Wabbit - A Looney Tunes Production (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

St. Bugs and the Dragon/Leaf It Alone

1 Going down the rabbit hole Where we're going no one knows Obstacles 'round every bend Let's see where the tunnel ends Squeaks! Huh? Would you mind cracking those someplace else? I'm trying to read.
Just what I need.
More noise.
I am Sir Littlechin, dragon slayer! I'm here to slay a dragon.
No dragons here, doc.
Just a rabbit and a very noisy squirrel.
Oh, drat! I haven't slain a dragon in weeks, and the other knights are beginning to talk.
What do you wanna slay a dragon for? Because they are dangerous, they have sharp teeth, and breathe fire! Now, if you'll excuse me.
Sheesh, what a dark and stormy knight.
Squeaks! The cracking.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hand over the carrot before somebody gets hurt.
Yes, Squeaks.
I know it's a dragon, but it's a baby dragon.
Aw, look at how cute he is.
He ain't ferocious.
He's probably just a bit hungry, that's all.
Here, little guy, have a cookie.
You see.
Just hungry.
He's back! If he finds our little friend, he'll slay him for sure.
Quick! In here.
Well The dragon is here! What? How did you know he I mean, whatever are you talking about? I found this.
It's a dragon's nest.
And where there's a dragon's nest, there's a dragon nearby.
Out of my way.
Eh, it's not in here, that's for sure.
I say, what is the meaning of this? Eh I had beans for breakfast.
Hmm! Distasteful.
I'm going to check upstairs.
Phew! Well, that was a close one, right, little guy? What? Huh? Ahh! Quick, Squeaks.
Grab him.
Squeaks, quit fooling around.
No dragon in here, better check outside.
Oh, we gotta get you out of here before Sir Horns-a-lot finds you.
Now, stay down.
Ah, the dragon.
Quick! - Before he gets away.
He went into that cave.
Prepare to be slain, dragon! That was not a dragon.
That was a bobcat.
Many, many bobcat.
Me go night-night soon.
This couch seems to be moving.
Uh, it's a massage couch? Sounds like it might be broken.
Let me guess, beans for breakfast? Ooh, you need something for those bumps and bruises, doc.
I can't see a blasted thing! Come on, let's go.
Oh, no.
Now, where's my Hello! My sword.
Okay, here's the plan.
This feels like a dragon.
Dragon! Huh? Well, clearly, the dragon is not here.
Back to the hunt, I suppose.
Good-bye, rabbit.
Good-bye, squirrel.
Good-bye, dragon.
Giddy-up, horsey! Yee-ha-ha! Yeah! Now just stay as still as possible.
A dragon saved my life! From this day forth, I will be a dragon saver, and I shall make sure no one ever harms a dragon again.
Dragon, would you do the honors? My apologies.
I, too, had beans for breakfast.
This is taking forever.
Sure wish I had an extra pair of hands.
I said I wish I had an extra pair of hands here.
Hey! Phew! You gotta be kidding.
Trouble, neighbor? Oh, hey.
No, no.
No trouble, just a little yard work.
So that's what you are calling it.
How prehistoric.
You realize how far we've come since the Stone Age, hmm? It works for me.
Does it? - Hey! - Oh, great.
No wonder your yard's such an eyesore.
Put your eyes on this! My Leafocalypse.
It has 18 manatee power and three kinds of Wi-Fi.
Eighteen sea cows, huh? Let me show you the future of lawn maintenance.
Turn it off! What? Squeaks! Phew! I know, buddy.
I know.
Pretty good, all right.
Except, uh, I think you missed one, doc.
Huh? Good-bye.
Huh? Quite the clean yard, hmm? Certainly clean of coyotes.
But the leaf's still here.
Such a complex predator.
Such a worthy opponent.
What's your weakness? Everybody's got a weakness.
Of course.
You messed with the wrong suburban home owner, buddy.
- Hey, doc? - I know, I know.
Let's get toasty.
No! Stay away from me! Perfection.
That'll do, Squeaks.
That'll do.
Now that's how it's done.
- What the? - Hmm? - Bigfoot? - Yup? You climbed into my bed because you're scared? -Yep.
And you're not gonna leave me alone all day? -Uh-huh.
I'll get the kettle on.
You hungry? -Not right now, maybe when I'm older.
I'll just put these away, then.
Okay, I'm older now.
- Breakfast is up.
- Huh? No, buddy, on the table.
Huh? Hmm.
Ooh, what's that? What? This? This is salt.
No, no, no, Bigfoot, you shake it.
Hmm? -Wait, you don't know what salt is? Mm-mmm.
-Wow, you have so much to learn.
Well, then teach me.
Okay, Bigfoot, now this is how you grab a fork.
Droopy-face man, what did you do with lady? Lady! You're back.
You just missed the droopy-face man.
He was just here.
It's time to teach you about hygiene.
Now, dental health is the first step in personal hygiene.
And the first thing you need is a toothbrush.
Then you grab a tube of toothpaste, and put a pea-sized amount on your brush.
You wanna make sure you get your top and your bottom.
Huh? Bigfoot, give me that.
Okay, now you got to rinse your mouth.
Nice work, now we both need a shower.
Showers are private, you'll get your turn.
She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes She'll be coming round the mountain When she's coming around the mountain She'll be grabbing all the oranges Is that my toothbrush? What's this? These are my clothes.
This is where I get dressed.
But you don't wear clothes.
Touche, Bigfoot, touche.
But sometimes I wear a tie.
Ooh, can I try? Sure, okay.
So the rabbit goes around the tree two times.
Then he ducks under the bush, then pops down his hole and voila.
Okay, now you try.
So the rabbit uproots the tree, and shoves it under a bush.
And the rabbit runs up the mountain, but there's a giant duck on the mountain, and that duck is angry.
Oh, he's chasing the rabbit.
The rabbit is running from the ducky.
He's running as fast as he can.
- Uh, Bigfoot.
- Oh, no.
Oh, no, the rabbit might not make it to his hole.
Wait, wait, wait, slow down.
Oh, no, run, rabbit, run! Run as fast as you can.
- No! - Stop! - I did it.
- Way to go.
Now, this is how we use a computer.
- Bigfoot.
- Yeah.
- Where's my keyboard? - I don't know.
Come on Bigfoot, give it back.
All of it.
This one tastes like Hmm.
What? Where's my computer? Hmm, taste like apples.
Could use a little salt.
That tears it! Big Look, Bigfoot, I tried to be patient with you.
But, but, but you just won't listen to me.
- Hey, what time is it? - It's 4:46 p.
Scary time is over.
Bye, lady! What a day.
Good night, lady.
Hey, Squeaks.
Well, if you want my help making almond milk, have the ingredients prepped when I get there.
Get out your blender, Whoa.
I told them that cell couldn't hold me.
And 40 years later, I'm right.
Whoo-hoo, I'm free, I'm free, I'm I'm broke.
Yee-haw! Oh, shoot.
I don't got no fire power.
Hold the phone.
I got these puppies right here.
All right everyone, this here's a stick-up.
Get your hands in the air, where I can See them? So soak your legumes for at least 30 minutes, and don't forget to - Hey.
- Uh, Squeaks, I'm gonna have to call you back in about four and a half minutes.
- This here's a stick up.
- Eh, what's up, pointy? Where's all the tellers? Where's the safe so I can blast it? They don't keep money in safes anymore, bub, it's all digital now, you know, ones and zeros.
Yeah, that's what I want.
Give me some ones with lots of zeros.
There's nothing here to give.
It's all on the Internet.
Well then, hand over the Internet! Oh, boy.
Look, doc, the Internet ain't something you just hand over.
Well, what is it then? Well, it's sort of hard to describe.
- Now imagine a big delivery tube - Big tube, got it.
- Hey.
- Wrong size.
Wrong shape.
Eh, no.
Yee-haw, that's the biggest tube I ever saw.
The tubes were just a metaphor, doc.
The Internet's all around us.
- It's in the cloud.
- Cloud? Okay, but this time you're a-coming with me.
Yeah, that'll do the trick.
What a lovely day to take bowling balls on a hot air balloon.
Out of my way.
We're a-commandeering this vessel.
There! A cloud, just like you said.
Hey, you forgot your hat.
Oh, brother, what a Luddite.
Less savvy than a caveman's grandpa.
Just need to pick up that spare.
- Guy belongs in a museum.
You're gonna take me to the Internet right now.
And if you try any tricks this time, I'll blow you into the sky.
Okay, okay, take it easy.
- And no more games, rabbit.
- All right, bub.
The Internet's in there.
Oh really? Yow! Whoo! Forgot the safety was off.
Now, where was I? - Oh, you were going to get me a corn dog.
- Yeah, that's right.
Now, wait a minute.
No more tricks, rabbit.
You go first and stay where I can see you.
All right Oh, well, we tried.
Or we could do that.
Watch your step now.
A little drop.
A bit of a squeeze here.
Try sucking in that gut, doc.
Okay, that's it.
I'll warn you.
You just bought yourself a ticket to the stratosphere.
Ah, ho, the tables have turned.
Oh, I'm a little chilly.
Whoo! Whoo! Go back, go back.
Go forward! Knit one, pearl two.
No more shenanigans.
Take me to the Internet or else The Internet is right up there, doc.
Whoo-hoo! I'm rich, I'm rich.
I'm on the Internet, I'm on the Internet.
I'm on Huh? You sure are on the Internet, doc.
I'm up to a million hits.