Walker (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Don't Fence Me In

1 So, how's Trey settling in? Fine.
He been asking about me? Probably wants to grab a beer or something, right? Hasn't brought you up once, actually.
Hey, so I've been thinking on your middle name.
Uh This middle name thing, you s-stop trying to make it happen.
It doesn't mean you know me.
Yeah, but you never know when some small detail is gonna help us.
Connie at HQ.
Urgent request from Sheriff Shaw in Liberty Rise.
He's out by Harlan oil field and you're the closest in proximity.
Will do.
What's the situation? Shaw got a distress call from the oil field boss Bob Harlan.
When Sheriff arrived, he was DOA.
Says he saw the shooter making a run for it.
Hispanic male, yellow truck.
Yeah, roger that.
Lead-foot it.
There he is.
It's got to be him.
Texas Rangers.
Pull over.
Sir, pull your truck over now.
He's swerving.
You got to run him off.
New regs say it's last resort.
Micki, he hits that flare, explosion will kill him, us and anyone in the vicinity.
Do it.
Bulldog it, now! Texas Rangers.
Get out! Oh, God.
Is he alive? Yeah, he's still breathing.
We got to call an ambulance.
He's Olvidado gang.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to say to you our city is safer today thanks to Sheriff Shaw taking another member of the Olvidado gang off our streets.
We'll go ahead and take questions now.
Hey, Cap.
The Olvidados are bad apples, but they deal in drugs and guns.
They don't mess with oil guys.
Enzo was a longtime employee.
Maybe he and Harlan had a falling out.
I'm not sure.
Hey, let's, uh, let's get you over here real quick.
Me? No.
Well, Walker's not even here.
I know.
Bear with me, okay? Dog and pony show.
Just grip and grin, grip and grin.
Ranger Ramirez is one of our newest Rangers on the force.
She was key in apprehending Mr.
Thank you, Ranger.
Other questions.
Cap, who's she? That is the perp's daughter, Delia Carillo.
You think I can go now? I mean Yeah.
Go ahead.
"Well, that's well and good, but why are you telling me?" And the guy says, "You? I'm telling everybody".
Monty's really loving this run-up to retirement.
Guy would probably stage his own funeral - just to listen to the accolades.
- Hm.
You ever meet him when you were with APD? No, I just heard stories.
I-I can't stop thinking about Enzo's daughter.
Olvidados have been terrorizing South Texas forever.
Can't be easy on her, you know? Knowing her dad ran with bad people.
I should have said something.
It wasn't your place to say something.
You were doing your job.
All right.
Monty Shaw is one hell of a cop.
Not a criminal alive that could outrun old Blue Twisted Steel here.
- To Monty.
- To Monty.
Oh, Stan, hey.
Uh My new partner Micki.
- Micki, Stan Morrison.
Morrison Seed & Tack.
- Hey.
Stan is also co-chair at the Department of Public Safety Commission.
They approve all new Ranger hires.
- Ramirez, right? - Yes, sir.
- Hi.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Welcome aboard.
I heard you bested Walker on horseback.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That was at the course.
- I-I made up for it later on, believe me.
- Oh.
Okay, you can't let me have one? - No - Like, just one? - I'm just saying - Oof.
- Good luck with that.
- Thanks.
Good to meet you.
Thank you much.
Oh, thanks, man.
U-Uh, oh, that was, uh, that was actually for Micki.
Uh, Micki likes bourbon.
Especially in a joint like this.
- APD.
- A joint like this? - Hey.
- Come on, man.
What Where's my drink? - What? I-I - Walker.
Muskrat showed you - her new boatercycling skills yet? - Oh - Mu W What? - Oh, no.
- Winston.
- Yeah, stonewalling the gringo.
Look, Ramirez you've always been close to the vest.
It took us a while, but one day, she busted out the Muskrat.
You got to earn my trust, you know how I roll.
Besides, Walker barely knows me.
Wh I'm trying.
Come on, now.
I She won't even tell me her middle name.
What did you do? What did I do? - Yeah, what did you do? - What didn't he do? All right.
Bourbon, you said? - Ramirez! - Whoa.
Nice work on the Carillo case.
Are you worried about any blowback - from the Olvidados? - Oh, hell no.
And don't you worry, neither.
We're gonna make sure those boys don't bother you.
- Mm.
- Hey, you know, Monty, uh, Micki here is a hell of a Ranger.
She can fend for herself.
Believe me.
By the way, - congratulations.
- Thank you.
I'm learning.
See? It's not impossible.
You got a lot of stuff packed in here.
Is this all from the old place? Yeah.
That was the last trip.
- Hey, Dad? - Hey.
Can I paint my room? Paint your room? Benjamin Moore has this app that helps you choose colors.
- Okay - I like First Light.
First Light.
Uh, very calming.
Which would be great for you.
Now, please help us unpack.
He added me on Insta, oh, my God.
- Knock it off.
Give me that.
- Okay, hey, hey.
Once we get unpacked, we can grab pizza.
- Okay? Okay.
- Yeah.
Stella, come on.
- Don't tell me you hate pizza now.
- No, it's just I have that community service thing at the stables near the outlet mall.
The prison stable.
Why there? I don't know, I said I grew up on a ranch or something.
Well, listen to me.
We Rangers keep our horses there.
Prisoners help out, they have stable duty it's part of the rehab and I'm sure they'll be on a different rotation, and I'm sure there'll be guards, but just steer clear.
- Okay? Okay? - Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, Stella's friend Bel uh, how's the case going with her parents' immigration? It's not good.
I confirmed from a colleague that they are on ICE's radar.
You think they'll get deported? I hope not.
I'm talking with them tomorrow.
Hey, what are you doing with that? Uh, nothing, nothing.
What is all this stuff? Uh, you must have grabbed one of my old work boxes.
Nothing for you to worry about.
Just old case stuff.
Um - room's looking good.
- Thank you.
Uh, thanks for helping, bud.
I'm gonna ask Mawline where I can stash this.
- Then pizza.
- All right.
All right.
I ain't no porcupine Take off your kid gloves Are you ready for a thing Called love Oh! You scared me to heck and back.
Hey, Stan.
Hey, Abby.
It smells good.
It's jalapeño pepper jam.
Ukulele last year, pepper jam this year.
Who knows, maybe next year she'll learn Italian.
Eh, it never hurts to try new things.
Keeps you young, right, Abbs? That's what I keep saying.
Cordell is, uh, rooting around in the cellar.
Could you please ask him for some more canning jars? Cordell! - Just a minute, Dad.
- How's he holding up? I don't know how any man gets over losing his wife.
I think I left my Leatherman out in the truck.
Excuse me.
That's got some kick in it.
- Hey! - Mmm.
Get out of there.
That is for Liam's fiancé.
Hey, I haven't seen you out at the, uh, Seed & Tack in Rosedale.
Gary was asking after you.
Said you hadn't been by to pick up the bird feed this fall.
New chicks are in.
Hey, Banksy.
How about a break? I wouldn't be much fun.
Why? What's going on? Cap made me smile for the cameras yesterday.
It felt like Felt like like what? Like I was the Mexican good guy used to justify taking down the Mexican bad guy.
You got your seat at the table but you felt used.
Little brown girl walks by.
You think she thinks that, or does she see you and want to be you? I'm just saying that maybe you got to play the game a little.
Okay, so, this is the guy who shot the guy.
Enzo Carillo.
And this is his daughter Delia.
She called me out at the press brief.
- It felt like a message from my mother.
- Hey.
You are blazing a trail.
It's way easier to show up after the work's been done.
You're right.
You're right.
- Hey, how's the job search? - Uh, good.
I got an interview lined up.
Wish me luck.
Or not.
- What are you looking up? - Sorry.
Good luck.
Um, I just wanted to check our database, and There it is.
Enzo's gang activity dropped in 1990.
Got a job at Harlan Oil.
Why go back? Well, maybe he owed the Olvidados a favor? You gonna look into it? The guy running this case is kind of beloved.
Just feels disrespectful if I'm to say, "Something might be wrong with your casework, sir".
You got that star, Banksy.
Use it.
And that was a distracted "good luck" before.
This is a for-real good luck.
Good luck.
What you got? Enzo got out of the Olvidado gang 30 years ago.
What made him go back? I didn't realize you were still turning over the Enzo case.
Yeah, I got questions.
Uh, do we know if he came to yet? The nurse said he'd wake up any moment.
You want to go with me to talk to him? Sure.
You don't think that's the right call.
I do.
I d-d Uh, just, uh Sorry, I'm-I'm, uh family stuff.
I'm just in my head.
Okay, well, look look, I tried with James, and I'm just getting the sense he doesn't want me chasing this, so unless we have hard evidence, can we just keep this one off the books? Off the books? Uh Come on.
"Off the books" is my middle name.
Just kidding.
It's Beauregard.
What's yours? No.
I just got word from the morgue.
I-I'm sorry, but Enzo Carillo passed an hour ago.
Thank God you're here.
What's up, delinquents? I'm Vern.
Well, you screwed up.
Time to learn some lessons.
Anybody here grow up on a ranch? - Start mucking, Sarge.
- Fine.
But you should know I'm pretty good with horses.
The person you'll report to is our new hire.
Come on out.
Just 'cause I look the part, doesn't mean I'm a criminal.
Like you.
I've got some work for the rest of y'all in the paddock.
Follow me.
See the teardrop tattoo on his left arm? The tears are filled in.
That means he got out for good.
Is there anything that would've dragged him back in? Not for anything in the world.
You in school? Pre-med.
Papi wanted me to have a better life.
They both did, and now I've lost them.
Both? Were you close with Mr.
Harlan? I mean, it looks like he went to your quinceañera.
He loved our parties.
Always the first one on the dance floor.
Tried to give these really sweet speeches in Spanish, which sometimes made no sense.
- Did all the Harlans join in? - No.
Harlan hated my papi.
What is this place? The Harlans donated the gardens to the city.
What's that smell? Amorphophallus titanum.
Also known as corpse flower.
My husband Bob got it for me a few weeks ago.
Only just bloomed yesterday.
Ma'am, we're, uh, we're with the Texas Rangers.
I already gave the sheriff my statement.
It's just a routine follow-up, ma'am.
They don't make 'em like Bob anymore.
He was a magnanimous man.
Do you know any magnanimous men? I'm-I'm not sure, ma'am.
W-Where were you, exactly, at the time of your husband's death? The Garden Gala.
Bob was supposed to be my date.
But then Enzo called at the last minute to say that one of the rigs was out.
Ma'am, your husband worked with Enzo for 20 years.
Do you have any idea what might have gone wrong? Enzo had been dogging Bob for a raise.
But times have been tough.
Bob just couldn't do it.
It seemed like they spent a good deal of time together.
But you didn't socialize with Enzo or Delia? Mostly because of the children.
They didn't like being around him.
They felt he was too familiar.
Like he was after something.
Guess they were right.
Thank you, ma'am.
Uh, thank you, ma'am.
Enzo? He was always looking at me a little too long.
Know what I mean? Obviously, I'm used to it, but he was the ranch hand.
Did he ever harass you or upset you? Only with his presence.
Enzo was a total hanger-on-er.
Your sister implied the same.
Did he seem to want something specific from you? Party invites? And the night your father died? Uh, hosting a sound bath in Barton Hills.
Got over 30K likes on Insta.
Feel free to join next time.
It's quite the experience.
So I'm assuming you were busy - the night of.
- Course.
On the DL, party on K-Lob's PJ.
Private jet.
Of course.
Of course.
Bernard, I'd advise you not to leave town while we check your alibi.
You got it, Ranger Rick.
Did he just call me Ranger Rick? That was extremely satisfying.
"I, Bob Harlan, being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath my entire estate to Enzo Carillo".
I'm sure it's a mistake, dear.
Regardless of Mr.
Harlan's wishes, since Enzo was accused of murdering him, there'll be no way he would be entitled to the money.
According to slayer rule, Mr.
Harlan's assets would revert to the spouse.
However, since we don't have an autopsy report yet, the case is still open.
The inheritance will go to you, once the Rangers finish their investigation.
Assuming they're on the case.
Well, looks like we just went from off the books to on the books.
Hey, Ruby.
Your grandad said you were back here.
Oh, hey.
Uh, a-and you know what? He also told me that my mom used to develop her pictures in here.
How cool is that? It's very cool.
So cool.
Just like how it is awesome that you know how to d-develop your pictures and stuff.
So I took the film you developed from that camera, put the negative here, D-76 in this tub and voilà.
Your dad looks so chill.
Like he's on vacation.
Was that your mom? No.
Hey, it's not dry yet.
and Mrs.
Munoz, I am not an immigration attorney, so I can't represent you, but I can counsel you on your options.
Is Isabel in danger of being deported? No.
No, she's a citizen.
But, unfortunately, you and your husband are in danger.
A-As long as Isabel's safe, - that's all we care about.
- What can you do? Bel got arrested, I promised them that we would help.
We have to do this one by the book.
The bottom line is Isabel's arrest made ICE aware of the family's presence.
- I'm sorry.
- What about the asylum thing? Yeah, we can apply, but it could take years.
Meanwhile, if ICE shows up, they could detain the family indefinitely.
We can't let that happen.
You guys have to do something.
Perhaps you and Isabel could stay out of trouble.
Yes, ma'am.
Clark Kent and Superman? - Mm.
- Should I ask? It's a job interview.
I don't want to jinx it.
It's got medicine, it's got sports.
- Mysterious, I like it.
- Yes.
So, you're gonna wear the cape? Well, how else am I gonna learn about Lady Libertad from this amazing homemade comic - hand-drawn by you? - What? I left this out with my stuff? Wow.
- Yeah.
- Part Salma Hayek, part Wonder Woman.
And look at these.
Damn, you are talented, girl.
How's the case going? Nowhere, yet.
It's just Wait.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Thank you! You're welcome.
I guess I didn't realize they were having problems.
Gary happened during their rough patch.
Gary? You You're on a first-name basis with this guy? No, no, no.
Guy was basically living in the bunkhouse.
- This was right before Em.
- Hey.
Um, sorry to interrupt.
Okay, I was drawing, and am I crazy, or do you notice something here? Look.
What, you think that there's a.
- family resemblance or something? - Yes.
Enzo could be Harlan's son.
Go with me.
Look at this.
I'm sorry, I didn't get to introduce myself the other day.
I'm William Walker.
Friends call me Liam.
You should definitely call me Liam, since you got saddled up with this knucklehead.
Thank you, brother, that's very nice, very supportive.
- I like him.
- Hey - Right.
- Didn't you guys just arrest this Enzo guy? - How'd that go so fast? - Yeah, I mean, if you mess with the sheriff or his family, things go fast.
Well, that's true.
We booked Carlos Mendoza two days after Emily.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I-I wasn't thinking.
No, hey, hey, it's fine.
Don't worry about it.
All right, let's say I'm Enzo, and I know I'm the illegitimate son about to inherit a lot of money.
I'm not asking for a raise, and I'm definitely not gonna kill my benefactor.
But what if I'm Enzo and I don't know I'm the illegitimate son about to inherit the money? What's stopping me from killing my boss for not giving me that raise? Do you think he knew? Maybe that's why he always wanted to be around the Harlan kids.
Maybe he was looking for some kind of connection.
Or he didn't know and someone else did.
Who would want to frame Enzo? Let's round up the Harlans.
- Uh, you Yep.
- I got it.
Inmates aren't here till tomorrow.
Sunny here can use your help.
- Brush him down for me? - Sure thing.
Hey, Vern.
Them new horses did a number on that gate.
That girl can kick.
Oh, hey.
Oh, I'll go get her.
Can I borrow Sunny? You ride 'em, cowgirl.
Come on.
Come on, get! Come on.
Harlan, you'll be pleased to hear that your kids' alibis all checked out.
We do, however, have a few follow-up questions for you.
Is the autopsy back yet? We'll get to that.
Um, Mrs.
Harlan, please.
We've been doing some digging, and we have reason to believe that Enzo Carillo - was Bob's son.
- What? Absolutely not.
Actually, early DNA tests suggest that we're right.
I'm guessing you didn't know your husband had a son before he met you? - No.
- Well, your lawyer indicated that Bob only recently altered his will.
Can you think of any reason as to why your husband would change his beneficiary? No, I can't.
I only know that my husband is dead.
Of course.
We know you're going through a lot.
The night of your husband's death, you said you were at the Garden Gala.
You never left? How dare you suggest I loved Bob.
We filmed the gala.
Teraysa can give you the thumb drive.
Is that it? Think so, ma'am.
Aren't you forgetting something? You asked about the autopsy.
We're still waiting on the results.
Thank you.
You can see Teraysa on your way out.
Hey, you mind if we make a quick stop? Stella's doing community service just down the road.
Oh, to be 17 and in trouble again.
Tell me about it, Michelle Floriana.
That's right.
I'm good at my job.
No big deal.
Seriously, though, if we're gonna be working together, we got to trust each other.
Walker, 164 Texas Rangers mostly men, white men and one female Latina.
I-I put up a fence not because I don't want to trust you, but because I can't afford to screw this up.
What about your, uh, Austin PD buddies? - They hopped that fence.
- After eight years.
So, on a scale from Micki to Muskrat, where am I? Floriana.
Hey, can I ask you something? Anything.
My friend who I've been here with I messed up.
She's in trouble because of me, and I don't know how to make it right.
I thought I made it clear I'm not a miscreant like yourself.
- Oh, sorry, I didn't mean that - I'm kidding.
I'm not working at the prison stables for a college essay or anything.
My dad's in there.
I just wanted to be close.
That must be really hard.
It's not the first time he's done time, so What was that about people messing up and screwing over their loved ones? I just want to make it up to her.
My advice because I think maybe you're asking you can't change what happened.
Just don't pretend it didn't happen.
It'll take the sting off a little bit.
Vern? Oh, my God.
Hey, pal.
How are you? - How's my daughter doing? - Not bad.
Good, actually.
she's here somewhere.
Horse got out - What is going on? - Shh.
All right, well, thanks, Vern.
Listen, don't tell her I was here.
I don't want her to think - No problem.
- All right.
- Okay, who was that? - Promise not to judge me? That dork was my dad.
He's a Texas Ranger.
And I thought my dad was tough.
You win.
I thought the Carillo case was wrapped up.
After the reading of the will, the lawyers demanded a full autopsy.
They're not 100% sure Enzo did it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Wonder what Monty thinks about that.
The guy usually comes up on top.
Didn't Mrs.
Harlan say her husband was gonna be her date? Yeah.
Why? Well, according to the seating chart, she would have been seated alone.
Because she knew he wasn't coming.
That feels loose for a murder accusation.
- We're gonna need a little more than that.
- Uh, Connie, - Yeah? - hey, can you see if you can access the plant cam at the Harlan Botanical Gardens? - Yeah.
Shouldn't be a problem.
- Great.
Okay, here we go.
Didn't know you were also the resident hacker.
Open source I'm in.
Will you look at that? That is quite a plant.
Can you run a face-rec search - for Mrs.
Harlan? - Sure.
She's not happy about the plant.
Walking, people coming to see - pretty flowers - W-We're all seeing the same thing, Micki.
Uh, we don't need the play-by-play.
Oh, snap.
Those two were hooking up - before Harlan was murdered.
- Yeah.
The husband must have found out and cut her out of the will.
And then sent her that plant as a parting gift.
Yeah, well, corpse flower for the death of a marriage.
Okay, we're still gonna need Enzo's autopsy.
Right, but, Captain, Mrs.
Harlan and Monty, this is a clear motive.
Do you think she and Monty conspired to kill Bob Harlan? That's a tall order, Ramirez.
All we got is Monty cuddling on a plant cam, and the man's two hours from retiring.
If we get this wrong, all the inroads you've made are gone.
But she might be right, Cap.
Why don't you let us put Monty's feet to the fire.
Sir, you said when you brought me on that we were gonna shake Shake the apple tree.
I know what I said.
All right, yeah.
Let's do it.
Morning, Sheriff.
Hey, Sheriff.
Hey, I was just heading out.
What's up? Uh, we're going over the Carillo case.
Uh, had some loose ends we want to run past you.
Little late for that, don't you think? Well, we don't want to hold you up.
I'll I'll ride with you.
Walker can follow.
Fine by me.
What the hell are you doing? Whoops.
Sorry about that.
I'll just take care of that.
Okay, Ramirez.
What's the problem? - This case was open and shut.
- Really? Why was Enzo speeding away from the scene of the crime? He just killed someone.
Enzo's autopsy just came through.
Injuries on his skull predated injuries he sustained from the crash.
He was bludgeoned.
Traces of gun residue.
Yours, actually.
All right, partner, pretty good.
Hey, Connie, you catching all that? Yes, sir.
Patch Captain James through.
I'm just trying to make sense of it, Sheriff.
Why would a cop with 30 years under his belt throw it all away? Then I saw the footage of you and Mrs.
The last case of your career, and you pin a murder on an innocent guy.
Dirty cop move like that, people are gonna unpack every arrest you've ever made.
- I am not a dirty cop.
- Yeah? I'll be the judge of that.
Monty Shaw, pull over! Walker! Bulldog it! - You okay? - Yeah.
Nice save.
Yeah, I got your back, Muskrat.
- To someone who wouldn't let it rest.
- Hey.
I'm glad you didn't.
Sometimes you got to go off the books to get it on the books.
- Just ask this guy.
- Uh See? Well done, Ramirez.
Thank you.
Hey, you know, what happened with Enzo it's-it's not on you.
Final report came in.
Monty shot Harlan.
Enzo tried to defend him.
Monty struck Enzo in the head with the gun, just like you guessed.
Yeah, but then I drove him off the road.
He saw Rangers, he got scared, and he wouldn't stop.
The life he had, I get it.
But the damage was done.
He already suffered the head trauma.
There is a small silver lining.
Uh, Harlan's entire estate will go to Delia.
- All right.
- Yeah.
Now she can do whatever she wants.
Yeah, I actually already talked to her.
She's gonna go back to med school.
You take a job like this, you figure, "Here's my chance to right the wrongs".
But you shake that apple tree, you never know who's gonna fall.
- So, yeah.
- Yep.
I figured you guys might've worked up an appetite.
Picked you up some BBQ.
That's my favorite place.
How did you know? Dig in.
- Nice work today.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Cap.
Oh Mmm.
What? You found out I like barbecue.
And, uh, blueberry ice cream, green tea and bourbon.
Always bourbon.
You called Trey.
He's very forthcoming.
You might say he's magnanimous.
Oh, I might.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Thank you for believing me when I said this case didn't feel right.
I didn't believe you.
I trusted you.
And when your partner has a strong feeling, you back her up.
Thanks, Beau.
Don't mention it, Flor.
- What's up? - This is all my fault.
I'm sorry.
You'd never be in this mess if it weren't for me.
Are we okay? I know that it's not much, but I got you this.
What? I'm gonna need about ten more jars, and then we'll be square.
Oh, God, I thought you were serious.
I am.
I should go.
My folks are making dinner.
Can I go in and apologize to them? No, it's cool.
See you at practice.
Okay, cool.
Hey, Mama.
Uh, put me to work.
Uh Help me label these.
All right.
Abeline's jalapeño jam.
I like it.
August dropped by earlier.
Asking questions.
Yeah? Well, he was being a little existential about your happiness.
Really? All right.
I'll, uh I'll talk to him.
Are you happy? Tell me what that means, Mama.
How about you? Are you happy? You and Daddy? Hmm.
Found more than just, uh, canning jars in the basement.
I, uh I have some questions.
It's in the past.
Not that far in the past.
Did he know? Is that why he was sleeping in the bunkhouse? Your daddy's sleeping in the bunkhouse because his snoring is so loud.
Now, we're still the parents here, and we get to have our secrets.
And I'm sure you and Emily didn't tell the kids everything.
No, we didn't.
What? Emily.
Uh She used to snore.
Like a Like a bear cub.
I miss her so much, Mom.
Come here.
Trey? Trey? Señor Libertad? Aw.
All right.
I-I like this.
Hugging's one of my super powers.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
You just You really helped me sort this case out.
Of course.
And I am a terrible girlfriend.
You had an interview.
How did it go? Well, you are looking at the new director of sports medicine - and assistant soccer coach at Sacred Heart High! - What?! - That's great! - Well, someone told me to start a whole new chapter with this civilian thing, so here goes.
Tell me everything.
I'll tell you more, but first, a present.
Shouldn't I be getting you a present? You needed a hero, so you drew one, and then you became one.
Don't you forget that.
I'm sorry I took the camera, Dad.
I thought there'd just be photos of you, but it was just Who is she? She is, uh, was part of my undercover crew.
Do you still, you know, hang out? No.
This was a job.
And it's done.
Augie, I know you've got questions.
I understand.
But I don't want to go back to that time.
I'm here now, and I want to be here now.
Okay, but you look like a completely different person in that photo.
Like, actually happy.
Not like now.
I am happy.
Buddy, I I am happy to be home.
I just I don't know how to show it, sometimes.
Okay, well, why weren't there any photos like that with Mom? 'Cause your mom was the family photographer.
She took all the photos, so she was almost never in them.
I know you've been learning, so, uh you think maybe you could be our family photographer now? Here, come on.
I don't know what to do with this thing.
So, uh, why don't you get a picture of us.
Got you a double triple espresso.
Thank you, Ada.
- Are these all the files for Emily's case? - Yep.
Wait, Captain James pulled surveillance logs couple days ago.
Did he say why he needed them? - Should I have checked? I figured - No.
It's just weird.
Why would he pull the files when he told my brother to back off the case?
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