Walker (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Yeah (ANNOUNCER SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) (SNORTING) (WHISTLES, SHOUTS) A rebel fell from grace To a hell called Earth Come on! Hey! Come on! He said, "Don't y'all worry, my friends - You got this! - Come on! You'll get your money's worth For every sun there comes a moon All right! And into heaven Came the night (WHOOPS) King Kong up in here! - Nice job.
- Yeah, baby.
JAXON: I love it, Clint.
But I want you fresh and limber for game day.
The night, the night TWYLA: Gonna shovel prairie pancakes the rest of your life, cowboy? Best I can tell, you've been at it months.
Yeah, well, they make you pay your dues around here.
Besides, not all of us can get that fancy, honest banking work.
It is fancy.
Not quite honest.
(CHUCKLES) Seen you around.
Seems like you're a regular.
You could say so.
Been working up the courage to introduce myself.
We're closed weekdays.
Even for friends of the circus.
Gives us time to practice our tricks and charms.
You ride, then? You could say so.
I got to tell you, I think they're keeping me sidelined so I don't go embarrass, uh, Donkey Kong over there! - (LAUGHS) - What was that? (CHUCKLES): Oh, you did it now.
It's Duke.
If Duke has got the stones, let's see if he can - beat your time, huh? - Nah.
Let's make it interesting.
I don't want my saddle smelling like horse stalls here.
You know, a lot of people can ride a bull for eight seconds.
I say you either go big ten or you go home.
What do you say, Dick? It's Duke.
Hope you can count to 11.
TWYLA: Oh, uh, friendly tip? Some riders like to squeeze their legs right as the hooves come off the ground, but I've been watching.
This Brahma's got a fresh cracked rib.
You're gonna have to fight the habit and center of gravity some other way.
Thank you, Miss, uh? Twyla.
Twyla Jean.
The night And into heaven came the night And into heaven came the night And into heaven came the night (GRUNTS) - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - STELLA: Come on, Dad, it's our only bathroom.
And it's game day.
Just a sec, Stell! (SIGHS) Dad? - Hey.
- You're just leaving? Uh, James called.
Prison break over in Kyle.
Now we're stuck manhunting.
Hoping to catch this guy local.
You know how much I love bunking up at whatever - crap motel they assign, so - AUGUST: Wait.
- You're leaving town? - Trying to avoid it.
That would be a no for today, then.
Right, today.
Game day.
Uh Noon kickoff? I'll be there.
Yeah, unless he leaves town.
Stell, do me a favor.
August is grounded.
So I need you go to come back after the game and watch him.
Watch me? And no, I-I can't be grounded.
Ruby and I are on assignment at the game.
- She's picking me up soon.
- You want to push me, after this? It was boxed up for a reason.
Um, what is going on here? Why don't you ask him? Nothing.
August is just not to leave.
But now, I got to go.
I'll see you at the game, okay? (DOOR CLOSES) Big game day.
You amped, coach? - Hyped! - (GIGGLES) Man, you ever just wake up on the right side of the bed? I got up at 4:00 to review game film.
Synced up the playbook on the iPad.
I even got in a breezy run before grabbing fresh cleats.
So coaches wear cleats now? Eh, always got to be ready.
- (LAUGHS) - You tell Walker about my new gig? Uh, no, but I'm sure he'll have a hot take soon enough.
You tell him he can take it up with the new director of sports medicine.
How did you convince Sacred Heart that was a thing? Same way I charmed you, I guess.
Oh, so you just showed up and wouldn't leave? (LAUGHS) Listen, I used to hop out of helos and suture hot lead.
Assistant soccer coach just didn't carry the vibe I'm used to, you know what I'm saying? Hmm.
Yeah, you might want to, um, ice that chip on your shoulder, Mr.
Oh (CHUCKLES) Actually, uh, I did one more thing this morning.
I looked into Vegas flights.
- Okay.
- I was just you know, I mean, I-I know you and your mom aren't great.
But maybe we get my mom off my back and talk about a trip to see her? She's been asking about the particulars.
That sounds serious.
It's not.
She just thinks that I don't give her the particulars of my life, which is a false narrative.
No, the, um, m-meet the mother part.
Yeah, I-I knew this would be loaded.
Then why would you bring it up when I was about to walk out the door? Would there have ever been a good time to bring it up? You're talking to Dr.
Adriana Ramirez's daughter.
I'll let you when I find one.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, that was a really bad reaction, and this is a big day for you.
Can we please talk about this later? Yeah.
(KEYS SCRAPE) Hey Yeah Body's burning, baby, started sure No eyes on this.
Gotta let me know if I die Would you cry for me? If I die Would you cry for me? Keep the circle small, and the lies honest.
In here, please.
- Captain? - This is Tessa Graves, FBI San Antonio office.
A pleasure.
From what I hear, you're the good partner.
The one without the DPS disciplinary hearing coming up.
Micki, are you familiar with Operation: Watch the Throne? Yeah, it's Walker's undercover op.
I brushed past it once or twice.
The operation that somehow took him ten months to complete.
JAMES: Out of a 92-person traveling rodeo, Walker was tasked to identify who was connected to the Rodeo Kings robbery crew.
He ID'd four individuals.
We got Clint West, show horse.
Crystal West, she's the wheelwoman.
Jaxon Davis, he broke his leg.
That was Walker's in.
And GRAVES: Sweet, sweet, sweet Twyla Jean.
Huh, I know of a Crystal, but not of a Twyla.
Well, your partner sure does.
Twyla worked the bank, inside woman for the robberies.
Walker confirmed it, but then, our A.
got a little trigger shy.
Meaning I wouldn't put my brother on the stand, blowing his identity and putting his family in jeopardy.
On the last Rodeo Kings job, 300K mysteriously vanished.
Your MIA partner was one of the last people in proximity to it, and, magically, has no idea where it ended up.
Okay, Cap.
We entertaining this? Having Walker go under at all, the state that he was in, it was a mistake.
But once he was there He went dark for long stretches.
We have a wire up on Ms.
Jean's phone.
This morning, Duke made contact with her.
In my estimation, they're making a run at the missing cash before fleeing town.
And I intend to ensure that doesn't happen.
We're up on the motel's CCTV feed.
See for yourself.
If I die Would you cry for me? Well, I live it up now On the other side Live it up now, baby When I die, if I die MICKI: Okay, so, has anyone, you know, asked Walker his side of things? His side? Uh, this woman is in the town where his family lives.
Where someone could make him at any moment, and his kids would be at risk.
He's trying to get her out of Austin.
You know what, if he's gone back under, it's as a last resort, because Cordell hated who he had to become as Duke.
- Ugh, a sob story, I'm sure.
- Please.
- Okay, okay.
- Of course to me, it always read like a fine excuse for stalling.
- And stealing, come to think of it.
- Okay, so, what? We're just gonna twiddle our thumbs and hope some grainy motel feed clears his name? GRAVES: Or indicts him.
Why, you have an idea? Would you cry For me? Hey Yeah, yeah I've missed that aftershave.
Would you, would you (GRUNTS SOFTLY) WALKER: Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, baby girl, baby girl.
Hey, wait, wait.
Listen we can't do this right now.
I'm fresh out on bail.
You know, and and seeing that dress it breaks my heart all over again, but we can't be seen together.
It would be worse for you than for me.
We got to walk out of here.
Uh you texted me.
And, uh, if memory serves, don't you have a bit of a tab at the front desk first? Okay, take this seriously.
I told them you were good for it.
On account of having our missing 300K and all.
(CHUCKLES) I ain't got it, Twyla.
Yeah, Duke, I think you do.
Well, then I don't know what to tell you.
You walked out of there with Crystal.
Money falling out of both of y'all's hands, it just vanished? Okay, listen, the bank did an audit of the Rodeo King jobs.
Intel sharing agreement with the feds.
I don't know, maybe I'm spooked, but I think I got an FBI tail now.
Oh, you're good.
I need to get out of town.
And I am totally tapped out.
Then we're saying the same thing.
We both need to get out of town ASAP.
I've looked everywhere for that money.
And then you reach out.
Last one to see it and all.
Please, Duke.
I need you.
I can't give you missing money that's still missing.
(INHALES) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Baby doll, baby doll, hey.
Look, we always think better with whiskey and garlic bread, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
We should be tripods down, side-lined up soon.
(SIGHS) Is everything okay? Honestly? Not my best day.
(SIGHS) I found this.
Don't know how to explain it, but I think it's my dad's go box.
- It's lighter than last time.
- Hold up.
Is this about that picture? Your dad with the woman? She might be the excuse to do what he wants to do anyway.
Which is? Leave.
He just got home.
Look, you don't know him.
All right, whenever he gets cagey Last time he left for almost a year.
And now he's lying to me, he said he was on a case and bolted this morning and I think he's with her.
I'm just I'm just scared that he's not coming back tonight.
He's your dad.
But mine? I'd want to give him an earful on why he should stay.
How do you think you'll feel if you don't even try? MAN (SINGING OFFKEY): I could play a game or ten You better get ready to let me in Okay.
Here we go.
Not a lot of things - Ooh! - (COUGHS, LAUGHS) - That is-is not the Litten's 18.
- Mm-mm.
You remember when they hid the Litten's from Clint at O'Sheas? - Yeah.
- He thought it was overpriced.
So he put his piece down, - said keep pouring till it was empty.
- Yeah.
O'Sheas was the spot.
Wherever we were was the spot.
Oh, that reminds me.
Uh Hey, bartender, we're gonna need all the arancini you got back there, yeah? All right, so what else? (COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING ON JUKEBOX) Come on.
You're not my only secret I thought about it.
I really did.
The first thing I'd say when I heard from you.
Well, come to think of it, I can't remember much of what you said once you opened that door and I saw your face.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
That, that doesn't make any sense.
No one makes friends like that.
I mean, Clint robs you point blank, and you follow him to a bar - to become friends? - (LAUGHS) What about you? Why is it the only time I've ever seen you happy is when you're on top of a bull? I, uh I lost someone.
My my brother.
And, uh suddenly had to be anywhere but Tuscon.
He-he was my my best friend.
We rode circuits together.
And we, uh we wing-manned together.
(CHUCKLES) I'm not trying to replace anyone, but you and that bull are the only things that hold a candle.
It's every girl's dream to be compared to a dead guy and a bull.
(SONG ENDS) Come on.
MICKI: We got company.
He's armed.
Headed straight for Duke.
Hang back, let it play out.
Threat from behind.
I need to move.
GRAVES: Ramirez, you are to stand down.
I did not like the shaggy hair on this one.
And I really didn't like Miss Twyla Jean clearly having backup in her back pocket.
But mostly I didn't want y'all thinking Duke came without backup of his own.
So why don't we all put our piece on the table? And get real upfront and honest about what we're doing here.
And who might you be? Adriana.
I'm an old buddy of Duke's.
(LAUGHS) (GASPS) Ooh, these are for the table, right? Mmm.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER, WHISTLE BLOWS) Pull it in! Take a knee! All right, given this is his first game, I throw it over to Coach Barnett.
Okay, couple things.
First, I'm excited to be here with you as we get this team to nationals.
Second, my last job was out of Camp Lemonnier in the North Horn of Africa.
So if you think I'm gonna hold you to anything less than that standard, think again.
Excellence is hard.
Excellence is earned.
Now go out there and show them what excellence looks like.
Let's Let's trample the Titans.
Can I get a trample the Titans on three? One, two, three! ALL: Trample the Titans! Let's go! Get out there and get warmed up.
- You good? - Um, yeah.
I'll work it out on the field.
Now that the guns are on the table.
(CLEARS THROAT) You told me you needed my help to get out of town.
You said this was a you thing.
Well, it's an us thing.
We know you're sitting on 300K, Duke.
WALKER: I told her I ain't got it.
JAXON: You were the last one seen with Crystal and the cash.
Do you think we're dense? Now, from where I'm sitting you owe us $300,000, Duke.
And I ain't leaving till I get it.
I don't care how long we got to stay in Austin.
Then hell, Duke.
Let's get this poor man his money.
We're talking over a quarter million Adriana.
And by my math, we're here looking at an experienced crew Duke.
Oh, are we? 'Cause it's funny how Duke never mentioned pulling jobs with you.
We just keep our business ours, sweetheart.
But, Miss Twyla, you know banks and, Jaxon, pardon the assumption, I have a feeling you have a big-ass truck with a weapons cache as a glove compartment.
- And Duke here - Yeah, Duke was always a safecracker.
Just like his best friend.
- What's that boy's name, Adriana? - Oh, no.
Hoyt Rawlins? That dummy couldn't crack a safe to save his life.
Hell of a wheelman, though.
Shame he's back in lockup.
She's right.
I'd say we're short one wheelman.
But we have a hell of a wheelwoman - with Adriana.
- That's right.
The Kyle job.
The what now? JAXON: The last job that Clint cased and prepped before he got popped.
Wait, so it's ready to go, then? I mean, how the hell do we not do this? JAXON: Or Duke could just hand over the money, gentleman-like.
You don't have to believe me.
But I'm flat broke.
So you want 300K? This is the option on the table.
Keep going.
- Okay.
- Great.
But if Adriana's gonna pull a Rodeo Kings job, there's one thing she's got to do first.
Hell of an audible from Ramirez back there.
That's what she does.
Let's get a tac team up.
If Jaxon and Twyla step one foot inside that bank, Duke helps us put away the last two Rodeo Kings Liam, you coming? Huh? (EXHALES) One foot, huh? CRYSTAL (SINGING): So let's dance the last dance Let's dance the last dance Let's dance the last dance Tonight (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Last dance, last chance - (WHOOPS) - WALKER: Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, Clint, Clint, get up there.
- Get up there.
- Yeah! This is my last chance - For romance tonight - Here we go! Here we are! Oh, ho, I need you by me Beside me to guide me - Cordi - Hold on.
One second.
It helps.
Okay I don't have much time.
Come here.
Listen to me.
I need you to go to James.
Tell him he has to make the arrests tonight.
Look, the Rodeo Kings cannot go through with the job tomorrow.
Clint and Crystal, they're talking Butch and Sundance.
- Going down shooting.
- Hey.
Slow down, slow down.
I have to get back.
Tell me you'll talk to them.
I will talk to James, but you listen to me.
I want to make this job worth it, and arresting them tonight won't be worth it.
I need them in that bank.
One foot on marble and we put these murderers away on serious time.
Graves and James got you.
Who's this one for? Hmm? I need one day and one foot.
Counselor? This train is leaving with or without you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, you have a good morning? Nice breakfast with the kids? Give Stella the old dad pep talk before the game? - (GROANS) Stella's game.
- 'Cause I'll tell you my morning.
My partner, unspeakable jackass that he is, didn't show up for work today.
But you know who did? - Graves.
- Graves.
- How did you know? - Hey, Graves.
You still think I'm crooked? Listen, just get them into custody without blowing my cover, we'll argue about the rest later.
Thank you, by the way.
I know you backed this unspeakable jackass sight unseen.
Oh, no, no, I saw a lot.
A lot of it not tip-top, but I know what she said.
- It wasn't you.
- It's not.
Yeah, well, James isn't so sure.
Duke put James through his paces.
Adriana, on the other hand Last time I checked, they don't send troopers undercover.
They don't.
This is me desperately trying not to screw it up.
Well, you really dove right into it.
Yeah, I felt like not being Micki for the day.
- It's kind of exhilarating.
- One day I'll track you down You can take it all away Whoa, get on up on here.
Get on in the Rodeo Kings.
You play with a toy to pull a job? Whoa.
Toy? Never disrespect the Brahma.
Not the living Brahma or the mechanical variety, 'cause TWYLA and JAXON and WALKER: The Brahma shows us your soul! (LAUGHTER) At least, that's what Clint always liked to say.
Nobody ever joined the Rodeo Kings without hopping on.
He's in one of his moods.
Not a thing that you think and say - You got it.
- Get it.
Whoo-hoo! (CHEERING GETS LOUDER) - Hold on.
- Hang on.
Hang on.
(ALL CHEERING) - Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! - (LAUGHING) - Whoa.
- (BUZZER RINGING) - Ooh! Whew! Double digits.
- Come at me! - Don't look now, Duke.
I think she just beat your PR.
MICKI: Aw, it's nothing personal, Duke.
Duke? WALKER: Hey, are we expecting company? Twyla, you said you think the feds are tracking you? I thought someone might be, yeah.
All right, I'll take care of it.
How'd you find me? You gotta get the hell out of here.
- He just wants to talk to you.
- TWYLA: Hey.
- What you got, Duke? - Uh (SIGHS SHARPLY) I knew you were lying to me.
We can't talk right now, okay, so go.
So, what, you're just gonna leave again? - We're not good enough for you, are we? - Leave.
- Listen, kid - Kid?! Is this who you really want to be? A fake cowboy badass with crap aftershave? Does she know what you're leaving behind? That you're a coward who abandoned us twice? - Maybe I should just go and tell her.
- You don't want to do that.
You don't know what you're messing with and you sure as hell can't handle it.
So take your girl and get out of here, kid.
Go! That's why you emptied your go bag, huh? If I never see this guy again it'll be too soon.
(CAR STARTS) Couple kids just trespassing.
We're good.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) TREY: That was a tough loss.
You want to tell me where your head was today? Maybe wait till day two to motivate and inspire, Coach? 17 with sarcasm.
They gave you a whistle, doesn't mean you know me.
I know what it looks like when your heart isn't on that field.
This is really important to you, huh? This whole me opening up thing.
It's day one.
I had to try.
Forget about it.
Get back to your sprints.
You know what, come on.
I'll run 'em with you.
- Three, two, one.
- Stop.
You win.
It kinda hurts, okay? What does? My mom was kind of a big deal in college soccer.
My dad always said that he never missed one of her games at U.
He was gone last year for a while.
Guess you probably heard about it, but I kind of threw myself into soccer because And this is so stupid, but I thought that it would bring him back, or whatever.
Like, make him come home.
And he still isn't here.
I'm sorry about all that, but you've got to decide, who are you playing for, yourself or your dad? Come on, Duke.
Let's get some pump-up music going, baby.
(LAUGHS) Get huge.
I saw.
August will forgive you.
Yeah, I don't know.
Hey, Jaxon, that's Got a lot of bullets.
They all gonna be necessary? Please, playboy.
What did Clint always say? Go big or go home.
King Kong up in here! Step out with your hands up! (GUNSHOTS) (WOMEN SCREAMING) (GUNFIRE) (GROANING) Damn, the feds got here right quick.
300 large.
You still good to drive, honeycakes? No, no, no, Clint, she's lost a lot of blood, man.
Hell no, I'm fine.
- We're almost home free.
- Take a look at this woman.
She's made of fire.
Out in a blaze, right, Duke? (GUNFIRE) We're moving.
Come on.
We're moving.
I got you.
- All right, come on.
Get in.
- (SIRENS APPROACHING) - (GROANS) - Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You don't have to do this.
Okay? We wave a white flag.
We get you a medic.
Okay, we get out of this.
(SIRENS) Tell Clint we'll always have one last dance.
- (GUNS CLICKING) - OFFICER: Freeze! (TIRES SCREECHING) Get on the ground, Duke.
One last dance.
"We'll always have one last dance".
"We'll always have one last dance".
Stop, stop.
I know where the money is.
Duke? In the jukebox a-at the bar at Annunziata's.
JAXON: Why would Crystal put it in there? That's a weird place, if you ask me.
Before Crystal left, she told me, "Tell Clint we will always have one last dance".
- That was their karaoke song.
- Yeah, she knew she was dying.
She was tipping me off.
We don't need to rob a bank.
- The bar's closed today, let's go.
- (LAUGHTER) Hell yeah! - Let's get some shots, baby, on me.
- All right.
After we collect, of course.
Uh Guns on the ground.
Now kick 'em to the side.
Now get on the ground.
- Get on the ground, nice and easy-like.
- Yeah.
Pretty hair on the concrete.
(WALKER EXHALES) Start counting down from 50.
If I hear anything else, I'm-a start shooting.
- Fifty.
- Fifty.
- Forty-nine.
- Forty-nine.
WALKER AND MICKI: Forty-eight.
- Forty-seven.
- It's incredible.
It's like you can't help yourself.
You just have to talk, even when you don't have to talk.
- (TIRES SQUEAL IN DISTANCE) - I got excited, okay? - They're literally robbers.
- Listen, I thought we had an out.
I didn't think You'd get robbed? - By the robbers? - I know! On the plus side, at least we know where to go to make the arrest.
So when you get there, she can shoot you.
(SIGHS) Oh, I don't like that smile.
You know what? August said it: If he never sees Duke again, it'll be too soon.
So let's give my boy what he wants.
Things would be different Don't you know - We've got luck on our side? - (SIGHS) I was really hoping you wouldn't follow me.
I never could stay away.
Things would be different Come on, Twyla Jean.
We still got a couple seconds left in this song.
For you and I For you and I, for you and I For you and I Right.
Can I tell you something? You already robbed me 300 large.
Not much worse you can do.
I really thought it'd be you and me, splitting Jaxon's share.
It's not too late.
Nah, Duke, it is.
Can't shake the feeling that there's just something behind those eyes that's never quite gonna let me in.
JAMES: No, Ms.
Twyla Jean, it's mine.
Hands up, Twyla.
Drop the gun! I hate the taste But I carry on believing Yeah, I hate the taste But I do it again I hate the taste, but I carry on believing Yeah, I hate the taste But I do it all again I want to ride with you, I want to ride with you I want to ride with you Why won't you take me there? What do we always say, Twyla? I want to ride with you Go big, right? - Why won't you take me there? - JAMES: Gun! (GASPS) All right, get her out of here.
- Get her out of here.
- (WHIMPERING) Cordi? Cordi.
Cordi! (MUFFLED): Cordi! Cordi.
It's-It's okay.
She's gone.
You're safe.
They're all safe.
Hey, hey.
It's over.
Duke is dead.
So, you, uh, still think I'm crooked? I think you're clean.
- On this.
- "On this".
Always an asterisk.
Well, you brought us to the money.
Wrapped up the Rodeo Kings.
I'd say, from the cheap seats in the stands: Better late than never, cowboy.
So that's it? Well, I wouldn't have shot you if I was gonna cuff you.
Managed to steal your heart and your cash? (EXHALES) Hell of a dress.
Back then I should've listened to you.
People died, and you were way ahead of it.
- Y-You - Oh, no, stop.
None of that is on you.
That's on Clint.
Don't ever forget that.
I know, but Say what you will about Graves, she just kept turning it.
Now two people are in jail.
Yeah, got to give her that.
What, you been turning something? We both have.
Emily's drone footage.
We each requested it.
Emily's murder Something's off.
(DOOR CLOSES) How was it? - First game day? - Well, look at you.
Don't get me started.
I don't know, it's it's weird.
It's more meaningful than I thought.
When you can get through to them, I don't I don't think they realize what they're giving back to you.
I'm glad.
I made this for you.
I'm happy to give your mom some particulars.
- I didn't mean to push this on you.
- I know.
Moms just get stressful.
I think of the criticism and running feels better than feeling small.
Adriana makes you feel small.
Tina doesn't.
(EXHALES) That's a nice change of pace.
If we're in this for the long haul.
- So you're saying there's a chance? - Maybe.
A little bit? Maybe? - Like, maybe.
- Maybe.
(BOTH LAUGH) If you really are leaving you need to tell her.
I'm not doing that for you.
Tell me what? That's your mom's jersey.
Why do you have that? I'm gonna change my number to hers.
Tell me what, Dad? Nothing.
Other than I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
August, I'm not leaving.
It breaks my heart you thought I would.
Is this about your manhunt? Yeah, kind of.
Um (CLEARS THROAT) Your brother followed me today.
Which would've been an impressive recon op, if it weren't so dangerous.
That's why I had to yell at you, buddy.
I To get you away from those people.
I didn't mean a word of it.
I did.
Believe me, I know.
Um Put me straight.
So you're not really leaving? No.
It's over.
Duke is over because of you.
Nothing inside or outside this box will ever keep me away, ever again.
You know, uh (CLEARS THROAT) Duke is dead.
But he still needs to be cremated.
So, what do you say we take this fake cowboy badass and his crap aftershave and light him up? Once and for all? Huh? Although we climb Uh, Dad, I got a question about Duke.
All right, buddy.
Uh As many as you want.
Stella, you, too.
I will tell you what I can.
What was he like? Uh, he, uh, he pretended a lot.
To be happy.
To feel whole.
- To, um - To be in love? Yeah.
He pretended there, too.
But after your mom, it was, um Yeah.
We pretended a lot, too.
As we grow, so, too, will our love Come from out of the shadows Why don't we, uh, why don't we say goodbye? - (CHUCKLES) - WALKER: Once and for all.
Come from out of the shadows Now we know So, too, will our love Come from out of the shadows Now we know So, too, will our love Come here.
Come back.
Come from out of the shadows Now we know So, too, will our love Come from out of the shadows Now we know.

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