Walker (2021) s04e10 Episode Script

End This Way

- Previously on Walker
- GERI: This is Sadie Yoo.
- Hoyt's daughter.
- Did Hoyt
ever mention if
he knew about me?
If he knew about you,
he'd have done
everything possible
to be a part of your life.
I put in a transfer
request to Austin PD.
- Oh, my God.
- It's been approved.
Oh, my God! That's amazing.
- Jackal a health nut?
- Not exactly.
Rotting fruit is
the "calling card"?
WALKER: Truth is I can't
be a good father, a good
friend, a good partner
until I get this
guy off the streets.
The only thing I can
be good at right now
is being a Ranger.
STELLA: August and I were able
to track the necklace
back to my Uncle Hoyt.
LIAM: I don't know
what is going on, but
I have a feeling that
it's something to do with what
happened at Geri's that night.
- She went out the window.
- What?

("Look What We Started"
by UNSECRET playing)
We could have
both walked away ♪
And left our
lions in the cage ♪
But it's too late
to be changed ♪
Whoa, whoa ♪
Just drive.
We should have faced ♪
STELLA: I had one day
to find this necklace
and I am nowhere closer now
than I was last night.
AUGUST: Joanna Rawlins,
the woman who says
she's gonna kill you
and everyone you love
in, like, six hours is
Hoyt's mom?
Oh ♪
- Where are you going?
- To get the necklace
and to end this for good.
Look what we started. ♪
How could you two
be so reckless?
Look, it took us a while to
figure it all out, all right?
And that woman was threatening
to kill us if we told anyone.
- What were we supposed to do?
- You talk to your family.
I'm an attorney. Your
father's a Texas Ranger.
We could protect you.
That's what complicates
it, Uncle Liam.
We didn't want to get
you guys in trouble
LIAM: Yeah, but that's
not for you to decide!
- And what you've done is so much worse.
- Okay.
do you know where
she might have gone?
- (stammers) I don't
- LIAM: See?
You have to tell
us where you think
she could be right now.
Where, August?
Is she out there hunting
this thing by herself?
August, focus, and
tell me right now!
- Tell me the truth.
- GERI: Augie. Augie.
Listen, even if
she's just upset,
we need to know
Hey! We could hear you three
all the way out at the stables.
What in the Sam
Hill's the fuss about?
Go ahead, August,
you have the floor.
Okay, look
The break-in at Geri's
last year wasn't random.
Okay? The guy who
broke in, he knew Sadie
and he was sent there
by Joanna Rawlins
to find this necklace
that belonged
to their family or whatever.
Joanna Rawlins?
Hoyt's mother. Birth mother.
She came after us and said
that she'd kill us if we
didn't give her the necklace.
- She what?!
- Well, I'm starting to understand the fuss.
Who else knows about this?
Just me, Stella and Sadie.
- I got Stel.
- All right, well, we need to call Cordell.
- I'm already on it.
- All right.
Hey, make sure you're
as vague as possible.
- He's not in the best headspace.
- Okay.

(phone ringing)
Geri, hey.
- What's up?
- Hey, Cordi, um
something's going
on with Stella.
We think she might be
in some kind of trouble.
- What do you mean, trouble?
- I don't think that
this is the best conversation
to have over the phone,
so you need to get home, ASAP.
Okay? She was just really
upset and she took off.
Do you have any idea
where she might have gone?
Okay, okay. Uh,
well, there's, uh,
there's a gazebo out
by Lady Bird Lake
that she's run away to before.
I'm not far, I can check
it out, see if she's there.
Hey, meantime,
do you mind calling
James, filling him in?
The rest of the Rangers are
full-steam on the Jackal case.
He may be able to peel off
and help track her down.
Okay, all right, will do.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
(vehicle approaching)

Wow, nice.
You sure got here fast.
Didn't have much
of a choice, did I?
Not after your text.
Well, then you know time's up.
And you better believe
that I am not playing
games here, Stella Walker.
You give me the necklace
or I will kill your friend.

- Did they hurt you?
- SADIE: Ah, not at all.
No, this guy was
actually pretty delicate
when he forced a
bag over my head
and chucked me into his car.
- White glove service.
- All right, that's enough.
Where's the necklace?
You said you had it.
No, I said I knew where it was.
This is a letter written
by my Uncle Hoyt.
In it are clues to where
he stashed the necklace.
I want an even trade.
The letter for Sadie,
and an end to all this.
No more notes on windows,
and no more gasoline in cars.
We go our separate
ways for good.
Wow, you got cojones, girl.
But no deal.
The only way that you're
getting out of this
is if you put that
necklace in my hand.
You got it?
I was afraid you might say that.
MILLER: What are
you doing? Stop her.
Nah, nah, nah.
We got our insurance policy.
It's only square
that she has hers.
So now all those clues are in
that pretty little head of hers.
Shall we, Stella Walker?
No, Stel, don't give
this bitch anything.
She's gonna kill us
either way. (grunts)
- Hey!
- JOANNA: Easy, easy.
You kill either one of
them, and we get nothing.
You want your payout, right?
I'll take you to
where the necklace is.
But, you know, Joanna,
I still can't believe
you're doing this
to your own family.
SADIE: Family?
What do you mean "family"?
I didn't have a chance
to tell you before,
but the woman who has been
terrorising us this whole time
over a Rawlins family heirloom,
her name is Joanna Rawlins.
She's Hoyt's mom.
Your grandmother, Sadie.
Come on. You got to
take some credit.
Nope. The Jackal's
M.O. was a team effort.
Yeah, but the sealed
court cases were all you.
I mean, we needed
you five years ago.
That's funny.
I could say the same
thing about you.
Hey, thanks again for making
tonight work on short notice.
I know work's been
running us ragged,
but Ed's only in
town till tomorrow,
so it means a lot.
Of course.
I need to meet my
boyfriend's best friend.
Best friends are the ones with
all the embarrassing stories.
Like if you got
called on in sex ed
and fainted in front
of the whole class.
Well, that never happened to me.
Yeah, no, that never
happened to anyone.
Honestly, I think you two
are really gonna hit it off.
And I mean this in the
nicest way possible,
but you both love to talk.
Oh, very nice.
Well, I'm "exciteh-vous"
to meet him,
which is a word that I made up
because "nerv-ited"
sounded too much
like an antianxiety medication.
Well, to be fair,
they both kind of do.
Ask your doctor if
Excitehvous is right for you.
Excitehvous may cause
night sweats, insomnia
and even fainting in sex ed.
David Luna, did
you just do a bit?
(Luna sighs)
- Spending too much time with you.
- (laughs)
Well, you think this
is a lot of time,
just wait until you move here.
Are you sure about
this relocation?
Yeah, very.
Very, but yeah, it's big.
You know?
I spend a lot of
time in hotel rooms,
but never this far from Corpus.
Well, it's not that far,
so we can visit
whenever you'd like.
- (chuckles)
- You're the best.
So, are we gonna talk about it?
Talk about what?
(chuckles) You hear her?
"Talk about what?" she says.
Talk about what?
Oh, I don't know.
How about we talk about Hoyt?
Aka my dad, aka your son,
which means that we are related?
(chuckles): Right?
Like, you're my grandma?
You know, even though I
grew up without a dad,
I did have grandparents,
the regular kind.
The "squeeze your cheeks",
feed you too many cookies"
type of grandparents.
But not you, Joanna.
No, you are a special type
of grandma, aren't you?
I mean, really, I have heard
some messed up family drama
in my short little life,
but granddaughter hostage
has to take the cake.
(chuckles): Again,
for the cheap seats.
You kidnapped your
literal granddaughter!
I mean, really,
A-plus, no crumbs.
- America's Next Top Psycho.
- Shut up!
I hate to break it
to you, sweetheart,
but family don't
mean jack to me.
I don't know you from Adam,
we might as well be strangers.
All I care about is
me and my payout.
You got that?
Who's Adam?
You're gonna turn
right in 300 feet.
I know where we're going.
I've known for the
last ten minutes.

No place like home.
(sighs) Oh, God.
This used to be your house?
JOANNA: A lifetime ago.
All right, where is it?
I'm not sure.
I told you, the clues in
the letter led to the house.
And I expect you to be
more specific than that.
It's here somewhere.
I'll know it when I see it.
Well, you better start looking.
(door opens)
- Hey.
- Hey.
Any word from Stella?
Still nothing.
Did you try tracking her phone?
LIAM: Well, she stopped
sharing her location
about ten minutes
after she left,
but she was heading west.
Lady Bird Lake might check out.
All right, I'll get State
Troopers on traffic cams,
see if we can find the Mustang.
Can I take a look at
her last known location?
Yeah, sorry. This way.
Augie (sighs)
why didn't you just come
to us in the first place?
(Bonham scoffs)
Great question.
All right, can you show
me Stella's web history?
Maybe we can put
together the same pieces
- she did.
- Yeah. Yeah. I
Let me, let me go
get the computer.
I'll go with Augie.
Okay. In the meantime,
I'll send Cassie out to
Lady Bird Lake with Walker
in case she really
did just run off.
- All right.
- You two,
stay by your phones, okay?
She might try to
reach out.
Hey, we're gonna find her, okay?
Thank you, Larry.
(playing bluesy riff)
Right on time,
you say goodbye ♪
I was just about to fly ♪
I guess you
must've had a hunch ♪
So you beat me to the punch ♪
Right on time,
you set me free ♪
Eddy boy!
Oh, Mooney! (laughs)
- Damn, it's good to see you.
- Yeah.
Hi, I'm Cassie Perez.
David has told me
so much about you.
Nice to meet you. Dude,
you have got to stop taking
these out-of-town jobs.
You can't leave me alone
with Cofield for this long.
- Come on, man, he's not that bad.
- He's the worst!
Would you guys like some
drinks or something?
- CASSIE: Great - Absolutely.
Cassie, baby. What
can I get you?
Uh, boys?
I'll do a bourbon, neat.
I'll do the same.
Uh, I will do the
Boulevardier, please.
- You got it.
- Thank you.
Boulevardier? Austin
has changed, huh?
Wow, doesn't it
seem like it's all
tech bros and influencers now?
Well, given this corner
right here, not exactly.
(laughs) No, I just
mean, you know,
I used to come to Austin,
it was for a tall boy, a shot
of whiskey, some good music.
A bar like this doesn't need
some fancy BS cocktail menu.
They're just trying way too hard
to appease the West Coast
invaders, am I right?
Hey. Chill, man.
ED: I'm just saying.
Cities evolve. Right?
I'm sure they were
saying the same thing
when people started driving
cars instead of riding horses.
And Austin is a great
city to lay roots.
- Thank you.
- BARTENDER: Of course.
And I happen to know
the owners of this place
and the Side Step has
been in the family for
(scoffs) decades.
And they're doing so well,
they're actually opening
up another location in OKC.
Ooh. What's next, the airport?
Hey. Give it a rest, Ed.
Oh, come on.
Man, you know that you
kind of agree with me.
I bet you can't wait
to get back to Corpus.
- Actually, I'm, uh
- (phone buzzing)
I'm moving here.
Uh, I'm so sorry. I have
to take this, it's James.
What is your problem?
I'm sorry, did you say
you're moving here?
- Yeah, I'm moving here.
- You didn't tell me.
- When did you decide that?
- Okay.
I don't know, I
just, I just decided.
(continues indistinctly)
Yeah. Copy that.
Uh, let me know if you
hear from her, okay?
- Why? Why are you doing this?
- Because I love her.
Uh, I'm so sorry.
I have to go.
Stella's missing
and Cap wants me
to meet Walker over
at Lady Bird Lake,
so you two stay and catch up.
No, no, no. I'm coming with you.
And, uh, why don't you put
our "fancy BS
cocktails" on your tab?

To save me from hurting you. ♪
GERI: You know, I've
known a lot of men
to combine anger
and everyday tasks,
but "angry dishes," that's
a new one, even for me.
You know, I just, I-I
can't believe Stella.
And I knew something was wrong,
Geri. I felt it in my gut.
And I would ask her,
I'd say, "Are you okay?"
And she'd go, "Yeah,
I'm fine, I'm okay,"
but then she would flake on
our plans for the rescue,
she'd make excuses
left and right.
And meanwhile, some
mystery woman has been
antagonising her for months
and she doesn't come
to me about any of it!
No, no, trust me. I-I
I know, I get it.
- I know she's not a kid anymore.
- Mm-hmm.
But what she's done
is so childish,
it's immature, and
not to mention,
- it's selfish.
- Yeah. Okay.
Let's just put the, the
cutlery down, shall we?
Just because she's a grown-up
does not mean that she's
not gonna make mistakes.
Is this a Walker thing?
This blatant arrogance
in my family?
Yeah. It is.
But surviving against all
odds is a Walker thing, too.
Listen. Listen.
The best thing you can
do for Stella right now
is to start forgiving her.
Because she is gonna need a
hell of a lot of forgiveness
once this is all said and done.
I mean, you're right.
- You're right.
- Thank you.
I just I don't
understand how she
didn't trust me enough
to come to me and tell
me she was in trouble,
'cause I could've helped her.
- Okay
- And-and you know what?
- Now she's in this mess. It's
- I know. I know.
I'm gonna do the dishes.
I'm gonna yeah,
- I'm gonna finish them.
- No, I
You go angry chop some
wood, go do something.
That's a classic. No need for
Abby's flatware to suffer.
Go. I've got this.
- Fine.
- Take a deep breath.
- (door slams)
- Wow.
("Abernathy" by
Rattlesnake Milk playing)
(Joanna grunting)
Hey, help me move this dresser.
I saw your mama
on the county line ♪
We spent the night down
underneath the stars ♪
Making love in a Chevrolet ♪
In the backseat, baby,
down there behind the barn ♪
(door creaking)
You okay?
(sighs) Yeah.
But I'd feel a hell
of a lot better
if I knew you had some
kind of plan here.
My plan was to swap
you for the letter.
Right. Yeah.
And that didn't
work, so now what?
I'm figuring it out.
Great. Great, so
we're gonna die.
Not to say "I told you so,"
but it's pretty clear we
should have gone to the cops
once Witt showed up.
You're joking, right?
I tried to go to the
cops after the break-in.
You're the one that
talked me out of it.
Yeah, but obviously I didn't
know that this was gonna happen.
It doesn't really matter anyway,
'cause we're dead if we don't
find that damn necklace.
Just trust me, okay?
I'm working out an idea.
Wait for the signal.
Signal? What signal?
What are you two doing in here?
Oh, I was just asking if
Stella here had a tampon.
Actually, you got one on you?
Ooh. The big overcompensating
guy with a gun is grossed out
by a little
menstruation? Shocking.
(scoffs) From now on,
you two can't be alone
together. Got it?

Oh, yeah.
We're gonna die.
I'm sorry about that back there.
I swear he's a good dude.
Thing is, he had a
pretty rocky relationship
with his mom growing up.
Gets insecure with women
and goes on the defensive.
It's fine. I've met
guys like that before.
We always looked out for
each other, you know?
I think he's just
afraid to lose that.
But I'll talk to him.
Hey, it's okay. I understand.
- You worried about Stella?
- Of course.
- Hey, you didn't happen to hear
- I did.
(Luna sighs)
Look, I'm sorry that you
had to hear it that way.
And, uh, I'm sorry I
didn't tell you sooner.
But there's no denying it, Cass.
All right, I love you.
Uh, wow.
That's what you were gonna
say earlier in the bedroom,
wasn't it?
Am I that easy to read?
Yeah, kind of. (chuckles)
And on the contrary,
I think this is
the perfect time.
However, if you did
wait another few steps,
you could have told me
in front of this
big beautiful lake.
Yeah. Well, I'm,
uh, I'm an idiot.
Come on. (clears throat)


You know
(gasps) Geez.
(clears throat)
You scared the hell out of me.
Sorry. I didn't mean to.
Well, God forbid I'm
jumpy during a kidnapping.
Just gonna say, this
was Hoyt's room.
(Joanna sighs)
(Joanna exhales
sharply, sniffles)
(Joanna sighs, sniffles)
You know, you're the reason
that all this is happening.
Weird. I thought you
had started all of this.
What I mean is that
I've been looking for this
necklace for a long time.
For years
before Hoyt snatched it.
But it wasn't until
you took that DNA test,
looking for your daddy,
and then I got that alert
that I had a granddaughter.
Family heirloom and all,
and I thought maybe
he left it for you.
You know, I looked
into you, too,
when I found my dad.
Thought you were in jail for
robbing some cops or something.
I got caught
taking the necklace back
from an evidence locker.
Then it ended up in a museum,
and-and Hoyt stole it,
and then, you showed up,
and then that's when
I sent Witt in and
(sighs) Yadda, yadda.
You know the rest.
By "Yadda, yadda," do you mean,
"Yadda, yadda, I
threatened to kill you"?
You don't get it.
The cops stole the
necklace from me.
And then, they find out
it was worth $800,000.
I had no idea how
much it was worth.
And I spent years living
paycheque to paycheque,
and all the while, that money
is right here under my nose.
That's not fair.
Yeah, well, neither is
having a homicidal grandma.
Yeah, I It's just, I
still don't understand.
How could you do this
to your own family?
If there's anything I
learned from my family,
it's that nobody in the world's
really looking out for you.
Not the cops and
not your parents.
No, all you got is yourself.
And the best thing that I ever
did for my boy was leaving.
Taught him that
Rawlins family lesson.
And the sooner you learn it
for yourself, the better.
You know,
I talked to Abby Walker
a lot about my dad.
And she says he never really
got over you leaving him.
Don't you talk to me about the
Walkers. They're the reason
- he's dead.
- No, you're wrong.
The Walkers they
were his family.
(crying): And he loved them.
And you
Well, you really
didn't know him.
Neither did you, honey.
You keep looking.
(birds singing)
(Bonham sighs)
I don't know what the
hell's taking so long
to find that car.
Paint job's louder
than the engine.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
They'll find her.
Are you still mad
about the boat?
I never told you,
a few years ago,
when Hoyt passed, I wrote
his mother Joanna a letter.
She was never a
part of his life,
but it didn't feel
right for her not to know.
Death in a family's full
of strange obligations.
Well, I think you
did the right thing.
Well, she never called,
never wrote back.
Hell, I don't even know if
she was still at the address
I had for her, but I tried.
I cannot believe I
spent all those years
looking after that woman's son
and being the mother to
Hoyt she refused to be,
only for her to turn around and
threaten my grandbaby's life.
If she touches
one hair
The Rangers better
find her first
because if I do, I'll kill her.
I've never heard you
talk like that before.
- (footsteps approaching)
- Hey,
guys, we got something.
Okay, so, I just got off the
phone with the State Troopers.
They were able to
track Stella's car out
to a building in Rockingham,
but there was no sign of her.
Wait. Rockingham isn't
far from Patina, right?
- Uh, it's about, what, 20 minutes? Why?
- Yeah.
Because Hoyt grew up in Patina
before he came to Austin back
when he lived with his mother.
There was something
in Hoyt's letter
about orange wine.
There's this winery up in Patina
that does this
baller orange wine.
- Or so I've heard.
- LIAM: Hold on a minute.
The sheriff's sale that
we talked about before.
That was in Patina
around that time.
Do you think that
Stella is there?
I-I don't I
don't know. I
Okay, Trey, text Walker
and Cassie that address.
Before you even think about
it, I need all you Walkers
to stay put until we know
the location's secure.
- All right?
- Wait. Where's Abby?
Oh, hell.
- What is it?
- Oh. (scoffs)
Abby knows where that house
is. I think she might have
gone out there to
kill that woman.
(tires squealing)
Did you check under
the bathroom sink?
About four times.
What about the pantry?
An empty coffee can
and a dead mouse.
(sighs) Damn it.
Well, clearly, we've missed
something, so let's start over.
Okay, I hate to break it to you,
but I don't think the
necklace is here anymore.
- No. Don't say that.
- Hoyt could have taken it
out of the house, he
could have melted it down,
he could have sold it, anything.
It's probably long gone by now.
And I think that means
that you should let
me and Sadie go.
We swear we won't
talk to the cops.
We're pretty proficient
at that by this point.
Please. I am sorry that
your necklace is gone,
but it's over.
We can't help you anymore.
Oh, you're laying
it on thick, girl.
And you know
something, don't you?
What do you know?
You say it.
I don't.
Need I remind you
the consequences
for keeping secrets.
Stella don't.
I knew since we got here.
Hoyt's letter talked
about "embers."
We thought it was
at our house, but
(Joanna sighs)
JOANNA: That's it.
Yup, that's it.
That's it, that's it.
That's it, that's it.
- And that's it! That's it!
- It's empty.
What? What did you do?
No. No.
You said that it was here!
It was clearly
here at one point,
but Uncle Hoyt
must have moved it.
And he's gone now, so
the necklace is lost.
(crying): No, no, no, no.
All that time, all that
All for nothing!
(gun cocks)
What are you doing?
- You owe me 50 grand, Jo.
- Well, clearly, I don't have it.
- We were gonna sell the necklace.
- And now it's gone.
We'll find another
score. We'll settle it.
Come on. I'm good for it.
That's the thing. I
don't think you are.
We've been at this
for months. No dice.
So we have to settle our
tab, one way or another.
- Sorry you girls have to see this.
- (gasping)
- Signal! Signal!
- The hell?
- (grunting)
- (gunshot)
Why, it's the price I pay ♪
Oh, hey, it's
the big mistake ♪
Shadow play, shallow grave ♪
Stella! She's running!
You were meant for me ♪
What did you do?
Hi, Joanna.
I'm Abeline Walker.
(siren wails)
(indistinct chatter)
I wait for you ♪
Late like the night ♪
Then ♪
Shivering inside ♪
You okay?
Hey, be honest
with me this time.
Yeah. I'm okay.
- I am so sorry
- Stella, I forgive you.
Look, I-I can't fathom
the pressure you
must have been under.
But you can't keep me in the
dark about stuff like this.
'Cause I do have your back.
(sighs) I am glad that
everything is okay now.
Yeah, but just because
everything's okay
doesn't mean that
I didn't screw up.
I lied to you so many times,
and I told you I was okay
when I clearly wasn't.
I'm not gonna make
that mistake again.
Follow the light ♪
Don't go ♪
Don't you let me down. ♪
Could I have a minute alone?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
I was ready to
blow your head off
if you laid one finger
on my granddaughter.
I wouldn't have blamed you.
But a wrong for a wrong
doesn't do anyone any good.
Wish I'd learned that lesson
a long time ago.
I had a lot of resentment
towards you over the years.
Every time that boy cried to
me about where his mama was
it was visceral.
But I don't know.
I think maybe I've had a
a change of heart.
Watching Hoyt grow up
was one of the greatest
blessings of my life.
You wouldn't know this,
every day, he was
running from this place.
From what his legacy was
and who his family was.
And he was fighting
till his dying breath
to be a better man.
And that fight gave
him the biggest heart
that you could ever imagine.
Oh, I
I hated you for so long.
And now I feel nothing
but pity for you.
Because you
(inhales, exhales)
you couldn't see the treasure
that you had in that boy.
And even more that you
didn't have the guts
to fight that
legacy like he did.
You let it eat you
from the inside.
Well, all the
years in the system
and all the mothers that
I met inside there
they tell us
that we're not good
enough to be mothers.
Started to feel true.
It didn't have to end this way.
Well, that's the difference
between you and me, Abby Walker.
I always knew it'd end this way.

SADIE (in distance): Oh, oh,
so this dummy says,
"Wait for my signal."
Right? And then when-when
stuff starts popping off,
- she just yells, "Signal! Signal!"
- (chuckles)
Really. I-I would
have died laughing
if I didn't think you were
about to get yourself shot.
That is the most Cordell thing
- I've ever heard.
- Hey,
it worked, didn't it?
- (chuckles): Okay.
- But
since I'm here,
I owe you both an apology.
Aunt Geri,
I'm sorry that I read
your letter from Hoyt.
And I'm really sorry
that I lit it on fire.
You lit it on fire?
- It was pretty badass though.
- GERI: Oh.
Well, as long as it was badass.
STELLA: And, Sadie,
I'm sorry, too.
I keep blaming you for
us not going to the cops,
but I went along with your idea.
And that's on me.
That's not on you.
I-I think we're both a little
guilty for this whole thing.
"A little"?
That might be the
understatement of the century.
GERI: But the important thing
is that you're both safe.
SADIE: Is it though?
I I just mean the
We didn't even
find the necklace.
What was the point?
Just kind of a lame
ending, if you ask me.
That is actually
the perfect segue
for my next order of business.
- How did What? Wait.
- Is that, is that
- the necklace?
- How did you even?
I drove over here
before meeting with Joanna.
I knew it would be
in the fireplace.
STELLA: It was
honestly kind of
anticlimactic, now
that I think about it.
It was just, like,
sitting there.
So you're telling me
that you could have just
given her the necklace
at any point? Are you insane?!
You told me not to give
the bitch anything!
Uh, that's true.
It wasn't just that though.
It's what I found
with the necklace
that made me realise
that I could never
hand it over to her.
There was a letter
from Hoyt in the bag
with the necklace.
It doesn't have a
name on it, but
I think it's for
you, Aunt Geri.
They'd run wild ♪
From your eyes ♪
The demons you fought ♪
I think this is
actually for you, Sadie.
To survive ♪
"This necklace is a
Rawlins family heirloom."
"Lore states it was given
to one of our ancestors
"by a dear friend
and that Rawlins further gifted
it to his daughter, Ophelia."
"It's been passed
down ever since.
Did you find your way home? ♪
"I hoped to give it to a
rug rat of my own one day."
"But real or chosen,
I want it to stay in my family."
"It now belongs to you."
Were a hell of a walk ♪
Wow. Um
With a broken wing ♪
You know I'm not one for
the waterworks, but, um
(chuckles, sniffles)
but that one got me.
(chuckles, sniffles)
This is all yours.
You weathered the storms ♪
You never minded
the thorns ♪
You sure about this, Geri?
I mean, technically, it
is still stolen property.
(chuckles softly, sniffles)
you know, in-in the
spirit of Hoyt
(shudders) um
I may be able to forget that
I ever saw it. (sniffles)
You're broken now ♪
SADIE: You know
(sniffles) in the spirit
of my Walker-Broussard family
I think it should go
back to the museum.
Right one last karmic
wrong of my old man.
Ooh ♪
- Did you find your way home? ♪
- (sniffles)
(siren wails)
- Everything under control here, Cap?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Girls are safe.
Got Ms. Rawlins and her
accomplice in custody, so
Where's Walker? What,
he, uh, follow you in?
He never showed up?
LUNA: We went to the lake.
Tried calling him, but he
didn't pick up. Figured
That he was already here.
Hold up.
Walker wasn't at the lake?
Trey, you talked to
him though, right?
Yeah. Yeah, texted him as
soon as we got the address.
Same as them.
But I never heard anything back.

Guys, where the hell's Walker?
- (fan blades whooshing)
- (birds chirping)
(soft whooshing continues)
(groans softly)
AUGUST (in distance):
Oh, come on.
You can't be serious.
That's not what happened.
Oh, get real.
You're just making excuses
because we destroyed you.
Hey, bud. Um, you seen Stella?
I-I feel like I'm supposed
to be looking for her.
Uh, I'm right here, Dad.
And I am not making excuses.
You and Gramps
cheat all the time.
AUGUST: Oh, we do not.
Listen, just because your
teammate sucks at board games
doesn't mean we're cheaters.
- Hey, do not drag Mom into this.
- (chuckles softly)
What about Mom?
(whirring loudly)
(August and Stella
arguing indistinctly)
(whirring continues)
(high-pitched ringing)
(distorted clanking)
(high-pitched ringing)
AUGUST (muffled): Oh, I'll bring
her in if I need to. Hey, Mom?
Yeah, Stella's questioning
the integrity of game night!
Would you come downstairs
and set her straight?
(footsteps approaching)
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