Walker (2021) s02e19 Episode Script

A Matter of Miles

Hey, Cassie.


How how? I-I don't understand.

I knew you were alive.

It's so good to see you, Cass.

But we found your blood,
- and casings.

- I know, I know.

Look, that night, uh
when we got to tip
at the warehouses, you and I split up.

As soon as you were inside,
- Fenton drove up.

- You ready?
We, uh
we staged it.

We staged my murder.
We wanted
to keep everyone safe.

From who?
Miles, you still
haven't told us.

Safe from who?
I checked all active
Ranger investigations,
and guess what?
Yours was not an official op.

Couldn't be.

We don't know who to trust.

But you trust Captain Cole.

Do you know what kind of man
Captain Cole really is?
I spent months looking for you.

I forced myself to think
that you were alive
even when everyone made me feel
like I was crazy.

And I-I can't believe I even
have to ask you.

You can't just level with me?
Miles, whoever was
outside of that trailer
tried to kill us.

And they would have
if we hadn't shoot our way out
and-and hide in the brush for hours.

You need to start talking, Miles.

Why use my gun?
- What are you talking about?
- Oh, just
cut the crap and tell me why you
wanted me to feel responsible.

Cass, I don't know how that happened.

I swear.

Listen, the threat is still out there.

It's not safe for me
to be here right now.

Hey, here is the
safest place for you to be
until you tell us who's trying
to kill you and why.

Damn you for keeping me in the dark.

Uh, hey, Stella.
What are you
Oh, I kept my key and I
watch you sleep every night.

Your dad let me in.

I'm making you a Mawline omelet.

Also, good morning.


- So?
- It's like a Denver
but instead of green peppers
it has mushrooms.

- Try it.

- Okay.

That's really good.

What's the occasion?
I don't know, me and my boyfriend
were rescued off a mountain, for one?
Boyfriend, huh?
Is that okay?
Uh, yeah, it's better than okay.

- Also, there's another thing.

- Mm.

I think our families should have dinner.


Wave the white flag, you know?
You-you think dinner could do that?
It was actually my uncle Liam's idea,
but I do really think it's worth a shot.

I mean, I guess.

If we make it out alive.

Yesterday was not great,
but at least they worked together.

Wouldn't that be nice
if it was all the time?
Without the "almost dying
in the woods" part.

You know, can-can I finish this?
Are you gonna talk to your mom?
For you? Yes, I will.

Then, yes.
Please continue.

Maybe I shouldn't have pulled up
all of Abby's heirlooms,
- huh? Thank you.

- Speaking of which,
- Colton called.

- Mm-hmm?
He wants us to have dinner with them.

- Oh.

- Him and Stella want us
to bury the hatchet, I guess.

Oh, that's very sweet.

You know I'd do anything
for my grandson,
but in this instance, no.

No, I think we should.

I mean, don't you think it's time?
We can end all the drama
from the past year.

We It's not us, Ger.

Liam is the one that tried to frame Dan.

And Cordell I mean,
he's got his own issues.

I mean, doesn't he?
I think Geri's right.

A Davidson-Walker supper's
been long in the making.

Why not?
Why not.

- Mm.

- Are you serious, Mother?
- What?
- You want to eat
- with them after everything?
- No.

I just want to know why they want to.

That is reason enough.

Thank you for coming.

You said it was urgent.

Um, is this about
what I said to Captain James
about following Fenton?
It is.

After the Ranger fair,
I started to look for things.

Does Fenton know you're here?
No, you said not to tell anyone.

Come with me.

I don't believe it.

- Is this you?
- Yeah, it's me.

It's me.
Hey, look, I'm here now, okay?
I'm here.
Hey, where's,
uh, where's Sachi at?
Uh, she's at school.

I didn't know you would
What's wrong? What's wrong?
I thought you were dead.

I was
lost, confused,
to say the least.
And, um
What about Fenton?
He was there for us, Miles.

Fenton and I

Baby, we didn't know
Fenton did.

He knew Miles was alive.
The whole time.

He lied.

To both of you.

Is she telling the truth?

I trusted him.

I didn't know who else
- to turn to, and he
- You didn't know, no.

You couldn't have known about that.

And whatever the hell
you two are mixed up in,
let us help you.

Liam, hey, uh not a great time.

What the hell is that?
Just try it.

Hey, I'm-I'm gonna be quick.

I spoke to Stella.

She said dinner is on with
the Davidsons tonight, okay?
So we'll be civil,
get them to talk, and they just
might admit to something.

Okay? Are you still cool with that?
You know, uh
the kids are gonna kill you
when they find out
that you used them
to highjack this dinner.

The kids will forgive us
when we get the ranch back.

Let me get this straight
So y-you're hoping that
Gale or Denise will fly off the handle,
slip up and confess?

Yeah, well, good freaking luck.

Uh, Stinker, D-Daddy's right.

I mean, I-I agree with him, you know?
And I-and I'm worried
about collateral damage.

Collateral damage?
Cordi, they took everything from us.

No, I know, I know.
It's just,
the kids.
You know? And-and Geri.

A-All this "eye for an eye" stuff
Everyone's gonna end up blind.

Except Dan is our Trojan horse, okay?
He can get Denise to talk.

Plus, he's willing to testify.

You trust him?
I mean I trust that he will
protect himself.
you getting cold feet?
No, no, I'm not.

I-I just
Liam, there-there's got to be some, uh,
some limit to what we can all take,
you know? D
I-I got to I to get.

- How is it?
- It's pretty good.

- Cap.

- Hey.

Got a location on Captain Cole.

About to have a little chat with him.

You hold down the fort there,
and then we'll finish this, all right?
Copy that.

Thinking about ditching the
piano and taking up guitar?
I don't know.

You know, with the band
officially disbanding,
I think it's time to try something new.

You've grown so much this year.

With everything that's going on
losing the ranch,
your dad's work and
You haven't complained once.

I don't know about that one.

Well, you were a pain in the neck
about letting your collarbone heal.

But, um
I'm very proud of you.

Thank you.

So, does this mean you'll, uh
help me out?
- Oh, that's pretty.

- Yeah.

Oh, no.
No, no.

There's more on sale over there.

- Sorry, what?
- Guitars.

I heard you guys talking.

Couldn't tell if you were looking
for a guitar player or teacher,
but either way
My social handles.
I'm Kit.


Look, don't just stand there,
pull up her social handles.

Okay, okay.

Captain James.
What are you doing here?
I have a few questions of my own.

Here's one.
Why'd you fake Miles' death
and then hook up with his wife?
- Wait, what?
- Yeah.

It's that kind of conversation.

We know about the trailer, too,
by the way.

You happen to know
who was shooting at us?
Oh, no.
Miles did they get him?
No, he's fine.
He's fine.

Not thanks to you, I'm guessing.

I'll tell you, man,
there is a special kind of hell
for the games you've been playing.

And a supermax for all
the laws you've broken.

I didn't break any laws.

Insurance fraud, conspiracy,
running an illegal black op.

Oh, and let-let's not forget:
faking the death of a Texas Ranger.

You're probably gonna get a little more
than a slap on the wrist.

I'm gonna ask you again.

Who's trying to kill us?
This is what Miles
and I were trying to avoid.

I mean, I'm sure they're tracking me,
- which means they know.

- Who?
- Ah, they'll keep coming.

- Who?
Who's they? Who's coming?
Walk away from this, Larry.

Trust me.

Trust you.


How about we head on down to HQ.

We can sort this all out.


Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey.

I'm gonna need you to take a beat.

- All right?
- What? I was right
about him the entire time.

- I should be in there.

- You should.

But he's already anxious,
and we need him to talk.

You understand that this is
the entire reason I'm in Austin.

Miles, Fenton.
If I don't
shut this case
You will.
Cassie, you will.

Listen to me.
What I need right now,
what I'm asking you to do
is get Miles to the safe house, okay?
That's where he needs to be tonight.

I'm gonna call in Trey.

He can help settle him down,
keep him stable.
But I need you there.

Nobody knows Miles
better than you, right?
Well, so I thought.

Hey, I'm gonna take care
of Fenton.
Trust me.

He's not getting away with this.

Thank you, gentlemen.


So, help me out, man.

Captain to captain.
Who is "coming?"
Captain to captain
you and your rangers
should stay away from this.

Just answer the question here, Fenton.

I told you.

Miles and I were
running an investigation
that you've now jeopardized.

Yeah, I've already spoken
to your superiors.

They don't know anything
about your investigation.

Or this threat that
you keep talking about.

You do realize that you're
done with the Rangers.

Do you really think that
that matters at this point?
That trailer was just the beginning.

Just tell me who
we're dealing with, Fenton.

And who are you trying
to protect yourself,
someone else?
I'm a dead man no matter what.

You want to think I'm a dirty cop? Fine.

But I'm trying to protect people.

Are you?
Like who Rita?
You manipulated your Ranger
Your alleged friend
- And then seduced his wife?
- No.

It's not like that.
I'm done.

I'm done.
I'm done talking.

You're done? All right.


I'm keeping you here
until I get answers.

You can't do that.

I can't?
Look, we may have been equals
in the eyes of the DPS,
but I woke up this morning
and I decided to keep my oath.

You clearly did not.

So I'm gonna keep doing my job
and I'm gonna wait for you
to tell me why you stopped doing yours.

What the hell are we doing here,
bringing biscuits and making nice?
I didn't bring biscuits.

I did bring squash casserole, collards,
and my berry crumble.

Well, there needs to be
something edible on that table.

Everything all right?
We don't want to go in without you.

Hey, this is for a good cause.

I mean, we could put things to rest.

Might be we don't even
have to stay for dessert.

But your mama made crumble.

We could eat it at home.

Which home?
The rightful one.

Are they ever gonna come in?
They've been out there
for, like, 20 minutes.

I know.
Must be so hard.

Almost makes me feel sorry for them.

And then, I remember.

And I feel just fine.

Hey, there y'all are.
You find us okay?
Yeah, we were
- we were just
- She's kidding, August.

Oh, and you brought things.

You shouldn't have.

Um, Geri is, uh, whipping up salad.

Yeah, family recipe.

For salad?
That was really thoughtful,
Liam, thank you.

I-I didn't know whether or
not to pick white or red,
but it felt like the situation
called for wine.

- Yeah.

- Where's Cordell protesting?
Uh, no.
He's at work.

But he'll be here soon.
Uh, where's Dan?
I sent him out to get ice,
but he'll be back.

- Hi, sweetie.

- Hi.

Okay, Are you two sure
this was a good idea?
Well, we can't all be scared to be
in the same place the rest of our lives.

But I mean,
look, you two get to go off
to college and escape.

I have to stay back
and deal with these guys.

So just let me take the lead on this.

There's no leading.

We just want to sit down at a nice meal
to show everyone that it's possible.

It's gonna be great.

Hey, Gramps.

Do you have any sage?
I feel like maybe we
should burn some sage.

I know where
we can find some hemlock.


I was just coming in
to fill this up.

With strychnine?
Is this gonna be okay?
- I really want it to be okay.

- I know.

And, uh, I-I'm gonna be good.

Look at all this food.

Well, I was feeling generous.

Yeah, looks like it.

Y'all, dinner's ready.

All right.

I, um

Uh, we sitting?

Well, I-I'd like to make a toast to
new beginnings and family.

To us.

Was this your card?
It's gone.
It's gone.

It's gone.

Mmm, the spice is really good.

Is this dry rub?
Uh, a little mixture I whipped up.

Happy to share it with you.

Oh, this is great.

Look at you two.

This is nice.
Right, Gramps?
- This is pretty nice.

- You quite all right, son?
You know what? I forgot the mint
in the salad.
I'm gonna go cut some.

- I'll be right back.

- Oh, all right.

I thought you took out
the garden beds, Gale.

Oh, I did.
But that mint just
ran wild all over, didn't it?
Now, why the hell did you
take out that garden, anyway?
It makes no sense
All those mature plants?
Uh, well, just better light, Bonham.

You know, just, those trees
cast such a shadow.

Yeah, well, I suppose
you'll be taking those out next.

Excuse me a moment.

Well, this is nice.

Supposed to knock, son.

We don't live here.


Hey, yeah, uh what-what are you
What-what are you,
what are you doing in here?
I figured I'd better leave
the table before I flip it.

Okay, uh
- Hey.

- Cordi.

You going back in?
You know you'll always
have a place with us, but
Blood doesn't have to equal loyalty.

This from the man who honors family
over everything.

You, of all people, should understand
my place in all of this.

Yes, Geri, he understands.

Daddy, Geri just wants
e-everything right.

Well th-that's all any of us want.

- Yes? Yes.

- Yes.

Of course.
Of course.

- Wow.

- Yeah, wow.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Uh, how is, uh, everything?
- No bloodshed.

- Okay, yeah.

- So there's that.

Okay, uh, yeah.
There's there's that.


- A-And, and, uh, you
- You know what? Let's
- Let's just
- Yeah, of course.

Okay, wait.
So, can
we just Can you just
walk me through the beginning,
the morning of the race?
Okay, so Denise was supposed
to race originally?
- She wasn't supposed to.

- No, no, I said
- that I would if it came down to it.

- She wanted to.

But it did come down to it, so
Oh, Cordell's here.
Thanks for joining.

Oh, hi, son.

No, she was busy.

Remember? Arresting Augie.

No, no, no, it wasn't an arrest.

Besides, that was the day
before the race even happened,
- so it's
- Correct.

Thank you, August, very helpful.

Yes, so helpful.

So, you were late to
the race because?
I was at work, doing my job.

Right, right.

Now, your father, Liam,
that was an arrest.

Is it really necessary
to go back over all this?
Yeah, it's-it's all, it's
all just part of a process, Dan.

I mean, it's part of closure, right?
I mean, we go back through the steps,
we acknowledge what happened.

I mean, we discussed this.

You agreed to this, right?
Wait, you discussed this?
Yes, Liam and I tried to find
- some kind of closure.

- Closure?
Coming from the man who's
been dodging divorce papers
- for months.

- Mom.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Wow.

- Oh, my God.

I mean,
I know you want to keep
your place in the farmhouse.

Well, I didn't know
I was in danger of losing it.

Hey, Mawline, is that
your crumble in the oven?
Because it smells so good.

And so does everything
else at this table.

Why in the hell I ever decided
to help you rebuild that barn,
- I will never know.

- Oh, oh, what, you finally started
to rebuild the barn
that Cordell burned down?
You know, finish it yourself.

Fool me once.

Can we, can we just, can we just
circle back to the morning of the race,
'cause I have a quick question.

Oh, my God.

Liam, what is your obsession?
What? You think I cut the saddle?
Is that what you're trying to say?
- 'Cause
- Wow, I actually
didn't say that, Denise.

I didn't say that.

But since we're on the topic,
why don't you just walk
me through exact
We won.

Okay, you're still trying
to drag us through the mud.

You just can't stand
that we're here, huh?
Then you tried to, tried to buy
us off with what was it, Dan?
Ten acres?
- 20 acres.

- Oh.

What are you talking about?
Yes, Liam and I
tried to find a solution,
and he offered me 20 ac
He offered us 20 acres.

Wow, well, I did not know that.

Well, it didn't happen.

Right? Didn't happen.

I mean, all deals were off
once you took in my son.


Everybody, wow.

What else don't I know?
Is there anything that you guys
want to share with the table?
Okay, what? You think
20 acres is a deal?
You know, we were trying
to help you out.

You know what, Bonham Walker?
You had your chance.

You had the chance
to give up a sliver of land,
but you didn't.

Because your pride wouldn't let you.

So don't blame me for the situation
you got your family into.

Yeah, well, that sliver
of land happened to be
- Oh!
- Okay, okay.

Are we seriously doing this right now?
Look, this was supposed to be
a celebration, wasn't it?
Right? That we didn't all die
the other day?
That our families were finally
working together for once?
He's right.

You want me to lead you
through the events
of that morning? Fine.

That's the example that you
want to set for our kids? Fine.

I got up, I went to work.

I arrested your father.

And I was wrong.

I am adult enough to admit that.

But it is a shame that you
cannot give us a moment of peace.

I was gonna call someone to fix that.

No need.

You know, it doesn't matter
what you take.

How much you take.

It doesn't mean you know what you have.

Or that you can take care of it.

Ah, that is subtle, Abeline.

You didn't move that garden
because of the trees.

You didn't want to be reminded
of another thing you couldn't win.

You know, you can,
you can take all you want, Gale.

But you can't build anything, can you?
You can't let something
thrive that isn't yours.

You got it all now.

How sad that it's not enough.

I'm-I'm sorry you had to hear that.

I'll tell you what's sad
is how things ended up for her.

For all those Walkers.

You know, I honestly
can't stand to talk about it
for another minute.

You know what? Let's just, let's
just focus on the good, huh?
Right? I mean, like, here we are

You know, I-I always knew
we'd be together again.

I just knew it.

Well, you know, just-just
in this life or-or the next.

That's all.

Okay? That's all.

This is
How you're so hell-bent on protecting
an unauthorized investigation
that went off the rails,
it's just it's
beyond me.

They wanted me to kill Miles.

If I didn't do it,
they were gonna kill him anyway.

Rita, too.
And Sachi.

That trailer was the only thing
I could think of
to give Miles more time.

He's a good man.

And Rita
I, uh
I wasn't looking to fall in love.

But I did.

Captain to captain
please tell them both that I'm sorry.

Tell them what?
Tell 'em that you're sorry?
Look, I know we sacrifice
a lot for our work,
but you have stolen
from Miles and from Rita.

And I see that it's
weighing on you, but what?
Not enough for you to
do the right thing?
Tell the whole truth?

All right.

We're taking a break.


Hey, hey.


I need help in here!
Call an ambulance.

Hey, Ger.


How you holding up?
You, uh you all right?
No, I just, uh
I just had a moment with Gale inside.


It was really strange.

Just sorry, one sec.

It's Yeah.
It's James.
Can I?
Take it.

- Yeah.

- All right.
Cap, hi.

Hey, Fenton's dead.

He took himself out.

Where's Miles?
Understood, Cap.

All right.
Captain James is on his way.

Looks like we might have to move you.

But until then
let's talk.

I should have trusted you.

Yeah, well, that would've been nice.

Miles, why'd you feel the need
to keep everyone in the dark?
Hey, I can handle this.

I know.

But Captain James asked me to mediate
so that things stay productive.

Look, I-I swear to God,
Cass, I thought that
that was the only way
to keep you, Rita and Sachi safe.

I honestly didn't think
you'd come looking for me.

I made you drive us to
six different gas stations
to find the perfect stakeout snacks,
and you didn't think
I'd come looking for you?
Tell me it was worth it.

At all.

What'd you find?
Miles, go ahead.

We had been investigating that
downtown chop shop, remember?
Yeah, well, that was one of
hundreds of illegal businesses.

- One of the tamer ones.

- Tamer?
What does that mean?
Human trafficking.

Murder for hire.

I spent six months connecting the dots
to a powerful group.

One that operates in the shadows.

It sounds like the cabal of cabals.

Yeah, well, it kind of is,
but I didn't think that they
were real either.

Until one day I went to go
pick up Sachi from school.

And they said someone
had come by earlier for her.

Wh-What? Who?
I don't know, but
We started feeling
like we were being followed.

And Fenton said that they got to him
and they threatened to kill everyone
unless I disappeared,
so that's what we did.

Staged my death.

Took me out so we would stop the threat.

Until I started kicking over rocks.

Cap, what's up?
Walker's on his way with backup.

I think we need to get him
out of here as soon as possible.


It's too late.

Four minutes.


Stay tight.

Hit it.


Don't think about it.

Thank you.

Cap, hey.

I'm okay.
I'm okay.
These guys
Good job in there.

Think we got lucky.

Want to know what I think?
I think Fenton was right.

I think this
is just the beginning.

You know what?
They're going to get Sachi
set up with a great school.

And you and Rita
We'll be okay.
We'll be okay.

You'll be safe.

And I'm going to find the truth.

Cassie, I
Listen, I don't want you
getting into this.

The whole time I was under it,
- I couldn't crack this.

- Don't say that.

You did, you made the first crack
and now we just have to smash it.


Look, you don't know
what Fenton wasn't telling you.

And I owe you for giving up.

You didn't give up.

Why did you, anyways? Why?
Why did you keep pushing?
Because you believed in me.

More than I thought I deserved.

Other things in my life My brother,
stuff got messy, but
But I thought if I could be the person
that you thought I could be,
and that could be
the one thing I do right,
then I made Ranger,
and you were my partner,
and it just all seemed
too good to be true.

I couldn't let it be
too good to be true.

This is probably the wrong time
to ask this, but
will you miss it?
I'm-I'm burned.

All that time I had to myself to think.

I-I don't know.

Maybe it shouldn't have been
that easy for Rita to let me go.

It was my fault.

I checked out
from being a husband a long time ago.

Maybe I wasn't locked up
in that trailer,
but I was, I was
I was gone.

I was right about you, though.

You're a great Ranger.

Now, you can be happy, too.

You see? You can be happy.

I want you to
I want you to learn
from my mistakes, okay?
Just let yourself be.

Come here.

Come on.

Oh, my God.

- Yeah.

- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm okay.


- We all made it out.

- Good.


Okay, so-so tell me.

Last night, with-with Gale?
Yeah, I
There was something in her eye.

It's like I don't know.

It was like she heard
what she was saying
and she was correcting herself.

But I might be overthinking I mean,
we all had a lot of wine, so
Don't-don't doubt yourself, Geri.

- Okay?
- Thank you.

For being here with me.

Of course, yeah, anytime.


- Come on in.

- Ranger Walker.

Didn't think I'd see you
till my court date.


This about Frank?
Uh Could be.

I actually
wanted to ask you about Gale Davidson.

I have reason to think
Well, I
I just think that there's a chance
that she knew that I was alive.

And I-I'm not saying recently.

I mean back then.

So I have to ask.

Did you ever tell anyone?

Are you sure, Nate?
I'm gonna look out for you in court.

This isn't about that.

Geri just needs to know
No, believe me.
There was no slip-up.


Frank would've lost you.

I couldn't have risked that.

Well, if Frank didn't know,
you didn't say anything
Gale still somehow knew.

The only other person that knew
was Marv Davidson.


If Marv did tell Gale, if she knew
I mean, what do you think
she would've done?
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