War and Peace (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Your father is gravely ill in Moscow.
You are Count Bezukhov now, my dear friend! 'You're the most brilliant man I know! You could do anything!' He's going off to the war and sending me away to the country to have my baby all alone.
No, please!! I just wanted to come and see Natasha on her name day.
I know I'm just the poor relation and your mother - would never let him marry me.
- Anything's possible.
And he does love you, I know it.
Russia hasn't lost a war in 100 years.
This monster, Bonaparte, he's crossed into Austria now and who's to say that Russia won't be next? - Don't put yourself in danger! - Mamma, please don't fuss.
I am a man now.
I request permission to join Prince Bagration in this action.
If one quarter of them come back tomorrow, I'll thank God.
Has Papa spoken to you? What about? He wants to marry us both off.
Pierre, Helene congratulations! - What's happened? - We're engaged! I have to tell you that the Minister of War is very busy and may not be able to see you this evening.
It's imperative that he does.
I've come directly from the battlefield.
My orders were to report to the Austrian Emperor himself.
No, no, this is not how we do things here, your Excellency.
I'll have to have a word with the Minister.
He's asked to see the Emperor.
He will see you now.
Please, come in.
So? You are from General Kutuzov? And the reason for your visit? To report the success of the action at Schongrabern.
Here is the dispatch.
You call it a success, do you? It seems of little consequence, now the French have taken Vienna.
Coming after the defeat of the Austrian army at Ulm, yes, it was a success.
The French advance was stopped long enough to allow our armies to regroup.
But there were terrible casualties on our side, too.
We await Napoleon's next move.
Well, this is a war, you know.
One must expect some bloodshed.
General Kutuzov thought that you'd like to hear some good news, for a change.
Thank you.
His Majesty will be informed.
And now, if you would excuse me, I have work to do.
Or was there something else? What are you looking at? My lovely wife! I was just thinking what a treasure I have.
Am I a treasure, then? Oh, Lord, you are.
You are an inexhaustible treasure.
Full of wonderful, wonderful secrets and delights.
The more I discover, the more it seems is left to be discovered.
More secrets, more delights does that make sense? Mmm.
Actually, I don't think I am inexhaustible.
One can get a bit tired of having one's secrets and delights discovered all the time, over and over.
My love, forgive me.
What an inconsiderate brute I am.
You're not so bad.
But there are more things to life, aren't there? You are Count Bezukhov, after all.
Yes, I have been thinking about that.
And taking advice and so on.
I think one of the first things we should do is make a tour of all my estates in the country.
Well The thing is I'm not really awfully good at coping with peasants and farms and all that country life, sort of thing.
And I have rather a lot of engagements in the city.
I think it would be better if you went on your own.
I'd only be a distraction, anyway.
Yes, but a wonderful, wonderful distraction No, I think you should start as you mean to go on.
Duty before pleasure.
Don't you think it'll do us good to spend a little time apart? If you say so.
Don't they say that absence sharpens the appetite? Mine doesn't really need any sharpening, Helene.
You are a wicked, wicked man! What is it, Papa? Is it from Nikolai? Yes, dear Nikki He He was wounded, but it's all better now, he says.
And he's been promoted! He's an officer now! An officer of the line! My little Nikki, an officer! But wounded! I know What will I tell your mother? Tell her about the promotion first.
Yes Yes.
And he's really quite recovered? So he writes.
Oh, thank God! He says he's short of money.
That's our Nikki! I'll send him some.
Nikolai was wounded in battle, but it's all right and he's been promoted! Hurrah! Did he kill many Frenchmen? I don't know.
Papa didn't say.
If I were him, I'd have killed hundreds of them! Petya! Petya! You knew, didn't you? - Yes.
- He writes to you? He must really be in love with you.
I have to go.
What time is it? Parade's not till noon.
No, I've got an appointment.
My cousin, Boris Drubetskoy, he's in the Guards.
Oh, very grand! Can you take care of the bill for - I'll pay you back! - Off you go, my boy.
Think nothing of it! Come on Come in with me and get warm! Move up.
Rostov! I didn't expect you so soon! Sorry, you know Captain Berg? He's in our company.
Happy to make your acquaintance.
You look I don't know you look like a real cavalryman now.
And you look like the cat that's got the cream.
You Guards get the best of everything, don't you? We do, we do the receptions, the dinners, the balls but you've been in action.
Come and sit and tell us all about it.
You were at Schongrabern? That must have been some affair! Yes.
We, um, we were cut off, so there was nothing for it but to charge, head-on, sabres drawn.
There's no feeling like it, Boris.
Nothing in the world.
You have bullets flying around your ears and you feel no fear, at all, just a strange mixture of joy and fury Don't get up.
Please don't let me interrupt you, sir.
Count Nikolai Rostov, Prince Andrei Bolkonsky.
Please go on.
You were in the cavalry charge in Schongrabern, you say? Yes, I was there.
There are many stories told of that action.
Perhaps, but the stories told by the men who were actually there, under enemy fire, in the thick of it, are a different thing to the stories told by fellows on the staff, who get rewards for doing nothing.
And you consider me one of those, do you? I'm not talking about you! I don't know you and I don't wish to.
I speak of the staff in general! Let me tell you this You wish to insult me? I'd be glad to teach you a lesson.
But this is hardly the time or the place for duelling.
Very soon, we shall all be engaged in something much greater and more terrible than Schongrabern.
You save your valour for that, Count Rostov.
I won't stay.
We can settle our business tomorrow.
I wish you all good day.
Damn him.
- He as good as called me a liar! - Come, come.
Drink up.
Some of us know a hero when we meet one.
"To Prince Nikolai Andreyich Bolkonsky.
My dear Prince, I shall shortly be in your neighbourhood.
I am going to an inspection and my son Anatole is keeping me company on his way to the army.
I hope you will allow me to introduce him to you and to your daughter, the Princess Marya.
" Damned impudence! Papa, is she really very ugly? No, of course not! She's said to be a little on the plain side, but perfectly acceptable.
More to the point, she has impeccable breeding and she'll bring a considerable fortune to the marriage.
I need you to be on your very best behaviour and to treat the Princess and her father with the utmost respect.
- Understood? - Yes, Papa.
This is an innocent girl who knows nothing of the world.
You must appear to her as utterly pure and honourable.
I AM utterly pure and honourable.
I've never cared for Vassily Kuragin.
He's a schemer and a ladies' man.
No doubt his son's the same or worse! Of course, they're after Marya for her money! Well, no-one's going to take her for her looks! What? Nothing, your Excellency.
What, I say? Begging your pardon, Excellency.
I don't think you want to lose her.
What?! Don't you presume to tell me what I want or don't want! Though she'll be unhappy, if she does.
There's no need for girls to marry.
No need at all.
They'd be much better off staying at home.
It's a bad business, Tikhon! Well, better get it over with.
What do you think? Perhaps with her hair done up high like this? Oui, peut-être Ooh, and with a silk ribbon to tie it up Katya! Go and fetch us a ribbon to match with the dress! Courage! We are going to make you look fit for a prince! You know you have to make a little effort, dear Marya.
Everybody does at these times.
What you do now could change your whole life! And try to smile, just a little bit! This is your big day! Ah, yes! That will look so sweet! Now, let's see Oui, comme ça ! Voilà.
C'est charmant.
Ah! Ah! Here she is! Well, come in, girl! Do you remember me at all, Princess? Yes, very well, Prince Vassily.
This is my son, Anatole.
So, you've tarted yourself up for our guests, have you? Very fine, very fine! You put your hair up in that stupid fashion for our guests, but I say to you, in front of our guests, I don't care for it! Mon pere, you mustn't blame her.
It was all my doing! Well, there was no reason to make herself look ugly.
She's plain enough as it is! On the contrary, this hairstyle is most becoming to the Princess.
Indeed, quite charming.
So, you're off to war, are you? Horse Guards? No, sir, I've been transferred to the Infantry.
Very good.
To serve your Tsar and country.
What regiment? Ah, I'm enlisted in What am I enlisted in, Papa? "What am I enlisted in?"! Ha! A fine warrior! Doesn't know his own regiment! I know, I know, it's a scandal.
- You're more for the ladies, I take it.
- I suppose I am, sir.
Yes, well, I'll leave you to it.
Impudent puppy.
Quite shy-making, all this, isn't it? But you're not shy.
Indeed I am.
I'm petrified of your father.
He's so fierce.
He has a quick temper.
Does he beat you? No! Well, that's something, isn't it? Does your father beat you? Only when I've been very naughty.
I don't believe you! You must know what it is I am hoping for, my dear friend an alliance between our families.
My son and your lovely daughter Pish! But I know how dear the Princess is to you.
I could understand if you couldn't bear to part with her Part with her? She can marry tomorrow! But I won't have her taken advantage of! You know my rules everything in the open! I'll ask her tomorrow, in your presence.
If she wants him, let him stay a while, and I'll see.
I'll be frank with you.
I know you see straight through people.
Anatole's not the brightest button in the box but he's a good boy, an excellent son and .
he's one of us, you know.
I said I'll see, didn't I? Let her marry him if she wants.
It's all the same to me.
Very good.
I'm most grateful.
Goodnight, Princess.
Mademoiselle Bourienne.
When? No! When I've heard from your father that you've learnt to behave yourself, then I'll give you my hand to kiss! Well, then, I shall wish you ladies goodnight.
How did it go? She's damnably dull looking, isn't she, poor little thing! But did she like you? Oh, yes, I think so.
And could you put up with her, do you think? To please you, Papa? Yes, I could.
After all, we wouldn't always be together.
She'd be off praying and doing good works, I imagine.
The other one, though, that French one Don't you dare! No, no, of course not.
I was just saying.
How was it with the old man? Hard going.
But he wants the best for his daughter.
And she wants me.
Oh, blessed Jesus.
Is it wrong to think a man so beautiful, to long for him to touch me? Though I fear it, tell me if that is what you want for me, let me simply be the instrument of your will.
Come in, come in, sit down.
Something to say to you.
Now, Miss, a proposal has been made to me, concerning you.
And since you know my rules, I'm referring it to you.
How might I understand you, Papa? What I mean is, Prince Vassily finds you to his taste as a daughter-in-law, so he's proposing to you, on behalf of his son.
What do you say to that? Oh I don't know what to say.
What do you think about it? What do I think about it? It's nothing to do with me! No-one's proposing to me! It's what you think, Miss, that's the issue! But I only want what you want for me, Father.
But if you ask me, I do like him.
Oh, splendid! So, he'll get you and your dowry and he'll take her as well.
You'll be the wife and she'll be the Come, come, I'm only joking.
Perhaps you should go to your room and think it over.
And in an hour, come to the drawing room and say yes or no.
Yes or no, do you understand? All right.
Off with you! Go on, off with you! Oh! Ah! Princess! It's not what you think! Ah, here she is! Come in, girl.
My dear little Princess Marya, I have always loved you like my own daughter.
And now, the fate of my son is in your hands.
There, you see.
The Prince is proposing to you, on behalf of his son.
So, I ask you, do you or do you not want to be the wife of Prince Anatole Kuragin? Answer yes or no and I retain my right to express my opinion as well.
So, what is it, yes or no? Father, my wish is never to leave you.
I don't want to marry at all.
What nonsense is this? Come here, girl! There, there! My dear Princess, this is a moment I shall never forget.
Will you not give me a little hope of touching so great, so generous a heart? Say that, perhaps the future is so large Say, perhaps? Princess Marya, I do hope I haven't offended you in any way? May I not return and try again? Prince Vassily, er I have said all that I feel in my heart.
I thank you for the honour, but I shall never be your son's wife.
Yes, well, that's the end of that, then! Very good to see you, Kuragin, and your boy and I wish you both a safe journey.
Marya, go to your room.
All done.
Very, very glad to see you, old friend, and no hard feelings.
All done! Ha! Very good! Well, that's done.
Excellent! Very good.
Is it really him? Hurrah for the Tsar! Hurrah! Hurrah! Fine men.
Makes my heart glad to see their eager faces.
I think we should have a great victory tomorrow.
With respect, your Majesty, we should not engage with Napoleon at all tomorrow, or any time soon.
Bonaparte has withdrawn his troops.
He's asked for talks.
He's desperate to avoid a battle.
All my generals are in agreement except for you.
Again, with respect, your Majesty, that doesn't make them right.
And what would you do? Retreat.
Retreat! I never hear anything else from you.
Any more retreat would be humiliation.
I think you may be getting too old for this game, Kutuzov.
My mind is made up.
We'll engage with him here and defeat him! The die is cast.
What do you think will happen tomorrow, your Grace? I think we will lose this battle and a great many men will die.
You're a married man, Bolkonsky? Yes, my Lise is with child.
I should have better kept in touch with her.
I haven't been a very affectionate husband.
But no use saying that now.
Write to her before you sleep tonight, my boy.
It might be the last chance you get.
"My dearest Lise.
Forgive me for not having written before.
I have been a neglectful husband.
But now I think of you with nothing but tenderness and remorse.
Marya, I wear your icon and think of you every day, my dear sister.
Papa " And yet, I give them all up for one moment of glory.
Do we join the attack, your Grace? - Hold your ground! - But the orders are to advance and engage the enemy on their right flank, your Grace! - Do you take your orders from me or not? - Of course, your Grace.
Then, hold your ground! At least we won't make fools of ourselves.
To hold this hill is vital.
Let them come to us.
Ah our glorious leader.
Your Majesty.
Kutuzov! Why have you not advanced? Because that's what Napoleon wants us to do, your Majesty.
But you understand the disposition, do you not? Perfectly, your Majesty.
However, if you order me to advance I do! Kindly give the order! Forward! Excellent.
I can't see a thing.
Where are we? More to the point, where are the French? Sir, look there.
Even worse than I thought.
Forward, at the double! Rostov, ride over to Kutuzov.
Are we to advance or stand our ground? Well, go on, man! Quick as you like! It's all up, lads.
Run for it! Stop those men! My God, Bolkonsky, what a shambles! Forward, lads! Hurrah! Where's General Kutuzov? Answer me, damn you! Where is the Tsar? I don't know, Excellency.
They say the Tsar's dead, and Kutuzov, too.
Wounded! Taken away on a cart! Where? That way, Excellency! That'll do.
How beautiful.
How is it I've never seen this before? We are all nothing, compared to this clear, blue, infinite sky.
He looks like a fine young man.
Good way to die, you see.
Carrying the standard.
Oh, it's you.
What do you want? Are you going out this evening? Yes.
Why? I was thinking we could go out together.
Or stay at home together.
Are you perfectly well, Pierre? I've been thinking we should We should have a child, Helene.
Don't be silly.
You know I'm not the motherly type.
We get along all right, don't we? Don't spoil things.
I'm not jealous, you can have other women, as many as you like, have children with them, like your father.
Why not? I don't want other women.
I want us to be a proper husband and wife! We are a proper husband and wife! Now, stop fussing me.
You'll make me late.
Oh, by the way, I ran into Dolokhov today.
They're all back from war.
The poor fellow's penniless, I said he could come and stay here as long as he likes.
That brute? He's my friend, Helene, and a war hero.
He's an insolent brute, with no respect for women.
He is my friend, Helene, and you will treat him as an honoured guest.
All right Whatever you say.
Look! Those lights! That's our house! Wake up! We're here! Already? Nikki!! Nikki! My darling boy! I didn't know you'd be here so soon! Well, I wanted to surprise you! Dear Mama! Vassily Denisov, friend of your son.
Yes, yes, I know, I know! You're very welcome! This man taught me all I know about soldiering! Looked after him, as best I could.
Well then, you are doubly welcome, my dear Denisov! Are you hungry? Yes.
Let's find you something to eat! Is this one yours, Nikolai? That one's mine.
Nikolai, are you awake? Come out, I want to talk to you! Look, Denisov's sabre! He killed four Frenchmen with this! Close the door, Petya! Come out, Nikki, I want to talk to you! All right! I wanted to talk to you.
About Sonya.
What about her? How do you really feel about her? Is she the only one for you? Why do you ask that now? Because it's very important.
For her, if not for you.
Of course she's important to me.
Well, then? Well, it's simple.
I gave her my word and I never go back on my word.
No, no, that's duty, not love.
I do love her, Tasha, but how can I say that I'll never fall in love with anyone else? Hmm? What does she say? She adores you, but she doesn't want you to be bound by your word.
She wants you to be free.
She's so good.
Yes, she is, but if you keep her hanging on and then break your word, you'll break her heart.
I could never do that, Tasha.
Well, remember you said that.
Good morning, good morning, good morning! Prince Bolkonsky, has there been any news from the front? Not as far as I know.
Tikhon, any post today? Yes, your Excellency, you remember, about the disposition of the local militia.
- Nothing else? - No, your Excellency.
Well, go on, then, don't hang about! And you would do much better to occupy yourself with something useful, instead of making yourself miserable with apprehension! Oh yes, yes, we're all worried.
No need to make a show of it.
Here he is! Countess.
Your wife is even more beautiful than I remember, Bezukhov.
Thank you, Dolokhov.
I understand you're a war hero now.
Well, you know, there are three things I love to do fight, drink and I can't remember the other one.
I think you are an absolute ruffian.
- I can't deny it.
- I hope you will make yourself at home here.
Thank you! I shall! Don't, don't ! Let's have a drink! Helene! I just want to say thank you for making poor Dolokhov so welcome.
Oh, Pierre.
- What? - Can't you see he's making a fool out of you? Hell of a woman, that.
You think so? Yes Yes, she is, isn't she? For the Master.
Yes? Is that the letter that came this morning? Yes, it is.
Is it about Andrei? Yes, it is about your brother.
General Kutuzov writes that he died a hero.
Kutuzov saw him fall, carrying the standard and leading an attack.
Unfortunately, his name doesn't appear amongst the dead.
Kutuzov gives that as a reason to hope, but what hope is there? Of course, he is dead.
Papa, don't turn away from me.
Let's weep together! Villains! Scoundrels! The army is led by blockheads, who don't know how to fight.
All they know is how to lead fine Russian men to be slaughtered! And now your brother's dead! He's dead! Leave me alone.
Go and tell his wife.
Go on! Go on! Marie! Come here.
Give me your hand.
There, do you feel it? Yes.
It's so strange.
As if he's talking to us! I am going to love him so much.
I love him already! What is it, Masha? I'm just sad.
Sad about Andrei, that's all.
Why? Have you heard something? Oh, no! No, no, no, no.
It's too early for any news, it's just Papa worries and I'm frightened.
That's all.
Are you sure? You frightened me! Lise.
There's no news.
I must go back to Papa.
I didn't tell her.
And you must not tell her, either.
She is in such a delicate state, and so close to her confinement, I All right.
Do you agree? I said all right! Thank you! That's the end of it! Mm! Dolokhov, really! Funny how it always tastes better from another fellow's plate.
- Hello! - Hello.
All right, remember me? You're a fine fellow! You've all grown.
I'd have hardly recognised you! Look who's come to visit us! Oh, Pierre! We haven't seen you in ages! Now I see you, I wish I'd come sooner.
How are you all? Nikolai! You're a real man now, I can tell.
Something's changed in you, I think.
For the good, I hope.
Yes, yes, of course! My friend Captain Vassily Denisov, of the Pavlograd Hussars.
I'm privileged to meet you, sir.
I feel ashamed of my lazy life when I see men like you and Nikolai.
I should have been with you.
I used to think of Napoleon as a hero, you see.
And perhaps he was, once, but not now.
He seems to think of nothing but conquest and glory.
He had to be stopped! I was wrong.
Papa's hosting a banquet for our returning soldiers! I hope you will come, Pierre? Yes, yes, indeed.
It will be an honour to drink to their health! Talking of heroes, isn't Dolokhov making his home with you? Yes.
Yes, he is.
It was so kind of you to take him in.
Well, one does what one can.
Splendid fellow.
It's so good to be here with you all again.
What is it, Pierre? Why are you sad? It's nothing.
I'm not sad.
Just happy to see you.
I thought you might have brought the Countess.
Sadly, she's otherwise engaged.
What a vile creature you are, Dolokhov.
And don't you love it?! I hate you.
You're an animal.
Ah! What is it, dearest? I don't know.
I think something in my breakfast must have disagreed with me.
Look at her.
She's very pale! Hadn't we better send for Maria Bogdanovna? Yes, I think you're right, I'll go and see to it.
Courage, mon ange! No! Can it be, so soon? But surely it's just a stomach ache? It's best to be on the safe side, ma cherie.
When did this come? - Just now, your Excellency.
- Thank you.
"Perhaps you should get some new spectacles, Count Bezukhov, then you might see what everyone sees but you your wife's affair with Dolokhov.
" What's the matter? Nothing.
I'm going out.
Are you going to the men's dinner this evening? Yes.
No! I don't know! I suppose I might, as well.
Why not? Your disgusting friend Dolokhov's going.
Try not to drink too much, the pair of you! Princess, someone's come down the avenue.
A coach, with lanterns! Oh, thank God.
The doctor, at last! Quickly! Are you the doctor? Andrei! Dear Masha! Is it really you? Come inside, quickly! I can't I can't bear it! There, there.
Not long now.
Courage, ma petite.
My darling! If you would wait outside, your Excellency.
I must insist, it's for the best.
No, no, you mustn't come in! Your son, Your Excellency? Come, Prince Bagration, cheer up.
You're our guest of honour, you know.
Yes, that's Russia for you.
Suffer a terrible defeat, and they praise you to the skies.
No, no, we'll have none of that! All our commanders are first-class men.
We'll thrash Napoleon yet.
To the health of our sovereign Emperor and to our fearless Prince Bagration! Bezukhov, the Emperor! Hurrah! The choir will now sing a cantata in praise of our great General and souvenir copies of the music will be distributed.
To the husbands of pretty women! Hear, hear! To the health of beautiful women! Eh? To the health of beautiful women, Petrushka, and their lovers! Don't you dare take what is mine! Really, Petrushka, what is the matter? Scoundrel! I challenge you! I challenge you! I accept.