Walker (2021) s04e06 Episode Script

We All Fall Down

- Previously on Walker
- Listen, kid.
Kid? Is this who you really want to be?
It's "Duke."
I get why Graves wants you at Quantico,
but I'm asking you to trust me again.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
JAMES: You know what
that case did to me.
I'm in charge now.
We're gonna catch him.
Look, I've been working with
the Jackal Survivor Network,
but law enforcement just hasn't
responded to our findings.
Hoyt wanted you to have his jacket.
- Why?
- It's a lucky jacket.
Mehar was infamous for getting out
of trouble because of that jacket.
"The necklace, a 19th-century
handmade piece,
was never recovered after the theft.
It belonged to Ophelia Rawlins."
- Like, Uncle Hoyt?
- He'd have got it back.
Our Western regalia exhibit
will close for lunch in five minutes.
- Kindly make your way towards the exit.
- We are the kings ♪
It will reopen at 2:00 p.m.
They're writing my name ♪
Carving it in stone ♪
They're sealing my fate ♪
In the greatest legend ever told ♪
Come hell or high water ♪
Valley high, valley low ♪
Throw fate to the fire ♪
Burn it down ♪
- Move, move, move!
We are the heroes of old ♪
We are the kings ♪
- We are the kings ♪
- We are the kings ♪
We are the kings ♪
- Well, I'll be damned.
- It's been a while.
- GUARD: Hey, you!
Underground with the
devil on my side ♪
- Stop!
Come hell or high water ♪
The fire's in the back!
Fire's in the back!
Come on, let's go! That exit's locked.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Come on.
Yeah ♪
We are the legends told ♪
We are the heroes of old ♪
- We are the kings ♪
- Yeah ♪
- We are the kings ♪
What the hell happened?
When did a fire alarm
come into the equation?
When did you audible to the south alley?
Almost had to pay a
toll to find you, man.
There was a churro truck.
Hey, we are the kings ♪
- I don't like that look.
- What's the problem, Mehar?
Nothing yet. Just, don't get attached
to something we're hawking.
Calm down, little buddy. We will.
Just need to make
a quick pit stop first.
- We are the kings ♪
- See ya!
- We are the kings ♪
Yeah, we are the kings ♪
We are the kings. ♪
AUGUST: Do you think Dad's on to us?
STELLA: (SIGHS) We've been inquisitive.
Nostalgic, really, about family history.
About Uncle Hoyt's criminal history,
with extremely pointed
follow-up questions.
Look, we took some risks
these last few days,
but Geri finally gave us a name.
And it sounds like this Mehar guy
ran with Hoyt five years back.
So, if Hoyt stole the necklace,
maybe they did it together.
And now we just got to find Mehar today.
You still have his jacket.
I know you've been looking for a
chance to return that to him, right?
Make a new friend.
Okay. Look, Aunt Geri gave
me that jacket, all right?
It's sentimental.
I'm not giving it back.
Augie, somebody broke into my dorm
and put a threat on my window.
Well, now you're trying to make
me sound like a jerk. Stel?
Thanks for the door.
Ah-ha-ha. There they are.
Good morning to you.
Slept late enough, you think?
It is 7:30 and I have
not had any coffee.
- Can we take it down like ten percent, Dad?
What exactly is all this?
Well, your father had an idea.
He had a lot of ideas.
I kept him on planet Earth.
You're welcome.
Yeah. This is the start of
our family makeup day
for the bust that was your winter break.
And Stella, you're back
off to college tomorrow.
Augie, you're starting your
final semester of senior year,
and Geri is heading up to Oklahoma City
to scout locations for
Side Step number two.
So, I figured, you know,
we got to, we got to rally before
back to reality.
I wouldn't call it a complete bust.
I caught up on some sleep.
Also, is this bacon fair game?
Okay, that-that seems like a bit
of selective memory, Stella.
I mean, you had strep when we wanted
to cut down the Christmas tree,
you bailed out on that Swirth &
Moore museum thing at UCAS.
I mean, we didn't even make it
to a single movie in the theaters.
What is happening to us?
And believe me when I tell you,
that list started out much longer.
- Uh, guys? Uh, smoke?
- Yep. Yep, it's okay. I got it.
- Oh! Yeah.
- Let me just I got it.
STELLA: Well, is it really
a family makeup day
without burnt biscuits?
- Oof.
- Oof.
- this sounds great, Dad
but I promised Augie
that we would meet up
with some ROTC guys at UCAS today.
Just so he can, you know,
get a taste of what that's like.
Yeah. They won't be free as
much when classes start, so
Yeah, fine. Fine. That-That's fine.
Just please do me a favor and
be home for dinner by 6:00?
I was hoping the four of us
could spend some family
time together this break?
You know, maybe do one nice thing.
Dinner sounds great, Dad.
All right.
TREY: How are things going with Luna?
He's just gone back to
Corpus Christi for a few days.
'Cause, turns out,
he does work other cases.
- Huh.
But, you know, we've
been texting about
hanging out when he's back.
Also, I can't believe we
beat Cap to the office.
Today of all days.
Yeah, I know.
Speaking of, did you see his email
about the lieutenant thing?
Yeah. James getting a new number two.
- Yeah.
- What do you make of it?
Well, I think it's a great promotion.
For the right person, you know?
Yeah. For the right person.
Yeah. It's just weird
that they're only taking
recommendations till Monday.
I mean, seems kind of
fast, don't you think?
Maybe those postings aren't real.
Maybe they already know
who it's gonna go to.
Maybe they're just looking to move fast.
Maybe. But then, who?
I mean, Walker's out,
always said that path wasn't for him.
Oh. Speculating on
lieutenant already, huh?
Morning, Cap.
You good?
Yeah. What do you mean?
My car's in the shop.
It was like a, you know,
rush-out-the-door kind of a morning.
All right, so, order of the day,
we're gonna update the entire
Jackal Survivor Network at once.
Start, like, a goodwill tour.
Also, learn what they know.
We can't afford another
Henry sitting on vital intel.
They'll be coming in any minute.
Perez, you're with me.
Trey, I want you to sync
up with the crime lab,
see what they've produced
off that partial image
of The Jackal from Las Piñas.
Best-case scenario, you can
start building psych profiles.
Look, today's gonna suck.
It's not gonna be easy.
These people all had their
lives shattered by this killer,
so, let's just tell 'em what we can,
- answer any questions we can.
- TREY: Yes, sir.
The next time I saw you, Larry,
I hoped it'd be because you
caught this son of a bitch.
But why am I not surprised
that you haven't?

Does Geri have Mehar's number on there?
Mm-hmm. I'll take pats on the back now.
I'm gonna text him, set up a meet.
Let me see?
Okay, it's not that
I'm not impressed
But just to, you know, pump
the brakes for a second.
We're about to ask a known felon to,
what, grab a cold brew?
- I'm just saying,
despite Geri's really cool story
about this lucky jacket,
we don't know anything about this guy.
This could be the moment where
we go to literally any adult
about this situation, okay? Maybe
- maybe we go to Dad?
And start that story how?
"Hey, Dad. I'm sorry,
but I sort of lied to the police,
and now " What?
You know, Augie,
I didn't ask for your help.
I'm not trying to bail, okay?
I'm just, I'm just asking questions.
Fine. I'm the adult we go to. Okay?
If you don't like that, then I am
sure there is a father-son hike
that Dad wants to go on or something.
But I would really like
to find this necklace
and hand it over to whoever is
terrorizing me and make it stop.
That's happening to me,
to Sadie and to Witt.
That's not happening to you.
Yeah, you're right.
Okay, you know what?
Text him, but from your phone.
Tell him it's Geri with a new number.
It's gonna be fine, right?
We're just gonna ask this guy if
he has a 150-year-old necklace
he would love to give to us for fun.
(SCOFFS) No. That would be silly.
We're gonna make it worth his while.
- I don't think that's the right form.
- No
- Babe, you could hurt yourself.
- No, it's fine. It's fine.
The form is fine. Some might
say that it is fantastic.
I wouldn't let him lie to you, Ben.
He seems like he's
trying to half-ass it.
Okay, Cordi, can you mind
your own business, please?
- Do not egg him on.
- Hey, I'm actually glad y'all are up.
Was hoping to get some fresh eyes
- on something if you have time?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- All right. Uh
Have y'all noticed that the kids
may have been acting a little
- weird this break?
- Weird, how?
You know, just kind of, uh, being busy
whenever Geri happens to be around.
Did something happen with Geri?
No, no. Not at all. That's the thing.
Everything's been pretty status quo.
But they just keep on bailing on us.
And I don't know if they're
having some kind of feelings
about how serious we're getting.
Well, from what I've heard,
they've mostly been
locked in Augie's room.
Which feels on brand for 17 and 19.
Okay. That's actually good
because, see, we have
this dinner tonight.
And I'm hoping everything
gets back on track.
Because I-I want to talk to the
kids about, uh, Geri moving in.
- Uh, what?
- Yes.
Way to bury the breaking news, there.
I know. It's just
everything seems right.
But the kids keep on dodging
and weaving that conversation.
But our collective thinking
is that this is an overthink?

- Here, hey.
- Hmm?
- Let me get you some water.
- Mm.
- Yeah?
- Thanks.
Hey. Um, not to sound like
a wet blanket or anything,
but are you sure about this?
About Geri? Of course.
No, not about Geri. About her moving in.
(SIGHS) I don't follow.
Well, I just am wondering
about the timing of all this.
Because it's the end of winter break,
and you know, Stella's
about to go off to UCAS
and Augie's about to start his
last semester in high school,
so the house is going to be empty.
I just don't want you
to rush into anything
after six months because you
It's not six months, Liam. I've
known Geri for over 20 years.
No, I-I know that. I'm just saying,
have you thought about
Yes, I've thought about it, Liam.
I-I've thought about it a lot.
Okay. Okay.

- Okay, got it?
- Mm-hmm.
- Here you go.
- Sure.
What was that about?
- You'll see.
- Seriously?
Bringing the waitress into this?
I just I figure, if he's
anything like Hoyt,
we've got to dangle
something he can't resist.
Oh, Angela. How I've
missed you, baby girl.
Her name's Stella.
Rising up out of them flames ♪
And you are?
- The owner of that car.
Everybody's gonna know my name ♪
Maybe now. But I used
to own this beauty.
Won her off a craps table.
Come to think of it, lost
her off a craps table, too.
Sounds like a tough beat.
Yeah, win some, you lose some.
Geri coming?
No, she's not.
But we're your friend Hoyt's
sort-of niece and nephew.
We need your help.
Is that my lucky jacket?
Rising up out of them flames ♪
The kid's back in the game. ♪
I see. And you think I know
where this necklace is?
STELLA: Well, you and Hoyt stole it.
You sure about that?
That's what Geri, uh intimated.
Hmm. Well, did she also intimate
how Hoyt screwed me out
of a six-figure score on that job
that we may or may not have pulled?
Um She left that part out.
You know, it's funny how that detail
always gets forgotten.
Just an epidemic of
Hoyt forgetting things.
So, I'm sorry, but throwing
around that man's memory
isn't gonna get you much with me.
Also, why do you have my jacket?
I-I there was this alpaca,
and a horse in a ravine,
- and it just, I
- All done?
Whenever you're ready.
Oh, that's right, you go to UCAS.
Yeah, first semester.
Yeah, I read about that Swirth &
Moore Natural History Museum thing
from Santa Fe.
Relics and antiquities from
the Southwest, right?
- Have you been?
- Uh, not yet,
but it's popping up all month.
So, there's still time.
We should go together.
It's only open to students right now,
but I bet I could swipe you in.
- Oh, cool.
- And for the check.
WAITRESS: Thank you.
So, you were saying about how you
don't know where the necklace is?
(CHUCKLES) That's some good fishing,
'cause I actually didn't say that.
I said, "I'm not inclined
to help you find it."
Distinctions with differences.
Well, then, I'm sorry
we wasted your time.
Sounds like it.
Say hi to Geri for me.
She was always too good for Hoyt.
Oh. You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good. Thanks, kid.
Why are you so happy, Stella?
- That went horribly.
- Did it?
Because he stole my wallet,
which means he took the bait.
He's gonna rob that exhibit.
And we're gonna be right
there waiting for him.
So, that was, um Or, sorry.
She was his seventh victim.
Um, but the motel gave us
more physical evidence
than any crime scene prior.
And like I said before,
we got the-the partial image.
So, things are

I'll tell you what,
why don't we take five?
Got some coffee and
doughnuts over there,
and then Ranger Perez and I will
answer any questions you have.
All right?
- Cap?
- Yeah?
I know it's tough in there.
But you're really good with them.
Yeah, it's, uh
What? Is there something else?
Yes, actually.
I wanted to talk to you about
the lieutenant position.
And I'm not trying to be presumptuous.
And I hate that it has to happen today.
Yet here we go.
This is what you were talking about
after the Delmonico raid, right?
This is the "trust me."
That is correct, yeah.
And I know you have to remain impartial.
This has to look competitive.
- I get that.
- It is competitive, Perez.
You're in the pole position
for all the reasons
that we talked about.
But this, right now,
this is inappropriate.
- All right?
- Okay. But, no disrespect, Cap,
why would you ask me
to turn down Quantico
- if this wasn't real?
- It is real.
And if you're actually serious about it,
this is not the time or the place.
I got an update.
We're making good progress
on the psych profiles, man.
Um, I think by end of day,
we're gonna be able to decrease
the suspect pool by 60%.
- Really?
- (LAUGHS): Yeah.
That's huge. That's incredible.
TREY: Hey, crime lab is tip-top.
I can't take all the credit.
I'll put it all in a report.
- All right.
- Yeah.
But there's something else
I wanted to run by you.
Look, if this is about
the lieutenant thing
- How'd you know?
Yeah, it-it's about that.
But, look, I just feel like
I have a story to tell.
And I'm sure it's competitive,
but, I mean, come on.
How many rookies have personally
saved the mayor's life, huh?
- Look, Trey, seriously?
- Okay-okay.
What else do you think I
should highlight here, Cap?
I just, I just got to find
a way to stand out.
What are you talking abo
you're gonna stand out.
You shut down anarchists.
You're good, man.
Yeah, I did that, but I mean,
you think that's enough?
Uh what about Spyder?
Right? You and Walker, you flipped him?
Got him to turn on Garrison.
You mean Micki?
That was Micki.
Right. I mean
You know what I mean.
You were, you were there.
Yeah. But I wasn't even a Ranger yet.
Are you good?
'Cause, I mean, honestly,
you haven't looked right all day
and it's not like you to miss something
that's so important, Cap.
I'm fine.
Okay? Just send the report.
We're done.
Yes, sir.
Hey, so that was a bust.
Um, not my fault, mind you.
I mean, w-what kind of place
doesn't have bone-in pork
chops this time of year?
Pork chops are seasonal?
You know what I mean.
The holidays, you know?
Either way, ridiculous.
- Totally ridiculous.
- Yeah. I do. But whatever this is,
seems less about a grocery store than,
I don't know, maybe
work, Stella, Augie?
- Liam, actually.
- Oh, my gosh. How loopy was he?
Yeah. Uh, shocking amounts of clarity.
All wrong, mind you.
But he thinks he's crystal
clear about everything.
- Yes.
- Hmm. Well, that's cryptic.
It's hard to explain all of it,
without explaining all of it.
But I can't explain all of
it just yet, you know?
Yes, but you're the one
who brought it up. So
Right. Yeah, because I-I
want to explain all of it.
- Does this make any sense?
- Okay, Cordi,
can you just tell me what's going on?
It's fine, it's me.
Right. Of course, yeah.
I talked with him earlier
about us moving in together.
Or about me asking you
if you wanted to move in.
Wait. Are you
- Is this, um ?
- Yes?
Yes. Yeah, I mean, I wanted
to wait until after dinner.
But-but yes. I-I
Geri, do you want to move in with me?
Happy ending ♪
I mean, because these last few
months have been amazing.
The best in years. And-and I can't
help but shake, like, the feeling
of why delay the next step
in our lives even further?
Why don't we just dive
right in, you know?
I mean, if you, if you want to?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Yes!
- Yes?
Oh, my gosh. Yes.
Cordell, I would love
to move in with you.

- Yes.
- Yes.

- That's Dad.
- Crap. What time is it?
Not time to deal with that.
- AUGUST: Wow, you were right.
- You ready?

Hi. I spoke to DPS earlier, about
somebody stealing my wallet.
Over there. That's him.
That's the guy that stole my wallet.
- Over there?
- Mm-hmm.
GUARD: Hey! Hey, you. Hey.
- Hey, stop!
- GUARD 2: Hey, stop!
- Stop right there!
- Hey.
- Don't let him leave.
- White male, brown hair.
What the hell?
Bought you a few minutes.
I think you know more about
that necklace than you let on.
So, why don't you take advantage
of the time that I just gave you.
And in exchange,
you can give me the truth.
Or the necklace. Or preferably both.
You have a deal.
But if you want to talk,
you're gonna need to run.
Well, hot damn.
I got to hand it to you.
- You looking for a crew?
- No. This was a one-off.
But we kept our side of the deal.
- Deal? We
- AUGUST: Whoo.
(SIGHS) I don't think those guys
knew what was coming, man.
I zigged. They zagged?
But my calves are fuego.
He has my jacket. What'd I miss?
Mehar was ready to tell us
where he stashed the necklace.
About that.
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
STELLA: What do you mean,
a misunderstanding?
- We got you your Santa Fe thing.
- Yeah, you trying to play us?
Calm down.
No one's trying to play anyone.
Except me. Your uncle played me.
Truth is, I don't have the necklace.
I never did, actually.
Day of the robbery, we stopped at a bar,
met with some old friend.
Hoyt gave me the slip after that.
I tried to track him down,
thought maybe he had a plan
to cut this guy in or something.
But he just met up with Geri. Then he,
uh (WHISTLES) skipped town.
I threw in the towel after that.
So, you just gave up?
You never confronted him?
I like the bluster as much
as the next person,
but that necklace meant
more to him than it did to me.
AUGUST: Okay, yeah.
So Hoyt left you high and dry.
Can you tell us more about
this other guy, though?
Maybe-maybe they can help shed
light on where the necklace is.
Think his name was, uh, Duke.

HOYT: Well, there he is.
All six-foot-five of fire and fury.
Hey, bud. (GRUNTS) Mehar?
Meet my old pal, Duke.
Thought you were, uh
thought you were coming alone.
Yeah, well, I thought we weren't
even making this stop.
So, uh consider us even.
Mehar, my man,
what do you say you scope out that menu?
Order us up some apps.
I hear they dredge the
mozzarella fresh for each order.
This stop? Uh, do I even want to know?
Maybe don't ask and we just
keep having a good time.
Things need to be returned
to rightful owners sometimes.
How 'bout you?
What's it been? Three months under?
How you, how you holding up?
You know, maybe don't ask and
we just keep having a good time.
See? See?
Always a problem when you
use my logic against me.
Hey, sorry to call you down
like this, on short notice.
I-I figured if there's someone
safe to be seen with,
it's-it's probably you.
- Honestly, it might help.
- You're damn right it might help.
- I'm shocked I didn't get a call sooner.
Sorry, um
So, I realized I just I can't
have these on me anymore.
Um, I've been writing to-to
try and keep myself sane,
grounded in actual reality,
as opposed to whatever this is.
But I don't know.
Clint doesn't trust me yet.
And it occurred to me
that if-if I get made,
then-then these give me, uh you know?
You're asking me to give
these to Augie and Stel?
Keep your voice down.
Um, I'm just asking you
to keep 'em somewhere safe.
And only hand them over if-if I
Hey, you don't talk like that.
You and I, we're survivors.
Always have been.
We don't talk like that.
I'm-a keep these safe.
You can give them to the kids yourself
- when the time's right.
- Hoyt.
Thank you, brother.
Always, bud.
Now tell me
how is Geri?

Look, I'm sorry it's been
since the funeral.
Can almost see you just
shaking your head at me.
I know, Em.
I guess it just takes a little wrong
- to right the past sometimes.
Well, aren't you a sight.
How long you in town?
No need to focus on that.
I saw him today. Cordi.
He's a
It's not good, Geri.
I don't imagine how it could be.
You think you helped him?
I promised I would. You know?
In my own way.
But I couldn't, uh, I couldn't
leave without seeing you.
Hmm. So there's my answer.
Not long.
It's just not the best
time for me right now.
I-I'll be back, and
there's something you could
remember me by while I'm gone.
- GERI: Hoyt.
I don't think I want to be a part
of whatever is making
it not the best time
for you to stick around right now.
I'm not leaving a stash with you.
- It's This is different.
- Probably the less you say, the better.
When you were young ♪
There's something inside of you ♪
She'd want us to be happy.
I know.
Me, too.
We're not unhappy.
Just unsettled.
Keep me from falling back down ♪
Call me when you're back.
But only if you're staying.
I hope you'll still give it to me. ♪
I can't believe it.
That's the one thing, Geri.
- I asked for one thing.
- I know, Cordi.
They're kids, they probably
just lost track of time.
No. (STAMMERS) More likely, t-they
stumbled on some party at UCAS
and didn't bother to call.
Come in.
It's fine. I, um I took a cab.
- You can just
- Yeah.
I don't even know where to start.
A-Anywhere you want.
What is that?
And what's this?
That is the book I can't seem to finish.
Are those your personal notes?
Kelly found them.
(SIGHS) Locked up in my home office.
Right next to that fifth of vodka.
Oh, James, I
I'm sorry. Uh I didn't know.
DJ was home from Boise.
Had to watch his dad get
kicked out the house.
Flew three hours for that.
(SHUDDERS) I got to get home, man.
I got to get back to
my family. I got to
- I got to fix this.
- Hey, hey, hey.
You know what? Uh, we will, okay?
We're going to get you home.
I-I'll talk to Kelly. We'll sort it
out, they'll-they'll understand.
No. No, they won't.
I told myself there were rules.
They worked before,
they could work again.
Keep it discreet. Keep it off the clock.
Keep it off my breath.
Who was I kidding, right?
I mean, once you got to give
yourself rules, it's just
I used to, um, I would take pictures,
send myself texts
about stuff I knew I was gonna
forget because I was drunk.
You know, like, reminders.
But they were also receipts.
They were proof that I was
lying to everybody in my life.
Lying to myself.
Uh, you know, um,
you're being honest now.
Yeah, I'm being honest now.
- What choice do I have?
I think Trey knows what's going on.
You were right, Cordell
to keep this from me.
I just, I can't This case,
this guy, it just
it takes me straight to the
worst version of myself.
It's what he does to kids.
They're just kids, man, it's like
they got to keep living,
they got to go on
haunted, by what this
(SNIFFLES) Look, um
I'll still be here, but
I'm-a need you to,
uh, take point on this.
Moving forward, all right?
- Okay?
- Okay. Uh, of course.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hey. At one point, you beat this.
You'll beat it again.
Let's find our way back.

James is trying to get some sleep,
so maybe we should just
table this for tomorrow?
- Everybody get some rest?
- You know what?
I'm sorry, Geri, but this
needs to be said now.
- Dad, we can explain.
- Nah.
No need to explain.
It's-it's pretty clear.
I don't think that it is.
I'm really sorry about tonight, Dad,
but we have to ask you a really
important question about
I'm sorry? I'm sorry, "Dad"?
No. Don't just apologize to me.
You disrespected Geri, too.
Took advantage of this entire situation.
You know what? I gave you both space.
Room to be independent,
tried to do the "right
thing for your age,"
against my better judgment.
- And look what that's gotten us.
- And where is that?
With you two completely out of control.
STELLA: Okay, wait.
Let's take a breath here.
We're not taking advantage of you, Dad,
and we meant no disrespect, Geri.
I have no idea what that means.
Of course you don't. But it's okay,
because you know what?
Your actions speak
louder than your words.
- Okay, Cordi. Please, just
- No, they need to hear this.
- Hear what?
- How much blatant disrespect
they've shown you, Geri.
Somehow, there's always
some other place to be
whenever I try and set aside
family time for the four of us.
And you know what? If y'all have
a problem with our relationship,
with how serious things are getting,
you need to speak up.
- Not duck out.
- Dad, seriously?
All of this over a dinner?
No, this isn't just about
a dinner, August.
Tonight was supposed to be the night
where we celebrated Geri moving in,
because that's what's happening.
It is?
Yeah. It is.
And I wanted it to be a happy moment,
but instead, it's this.
And, okay, yeah, fine. I guess
that's kind of on me, too.
So, I guess we're gonna make
some changes moving forward.
Starting with you two
being home more often,
so I know exactly what
the hell is going on.
- Am I clear?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes.
- WALKER: Great.
Then I guess we're done here.
I assumed they knew.
Well, yeah, Geri. I-I wish
they had let me tell them
in-in literally any other way.

- Morning, babe.
- Morning.
How long have you been up for?
A while.
Upside is, I've had some time to think.
I don't like the sound of that.
No, no, no, no. It's not bad.
Or, I-I hope it's not bad.
Like, I
I haven't wanted to make you
getting injured about me, but
You know, it put some
things into perspective.
And, um I wanted
to talk to you about
I want to quit my job.
Because of the slipped disk
and a sprained ankle?
Hey, hey. No, no.
Not because of a slipped
disk and a sprained ankle,
but because work keeps me away too much.
And that's not where I want to be.
This is.
Taking the event business
full-time with Abby.
You want to work at the ranch
full-time with my mom?
Was this a lot before 8:00 a.m.?
It's so much before 8:00 a.m. (CHUCKLES)
No, I'm kidding. Kidding.
I'm kidding. I love this for you.
For us.
- But, um
- But
My parents, they-they think that
(SIGHS) they're so clever,
but the word "retirement"
has been floating around recently
and there's nothing official, but
are you sure you want to quit
your job, knowing that
Knowing that I could get stuck
running a ranch with you?
- Mm-hmm.
- And a law firm?
- And a horse rescue.
- And a horse rescue, yes.
I think I could be persuaded
to embrace that future.
I like that future.

You need me to show you how it's done?
Hey, Cap.
Look, I'm sorry about yesterday, man.
I, uh
I should've been head down in the
crime lab, and I overstepped.
But, uh, I got to ask
Is everything okay?
- I mean, were you doing okay?
I fell down,
but today, I got back up, so
We all fall down, Cap.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry, am I interrupting?
- No, no, no. Get in there.
Oh, I may need some more plates.
- I'm sorry about yesterday, Captain.
Don't be.
And look, don't drive yourselves crazy
- about what's coming next, okay?
- And what's that exactly?
Well, you both put your
hats in for lieutenant.
The way I see it, the competition's on.
May the best Stetson soar.
Good luck.
All right. Think I'm all set.
Yeah? Okay, uh I made a sandwich.
You want me to wrap it up for the drive?
By the way, uh, so
Had some thoughts about how
we could gussy up the place,
let you have your own touch,
you know? What do you think?
Cordi, I don't know.
You don't know about, uh, what?
I I just don't think that we're
I don't think you're ready.
(SCOFFS) Geri, the kids
will get on board.
No, I don't want them to "get on board."
I wanted you to have a
discussion with them,
before we had
whatever last night was.
I tried to. I tried to.
L-Literally, that is what last
night was supposed to be.
No, I understand. But
I want you to understand something.
When I do move in, I don't
ever want to move out.
And I want it to be about me.
You know? Not-not about
you trying to fill a nest.
Which is kind of how it feels right now.
- No, Geri
- No, listen.
Everything is fine.
We are fine. I love you.
Let's just, let's take a beat.
And let's talk about this when I'm back.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.


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