Walker (2021) s04e08 Episode Script

Witt's End

- Previously on Walker
- So, your method of shutting off
work-brain is karaoke?
Corpus Crooner.
Seriously, what's with that nickname?
I don't know. I guess I talk
about my hometown a lot.
Doesn't everybody?
Gary Boyle.
His zoo is one mile away
from the Jackal's first kill.
Possible signs of activity.
She's not gonna stop coming after us.
Not until she gets the necklace.
- Shouldn't we tell Dad?
- STELLA: Tell him what?
This guy might get killed if I don't
find an antique necklace that
Uncle Hoyt stole five years ago?
I was so close.
We're gonna catch him, Cap.
I can feel it in my bones.
I wanna talk about it ♪
I wanna scream ♪
Oh, hi. Good morning.
Morning? Is it?
Or, um, should we go back to bed?
Not a morning person?
More of a, uh, sleep enthusiast.
Oh, as nice as that sounds,
we got to get to HQ.
You almost sound like you forgot.
Mm. No, I've been living
and breathing this case
for so many years, it's
almost impossible to forget.
- Mm.
- But
With you, it's just a little easier.
That's really sweet.
Nice try,
- but we got to go to work. Come on.
Come on. (GRUNTS) Drink up.
- Okay. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
We're down Walker today.
He's okay, right?
Uh, I think so.
(SIGHS) Since his last
run-in with the Jackal,
he's felt a little off.
But he's been through worse.
Hey, so my brother, Ben,
hit me up about getting dinner.
And I thought maybe you
could meet, if you want.
Meet big bro? Of course. Sure.
I know that it's only early days,
but the work family
already knows about us,
and I want my actual
family to know, too.
That sounds great.
And we can keep it, keep it casual.
Yeah, we could go to the Side Step,
like a double date with Liam and Ben.
Yes, and Liam, you know, he's big,
- he's strong, he can protect me.
- (CHUCKLES) Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it'll be great.
No. No, no, no.
We got to get to work. Come on.
Holy Moses.
Is this all from the Jackal bust?
Good morning. And, yes,
everything we seized.
Yeah. These, too.
Potential next victims.
Have they been notified?
JAMES: Already in protective custody.
Any connections? Establish M.O.?
I've already started looking,
but nothing yet.
JAMES: Yeah, we're a man down.
I'm gonna need the three of you
to triple your efforts.
- All right?
- Hey!
- Morning. Hey.
- CASSIE: Hey, partner.
- How you feeling?
- Great.
Walker, what are you doing here?
CT scan came back normal.
I'm glad to hear it.
Yeah. So, uh
Catch me up. Where are we at with Boyle?
Uh, he's probably
still in the area, right?
This has to be an interagency
- operation now that we
- Walker
- know who the Jackal is
- JAMES: Walker.
- and we have all this evid Yeah?
- Walker
- Boyle's dead.
- What?
They found his body buried at the zoo.
That doesn't make sen
H-How did they not figure that out?
Well, zoo closed down
a couple of years ago,
then he disappeared.
His family filed a missing
persons report,
but nothing ever came of it.
I guess they weren't
looking for a homicide.
JAMES: Autopsy is being done right now,
but we do know he's
been dead for a while.
He's not the Jackal.
Could he be another victim?
JAMES: Uh, likely, but no Jackal teeth.
The body wasn't left
somewhere to be found.
Given that it's abnormal
for serial killers to break their M.O.,
working theory is the
real Jackal killed Boyle.
Maybe it was a crime of passion.
Maybe convenience.
Either way, killer has been
using the zoo to operate out of.
Um, would you guys give
us the room real quick?
Thank you.
CT is clean. I'm good.
- That's great. That's great.
- Yeah.
The second part of my order
was for you to take it easy.
The three of them can run this
down for the next couple days.
Okay? It's fine. Best thing
you can do right now
for yourself and for this case
is to not be here.
I hear you, but, Captain, I can do this.
This is not a negotiation.
It's an order.
Go home.
Witt? What's going on?
What are you doing here?
I thought you were in hiding.
- Has she called you?
- No.
I think I bought us some time,
but she won't stop.
Witt, what are you talking about?
She found me. She'll find you, too.
We need to find that necklace.

Okay. What's going on? Why are you here?
And who is this-this woman
who was supposed to call me?
Her name's Joanna.
She's who I work for.
She's the one who wants the necklace.
Joanna who? And what does
she want the necklace for?
I don't know. Money?
There's a lot easier ways to get money
than searching for something
that's been lost for years.
WITT: I know that.
I wish I had more answers
for you, but I don't.
You did all this?
Like father, like daughter.
You show up here, out of the blue,
asking for my help.
Why should I trust you?
You don't have to, but
that's not gonna change
what's about to happen.
If I'm hearing what you're saying,
then killing all of us isn't
gonna get her what she wants.
There's a lot more painful
ways to motivate us.
August and I were able
to track the necklace
back to my Uncle Hoyt.
- He has it?
- He died, years ago.
I'm sorry.
But even with all of this,
it still doesn't get us any closer.
She can't know that. I told her
You told her what? What did you do?
Telling her that you were close
was the only thing
that I could say to buy us some time.
She was gonna kill me, Stella.
Probably you too, and Sadie.
Witt, I have no idea
where the necklace is.
What's gonna happen
when she finds that out?
That's why we need to think.
There has to be something we're missing.
The day that my uncle
stole the necklace,
he met with a bank robber named Duke.
If we want answers, we're
gonna have to ask him directly.
So all we have to do
is find this Duke guy.

- We've got to go.
- Go to the cops, and he's dead.

MIKE: Found him
in the UCAS parking garage.
- Joanna, I can explain
- Do you have it?
We were on our way to get it, then
Ah, so that'd be a no, then.
I don't know, buddy.
I hadn't heard from you
in a month of Sundays,
but now you tell me
you can get what I want?
Goodbye, nimwit.
Wait, wait, wait!
I can get it. By tonight. I swear.
I can kill you now, or
I can kill you tonight.
It makes no difference to me.
But if you are wasting my time,
I will kill you slowly.
And painfully.
And that little cowgirl, too.

And by the way, you
lied to me, several times.
That cannot go without consequences.
Joanna, please. I can get it!
(ECHOING): I can get it by tomorrow!
I swear! Please! No! No!
I scream at the sky sometimes ♪

WALKER: That's gotta be the Jackal.

- Hey.
- Hey.
- Uh, thanks for coming.
- Yeah, of course, man.
I know you were frustrated
after Cap sent you home.
- So
- Oh.
But I see that you're
still at it, anyway.
Yeah, yeah, well, uh
Uh, you-you have that, uh,
the new evidence?
The stuff from the zoo?
No, I'm sorry, man.
I tried, but I couldn't get it.
It's inventoried and
tightly secured, so
What are you looking for specifically?
Not really sure. Kind of just grasping.
Trey, this is ridiculous.
You know, the-the Jackal
is still out there,
and I was so close.
I shouldn't be here, Trey.
I should be at headquarters,
tracking down this monster.
You know Cass and I are on this?
Yes, yes, of course, but, uh, Trey,
I've been working this case
for-for so long.
I mean, years of knowledge
that can't just be recreated.
No offense.
None taken.
You ever think that Cap was
right about taking a break?
Taking it easy?
Yeah. Yeah.
Uh, maybe-maybe he was right.
Maybe-maybe you're right.
Maybe I should, uh,
get my mind off this.
- Um
Maybe I'll go for a jog.
You know, try and clear my head?
- There you go.
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
You know what? I would join you,
but, uh, I got to head back to HQ.
- Yeah, all good. All good.
- TREY: Uh
but not before I get some more
of that jam that Abby promised.
- She left it for you in the kitchen. Yeah.
- All right.
My man. Thank you.
Why don't you take this guy with you?
Looks like he could use a little jog.
I, uh, I think a jog
actually would be nice,
'cause we could get some
fresh air, and I could
apologize to you for being
so harsh yesterday, man.
- I'm-I'm sorry about
- No, no, no, no.
Uh, Liam, uh, I should be
the one apologizing to you.
I should. Uh, it's totally fair
for-for you to be worried
about me spinning out like
I was before, but I'm not.
I-I'm good. I'm okay. Uh, uh
I promise. I'm not.
And you've always had my back,
with-with my family,
with-with everything, so
I should be thanking you.
All right, man.
- Yeah.
- I always will be, all right?
- Yeah, I know.
- How about that jog?
Ah. (STAMMERS) I can't right now.
Sorry. No time.
But you were just, you
were just telling Trey
that you were gonna go on a jog
Yeah, I said that to Trey
so he wouldn't narc to James,
but I-I got a lot of work to do.
Uh, next time, Stinker.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Next time.
- Next time.

Hey, Trey. Wait up.
Hey, you know I was just kidding
about you needing a jog, right?
No, no, it's not, it's not about that.
It's about Cordell. Uh,
he seems a little off.
Yeah, it's Walker. He's always off.
No, listen, it's just this case.
It's, um, it's a tough one.
I get that. I mean, he's had
his tough cases in the past.
It's just this tunnel vision
that he has, this behavior,
I've seen it before, and
it's happening again.
- When?
- Back when Cordell
was undercover with the Rodeo Kings
- Yeah.
- Hoyt came to me to
Wait, what-what does Hoyt
have to do with anything?
Hoyt came to me to give me these
letters that Cordell had written
to Stella and August,
in case he didn't come back.
But Hoyt was very concerned
with the way that Cordell was acting.
Tunnel vision.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
I'm gonna talk to Cassie
and Captain James, all right?
- Yeah.
- Appreciate that.

- Hey.
- Hey.
You sick of the dorms already?
Just thought I would stay the night.
I got your text. What's up?
Have you talked to Dad today?
No, but that's kind of why I'm here.
I think he might know
where the necklace is.
Really? Are you sure, Stel?
No, but if he does, then
I could put an end to all this.
I don't know, Stel. I feel like
I feel like something's up with Dad.
He's just been really removed lately.
Also, did you know that
he wrote letters for us,
just in case he died while undercover?
What do you mean?
Back when he was Duke,
Dad met up with Uncle Hoyt
and gave him the letters.
And I guess Uncle Hoyt
gave the letters to Uncle Liam.
I heard Liam and Trey talking.
He was saying that Dad was acting
like the way he was back then.
The whole thing was just
really confusing, Stel.
According to Mehar,
if Hoyt met with Dad the day
that he stole the necklace,
then it's highly likely that
Hoyt got the letters then, too.
Well, I mean, just because we
know that Hoyt got the letters
and the necklace, doesn't mean
that they're together right now.
Yeah, but Uncle Hoyt hated banks.
He had no safety-deposit box.
All he had was this will
that left us some alpacas.
If the letters are out there,
then they could lead us to the necklace.
I guess.
To be honest, you're kind of
starting to sound like Dad.
That is the second time somebody
has told me that today.
By who?
Just Mawline, on the phone.
Anyway, we don't need to
ask Dad anything.
He probably didn't know
Hoyt had the necklace,
- but Uncle Liam might.
AUGUST: Whatever you say.
I have this school assignment
I need Dad's help with.
Probably be good
to get his mind off of
everything, you know?
I've got to go.

Augie, hey.
Hey, Dad.
What you, what you got there?
Oh, it's, uh, it's Mom's old camera.
I have a photography assignment
due for school.
Great. Uh, beats algebra, right?
- Have fun, bud.
I-I'm actually supposed
to recreate an old photo.
I, uh, I chose one of you, actually.
It was, uh, it was one that Mom took.

Look at that.
Got to say, my, uh, my
back never looked so good.
- Not too shabby.
Do you, uh, do you
remember where this is?
- Maybe you could take me?
- When's it due?
Tomorrow, actually.
Maybe-maybe you could, like,
take a break from this
and just help me out a little bit?
Augie, Augie, I would, I would,
but-but, you know, uh
Please, Dad.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, of course.
- Um Let's do it. Let's go.
- Okay.
- I'll-I'll go grab my jacket.
- All right. All right.
So, how's Liam?
Liam? Huh. That's surprising.
No, not him. I meant you're fishing.
You make small talk anytime
you want to ask me something.
Oh, please. Get over yourself.
- All right, fine.
- See? So transparent.
(SIGHS) It is a simple request.
I was wondering if you would
like to meet my boyfriend.
(GROANS) As tween as that word sounds.
You never introduce me to your beaus.
And that is by choice, you butthead.
But my work family
already knows about him,
and I really want my actual
one to know about him, too.
I mean, you have seemed
kind of happy lately.
Which is odd for you, so
Of course I'll meet him.
What kind of big brother would I be
if I didn't interrogate David?
Luna. He goes by his last name.
He's just that cool.
But don't be weird about it, please.
Or anything else, for that matter.
No, no.
What you doing?
I am, uh, taking advantage
of my mom and dad being out of town.
Working on a little surprise
anniversary gift for Ben.
What's up?
Uh, I need to ask you a question
about Uncle Hoyt.
Hmm. Yeah, what about him?
Well, when Dad was undercover,
I know that Uncle Hoyt
went to see him. Do you know why?
Were you eavesdropping on Trey and I?
No, but Augie was.
He said that you mentioned some letters
- that Dad wrote for us in case he
- Stella,
why are you asking me about this?
I'm worried about Dad.
Yeah, but what about the letters
is gonna help?
It was a, it was a dark
time for all of us.
So you can talk to Trey
about it, but I can't even ask?
I mean, come on.
You're coming at me about
a private conversation
one that you didn't even
personally overhear.
I know, and I'm sorry,
but I need to know how bad it got.
It'll help me understand
what exactly Dad's
going through right now.
Hoyt called me.
Told me to meet him at the Side Step.
When I got there, he had a satchel
with the letters that
your dad had written
to you and your brother,
in case he didn't make it back.
Do you still have the letters?
No, I don't still have the
letters. I never took them.
- Why not?
- Because
I didn't want to read them.
I didn't want to
I didn't want to live in
a reality where your dad,
my brother, didn't come back.
What happened to the letters then?
Oh, come on, Stella,
I don't know what happened
to the letters, okay?
Hoyt was in a rush.
He had to get back to work at that club.
And when I didn't take the
letters, he just left, okay?
I know that you want to help your dad.
Okay? I have been trying to help him,
but bringing up that past,
it isn't gonna help anyone.
Trust me.
Hey, it's me. Where are you?
- I can't stop working ♪
- So, Luna.
Tell me, what do you see in my sister?
That's not already
totally obvious, he means.
Well, besides her brains
Hmm. A given.
- And her beauty.
- Go on.
And, of course, her sense of humor.
Yeah. (LAUGHS)
Really, I guess, uh, because
I consider myself lucky,
she's the last thing I think
about before I fall asleep.
When I wake up, my first thought is,
"How can I make her day better?"
- Nice.
- LIAM: Mm-hmm.
- Didn't directly answer my question but
- a more or less acceptable answer.
- Okay.
What he's trying to say
is that you pass.
You can sub me in any time
that you want, Coach.
Are you kidding? This is primetime.
Okay, okay. Overtime.
Where do you ultimately
want to settle down?
LIAM: Mm, mm, mm.
Uh, flag on the play.
We haven't discussed that yet.
You don't have to answer.
BEN: I just want to know.
Am I going to have to
drive down to Corpus
every Christmas to visit you guys?
I, uh, I guess I can't say just yet.
WAITRESS: Here's your order.
This one's yours, hon.
Thank you.
You know, Augie,
I-I guess I didn't realize
you were still interested
in photography.
Well yeah.
I mean, it's just for
a class assignment.
But it's still cool, you know?
I've been kind of focused on,
uh, senior year ending,
- and what comes after.
- Yeah. I bet.
By the way, you've been
managing things so well.
I'm really proud of you.
Wasn't that long ago,
we couldn't get you
- to put this thing down.
- (SCOFFS) Facts.
Oh, God, I've just been
so focused on training,
I kind of put everything else on pause.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
I-I've been focused but
Forgot how much I miss this.
Hey, hey.
This has got to be it. Yeah?
- AUGUST: Oh, yeah.
- WALKER: Oh, yeah.
- Just about, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- Ah, it's perfect.
(ECHOES): Dad?
- Yeah?
- Ready?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course.
- Let's go for it.
- Okay. Uh
- Yep.
AUGUST: Yeah, there we go.
That was a little intense.
You told me not to hold my punches.
Yeah, I know I did.
But I didn't ask you to go full
Reservoir Dogs.
Felt like you were about
to slice his ear off.
That was a Tarantino reference.
I know. I know, I've seen it.
You and Liam have the
same taste in movies.
Listen, I like Luna.
I think he genuinely likes you.
I just
want to make sure
you're not playing pretend again.
Okay, that was rude.
Have you ever considered that
you might like him or this relationship
because, in the back of your
head, you know it's temporary?
Temporary? No. I-I don't know that.
And neither do you.
You heard him. He doesn't know
if he'll ever leave Corpus Christi.
And I know for a fact
you love it here in Austin.
You're "laying down roots", right?
If he does go back,
I just don't want you to get hurt.
Luna and I will figure out
a way to make it work.
I believe you.
I just want you to consider
this one question.
Are you truly looking for
something that lasts?
Or not?
We didn't mean to bleed ♪
But, boy, we made a scene. ♪
How's this?
AUGUST: Maybe a little less that.
- Yes.
- How's my back?
- Yeah. There we go.
- WALKER: Yeah?
- AUGUST: Aw, it's great.
Watch out.
Hey! Hey! What are you doing?
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
- Who are you?!
- Let me go!
I'm shooting a kingfisher.
I-I-I thought I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Get help!
Augie, I-I thought, I thought he
(INHALES DEEPLY) Don't be mad, okay?
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not
I'm not mad.
All right, maybe we should just go home?
No. Hey, buddy. No, no-no.
W-We can still get your shot.
I already got the shot, Dad.
You sure? Framing was good?
And, uh, the pose and everything was
Do you know why I wanted
to do this with you, Dad?
It's because I thought
you could use a break.
And, you know, this was
I think this was the last photo
that Mom ever took of you.
Maybe even the last photo
she-she really took, ever. So
August, I'm sorry. I'm
I didn't know, I'm sorry.
- Look, Dad, you've been through a lot.
All right? But I-I think
this guy is right.
Whatever you're going
through, I seriously think
you want to talk to
somebody about it. All right?

- Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
We just need to find the necklace.
I told Joanna we'd have it tonight.
So, please, tell me there's
a reason we're here.
I think it's inside.
WITT: Wait, seriously?
A 50-pound powder keg ♪
La, la, la, la, la ♪
Your uncle worked here?
Hoyt was a
bit of a renaissance man, I guess.
According to my actual uncle,
Hoyt was headed here
the last time he was seen
with the necklace.
You're living on the last tok ♪
If he had it, this is the one place
no one would think to look.
WITT: Can't argue with that.
Is boiling up a fever ♪
You're gonna break ♪
Like a bullet bursting from a gun ♪
You're a hurricane ♪
We're lucky they left everything as is.
You're cocaine ♪
WITT: Who am I looking for? Hoyt?
No, it's, uh
Long Horn.
La, la, la, la, la ♪
STELLA: Hey, it's here.
La, la, la, la, la ♪
You're a powder keg ♪
A 50-pound powder keg ♪
You're a powder keg ♪
A powder keg ♪
A 50-pound powder keg ♪
La, la, la, la, la ♪
Damn it!
La, la, la, la, la ♪
What now?
Let's just get out of here.
You're a powder keg ♪
La, la, la, la, la ♪
La, la, la, la, la ♪
- Oh!
La, la, la, la, la ♪
You're a powder keg. ♪
MAN: I'll check the back.
Oh, they're in here.
We're gonna find them!
- Let's check the back!
Come on out, kids. We just want to talk.
Let's just talk for a minute, kids.
- Hello, Witt.
- Hey, get back here!
Do you have what we want?
I take that as a no.
Not smart.
Come on, we got to go!
You think we were followed?
No, I circled four times
just to be sure.
Right. Then why'd we stop here then?
Well, that road leads straight
to the Ranger station.
- You're turning me in?
- No.
The other direction will
take you to Texarkana.
And then who knows where.
I need to tell you something.
I already know.
I know it was you
who wrote the message on
my window and gassed my car.
You do? How?
You accidentally left a matchbook
from Mallard's Diner in my car.
I didn't think much of it at first,
but then I remembered the story
that you told me
the first time I met you.
That you picked up Sadie's
tab at Mallard's
because she got caught
trying to dine and ditch.
Once I realized that,
it didn't take us long
to put the pieces together.
How'd you know about
the threat on the ?
The window?
I didn't until just now.
I thought about turning you in,
but I had to be sure.
You could've gotten away,
but you came back.
Thank you for that.
Joanna I wish I could
tell you more about her,
but she was careful, guarded.
That damn necklace
means everything to her.
She's not going to stop.
Clever move back there.
Do you have my necklace?
It's not yours.
(LAUGHS) Bless your heart.
You don't even know
what you've involved
yourself in, do you, darling?
Witt's with you, isn't he?
Got a felling we're not gonna
be seeing him again.
You should leave him alone.
He's free to go. You got it.
You have my word.
But you, Stella Walker
you're my new dance partner.
I'm not helping you.
How's your brother's
boot camp readiness?
Graduation's coming up.
And your grandmother
her event business?
Boy, she sure does order
a lot of flowers.
What do you want from me?
Don't ask stupid questions.
(LAUGHS) I thought you
Walkers were supposed
to be the smart ones.
You know what I want, and
you're gonna get it for me now.
Or everyone you love
Well, accidents happen.
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- We need to go to the cops.
Hey, hey, just-just wait,
okay? Just wait.
This was Ophelia Rawlins's necklace,
Hoyt's great-great something, so
I think I know where it is.
Hoyt didn't have any kids
that he knew of,
or-or parents who were around,
but he loved my Aunt Geri.
Which makes sense. That's why
Joanna sent you to ransack
Geri's place to begin with.
Because she suspected
that it would be there.
What she doesn't know is
that there is somewhere
even more important to Geri.
That's where the necklace is.
Wait. Hey, where are you going?
To get the necklace
and to end this for good.
Goodbye, Witt.
Please don't waste your life.
- So, um, that was fun.
- Mm.
Remind me to never
propose a double date again.
No. I'm-I'm only kidding. It was fine.
You know, big brother
was just doing his job.
I guess it did kind of,
uh, get me to thinking.
Gas mileage, actually.
From Corpus to Austin.
The reality is, once this
Jackal case is solved,
and he's off the streets,
you'll be back there.
And I need to know whether or not
we can make a
long-distance relationship work.
Well, to tell you the truth
I don't think that we can.
So, we're not even gonna try?
Well, we don't have to.
I put in a transfer request
to the Austin P.D.
That's why I told your brother
I couldn't answer his
question before. (CHUCKLES)
I hadn't got the call yet.
But you since have?
It's been approved.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That's amazing!
I didn't want to tell you at
the off-chance it didn't happen.
But I guess there's gonna
be no Corpus Christmas
for your brother after all.
Well, this is the best news
I have had all year,
which might be saying something.
How about we just enjoy the moment?
I can do that.

Way down in the darkness ♪
Oh, way down in me ♪
Trouble, oh, trouble,
what these eyes have seen ♪
Roots in the forest
growing wild and mean ♪
I can feel a shiver
of the ones who came before ♪
Silence is a killer and
the devil's keeping score ♪
Blood runs deep, blood runs deep ♪
Way down in the darkness ♪
Way down in me ♪
Blood runs deep, blood runs deep ♪
As I walk through the valley ♪
Lord, don't trouble me ♪
- Blood runs deep ♪
- Blood runs deeper than water ♪
- Blood runs deep ♪
- Blood runs deeper than water ♪
As I walk through the valley ♪
Blood runs deeper than water ♪
Lord, don't trouble me ♪
- Blood runs deep ♪
- Blood runs deeper than water ♪
Blood runs deep ♪
Blood runs deeper than water ♪
Way down in the darkness ♪
Blood runs deeper than water ♪
Way down in me ♪
Lord cannot stop me ♪
Lord, don't you trouble me ♪
As I walk through the valley ♪
Don't you trouble me. ♪
Captain. Hey.
What the hell, man?
Uh, hold on a second. I know. I know.
I know, I know, I know.
I know how this looks.
All right? It's not.
Captain, it's not that, I promise.
Listen, you were right, okay?
Um, you told me to take
a day, and I did.
Augie and I even went out and had a
had a-a great father-son
time. It was nice.
You want to know the truth, Cap?
Um, uh, truth is, I won't
Truth is, I can't be a good father,
a good friend, a good partner,
until I get this guy off the streets.
The only thing I can be good at
right now is being a Ranger.
Please, Captain, I'm begging you,
please, just let me do that.

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