Walker (2021) s04e11 Episode Script

Let's Go, Let's Go

Previously on Walker
CASSIE: Luna, over here.
We found another
victim buried alive.
This obsession of
yours, the weird hours,
the forever distant stares.
This is dangerous.
WALKER: You were right.
I shouldn't let this case
go before my family.
JAMES: Go home. It's an order.
HOYT: With you by my side,
I got a reason to
live. Marry me.
LUNA: But there's
no denying it, Cass.
All right, I love you.
GERI: Something's
going on with Stella.
Do you have any idea
where she might have gone?
Uh, there's a gazebo out by
Lady Bird Lake.
I can see if she's there.
- Guys, where the hell's Walker?
- We went to the lake,
tried calling him,
but he didn't pick up.
(footsteps approaching)
Are you okay, babe?
STELLA: He's okay, Mom.
That's just his face.
Just a gorgeous face.
It's a big day today.
Are we good to go?
U-Uh, absolutely.
I was expecting more fanfare.
AUGUST: Oh, that's-that's
just his voice.
- (Stella and August chuckle)
- EMILY: Right.
Anyways, okay.
Let's go.
- Come on.
- AUGUST: Yeah.
Okay, okay, okay,
uh, right, um
It's a big day.
Augie's graduation. Uh
Yeah, let's-let's-let's
not be late.
Um wow.
You're right there.

It's real.
You're here.
We're here.
It's-it's here. It's here.
It's here. Um
O-Our youngest, uh, graduating.
Wh-What are we gonna
do with all this time?
Uh, I hope you're kidding.
There's so much to do.
Do you know what
you're wearing today?
Do you know?
To to the thing.
My shirt.
And-and, uh, uh,
th-that jacket you like.
That's right. This jacket?
And, and those-those boots.
We are off to a great start.
And a tie.
Do I need a tie?
It depends on where
you think you're going.
Wait, i-is this a riddle?
Cordi, we talked about this.
What to wear, what we'll do.
No, I-I know. Right.
Of course. I-I-I
just, um
I can't believe
we're, we're here.
What are you saying, you never
thought we'd make it this far?
I-I never let myself
think about making it this far.
I know.
We're here.
But which tie?
So I do need a tie?
Yes. Your mom would want that.
Would she care?
She would, and we
got to go. Traffic.
(laughs): Traffic?
To their house?
It's across town, Cordi,
and it's gonna take
over an hour to get to
your parents' house.
(stammers) How?
Roads, Cordi.
(chuckles) Life.
Sorry we're late!
Cordi forgot about traffic.
WALKER: I-I didn't
forget about
traffic a-as a concept.
(blender whirring)
EMILY: You made it.
How was the flight
from New York?
Aw. It was not bad. Not bad.
Because, hey, I took
your advice this time.
Oh, made a
difference, didn't it?
- It really did.
- Your wife's a genius, you know.
Oh, yeah, I know that, Daddy.
You didn't really forget
about traffic, did you?
It's just been a while,
you know, since I-I drove
this time of day,
you know, Mama.
But you didn't forget
how to get here.
O-Of course not.
All right. Just making sure.
(echoing): Drink
this. Trust me.
(gentle music playing faintly)
WALKER: Hey, so,
you're just in from New York?
Yeah, I took off work
early so I could be here
for this weekend.
That's good of you.
Hey, um
do you know what's wrong?
You're gonna have to be
more specific, Cordi.
WALKER: Uh, with the kids.
Uh, with Stella. U-Uh,
she's not talking to me.
I told him that it was normal.
LIAM: It is normal.
Hey, but you just got here.
- Okay.
- (both shout)
STELLA: Ha! I win.
Absolutely not, you cheat,
your elbow came off the table.
Hey, round two on me, Gramps.
Well, you better warm
up, 'cause I'm ready.
- AUGUST: All right, all right.
- (door opens, wind whistles)
Who keeps leaving
the front door open?
The dogs will get out.
(radio announcer
speaking indistinctly)
(gentle country music playing)
(music stops)
("Sweet Dreams" by
John Evans playing)
I'm sittin' on the bed again ♪
Waitin' for the phone ♪
- (grunts)
- Oh!
Hoyt, what are you doing here?
Oh, I can't believe you
didn't see me coming.
You're getting rusty, my friend.
Hey. Let my daughter
drive us here
all the way from OKC.
It's a miracle I'm alive.
(car horn honks)
Hey, Cordi.
Sweet dreams ♪
Sweet dreams. ♪
- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- My Abby Bear!
- (screams, laughs)
- (grunts) - Oh, we are
so happy you made it.
Was traffic bad?
- Well, not with her driving.
- Hey, better me than Dad.
- GERI: Well, that's fair.
- Now, if you're trying to get away
(indistinct chatter)
EMILY: I have
missed you so much.
Me, too. Same. I never get
to say how much I miss you.
(echoing laughter)
So, how is life in OKC?
Hey, I can sense the
judgment, city boy.
(indistinct chatter)
Right. Of course.
Oklahoma City. (laughs softly)
- There is so much to catch up on.
- Oh, I know.
Do you know what that's about?
LIAM: You don't know
what that's about?
Man, I'm gonna be six feet under
before I ever understand
these daughters of ours.
BONHAM: Ha. I hear that.
I certainly do.
All right, Daddy, well,
you never had daughters.
Not that you know of.
- Ah! (laughs)
- (Bonham chuckles)
Hey. You know you
don't have to be here.
Abby, did you look
these up in your book
before you picked them?
You think I'm
trying to kill you?
No, she's hoping you'll
take us on a trip.
(laughs) Those are
in the other room.
No, I don't think we need
that kind of adventure today.
It's nice to just be
together for once.
I miss that.
- GERI: Yeah.
- Me, too.
Today is it's a big day.
I know that. I do.
what do you think you'll do
when the dust settles?
I just want to get
through the day first
and just get to the
other side of it.
Yeah, but after.
We should talk about after.
I know.
EMILY: Anyway, what are we gonna
make with all these mushrooms?
was gonna make
(piano playing Beethoven's
Moonlight Sonata)
- Sorry, uh
- (stops playing)
I didn't know Em
would be so emotional
about August graduating.
I guess I didn't realize
I would be, too, honestly.
I mean, y-you just
spend so much time
trying to just get
through it, you know?
Yeah. I always
wanted what you had.
(piano note plays)
Well, maybe not quite.
(chuckles) What
does that mean?
- (piano note plays)
- Well
you were never exactly
in it, were you?
- (inhales) - You know,
always chasing something down.
I-It's your job, I get it.
You know, I think you
could run like that
'cause you had something
to come home to in the end.
I ran for so long
'cause I didn't.
It's funny how it worked out.
- (piano note plays)
- Yeah, I guess so.
Hey, you're gonna
keep busy. You will.
Time to start a
new chapter, right?
Like me and-and
Abby Bear and Geri
doing this business together.
- Business?
- Yeah.
What-what business?
Events, Cordi.
Life, death,
everything in between.
At least that's what I
wanted the ad to say,
but they didn't like it.
You're doing that?
Of course.
Liam's drawing up
paperwork and everything.
I-I didn't I didn't
know it was that official.
Well, you've been busy.
You're probably not even
gonna notice Augie's gone.
Speaking of, where are all
your, uh, your Stetson friends?
Good question.
work, I'd imagine.
Okay, just to remind everyone,
this is not the first
time Walker's gone AWOL.
Right. And that is exactly
what I'm worried about.
This isn't the first time,
and at a certain point
there's gonna be a mess
that we can't clean up.
Cass, Cap is right. I
mean, Walker's been working
and obsessing, sure, but
it doesn't mean
that he's in danger.
No sign of him out by the lake.
His phone is going
straight to voicemail,
and we can't track it.
LUNA: So he's turned it off
or it's been turned off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
I just got this back
from his credit cards.
He checked into a
motel last night.
- So he never went home?
- No.
Geri hasn't heard
from him either.
Oh, damn it.
Can I just say it?
The Jackal is still out there.
Walker's on his radar,
and Walker's missing.
Okay, well, we've got an
address for the motel.
- That's a start.
- That's right.
Now is not the time to panic.
Let's just work
off what we have,
face the facts in
front of us, okay?
- Let's roll out.
- Yes, sir.

- Clear.
- Clear.
CASSIE: Clear.
- Well, he went there.
- Yeah, I should've caught it sooner.
It's not on you, Larry.
We all saw it happening.
The door wasn't forced open,
which means they
got him coming in.
Or out.
Hollis Miller.
This is the report
from the first attempt.
Well, Hollis
Miller, that tracks.
That's what brought us back in.
Yeah, but why would
Walker bring this file?
Maybe he's been in
touch with the family?
Maybe. We'll follow up.
There were security
cameras outside.
I'll go check with
the front desk.
(door opens)
(door closes)

BONHAM: Your turn, son.
Every morning ♪
Right. Yeah. Sorry,
I-I lost track.
- (chuckles)
- Looks like.
Do you know what game
you're playing, babe?
Yeah, of course I do.
Just a lot on my mind.
I feel like I'm
forgetting something.
EMILY: Okay.
You need us to help
you retrace your steps?
Well, uh (chuckles)
Daddy, y-y-you don't know
what I'm looking for.
Course I do.
I know everything. Don't
you get that by now?
He's not wrong.
I think you have a list
somewhere, don't you?
I made you a list.
What kind of list?
- A "what if" list.
- A what if what list?
- Well, that's what the list is for.
- Can't you just tell me?
No, you have to look at it.
She's right. If
she just tells you,
then-then you won't remember.
You need to retrace
your steps, Cordell.
It's just that I
I really can't do
this by myself.
I can't.
Is that how you've felt, Em?
I-I never I never meant
Have I taken you for granted?
Well, of course you have.
- Bon!
- He needs to hear it.
Son, of course you have.
The truth is
that we all do at
one point or another.
See, that's part
of loving someone is,
is feeling safe enough to
to make a jackass
out of yourself
every once in a while.
But you can change all
that now. There's time.
There's still time.
I just I feel like
I'm forgetting something.
Ah, well.
Who keeps leaving the door open?
The dogs are gonna get out.
(birds squawking)
(squawking stops)
(Hoyt sighs)
You know, there's
something I never told you.
When we were kids
teenagers, I guess
I came out here late one night
'cause Abby told me I had to.
I, uh, got in trouble and she
didn't want me going elsewhere.
I came up here.
I didn't want you to know.
Was trying to keep my promises.
(chuckles softly) Well
she opened the door to let me in
and we both looked back out here
and I saw you and your dad just
staring out into the night.
Yeah, w-we-we, uh,
we did that sometimes.
Abby said, she said
you needed to hold the quiet.
I never told her that.
Well, she knew.
But she also knew you
were scared of it.
Holding it.
Anyway, I looked at you two.
You and your dad and this view.
I thought it was
something I'd never have.
I'm gonna ask Geri to marry me.
Marry me for real.
You are? You're you sure?
I have been sure about
Geraldine half my damn life.
I was only waiting until
she was sure of me.
And we're there
now, I can feel it.
She's moving in with
Sadie and me, and I just,
I just want her to know
that she doesn't ever
have to move out.
She deserves that.
She deserves the best.
She does.
This should be hers.
It should.
But you asked
before, but she said no.
Well, what happened before
is not gonna happen now.
Is it?
Uh, I don't think so, no.
Look at them.
(August speaking indistinctly)
I-I feel like I've missed it.
Everything he-he
learned from her.
It's right there.
And Stella's you.
She How do you mean?
Well, she's not here, so
(clicks tongue)
- (chuckles)
- LIAM: A toast.
Feels like you're always there
when I need you, Stinker.
Yeah, it's funny how that always
just seems to happen, isn't it?
So, uh
what you been up to?
Well, since I was
in town anyway,
I thought I would help Denise
Davidson with her case.
- Really? You, you are?
- Yeah.
And James would be proud.
Seeing us on the same side of
the courtroom for a change.
He would.
- (wings flapping)
- (birds squawking)
It's time to go, isn't it?
I think so.
HOYT: Well, then
TREY: So, at no point
in the past 24 hours
do we see Walker
leave this building.
He only arrives.
How's that possible?
The windows don't open,
they got cameras everywhere.
When I think about how
many times I told him
not to go off on his own,
I started to feel crazy
- Yeah, well, you weren't wrong.
- JAMES: No, you weren't.
But it's easier to go
down that rabbit hole
than it is to claw your
way back up. Trust me.
LUNA: Hey.
Look, I know how you're feeling
about Walker, this case.
We've all been there.
And I wish I didn't
have to make that call
to Cordell all those months
ago, but we're here now.
And I know it might
not seem possible,
but let's try to give
him a little grace.
He's solving this thing
the only way he knows how.
I would love to feel
gracious right now.
But instead I am furious.
Hey. Look at this.
Laundry van.
When we spoke to the front
desk to ask about any vendors,
they said laundry
pickup was on Mondays.
Yeah, but this is from
yesterday, Tuesday.
It's off schedule.
And it's blocking his room.
It's all we have to go on.
Let's get the
plates and track it.
(deep exhale) Graduation.
- We're here.
- You thought you'd miss it?
I-I missed Stella's.
You knew that.
Or, wait, d-did I miss?
Just take a breath.
(breathes deeply)
We're here.
Yeah, no, okay,
yeah, you're right.
Sorry, I-I just I-I
feel like Augie and I
keep-keep missing each other.
Like talking past each other.
I just don't think he
expected you to be here
just because nothing goes
the way that we plan.
Maybe I've been
too tough on him.
I-I know, I know, uh
I can write it down. I
can write him a letter.
Right? A toast. They
always love a toast, right?
Dad, w-we don't need a toast.
Let him write the toast.
We might be glad that
we have it someday.
Uh are you talking
to me now, Stella Blue?
I'm not sure I can do this.
Yes, yes. Yes, you can, my love.
Do what? See your
brother graduate?
You have always been so brave.
You know that, right?
You are just like your dad.
I am so sick of
people saying that.
Okay, uh, hey, wow, I'm
standing right here.
And I'm so sick of missing you.
Dad, it, uh,
it means a lot that you came
that you tried.
Okay, wh-what is
going on with them?
C-Can you, can you
translate teenager for me?
Well, it honestly
just takes a lot
for everyone just to be
here, just to get through it.
You'll understand.
Just keep breathing.
(exhales, clears throat)

(birds squawk)

- Hi.
- Hi.
How you holding up?
Oh, well, I wasn't quite sure
how this part would feel.
Well, there's no way
to prepare for it.
What did they say
on senior night?
Don't be sad that it's over
Just be glad that it happened?
I hated when they said that.
I know, I just wished it
would keep on happening.
But here we are.
Here we are. (sighs)
You know it's gonna
be okay, right?
Both of you.
It's gonna be okay.
I need you to know that.
I mean, you can't be
sad that it's over
if you never make it happen.

(birds squawking)
Perhaps you may not want
to go down there just yet.
Oh, Bon, give him a moment.
If there's something
he needs to do.
Well, uh, I'm gonna
say something soon.
Uh, just don't want to embarrass
Augie, you know? (chuckles)
- Love?
- Yeah?
You don't have to be here.
Of course I do.
(birds squawking)
Thank you so much for coming.
I-I'm glad you're here.
I wish you weren't.
Well, big day, you know?
Where's Larry?
You tried to keep him
from it for so long.
I understand that.
I want you to know.
Do you have the napkin?
The the what?
I know Emily asked you
to wear this jacket.
Oh, uh
Yeah, of course I do.
The, uh
partnership rules.
This meant so much.
This is something.
It is.
It was.
Thank you, Cordell.
Of course, my pleasure, um
And, um Larry
After everything, he just
couldn't bring himself
to be here today.
"After everything."

(wind whistling)
No, I don't think he's
going to fit in there.
Yeah, forgot how tall he was.
Well, I'll go get the shovel.
Wait did I miss?
Augie. Augie.
Buddy, hey did I miss it?
I-I'm supposed to be
toasting you, son.
My father loved Shakespeare.
And he always tried
to make me, too.
But I never really
appreciated it until now.
Wait, what's he doing?
Is it time?
Shh. Listen.
"We are such stuff"
"as dreams are made on."
(sighs shakily)
"And our little life"
"And our little life is
rounded with a sleep."
Our dad wouldn't have
wanted us to say much.
Because he would have
wanted to say it himself.
But I do think he would have
appreciated Shakespeare.
"Thou know'st 'tis common.
"All that lives must die.
Passing through
nature to eternity."
"They have their exits
and their entrances."
"And each man in his
time plays many parts."
I forgot what I
was going to say.
It's too much.
"There is nothing
either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so."
"40,000 brothers c-could not"
"With all their
quantity of love"
BOTH: "Make up my sum."
"Aye, but to die and
go we know not where,"
"to lie in cold
obstruction, and to rot."
"There's rosemary."
"That's for remembrance."
"Pray, love, remember."
"And there's pansies.
That's for thoughts."

Is it real?
Sure as hell looks like.
How did this happen?
You know.
I don't remember a damn thing.
Well, that's how it goes.
But the wicked thing is,
now I remember everything.
Have I ever told you that
you're my best friend?
Never hurts.
(birds squawking)
Listen, if I, um
You know what? No.
I-I should give these
to them right now.
No? Why?
Not now, buddy.
They'll read those
letters later.
get up, Cordi.
On your feet.
And, hey.
You're my best friend.
You look after 'em.

CASSIE: Clear.
Tread marks look fresh.
Yeah, looks like he's
finally slipping up.
Yeah. Yeah, we forced
him into a corner.
He's getting messy. We're close.
Should we call in forensics,
have them sweep the vehicle?
No. No new friends
until we know what
we're dealing with.
We spread out on the grounds?
- And if we find Walker
- We'll find him.
When we do, I've got
the antidote right here.
Just in case he's been injected.
Okay, stay in
contact, stay safe.
Let's end this.
Yes, sir.

You didn't really need me
to pick a tie, did you?
I did.
'Cause I wanted you
to feel your best.
I thought it was a dream.
All of it. You in
the desert, gone.
Just a long nightmare.
But it's me, isn't it?
I'm the one who's dead.
You can still wake up.
Maybe it's better I
stay, for everyone.
- I mean, look at what I've done.
- The great things, you mean?
Our family?
The life we made?
I think I ruined it.
I lost you, so I tried to
be both of us together,
for everyone, and I-I
only let them down.
Em, I made promises.
And then I left.

(birds squawking)

(phone clicks, chimes)
(line ringing)
(phone buzzing)
Hey, I got nothing. You?
Check your phone.
Oh, my God. Is that?
A shallow grave.
Dirt's fresh.
I found tracks that led here.
I think they just moved him.
Uh, he's got to be close.
Okay, well, I'll get the
team. I'm not far from you.
We're here in time.
I got this.
I know you do.
We got this, Cass.
We do.
All right, this is good news.
Yeah, it is.
And we'll celebrate later.
I'll get you some
Bayside barbecue.
Hey, don't you dare, all right?
Perez Prime Cuts for life.
Yeah, damn straight.
- Hold tight, okay?
- I will.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
I'll see you in a few.

EMILY: You can still wake up.
Cordi, let's go.
But you're here.
How am I supposed to
walk away from that?
And here
It's quiet here.
You were always
afraid of the quiet.
'Cause I was afraid
of what it meant.

What does it mean?
It means that
there's no you here
because you're not supposed
to be here. Not yet.
Even if I want to be?
I don't know which
reality is worse, Em.
I really don't.
And I don't want to
I don't think I can go
back to one without you.
There isn't one without me,
but, babe, you can still
wake up, and you need to,
because you can still stop
this. He's right there.
He's right there?
He's right there.
Cordi, let's go.
(echoing): Let's go now.
Let's go.
(echoing): Cordi
let us go.
That's it. That's the
grave, but it's filled.
- You're saying that could be Walker?
- Yes.
Oh, my God. Where's Luna?
Perez, go find him. Go. Go!

Got him? Oh, my God, Cordi.
Cordi! Cordell!
Help me prop him up.
(both grunting)

- Hey, hey. We're here.
- He's-he's there.
- (labored breathing)
- What?
He's right, he's right there.
CASSIE: David!
- Go. I got him. Go.
- I'm on it.
I got you, buddy, I got you.
(panting): No. No.
(David breathing heavily)
David. David. David.
I'm here. (sniffles)
I'm right here.
I'm right here. I'm right
-You got this.
-No, we've got this. We've got this.
Okay? Hold on. Breathe. Breathe.
Okay. Breathe.
(weakly): Stay
close. Stay close.
I'm not going anywhere, okay?
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Let's get out of here, okay?
Kiss me. Kiss me.
("Talk of Surrender" by
Harvest Thieves playing)
Your armored weight ♪
Could level an empire ♪
Stay. Stay. Please.
With brittle ends ♪
(sobbing): Oh, please
And I couldn't find it in me ♪
To finally pull the trigger ♪
And it killed me ♪
Oh, yeah, it killed me. ♪
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