War: Wrath and Revenge (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

- [drumbeats]
- [men chattering indistinctly]
[man coughs]
[man grunting]
[pebbles clattering]
[water splashing]
[music intensifies]
- [man screams with delight]
- [men join in screaming]
[drumbeats, poignant music playing]
[gentle flute music playing]
- [men yelling]
- [motorbikes accelerating]
[in Hausa] All praise be to God.
[in English]
Our lives are going to change.
How, Baba?
[soft chuckle, sighs]
Once I sell this stone,
you, me, and your mother,
we're going to move
from this village to Kowa city,
where we'll get a house,
next to a very big school.
So that one day,
you'll become a nurse,
and you'll be the first
to do that in our family, okay?
I don't want to become a nurse.
I want to become a doctor.
Even better.
- [men yelling]
- [motorbikes accelerating]
- [gunshots]
- [men yelling]
- [gunshots]
- [men yelling]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [men yelling]
- [man ululating]
- [gunshot]
[in Hausa] Good gracious!
Glory be to God.
[poignant theme music playing]
[poignant theme music playing]
[theme music ends]
- [siren wailing]
- [tense music playing]
[traffic buzzing]
[man 1] That land is rich
in gemstones, Your Excellency.
Then we should
make our moves and buy the land
and issue an eviction order.
I can only do that after I'm re-elected.
So, all I need is for you to continue
with the killings and chaos.
And eventually,
the villagers will clear out.
And I will claim the land as planned.
- [man2] Fifteen million.
- As always.
We appreciate your business.
[vibrant flute music playing]
[man] Look, sweetheart,
I know that being here
doesn't do much for the campaign.
But your images on every newspaper
and every news program
commiserating with the victims
will show everyone in Kowa
that you care about those
who don't even seem to matter.
And that will do plenty for our campaign.
Of course. Just like a vulture
benefiting from the misery of others.
Yeah, but it's a misery
you had nothing to do with.
[exhales] Besides that, hmm?
We all know that
after you win this election,
you're going to put an end
to the misery of these villagers.
- Alright.
- Good.
[voice of female reporter]
Five days ago, this small town was rocked
by an unprovoked attack,
killing more than 200 people.
No one has claimed
responsibility yet, but it could be linked
to the upcoming elections
for the Governor in the states.
Governorship aspirant
Nuhu Bula and his wife Binta
have arrived to offer their condolences,
while Governor Sanusi
is yet to release a statement.
[Nuhu] We are deeply sorry
about all that has happened.
We cannot imagine the pain
you all are feeling right now.
Please accept our deepest condolences.
[Nuhu] We want you to know
that you matter to us.
And since Governor Sanusi is too busy
campaigning for his second term in office,
my wife and I thought
that it's important for us to be here
- to hear from you directly.
- [munching loudly]
We don't want speeches.
What we want is justice.
And I assure you that when I am Governor,
I will do everything in my power
to find the criminals who've done this
and make them pay for their crimes.
- [female voice 1] Mm-hmmm.
- [female voice 2] Very good.
And when we meet with your chief,
we'll go over the modalities
- We have a little problem.
- [Nuhu]and system for everybody who
The Chief has refused
to come out to welcome us.
And he has also asked
that we don't come to his palace,
for a courtesy call.
I can think of only one reason
why he would do this.
- Sanusi.
- Exactly.
- [yells] Zamani!
- Your Excellency.
Look. Nuhu is scoring points
with his visit to Nanji.
Nanji is a very small community.
- It's far and it's insignificant.
- [reporter continues on TV]
But why is it making the news?
There is no need to worry.
We have the emir's support
and he's working for us.
There's no need to stress,
Your Excellency.
Your re-election is reassured.
- Thank you.
- [indistinct chattering]
Accept our condolences
and this small token of our support.
Thank you. May God bless you.
[Nuhu] Is she your daughter?
It is by the grace of God
that she is alive today.
- [Nuhu] What?
- [indistinct chattering]
You mean this little child
witnessed everything?
He died protecting her.
Baba was going to make our lives better
- with the stone he found.
- Stone?
All the men were digging
for stones when the gunmen attacked.
My child, okay, I promise you that
the dreams of your father
will be fulfilled, okay?
May God bless you
and guarantee you Heaven.
Amen. God be kind. Ah, just wait.
- [in Hausa] Zubairu! Come now.
- [voice in distance in Yoruba] Come, come.
- [in English] Thank you.
- [Nuhu mouths] Okay.
- [Nuhu] Binta, did you hear that?
- [female voices conversing in Yoruba]
Precious stone here, on this land?
Wait. Could that be
the reason for the attack?
I don't know.
I don't know, but if this land has
natural resources, it could be
the key to developing the people here.
That could be the reason why
[in Hausa] the Chief
doesn't want us to come.
Of course. He's trying to hide it.
Of course, that's the reason why.
[in English] Excuse me, ma.
Are we to understand that
the Chief of Nanji is snubbing your visit?
Can we please focus
on the goodwill of Nuhu Bula
instead of these stupid rumors?
[Binta hisses]
[Binta] Now the whole state will know
that we have been snubbed.
Binta, we did not come here
to impress anybody.
[Binta] Khalifa is at every corner.
[in Hausa] He's sabotaging our efforts.
He's with Sanusi. He doesn't like us.
[in English] And you're
so relaxed about it? Huh?
You know what?
I think we should play dirty. Hmm?
Fight fire with fire.
[in Hausa] Blood for blood.
[in English] Binta, Sarki Khalifa
is the most powerful man in Kowa.
Yes, he was once my friend,
and there's nothing we can do about it.
We just need to focus on our campaign
and make sure
we get all the votes, that's it.
Oh, sweetheart, believe me. [sighs]
There's always
something we can do about it.
[lady 1] Kama Aviation is favoring leasing
over buying for this next phase
of our business plan.
We have an arrangement
with D'assault Aviation to
replace our planes with newer models.
- [phone chimes]
- And
this way, we can deploy
all available funds
to spreading our reach
into other states and, if all goes well,
- West Africa. We
- [phone chimes]
[chuckles slightly]
We should be in at over 43 million.
- In dollars, that is.
- [all clapping]
in your office.
And, oh, the emir's office called.
They need a chartered jet
for the emir to Abuja this evening.
That's for the booking department.
Why is that my problem?
We have no planes available
and you said under no circumstances
are we ever to reveal
our limitations to our clients.
[sighs] Okay. Give Khalifa
the jet reserved to our CEO, Ubani.
And let him have the family jet.
It's smaller, but I'd rather
disappoint him than Khalifa.
Alright, got it.
[gentle music playing]
Alhaji Buba Koda.
[Buba chuckles]
Where are your manners?
In the dustbin.
Trashed somewhere by Alicia Kama.
Oh, please. You managed
that perfectly all by yourself.
[Buba chuckles]
I've missed you.
And you couldn't wait
till after my meeting.
[Buba laughs]
Not really.
Okay. What was so urgent
that couldn't wait?
An invitation to dinner.
It must be a very special invitation
if it can't wait
and you had to deliver it by yourself.
- I'll take that to be a yes.
- [Alicia] Wait.
Um [chuckles]
See you at eight p.m.
Please don't come with your phone.
[soft chuckle]
- Khalifa has to be stopped.
- [indistinct chattering in background]
- It's that simple.
- [tense music playing]
We will lose the millions
we have sunk into this campaign
if we allow the emir
prevent people from voting for us.
- I'll call you back.
- I hope you're not ending
the call because of me.
- You know I love gossip.
- You look good.
- [in Hausa] Really?
- Yup.
[in English]
I decided to put in an effort,
seeing as I was seeing
the first lady of Kowa.
You better show your support.
It's all hands on deck.
So, how is the campaign trail?
The emir is blatantly supporting Sanusi.
And I'm worried
that would cost us the election.
- That's serious.
- It is.
So, do you want me to speak
to Buba to speak to him?
Your Buba
that doesn't care about politics.
We just have to deal with this
some other way.
Maybe we can start
by not offering him snacks.
He's flying one of our planes
to Abuja today, this evening.
Is he?
- [traffic buzzing]
- [traditional instrumental music playing]
This has to stop.
I cannot keep coming to your school
to talk to your teachers
about late assignments and failed tests.
Is that clear?
Do you know how much
it's costing me for you to be there?
[man 1 in Hausa] Who is this prostitute
who parked her car by the roadside here?
- You must pay!
- [man2 in English] What happened here?
[in Hausa]
She parked her car by the roadside here.
[in English] Madam, you have to cooperate.
- ASP Miriam Katung.
- Morning, sir!
- Arrest this man.
- Please!
Do not waste my time here, man.
- Please, Officer!
- [in Hausa] Give me your keys, man.
- [car accelerating]
- [telephone ringing]
[Miriam] Rabo?
[in English] Young man,
good to see you again.
How have you been?
can you not hear
Inspector Rabo talking to you?
Are you deaf?
[Rabo] Its okay. I understand. Teenagers.
[Miriam] Please.
Any update on the Nanji case?
- Uh, that's why I am here.
- [Miriam] Mm-hmm?
- The case have been off our hands.
- What?!
The commissioner asked us
to hand over all the file case to DSS.
Order from the Government house.
And since when did
the Department of State Services
have jurisdiction over Kowa police cases?
They can,
if they smell any terrorism threat around.
Who said anything about terrorism?
At most, bandits.
Why would terrorists
attack innocent villagers?
Well, I don't know.
All I know is that
we have been reassigned.
- To where?
- Election security protocol.
Guard the Progressive People's Party
candidate, Nuhu Bula.
I know who he is.
- ASP?
- [telephone ringing in distance]
We're seasoned detectives.
I fought for every inch of my space here.
And I did not do that
to come and play nanny
to some silly spoilt politician.
Our job is to go to where we are assigned
to go and do our job.
Nuhu is doing a fundraising
at the Martaba Hall this week.
A lot of top shots will be there.
We must secure the environment.
If I were you,
I'd jump up and get to work.
[cars honking]
- [light music playing]
- [Alicia chuckles]
- Wow!
- [Buba laughing]
- Buba, wow!
- [laughing]
You look really exquisite.
- Thank you. [softly] Wow.
- [Buba] Come here.
[Alicia chuckles]
What is going on? [chuckling]
- You look really beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Morell
- Musa Jikan Musa.
- [chuckles]
- Here.
[Alicia] Oh my!
[upbeat music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
A toast to the woman
I never knew I needed.
The one I hopelessly fell in love with.
And the one I know
I want to grow old with.
- [Buba] Cheers.
- Cheers, babe.
[mobile phone ringing]
- Just this once.
- Thank you.
[phone ringing]
This had better be important. [chuckles]
[tense music playing]
[in Hausa] We belong to God
and to Him we return.
[in English] What's the matter?
One of our
One of our planes just crashed.
[Alicia sighs heavily]
Your uncle was on board.
- [Sanusi] God is the King!
- [local trumpet blowing]
- May the departed soul rest in peace.
- Peace be upon you.
Peace be on you too.
[Nuhu in English]
I greet you all, elders of Kowa.
This is a gathering of king makers
and members of the royal family,
so you don't belong here.
I am here to sympathize
with my great friend and brother, Buba.
And also to the members
of the royal family.
As the next governor,
it is my duty
to be abreast of all developments
that concern
the leadership of this beloved state.
It is of utmost importance that
the emir's remains
is brought home for burial.
Thank you, Governor Sanusi,
for making this a priority.
But even more important
is the appointment of a successor.
My advice to the king makers
and members of the royal family
is to expedite the announcement
of the emir's successor,
given the fact
that the election is around the corner.
And I'm not here to pre-empt things,
but I have the belief that our future emir
is here with us in this room.
I personally don't see
what the rush is for.
The appointment
of the new emir can be done after
the elections have been conducted.
I'd watch my tongue. I'm still governor.
And I intend to be for another term.
On what basis?
No other governor has performed
as woefully as you've done
in the entire history of Kowa.
How dare you
talk to me like this? How dare!
- How dare you talk to me?
- Gentlemen, please.
This is neither the place
nor the time for this.
We're in mourning.
And I think we're losing sight
of another issue here.
We must not forget that my brother,
my beloved late brother, is dead today.
Our emir is dead because of
the negligence of Kama Aviation.
Kama Aviation cannot
be allowed to escape justice.
- [in Hausa] Absolutely!
- Absolutely!
That's how it should be.
[Binta] Where were you?
I have been trying to reach you
to discuss
if we should move the fundraising.
No. We proceed as planned.
Khalifa's death levels the playing field.
We must capitalize on this.
- I agree.
- [Nuhu] Mm.
- See how God works?
- [Nuhu chuckles]
- I'm glad we're on the same page.
- [Nuhu] Mm.
You smell different today.
What perfume are you wearing?
It's the same one.
Must be from all the people
I embraced at the palace.
Look, I'm tired.
I just wanna shower and go to bed.
[in Hausa] Let me rest.
[gentle music playing]
[traffic buzzes]
[Sanusi in English]
I'm being patient with this pretender.
He dares challenge me?
He dares insult me
in the presence
of members of the royal family?
I want him dead
and forgotten before the elections.
I want his party crippled.
I want them damaged,
unable to find
another candidate to replace Nuhu.
So, they have a fundraiser.
It's your opportunity.
Get it done.
[in Hausa] No mistakes!
We're in order, then.
[car door clicks open]
[car door slams shut]
[tense music playing]
Miss Kama, do you have any comments
about the cause of the crash?
Will Kama Aviation be taking
responsibility for the loss of lives?
- Miss Kama
- Miss Kama
- Miss Kama
- Miss Kama, do you have any plans?
[Kama] Let's have
the emergency board meeting
after the meeting with the insurers.
I want to head to the crash site
with the officials
from the NTSB afterwards.
Also, I'd like to personally draft letters
to the families
of the 11 passengers and crew on board.
And the letter to the royal family?
Perhaps I can help with that.
Thank you, everyone.
Just give us a minute.
How are you?
I could be better.
[tense music playing]
You, go and find me
the layout of this building.
Entrance, exits, everything.
- Yes, sir!
- Then, you,
I would like to see the seating plan
- and the guest list.
- Yes, sir.
No one gets in or out
of this building without being vetted.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir!
[Buba] I'm worried about you, Alicia.
We just need to get through
the investigations, protocols,
- insurers, compliances.
- The family is taking
the death of the emir very hard.
That's understandable.
The emir wasn't just a regular citizen.
They're looking for a scapegoat.
They want someone they can hang for this.
I worry you may not be able
to escape the wrath of the royal family.
But they have to be reasonable.
This was an act of God, Buba.
Surely they will understand that.
Grief has a way of making people
irrational, my love.
Kama Aviation would never
deliberately put the emir in harm's way.
His chartered plane
was serviced regularly.
He was flown by the best crew.
- The investigations would prove that.
- I have no doubt.
But the damage would have
been done before all of this is out.
But there's a way out of this.
- Marry me.
- [dramatic sting]
And no one
would even dare
point a finger in your direction.
Your excellencies,
distinguished guests,
ladies and gentlemen.
Let's receive His Excellency, Nuhu Bula.
[applause and cheering]
[in Hausa] Thank you.
[in English] Thank you.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
Our people have a saying,
"If you don't agree
with the phases of the moon,
get a ladder and repair it."
[applause and cheering]
Anyone who runs for office
should either be a man
who is willing to live beyond himself
and fight to change the lives
of those around him at any cost
or he's a mad man.
[laughing, applause, and cheering]
I would like to think that I'm the former,
although my doctors
may disagree and think me the latter.
This is ASP Katung.
Why is there a white catering van
heading to the front of the building
instead of the back,
where the service entrance is?
- [Nuhu] This is a new era,
- [dramatic music playing]
a new dispensation,
with new people and a new skill set.
I'm a new man with a new ladder
and new dreams.
Hey! Police. You're not supposed to
We will fix the moon.
- [crowd applauding]
- [voice in crowd] By the grace of God!
All units, in front of the building!
- Active gunmen. Engage!
- [gunshots]
- We seek refuge from God! Your Excellency!
- [people screaming]
[crowd screams in commotion]
- [crowd screaming]
- [female voice in crowd] Someone, help me.
[tense music playing]
Everyone, get back!
Call the bomb squad.
[anticipatory music playing]
[Sanusi in Hausa] You bungling fool.
[in English]
Now the police are all over him.
They've tripled his protection.
And the people think
that he's some sort of a savior
that God has chosen to protect.
Find something to destroy Nuhu.
I know it will not be that hard.
Nuhu cannot be governor.
- [car brakes engage]
- [car door clicks open and shut]
- [tense music playing]
- [crickets chirping]
Are you ready to rise from the dead?
[Khalifa] It depends on
who calls for me and why.
My employer wants you
to destroy Nuhu Bula.
[Khalifa amazed] Ooh!
Nothing will satisfy me more.
[poignant theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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