Walker (2021) s04e09 Episode Script

A History of Horrors and Other Tales

Previously on Walker
You both put your hats in
for lieutenant.
The way I see it, the competition's on.
- Good luck.
- WALKER: You know what?
If y'all have a problem
with our relationship,
with how serious things are getting,
you need to speak up.
Tonight was supposed to be the night
where we celebrated Geri moving in,
because that's what's happening.
GERI: I don't think you're ready.
I wanted you to have
a discussion with them
before we had
whatever last night was.
Let's take a beat, and let's talk
about this when I'm back.
WITT: Joanna, she's not gonna stop.
- Do you have my necklace?
- I'm not helping you.
You know what I want, and
you're gonna get it for me now.
AUGUST: Back when he was Duke,
did you know that
he wrote letters for us,
just in case he died while undercover?
STELLA: Hoyt met with Dad the day
that he stole the necklace.
If the letters are out there,
then they could lead us to the necklace.
You were right, Cordell,
to keep this from me.
I'm-a need you to take point on this.
WALKER: Gary Boyle.
His zoo is one mile away
from the Jackal's first kill.
You're not gonna drop this.
And I am not gonna let you go solo.
Possible signs of activity.
- LUNA (ECHOING): Walker?!
I didn't know when I met you ♪
I'd upset you ♪
But even the best intentions take us ♪
- By surprise ♪
How do you keep a secret? ♪
Don't repeat it ♪
How do you push away
without a shove? ♪
It's easier wasting time ♪
- Than breaking hearts you love ♪

Maybe a boat on the ocean ♪
Will bring good fortune ♪
Maybe a gust of wind ♪
Will keep us out at sea ♪
I'll be hoping for the wind
that sets you free ♪
It's easier wasting time ♪
- Than breaking hearts you love ♪
It's easier wasting time ♪
- Than breaking hearts you love ♪
- Cassie Perez.
- BARISTA: Here you go.
- It's easier wasting time ♪
Than breaking hearts you love ♪
It's easier wasting time ♪
Than breaking hearts you love ♪
It's easier wasting time
than breaking hearts you love ♪
Oh, it's easier wasting time ♪
Than breaking hearts you love. ♪
Did you get it?
Good morning, Cass.
Yeah, I did.
I knew it.
So, my preliminary interview
for the lieutenant's position
is in ten days. You?
Me, too.
Well, you know what that means.
We are officially in the top five.
We are.
Aren't you excited?
Yeah, of course I'm excited.
It's just, uh
It's just that getting excited
about a possible promotion
while tracking down
a horrifying serial killer
is kind of a bummer?
Yeah. That's one way to put it.
Is it kind of
A ghost town?
the contractor that I met with
for the new Side Step amazing.
Felt like we just clicked instantly.
Great. Yeah. Sounds great.
That's great, Ger.
Cordi, I was kind of surprised
when you had already gone
to work when I got in,
and now it just feels
like you're "boy listening".
So everything okay?
- M-Me? Yeah, I'm-I'm good.
- Yeah.
Honestly. Sorry. Really.
What else went on up in Oklahoma City?
Well, if-if everything goes well,
we could be breaking ground
within a few months.
I mean, this is an awesome opportunity
for our business but also for us.
You know, part of the new chapter
that we've been talking about.
I-I-I'm so happy for you.
Uh, so what's been going on here?
Ah, yeah. Uh
We-We've kind of been, um,
going at this thing
around the clock, so
Well, maybe soon you can cash in
some of those vacation days
that you've collected.
I think you deserve it,
and it could be good for us.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
JAMES: Walker!
Okay, guys, guys,
I don't have any pointers.
All right? Obviously, I'm
rooting for the home team.
I'll put in my two cents,
but it's not just up to me.
Okay? Now we got to
Hey. I'm here. Sorry.
Uh, Geri just needed some input
on Side Step 2.0. (CHUCKLES)
Uh, where we at?
All right, let's get into it.
Everyone nonessential
to the Jackal case is working off-site
because we have
a doozy of a day ahead of us.
Okay. We're ready, Cap. Whatever it is.
Well, what it is isn't great.
DPS is getting antsy with our progress.
Do they know that we literally
just uncovered the Jackal's home office?
And that Walker was up close
and personal with the creep?
JAMES: I know. I know. They don't care.
They're thinking about
giving the case to the FBI.
What? Cap, that-that's ridiculous.
We're working our asses off here.
JAMES: I-I know. I'm aware.
We need to have a real breakthrough
by the end of today
something we can announce
wide at a press conference at 6:00 p.m.
TREY: What?
- And if we don't?
- JAMES: If we don't,
the Jackal case will no
longer be ours to solve.

Okay, well, this is a good thing, right?
The fact that it's legit written
on his battle plans.
STELLA: Yeah, I thought that, too,
but now I'm not sure that
it means anything at all.
I sent it to Sadie, and
it's just as confusing to her.
I keep reading it over and over again.
Joanna was very clear to me,
I had one day to find this necklace,
and I am nowhere closer now
than I was last night.
Well, that's obviously not great.
And then there's these.
The goodbye letters Dad wrote.
I figured reading them
was something we should decide together.
Well, you, uh, you said it yourself
we don't have time.
Besides, whatever he said back then
will still be here tomorrow, right?
This reads like a love letter.
There's that,
but then there's all this
unnecessary cryptic stuff,
like "nothing of value".
Well, "I know you'll find
what I've left behind"
is pretty straightforward.
Yeah, but "the embers", the "wine".
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
"You and Bear".
Uncle Hoyt always called
Mawline "Abby Bear".
That's right. You know,
the part about safety
actually made me think of our family.
You remember how Dad and Hoyt
always had those secret hiding places?
Like the tree house of truth
and the barn
- And the fireplace.
- Exactly.
Look. "Bear". "Safe". "Embers".
It all feels very connected.
I mean, look, he-he literally
calls himself a phoenix in this.
Are we really thinking that the necklace
has been at the ranch house,
under our noses,
this entire time?
I think we're about to find out.
Whoa-whoa. ♪
I don't know why we have to draw
it up like a damn living will.
Well, I'm not suggesting that,
you know, we make bucket lists.
I just want to get on the same
page about our retirement
and get it in writing.
Not for you, Mr. Coffee Snob.
LIAM: Are you still on about that?
I was just trying
to expand your palette.
I can come back.
No, you two go ahead and do your thing.
Think I got some stuff to take care of.
Would it kill you to be
a little less punctual?
We need to get this stuff sorted out.
Between your, uh,
partnership arrangement
and these fairly extensive
barn renovations, it
Yes, and we will get it sorted,
but I think I'm gonna need your help.
I'm worried it's gonna come off wrong.
No. I don't mean that. (STAMMERS)
All those years of, you know,
taking care of you boys
and tending the ranch
Last year, when we were away,
I realized that
there was more for me.
I wanted more.
And maybe it's decades
of so-called gender norms
stopping me from actually
saying that, but
Okay, I get it. Mom, please,
what do you need from me?
Your father respects you.
You want me to play mediator.
Okay. Okay, yeah, I can do that,
but with what you just said,
I'm putting you in the driver's seat.
I knew you were my favorite
for a reason.
You always said that
you didn't have a favorite.
Did I now?
Okay. All right. Um
So what are we thinking?
We have gone over this endlessly
and we still only have one new thing.
Gary Boyle. The outlier.
Didn't have any of the typical
calling cards, but, uh
CASSIE: Definitely a
desperate Jackal kill
but not at all helpful here.
Right. There's Hollis Miller
with the repeat attack.
Yep. Yeah, uh, he's the one
that got away.
What'd he say? He said
that the, uh, the Digoxin
made him feel crazy, right?
Yeah. Yep, yeah, like it was a acid trip
or lucid dream or something, um
What else?
We were kind of hoping
that you might have an idea.
Yeah, uh
Maybe we just pick someone
and narrow our focus.
TREY: Eh, tunnel vision
can only get us so far.
I think that we need
to take a step back and
CASSIE: Oh, right, so
we just cast our net wide
and hope that something
different happens. That tracks.
- And what's that supposed to mean?
- JAMES: All right, okay.
- Hold up a second.
- WALKER: Yeah, yeah, yeah,
why don't we, uh, why
don't we take a sec?
Uh, get outside, get some fresh air,
maybe a bite to eat, um
As it is, I got to take care
of something real fast,
but I will be back soon.
Uh, we can get right back to it.
Okay, what are we doing?
All right, just, uh, spray this
around the fireplace really quick.
All right, perfect. Now, uh, hold this.
What's with the CSI?
Go ahead and turn that on for me.
Thank you.
All right, cool.
The doodle tape is working.
Yeah, I just learned some,
uh, new photography tricks.
Okay, so, with the spray
and the LED and the right settings,
we should see
STELLA: Hey, look. Fingerprints.
Ah. No way.
Okay, perfect.
- There you are.
- AUGUST: Hey.
Hey. Uh, what's with the darkness?
You know, just, uh, showing Stel
some photography tricks.
- Got it.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm glad you're both here.
I was hoping we could catch up.
- Well, actually
- Look, I know that we left things
in a weird place last time,
and I don't want that
to become a habit, so
I figured we could make some lunch?
There's so much to catch up on,
but will you come and help me
with some groceries?
AUGUST: Yeah, yeah, uh
- I'm gonna finish up here.
- Okay.

Cass, are you good?
Uh, yes. I am now.
Vending machine's busted,
but I saw where Ernie
hides the key a while back.
We need snacks.
Hey, listen, about before, uh
Look, we're both feeling
the heat from all sides.
Yeah. Exactly.
And for what it's worth, I'm sorry.
Me, too.
Just everything with this case
and the lieutenant's position.
TREY: Yeah, because
of what it could all mean?
I mean, sort of. I mean, I know
what the position requires,
and I know it could mean
a lot less field time
depending on what
Captain James is looking for.
But it's hard to a grasp on it
since Lieutenant Hayden
has always been
- A ghost?
- That's putting it nicely.
Hey, uh, grab me the peanuts?
JAMES: Are we raiding
the vending machine?
That depends. If you're cool
with it, then yes, absolutely.
But if not, then I'm just putting
these back where they belong.
You two want to be lieutenant, huh?
Oh, come on, Cap, don't
All right, all right, you
know what? I will say this.
I've been thinking about
our current lieutenant.
He's, uh, let's just say he's
part of the old guard, okay?
The position now, in my mind, should be
something completely different.
- How so?
- More of a
I don't know, a partner.
Someone who can lighten
the load, help lead the office.
So, snack stealing aside,
I think the two of you
have a pretty good shot.
Thank you.
Well, you know, this agreement
seems simple enough.
Well, it's very simple.
And the rest is just
plans for the renovation.
So, um, Ben and I both agree
that we're gonna need more facilities.
Facilities? As in
Oh, and-and (CHUCKLES)
That's what it's gonna cost?
Well, this is the higher range estimate.
Yeah, well, thank God for that.
I thought we were talking about
some porta-johns every few months.
Well, that's why I've wanted
to talk to you about it.
Because this is your decision, too.
And in the end, it will save money.
Yeah, and put a permanent
structure on my damn ranch.
(STAMMERS) I mean,
the construction will be
a major time suck and
create a bunch of racket.
Yeah, but, you know, it's not
that big of a footprint, Dad.
If you just look at this
I know it's a shock.
But, but if, if-if you look
at the bigger picture
No, I-I-I'm so sorry, but this
This is all just too damn much.
I'll be out in my shop.
Well, that went well.
Sorry that took so long,
guys, I got distracted.
GERI: Oh, well, we were
just about to get started.
Oh, no way, are those Spaghetti-me's?
Yeah, she even brought the letter molds.
Nice. Let me see.
They're very nostalgic.
Oh, we haven't done this
in, in a long time.
Well, I thought it could be fun.
So, um
before I left for OKC,
uh, things were weird, obviously.
And I'm really sorry
that we didn't get to talk
before I left.
Yeah it's cool. Seriously.
Well, listen, if you're
not okay with something,
you know, with me and your dad,
about whatever that means
for you or for us,
we can talk about it.
- Wait
- D-Do you think we have a problem
with-with you and Dad being together?
Well, I didn't, and then
Because we don't have
a problem, not at all.
No, no, seriously, Aunt Geri
well, new name pending, maybe
we love you, okay? And
you make Dad very happy.
Okay. Great.
Even though
happy is kind of hard to
come by with him these days.
Yeah, the, uh, this case
that they're working on
has kind of brought up the past
for a lot of them.
Did you know how bad it was then?
What do you mean, with the Jackal?
Yeah, but
also, like, with Duke.
We found out he wrote us
these goodbye letters
in case he didn't
Yeah, um, listen, whatever
was in those letters was
from a different version of your dad
to a different version of you,
so there's no good that could
come from you reading those.
Yeah, it just
it got us thinking
about the, the what-ifs
and closure.
Well, I know it's hard.
Starting with your mom
and then everything
that followed. I know.
I mean, you went through it all, too.
Did you ever get anything
like closure with Uncle Hoyt?
We just find ourselves
wanting to know more about, well
everything, you know?
- Any word on Walker?
- Not yet, no.
And I wouldn't count on it. (SIGHS)
Okay, so the thousandth trip
down Jackal Lane is a bust.
Feels like we're grasping
at straws here.
Yeah, a lot of straws.
But we have to be careful not to
Not to force connections
that aren't there, like I did.
- Wait.
- What is it?
How many times have we been over this?
- A lot.
- A lot.
And every time we have tried
to find what connects them.
Trey did the evals, we've
broken down the demos.
- Yeah, and we've still gotten nowhere.
- Right.
But what if ?
Wait, are you thinking
that we find what links them
- through what sets them apart?
- CASSIE: Exactly.
And if I had to pick a place to start,
it would be here.
Ericka Sweeney.
She was the only one in
the group that wasn't a parent.
Aside from Boyle, who he killed
just to cover his tracks.
Look, there was a lawsuit
filed against her estate,
and the case was dismissed
and then sealed.
Of course, the only new piece
of information we get
is essentially redacted.
This could be the link
that we're looking for.
If we get it unsealed.
If we get it unsealed. (CLAPS)
- Let's go. Nice. Let's go.
- Yeah.
So, Hoyt getting to grow up here
even for a little bit, I mean,
it was really the first time
that he had a stable home.
God, I didn't realize it was
that bad for him growing up.
Yeah, however bad you think it was,
multiply that by ten.
And it got even worse
when the sheriffs came.
Wait, what do you mean?
Things are different in the boonies.
All he told me was
that the sheriffs came in
to settle his mom's debts
and there he was, six years old,
holding on to this little
homemade superhero cape
with white knuckles
hoping that they wouldn't
seize that, too.
What ended up happening?
I don't know, uh
Eventually they found
something worth their while.
Some heirloom, I guess.
But all he remembered was them
turning the house upside down
and saying there was
nothing of value there.
AUGUST: Well, that's
You know, I'm trying
to find a tasteful way
to change the subject, now I'm
just kind of rambling, uh
You still need help
with your calculus, right?
Oh, you guys go.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
As long as I don't have to do math.
- Um
I'll just start cleaning up.
- All right. Thank you.
- GERI: Yeah.
Your mother put you up to this?
Right now, no, but
this isn't about barn renovations.
This was supposed to be our time.
And it isn't?
Well, don't seem like.
It seems like with every passing day
she's wanting to spend more
time doing everything but.
Ah, hell, it don't matter much, anyway.
No, Dad.
It matters.
And I've been breeding quarter
horses for a lifetime now.
It's always the same.
Breeding season, then rearing.
And then there's this lull
before it all starts again.
After all these years, I (SCOFFS)
I found myself wanting
to hold onto that lull.
Wait a minute. Is
this about limoncellos?
- Hey now, you know
- Well, no, I just feel like
it always comes back to Italy.
Yeah. Maybe.
I mean, your mother
just out there on that boat.
Sea salt and wind
whipping through her hair.
That was heaven.
We talked about what we wanted.
Now all this.
Dad, all that stuff about the wind
and the sea and her hair, I mean,
you should go tell her that.
You know what? I can do
a hell of a lot better
than just tell her.
Thank you, son.
CASSIE: You think this guy
has a "whiskey o'clock" sign
on his wall at home?
- It wouldn't surprise me.
But I wouldn't get too
invested in redecorating.
A Red Sox jersey's gonna
look great on this wall.
Sounds like you're invested.
Yeah, I really am.
I feel like I've lived
half a dozen lives
before becoming a Ranger.
Combat medic, soccer coach, counselor.
Your skills are varied,
I'll give you that.
And now I feel like
it was all leading me here,
to this office.
I get that.
My path was a little more linear.
But this coming up just
as I want to settle down
it feels
Something like that.
And about what Captain James said about
wanting a partner
and a sounding board
We already do that.
And I hope we always will.
Now, for the more important question.
Are you a "feet on the desk" kind of guy
or more of a "strictly on the ground"?
Definitely on the ground.
Yeah, good. Me, too.
Feet people are douchey.
Yeah, let's hit it.
- We don't have much time, Stel.
- I know,
but it can't just be a coincidence
that Aunt Geri quoted
something from the letter
in the same breath
as mentioning the necklace.
AUGUST: Wait, wait, go back.
Try the one about
the warehouse break-in.
The asset forfeiture warehouse?
Wait, like like the sheriff's sale?
That tracks with what Geri was saying.
Let me cross-reference
the date with bookings.
Oh, my God.
That's the name of
the woman that threatened me.
Joanna Rawlins.
The woman who says she's gonna kill you
and everyone you love
in, like, six hours is
might be, like, Hoyt's mom?
Okay, Stel, you got to be freaking out
just like a little bit, okay?
What gives?
So what if this psycho
is Uncle Hoyt's mom?
We're not anywhere closer
to finding the necklace.
Knowing who tried to take it
doesn't get us anywhere.
Okay, well, Stella,
th-this changes everything.
Okay? We-we need to tell somebody.
All right? M-Maybe Mawline
knows her or something.
Whatever it is, we need to do something.
No. That is not your decision to make.
It is mine and it is Sadie's.
We are too close, and I have it handled.
How is carrying around Witt's gun
having it handled, Stella?
That's irrelevant.
You know what? I-I'm sorry.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
Okay? I'm done.
Not like I asked for your help
in the first place.
You know that thing where
people say you're like Dad?
That couldn't mean more of a worse thing
than it does right now.
Okay. Pretend I'm not here.
Right, just a six-foot-two
coat rack, huh?
- (CHUCKLES) Exactly.
- You seem, um
- What's going on?
- Okay, so
I-I know things have been tense lately
with-with-with retirement
a-and the business and all that.
I just thought it'd be better to
to show you rather than tell you.
I bought us a boat.
Now, you've been so patient, darling.
You've just been so patient.
William got me to thinking
No, I had nothing to do with this.
This is about Italy, isn't it?
Yes. Yes, it is.
And now we can have
that piece of Sorrento
anytime we want,
and we can share it
with our whole family.
I feel like we've been having
two very different
conversations, Bonham.
No. No, Abeline.
Don't you see?
It's just like we talked about.
We can recreate
what we found over there here at home.
But while I waited
to make any moves
until you were on board,
you went and bought yourself a boat
without discussing it with me.
Bought us a boat.
I think what I'm hearing is that
BOTH: Not now, William.
Italy was lovely, Bon.
It really was.
And we tossed around a lot of ideas
that I now see may have been more than
what-ifs for you.
But here's the thing
while you were out
sipping limoncellos
and finding freedom
I realized I wanted more.
You talk about Sorrento.
Do you remember that shopkeeper?
Isabella with the baskets?
Well, it took me by surprise
how much I related to her.
You know, she lived a lifetime,
then found what made her happy.
Something that fed her soul in
a way that she didn't even
realize she was missing.
And then you go and you, um
Forget it.
BONHAM: Abeline, I
I'm really glad you're home.
Everything okay?
(SIGHS) Not really.
Look, I'm just really worried about Dad.
Okay? And I'm-I'm sorry. I should have,
I should have said something
to you sooner, I know.
- I
- Hey, hey, hey.
You can always talk to me, okay?
But it's not your job
to take care of everything and everyone.
You know that, right?
I know. Yeah.
Just like your mom.
(SIGHS): Oh.
So much so.
I miss her.
I do, too. I do, too.
(SIGHS) I don't want to have
to miss Dad and Stel, too.
What does that mean?
I think we need to talk to Uncle Liam.
Here it is.
Signed, unsealed and delivered.
- TREY: Nice.
- Oh, let's see.
A wrongful death suit against Sweeney?
Oh, my God.
A five-year-old kid drowned
in her backyard.
It looks like we're back
to square one again.
Whoa! Not exactly.
Check page three.
She was running a day care
out of her house.
A handful of kids, every day for years.
She wasn't an outlier.
Like Tara and Hollis
- And every single one of them.
- Mm-hmm.
This might be something.
Maybe this is more than something.
Cap, is this enough
to let us keep the case?
I need to make a phone call.

What, what's going on?
Cassie figured out the M.O.
We figured out the Jackal's M.O.
Does that mean we get to keep the case?
We're waiting on that news right now.
We zeroed in on victim
number two, Ericka Sweeney,
and we found out that
she was the caretaker
for a group of kids, and
one of them tragically died.
- She was the only nonparent.
- TREY: Yeah.
But we were looking at it
too literally before.
A recent lawsuit made
that missing piece finally click.
The Jackal has been targeting
parents and caretakers
that he believes to be bad, abusive.
We got our missing thread.
Wow, uh, I-I, uh
I-I wish I had been here for this.
I'm sorry, there was just some,
uh, time-sensitive things
- at the Side Step and, um
- Is that so?
I'm sorry?
Yeah, uh, we'll leave y'all to it.
I'm, uh, a little confused here, Cass.
Where were you today?
I just said, um
Don't lie to me.
I know you.
And I happen to be
in the loop about things.
(SCOFFS) You know, you and Geri,
all of you really,
just-just talking about things
behind my back is
Irrelevant. Because I know
you weren't at the Side Step.
Something is wrong.
This obsession of yours.
- That-That's what you were up to.
- Okay.
I'm not the only one burning
the candle at both ends here.
No, no. Don't do that.
The weird hours,
the forever distant stares.
You went rogue at the zoo.
Okay, you were there. So was Luna.
I'm not I-I wasn't the only one.
Because I made sure you weren't.
We should tread carefully here.
Yeah. That we agree on.
Because this is dangerous.
Your actions are dangerous.
You may have been the one
to get hurt this time.
But next time it could be someone else
who pays for your actions.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
It won't happen again
Cass, about today, I
(SIGHS) You don't have to.
We start over tomorrow, okay?
Clean slate.
Okay. Clean slate.

Everything good?
I don't know.
JAMES: We'll be in touch.
TREY: Well?
We get to keep the case.
Oh, hell yeah.
- Whew.
- JAMES: We still got a long way to go.
Starting with a press conference
in a little over an hour.
Speaking of which,
I think the two of you
should run point on that.
Seriously, you earned it.
I'll look over your address beforehand.
We have to be careful
about what we tell the public.
We got to toe the line of progress
without letting the Jackal know
we're getting closer, okay?
Thanks, but no thanks.
Wha ?
I'm sorry.
Haven't the two of you been on my ass
about how to stand out
for the lieutenant position?
This would be how.
No, Cap.
This is all you.
This is your case. This
is your white whale.
And we're not gonna let it take
anything else from you.
You're sure?
I can't thank you guys enough.
Walker, too. I mean,
the time that I spent away
allowed me to
set some things straight, you know?
And I was only able to do that
because I had your support,
so thank you.
So, does this mean that you're ?
It means, starting immediately,
I'll be handling things directly.
Hey, I just want to have your
back the way you had mine.
- He's so back.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh, I'm, I'm back back.
We get to keep the case.
- We yeah?
- Yeah.
That's great news.
- It is.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we're, uh, we're
pretty much done for the day.
Just got to handle this presser.
- Look, um, what
- Hey, um
You were right before,
when you tried to warn me.
Today was, uh, interesting.
And more so for y'all, obviously,
but w-with Geri home,
it-it made me realize that
I-I've taken on too much.
Um, I shouldn't let this case
go before my family.
Okay, okay, that's-that's
really good to hear, man,
- 'cause honestly I was
- I know. I-I know, I know.
But the presser.
You-you back? You-you back fully?
Uh, yeah, kind of, you know,
feels like it's time.
Actually, um
I should probably get
my notebook from you.
Yeah, of course, of course.
Um, I-I'll bring it in
first thing in the morning.
Isn't that it right there?
Damn. Uh, yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
A lot, uh, going on, uh
All good. It's all good. All good.
Hey, we are
we're close now, man.
- Yeah.
- But it's gonna take all of us
pulling together, trusting each other.
Being a team, you know?
Amen. I mean, best team
I ever been on, um
Yeah, I-I-I should check in with Geri.
All right, I'm gonna head back in.
You good?
I'm great. Yes, yes.
- All right.
- All right.
What's up?
Why don't you tell us, Stella?
- August, what is this?
- LIAM: No, do not worry about him.
He hasn't said anything
yet, but you will.
- You don't understand.
- LIAM: Oh, I think I do.
And I knew something was wrong.
You all had me thinking I was crazy,
but what actually it is
you just got really good at lying.
I wasn't lying. I was okay.
- LIAM: Enough.
- GERI: Honey,
- whatever it is
- Whatever it is
must have been really bad
if August was willing to call us in.
You have been dodging
your responsibilities,
you've been lying
to everybody for months,
sneaking around
And I don't know
what is going on, but I have a feeling
that it's something to do
with what happened at Geri's
that night.
I'm sorry, okay? I messed up
and I'll tell you everything,
but can I please just take a minute?
This is all a lot.
Yeah, take a minute.
Fine. We'll be here.

Look, I'm really sorry
I didn't say anything earlier.
It's okay. You told us now.
Yeah, you did the right thing, August.
I was standing at the coastline ♪
Waiting for the sun to rise ♪
And light me up ♪
And let me feel the wind again ♪
I'm gonna give her
five more minutes, tops.
I'm actually kind of surprised
by how quickly that worked.
Whenever she or Walker
are confronted, they
They run.
No, she went out the window.
You tell us everything now.
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