Walker (2021) s02e20 Episode Script

Something's Missing

Oh, Mama, that smells good.
- Thank you.
- Amazing.
I'm not on wire, humming in your ear ♪
Oh, man.
I never knew how attached
I was to our own damn chickens.
Okay, these are fine.
Can I get some bacon?
Okay, all right.
You know what, everyone?
Just, um, uh, stop hovering
and sit and eat.
Yes, okay.
Mama's spoken.
- Yeah.
- I am on the radar ♪
Get me, I am here ♪
I'm not seeing ghosts ♪
- Daddy, here you go.
- Thank you, son.
- I'm not hearing noises ♪
- I still don't believe it.
- Drowning out the rain ♪
- Okay, can we please all stop staring?
Just because I'm graduating
does not mean
that I'm I don't know,
that I'm somebody else.
You are, though.
It's true, it's just
It's hard to believe.
Here comes a "seems like yesterday."
Seems like yesterday.
Hey, right on cue.
Well, it does seem
like yesterday, Auggie.
- Ooh!
- It's true.
It seems like yesterday that
your mama told me she was pregnant
with you, and seems like yesterday
we brought you home to the ranch.
Uh, and then,
we were chasing fireflies
around the yard.
Where are we gonna have your
last bash as a high schooler?
You don't think
we can sneak on to the ranch
and do what we always planned?
I mean, we could
just go to Stan's house. Right?
Too soon?
Not funny.
It doesn't matter to me
as long as we're all together.
Hey, juice?
- Ah, yeah. On it.
- Oh, yeah.
I'm with you.
So, um
Any idea who made the safe house
a little less safe the other night?
No. Uh, not yet. Um
But Miles and his family are
safe and secure.
Uh, Cassie and James are on it.
We did identify the bodies left behind.
Long rap sheets, just guns for hire.
You think it was Serano's people
that were out for revenge?
Eh, I don't know.
I don't see how that would tie to Miles.
Feels like it's a new crew.
One thing's for sure,
we know who cheated us out of our ranch.
If we take Dan at his word
that Denise cut the saddle.
I'm the last person
that wants to believe him,
but he's come a long way. I'm not sure
why he'd lie about this.
Either way, hard to prove unless
Denise owns up to it.
Which doesn't seem like
the Davidsons' strong suit, you know?
I think there might be another route
to get to the bottom of
what that family's been hiding.
- I'm headed out.
- Okay, yeah.
All right, guys.
I can't stay for breakfast. Work calls.
But I will see you soon.
I'm-I'm proud of you, okay?
- I'm proud of you.
- Okay. I love you.
Yeah, love you, too.
All right.
What do you got?
Victor Chavez, Nate Carmouche,
Anthony Fitzpatrick, all served.
- Same unit?
- Nope.
No prior connections.
Hmm. So, what is
a paramilitary group doing
trying to silence a Texas Ranger?
I don't know, maybe Miles
or Fenton got too close.
Were there any vets
in the Dallas car thieves ring
you investigated?
No. Not a one.
But based on the show
of force the other night,
none of these guys went clean.
They just haven't been
caught in a while.
Well, someone's protecting them.
Stan Morrison was protecting the crews
that worked for Northside.
Maybe it's the same thing here.
You think Fenton was
their not-so-angelic guardian angel?
Let's just keep the circle
small. All right?
What's up?
Uh, that last case with Miles
he was just so paranoid
before he went dark.
I couldn't help but feel the same way,
like someone was watching.
I don't know. Just a feeling.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Bad time?
What makes you say that?
Thought we were meeting up later.
Yeah, you know, I just wanted to
swing by before I headed
to Sacred Heart.
So, anything on our shooters?
Let's, uh
Give me a second out here.
Look, I appreciate your, uh
your concern and your help, always.
But, uh,
this is, you know,
official Ranger business now.
Yeah, I know that.
I just figured, you know, I could
at least help with the profiles.
I mean, there's no doubt
that those guys were military,
man, and I
Ah. I was right. I can see it.
- You can see what?
- The fire that's inside you.
It's like you have to help people.
All right, look,
what are you trying to say, Cap?
Look, I'm gonna
I'm gonna be straight with you.
I may have made a phone call or two
to the governor's office.
About me?
Had a little chat with DPS, too.
And they are willing
to treat your military experience
as time served as a Trooper,
if this is something that you want.
So, we're not talking about
a psych consult gig here?
No, we are not.
Cap, you want me to be a Ranger?
I do.
Only if you want it.
And listen, if you want it
I mean, you got to be all in.
Yeah. I-I-I need to think
about this one.
You do that,
we'll talk when you're ready.
- Thank you.
- All right, I'll see you.
"I always knew we'd be together again."
There's no chance Gale didn't
mean something more by that.
No, not after we talked to Nate.
- No.
- I mean, you heard him,
how careful he was
about protecting Frank, me.
Gale is the only person
that Marv could've told
that I was out there.
I always knew we'd be together again.
Well, just-just in this life,
or-or the next.
We both know she's hiding something.
And then Denise cutting the saddle.
Okay, uh, Geri,
first of all, I-I'm so sorry
about everything, but I've tried
to get Denise to talk, Liam has tried.
Uh, we-we even tried with-with Dan.
We tried with the
whole family at the din
Okay, Cordi, we can't give
up. We both know that
They're not going to talk
to me, to a Walker.
you, um you're a-a Davidson.
You're family.
Good afternoon, Sacred Heart seniors.
Since this is just a rehearsal,
in lieu of diplomas,
I'll be handing out
your last report cards.
Now, for some of you,
this won't be good news.
So, please,
hold your applause until the end.
Mary Patricia Yost.
Hey, don't get in your head, T.
You did it. You're graduating.
Yeah, we did it.
I can't believe it's over.
Yeah, but you're going to college,
and you're probably
gonna have to tutor Todd
at Sauber next year,
just like this year.
Oh, you're getting
jealous again, Colton?
- No, never was, never will be.
- Okay, yeah.
Thank you.
What do you think is next?
What do you
For Stella. I mean
I mean, come on,
you probably remember graduating
and wondering what happens next, huh?
Your sister knows who she is.
That's the important thing.
You, on the other hand
Stella Blue Walker.
You think you're gonna be
all right next year,
without your big sister here?
I'll be fine.
I mean, come on, I have you around
to keep me in line, right?
La, la, la, la, la ♪
Thank you.
Yeah, Stella!
La, la, la, la, la ♪
Get out of here.
So, how does it feel,
having a granddaughter
you helped raise about to fly away?
Uh, well, I've had
the same feeling about,
I don't know, 15 years ago?
Yeah, and look what happened.
Honey, so what's next for you?
Hmm? You know, you can
still practice law.
I don't know what I want to do anymore.
This is a real upbeat bunch.
You know, I envy you.
Now I think I'm hearing things.
No, I'm serious.
You working this land,
I mean, you knew who you were.
Your whole life. You
were even humble enough
to help Dan with the ranch.
You know, you put aside
everything to get the job done.
Because you have purpose.
Well, it don't matter now,
because we got no ranch to work
and no land to call our own.
Real upbeat bunch.
I cannot believe
I thought it was a good idea
to date you in the first place.
Oh, really? Well,
you thought it was a good idea
to-to drag me into your bedroom
when I just came over to talk.
- Wow, "drag you"?
- Yes.
Oh, great, so I'm getting
bedroom etiquette tips
from the Ranger who sleeps
with his informants?
See O-Okay, I-I did not
You didn't?
- Oh! Wow, look at that.
- Interesting.
Hi, there, Gale. Look who's here.
I can see why you
called me for the ride.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Yeah, well h-hold on.
Hold on. I gotta say,
once you realized y-you were, uh,
one of them,
you became a different person.
You mean, who I'm supposed to be?
It's more like my eyes are open, Cordi.
You know what? Hey, Geri,
I got to go pick up Denise, too.
- Yeah.
- Oh, Denise, too?
All the Davidson girls together.
You know what? Hey, Geri, uh, make
sure you-you thank your sister
for cutting my saddle for you.
- Okay, you need to drop that.
- Cut the saddle?
You know what? You and your family,
you just, you can't
accept what happened.
You never could.
Why don't you just go ahead
and leave already?
I am. And don't expect me to
come back, because I quit.
Go ahead and quit.
A-And don't come back.
Frankly, the only reason we kept
you around was out of pity, anyway.
So carry on.
Screw you.
Okay. Come on. Walk away.
You don't owe him
or his family a damn thing.
Let's go home.
I can't believe I trusted him,
let him in on anything.
All they ever do is point fingers.
Well, speaking of falling
in love with the wrong person.
Didn't dad propose
to Abby Walker right before you?
Hey, Denise, can I talk
to you for a second?
- Do I have a choice?
- Oh, a choice?
Like I have a choice to go
to our son's graduation
despite your feelings?
- That type of choice?
- Oh, right,
because after everything
you've accused me of,
I'm supposed to just
sit next to you and smile.
Hey, um, can I ask,
why didn't you remarry?
You don't think all the tragedy
and misery and heartbreak
was enough to make me pause?
I'm sure you felt
the same way after Hoyt.
You know? But you deserve it.
Someone worthy of your love.
I can't stop thinking about it.
I really want to know more
about my father.
All right.
- Come on.
- Okay.
What? Movers?
Ma, it's, like, ten minutes away.
You taught me better than that.
Well, how are the neighbors?
Uh, I haven't met any yet.
What's up, honey?
You okay?
Captain James, he-he made me
an offer to be a Texas Ranger.
Trey, when you told me that
you were leaving the military,
it felt like there was a God.
Hey, I haven't said yes, Ma.
All of that stress, anxiety.
I know. I know, but
You know I've been searching, and
I don't know, I just feel
like this is me, you know?
I can't stand in the way
of what your heart's
telling you to do, son.
Just don't expect me
to like it right away.
Uh, Ma, look,
I-I'll call you back, all right?
I'll talk to you later. Love you.
- Cass.
- Hey.
You live here, directly
across the hall from me?
Well, there were only two
apartments left in the building,
so don't overthink it.
But, uh
have you given the other thing
some more thought?
On the fence.
I respect that. It's a big decision.
So, since talking about
the case is off-limits,
how about you tell me
why you're all dressed up?
You know, swipe left, swipe right.
It's my first date in
eight months. Since
well, since becoming a Ranger.
But I don't put that I'm
a Ranger on my profile,
because I don't want people to hunt down
my hall mates and kill them.
Thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
I guess I'll, uh,
I'll see you around the building.
Hey, hey, by any chance, can you
Can Just
turn it down a little bit?
- There you go
- Ooh.
Geri, I can't help but think
you got more on your mind
than just asking about your dad.
You know, I think it's just
what you said the other night,
about knowing
that we'd see each other again.
Why did you know that?
You know, I always wanted
to have a lot of kids.
And then, when you were born,
Marv told me you didn't make it. Um
I never got to see you after.
Because he wouldn't let me.
I should have known, 'cause
I could feel it in my bones
that you were out there, so
I mean, you want to know why
I don't want to talk about your father?
It's 'cause he lied to me.
I guess I'm trying to understand,
you hate the Walkers, you blame them.
But if it was my father who lied
Okay, wait a minute.
Abeline Walker knew you were out there.
Cordell started the fire, Liam tried
to frame Dan, and all of a sudden,
- you're taking their side of it?
- No, it's not about sides.
It's about knowing what happened
when you found out that I was alive.
They stole you from me, okay?
And all of a sudden Okay, I'm sorry.
- You don't have
- Excuse me.
Geri. Hey. Uh, what you got?
She's still hiding something.
Has she said anything new?
Anything we didn't already know?
It's the same old story,
but I see it in grief group
all the time.
It's a coping mechanism
for something deeper.
Something she's guilty of.
You know what? Take her to the barn.
Stan Morrison, I took
him back to the desert,
where Emily where, um,
where it-it happened.
Uh, and being there,
he couldn't hide anymore.
So, Gale, if she feels any
remorse, any guilt whatsoever,
it'll be there, at the barn.
I'm sorry.
- No.
- I-I shouldn't have rushed off.
You you have the right to ask.
Look, I-I understand.
I know that it's hard
to relive these moments.
The past.
But for me, for my journey
I need to see where my father died.
You know, when I was little,
when I first came to Austin,
Walker Ranch was, like, this playground.
But we never came over here.
And that was long after y'all had left.
When we were driven out.
Why don't we go inside?
- God, that's, like, perfect.
- Thank you.
He's-he's done that. It's really good.
Okay, so, about the
nut allergy guy. Thanks.
Oh, right. Okay, so after my grandmother
stabbed him with an EpiPen,
he recovered, unfortunately,
and then he suggested
that we all go around the table
to talk about our fathers.
- Ugh, no.
- Oh, yes.
And so, I, uh, I took
a handful of almonds
and stuffed them in my mouth,
- you know, just in case.
- Wow.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Your turn.
Oof, okay.
Uh, let's see. Bad date, bad date.
Yikes, that many?
No. No.
Could be, just, I'm enjoying
being on a good one.
You know?
So how much do you hate your job?
What? I never said I hate my job.
Well, you didn't say anything at all.
Usually, people talk about
what they do right away.
- You know? Break the ice.
- Well, Sean,
my whole thing is that I'm
disarming and different.
I know. You must be a cop or something.
Working a real grisly case.
Just needed a night off. Right?
Well, you know what, you never
mentioned your job, either.
So, what, do you hate your job, too,
or are you a contract killer?
Uh, I'd tell you, but I'd have to
Ah, yeah. Sure, sure.
No, I
I, uh, sell sheet metal.
- Oh.
- Yeah. What's say
I tell you all about it
when I get back from the john?
Deal. All right.
Be right back.
Did he stiff you with the tab?
- What?
- Your date.
He just went out the back door.
I'm sorry. Round's on me.
Yeah. Thanks.
You know, last year, um,
after Hoyt, I left town
for a little bit.
Being around the Walkers was so hard.
Hmm. They just reminded me
of everything that I'd lost.
Then why'd you come back?
My dad um, Frank
he, he used to read me this book.
It's about a bear hunt.
And there were all of these obstacles,
you know, but the family
couldn't go over it
or under it.
They had to go through it.
So I came back.
I was so
angry at Hoyt.
I couldn't figure out why at first.
For dying?
For loving me and leaving me?
For being such a damn idiot
in the first place?
I don't know, it was all of it, I guess.
Which started
it started to make it okay.
Well, I was angry with Marv, too.
For how long, I couldn't,
I couldn't say, but
Oh, we fought.
About money, the ranch, Abby.
And he talked to Abby about all of it.
But to go behind your back?
Tell her the truth about your baby?
That wasn't her secret to tell.
Ah, that's funny.
She said the same thing to me.
You know, she never knew
if he told you.
Of course he did.
Abby told him to tell me, didn't she?
When you found out,
what-what did you do?
Just give it a rest already.
- I will not.
- What is your deal with Abby, huh?
What is my deal? Why don't you tell me?
You were there for hours, Marv. Hours!
He said he had something to tell me,
and, uh, when he said it, it was like
when someone just pulls you
right out of your body.
Help me find the kids.
And then he remembered Denise.
- What about her?
- The, uh, the-the comet.
He knew she and Cordell
wanted to watch it together,
and we thought they should
keep their distance.
But, like, of all times, this
is what he's thinking about.
So, so you
you came into the barn and they
were and they were there?
Well-well, they-they
must have heard us arguing
and, um, probably snuck out the back.
Denise? Where are you?
He was so worried, you know?
Like he was father of the-the damn year.
Do you wanna tell me
Fine. Calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
Yes, I want to know the truth.
- So when he told you
- What, when he remembered
- to tell me you were still alive?
- She's alive.
It was like an afterthought.
It was like, "Oh, by the way."
I remember, I was just staring at him,
and I was just wondering
I couldn't take care of her
We couldn't take care
I mean, how that couldn't
mean everything.
That's because he didn't
tell you everything, did he?
Not just that I was alive.
But that he had known.
He knew the whole time.
- 12 years.
- He was just looking at me,
he was
he was standing right
there, and he said to my face,
"but she's had a good life."
Gale, let it go.
And he was, like, proud.
Like he fixed things for us.
And something inside me just snapped.
Cordell? Denise?
Where are you? Cordell?
Answer me.
And so I hit him.
So, y-you hit him, and then wh
And then, what, and then, you just
- did you just walk away?
- Okay, look-look,
you don't understand how angry I was.
I mean, that-that he took that choice,
from me, from you.
Why didn't you tell someone?
D-Did you ask Frank?
I didn't, I didn't know about Frank.
- You just
- I didn't know
about Frank.
Geri, how-how would that look?
There was my husband, dead.
And-and Abby just
pushed him to tell me.
You lied about Cordi.
He brought the lantern.
And-and I blamed him for that.
But everything just got
just muddled in my head.
All those years, I kept telling myself,
trying to pull myself out of it.
But I don't know,
I guess had to go through it.
- I don't
- No. No! No, no, no. Stop!
Gale! Gale!
Come on, Geri.
Geri! Geri.
- Geri.
- I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay!
Gale! She's inside.
- What?
- She's inside, I couldn't get her.
Back up. Back up. Stay back, stay back.
Oh, my God.
Okay. Okay.
Oh, my God.
- Gale.
- Gale.
Hey. It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey. It's all right. Help is coming.
You all right?
Yeah. You know, this
whole time, I-I thought,
I thought I did this,
thought it was my fault.
My memory made me think that,
that I caused Marv to come in
and-and save my life,
to-to save Denise and me.
Uh, but I wasn't even there.
I-I wasn't even, I wasn't even here.
How could she take you
guys to court like that?
- Augie
- Like, why'd she think
she'd ever get away with it?
'Cause we didn't know the truth.
We only knew what we tried
to do that night.
What we failed to do.
And Cordell was just a kid.
Uh, yeah.
And it hung over you your whole life.
Well, it's over.
Maybe it's finally over.
It's over. Yeah.
Be right back. All right? Augie?
You don't have to worry.
I will confess everything.
It just feels so insignificant
to say I'm sorry.
Thank you for getting me out of there.
You didn't have to do that.
No, I did.
It's the only way
we, uh, we move forward.
Through it.
- Um, no cuffs.
- Yes, sir.
I should have known.
I should have known
it was never your fault.
Yeah, well
I think we both just started
believing our own nightmares.
You lost your father.
You all lost a lot.
You didn't actually say it.
That you were sorry.
You know, when we, uh,
when we came back here, I
I saw a chance to get back
everything that we lost.
And we did, pretty much.
But I was awful.
And prideful.
I think I just had to go
so far over that way
because sitting in the truth,
it was, it was too much.
When Marv told me,
no matter what I thought of you,
I was furious foryou.
I didn't know if you knew.
I didn't know
if I should tell you myself.
And then the trial.
And how Cordell fell apart.
What we do for children.
I never hated you.
I just hated that I wasn't you.
Anyway, I'm-I'm ready.
And I am.
I'm so sorry.
We can leave if you want.
We don't have to watch this.
Oh, it's okay.
It feels like
we should see it, you know?
The end?
But Stella, not for us, right?
There's no way.
We've known since day one,
we aren't defined by them.
Except in the ways that we totally are.
I feel like I'm waking up
from a long nightmare.
My opinions, my grudges,
the kind of marriage
that I modeled us after, I-I
I don't even know what's real anymore.
Just-just give yourself a moment.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
I did it.
I cut the saddle that day.
After everything that
happened today, I can't let
all of this stuff between our families
keep hanging over your head anymore.
I-I just don't get it, Mom.
Why would you do something like that?
I was so angry.
At-at what?
I It's o It's okay.
- I can walk him through it.
- No.
You have put up with more than I
have ever given you credit for.
Uh, Colton, that lantern.
I needed the Walkers to
be robbed of something,
the same way that we were
with Daddy, and
If you hate me, then I understand.
- But I just
- No, Mom.
I I don't want to do that anymore.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
Excellent work.
Gonna catch up with your boss later.
Okay? Think I'm gonna be
here for a while, though.
- All right.
- So we'll talk. Okay.
- Cap.
- Hey.
Not really sure where to
start catching you up, but
Walker okay?
Walker's Walker's okay, yeah.
Okay, good.
I had a bad feeling.
I still have a bad feeling. Now.
My date last night was a recon.
- What?
- Yeah. Something else is coming.
You know what you've all done
by bringing me in, right?
So whatever it is,
you know I'll go down fighting.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Seems like there should be
some kind of feeling of relief.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But there's not.
Cordi, it was too soon.
Uh, too soon for-for For what?
For us?
For us, for-for you, for me.
Both of us, to be two separate people
ready to be with each other.
You know what I mean?
We just skipped too many steps.
I mean, I don't know, we thought
we deserved it somehow.
Stella Blue is graduating.
Just focus on that, okay?
Yeah, of course.
I'm in ♪
Oh-oh ♪
The day I left ♪
You saw it coming ♪
Ain't that something? ♪
I can't believe I'm saying this, but
somehow, this just
doesn't feel quite right.
You know, we'll make it home again.
Maybe even better.
And after all, we still got a whole lot
to celebrate, don't we?
With you? Always.
- All right. I am all set.
- Mm-hmm.
It's your turn.
- It's my turn?
- Yeah.
Okay. I
I don't understand this game.
I have never understood this game.
You know that. I mean, the
I haven't even played it since, uh
since, uh,
since, you know, that
that night uh, the night,
the night your mom called.
- Uh You?
- No.
It seems like a good time
for us all to start things over.
Or carry on where we left off.
You know, uh,
time was, I-I never
would have taken this game
out of the box again, I'd have
never looked at it, uh
And it is so like you
Like your mom,
to make me face it again.
I didn't mean to make you feel bad.
No. No, no, no.
And I don't mean that at all.
I mean, I mean that in the,
in the best possible way.
Stella, you make me
You make all of us feel.
It's you. You are the one
that keeps this family together.
So I sing a little tune ♪
I ran. You stayed.
I didn't make it easy, though.
I ran a few times, too.
Okay. Right, sure.
But that was to bring me back
when you knew I needed it.
I want you to know that I see that.
It's okay now.
It's okay to go.
After Mom,
I wasn't sure that
we would ever feel whole again.
Not without her.
And I still feel what's missing.
But I feel hopeful, too.
Colton and I
we're finally feeling good
about what the future brings, you know?
Good baby girl.
Um I can tell you a little bit about
- what the future brings.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, the future brings
an epic speech
from yours truly, tonight.
- No, Dad.
- Yes. Yes.
- Yes. Yes. Yes.
- No.
Oh, hmm-hmm ♪
Daddy, you remember what you said to me,
standing right here, on the day
of my high school graduation?
Well, I'd like to think it was
something about being proud.
Yeah, you were. You did say that.
But you also said,
"I forgive you."
What the hell for?
For leaving.
I know that it bothered you,
me going east.
But you, you supported it.
You let me do that whole exercise.
Wasn't an exercise.
It did a lot for you,
it made you who you are.
You made me who I am.
This family.
And this ranch.
And I thought I needed
something different.
Well, it's not for everyone.
You're right, it is not for everyone.
But I think it's for me.
So, you're telling me no regrets?
But, uh, I mean, you
must have some regrets.
I know racing me today,
that must be at the top of your list.
Okay. Yeah, sure.
Uh, in that I regret
having to humiliate a friend?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- We're gonna see about that.
- Yeah, we're gonna see about that.
- For sure.
- But seriously, though.
How is it shaping
your choices, your family?
You know, Trey
regrets are different
than loss, acceptance.
I mean, I think about
roads not taken every day.
But I wouldn't change a damn thing
about where I'm coming from.
You're cut out for this.
And, uh, frankly,
the idea of you and me fighting
the good fight together?
That's badass.
Well, I mean, fighting the good
fight with me a couple of paces
- ahead of you, yeah.
- Okay, okay, all right.
Stinger! About time.
You wait till peak temperature
to do this?
Peak temperature? These are
peak training conditions.
You want an honest race or not?
All right, Stinger, don't do that race.
You might lose that one.
- Most definitely.
- No.
You remember the rules?
First one to the hitching post
wins? Winner takes the hat.
That'll be me.
- Let's do it.
- Okay. Great.
Three, two, one, go.
- Cordi
- Did you hear that laugh?
He's full-on cheating.
Is he?
Wait, is he really taking off right now?
Hustle up, youngsters!
I ain't got all day!
Guys, that Come on!
That's not fair. Cordi!
You ain't getting me!
Hey, hey ♪
Damn, where is he?
I don't know, man,
but he should be here.
He must be up ahead.
I know, I know that ♪
It's all in my head ♪
But it's tearing me to pieces ♪
I'm living in the dreams ♪
Too slow, suckers.
That was good.
Where's Dad?
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