Walker (2021) s02e18 Episode Script

Search and Rescue

Colton? Colton, come on.
Wake up.

Wake up.
Oh, my God.

Colton! Oh, my God, come on.

Hey, you're okay.
Just focus on me.

Just focus on me.

Colton, wake up.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Put this under your head.

We gotta call help.

My phone is cracked.

Um, stay here, okay?
Don't move.

- Stel?
- Uncle Liam?
- Stel, what's going on?
- Hey, um, no, no, listen.

We're at Hill Country State Park.

Something happened.

I'm with Colton,
and we really need help
right now.

So you can see my dilemma.

Honestly, I stopped listening
about 30 seconds ago.

Ye Okay.
So Stella told me
she started seeing the Davidson kid,
which, of course, I support.

You know, I-I want to support.

Because you and Denise
used to loveeach other.

No, no, we didn't We were kids.

Yeah, well, I like that you felt
the need to engage on that.

On the other hand,
if Liam and I are correct
about this whole saddle thing,
then that changes everything
and reignites the family feud.

So what you're saying is
happy hour therapy?
Yes, that is exactly
what I'm saying right now.

Walker, my office, please.

Not right now.
Rain check.

But you'll think on my dilemma.

- Yeah?
- Every waking hour, partner.

- Cap.

- Yeah.

Uh, you remember Rita Vyas, right?
Miles Vyas' wife.

You want me to grab Cass?
Grab the door, actually.

Of course.

All right, you know I don't like to
admit that you taught me something.

But you did last year.

- Okay.

- I learned that
if one of my best Rangers has
a gut instinct about something,
I should never completely
close that door.

You were right about Emily, right?
Are you thinking
Cass was right about Miles?
Did you get a lead?
I stayed in touch with Rita,
just to kind of keep tabs,
you know, just in case.

She called me last night
about Captain Fenton.

Said he's been acting erratic,
leaving in the middle
of the night, et cetera.

So Rita followed him, and she
saw him with someone.

With-with Miles? Or saw him with
someone who looked like Miles?
Well, she wouldn't go that far.

She didn't want to get caught.

She got spooked,
but she gave me an address.

Yeah, yeah, let's run it down.

Worst case, we give
a widow some closure.

- Okay.

- But, uh, Cap
I know, I know, you want to tell Cassie.

- Or at least understand why we aren't.

- Look,
the spiral that I saw you go through,
that I helped put you through?
I don't want to kickstart that with her
if this is just false hope.

Look, give me two hours.

Two hours.
If it's real,
she's the first call.

You got it.
Two hours.

- Let's do it.

- All right.

Does that make it an official date?
We're grading on a curve, William.

I met Lucas when we were 16.

Oh, you are so not ready for this,
- and it is so charming.

- I'm sorry, what's that?
Oh, not in a judgy way,
it's just you seem like a man
of few long relationships
that likes to stretch
what the definition of a date is.

You don't think I'm ready for
anything serious yet,
which is supposed to not be judgy.

A number of things came out
wrong in this conversation.

What gave it away?
I'm sorry, it's just my head.

I'm just
I'm in a million places right now.

Well, I don't think
I'm gonna hear anything
about your dating life
till you tell me whatever's going on.

All right, let me guess.

The, uh, David family?

- What, Cassie told you?
- Yeah.

- We're taking baby steps.

- Well,
I'm starting to think that they cheated
in that horse race before.

Cut a saddle.
If I'm right
It would nullify the agreement.

The land would revert to your family.

Man, she really did get you up to speed.

And-and this is gonna
sound selfish,
but leaving the DA's office
and dealing with all this land deed,
it hasn't exactly been my year.

I wouldn't hate putting a point
on the board with my family.

That's not selfish.

You're just saying that.

The only issue I see is
you're talking to the wrong guy
about the cheating.

What are you saying,
that I should just go
- straight at the Davidsons?
- Yeah.

Sounds like you don't know
if someone was in it alone,
or if the whole family was in on it.

You're a lawyer.

Don't you depose people?
Catch 'em in lies, shake the trees?
Say things like, "I'm gonna
nail your ass to this table.
Oh, wow.
We do not.

We don't say "nail your ass
to the table" in real life.

But depose the Davidsons
That, I could do.

I got this moment in time,
I got this world on a string ♪
I got these dreams in my mind ♪
I got a heart as big as the world ♪
I got these stars in my eyes ♪
I got the sun on my face ♪
I'm not just going to try,
'cause I got this ♪
Okay, game plan.

It's a four-mile hike there and back,
and the app says "moderately strenuous.
Moderately is a lie.

Once "strenuous" comes into play
Oh, you don't think you can keep up?
Oh, dude, I can keep up.

So you did this hike with your mom?
Not this one, but
hiking and camping,
it was really big with her.

I know this isn't a normal first date
No, no, it's perfect.


You seriously only brought SPF 15?
It's like zero coverage.

Almost perfect.


All right, with this I'm either
bronzing or I'm burning.
You know,
- it's a fast ride to burn.

- Hey, Augie,
you said you were meeting
a friend here, right?
Do you think maybe
you should go meet her?
All right, all right,
I'm leaving.

Hey, Augie!
'Cause there ain't no stopping me ♪
Go be with your friend.

'Cause there ain't no stopping ♪
And I'll see you
at the trail cutoff at 4:00.

Got it.

Ready to explore the wilderness?
Ain't no stopping me ♪
Well, that don't look good.

No, it doesn't.

You don't live here anymore,
so you can't just show up
- whenever you feel like it.

- I just have a question.

- I just have one question to ask.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's going on here?
Our old neighbor here
has some questions about the race.

We have reason to believe that the race
and the contract that binds it
is now null and void.

Oh, God.

And-and why would that be?
Because a Davidson tampered
with Cordi's saddle.

So I'm just here to find
out if one of you
acted alone, or if you're all in on it.

Wow, you are incredible, Liam, really.

You must have proof.

That is a very big thing to say.

Oh, it's so interesting that you'd be
the first person to go there, Daniel.

Who had a bigger incentive
to tamper with this race?
You get to impress your family,
you stay close to home.

Okay, so you think Dan cut the saddle?
You're reaching here.

I didn't need to tip the scales to win,
and you didn't say anything about proof.

You know, ever since the day of the race
my father hasn't been able to find
his leather detailing knife.

It's a pretty coincidental
leather-working tool
to just go missing, wouldn't you say?
People lose things in a move, Liam.

Maybe you used it, and then
you threw away the evidence.

Oh, yeah.
You've never
been good with probable cause.

Oh, yeah? And who was right about that?
You broke my taillight.

That cost me $200.

And as far as I can tell,
that cost you a career.

You know that that race
was your lifeline
to stay in a family that didn't
even want you anymore.

So you figured: criminal, liar.

Why not just throw "cheat" into the mix,
and you'd get the guest house?
Oh, my God.

I came to you to try
and call off this race,
and instead, you rigged it.

Just shows what kind of man you are.

Okay, you know what, that's
You don't just come over
- I'm not trying to hide my play!
- Liam!
Your job is to know when
people are lying, right?
'Cause I've seen that look before.

That look is defeat.

It's the same look your brother had
when I won that race.

We're not lying.

Admit it.

Why didn't you come to
me with this saddle business first?
- Cordi and I didn't want to
- Oh
we didn't want to give you false hope
if we couldn't deliver.

Well, hell, your brother's
wrapped up in this?
This why the sudden
interest in my tools?
Daddy, your leather detailing
knife just goes missing?
I mean, you're so meticulous.

You must have thought about this.

Did it ever dawn on you that I'm
trying not to think about it?
That every time I do
it makes it that much
harder for me to make peace
with the fact that
that I'm working my family's old land?
I-I'm sorry, I wasn't
Your heart's in the right place,
son, it's just that
we don't need this acrimony.

They are lying to us, Dad.

I just need to peel one of 'em off.

Hey, Bonham, can we talk for a second?
Should've seen this coming.

I mean, look, it's not that I don't
appreciate everything, but, um

It means a lot.

All you've done for the ranch.

Thank you, Bonham.

Walker" is fine.

Told you not to mess with me.

All right, all right.

Well, bar games aside,
it sounds to me like
you're at a crossroads.

- No, it's-it's not like that.

- Mm.

Isn't it, though?
My lease is up at the bungalow
and I need a new apartment.

- Mm-hmm.

- That's pretty straightforward.

- Right.

- Not to mention I think somebody here
might be projecting.

You're still living
out of that motel off Lamar,

Well, for your information, I'm not.

They're shutting it down.


They want you out that bad?
Oh yes!
- Still got it.

- Hell yeah.

Oh, I'm so happy you're here! Yes.

All right, uh, Angela, this is Trey.

Trey, this is Angela.

She is, among other things,
about to kick your ass in darts.

- Okay, it is on.

- Mm-hmm.

All right? Pleasure to meet you, Angela.

Well, thank you for the invite.

The shift I just had was
Yeah, I-I got it.

- Another round on me.

- Yes.

- Yeah.

- What kind of shift we talking?
- Uh, Children's Hospital.

- Ooh.

Man, that's, wow.

What line of work?
EMS choppers, mostly.

You know, split time between them
and flying for Austin Rescue.

You heard of us?
The search and rescue outfit?
Of-of course I've heard of you.

Y'all saved that, um,
that football team,
when their bus drove into the
Brazos River last week, right?
But at 2-8, did
they really deserve it?
I guess that's debatable.


- Uh, you want to
- Yeah, yeah.

See what you got.

- Ooh, yes.

- Yeah.

Hey, so we're straight up
mountain climbing now.

Hey, you're the one who just had to do
the Starr Valley Trail last minute.

Should we turn back?
Why? You afraid of a little climb?
Oh, it always has to be a race
between our families, huh?
Oh, so now this is a race?
Got it.

Hey, you see those flowers?
Oh, Stella, I-I'm so flattered,
but you can't pick anything in a park.

No, I mean fastest one there.

I'll even give you honors.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.


- Ready?
- Yeah.

Set go!
Can't shake this energy ♪
Like an engine on a big jet plane ♪
Make no mistake ♪
Seven, eight, nine.

Not bad.

Can't be contained ♪
We could have it all ♪
We could have it all ♪
Don't stop to think, that'll
only slow you down, now ♪
17, 18, 19
I'm here, I got it.

- These?
- Uh-huh.

The things I do
Gotta get it while you can ♪
'Cause time is a-wasting ♪
Time is a-wasting ♪
Run, don't walk
if you really want it bad ♪
- It's yours for the taking ♪
- Oh!
Colton?! Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.
No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
That was close.

You don't look okay.
You're bleeding.

No, we gotta go.

We gotta keep going.

Um, let's get to your mom.

She's waiting for us.

No, we're alone
in the middle of nowhere.

And my mom
Colton?! Colton?
Wake up.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

We gotta call help.

Um Stay here, okay?
Don't move.

- Stel?
- Uncle Liam?
- Stel.
What's going on here?
- Hey.
Um, no, no, listen.

We're at Hill Country State Park.

Something happened.

I'm with Colton,
and we really need help
right now.

Ah, damn it.
how are you this late?
You've been saying that
for half an hour,
and you still don't have any bars.

Okay, you know what, maybe she just got
overly ambitious on a trail.

Or they're off sucking face,
and super don't want you around.

Definitely did not need that image.

We're supposed to meet everyone
at the Continental Club,
and we're already gonna be late.

I'm gonna run.

Are you sure you want to stay here?
I'm sorry, I really have to
go find my sister, mostly so
I can kill her for this.

Okay, Augie, good luck.

Okay, what did she say, exactly?
- It was only seven seconds.

- Well, in those seven seconds.

She said she's in the park with Colton,
and she didn't say this,
but August is there, too.

We're looking at a thousand acres.

At least we know the terrain.

Well, Stella knows not to go off trail,
so that narrows it down.

Anything else from the kids?
- Not since the SOS.

- We'll just see you out there.

Okay, wait, wait, wait.

Okay, whatever has gone on between us,
it's our kids out there.

We've got long-range radios, all right?
What do you say we divide and conquer?
Yeah, sure.
Uh, what did you
have in mind?
Well, um, uh, Bonham and I will
stay and make base camp.

You guys can use your truck
to go off road,
and Liam, he'll hoof it.

Use channel three.

Hey, wait! Hey, Dan!
All the kids, Dan.

Yes, all the kids, Liam.

I'm not drawing lines with the family.

- All the kids!
- Okay.
I'm glad we're on the same page.

Has anyone been able to
get ahold of Cordell?
I mean, I've been trying to reach him.

Well, looks pretty
damned abandoned to me.

Well, who knows?
Maybe Captain Fenton was
using it as a safe house for his CIs.

All right, I'll see if anyone's inside.

- But, uh
- Yeah.
I don't know,
maybe Rita was jumping at ghosts, huh?

Okay, check it out.

Yes, sir.

Texas Rangers, open up.

Texas Rangers!
Cap, um
you're gonna want to see this.

Liam knows no bottom.

No, but you handled it fine.

You know, I saw the way you looked at me
when he said that I cut the saddle.

Will you please just focus on Colton?
You think I did it, don't you?
Look, you don't want me to say
the quiet parts out loud, so
What does that mean?
I don't know.
The cameras.

Going behind my back to get a plea deal.

I think that cheating is right there
in your wheelhouse.

And you haven't even said
that you didn't do it yet.

And can you please just think of Colton?
He needs one parent that can show up
and be responsible.

Will one person just
believe me when I speak?
Colton! Stella, hey!
Colton, Stella,
your rescue party is here and


Is that August? August!
- August! Hey.

- Augie!
- Oh, my God.

- August!
- Augie!
- Help.
August! August!
- Help! Ah
- Hold on!
- Help!
- I'm coming!
August, hang in there!
I got you.

I got you.
Turn, turn over on your back.

- Okay.

- Kick.
I got you.


There you go.

- Are you okay?
- What are you doing here?
Actually, you know what,
who cares? I'm glad you're here.

Are you okay?
Look, your sister called.

She could be in trouble.

Do you know where she is?
Look, we were supposed
to meet here at 4:00.

She and Colton were late,
so I headed here.

I know where they're headed.
Let's go.

All right, we've got August.

Pulled him out of some rapids.

Denise is taking him back to base camp.

Stella and Colton are on
the Scenic Overlook Hike.

I'm headed to the trail.

Copy that.
I'll meet you there.

Okay, we've got to apply
pressure to stop the bleeding.

No, I know.
I think I'm gonna
close my eyes for a little bit.

The last thing
that you should do is sleep.

I think you have a concussion.

What, even if I'm tired?

Hey, just look at me.

I kinda want to keep you around.

Why? Because you like me?
Stel, you think we're cursed?
Starting to feel that way, isn't it?
But cursed brought us together, so
Well, here's to cursed.

- Ow.

- Okay.
Um, maybe no more toasts.


Hey, we're down here!
Colton's hurt, and he needs a medic!
Okay, okay.
Stay right there, okay?
I'm gonna be right down!
Oh, my God.

Whoa, whoa.

The hell are you doing? You're
gonna get yourself killed.

No, Colton is down there
- and needs our help.

- Colt Colton!
- Colton, are you okay, son?
- I don't know!
He's been in and out of consciousness!
All right, I'm coming down there!
Okay, we need a plan.
We can't
We can't free-climb
It's too dangerous.

I know.
I know.

- Uh, the trail's gonna take an hour.

- I know, I know.
You're right.

Colton might not have an hour.

I have an idea.

Oh, what do you suggest?
You are so full of it.

Seriously, it was not a setup.

- Mm-hmm.

- Mm.

Though now I kind of wish it was.

You're my two most badass friends.

Come on.

You want to hear a joke?
I just don't know if I'm ready
for all that yet.

Because of the lease.

Because the bungalow might be
about more than just a lease,
- yes.

- Oh, I knew it.

And you said I was projecting.

- Which I was.

- Ha!
But, also, I was right,
because I can be all the things.

Look, nothing's wrong
with hurting, Trey.

It's the lying to yourself
that's gonna mess you up.


What's good?
Wait, wh-where are you?
Uh, yeah, we're-we're on our way.

Oh, excuse me.

Um, I think I can do you one better
than Ranger resources.

What happened?
We have a problem.

- What's going on?
- So
how far is your helicopter?
You're sure it's okay,
us joining like this?
We're all volunteers.

A lot of ex-military like you.

The Bat-Signal goes up to all rescuers,
and whoever's available gets to work.

Missing children.

Swift water rescues.
You name it,
we do it.
And pretty damn well.

Well, unless you aren't up
for it.
I can get you
a name tag and a welcome gift
when we're back.

High altitudes are definitely my thing.

Back in Kandahar, they used
to call me Tip-Top-Trey.

Okay, then.

Load in.

- Sure think.

- All right.

Well, after you, Tip-Top.

- Thanks, Angela.

- You got it.


Whoa, whoa.

- Check.

- That's everything?
This is Tom.

Tom, Trey Barnett.

Cassie Perez.
With the Rangers.

Uh, you fly out of
Children's Hospital, too?
Fifth grade
10th St.

And this is Steve.
He's our crew chief.

And a paralegal.

Hey, Steve.

Oh, God.

Is this a, uh Is this a terrible time
to mention I'm afraid of heights?
You go to the climbing
gym, like, every week.

Yeah, exactly.

Not in a giant hunk of metal
that's blowing around in the breeze
that could kill me at any minute.

Really kicking us off
with the good vibes, Cass.

Well, good news.
Comms work.

- I have the controls.

- You have the controls.

Oh, my God.

Whoo-hoo ♪
Hey ♪
Whoo-hoo ♪
Hey ♪
Lights, camera, action ♪
Can't tell us nathon,
turn the whole crowd ♪
To a celebration ♪
And the ladies
and the fellas wait on ♪
'Bout to make the spot blow
like it's napalm, uh ♪
Headline, I'm the dopest ♪
Onstage, I turn a vibe ♪
To a moment ♪
No less than fly when I goes in ♪
Close out time after time ♪
Like I own it ♪
Turn the lights on ♪
A sheep to a lion ♪
I'm the one everybody got
they eyes on, great ♪
On your mark, get set ♪
All hands on deck ♪
From the right to the left
Give 'em something
they won't forget ♪
Y'all ready?
We're just a few klicks
from the location.

Going out of control ♪
Whoa-ho ♪
I came to put on a show ♪
Whoa-ho ♪
You already know ♪
Whoa-ho ♪
So let's start the show ♪
Lighting the torch.

Wind's picking up.

You doing all right back there?
- Yep.

- Oh, yeah.

- We're good.

- Yeah.

They're on their way.

Just a little while longer, okay?
Most memorable first date ever.

I think your memory
is gonna be a little spotty on this one.

You are not hidden ♪
There's never been a moment ♪
You were forgotten ♪
You are not hopeless ♪
Got 'em.

Your innocence stolen ♪
I hear you ♪
We need to get those kids up
in a harness.

Underneath ♪
Down here!
Come on, Tip-Top.

This is you.

SOS, your SOS ♪
Ready the rope.

I will send out an army ♪
To find you ♪
In the middle of the darkest night ♪
It's true ♪
You have done this before, right?
I will send out an army ♪
To find you ♪
In the middle of the
darkest night, it's true ♪
Oh, Stella.
Are you okay?
I'm good.
Yeah, he took a fall
straight to the head.

I tried to stop
the bleeding, keep him awake,
- but
- You're good.
You're good, okay?
Everything you two did
is great.
Hey, Colton,
I need you to track this for me.

Reach you in the middle
of the hardest fight ♪
It's true, I will rescue you ♪
All right, Stella.
Help me load him up.

I hear the whisper underneath ♪
There you go.

Your breath ♪
Let me get the rope.

Whisper you have nothing left ♪
Patient's secured! Pull him up!
I will send out an army ♪
To find you in the middle
of the darkest night ♪
It's true ♪
I will rescue you ♪
I will never stop marching ♪
To reach you in the middle
of the hardest fight ♪
It's true ♪
I will rescue you ♪
Oh, I will rescue you.

What if I told you
this will all be all right? ♪
I'm fine.

I'm just
I'm really sorry about all this.

Oh, it's fine, sweetie.
We just
We're just glad
and happy that you're okay.

Stella Walker.

That was some real grace
under fire back there.

It's mostly just what Coach taught me.

Thank you
for everything.

He's gonna be okay, right?
Yeah, I
I think so.
Because of what you did.


Cass here knows how to get ahold of me.

If you ever want to fly with us,
don't be a stranger.

Always keep on hoping ♪
That goes for you, too.

Of a cold and cloudy day ♪
Tell yourself it's all all right ♪
Any update from the EMTs?
Uh, they said concussion.

The, uh, bleeding should stop
with some stitches.

Think we avoided
the worst-case scenario there.

Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Listen, Dan
We were never meant
to be friends, were we?
Hands we were dealt.

I mean, it's funny
to think about, though.

- Right? That alt world of things.

- Yeah.

Yeah, me as your attorney in Thalia?
It's all gone ♪
Well, you got to get to the hospital.

Should get to your niece.


Every cold and cloudy day ♪
Look, I-I got to say,
that first punch,
that first domino between us
It could've been different.
Well, like you said, those are
the hands we were dealt.

thank you.

For today.

You know, I, um,
I might've goaded you
into that first sucker punch.

Now he admits.

It was your fault, though.

- It's all all right ♪
- Yeah.


- Hey.

- Hey.


Decided to pull the trigger?
- Yep.

- Wow.

Just gotta officially
sign the lease at the, uh
The Berryhill.

- Yeah.

- Wow.

That sounds stately.

What is it, an English manor?
Lord Barnett.

Well, I, uh I took my
own PhD advice, too.

Did a little apartment hunting.

- No home runs yet, but
- Huh.

- Well, look at us closing up chapters.

- Yeah.

Well, just gotta figure out
where the next place will be.

Maybe the Berryhill.

Okay, wait.
Are you pitching roommates?
Hell no.

- Oh
- No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.

Maybe a couple of floors apart
wouldn't suck.

- Ah.
James needs me.

- Duty calls.

- I will schedule a tour of that place.

- Okay.

Later, roomie.

- Absolutely not.

- Uh-huh.

- No, that is not a thing.

- It's happening.

He's resting.

Colton dating a Walker
is definitely gonna be eventful.

You know, there's, um,
there's something I've been
turning over about that.

The Walkers.

I mean, that's all
we ever do, isn't it? Yeah.

I mean, after all these years, Denise,
I can still misread you.

When Liam came over, I thought I saw
accusation in your eyes.

And I'm used to that, I guess,
just being on the wrong side of things,
but that wasn't it, was it?
It was recognition.

You know, Liam knocked over
that first domino,
but you and that look,
that was the second one.

Oh, look
we are both sleep-deprived,
and you're not making any sense.

You're not answering the question.

You're talking about dominoes.
Where's the question?
You did it.

You cut the saddle, didn't you?
What? We won.
You won.

What are What are we talking
Because you tried to get me
to take the fall.

That is revisionist.

No, no, no, it's smart.

Because I'm the one with the record,
and you're squeaky clean.

And everything that I've done
for this family, everything,
hasn't made a lick of difference to you.

No one is saying that.

Yes, you're saying it.

And you know you're saying it.


Dan, don't leave.


You know, one of these days
we're gonna have a date
that doesn't involve
an audible or a make-up.

Or a legal brainstorm.

Or anybody being judgy.

Well, me being judgy.

I seem to do that with people.

It's something I should work on.

Well, part of you is right.

Am I ready for something serious?
Almost certainly not.

- So I get to take back that apology.

- No.

No, let's keep it on the table
for the next time you screw up.

Just one thing ♪
I'm also saying you're
just as much of a mess as I am.

You know, in this moment,
I do feel quite messy.

All I gotta do is grow on up ♪
Then we're on the same page.

That's perfect.

Kissing you, yeah, makes me happy ♪
Holding you is so divine ♪
I can't ♪
William, you here?
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Uh, Ben, how are you?
Good to see you again.

The pleasure's mine.

Liam, uh, Dan came by the house,
and he, uh, well, he's on his way here.

He wanted to talk to you Uh, us.

Yeah, uh, I'm-I'm so sorry.

Just two seconds.
Uh, you know, just saying
a knock might have been helpful.

Well, when you want privacy,
you might want to pick
someplace a little more intimate
than your brother's bar.

Is this how you treat your dates?
Dan, what's this about?
Denise threw the race.

She cut the saddle.

You were right, Liam.

Dan, are you saying
I'm just here to help you
guys get your home back.

I'm starting to think
we're the bad guys here,
and I don't want to be
on this side anymore.

Where the liquid fire
filled his lungs and his eyes ♪
Silenced any mortal cries ♪
- Let's have a drink.

- Cold and the grip ♪
Of death's stinging pain ♪
He fought like hell
to keep the wolves away ♪
You guys okay?

There's, uh, something
we need to talk about.

- Well
- Yeah.

you might want to take a seat.

Hey, Cassie.


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