Walker (2021) s04e13 Episode Script

See You Sometime

Previously on Walker
LUNA: I'm sorry I
didn't tell you sooner.
But there is no denying it, Cass.
- Right, I love you.
You both put your
hats in for lieutenant.
The way I see it, the competition's on.
- Good luck.
- This obsession of yours,
this is dangerous.
Next time it could be someone else
who pays for your actions.
- JAMES: Cordi?
- TREY: Cordell!
Where's Luna?
CASSIE: David!
Did you know that Dad wrote
letters for us just in case
he died while undercover?
STELLA: I figured reading
them was something
we should decide together.
You lied to me.
You got a motel room.
The worst part worse than lying
is that you were struggling
and you never said anything.
CASSIE: I heard what you said,
but that is the one death
I don't blame on the Jackal.
I blame Luna's death on you.

- Geri. Hey.
- GERI: Hey.
So, I think I just about
got things sorted over here.
Uh, what about there?
Anything I can help with?
Uh, no, not now.
I just, I still think
it's too soon to visit.
You're a reminder and right now,
that's the last thing she needs
when she's just trying to
keep from drowning, you know?
- Cordi?
Hey, hey, um
Hey. Sorry, I-I-I don't know what, um
No, it You're okay.
All right? You're okay. I'm here.
Right. Yeah, thank you.
No, don't thank me.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- Crap, I think he's waking up.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
Hey! There he is!
Look who's awake. Good morning, bud!
Golly, you scared the
hell out of me, Dad.
Well, hey!
It's your last day of senior year.
Wanted to start you off like a champ.
- Thanks.
- I mean, I know finals were last week
- and all, but I
- But you almost died last week.
What's this, uh
what's this really about?
What do you mean? Like I said,
you know, it's-it's a big
day. I-I-I wanted to celebrate
all that you've accomplished
this year, and
Yeah, yeah, when, uh,
when you weren't here.
Dad, I I see what
you're trying to do.
And I'm, like, I'm
really grateful for it.
But, you know, all
this trauma and stuff,
you know, the last few months
We're not exactly gonna
forget it overnight.
But, um, it'll take a minute, you know?
Yeah. (SIGHS)
Bring it in, Dad.

"What kind of lieutenant
do you hope to be?"
Nah, I've already done that one.
(SIGHS) "Where do you see
yourself in the next ten years?"
Nah, that's kind of easy.
I've seen firsthand how my captain has
tried to manage that
history with the present
Everyone swears by the
newfangled thermometers,
but a real pit master
just knows when it's time.
- Now, this is gonna be used for events
- Wait.
Catering's not really part
of this new venture, right?
Because Ben didn't say anything
and this looks like a whole thing.
Well, definitely not often.
But maybe for smaller events.
No, this is just, um, testing
some recipes for Augie's party.
Which you do realise is not
until tomorrow. Right, Bon?
At it again.
God only knows who the Davidsons
are subletting their property to.
Well, we'll have duelling
symphonies soon enough.
And about that, those
contracts they settled?
Oh, yeah, yeah. They're
all ready to go, why?
Well, bring 'em by, I have a few ideas
you all might want to consider.
- My turn.
- What?
- No one touches my grill.
I thought you were
teaching me how to do this.
I need to know how to do it for events.
You really think I'm not
gonna help you, Abeline?
- GERI: Good morning.
Geri-science was a winner.
Your sleepy-time remedy
worked like a charm.
- Thank you.
- I'm so glad.
So, how is Walker?
He's okay.
He has his people.
And we want to make sure you
know that you have people, too.
- Wait.
- Come in.
- People?
What people? People plural?
- Good morning, ladies.
- Oh, guys. No, seriously.
I do not need 24/7 Cassie-sitting.
We know that, but you deserve
to be surrounded by love.
Mm-hmm. And today is
your lucky day because
that love in gonna come in the form
of a trip through everyone's
favourite law firm.
- Again?
- Well, it's no Hawk's Shadow,
but Pearson Specter has its charm.
If not, we could always rewatch Beaches.
Yeah, we're not gonna do that.
- Mm-mm.
- Okay, fine.
- Thank you.
- Aw, I got you, baby.
Ah. Mama, come on. This is amazing.
Uh And exactly what Augie wanted.
Well, that's what we were hoping for.
Mmm. Hey, hey, hey.
- No, you don't, you don't have
- No, no, no, no, no.
Time and time again, we've
come so close to losing you.
Mama, I am right here.
And I'll be okay.
This time was just a a
little different, you know?
I am having trouble
telling up from down
sometimes. But, uh
here and now, this is very real.
But then, so is everything
that's going through your head.
I mean, maybe now you try and focus on
what you can do
and not what you might have done.
I am trying.
Just for a while
there, I told myself,
once this case was over,
everything would fall into
place. You know? But, uh,
me, thinking that way, I
I ended up just making
a mess of everything.
One thing at a time, Cordell.
You just need to choose where you start.
Don't tell me that that
is a Perez kids staple
- "kitchen sink omelet"?
Oh, Ben.
Between Kelly earlier
and you now, I just
- I don't know what to say.
- No.
You're my sister and you're hurting.
I'm gonna be here.
And I understand what
you're going through.
What is it, Cass?
I can't compare this to what
you went through with Lucas.
Look, whether it's years or months,
this loss will stick with you.
Because it isn't just
about him, it's about
losing the future you were planning.
You just have to try and
focus on what's ahead.
You've been working so hard.
Aren't those lieutenant
interviews coming up?
Yeah, they're today. (GROANS)
It was all I could think about until
And now I just don't know how to feel,
or what to do. (EXHALES)
Wait a second.
The omelet we had as kids,
the aromatherapy you brought.
You've employed nostalgic mind tricks.
- Come in.
- Dad?
- Hey.
I-I-I felt like a total weirdo
walking down that hallway.
That is probably a healthy reaction
for an adult man to have.
Hey. I-I-I just wanted
to-to-to check in with you,
you know? Almost the
end of freshman year.
So many milestones this year for you.
For your brother. By the way,
how do you think Augie is-is
feeling about graduating?
You know, after everything?
I think he had to start
growing up a long time ago.
So this is just ceremony.
He mentioned something
earlier that got me thinking.
And after this abduction
"This abduction."
That is oof.
Look, I don't know what
Augie really thinks,
but I'd be willing to bet he
just needs you to be there.
I know it's all I wanted.
That wasn't your fault.
And I ended up where I
was meant to be, I think.
And everything that I
went through this year,
it wasn't about you.
The necklace, the secrets, all of that,
I did that on my own.
- Maybe.
- Not maybe, it's true.
Though I guess it may be
a little bit your fault,
- since people always say that
You are your father's daughter?
- Something like that.
- Yeah.
Hey. Um (SIGHS)
If you get anything from me,
I don't want it to be
running into danger.
You know, I-I had this,
uh, this-this dream sort of,
and, uh, things were different for you.
Your mom was still here,
and I kind of wasn't.
- You know, maybe
- Dad.

There's no version where
you being gone is better.
That would just be a
different type of pain.
I still need my dad.
You'll always have me.
I'm so proud of you.
- How did how did you ?
- We didn't read them.
We didn't have time, and then it just,
it didn't feel right.
I know that you came here to apologise,
but I don't need that.
I don't need these goodbyes
or whatever that version
of you had to say to me.
But maybe you do.
And then maybe after that,
we can figure out where to go from here.

What is a situation in which you
realised you made the wrong call?
TREY: I like to think that
every call is the right one
in the context that
you have at the time,
but obviously hindsight is 20/20.
Someone on my team was losing their way.
And they told me things would change
and I took them at their word.
And then it was too late.
Yeah, sure, we caught the guy,
but we lost someone in the process.
So, um, yeah,
I'd say I've had my
fair share of "what-ifs."
TREY: How did your
journey lead you here?
CASSIE: I was an artsy kid.
Dance, theatre.
With some practice,
you can be good, but
to be great, it's another level.
Through each phase of my life,
I've asked myself one question:
Where is this taking me?
CASSIE: And once I knew what I wanted,
I was going to be great.
TREY: And I know for a fact
that, after all this time,
the answer is right here, right now.
BEN: What makes you a good candidate?
You know, a week ago I
would have tooted my own horn
like a freight train.
But now, what makes me a good candidate?
You know, I'm not so sure.
What makes you a good candidate?
Well, I'm a soldier till the end.
I take orders and I give them.
I protect the team. That's what I do.
If you were to get this promotion,
what are your plans for the future?
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Keep on moving, keep on moving. ♪
How'd it go?
- Ooh.
Look, you may not have
been on your A game,
but your C game is better than most.
- I bet you were perfect.
No. Perfect's more your thing.
Unless you count culinary school.
- I told you that in confidence.
- I'm just saying.
Damn. What?
You think we already have
a decision? I'm just, I'm
getting some water, okay?
- Hey, you did great.
Just try to relax, all right?
Look, I know you got a
lot of things on your mind,
but you heard James.
What do you say we grab
something to eat, and
talk about anything other than all that?
(SIGHS) Yeah.
- As long as you're not cooking.
- Oh.
You are so funny.
Yeah, I am.

Good news.
We officially got the go-ahead
- for the Side Step 2.0.
- What?
- I'm so excited. Yeah!
- What? That's amazing!
That's-that's gonna be amazing for us.
Hey, uh, I wanted to talk to you.
So, I've had a lot of
time to think lately,
and I know I haven't been
the partner you deserve,
and I'm so sorry.
I-I know we've talked
about my, um, experience,
my dream, or whatever
you'd call that state,
but, um, in it
you were happy, Ger.
I saw you so fully.
I saw everything I've been missing.
And maybe it's selfish,
but I want to be the person
to keep a smile on your face.
So I promise you, I will work every day
to do just that, to-to-to
help make you happy.
- Well, you do make me happy.
- I wouldn't be here if you didn't.
But things took a turn before I left.
And when I got back,
those things,
they fell off the rails.
And not just for you.
Everything with the
kids, and all from Hoyt.
And that grief came flooding back in.
And I was drowning,
and you weren't there.
I'm sorry I wasn't there.
I-I hate that I wasn't there.
And please believe me when I say th-that
this was-was the exception
of all exceptions.
It's not so simple, Cordi.
I mean, the Jackal
brought a cloud over you,
over us, the kids.
You know, and there's always
gonna be another big case.
Never like this.
I know that you mean that, Cordi.
I do.
But never?
You can't know that,
and when it happens,
I just want to make sure
that you're gonna come to me.
- Okay?
- Okay.


Surprised you're here, Perez.
I just needed a minute without
people waiting for me to break.
I've never really looked
at all this before.
You know, sometimes I look at this
and I wonder what the hell
I got myself into, you know?
- But, uh,
it's a good reminder of
how far this place has come.
(SIGHS): Change comes slowly.
Last couple of years, it's
because of you, you know?
Oh, I don't know about that. Some.
Not all of it.
Recently it's been because of you, too.
Change does come slowly, but
every once in a while
we make a leap forward.
Congratulations, Lieutenant Perez.
Wait, no, my-my interview was a mess.
We all have good days
and bad days, right?
- But
being a leader, it's
not about the good days.
It's about what you bring
to the table on your worst.
And in that interview,
you showed us that
not only are you an
exceptional, albeit pain the ass,
Ranger on your good days,
you are one hell of a
Ranger on your bad ones, too.
- I guess I'll see you at the party
- Yeah.

(WHISPERS): All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You still need that
ride to the graduation?
I mean, I don't need that ride, but
do you need to have a
conversation with me?
I do need to have a little bit
of a conversation with you, yeah.
Come in.
This is the spot, huh?
Yeah, it's-it's the spot.
Cap, this is getting
a little weird, man.
- Look, man. Um
I just want you to know
that you really do deserve
this promotion, you do.
Okay? And all that is
coming for you, soon.
This is in no way a-a failure.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Can I, um
- can I jump in here real quick?
- Yeah, of course.
- I mean, yeah. It's just us.
- Uh
Look, with all due respect,
I know that it's not a failure, Cap.
What I've experienced and
what I've learned in this city
these past few years, I've
I've seen a lot.
And I know that I'm still learning.
Hey, listen, man, it's not just because
- Cassie has more experience.
- I know.
It's because she has,
like, way more experience.
Hey, speaking of experiences,
Kelly has someone that she
wants to hook you up with.
No. No, no, no, no, no. No, thank you.
- That wasn't even smooth.
- Hey, I'm just the messenger, okay?
She told me to tell
you that this woman is,
and I quote, "A delight."
I'm sure she is, but can we, please
- Yes. Let's roll.
- get up out of here now?
Hey. So you're saying there's
an after-party down here?
- Is this sanctioned?
- Well, it's my graduation, Mawline.
It's just in case people need more, uh,
- you know, bathrooms.
- (CHUCKLES) Sure.
They're all clamouring
for the facilities.
Mawline, you stored
so much stuff in here.
Well, lanterns take up a lot of room.
- Yeah, and we gotta go all out.
- Uh, yes, we do.
So, I found the printouts
- you left in my room.
- Yeah. Uh
- I, uh, I got in.
- Everywhere.
Yes? (STAMMERS) This
young man got in everywhere
he applied, didn't even
tell us what he was up to.
When did you do your
college applications?
- I'm just disciplined, I guess.
- Well, there you go, August.
LIAM: So, what's it gonna be?
- Michigan? Harvard?
- Harvard?
Thank you, Mawline. Uh,
I'm not, I'm not sure.
I'm just still weighing some things.
- Is this real?
- WALKER: Yes, it's real.
We're here, you know?
We're, we're, we're
We're here.
And we are celebrating. Right?
So so, actually,
I want to talk to y'all.
I've been thinking about, well, a, uh,
a family vacation.
- Dad, you, uh you don't have to.
- Yeah, it's okay.
(STAMMERS) Hold on, hold on.
Let me say this, for real.
A family vacation like
we've always talked about.
I-I know something always
comes up, but-but
it-it's true, nothing's
going to magically change
unless I start to try, so
what do y'all say?
And if the answer's
yes, how would you feel
if I invited Geri to come along?
Well, yeah.
ABELINE: You know, so,
why don't we take some of this stuff
back to the house?
Damned if I'm allowing the
whole party to happen down here.
Yeah. Here, let me get that.
Wait, everybody.
Everybody, wait, wait, wait.
August Edward Walker. Come on!

- So, "Edward," huh?
- Yeah.
Is that after a relative or something?
No, Emily was just a really
big Twilight fan.
- BEN: Got it.
And you're clearly Team Jacob.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hey, we did it, though. We did it.


All right, gotta keep you
hydrated on your big day.
- All right.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- All right, drink up. It's water.
- AUGUST: Is it water?
- Yeah, I approve.

- WALKER: Hey, hey, sorry. Sorry.
I'm not gonna stop
the music for too long.
I-I just wanted to say one thing. Uh
I'm proud. I'm proud of
my son on his graduation.
I'm proud of the family
and friends here. Uh, I'm
I'm grateful.
Kiddo, I spent months
worrying about how to let go.
You know, when to do it, how to do it.
And I realised it happened,
and I-I have to let it happen.
Um, you're not a "kiddo" anymore.
Uh, to my family, I love you.
I am nothing without you.
And I am more grateful than ever
to be with you here and now.
Uh, that's enough out of me.
Uh, carry on, the night is
young. Have fun. Um, cheers.
- Hey.
- Uh
Listen, I know that you think that, uh,
giving toasts is your specialty, but
you learned it from someone.
There's something else
that we need to tell you.
A few years ago, we
offered you that farmhouse
as a place to weather the storm
but you finally turned
it into a home, Cordell.
Cheers to you.
- We love you, son.
- Love you. Love you.
Love you.

- Ben said these weren't gonna eat themselves.
I'm sure he and Abby have
an agenda to get me to eat.
Well, food is Abby's love language.
She's worried about you.
Plus, she's probably watching right now.
So you know she's not gonna rest until
you take a bite of her
celebration crostini.
I want you to know that I'm not salty.
Did my brother tell you to use that
as a conversation starter since
he over-salts and he knows it?
I didn't need a prompt
from your brother.
Hey, I get what it is
to win something great
in the face of something horrible.
Cass, I know you're not
trying to celebrate right now,
but I hope you know that you have
the support of all of us here.
Me especially.
Thanks. (CHUCKLES)
(SIGHS) I hope you're still
feeling all warm and fuzzy
after a few weeks of
partnering with Walker.
Oh, damn. Yeah, you're right.
Indeed, my friend. (LAUGHS)
You gonna finish that?
Thank you.
SADIE: I'm sorry, dude,
you thought that it was
the necklace was in this fireplace?
No, the other one, but you
didn't read Hoyt's letter.
- It was very confusing.
- Okay.
Um, so is this the moment where I can be
awkward but honest?
Every moment. Yes.
I should have come to you sooner,
what with the whole, you
know, death threat situation.
And-and I shouldn't
have left you hanging
as long as I did.
We were in it together,
and-and I'm so glad
we ended up that way,
even if it was kind
of a mess. (CHUCKLES)
What? I'm-I'm working
on a decent apology here.
No, I know, I know.
Uh, it's just the apple
does not fall far from the tree.
You figured you'd be smart
enough to get out of it,
- and you were.
- Yeah.
Well, I was smart enough
- to surround myself with Walkers.
- Exactly.
That kind of sounds like Uncle Hoyt.
- Mm-hmm.
So I was thinking
Stel, I know that you're
maybe finally gonna have
a normal college experience
next year, I hope.
And, Sadie, I know that
you're working on your music,
and you should, but if
you want health insurance,
I have a business proposition for you.
It is a family business, after all.
Oh, this is nice. The whole mixing
our personal lives with
family hasn't been awful.
Wow, it's so sweet of
you to put it that way.
I'm serious. And I-I feel like we should
keep mixing our-our personal lives.
And maybe we could add a
real estate level to it.
Why are you making that face? Is that
Is that a no? You don't want to
I'm just trying to get
you to say normal words.
Right. Yes. Sure. Okay.
Do you think that we
should move in together?
Yes. Yes, we should.
I know you used to think
this kind of hoopla was too much.
But if anyone has earned a celebration,
- it is this family.
- Oh, I agree.
Yeah, those kids are good.
It's meant a lot being here
for them through all this.
I'm glad you think so, too.
Hey, Abeline.
I can sell the boat.
I wasn't saying that you had to do that.
Yeah, I know you weren't. Uh
But I would like to get you out on it.
Just once.
See that wind blowing through your hair.
We can get fans, you know.
- Put 'em all over the house.
- Well
I just, I don't want to
get into a thing where
you give something
up, and then are upset
that I didn't give something up.
Oh, you think like that.
I don't think like that.
I do, and-and that's
why I need to explain.
It was never my intention
to abandon you during our retirement.
I love this business with Ben,
and I want to do more.
- But not the day-to-day.
- You don't?
God no.
You think I want to be dealing
with the bride of the week?
- Ugh.
- I just wanted to launch something.
Oversee it. Meddle.
I do love the way you think.
Okay, since we're coming clean,
can I tell you what I'm thinking?
We could keep the
boat. Now, hear me out.
We could keep the boat,
and use it for your event business.
Tax write-off.
With the occasional wind in your hair.
So how does a vacation sound?
You were right, earlier.
Uh, you can't trust
it's gonna be different
unless I show you. So, I am talking
the real deal here.
You, me, the kids,
uh, a road trip,
- a plane, a boat
- Wow.
Many forms of transportation.
All the modes of travel.
I like it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Truly, I really do.
But, Cordi, what I said
earlier still stands.
I love us, and I understand you,
I really think I do.
And I know that you want to
do something different, but
eh, given your life,
realistically, I mean,
how are you gonna pull this off?
Well, because
I think I might
have a solution for that.
- Hey, there.
- Hey.
Move-in day, that's right.
Uh, congratulations again.
Hey, Cass,
I got to say something.
I know I lost my way these
last couple of months,
and it shouldn't have taken
God knows how many warnings from you
or a tragedy to get us here.
But I'm here now,
telling you I am sorry.
Thank you. And I know.
Look, we can say it's
the job all we want,
but the job didn't have to be like this.
This case,
it didn't have to end like that.
And that's gonna be
hard for me to forget.
I wouldn't expect you to.
And time doesn't heal
everything, I know that.
Hey, um
if it helps,
even, uh,
even just a little,
I believe I report to you now.
You're you're taking
a leave of absence?
Just for the summer. If you approve.
I think I owe it to Geri and the kids.
It's been a long time coming.
It has. And, Walker, of course.
I'm I'm really
glad you're doing this.
Thank you.
And I promise you, I will
do everything I can to
be a better colleague.
And friend.
Well, we probably both need this.
Just to get to the other side of it.
Of course.
- All right, well, I will, uh,
let you get settled in
- I can't believe my brother's
actually gonna take a vacation.
BEN: Seriously. I don't want to jinx it.
Hey, your phone's blowing up.
Yeah, yeah, it's
I think it's a telemarketer
or some spam call, but
I'll answer this unknown number
and get off their list. Hello?
Uh, yes, this is this is him.
Um, I can hold.
It's the governor.
- Wait, what?
- I don't know how else to say what I just
Uh, yes, sir.
I do remember that, yes.
Really? I see. Yes, sir. All right.
That was seriously the governor?
Yeah, yeah, it was,
and I-I worked with some
people in his office before.
I guess I made a good impression.
Yeah, and they're calling
to say "good job" now?
More like they need my help.
Is that for you?
I I think I need to go.
Uh, but, um,
look at some of those
listings I sent you,
because you are better
at the floor plans, so
This is true.
- Hi. Liam Walker.
- Hi.
Have fun?
If life is a jungle ♪
I want to be a bird ♪
Flying up above it all ♪
Low enough to be heard ♪
With a brightness in my feathers ♪
So everyone can see ♪
Oh, just fundamental colours ♪
Yellow, red, blue and green ♪
Can you see me now? ♪
Hey-oh ♪
There you go ♪
Peace on Earth ♪
I want it, though ♪
I can see it now ♪
- Goodbye.
- Bye-bye.
- Drive safe.
- Oh, I'll think about it.
(LAUGHS): I know you will.
- Oh, come on.
- Okay.
- Good to see you.
- Wow. Good to see you.
- STELLA: We'll see ya!
- SADIE: Bye!
I can hear you now ♪
If life is a canvas ♪
I want to fill it up ♪
Hey-oh ♪
There you go ♪
Peace on Earth ♪
I want it, though ♪
I can see it now ♪
Hey-oh ♪
- There you go ♪
Love like yours ♪
I want to know ♪
I can see you ♪
Now. ♪

GERI: Cordi!
- Hey.
- Hey. You ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
All right. Let's go, let's go.
Who's that?
Uh, must be the new neighbours
renting the Davidson house.
Well, best of luck to them.
STELLA: Why? Maybe it'll be a
completely drama-free situation
and they'll just be, like
- neighbours.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, can I put some music on?
Yeah, of course.
Hit play, Stella Blue.

Out there in the morning light ♪
The sun is rising,
closing out the night ♪
Off the coast, making our
way out of the harbour ♪
Looking up till moonbeams find you ♪
I'd had enough of a busy life, yeah ♪
No need to think
about keeping myself ♪
In my head ♪
Never knew ♪
Where we could go ♪
Until we left from the shore ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
- Oh, oh ♪

We'll be on our own ♪
We'll be on our own ♪
We'll be on our own. ♪
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