Walker (2021) s04e12 Episode Script

Letting Go

- Previously on Walker
- You had already gone to work
when I got in, and
Now it just feels like
you're boy-listening.
Not quite what I pictured
when we discussed retirement.
Was bringing Ben on full-time
for the events planning
more what you had in mind?
LUNA: There's no
denying it, Cass.
I-I love you.
Hey, Cordi,
something's going
on with Stella.
She took off.
This obsession of yours,
this is dangerous.
Next time, it could
be someone else
who pays for your actions.
Where the hell's Walker?
The Jackal is still out there,
and Walker's on his radar,
and Walker's missing.
I'm the one who's dead.
You could still wake up.
I've got the
antidote right here,
just in case he's been injected.
Shallow grave. Dirt's fresh.
Think they just moved him.
- Cordi!
- Cordell!
Where's Luna?
- (grunting)
- Come on. Come on.
What happened?
CASSIE: David!
We got to go. We got to go.
(sobbing): No! No!
No, David! David!
you're a medic! Help him!
Come on, Cass. Sit.
- What?
- Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.
- Okay.
- No.
Oh, no.
- No.
- Hold on, hold on. Walker.
Sit down. It's all
right. It's all right.
Sit. Sit down.
(Walker grunts)
JAMES: Okay, Cass.
Cassie. Stay with Walker.
EMT and backup
will be here soon.
Okay, Trey?
The Jackal can't have gone far.
- Yeah, let's get him. Hey, Cass.
- Yeah?
It's the antidote, just
in case he worsens,
- all right?
- Uh-huh.
Keep him stable. All right?
Don't let him get away.
("End of the Night" by A Place
To Bury Strangers playing)
(whispering): Barnett.
(gunshot in distance)
- (gasps)
- (bird cawing)
Now that you've
sold your soul ♪
Now that you've given up ♪
You've taken my hand
and walk me to the sand ♪
- You take me for granted ♪
- Go.
Now that you've bled me dry ♪
Leaves me so abused ♪
Like I'm worth less ♪
Than enough ♪
(gunfire continues)

- (gunshot)
- Cap!
Now that the night is gone ♪
End of the night ♪
Now that the night is gone ♪
End of the night ♪
Now that the night is gone ♪
End of the night ♪
Now that the night is gone ♪
End of the night ♪
Now that the night is gone. ♪
JAMES: Put it down.
Put it down!
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be
used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, one
will be provided for you.
You look like hell, Cordell.
Uh, thanks, Daddy. Uh
It's good to see you, too.
You know, they,
uh, they said that
you were, uh,
you were buried
buried alive, and
I-I just couldn't
help but think that
WALKER: Liam, hey, hey, hey.
I'm fine, okay?
I'm-I'm gonna be fine.
- Really.
- LIAM: I can't tell you
how relieved I am to hear that.
I have so much to
tell you, all of you.
When I was drugged,
I-I dreamt you were all with me.
(overlapping voices)
It's too much.
- But-but I, uh
- (door opens)
Excuse me. I still have
quite a few tests
to run before I can
release him,
and Cordell needs his rest.
I'm glad you're okay, Dad.
Hey, Doc,
can I have a-a minute
with my daughter?
Larry, I thought you were shot.
Hey. Ah, no. Yeah.
It hit me in the vest.
I'll be all right. I
just wanted to see y'all,
check in on Cordi.
Thank you so much for
saving my boy's ass.
- Thank you.
- Ow.
Oh, my gosh.
- Larry, I am so sorry.
- I'm fine.
I've been shot before.
Check your six, Captain.
- Hey.
- Hi, hi, hi.
- Oh
- Ow.
Why do you got to keep
getting yourself shot?
I don't know. For the
attention, I guess.
It's time to come home, hon.
Um, not quite yet.
Cassie's in with the
medical examiner.
I heard about Luna.
So, um, I should
- Love you.
- I love you, too.
You have no idea how
relieved I am to see you.
Last thing I heard
before I was taken
was you you ran away?
Did you really
go off on your own
without telling anyone
to-to-to chase
down some necklace?
What were you
thinking, baby girl?
Don't you think
I mean, isn't it a
little hypocritical?
What do you mean?
Dad, I'm not sure
that I can do this.
I'm not sure I can do this.
You-you can tell me anything.
I only did what
you would've done.
What you did.
Stel, I'm a Ranger.
You're a teenager.
I'm an adult.
I'm not a little girl anymore.
You're gonna have to
learn to accept that.

(horse neighs)
GERI: Hey.
You going in today?
Good morning.
You bring one of those for me?
You're supposed to be in bed.
Yeah, I tried that.
Uh, wasn't working,
so I came up with a better plan.
Uh, doctors cleared me for work.
Mm, with the understanding that
you'd be taking it easy.
And I will be.
I'm not gonna be out
there chasing bad guys,
- just talking to one.
- Right. The Jackal.
The serial killer who
tried to murder you.
So, how exactly is
that taking it easy?
His real name is Cole Tillman.
And, so far, he's waived
his right to counsel, which
means he's willing to talk.
For now, but once he lawyers up,
we lose access.
Cordi, we need to talk.
(truck door opens)
You lied to me.
Last week.
You said you were staying
late at the office,
you might even be
sleeping there.
But that wasn't true.
You got a motel room.
And that's not even
the worst part.
The worst part,
worse than lying,
is that you were struggling
and you never said anything.
Look Geri, I didn't
want to burden you.
Burden me? Cordi
I-I know how busy you've been
with the new Side Step
Oh, wow. So, now you're
making it sound like
this is all my fault.
That's not what I'm saying.
All I could think about was
trying to catch this
guy. I got obsessed.
I didn't want to bring
that energy around you.
- Around anybody. But, hey.
- (sighs)
It's over now.
Is it? Is it over?
Cordi, we've hardly even spoken
since I got back from OKC.
You're right, you're right.
I I'm sorry.
You deserve
a whole lot better than what
I've been giving you lately.
You-you-you, uh
She deserves the best.
You deserve the best.
I-I don't want to make
this a whole thing, okay?
I I'm just really tired
of making big decisions
fresh off of trauma.
So, let's just
take time to process
all of this, okay?
Okay. Okay.
So, tonight, after dinner. Yeah?
We'll see.

(door opens)
(birds chirping)
("Try Again" by
Miranda Dodson playing)
This is a day ♪
Filled with sadness ♪
And pain ♪
And sorrow and shame ♪
Like I've never known ♪
Why can't I ♪
Get it right ♪
On the first,
the second time ♪
Will the third ♪
Be a wasted life? ♪
Should we try again? ♪
And smile again? ♪
- Hold our breath and pray ♪
- (line ringing)
LUNA (recorded): Hi,
you've reached David Luna.
If you're hearing this,
it means you miss me,
- so leave a message.
- (beeps)
Oh, my God, this is crazy, um
I just wanted to
hear your voice.
And I
I need to tell you how s
sorry I am
that I didn't get
to that grave first.
And I'm sorry
that I didn't get there
in time to save you.
And I'm sorry
that I never got the chance
to tell you I
I love you.
A heart that is stained ♪
This is for love ♪
That we pray ♪
Oh, this is for love ♪
This is for love ♪
That we try ♪
And that we pray. ♪
JAMES: So, as far as we know,
Cole Tillman, aka the Jackal,
is responsible for
eight murders, but
there's a big gap
between knowing something
and being able to prove
it in a court of law.
I mean, the man was I mean
(door closes)
He was meticulous.
He never left a shred of DNA
or even a fingerprint at
any of his crime scenes,
which is why, at this
point, the only murder
The only murder that we're
gonna be able to, uh,
prove that he committed
is Detective Luna's.
But, since his arrest,
some new information
has come to light.
Turns out, this killer who
was so intent on punishing
"bad parents" is actually
a parent himself.
He has an adult daughter,
Rebecca Tillman.
- Does she know what he did?
- That's what we're hoping to find out.
CASSIE: What about the mom?
She still in the picture?
No, she died during childbirth.
So, Barnett, Perez?
I'm gonna have you two
talk to the daughter,
if that's
- Now, Walker?
- Sir?
You and I are
gonna talk to Cole.
I think this guy takes a
certain pride in his work.
I think he might even
want to brag about it.
So, the more we can get
him talking, the better.
Let's just
let's get this
bastard to confess.
Put him away for the
rest of his natural life.
(door opens)
(door beeps, unlocks)
(folder drops)
(door closes, locks)
We have a few questions
we'd like to ask you.
You have a veterinarian's
license, but no practice.
Is that how you
secured the digoxin
to paralyze your victims?
Is being a
doctor of veterinary
medicine a crime?
When you murder
a detective, yes.
We have you on
David Luna's murder.
Luna was involved in
a physical altercation
before his death.
Autopsy found the assailant's
flesh under his fingernails.
WALKER: Lab's running
the DNA right now.
When the results come
back matching you,
you're looking at
capital punishment.
You got no hand to play here.
Why don't you just
come clean with us?
JAMES: You know what I think?
I think you want to come clean.
I think you're proud
of what you've done.
Yeah, is that what the
jackal teeth were about?
Calling cards to make sure you
got credit for the murders?
I am guilty.
Of hunting without a permit
in those woods
where you found me.
(James clears throat)
You were hunting, okay.
So that would explain
why you opened fire on us,
and then kept shooting at us
until you shot me
directly in the chest.
COLE: You were shooting at me.
I have a right to
defend myself, don't I?
I didn't know that
you were cops.
It was an honest mistake.
I'm not your guy.
Listen, you-you
are trying to force
me into a box.
Some sort of preconceived
notion you have, but
I won't fit in there.
So where do you fit
in all this, Cole?
Now, I am
sincerely sorry about
the hunting mishap.
But I am no serial killer.
You have a daughter, right?
Do you know that
she's here right now
being interrogated by
two of my best Rangers?
I wish I could help, but
I'm not really
close with my dad.
Why are you so sure he's
a a serial killer?
I just can't
I can't even imagine
what you're going through
learning all this.
But, Rebecca,
isn't there anything
you could tell us about your dad
that could help us
connect the dots?
What even makes you so sure my
dad's responsible for for
Rebecca, we can't share
any evidence at this time.
But I need you to think hard.
Phone records show
that you called a line
associated with your
father on February 5th.
Do you remember
what you discussed?
Do you know where he was?
February 5th?
Was-was that the day of
August's boot camp graduation?
(clears throat)
Okay, so you saw my
son's social media posts.
Good for you. You're gonna
have to work a lot harder
- to get under my skin.
- COLE: That was
the day that little
Augie celebrated
with the whole family.
Even Ranger Barnett was there.
Everyone came out
to support August.
Except for you, Cordell.
Why did you miss your
son's big milestone?
Okay, there you go.
Yeah, getting
closer to the mark.
COLE: And I'll tell you this,
if this so-called
Jackal's still out there,
I hope
that he ticks off a few more
scumbag parents like yourself.
JAMES: No, no. Whoa.
- We're taking a break.
- (clears throat)
Hey, what are you doing,
man? You need to get a grip.
Hey, think he bought it?
What? Wait
- Wait, are you
- Letting him believe he's getting under my skin?
I thought you realized
what I was doing. Cap?
- Rule 24: bait the suspect.
- Bait the suspect.
Yes, I-I wanted to keep him
talking. You hear what he said
about, uh, hoping the Jackal
kills more bad parents?
Okay, this is good. This
is how we're gonna get him.
We need to push him further,
though, trip him up on details
we never released
to the press, right?
- Something only he would know.
- Yeah. Hey,
did you catch that thing he
said about us trying, to, uh,
like, force him into a box?
(stammers) There's
something about
the way he said
I don't think he's
gonna fit in there.
What about it?
when I was paralyzed,
I had these dreams,
right, but-but I also had
these moments of, um
not lucidity exactly, but
I think I'm remembering
Remembering what?
The Jackal. Cole, I
think, maybe, um
taking me out into the woods.
So, what? So, you're thinking
not all dreams?
I don't know. I, uh
Maybe I'm forcing connections.
Okay, Rebecca, stay close,
and we'll be in
touch, all right?
REBECCA: Sure, sorry
I couldn't help.
WALKER: We got to
get this guy, Cap.
I mean, he's responsible
for so many deaths.
He's responsible
for Luna's death.
Okay, please tell me
she gave you something
that connects her
father to the murders?
CASSIE: I heard what you said.
About Cole being responsible
for Luna's death.
But that is the one death I
don't blame on the Jackal.
I blame Luna's death on you.
I warned you that
someone would get hurt
if you went rogue again,
and you ignored me.
And now
And now

(quiet chatter)
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I-I'm fine.
So, are you guys getting
anything from Cole
or is he just running
y'all around in circles?
Circles. (chuckles)
Lots and lots of circles.
But th-there's one thing he said
that's still gnawing at me.
(stammers) Something about, uh,
w-we were trying to
force him into a box,
but he "wouldn't fit in there."
Doesn't sound like much
of a confession to me.
It wasn't, it just
It reminded me of something
Hoyt said in my dream.
But the way Cole said it,
it sounded so familiar.
Like, I don't know,
like-like, uh, maybe Cole
had been talking to me
when I was unconscious.
But in your dream,
you thought Hoyt was the
one saying those words?
Well, yeah, um
Does that sound crazy?
No, not at all. Digoxin
paralyzes your body,
but your cerebral
cortex remains active.
Which means what, exactly?
Means you might
be onto something.
You think there might
be some actual evidence
hidden away in my subconscious?
Yeah. I think it's possible.
Tell me more about this dream.
BONHAM: What're you up to?
ABELINE: I'm just doing
my good deed for the day.
This fig needs a
little attention.
Well, can I help you?
Well, I wouldn't say no.
You know, I thought
you bought that plant
because of the way it fit
just so in that alcove
in the living room.
Well, I did, but it was wilting,
and I wasn't gonna let
it just die in there.
It's okay.
I mean, we've been
through the wringer
with Cordell and all that
Jackal business, so
Oh, it's not that. Well,
I mean, it is that,
but it's not just that.
That was a cold reminder.
Life is short.
And all we seem to be
doing lately is bickering
and for what?
It's not worth it.
I have no idea why
I was so obstinate
and wouldn't find
any middle ground.
It wasn't all your fault.
I mean, I dug in like a
tick about you and Ben
starting that event
planning business together.
Even though I
I actually think
it's not a bad idea.
Especially seeing how
happy it makes you.
Well, thank you for saying that.
And I-I got to admit
that I-I-I do get where
you were coming from
with that damn boat.
I did love cruising the
Mediterranean with you.
(chuckling): Well,
now, I know you did.
And see, Lake Travis isn't
such a bad substitute.
See this, what we're
doing right here?
This, this is that DTR
that we should've been doing
from the very beginning.
God, I hate that expression.
(laughs) Oh, my goodness.
You know, I-I know you do.
Well, hold on a second.
I remember Hoyt talking
to me and-and then, um
I just don't know what
comes next. It all, uh
It gets kind of foggy, you know?
Okay, well, can you
remember where you were?
In reality, out in the
woods, I think, uh,
but in my dream, I was,
like, at this, um, ceremony.
Everyone was there and
At first, I thought it
was James's funeral,
um, but it was actually
I was being buried.
And I-I remember dirt
falling onto my face.
I don't think he's
gonna fit in there.
Yeah. Forgot how tall he was.
But it-it doesn't
make any sense. Right?
I mean, w-why would Cole say
something like that to me?
Maybe he was talking
to someone else.
All right, guys, look, I-I'm
going out on a limb here,
but what if Cole was
having a conversation
with some other person,
let's call them Person X,
but Walker's
subconscious saw it as
an exchange between
Hoyt and Sadie.
I mean, that's, you
know, that's a big limb.
Yeah, but-but if you're right,
that would mean the-the
Jackal had an accomplice.
Yeah, we considered the
partner theory years ago.
The majority of serial
killers work alone.
D.C. snipers worked
together as a team.
Okay, that's-that's one case.
WALKER: Hollis Miller.
JAMES: What about him?
Hollis Miller. T-That's
what I was circling, um,
back at the motel.
Why his death was so
different than all the others.
I mean, the only thing
linking his death
to the other Jackal kills
is the use of digoxin
as a poison, right?
He wasn't fed pureed food,
there were no jackal teeth,
he wasn't buried.
So maybe-maybe Cole
didn't kill him.
Maybe this, uh,
this-this Person X did.
I mean, that would help explain
the inconsistency, right?
Guys, DNA results
from the skin samples
found under David's
fingernails just came back.
- Cole Tillman's?
- It's a 50% match,
which means that Cole
didn't kill David,
but someone closely
related to him did.
- Wait a minute, 50%, that's
- His daughter.
- Rebecca.
- She must be the accomplice.
JAMES: She can't have got far.
Okay, I need an APB
out on Rebecca Tillman.
She should be considered
armed and dangerous.
I forgot how tall he was.
I'll go get the shovel.
Get on the line with Austin PD
and the Sheriff's, right now.
She got a pretty big head start.
And we have no idea
where she's headed.
There's one person who may know.
(door unlocks)
We know that your daughter
helped you commit the murders.
You two have a plan for fleeing
if law enforcement caught on?
You went dark once before.
You must've talked about
it. What was the plan?
Where is Rebecca heading?
I haven't spoken to
Rebecca in years.
You're far from the mark.
We have your phone records.
And I heard you
and your daughter
discussing how to bury me alive.
Send Rebecca's photo
to all your officers
and expand the search
radius. All right.
JAMES (over speaker): We
confirmed Rebecca's DNA
was under Detective
Luna's fingernails.
It's over.
You need to give her
up, Cole, right now.
I can't believe I ever
felt sorry for that woman.
I won't make that mistake again.
JAMES: Okay, look, I
get it, I understand.
You don't want your
daughter caught.
You think you're helping
her. You are not.
You're hurting her right
now by staying silent.
Every single law
enforcement agency in Texas
is hunting down Rebecca.
JAMES: That's right. And
they're looking for a violent
serial killer, which means
they will not hesitate
to use deadly force.
But if you come clean
on the other killings,
you tell us how to find Rebecca,
I will bring your
daughter in safely.
Rebecca can take
care of herself.
(Walker groans)
You need to understand
that you and your daughter
may be more alike
than you realize.
JAMES: Is that right?
Is she like you,
like you were in the woods?
Not one to go down
without a fight?
You raised Rebecca
by yourself, right?
Single parent, just
the two of you.
Cole, the entire power
of Texas law enforcement
is in pursuit of
your little girl
as we speak.
WALKER: Yeah, the Feds, too.
And if they find her first,
she may force their hand.
And she will not survive.
Cole, you need to fess up
if you want to
help your daughter.
I mean, isn't that what
any good parent would do?
Cole. What kind of
father are you, Cole?
I'll tell you everything.
But I want your promise
that you will bring
her in safely.
I give you my word.
COLE (over speaker): We
had a plan, to go dark.
We kept a go bag at our house.
But when the walls
started closing in
we moved it
to her worksite.
All right, Walker,
when we get there,
you and I are taking
the east exit,
sheriff and APD giving backup.
Trey, I want you and Cassie
flanking the west, so
Where's Cassie?
Uh, she keeps her
tact gear in her car.
(helicopter whirring)
She was parked
right here, she
- She took off.
- To get revenge for Luna.
Let's go, let's go.
(sirens wailing)
(tires screech)
No time to wait for backup.
- Lot of ground to cover.
- Yeah, split up.
This way, Trey.
Nothing's going good ♪
Nothing's going good ♪
Nothing's going good ♪
Nothing's going good ♪
(heavy equipment clattering)
Any idea where
that's coming from?
I'm close. South wing.
Your mind, nothing's
going good ♪
I know you're here, Rebecca.
That you?
Nothing's going right ♪
And there's one way out ♪
You got to save yourself ♪
Save yourself ♪
Light it up ♪
Let it burn ♪
Gonna get what
you deserve ♪
CASSIE: Show yourself!
Light it up, let it burn ♪
Let it burn ♪
- CASSIE: Stop right there!
- (gunshots)
Nothing's going good ♪
Nothing's going right ♪
On my way to the north wing!
Save yourself ♪
Does anyone have eyes on Cass?
You gotta save yourself ♪
CASSIE: I said freeze!
WALKER: Rebecca!
Save yourself, save yourself ♪
You better run ♪
(gasps, panting)
("Don't Save Me" by
Moka Wayne playing)
Hang on!
Rebecca, hold on.
Cassie, help her.
James, Trey. Fourth floor.
- Find us a way up.
- JAMES (over comms): Copy.
It's written on my face ♪
Cassie. No, no, no.
Don't-don't do it.
REBECCA: I can't hold on.
Helpless as a child.
I'm sorry. My dad forced me.
You're lying.
Listen to me.
You will regret this.
WALKER: Cassie,
Cassie, Cassie. Hey.
I know you're angry with
me, but don't do this.
From the devil ♪
Why did you kill him?
Why did you kill him?!
I'm slipping.
He changed me ♪
And I revel ♪
In the way ♪
That he shows me
what's mine ♪
That's where Luna
(Rebecca screams)
Oh, God.
WALKER: Cass, Cass, hey.
Hey, hey. Listen to me.
I know what you're
feeling, all right?
I felt it after Emily died.
Don't let your grief make
decisions you'll regret.
Save me from the devil ♪
'Cause you'd have to ♪
Save me all the time ♪
Take my hand.
He changed me ♪
Come on. Come on.
In the way that
he shows me ♪
CASSIE: Okay, come on.
(Cassie grunting)
CASSIE: I got you.
JAMES: Cassie, I
got her. Let's go.
Put your hands behind your back.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
(James continues indistinctly)
Oh, God.
Save me ♪
- Save me ♪
- Don't save me ♪
From the devil. ♪
(busy chatter)
REPORTER: We're here
at Austin Ranger HQ
awaiting the latest
update on the Jackal,
who's been on the loose
- for six years.
- Excuse me.
Looks like we're ready to
start the press conference.
Thank you all for coming.
After a grueling
six-year investigation,
the serial killer
known as the Jackal
has finally been apprehended
and is currently
in Ranger custody.
We've identified this man
as Cole Tillman, a
resident of Corpus Christi.
In addition to Mr. Tillman,
we have taken Rebecca Tillman,
his daughter, into
custody as well.
Our investigators
have been able to establish
that she had been working
alongside her father,
aiding and abetting him
with his heinous crimes.
But the emphasis today
shouldn't be on the killers.
Today, we should take the time
to honor the nine
people that we lost,
as well as the family
members of those victims,
the ones who are gonna have to
carry that pain
for years to come.
tragically, we lost
one of our own,
Detective David Luna,
who heroically gave his life
in the apprehension
of Mr. Tillman.
In closing, I just want to thank
my incredible team,
who has worked
tirelessly on this case
to make sure that the
Jackal's reign of terror
is finally over. Thank you.
(reporters clamoring)
JAMES: We'll take, we'll
take one at a time.
We'll take one at a time.
("Mistakes" by Gregory
Alan Isakov playing)
I caught a golden wave ♪
It left me lost at sea ♪
I turned crazy ♪
Wild and awake ♪
The ocean was angry ♪
Foaming at the mouth ♪
Hey, hey. Cass, Cass,
hold on for a second.
I-I think we need to talk
about, uh, earlier,
about what happened.
Yeah. We do.
Just not today.

- (door closes)
- (sighs)
After Hoyt died,
I think I sat on this couch
for three days straight.
For what it's worth,
I get it.
Feels like your world's
been turned upside down
and inside out.
Grief does that.
(chuckles) God, it's exhausting.
I don't know how I'm possibly
gonna pull it together
for the lieutenant's
interviews next week.
- I should probably just take my name out of contention.
- No.
Don't make any life-altering
decisions right now.
(sighs) I just feel so
That's normal.
try not to throw
away something good
just because something
bad happened.
(door closes)

Sorry, I I didn't mean
to wake you. (shushes)
- It's fine.
- It's all right?
Is Geri coming over?
Uh, not tonight.
All right, well,
I warmed up some leftover chili
if you're hungry.
(chuckles) Thank you.
Hey, Stel?
I was hoping we could talk.
Will you just give me a chance
to explain a few things?
I need to explain
a few things, too.
Okay. Well,
I-I'm ready to listen whenever.
I know we have a ton
to talk about, but
could we maybe do it tomorrow?
Of course.
Sure. Tomorrow
would be just fine.
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