here with one flyboy.
That's all I'd need.
What about the Oh, the magic masks.
I already unplugged them so they're not working.
MAN: (ON RAdlO) US Columbia 14, Salt Lake Center.
US Columbia 14, this is Salt Lake.
Do you read? Over.
This is Stewart.
You can cut the old Roger Wilco business.
Do you have the money and the plane and everything I asked for? Everything is as you requested.
Are the crew and passengers all right? Well, if you just keep doing your job, buster, you'll be able to see for yourself.
US Columbia 14, you are 200 miles out and need course correction for approach.
All right, that means that you want a pilot, right? Affirmative, US Columbia.
We have new coordinates for All right, just hang on.
All right, move.
Hey, you okay? Yeah.
He's got the briefcase Just shut up, kid! All right, now, we're getting close.
Captain, you're gonna land this bird alone.
That's not possible Forget it, forget the rules.
We both know you can handle it.
It'll be okay.
All right, now, once we reach the ground everyone just remain in your seat.
No exceptions.
Captain, let's go.
No matter what he does keep all the passengers calm.
Bogg! No, no! The case is booby trapped.
(ALL COUGHING) Don't breathe! Bogg! Can anyone hear me? MAN 1: US Columbia 14.
Salt Lake Center.
Please answer.
Do you read? You're getting pretty close now.
US Columbia 14, come in, please.
US Columbia 14.
Salt Lake Center.
Please answer.
Do you read? Do you read? US Columbia 14, come in.
This is Salt Lake Center calling US Columbia 14, please answer.
(GASPING) Hello? Hello? Somebody? I need help.
Hello, can you hear me? US Columbia 14, this is Salt Lake Center.
We hear you.
Who is this speaking? I'm all alone.
Nobody's awake.
I don't know what to do.
Slow down.
Who is this speaking? Jeffrey, Jeffrey Jones.
Jones, did you ever fly an airplane? Fly a plane? Mister, I'm just a kid.
Now easy, son.
All traffic around you has been cleared, so you're not going to hit anybody.
Now, just relax and tell me what's going on up there.
How long since the gas was released? Not more than 10 minutes ago.
Okay, you're doing fine, Jeffrey.
You're gonna make a great reporter someday.
Someday is right.
Now listen, you've got a lot to do.
We don't know anything about that gas or how long until somebody wakes up.
What we do know is that your plane has to come down now.
We'll have to bring you in.
What? Me? I can't land this plane.
Well, now, that little airplane you're in can almost land itself.
You might need to give it just a little help, that's all.
MAN 2: Hey, Jonesy! You still awake up there? JEFFREY: Yeah, who's this? Why, this here is the best dang pilot that money can buy.
You and me are gonna have a whale of a time while you solo this baby.
JEFFREY: Solo? You're gonna bring it right on home.
How are you in a go-cart? No sweat.
Neither is this.
Your captain set you just right for Salt Lake and you are right on course.
MAN 2: It's about time for you to do your first trick.
Are you ready? I guess.
Sure you are.
Now, Jeffrey, straight in front of you, just about level with your chin, slightly on the right, there's a dial that reads 116.
8 I think I see it.
Okay, now, when I tell you, I want you to turn that knob so it reads 110.
That's right.
Now, take hold of it.
I've got it.
Ready, set, turn it.
Good, good boy.
Now, right up over that dial, over the windshield, it's marked landing, there are four switches.
Do you see them? JEFFREY: Yeah.
You take hold of those and ease them all up at the same time.
Now? You bet.
All right.
Well, now, aren't you something? Do you know what you just did? Uh-uh.
You just got yourself all ready to land that baby.
You activated the automatic landing system.
JEFFREY: I did? I can see you on the radar screen.
You're doing great.
Now, son, down by your right knee there's a dial that shows your air speed.
Does it have a knob on it? That's the baby.
Take hold and turn it to 140.
MAN ON PA: All emergency vehicles to runway 26 left.
Emergency landing in progress.
All emergency vehicles to runway 26 left.
Emergency landing in progress.
(SIRENS WAILING) MAN 2: Okay, partner, this is where the home cooking is.
Come on in.
MAN ON PA: All emergency vehicles to runway 26 left.
Emergency landing in progress.
All emergency vehicles to runway 26 left.
Hey, we're almost there.
Don't start getting fidgety on me.
JEFFREY: I'm trying not to.
I'll bet you got that seat all the way up like I told you.
Yes, sir.
MAN 2: You can reach the brakes now, can't you? You mean I have to stop the plane? Piece of cake, Jeffrey.
Piece of cake.
Now, on the floor, by your feet, two pedals, just like in a car? Yeah.
Well, you get those old toes ready, 'cause just as soon as that bird kisses the ground you're gonna push on those at the same time.
Ready now? Yeah.
MAN 2: Now, push! (TIRES SCREECHING) (SIREN WAILING) Harder, Jeffrey.
Harder! I'm trying! I'm trying! Stand on them, boy! Well? MAN 2: Well, what? We're down.
I did it.
I can't believe it.
Oh, you barnstormers are all alike.
Always trying to make the easy things look tough.
Welcome home, partner.
Jeffrey, when you want to be a pilot, come see me.
Thanks a lot.
You bet.
Thank you, partner.
All right.
See you around, Cap.
Bogg, you should have seen it.
It was incredible.
I don't usually sleep on the job.
I'm real proud of you.
Hey, I wonder how we really changed history on this flight.
Are you kidding? All those lives.
You don't have to be big and important, you know.
Every life's a part of history.
(OMNI DINGS) Who knows? Somebody famous might have been aboard.
What? Never mind.
You wouldn't believe me anyway.
(PLUMMETING) Well, at least we missed the lake this time.
The Omni never makes the same mistake twice.
(MAN CHATTERING ON SCREEN) Louis goes to his knees, hangs on the ropes.
Can it be over? He's defenseless.
Now, close to the end, Louis can't get up.
Joe Louis has been knocked down.
He has lost Joe Louis has suffered Mr.
Okay, you've seen the show so beat it.
That was Schmeling, huh? Yeah.
The one still standing.
Joe, listen, I'm not really a fighter, at least not in your league.
Hey, what happened to your accent? Well, I'm not really German either.
Who sent you here? Nobody exactly.
But we're here to help.
I don't need any help.
Especially yours.
But you've got to beat Schmeling.
I'm not even fighting Schmeling.
Or anybody else.
I'm retired.
I'm going home tomorrow.
So get out.
I want to pack.
What are you waiting on? You want me to call the boys? Come on, give us a break, Joe.
We know what you're thinking.
I'm not thinking of nothing.
Look, everybody gets scared.
Just think how scared Schmeling must be knowing that you're better than he is.
Schmeling isn't scared of me.
The master race isn't scared of anybody.
That's garbage and you know it.
Do I? Don't you think I know what people are saying? What the Nazis are doing? Mister, we're not talking about just another fight.
That's why you can't back down.
You've got to show them.
A black man can't lose.
Not in these times.
You're wrong, Joe.
A black man can win or lose.
You think your people are gonna feel any better because you won't face him? I can take that rap.
Well, what's the difference between getting beat and looking like you're afraid to get beat? What's the difference? Man, there's a big difference.
If I go down again to that man, everybody loses.
Not just black people but everybody who doesn't have blond hair or blue eyes.
I bet Jesse Owens didn't think like that.
Two years ago at the Olympics, he stuck it right in Hitler's eye.
Now, you've got the chance to stick it in his other eye.
That's if I win.
Well, if you don't try, we'll never know, will we? Aren't you boys listening to me? There's just too much to lose here.
Even if you do lose, you'll still be proving something.
Yeah, that they're right.
That the son of a sharecropper from Alabama tried to be the best in the world at what he does.
Joe? I got to think.
I gotta go for a walk.
I got to think.
You seen him? No, I haven't seen him.
Bogg, wake up! Where's Joe? I fell asleep.
Me, too.
How long can his walk take? I don't know.
We gave him a lot to think about.
Come on.
Just the guys we want to see.
That's far enough.
Look, we don't want any trouble, all right? Oh, it's not gonna be any trouble.
Not for me anyway.
Hey, isn't Joe with you guys? What's going on here? I thought you were German.
JOE: He's not German.
I don't know what he is, but he and the kid Well, they help remind me of a couple of things.
And you know everybody doesn't dream about being a boxer but they all dream about being something.
And I don't want them to ever back off like I was thinking about doing.
You mean you're gonna fight Schmeling? (ALL CHEERING) Say, look at you, you haven't been working hard.
(BEEPING) It's still red.
What? It can't be.
You know, that fight's coming up pretty quick? You're flabby, champ.
I know I'm out of shape, but I gotta try.
Try, heck.
You're soft, man.
There's still time, Joe.
Haven't any of you guys heard of Rocky Balboa? BOGG: Who's Rocky Balboa? MAN 1: Never heard of him.
MAN 2: The explorer? MAN 3: Rocky who? It doesn't matter.
I know just what to do.
Come on.
Kid, if Joe eats that side of beef you'll be able to beat him.
What is this? (BELL DINGING) JACK: Go ahead, pop him, pop him.
Jab! Get him! Come on, Joe, you can pull him.
JEFFREY: All right, get him, champ.
Don't let him hurt you.
Get that body.
Back, Joe.
JEFFREY: Yeah, all right, champ.
BOGG: Come on, Joe, you pull him.
Yeah, all right.
Keep your guard up, Joe.
Keep the guard up, come on.
All right, you're looking good.
You can do it! Come on, Joe! Get him, yeah.
Come on, Joe, look at that man move.
You're looking great, champ.
Come on, champ! (ALL CHEERING) JEFFREY: Now that's the Brown Bomber.
Champ, champ, you're ready, man.
You are ready.
Now, Louis moves in one more time on Schmeling, and he staggers him with a right upper cut to the head.
Snaps his head back.
Topples him now.
And Schmeling is holding onto the ropes.
We're only in the first round, but it is Louis who is taking control of this fight.
The rematch has Louis pounding Schmeling.
Schmeling staggering away now.
Louis moves in with the left hand He's all over him.
But how can he keep that up for 15 rounds? Just watch.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) I wonder what those guys just said.
ANNOUNCER: Continues the way it's going right now.
Because it is Joe Louis with a left to the mid section and a right to the head.
Another right to the head.
And Schmeling now One! The two fighters get back in there (CROWD CHEERING) Schmeling is down.
He rolled out on the canvas.
Yeah! Joe Louis has sent Schmeling down.
He staggered.
He's dazed.
He's not quite sure where he is.
It is Louis moving in for the kill.
Louis with a right to left.
Louis with another left hand.
Louis with a right hand, and Schmeling goes down.
Joe Louis trying to gain revenge.
The corner man now getting up.
He throws the towel in the ring.
He throws the towel away.
The referee trying to get back.
It's all over.
It's over.
Joe Louis has successfully retained his heavyweight title to the world with a time of two minutes and four seconds in the first round.
Joe Louis with his gloves held high.
Max Schmeling helped into his corner.
Joe Louis has won the rematch with Max Schmeling.
It is all over.
JEFFREY: If you wanna learn more about Joe Louis and the sport of boxing, or modern aviation, take a voyage down to your public library.
It's all in books!