Walker (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Bar None

1 You could lose your job on Monday.
I almost always could lose my job, Micki.
- It's part of the fun.
- Yes.
So fun being partners with the guy who's costing the department 200 an hour in legal fees.
Yeah, I don't know why I thought the guy would settle.
Hey, by the way, the way I handled it that day, you said I should evolve, - and I know you're not wrong.
- Mm-hmm.
But he did spit in my face.
And you slammed him repeatedly Yeah, I know, I know.
Thing is, it probably won't matter.
I mean, you and I both know it, judges tend to protect the white hat.
I'm not saying it's ideal, okay, or even right, but we don't make the rules.
It's just the way the system works.
It fits the old "I felt threatened, my actions were justified" narrative.
But it still doesn't make it okay.
There's a lot about our jobs we have to accept, and we might not like all of it.
Ain't that right, Denise? Will you please explain to me your thing with that hideous boar? I agree she's hideous.
But she was Emily's favorite thing about this place.
- And the next round's on me - to whoever's sober enough to help.
Next round is always on the house.
Well, the house needs a little help, to be honest.
What is this? Happy birthday, babe! Okay.
Um thank you.
What am I supposed to do with it? First of all, it's not an it.
She's clearly a girl.
Yeah, I'm thinking, um, Denise.
Denise the deer.
It's a boar.
Well, not all things have to be good for them to be good.
You're crazy.
I love you.
You've been back and living with your parents for weeks now.
Can you please change your address? I really don't want your Bed and Bath coupons.
I do.
Oh, wow.
Oh, is that - Uh, my wife's life insurance check.
- Oh.
Didn't realize that was in there.
Uh, Sunday marks a year, so - I'm so sorry, Walker.
- No, it's fine.
It's fine.
I'm fine.
How are Stel and Augie? They want to honor Emily by doing her "favorite thing", camping.
In storm season, in Texas.
- With you.
- Yeah.
But if it's important to 'em, you know, what can you do? Well, you can talk about it if you want.
Okay, uh, it's been a year, yes, but it's just a day, a normal day, no different than any other day.
I'm hanging on Well, Denise, you just had to make this about you.
I thought I was done with this.
Well, Carlos, so did we.
We've been looking into the details about the night that you claim that you killed Emily Walker, and we still have some questions.
You help us out, we might be able to get you a new trial.
- I don't want a new trial.
- Why not? Because I don't want anything to do with you or anyone else.
And I'm done talking with cops, so don't come back.
I Okay.
What do you think? I think that he didn't like your jacket either.
Either? What I also think that he is scared.
Scared of what? What's worse than life in prison? What's waiting for him if he leaves? "Objection.
We take it to a judge, that's what we're gonna get.
This guy's about to spend the rest of his life in prison.
We shouldn't have any questions.
I agree, but I wish that the guy with the answers would talk to us.
Yeah, well, that's why we're gonna need someone on the inside.
All right.
Flashlight Um, do we have all the headlamps? Uh, check.
What is the point of doing this if you're just gonna do it yourself? Look, I'm just trying to make sure we don't repeat - that 2017 fiasco, all right? - Augie has a point.
Who thinks a picnic blanket is a hammock anyway, right? Mom.
Mom did it.
- Oh, Mom.
- Yeah.
- Geri, hey.
- Hey.
I'm just gonna say it, I'm selling the bar.
- What? - I'm sorry, I should have told you sooner.
What do you mean you-you're selling the bar? Yeah, I've had a million developers make offers over the years, and I just I just think it's time.
Uh, one is actually on his way over right now.
Why the sudden rush to get rid of it? Please don't do this.
It's time, Cordi.
Oh, no, no, no.
Hell no, it's not.
Don't do anything.
I'm on my way.
Hey, uh, emergency at the Side Step.
Would you look at that.
A last-minute case.
There's no case.
I'll be right back.
I am pretty sure we could both get arrested for what you just did.
Mm, good thing I'm the one with the handcuffs.
Ah Lobster's my dad's joy, huh? What are you doing? I'm sharing my joy.
- With your mom? - Relax.
Look, she can't tell we're in bed.
See? I'll just tell her we're picking up food at the Olive Garlic.
I would never do anything to embarrass you in front of my parents.
Okay? I also don't lie to my family.
I actually ordered from Olive Garlic.
Doesn't look like you brought breadsticks.
Where's my daughter? Mom? I thought I kept tabs on you, but clearly I missed a thing or two.
Speaking of, maybe you could put on a thing or two.
Once the sale goes through, we'll tear it down in a few weeks.
Don't bother.
She's not serious about selling it.
Actually, I am.
This is Alex.
He's a real estate developer.
Alex, this is the Side Step's Moaning Myrtle.
Actually, it's Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger.
And I'm gonna need to see your credentials.
Your real estate license, your Texas eligibility certificate Alex, can you just give us a minute, please? - Yeah, let's go outside.
- Yeah.
Matter of fact, you too, property cousin, because you see this, uh, see this wreckage over here? This may indicate foul play.
And that means I'm gonna have to shut down the Side Step to investigate.
There will be no sale today, because this is now a crime scene.
You didn't know she was coming? I didn't even know she knew where I lived.
We haven't talked in months.
It's typical Wicked Witch.
Sends no warning.
I'm exaggerating.
I just But don't speak to her.
I mean, like, say hi, obviously, but, like, literally not another word.
You know what? Don't say anything at all.
You know what, even in combat, I've never seen you spin out like this.
Yeah, well, in combat, I didn't have a manipulative PhD in my living room ready to twist every word I utter into some Old Testament condemnation of my entire life.
So just not one word until I get her to leave.
- We good? Okay.
- Yeah.
Hey, Mom, I really wish you would have told me you were coming.
I'm pretty swamped at work So, the two of you cohabiting is a recent development.
Jasmine-scented fabric softener? Not really your vibe, Micki.
Suits you.
- She has good taste.
- Mm.
His name is Trey, Mom.
I didn't think you had my books.
You would like this one, Trey.
Why Avoidant Personality Disorders Choose Law Enforcement.
It's a very good case study about a young Sweet guys speak Spanish.
I'm trying to make an effort here.
I'm sorry for dropping by unannounced, but I didn't know how you'd feel.
It's been so long.
Lunch tomorrow? I think I could fit that in after my appointment.
I have a psych eval tomorrow with a Ranger.
You might know him, actually.
- The guy used excessive force - There it is.
There it is.
What did I say? You're not here to make up, you're here to eviscerate my partner.
Mom, how could you do that? It's a complete conflict of interest.
The cases are actually randomly assigned.
Sure they are.
You know what? No.
I'm not gonna let you do your mind games to my partner.
You really let things go, Denise.
A crime scene, Walker? Are you kidding me? There is no foul play.
This bar is falling apart.
Well, don't you worry, - I'll get to the bottom of it.
- No.
You're not gonna get to the bottom of anything.
You're in denial.
And not just about the bar.
Emily died a year ago.
I feel it, too.
- And tomorrow, you may lose your career.
- Mm.
Look I know that you're dealing with a lot, and maybe focusing on this bar is the easy I mean, how could you even consider selling it? Geri, all the memories we have here.
So you have selective memory, too.
Oh, come on.
My 32nd birthday? Tell me, tell me that wasn't the best night ever.
I am being serious, Walker.
I need a fresh start, and selling this place could be a clean break for me.
Okay, calm down, I can fix it in a day.
Emily was the handyman.
I have seen you swing a hammer.
- Okay? - Yeah.
You can't fix this.
These are foundational problems.
I know it's hard.
I know you don't want to face it.
But it's time to move on.
You can't move on from a crime scene, Geri.
That's ridiculous.
Keys, please.
Lock up, lovebirds.
Remember to shut off the lights and blow out the candles.
I love you, brother.
Happy birthday! Love you.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Oh, we're getting kinky.
Not what you thought.
Uh, I'm just gonna do a little bit of redecorating.
You don't own this place to be making these kinds of decisions.
Oh, come on.
We spend so much time here, it, you know, it's basically like a second home whoa.
All right.
Here, put that somewhere.
- Yeah? Yeah? - Babe.
This is getting a bit - Oh, oh.
- out of control.
I'm fine.
It's fine.
It's nothing.
Ah, here comes the pillow talk.
No, your job is dangerous.
And I know that this makes you really uncomfortable, but I need to be prepared.
We can't just ignore this anymore.
We-we need a will.
Ah, nothing gets my candle lit like a last will and testament.
Out of curiosity, what would you do if I died? I'd marry Geri and I'd work at the Side Step.
You had that on the tip of your tongue.
I mean, what would you do if I died? - If you died? - Mm-hmm.
My life would be over.
I'd grow a crazy widower beard and drink myself blind and come back here every single night just to feel the faintest spark of joy you brought to me.
Then I'd marry Geri and work at the Side Step.
Oh! Gosh.
You light my candle.
Then turn left after the giant oak tree.
Yeah, we're almost finished packing.
I, uh, thought you already finished packing.
I only had one evening look, and this top isn't going to work by the lake and a campfire.
And a flannel just seemed too off-message.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, what exactly is the message here? Honoring Mom.
And obviously we need someone to help us get there 'cause neither one of us can drive.
Look, camping was Mom's favorite thing, and I'm not gonna waste this day just 'cause Dad bailed.
Come on, you don't know that.
Bags in the van.
Oscar Mike in 15.
Gramps, this isn't Nam.
What are you even talking about? - August.
- All right.
Oscar Mike.
"On the move".
You just might make it, kiddo.
- Oh.
- Your dad got held up a little.
Okay, cough it up.
He's not canceling.
He's gonna meet us at the campground.
So leave the attitude and pack your flannel.
Wait, you guys are coming? Nothing slips past this one.
Um, I kind of already made my own backup plan.
Excuse me.
Hey, you made it.
Beautiful ranch.
Gramps, Mawline, this is my ride.
Bonham Walker.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Thought this was a family trip.
So, you're the one I have to win over.
Thank you.
Hoyt Rawlins.
Man, you have seen better days.
Are you getting enough iron in your diet? 'Cause, uh, I do know a guy with a lead on some toothsome Wagyu.
That's very clever.
That's a nice jacket there, Larry.
So, can we cut to the chase? Put our cards on the table.
Tell Hoyt what you need.
- You owe me five bucks.
- I owe you five bucks.
You're moving cells, getting a new bunkmate.
Got it.
All right, what, we need someone shivved? - No, we do not - It's not a problem.
No one is getting shivved.
Doublespeak, I hear you.
All right, who is "not" getting shivved? Carlos Mendoza.
This some sick joke? You put me in a cell with the guy who murdered Emily Walker, I will kill him.
Well, we're gonna have to ask you to resist that urge.
- Why's that? - Because Carlos may know details about Emily's death.
Certain things that he won't tell us.
So you need me to turn on the charm, get Carlos to wag his tongue a bit? We can reduce your sentence.
If you get us details that help our case.
What case? He confessed.
Tell me you imbeciles didn't put the wrong guy away.
What does Cordi think about all this? He doesn't know.
Honestly, neither do we.
It's a hunch we're working on.
We hit a roadblock.
Hoyt, you know I wouldn't be here if I didn't need your help.
Of course I know.
Of course I'm gonna do it.
But if I find out he did kill her y'all are gonna come back to find me with a lot longer sentence.
Look, I got this handled, all right? But I appreciate you.
I don't want your appreciation, I want you to listen.
My mom's psych evals can be career-ending.
Look, you're overreacting.
- I follow a code.
- It is not about a code, it is about perception.
She will make you look guilty, and then she won't ask for a suspension, she'll get DPS to take your badge.
She's trying to punish you to show me that I made the wrong decision by joining the Rangers.
Oh, so you're saying it's your fault.
I'm saying I know her methods and I can help you avoid her traps.
Like I said, I appreciate it, but no need.
I know what I'm doing.
This is part of the process.
Oh, dear God.
Trey says we just got to pull it, like a Band-Aid.
That's your Army medic boyfriend's medical advice? It's either that or the ER.
All right, I'm on a deadline.
Uh, I choose ER, I lose the bar, so just get it over with.
- Three - Yep.
- Two Hey, real quick.
- Mm-hmm.
While I got you nailed down, hear me out about this psych eval.
- Okay, you know what? It's fine.
- No.
No, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop.
You're just gonna make it worse.
I am perfectly fine, all right? I just got to fix this bar by tomorrow.
I thought you were camping.
I thought I wouldn't have a partner trying to slow me down.
I'll do it myself.
No, stop.
Stop it.
I know this hurts, but not as bad as it'll hurt to lose your job, so shut up and hold still.
Just like a Band-Aid.
Ugh, nice job.
Geri got anything 100 proof? We need to sanitize this wound.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is for drinking.
Uh, that, for sanitizing.
Let's see.
Come on.
Okay, all right.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Tough as nails.
Elevate that hand.
Trey, oh, thank you so much for bringing Never mind.
I take that back.
You brought my mom? Yeah, well, we were on our way to lunch and I thought if I said no, you'd yell at me for talking again.
Okay, before you jump down his throat So you're the big bad wolf that's gonna try and make me look like I'm some rotten apple, huh? Cordell Walker, I presume? Yeah.
Look, if you want to come after me, that's fine.
W-Walker, don't give her any more ammo.
Mom, a word outside.
If this is about trying to make a point to your daughter I don't know what Micki told you, but this is not about rotten apples.
- It's about a rotten system.
- Okay.
- Mm.
- Okay.
Let me take a look.
- Let me see that.
- Yeah, it ain't bad.
Yeah, it ain't good.
You're lucky you didn't, uh, hit bone or anything structural.
That's when you get into real problems and issues that are harder to fix.
Okay, I appreciate the metaphor, but this is not about me trying to avoid the anniversary - of my wife's death.
- Oh, whoa, Walker, I was literally talking about your hand, my man.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
No, me no, me, too.
I don't get why you guys have to come.
We're fine on our own.
It's not a big deal.
Stella Blue, you're 17.
I'm not going to let you go camping alone with that boy.
August is gonna be there.
You want to wait until your father gets back, ask him? He's not coming back.
Am I really the only person who sees that? Stella, honey, can I ask you a question? When was the last time you took a deep breath? This fight you're picking, is it a hill to die on? I mean, what's the harm if the boy goes camping with us? I don't even recognize you right now.
After all the grief you gave me for taking in Hoyt Look at me, I'm evolving.
Besides, the girl hasn't smiled much this last year.
Why are you not more concerned about this? 'Cause you got enough concern for the both of us.
Ask yourself: are you upset that your granddaughter asked that boy to go camping? Or are you upset she didn't ask you? All right, you're sure this is the guy he likes? Yeah, he's been reading about this guy all week.
All right, you are a saint, Muj.
Hoyt Rawlins.
What do you got? We got Rufino Tamayo, Illusion and Force.
You got something to say? Sure I do.
I got a lot to say.
That "limited palette" crap? Not really a fan.
With the exception of Niños Jugando con Fuego.
He's my niece's favorite artist.
She wants one of his pieces for her gallery.
Trying to get her to steer clear of his "limited palette crap".
Walker, have you instigated or experienced similar violent encounters in your career? Or personal life? Uh, I'm actually gonna need a nail here, Doctor.
Like this? This how you do it? - Ha-ha, funny.
- Mr.
Walker? Is it true you went undercover only two months after your wife was murdered? That has nothing to do with this.
Except that is something you were coming out of when you did this.
One facet of this evaluation, Mr.
Walker, is to assess the role the death of your wife played in your interaction with Jordan.
All right, stop talking about her.
Dude, this is the stuff she will dig in on.
And if she gets to you in front of a judge, you will lose.
So, Mr.
Walker, what can you recall of the time between Emily's - murder - You know what? Enough, all right? Let them come after my badge! I will be damned if I let you make this about my wife! Ah, well, last stop till we get to the campsite, huh? - Here you go, son.
- That's Cordell's.
He's not coming.
We don't know that.
These are counted.
I want your dad not to go hungry.
Cordell's a grown man.
He can figure it out for himself.
There you go, son.
All right, uh, you know what? I spy with my little eye something that starts with a T.
Tire iron.
Where do you spy a tire iron? There's one in the trunk.
That doesn't count.
Do you know the rules? Yes, ma'am.
Is it tire iron? It is not.
How about trees? How about trespasser? Uh, topsoil.
We're standing on it.
I like this kid.
I spy smoke.
- It's still my turn.
- I'm not playing.
There's smoke coming out of the hood! Carlos talked.
What do you mean? It's impossible.
It's only been two hours.
Oh, don't be jealous.
If everyone had my gift, there'd be no one left to do all the paperwork.
All right, what'd he say? He said he loves art.
He and his, uh, niece, they lean towards the surrealist taste.
You know, limited palette stuff.
Okay, we're done.
Come on, do you think I got to where I am because I listen to what people say? He didn't have to tell me a damn thing.
Sometimes it's not about what people let out.
It's what they let in.
Like Edaravone.
My buddy Muj did a little research for me.
It's a drug to treat ALS.
Carlos has Lou Gehrig's disease? Mm-hmm, I saw him take it.
Explains the track marks.
He's not a drug addict.
He's dying.
None of that was in his file.
He's getting it through other channels.
Meaning he doesn't want people to know.
'Cause who better to take the fall for a crime they didn't commit than someone who's already dying? Is it still dead? Yeah.
This is fun.
Remember how we worked on your daddy's old truck last year? Yep.
Pull the dipstick, check the oil.
Yeah, you've always had a knack for this.
You get that from your mama.
Why are you being like this? - Handy? - Harsh.
With Trevor.
Stella I'm just aware.
Everything you've been through, we're taking some extra care.
Whether you like it or not, we are.
And we don't know that boy.
That boy is my friend.
I wanted to hold you a little closer today.
Today of all days.
I thought we all needed a moment just for that.
I never meant to hurt you, Mawline.
But Trevor? He gets this.
More than you think.
Try it now, Bon! Hey! Yeah, Stella! Back in the car, dipstick.
Walker, did you apologize to Mr.
Green after you were out of line? Are we still doing this? I'm still doing this.
For your benefit.
You keep losing your cool, so again Mr.
Walker, did you apologize to Mr.
Green after you were out of line? Well, I didn't have the chance.
No, you just admitted you were out of line.
Okay, let's change the approach.
Given the circumstances, Mr.
Walker, did you believe that Jordan had the upper hand? Yes, he had the upper hand.
Good! You're much bigger than Jordan, Mr.
You've had years of training.
So exactly why do you believe he had the upper hand? Well, we were outnumbered.
Was physical violence the only means necessary to control the situation? Or is that just your default reaction? The hell's that supposed to mean? Just means how long before you chose to use force? It wasn't a choice.
So your actions were justifiable? You know what? Screw this.
Were your actions justifiable or not? Were yours? Were your lack of actions justifiable? Excuse me? If you thought I was out of line, why didn't you step in? Huh? Why didn't you stop me? Is it because you act tough but when life gets hard, you run away? Because your default is avoidance.
I mean, that's what you're doing with your mom.
After all this time, she is finally here.
And what do you do? You run away to prep me for a hearing we both know is going my way.
No, do not make this about me, okay? You are the one with the lawsuits.
The history of pissing people off, so screw you! You should be thankful I-I'm here on a Sunday trying to help my stupid partner not lose his badge.
Only to be dragged into some deluded effort of fixing a structural issue with cheap, old brackets.
All right, then.
Why don't you look around? Looks like those cheap, old brackets done did the deed.
So much for foundational issues, huh? Oh, this garbage repair work is your response to my serious - Walker, stop it! - Fine! Fine! You were right.
This was about her.
You happy? You know, that's the bottle you said's for sanitizing.
So we finally ready to accept what that was all about? 'Cause I think we need to talk.
About what? I failed.
That's all there is to say.
This was Emily's place.
And today was a tough day.
It's okay to be sad.
I'm not sad.
I'm pissed.
Pissed that the only time I didn't feel like crap was when I was pretending to be Duke Culpepper.
Pissed that scum like Jordan get to live and Emily doesn't.
Pissed that me saying I felt threatened and my actions were justified is my Get Out of Jail Free card, 'cause that's not true.
I don't think I ever felt threatened by the guy.
I pushed it with Jordan because that's who I am.
I'm pissed.
You're right.
You have to actually deal with your feelings.
And not run away from them.
Otherwise you are going to continue to be pissed.
And getting away with it Is only gonna make it worse.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
You know, I, um I made a promise to Emily that I would give her and the kids a better world.
When she stopped being in it, I think a part of me just stopped trying.
I failed, too.
I didn't step in when I should've.
It was easier to avoid it.
And that's what I do with my mom.
'Cause I don't want to face the fact that she might be right about me.
And honestly? She may be right about you.
God, I just I wish she was just wrong sometimes.
Yeah, damn you Ramirezes.
For convincing me to plead guilty.
Probably get a suspension.
Keep my badge.
You are your mother's daughter.
Whether you like it or not.
I don't like it.
I'm proud of you.
Cordell? Dad, hey.
I need a favor.
I need you to turn around.
Didn't think I'd find you here, Mom.
And let you eat takeout for the third day in a row? Not happening.
So how was today? You know no amount of coaching is gonna prepare him for me.
I know.
And he knows, too.
Which is why he's pleading guilty.
And did he reach this decision all by himself? I may have helped him a little.
And you may have, too.
Were you actually randomly assigned my partner's case? Hell no.
You think I'd pass up a chance to teach my daughter a lesson? Follow you When I go out at night, I follow you What's up? I had a great time.
When? 'Cause the trip failed.
And before that, our car failed.
And even our game failed.
That's not a failure to me.
I never had any of that growing up.
I see it as a win.
Well, if that's all it takes to strike your fancy, feel free to stop by the ranch on laundry day.
Right here You know the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body? - Dad! - What? I read that somewhere.
Fine, I'll play nice.
Cordell Walker.
Relax, son.
We're not gonna have the "what are your intentions with my daughter" talk.
Well, not tonight.
He's joking.
Kind of.
But I am a Ranger.
And if I catch you joking around with her Okay.
Okay, let's go.
I'm not done threatening him, Stella.
- Good night, now.
- All right, hotshot, let's go.
In the car.
You know what? It has a very interactive theatre feel to it.
Ew! Dude.
Yeah, I failed this place.
But I failed you two even more.
I needed to honor today, not run from it.
So what better way to celebrate your mom than camping right here? Her favorite thing at her favorite place.
- Feels right.
- Actually, it wasn't your mom's favorite thing.
Your mom hated camping.
But she always said it's important to know that "not all things have to be good for them to be good".
Are you sure? That doesn't sound like a thing people say.
Your mom did.
Yeah, she-she had some, uh, some nonsensical phrases, but she always looked on the bright side of things.
For instance, she may have hated camping, but she loved the confused look on Augie's face when he woke up.
Hey, you know, it-it takes me a while to remember where I'm at.
- Oh.
- So And she loved how you always found new ways to set up a tent.
I did crush it with the improvised picnic blanket, by the way, but nobody seems to remember that part.
Yeah, well, she does.
Or, she, uh she would have.
All right, let's get set up.
All right, Romeo.
Round trip.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
And, ma'am, um, I'm sorry if I said anything that upset you.
I just want you to know that Stella's a great girl, and I really appreciate what this trip meant to y'all.
I lost my mom recently, too.
Condolences, son.
I'm sorry about that, Trevor.
Well, then you know how it can knock a family back off its heels for a minute.
Have a good night.
Trevor! Who's cooking for you right now? Will will you at least take these? Thank you.
I appreciate it.
I spy a heart melting.
Don't start.
No, I'm talking about me.
That right there? Eased a bit of the butt-hurt when we turned around.
Well, I guess it's hot dogs and Jeopardy! Hell no.
Camping trip doesn't have to end just 'cause the kids are gone.
Maybe it's time we focus on ourselves for a change.
You gave away all our food.
Bonham Walker, you brag day in and day out about how you can kill a boar with your bare hands.
I think it's high time you prove it.
Somewhere, someone's sleeping Somewhere, someone's weeping Somewhere, someone's listening You got them to sleep way earlier than I ever did.
Record spinning Sing to me now, right out your window I'm sorry I couldn't save this place.
Now that it's simple I'm scared it's not the only thing beyond repair.
That's not true.
Might have taken a while today, but you figured it out.
And yes, there's some fixing to be done.
But that takes time.
Not all things have to be good for them to be good.
Prove that we can last That phrase makes no sense, babe.
And that there gives me a reason.
Before we dig in, one more thing.
I brought a surprise.
Skillet snickerdoodle.
I had Mawline pack it.
Um, your mom made that the day before Um - your mom made that - Here.
I got it.
So, that's the last thing that she ever left us.
I suppose so.
Uh, it's freezer burnt.
And it's probably gone bad, so I understand if you don't No.
It's perfect.
- Hey.
- Wow.
I-I can explain.
Hi! Hi.
Easy fix, huh? Just one beam? - Did he tell you that, too? - Yeah, so, the thing is, there were these, uh, cheap old brackets It's fine.
The guy made an offer.
It's a complete teardown, building condos.
For all I know, you just gave him a head start.
They're gonna tear this down? I wouldn't if I bought it.
Wait, what if we bought it? With the money from Mom's life insurance.
I mean, there'd be enough to redo the place.
And it's not so bad.
Well, it is, but we could fix it.
Turn it into a family place.
It's what Mom would've wanted.
We'll match the bid.
What do you say? Sounds like you got another offer.
It sounds like I got a better one.
Will you just take care of her for me? Oh, and, uh, don't worry.
I'll make sure that Denise doesn't go anywhere.
But Denise, I thought I finally got rid of you this time.
What're you looking at? I was mulling over what Hoyt said about Carlos's niece.
- Yeah? - Her love of art.
Look at this.
She owns that gallery? Yeah, right across the border.
Reynosa, Mexico.
Look at the recent sales.
- 50 Gs for one painting.
- I mean, come on, that's a big sale for a small gallery in a poor town.
- Look at the repeat purchases.
- - Wired from a bank here in Austin.
- Look at the first purchase date.
That's two days after Emily was murdered.
- Hush money? - Yeah.
So where's it coming from? Mm-mm.
Someplace called Straw Ring, LLP? Who the hell is that? You're not gonna believe this.
Hmm? That's Geri's LLP for the Side Step.
I wanted to apologize for my choice of words yesterday.
Nail through the hand never brings the best out of him.
- Well, that's good of you to say.
- Yeah.
And I I know I have more to apologize for.
I imagine we'll get to that inside.
- Let's go.
- Adriana Ramirez? Dr.
Well, Dr.
Ramirez, I have a felony warrant for your arrest.
What? Mom, what is this? This has to be a mistake.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, buddy.
I met a guy from your rodeo pictures.
That "Duke" guy.
Not possible.
Duke is dead, son.
He's not.
He's a Texas Ranger.
And I think he's the reason you're behind bars.

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