War and Peace (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

But mon cher ami, how can you be so calm? This monster, Bonaparte, he's crossed into Austria now, and who's to say that Russia won't be next? No, no, no.
Our illustrious Emperor has it all in hand.
Our great army will stop this monster Napoleon in his tracks.
You must remember, dear Anna Pavlovna, Russia hasn't lost a war in 100 years.
I do beg your pardon.
I'm so sorry.
Who is that young man? I'm sure I didn't invite him.
My young relative, I regret to say.
Count Bezukhov's son.
His natural son, of course.
Did he have any other kind? Indeed.
But this one was something of a favourite, God knows why.
He's staying with me, now he's back in St.
Well, please don't bring him again.
He looks like a wild animal, so unlike your own lovely children.
Such beautiful creatures! Look at Papa, scheming away.
I think he's negotiating to get you into a nunnery.
If he did, would you rescue me? No.
I'd say, "Thank God and good riddance.
" Beast! Please, Mother, it's embarrassing! If you don't ask, you don't get.
Prince Vassily! Prince Vassily.
You know, I've never asked you for anything.
I've never reminded you of what my father did for you, but now, I beg you, for my boy, Boris, a word from you to the sovereign would be enough.
I'll do what I can.
What is it you wish for the boy, Anna Mikhailovna? Get him a commission in the Guards and recommend him to the General.
You know a word from you would do it.
You know, my influence is nothing like what you imagine but I am seeing the sovereign later this evening.
Oh, thank you, thank you! I know I can trust you.
And when you come into your inheritance, you will remember Count Bezukhov promised a regular allowance for my poor boy? I know nothing of that.
And don't you think you've had enough from the Bezukhov family? Go and beg elsewhere.
Napoleon has utterly destroyed his own country.
No, no, that's not right! France is no longer a place where civilised people can live.
Oui, oui, c'est vrai, c'est vrai, malheureusement.
- I say Napoleon is a great man, sir! - Outrageous! You think so, monsieur? - Shall we go to that table over there? - No, no, I must say this.
Yes, of course Napoleon's a great man! He stood above the revolution, he put an end to its abuses and kept all that was good about it! You see good in revolution, sir? The equality of all citizens, freedom of speech, liberty, equality, fraternity, these are ideas we could learn from in Russia.
Our drawing rooms are full of overfed aristocrats who have no idea what real life is, who have even forgotten how to speak their own language! By God, we could do with a revolution here! I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have It was just - Pierre, old friend.
- Andrei! It's so good to see you here.
Getting a taste of high society? Yes.
Making a fool of myself, as usual.
You will excuse me, my dear Anna Pavlovna.
We must take our leave now, a reception I must attend at the ambassador's.
Goodnight, goodnight.
Having fun? Listen, come round for a drink tonight, we'll make a night of it.
She's ravishing.
No hope for me, though.
I see her every day and she hardly notices I'm there.
But your lovely wife? Is she well? See for yourself.
She's enchanting.
A woman like that spreads happiness wherever she goes.
You're a lucky dog, Andrei! You think? Has he told you? He's going off to the war and sending me away to the country to have my baby all alone.
That's the sort of husband I've got! Are you really? She won't be alone, she'll be with my father and sister.
But to have my baby in that bleak place, with people I hardly know.
Lise, we have been through all this, you know it's for the best.
Now, take the carriage home.
The doctor said you should rest.
I'll walk with Pierre.
You see? He treats me like a child.
Lise No.
I don't care if Monsieur Pierre hears it! You have no pity for me.
You were never like this before.
You see? I don't believe he loves me any more! Dear Princess, please don't be upset.
I understand how you feel.
Although, how could I? Not being a But Life is very No, this is all wrong.
This is none of my business.
I should go.
- I should leave you - No, no, no, don't.
I'll be good.
I know Andrei wants to talk to you.
- You won't be too long? - No, my love.
Goodnight, Pierre.
You're really going to the war? You don't think Napoleon's the Antichrist, like the rest of them? - It's got nothing to do with Napoleon.
- Then why? Because I can't bear any more of this life! Drawing rooms, gossip, balls, vanity, night after night.
Don't look at me like that, it's the truth.
Never marry, Pierre.
Don't make my mistake.
But Lise's not like that.
She's the gentlest, sweetest Oh, I know, I know.
She's a wonderful woman and I love her dearly, but I can't breathe here, Pierre.
I might as well get myself killed fighting Napoleon.
But you're the most brilliant man I know.
You could do anything.
So they say.
And what about you? Have you decided what you're going to do yet? Can you imagine? I still don't know.
But I do think I could make something of my life, do something extraordinary, even.
Lead the revolution, perhaps? I know, I deserve to be mocked.
- If you could see how I waste my nights - Ah, yes, well If you're asking for my advice, I'd chuck Anatole Kuragin and that gang.
That sort of debauchery doesn't suit you.
Ah, but the women The women and the wine But yes, no, you're right.
I've been thinking that myself, I should stop going round there.
I will stop.
There! You promise? Word of honour.
Anatole! Anatole! Petrushka! Now, my dear boy, get a drink! Dolokhov! What time is it? Nearly noon.
Your behaviour, and my son's behaviour, bring disgrace upon this house! Your father is gravely ill in Moscow.
I am leaving immediately.
Yes, of course.
Did he ask for me? You're in trouble.
You've been a very bad boy.
I'm really quite shocked.
I'm a damned soul.
Oh, I don't think it's quite that bad.
Give my regards to everyone in Moscow.
You are thinking of your father.
Of course you are.
We must be prepared for the worst.
He has had two severe strokes and may have had another by the time we arrive.
As an illegitimate son, you mustn't expect to inherit anything.
No, no, of course.
To think what your poor cousin Catiche has sacrificed, what a saint she is, while you However, I'll do what I can to see you're not left destitute.
God knows you've done little to deserve it.
Stop here! What's the matter with you? Where are you going? I'll just call in on the Rostovs.
It's Natasha's name day! I will come to the house, it's just that I won't be long, I promise! Poor Count Bezukhov.
He was ill enough, but now this dreadful story about his son Pierre will surely kill him.
Pierre? What's he done now? He and Anatole Kuragin and that dreadful Dolokhov, they found a bear somewhere - A bear? - That Pierre! .
and put it in a carriage and went to to the actresses, you know, and the bear got out.
And when the police came Oh.
It's too shocking to say.
No, say it, please, Aunt Anna! They tied the bear to the policeman, back to back, and threw them into the river! Oh! Was the bear all right? Oh, he was very well! He went swimming about with the policeman on his back! How I would've loved to have seen that! That poor policeman! No, no, you're quite right.
You shouldn't laugh, Natasha! You were laughing too.
Yes, but you mustn't take me as a model of behaviour.
So, what happened with the young men? Dolokhov has been reduced to the ranks and Monsieur Pierre has left Petersburg in disgrace.
Thank God my dear boy Boris has stayed away from Anatole and his drunken clique! Your son does you great credit, Anna Mikhailovna! He looks so elegant in his Guards' uniform! I think Nikolai looks just as nice! Thank you, Julie! It's all right, all friends here.
I've just come to see Natasha.
It's her name day, you know.
You be good girls now.
Monsieur Pierre? Yes.
I thought I'd come in the back way.
Monsieur Bezukhov.
Oh! Pierre, my dear fellow! We've just been hearing all about you and your dear bear friend.
Oh, please, please, don't mention it.
I'm so ashamed of myself.
I just wanted to come and see Natasha on her name day.
But surely you should be with your poor father? Yes, I'm on my way there.
I thought I'd look in on you all first.
I'm so glad you did, dear Pierre! - Was the bear all right? - I think so.
That's all I wanted to know.
What's the matter with Sonya? Natasha, go and see! - Don't go.
Promise? - I promise.
Champagne? - Oh, I probably shouldn't.
- Please.
What is it? What's the matter? He doesn't love me any more.
He loves Julie Karagina.
No, he doesn't! He was just being polite to her.
He thinks she's ugly and she is! But now he's going to war and he'll forget all about me.
I know I'm just the poor relation and your mother will never let him marry me.
Anything's possible.
And he does love you, I know it.
Wait there.
Nikolai, you're wanted.
Come on.
Excuse me.
- Cousins? - I know, but what can one do? Look.
You've made her all upset.
Go on, go to her.
Make her better.
Go on.
Would you like to kiss me, Boris? Er I'm a little old for you, don't you think? There.
Now we're engaged.
Don't look so horrified! How do you feel, Count? Are you free from pain? I came to ask you if there is anything that you want .
any way I can be of service to you.
I understand, your Excellency.
You need have no fear.
Let's show them how it's done.
He does this every year.
I'll never give you up.
We'll be married, no matter what anyone says.
Monsieur Pierre.
Should you still be here? Why aren't you at your father's bedside? You're quite right.
I know I should be there.
Somehow, I'm afraid to go.
You know, I never really knew him, not properly.
- Pierre, will you dance? - No, no, I'm too clumsy.
No, you're not.
Come, I'll teach you! - Natasha, I can't dance.
- You can.
Follow me.
All right, so what do I do? Dear Pierre, I'm so glad you came! Monsieur Bezukhov.
What is it? My father, he's had another stroke.
We'll go together.
Quickly, now! It's a matter of life or death! You must be a man now.
You have to look after your own interests, don't expect your cousin Vassily to.
You need to let the old Count see you before he dies.
He might give a little sign, you know? In any case, it will be so much better for your soul if you can kiss him before he goes.
He always loved you.
Yes, yes.
I've been a poor sort of son to him.
The Count has asked for Pierre.
At times like this, Catiche, one must think of everything.
We must think about the future.
Ah, cousin Vassily, I think nothing of such things.
There's only one thing I pray for, that his soul may peacefully depart this world Yes, yes, that goes without saying.
But do you have his will in safe keeping? - His true will, I mean.
- Yes, of course.
And that other will he made, when his mind was disturbed naming Pierre, that was destroyed? He still has it.
He has made many wills over the years, but he cannot leave the estate to Pierre.
I know you think I am stupid, but I know this, an illegitimate son cannot inherit.
Un batard! But didn't the Count write to the Emperor to say he recognised Pierre as his son? Yes, yes, but it was never sent.
And what does it matter, anyway? Don't you see? If it's discovered in his papers, Pierre will be Count Bezukhov and inherit everything! But what about our share? My God, don't you understand what I'm saying to you?! We will have nothing! Nothing at all! Catiche .
listen to me carefully.
Our duty, my dear, is to correct the Count's mistake.
We can't let him die, having disinherited his nearest and dearest, can we? He wouldn't want that.
In any case, he surely has forgotten about it by now and he'd want that false will to be destroyed.
- Destroyed? - Yes, destroyed.
Where is it? You must know.
So, at last, you deign to turn up at your father's death bed.
Am I too late? We saw the undertakers outside and I thought Just touting for business.
The Count still lives.
But, really, what were you thinking of? I'm so - You have no business here, I think.
- I have a perfect right to be here.
You know very well the Count is my near relation and poor Boris, his dear godson, who has more claim than us to be here at this sad time.
Yes, yes, very well, but you must expect nothing.
- How is my father? - Very ill.
After this last stroke, he's not expected to last the night.
Truly? Can I see him? Would he wish to see you? Well, perhaps later.
He is sleeping now.
Is there any hope? Has he been given extreme unction? How precious these last moments are.
I must go to him.
We women understand what to say, how to bring comfort at such a terrible time.
He is not to be disturbed at present.
Do take a seat.
Of course he will wish to see his son.
Come, quickly.
Sit by him.
Take his hand.
He'll sleep now.
I don't know what it was.
It's like it sometimes is with a dog, you know? He couldn't speak, but he was trying to tell me something.
He had such a strange little smile .
as if to say, "Death's not so bad after all.
" And I thought, "I've been such a bad son.
" God sees everything and understands.
- You think? - I'm sure of it.
Ah, Princess.
What do you have there? Nothing.
Just some old papers.
I don't even know what's in there.
It just needs to be in safe keeping.
I'll look after it for you, dear Princess.
Here, let me! Ladies, ladies, remember where you are! - Pierre, come here! This concerns you! - Let go! How dare you! What has this to do with you?! Cousin, why do you stand there?! Help me! Really! This is ridiculous! Let go, the pair of you, and give it to me! Now! What are you doing?! You leave me all alone with him and now he's gone! This is your future.
I know you'll remember what I did for you this night and remember Boris, he was his godson.
I don't understand.
You are Count Bezukhov now, my dear friend! My friend.
We sin so much and deceive so much and all for what? Everything ends in death.
But it's like a palace! The Prince has just woken from his afternoon nap, your Excellency.
Of course.
Regular as clockwork.
You're looking older, Tikhon.
Mademoiselle Bourienne! Oh, quel bonheur for the Princess! I will tell her you're here.
Oh, no, please don't.
Let's surprise her! Oh, Marya, it's so wonderful to see you! Of course I am.
I'm very happy to see you.
Marya, little sister, how are you? Andrei! Still the same, a little cry baby! Are you really going straight to war? - You're not even staying the night? - Better not to hang about.
He's abandoning me here and going to get himself killed.
God knows why.
I'm so frightened, Marya! There is nothing to be frightened about.
She needs rest, the journey was tiring for her.
You take her to your rooms, I'll go and see father.
How is he? Still the same? The daily walk, the lathe, the geometry lessons? Oh, especially them! I am so stupid and he gets so angry with me.
Only because he loves you, you know that.
Now you have someone else to think of.
Take care of Lise, won't you? Of course I will.
Ah! The warrior! So, you're going to beat Napoleon, are you? About time somebody did.
Come here, then.
Kiss me.
How are you, Father? Are you well? Only fools and degenerates can be unwell.
You know me, I'm busy from morning till night.
- So, you're joining Kutuzov? - Yes, I'm on his staff.
He's about the only man in Russia who knows what war's about and that includes our glorious Emperor! So, you're leaving your little wife with us? You are very kind to receive her, Father.
Best place for her.
We'll take care of her, don't worry! And she'll be company for Marya.
They can be foolish together! - And Mademoiselle Bourienne.
- What about her? Is she the best companion for my wife and sister? Don't tell me how to run my own household! Am I to turn her out to starve? There's no harm in her.
Besides, it does me good to see a pretty face around the place.
Anything else? Will you do one other thing for me, Father? What? What is it? Go on.
Say what you want! When the time comes for my wife to give birth, will you send to Moscow for a doctor? A Moscow doctor? I know no-one can help if nature doesn't help, and very few cases end badly, but You know, people have said things to her and she's afraid and I have a little anxiety myself.
All right, I'll do it.
It's a bad business, isn't it? What is, father? Women.
They're all the same, nothing to be done about it.
No use unmarrying them.
But don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
But we'll take care of her.
She'll want for nothing.
She's a pretty little thing.
Now, listen, take this to Kutuzov.
Tell him I remember him and love him.
Stay with him, learn from him and you won't go far wrong.
Thank you, Father.
Very well.
Goodbye, then.
And remember, if you are killed, I shall be pained.
But if I learn that you have not behaved like the son of Nikolai Bolkonsky, I shall be ashamed.
You had no need to tell me that.
Yes, well, we've said our goodbyes.
Off with you.
Off with you, I say! What is it? What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.
It's just his way.
You know what he's like.
Andrei, one thing, before you go I know I know you don't believe but, for my sake, will you wear it? Father's father wore it all through the wars and it'll help me not to worry too much, if I know you were wearing it.
Please, Andrei .
for me.
Well, for you.
Thank you.
I'd better say my farewell to her.
Be kind to her, Andrei.
Why would I be anything else? Andrei, if you had faith, you would have turned to God and asked him for the love you don't feel.
Yes, if only it were that simple.
Already? Can't be helped, I'm afraid.
Stay, please.
No! No! No, please, no! Take care of her.
Oh, Nikolai.
Be careful, my dear.
Don't put yourself in any danger! Mama, please don't fuss.
I am a man now so is Boris.
Don't they look fine in their uniforms? I can't bear to look for fear of thinking what may happen to them.
Don't say that.
They'll come home safe, I'm sure of it.
I wish I could come with you.
I'd chop old Bonaparte down, like this! I bet you would! - Will we ever see our boy again? - There, there, my dear.
- War is a terrible thing! - What has to be must be and boys will be boys.
I'm going to make you proud of me, Papa.
I know you will, my son.
I know.
Let's go.
Bye! They've marched a thousand miles, but are in excellent shape.
You issued my order? Yes, your Grace.
We march tomorrow to join with General Mack's army at Ulm.
And that's where we'll stop Napoleon in his tracks God willing.
General Mack and the Austrian army will be defending this approach.
We will attack the French from the East, here.
I tell you, I must see the General! - I tell you, he is busy! I insist - Go and see what that row is about.
As soon as he is available, I will let him know you are here.
Until then, you will have to wait.
I must see General Kutuzov.
As soon as he is available, I What is it? You may give your message to me.
With respect, are you General Kutuzov? I am Kutuzov.
Your Grace, you see before you the unfortunate General Mack.
What are you doing here? We were to join forces at Ulm.
Napoleon outflanked us.
We suffered terrible losses.
I was obliged to offer him our surrender.
What? The whole army? 70,000 men? With regret, your Grace.
Might I ask, sir, what are we going to do now? A good question.
We will retreat, of course.
Is that really all we can do, sir? Our reinforcements are on their way.
We will retreat until we can join up with them and the other Austrian divisions.
This has been a bad set-back, but the way to survive it is to be prudent.
They call me the general who doesn't like to fight .
but only a fool would sacrifice good men for a bit of glory.
So, what's the matter with you, young Rostov? Nothing at all, Captain, except retreat isn't what I went to war for.
I know.
You want to put that fine young horse of yours through his paces, eh? Well, you'll get your chance, by and by, and you may not care for it when you do.
- What's it like, Denisov? - What's what like? Actually, you know, being in combat.
Bloody awful, if you're on the losing side.
But seriously, it's one of those things no-one can tell you about.
You have to experience it for yourself, like being with a woman for the first time.
Can be wonderful.
Can be terrifying.
You'll find out.
No word from Nikki yet.
Do you think they've forgotten all about us? I wouldn't be surprised if they had.
It's all right for them, they get to do things.
We just have to sit about and wait.
But to think of Nikolai in danger, I can't bear it.
He used to cry when he fell over and hurt his knee, and now he has to face bullets Don't.
Do you think about him all the time? Of course I do.
Do you remember him really well? Remember exactly how he looks and everything he said to you? - Yes, of course.
- I do too, Nikolai, I mean.
When I think of Boris, I can't really remember him at all, even though he kissed me.
I try to remember him, but somehow his face doesn't come.
No, nothing.
Isn't that terrible? That's because you don't really love him, not in the way I love Nikolai.
I just know that I'll always love Nikolai.
Whatever happens to him, whatever happens to me, whether he loves me or not, I shall be in love with him all my life.
Will you write to him and tell him how much you love him? He knows.
- Will you write to Boris? - No.
No, I'd be ashamed to.
Ashamed? Why? I don't know, it would just feel awkward.
That's because you really love that funny one with the glasses! Pierre? I do not! - Where did you get that from? - Seeing you dance with him.
What strange ideas you have.
I just can't get used to the idea of it, that, suddenly, I own so much.
All these houses, all these estates, so much land, plantations, forests Surely it's wrong that one man should own so much? Well, you know, Count Bezukhov, the saying is that we don't own our earthly possessions, we merely curate them for our heirs, for the generations to come.
Looked at that way, it's an honour and a duty.
Yes, but I'd like to share this wealth, not simply hoard it for my children.
I want to change the way things are run, not that I've any experience managing anything, but I want to do something useful, something good.
You have a noble heart, Count, but I'd advise you not to rush into things.
It'd be my privilege to look after all those business matters for you.
Your priority now must be to ensure your own happiness.
How? Oh, it's you.
What a lazy sister I have.
I was out riding at dawn.
Get out, you smell all horsey.
Mmm, what lovely smooth skin.
- Stop that, Anatole.
- You know you love it.
Listen, has Papa spoken to you? - What about? - He wants to marry us both off.
Me to Andrei Bolkonsky's churchy little country-mouse sister - Oh, she'd suit you perfectly.
- .
and you, darling.
Who? - Guess.
- I can't.
What do you say to Pierre Bezukhov? You're joking.
I am not.
Oh, he's such a buffoon, Anatole.
Stop doing that! He's a very wealthy buffoon and he worships you.
He'd make a very docile, adoring husband.
Hardly cramp your style at all.
But honestly, Pierre Bezukhov Oh, that feels nice, do that again.
You'd better make up your mind to it, Papa is determined.
It's not a bad situation, you know? Just think of all those houses, all that land and all that money.
What a lot of jewels you could buy.
It's all very well for you, you won't have to sleep with him.
So, you're considering it? I suppose I shall have to consider it.
Lucky Pierre.
My dear Count Bezukhov, how very good of you to come along to my little salon, when you must still be feeling so acutely the death of your poor father.
Well, yes, but I hardly knew him.
Mostly, I feel embarrassed by my good luck in inheriting such a great fortune, I've done nothing to deserve it.
Ah, now, Count.
There you are, too modest.
The very fact that your father singled you out for greatness shows that you must have exceptional qualities, which I discovered for myself long since.
Really? I had no idea.
And Prince Vassily is advising you? Yes, yes, he's been very kind.
You couldn't do better.
May I ask, what has been his advice? Well, he thinks I should get married.
And so you should, a man in your exalted position.
The Prince is absolutely right! The trouble is, though, women don't care for me, society women, that is, I don't seem to have the knack of talking to them.
Believe me, my dear Count, it is not for you to concern yourself.
It is for the young ladies to make themselves pleasing to you now, rather than the other way round, as you can see for yourself.
I will leave you with the Princess Helene.
Such a bore, these things, aren't they? No, not exactly.
I like to listen and talk about the big things, politics, ideas, the war and how to live and what life really means and so on, but I always seem to say the wrong thing and upset people.
You speak from the heart, of course that frightens people.
Does it frighten you? Not a bit.
I love it.
Ah, Bolkonsky, there you are.
We're in trouble.
Napoleon's armies have moved so fast we're in danger of being outflanked.
Prince Bagration has very nobly volunteered to lead a detachment and engage the French in battle, whilst we continue to retreat with the bulk of the army.
Goodbye, General.
God bless you for a great deed.
I thank you for the honour.
May Christ be with you, dear boy.
Your Grace, I request permission to join Prince Bagration in this action.
It's 7,000 men against 45,000.
If one quarter of them come back tomorrow, I'll thank God.
That's why I'm asking to be with them.
Death or glory, eh? Well, I won't stop you.
For God's sake, pull back! We can't hold them, your Excellency, it's not safe! Cease fire and reform.
We need the Pavlograd Hussars.
- You, take the message! - Sir.
It's all right.
He's one of ours.
Captain Denisov? Over here! This is it, boys! We're needed on the front line.
We need to break through to get there.
Yah! This is it now.
Stay close, do what I do.
God be with us, boys! Forward! Hold it! There they are.
Hold it! Here we go! Charge! Let them have it, lads! All right, boy, all right.
You'll soon be up again.
Little Rook, what have they done to you? Over here! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Please, please! S'il vous plait, ne me tuez pas! All right, my little bunny rabbit.
No-one's going to hurt you here.
Where did you come from? My name is Count Nikolai Ilyich Rostov of the Pavlograd Hussars.
My horse was shot from under me and I've hurt my arm.
Tushin! Tushin! Tushin! Pull the guns back, now! You've done all you can.
This is madness, the guns are lost! We should get out of this! You go if you want to, I'm staying.
Just follow what I do.
It's a bit smoother over here.
You'll have to hold me.
Charmant! It's going well.
Yes, yes.
But he seems unable to make up his mind.
I may have to force the issue.
What's the matter? Oh you know.
What? - Come on.
- Oh Sorry.
It's just, I feel All this, what's happened, it's wrong.
It isn't what was meant for me.
That's just silly.
Come on, concentrate.
Touch me.
Come on, touch me.
Pierre? Yes? Was there something you wanted to say to me? The goose was very good.
Oh, don't tease me.
It's not fair.
After all of our conversations? The thing is, it's complicated.
Pierre, Helene .
congratulations! - What? - Take your glasses off.
What's happened? We're engaged!