Walker (2021) s04e05 Episode Script

We've Been Here Before

Previously on Walker
- Who hired you to rob Geri?
- WITT: I have no idea.
I never met the lady,
but she's not gonna stop
coming after us.
Not till she gets the necklace.
I can't tell you how much
I appreciate your help.
STELLA: It's not just me.
David Luna. You must be Cassie Perez.
I like the way you do it, too.
Not bad, huh?
The Jackal. You have no idea how bad
this case screwed up
James the first time.
JAMES (RECORDING): In the yard
I encountered Henry Moore.
The boy was trying
to resuscitate his father.
we found another victim
How long have you been
investigating the Jackal
behind my back?
Guess it's time
to fill me in on a few things.

Starting right now,
nothing happens without me
knowing about it.
This serial killer was
considered dormant for several years.
But in the last six months,
there have been two more murders,
bringing the victim count to seven.
Given recent events,
my team and I are obviously
working nonstop.
- No further questions.

Night, Captain.

You don't know the things I feel ♪
- Here you go.
- Oh, read my mind. Thank you.
- Perfect. (HUFFS)
- Mm-hmm.
So, James has you burning
the candle at both ends, huh?
Yeah, for an entire week straight.
To be expected, I guess. (CHUCKLES)
Well, at least everything is
out in the open with him now.
Because keeping the work
that you were doing with Trey a secret,
and then Kelly keeping
that from James
I don't love lying to our friends.
I-I wasn't exactly lying, Geri.
I was omitting. To protect him.
And if I could just get him
to understand that
Then maybe we can get back
to some double dates and game nights?
Because you as our reigning
Monopoly champion?
Mm that's not gonna work for me.
Speaking of, uh,
real life, Miss Monopoly over here,
you have a meeting today, right?
With the influencer?
- Yeah, she has three million followers
- Geez.
and she wants to open
a second Side Step with us.
Turns out,
we are in line with the Rose Ryan brand.
So I'm gonna meet with her later
to go over the proposal.
But it's kind of exciting.
- Yeah, it is.
- Yeah.
Good. I'll see if I can make it.
Well, I appreciate that, Cordi,
but I think right now
you should probably focus on
being more Texas Ranger
than co-owner of the bar.
I'll see you later.
See you later.
Yeah, I guess you could say
I'm on my way ♪
- Door's unlocked.
Kelly, hey.
Come in. Have a seat.
I didn't-I didn't know
you were heading over. I can grab Geri.
No, I Actually,
I came-came to see you.
We need a plan to keep Larry grounded.
I know. I know.
Look, I feel like if we
can just get him to see
that it all came from a good place,
then-then he'll understand
and finally forgive us.
He has forgiven me.
Uh Really?
well, that's that's great, um
He still won't even give me
the time of day, so
Well, it feels kind of like
a hollow forgiveness.
Every time I try to have
a deeper conversation about it,
he doesn't engage.
Walker, I
I cannot go through this a second time.
None of us want that, Kelly.
He is spending more time at work
than he is at home again,
and even when he's home,
he's swimming in case files.
Look out for him.
Make sure he doesn't drown.
Of course.
TREY: Maybelline really took care of us
with this gift basket.
Who took the last bag of jerky?
(SIGHS) Media's relentless.
Don't need all this attention
rushing the next kill.
No, Cap. Uh, we'll catch him this time.
Yeah. Where we at?
Well, the test results
from the lab were all duds.
The room at the Seashore
Motor Inn had no DNA.
I'm talking zero fingerprints. Honestly,
it's shocking.
It's how he's evaded us so far.
Meantime, we got a unmarked
car circling every motel
from Dallas to Corpus.
And I've been on missing persons,
but no new pings.
And Detective Luna and I
spoke to all known contacts
of Amy Smith's mother, Tara Smith.
By all accounts, she was
always chasing a high,
so it's hard to say who or what
is suspicious in her orbit.
Any parallels with the others?
She couldn't hold a job.
Below the poverty line. Single parent.
Transient. I mean,
is there anything there?
Past victims all range
in-in class and tax bracket.
Fourth victim here
played the stock market.
Well, Tara Smith was in her 30s,
and Hollis Miller was young, too, right?
LUNA: True, but the first
victim was in his late 80s;
the fifth, a 52-year-old woman.
So, no consistency with age or gender.
Religion? Lifestyle?
All creeds and faiths.
Hermits to socialites.
Grandmothers to bachelors.
LUNA: The only constant is all the vics
are adults living in Texas.
Maybe he chooses his victims at random.
No, the-the pureed food,
the tooth, burying those people alive.
There's a reason for the hallmarks,
there's got to be a reason
for the victims. All right?
Maybe we talk to Amy again.
See if she remembers
No. She's a kid. Just
pressed her last week
at the crime scene.
Look, we've been at this
for a solid week.
I think you all have you
know, done what you can
to make sense of what we got.
So, take the day. Come
back fresh, all right?
Roger that.
Okay, well,
you heard him, go home.
I'll hang back. Uh, just in case
James needs me.
- CASSIE: Thanks, Walker.
- Yep.
I don't know. After what
the Jackal did to Tara,
it just feels like we
should keep working.
I agree.
But maybe with some fresh air
and a change of scenery?
Side Step?
Yeah, I could go for some queso.
Yeah, get it while you can.
Genuine question, how
do you keep from spinning?
Oh, no, I spin,
but I can just do that from
the comfort of my own home.
TREY: That's a long drive.
Want grab a bite with us
before you leave?
- Yeah.
- Sure. Yeah.
I could eat, then hit the road.
Get to know y'all a little better.
Yeah, likewise.
JAMES: Yeah. I'll meet you there.
Appreciate it.
WALKER: Someone assaulted a Ranger.
That's not a small crime,
James. Who did this?
I'm fine. I don't want to file a report.
I don't want to press charges.
- I'm fine.
- Larry, what
- what happened?
- He won't talk to me.
Honey, we miss you at home.
Okay? DJ needs his father.
I need you.
Okay? We can make things feel normal
again, okay? Just-just for a night.
Just come home with me, please.
I still got work to do.
I owe it
to the victims and to their families,
and I-I can't just turn
my back on this case.
I can't.
But you can turn your back
on your own family?
Walker, you should've
kept your eyes on him.
Is, uh,
- one of the undercover cars?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna borrow it.
Uh, might be a while.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- What's up, Stel?
- I thought
I told you to stop coming
by campus unannounced.
Well, then text me back, all right?
Hey, did Denise Davidson ever call back?
Or is it still weird from
the breakup with Colton?
No weirder than the usual
Walker/Davidson feud stuff always is.
Anyway, no real heirlooms to
speak of in the Davidson line.
Hey, now. Put some respect
on Marv Davidson's ring.
Hey, let's go check out
those pawn shops.
Way ahead of you.
I checked them out myself,
and, spoiler alert,
did not find the necklace.
Augie, you really shouldn't go
to these places by yourself.
They could be dangerous.
Stel, need I remind you about the
Yes, I know you're in bootcamp.
But we have no idea
what this woman who's
after Witt might do.
What if she decides she
doesn't need us anymore?
I get it, all right? Witt is hiding
because the world thinks he's dead.
But, Stel, all I'm saying is
many hands make light work.
- You sound like Uncle Liam.
- Crap.
- What?
I promised him I would help
at the rescue today,
but we really need
to make more headway here.
That's a promise you've been breaking
to Uncle Liam for a while.
I know, and I feel awful about it,
but horses aren't exactly
front of your mind
when a ghost holds you at gunpoint
and asks you to go on a treasure hunt.
Hey, Stel, I'm getting a head start on
finding all these gopher holes.
Hey, I'm really sorry,
but I'm behind on assignments,
and I hate to do this again,
but do you mind if I skip today?
Work never seems to stop.
Sure doesn't.
All right, I'll make do.
Uh, good luck on those assignments.
Okay, let's go. All right. Here you go.
LIAM: Hey, Ben.
I'm not trying to bug you
at your work event,
but Stella canceled at the ranch again.
Ooh, they just might ♪
With a lottery win ♪
Give me a chance again ♪
Bottle out on the ocean ♪
Give it the littlest spin ♪
Would it circle the gulf
with the wind? ♪
Been a long time, Henry.
Not long enough.
Gonna sort it out ♪
Gonna settle up all my disputes ♪
And rise above ♪
Above, above. ♪
- Uh, it's not as bad as it sounds, Ben.
- Well, it isn't great.
Please don't rush back from
Houston on my account, okay?
I don't want you to leave in
the middle of your work event.
All right.
- I love you. Bye.
- ABELINE: Dr. Lee said
it could've been a lot worse
than a slipped disc
- and a sprained ankle.
- How do you feel, Liam?
Like I should've been
paying more attention.
Yeah, well, eyes ahead would've kept you
from going ass over teakettle,
but you could've solved
that gopher problem
with some castor oil granules.
Well, I planned to do that
with Stella, but
But she hasn't been around. You know,
she's been avoiding her
responsibility for weeks now.
You've taken on too much, Liam.
You know, your mother and I can
take on a few of those items
on your to-do list.
Do you think you can, uh,
keep our idle hands son company here
so that he doesn't take on more?
Uh, yeah, I can probably
reschedule my meeting.
What? With your investor? Oh, no.
- Geri, you should keep that.
- No, no. No. - No, it's
You've worked way too hard
- to miss an opportunity like this.
- Yes.
But we shouldn't leave Liam alone.

You know what? Maybe I could
ask Rose to come here
for the meeting. Would that be okay?
Yeah. It's fine by me.
You know, whatever you need.
Yeah, we'd appreciate it, darling.
And obviously, I-I will be here
if you need any, you know,
legal advice during your meeting.
- You need to rest, Liam.
- Mm-mm.
I can't expect you guys
to do everything by yourselves.
Well, I don't expect that we will be.
I'm gonna offer Stella a break
from the college pressure.
And if she knocks off
a few tasks while she's here,
then, well, win-win.
(SINGSONGY): Win-win.
She's as cute as she is clever.
Your dad would've been
proud of you, man.
He should be alive to say as much.
Look, we
we have another shot
at catching the Jackal.
We're trying to find any
connection from the past to now.
You know, five years feels
like a long time
but also not.
You know, I never got
the chance to tell him
how much I looked up to him.
Like, I never never said it.
You know it turned out
he was hooked on oxy?
He broke his femur on a skiing trip,
- that was it.
- Toxicology report didn't flag oxy.
He was missing for five days.
I guess would've been
out of his system
- by the time we found him.
- Yeah.
I just wanted him home.
You know, and I was so angry.
I didn't have any place
to put it except your face.
Uh, thanks for not pressing charges.
Hey, look, I-I deserved
a punch in the face back then.
You were just a kid.
After everything you'd
been through, I just
You're a good guy, Ranger James.
Look, I know it's hard
talking about your dad,
but it helps.
And for what it's worth, addiction
it takes down a lot of us, man.
Tara Smith had all
the typical hallmarks, right?
But Hollis Miller, he was
found in his own bed.
Not buried, no jackal tooth.
Just the digoxin.
Yeah, but it fit the bill five years ago
when he was attacked the first time.
We just happened to find
where he was buried.
Saved him with the anti-digoxin
before it was too late.
The Jackal's MO failed the first time
because he was saved by the antidote.
Maybe this time he didn't feel the need
to go through it with the extra steps.
Just a deadlier does of an injection.
So you're saying that the Jackal
has some sort of checklist
- for his victims?
- Mm-hmm.
And he needs to check
all the boxes on said list
before he felt done with Hollis.
- Mm-hmm.
- I mean, it tracks
with the Jackal's meticulous nature.
And then, he would resume his usual MO,
carrying out kills out of motels.
Man, if those walls could talk.
- No one would get any sleep.
- No.
Yeah, I certainly haven't
after everything
at the Seashore Motor Inn.
Well, that's normal, Perez.
Want my hack for a good night's sleep?
Weighted blanket but
just on my little toesies.
Your little toesies?
Yeah, 20, 30 pounds on these suckers,
and I just sleep like a baby.
Okay, look, I see the judgment.
- I know it's weird.
- Mm.
- I'm cool with it, all right?
No, no judgment.
We all have our specifics.
Oh, like,
I cannot find this small
batch coffee that I loved
when I was back in Florida,
and so I've just been obsessively mixing
these dark roasts until
I find that same flavor.
And how's that working out?
Not great, but you got to keep trying.
It was like this smoky,
almost like a spicy flavor. Mm.
I don't know, but it was a treat.
What's your treat now?
I haven't really had time for treats
since we've been on this case.
So let's start.
What do you say? Round of drinks on me?
How's that for a treat?
Sounds good to me.
- My man. (LAUGHS)
Luna's got swagger for days, huh?
Listen, Cass, I, uh
I'm not trying to overstep here, but
Okay, fine, it was me.
I had the last beef jerky
from the gift basket.
I Look, that's not where
I was going with this,
but I appreciate your honesty.
Anyways, I know I kind of
messed up before,
when I pushed you into
a romantic situationship
- with Kevin, but
- Understatement of the century.
But I think I know where this is going.
And let's just both agree
that Luna is no Kevin.
- Okay? This is an entirely different sitch.
- Mm-hmm.
And the vibes is vibing.
- Hmm? Yeah?
- Yeah.
So whatever you do
with that observation,
I fully support it as your
best friend here in Austin.
We never said "best friend", but okay.
I don't know.
- I guess I-I really dig him.
- Mm-hmm.
But you think that it's
not just a one-way thing?
Oh, no, it's definitely
a two-way vibe street.
And not just because of my
unmatched skill set at work?
We've never said "unmatched".
But I'll admit, your theory on the MO
that counts as our win for tonight.
- I'll take that win.
- Hey.
- Here we go.
- CASSIE: Hey.
- Oh, yeah.
- Great.
- Here you go. Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
And thank you.
- ALL: Cheers.
Yeah, you were right ♪
So, the bar was my dad's,
and I've owned it for
my gosh almost 20 years now.
Well, I admire how you've
kept it relevant for decades.
My team always stresses brand longevity.
Well, we are always evolving.
Okay, do you have a place
in mind for the new location?
- Because I was thinking
- (SIGHS) Yeah?
Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma? (CHUCKLES)
Not exactly a top choice.
Oh. Well, I grew up there, so
Can we table that?
Got to check my fanbase there.
Yeah, yeah. No, that
totally makes sense.
Speaking of
Your contract.
- Wow, that's-that's a lot.
- And you're worth it, Geri.
All I'm asking for in return
is 35% stake.
Plus, my signature cocktails
on the menu.
It just seems a little high
for-for just menu items.
It's starter cash, not
just new menu items.
I'd like to review that contract.
Liam, what are you doing?
You need to be resting.
- Hi. William Walker.
- Uh
I'm the Side Step legal advisor.
Oh. "All things Side Step", hmm?
You would be profiting from
not just the second location
but from the original one as well?
I don't think I can agree to that.
This is just a first draft
that my team threw together.
Well, I imagine your
team would agree that
usury isn't something that you'd
want associated with your brand.
Obviously not.
Look, I'll have them rework the language
and hopefully we can still
work together, Geri.
Yeah. You know what?
I'm gonna just have a think,
and I'll get back to you.
But thank you so much for coming by
- and, you know, and having a chat.
- Yeah.
- ROSE: Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, God. I don't know.
I've just put in so much work
into this one place, and
Kind of nice having
someone fancy notice it.
No, I get that, but what you've built
with the Side Step's very special, Geri.
You shouldn't just sign it away
- to someone you just met.
- I know, you're right.
She also hated the idea
of opening a location in OKC.
But I could probably get the funds.
I could probably do it on my own.
I could do it in Oklahoma.
And I could help you compose
the paperwork for it.
it is so nice to see you
helping out your uncle again, Stella.
Even though she totally
played the Mawline card.
So, I understand that college is tough
and the last few months
have been even tougher.
But the truth is, life
doesn't get easier.
People are gonna ask things of you,
even if you're overwhelmed or in pain,
and if you love or care for those people
or those things,
honey, you're going to have to
you're gonna have to help.
The ranch, the rescue
all of you are really important to me.
So, I'm sorry.
BONHAM: Hey, darling,
could you grab my screwdriver
for me, please?
this is kind of weird,
but I've been helping my friend
track down this
missing heirloom necklace
for his great-grandmother.
Oh. Well, you know,
your grandfather and I,
we like to go antiquing
from time to time.
- BONHAM: Mmm.
- In fact, it was one of
- our first real dates.
- BONHAM: Oh, yeah.
You know, we just picked up
a porcelain vase
just this last month
that your Mawline
couldn't take her eyes off of.
Well, maybe you could help me, then.
Have you ever stumbled onto something
that looks like this?
Oh, no, not that I can recall.
Oh, but you know what?
You could get lucky
and you could find something similar
at a a specialty shop
or an estate sale.
Yeah, we've already tried that.
BONHAM: That sure is a beaut.
Yeah, it looks like it's
maybe, I don't know,
late 1800s,
if I were to guess based
on its craftsmanship.
Look at Gramps, coming in hot
with the antique expertise.
Yeah, well, a good craftsman
recognizes good craftsmanship
when he sees it, son.
You said late 1800s?
BONHAM: Yes, ma'am.
Yeah, I-I really
I hate that the state let
the case go cold back then,
but I'm in charge now.
Things are different.
We're going to catch him.
Yeah, and I want to help.
All right, look, I've been working with
the Jackal Survivor Network
every month, but
I mean, law enforcement
just hasn't responded
to our findings so far.
Look, if you have evidence
that you want to
I know who the Jackal is.
Look, all right, two years ago,
this guy, Joe Barnes,
brings his car to my shop.
He's got syringes in the back seat,
same ones used in the case.
And a shovel in the trunk.
Owning a shovel and
syringes isn't criminal.
Y-yes, but yes, but
he-he knows who I am.
You know, that I'm the kid
of one of his victims.
He's taunting me with every visit.
Look, I have his car
right now. All right?
If I tell him to pick it up tonight,
you and your rangers could take him in.
Okay, Henry, Henry,
I'm sorry, man. I-I can't arrest a guy
without cross-checking the evidence.
Let me and my team
look at what you have
No, no. (SCOFFS) No.
I-I can't waste any more time waiting.
Listen No, listen to me. It could
Let's just sit down, keep talking, okay?
- WALKER: Hold on a second.
We got a problem here?
- Who told you to follow me?
No one, but it's a good thing I did.
Who knows what he would've
tried to do to you?
I don't need your protection, Ranger.
Not from him, not from whatever demons
you think I'm fighting off.
How long are you going
to keep punishing me,
punishing everybody,
for caring about you?
I'm not punishing anyone.
We've been here before.
The lying to protect each other,
it's exactly why I got
to draw a hard line
between work and my personal life.
Now, if you think that's punishment,
that's on you.
Now, we got to go. This kid's
lost in his own paranoia.
We got to stop him
before he hurts somebody.
Three, one. Okay.
I'll call you.
Got it. (CHUCKLES)
Luna, my man,
you want a ride back to HQ?
Oh, I'm good, man. Thanks.
I'm gonna grab an Uber.
Okay. All right.
Uh, you two have a good night, then.
- Thank you.
- LUNA: Yeah.
Well, that guy's got swagger
for days, huh?
Oh, my gosh. That is so funny.
He said the exact same thing about you.
- No, he didn't.
- He did.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you for tonight.
Everything this week has been so heavy.
But having you around,
it's been a nice balance.
Dark cases like this one,
it's important that we find
those moments of light.
You know, moments for treats and such,
so, it's my pleasure.
I'll keep that in mind.
Safe travels back to Corpus.
Oh, no, it's way too late
to go all the way back now.
I'm gonna get a hotel room,
crash for the night.
A hotel? What? No, no way. Uh
Come crash at my place.
It's nearby
and Geri will be cool with it.
Geri's place, huh?
I haven't been there in a long time.
So come on.
Okay, well, I've been
I'd be lying if I said
that I wasn't curious
about that Frankenstein coffee of yours.
Who knows? Tomorrow could be the day
that I crack the perfect combo.
Well, I can't miss out on that.
Or I could ruin your palate
for life.
But here's to adventure.
Here's to adventure.
At a losing game. ♪
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
Glad you could make it
on such short notice.
I'm sorry for the late call.
How'd the repairs go?
The, uh, axle's all fixed up.
Why don't you take a look?
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
Gonna give you a taste
of your own medicine.
Get on the ground.
Or what? Huh?
We both know you're not going
to shoot me, Ranger James.
So, is this, uh, this your guy?
Yeah? That's the Jackal?
What exactly was your plan here, bud?
To make him suffer
every second of torture
my father went through.
this is not you.
You're not a killer.
Walker, go.
We need back-up and medic, stat.
Moore Motors.
1515 Julio Drive.
Why are you arresting me?
I gave you the Jackal!
I gave him to you!
And he will be questioned,
the right way,
once he's conscious again.
I gave him to you!
WALKER: All right, Henry's secure.
You need to look at this.
Bunch of his Jackal theories.
I just found it.
Look at this.
WALKER: What, is he buying baby food?
Las Piñas.
That's where the Jackal's
first victim was found.
Yeah, we need to run a cross-check.
I think there might be something to it.
And if it is?
Maybe Henry's vigilante research
isn't completely grasping at straws.
All right, let me know
if you need anything else.
You know, I was sorry to miss Geri,
but I'm glad there's room at the inn.
Yeah, of course, any time.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize
she'd be at Walker's tonight.
Anyway, I will clean your
sheets in the morning.
Bet you shed like a golden retriever.
(LAUGHS) You know, I've
never had any complaints.
Well, get a good night's sleep.
- You, too.
- Thanks.
Good night.
Good night.
I will not wade into the river ♪
I will not follow you to sea ♪
I cannot wait to be
delivered, darling ♪
No ship would carry one like me ♪
But you can carry me home ♪
You can carry me home ♪
With the devil I know, darling, oh ♪
Would you carry me home? ♪
WALKER: Yeah, of course.
Um, you got it, thank you.
Not exactly a match
to the guy at Henry's shop.
Yeah. About the guy at
Henry's shop, Joe Barnes.
Uh, he's not our guy, Cap.
He's not the Jackal.
His alibi checks out.
He wasn't even in
the country at the time
this photo was taken and, frankly,
I don't know if I could tell you
what this guy's face actually
looks like from some
grainy-as-hell partial image.
That's got to be the Jackal, right?
That's got to be. We
confirmed the location,
Korben's Grocery, that's
two miles from the motel.
Less than a mile from where
he buried his first victim.
(INHALES) Okay. So, then,
why didn't we have this
footage five years ago?
We did.
We pulled all the footage
from the surveillance cameras
in the surrounding area,
but that was the first body
- we found.
Right, right. Early on in the case,
we hadn't really, uh, identified
the "last meal" part of his kills yet.
Yeah, no one's thinking twice
about some dude
buying baby food.
Guess not.
This is the closest
we've been to catching
this son of a bitch.
Hey, I got to eat.
Want to grab a bite?
No, I got, I got a little
more work to do, Ranger.
Look, go home, Walker, all right?
This image plus a working
theory on the motive?
We can call today a win.
Tomorrow we'll hit the ground running
with the Jackal's
Survivor Network, all right?
All right.
Night, Captain.
Hi, Larry.
It feels like it's all happening again.
Kell, it's not, it's not like last time.
Last time, we already had problems.
Last time, I tried to
drink it all away.
But you stopped, thank goodness.
Exactly. Exactly, I
got it under control.
And we got remarried
so we can do this again
and do it right.
You know, I actually, uh
- Hmm?
- When you were sleeping in the guest room
- Mm-hmm.
and you tossed all the booze out,
the thought crossed my mind
that you might be
that is a leap.
Um, no, I was just
anxious about what this case
was gonna do to us.
Definitely, definitely not pregnant.
But, I mean, is that something
that you want for us?
- Now? Just I was just
- Hey, hey, that is
That's a big conversation
- for a later time.
- Very well.
Right now what I want for us is just
is just that: us.
Kell, I'm not gonna repeat
mistakes from the past, I'm not.
Work is work, family's family.
So now Walker isn't family?
Maybe the kind you have to hit
with a restraining order.
(LAUGHS) Look.
I-I asked him to look out for you.
He cares.
Your whole team does.
I know, but it's clouding
their judgment,
and I need to
make some boundaries.
Okay, look, I'm gonna let it go, but
can you just please
come home with me, finally?
Of course.
one quick thing, all right?
HENRY: You know, I never got the chance
to tell him how much I looked up to him.
Little something from Ben.
- Mm.
- Listen, uh
Doc said that you don't need
to take these for very long.
Well, I don't know if my back
would agree with that.
Don't you think it might be
from bending over backwards
trying to solve
everything under the sun?
Geraldine may have mentioned that you're
drawing up the paperwork
for her to open up
another Side Step in OKC.
Well, yesterday as
bizarre as it this sounds
it really reminded me
of my time practicing law.
You know, calling out injustice,
ensuring fair treatment.
I don't know, I still have my license.
Is it crazy that it makes me want
to get back into the courtroom?
No, no, it's, it's it's this, this
urge that you have
to always be doing something.
To do everything.
Well, you get that from me.
Hell, if we hadn't gone
to Italy, I might still
be out there pushing
myself every day, too.
You're saying I should rest.
And you know what? You might be right.
I know that it seems like
I'm all over the place, but
at the end of the day, Dad,
I just want to help people.
There's nothing wrong with
wanting to help folks, son.
you best prepare a statement
for your mama
when she finds out you're
doing all this extra stuff.
You know what I'm saying?
- I know what you mean.
- Okay.
- (LAUGHS): All right.
- Get some rest.
I will.
Oh, you are the best.
- Hmm.
- Thank you. Mm.
- So
- Hmm?
I can't believe I'm saying this, but
- I think I'm gonna do it.
- Do what?
I'm gonna open another Side Step
on my own terms.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Cordi, Liam really came through.
- On crutches, no less.
- Of course he did.
I'll make sure to thank him
before I head off to work.
Speaking of work, did you and James
bury the hatchet yet?
Uh no.
No, not quite, but I'm starting
to accept it's beyond my control.
Much likes this button.
Meantime, all I can do is just
keep showing up for James
and working hard on this case.
You know?
And then maybe we can
finally get back to strolls down
Boardwalk and Park Place.
Yeah, maybe.
Think of that.
- Gotta go?
- Yeah.
Hush boy ♪
You'll shiver if you think too much ♪
Wrestling with the bones
beneath your skin ♪
Show love ♪
To ♪
- Lovin' to the stable ground ♪
She who keeps you ♪
Standin' round ♪
Feet are cold ♪
Double roasting the beans.
I should've thought of that.
Hello? Come in!
- And it hurts to see you ♪
When you're livin' the life ♪
- Hey.
- Hey.
Did you forget something?
Livin' the life ♪
Just one thing.
Sound off ♪
Let the light of the moon
tattoo these words ♪
Oh, you're livin' the life,
don't you know? ♪
I hope you know. ♪
Okay, don't be mad, all right?
But I did a little more
research on my own,
after Gramps called out
how old the necklace is.
We've been looking for it
in all the wrong places.
Augie, you need to stop
looking into this by yourself.
Whatever we do next,
we do together, deal?
Deal. Now come look at this.
STELLA: It's at a museum?
Well, it was, until
about five years ago.
"The necklace,
a 19th-century handmade piece,
came into the museum's
possession in April of 1993
and was never recovered after the theft.
It belonged to one Ofelia Rawlins"?
As in, like, Uncle Hoyt?
Our favorite thief.
- No way
he'd let a priceless family heirloom
collect dust in a museum.
He'd have got it back.
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