War: Wrath and Revenge (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[tense music playing]
Who wants Bula out of the race?
My client prefers anonymity.
Then we have no deal with you.
Hey! You owe us.
My men helped you fake your death
and we kept it a secret all this while.
- I did not ask for your help.
- Neither did you refuse it.
[in Hausa] Listen up.
[in English] We want Bula
to drop out of this race voluntarily.
Then you can use anything
you know about him
as a leverage against him,
to make sure that he abandons his ambition
of ever becoming governor.
We know you need this money.
So, say yes,
and we will start to dig
Bula's grave immediately.
[tense music playing]
[tense music playing]
[poignant theme music playing]
[theme music playing]
[theme music ends]
[tense music playing]
[male news reporter] Please speak to us.
- Now get back! Get back.
- [police officer 2] Get back.
- [police officer 2] Move fast.
- [female voice] Hey!
- [police officer 2] Move back.
- [police officer 3] Move out!
- [reporter] We've all been here since
- [police officer 2] Move back.
Just move back.
[tense music playing]
I don't even know where to begin.
Thank you so much.
There is no need to thank me, sir.
I was just doing my job.
Are there any leads
on those responsible for the attack?
It may be connected
to your visit to the Nanji village.
The terrorists may have
viewed your condemnation
as a threat and decided to strike first.
We have one
critically injured survivor in hospital.
When she wakes up, we'll know more.
You and your people are now targets
- and must take extra precaution.
- [door clicks open]
[in Hausa]
May you live long. Hello, Hajiya.
[in English] Miss Kama is here to see you.
- [speaker ID] Send her in.
- [servant] Okay.
[mobile phone ringing]
I have to take this.
[beat drop]
Thank you once again.
[Nuhu] Hey!
My love, thank God you're all right.
[Nuhu] Thank God that we are alright.
The police said the blast from
the bomb would have
killed a lot of people.
[in Hausa] I looked for you,
[in English] but I couldn't find you.
We were whisked away
once the shooting started.
I'm sorry that you were left behind.
It's okay. No one knows me.
For now, but all that
will change after we're married.
And I can't wait.
[in Hausa] Have you spoken to Binta?
[in English] About taking a second wife?
[sighs] No, I haven't,
but I will, as promised.
With this terrorist attack now,
things are just chaotic.
I understand.
- I need to see you.
- [sighs]
Don't worry, my love.
Soon, you'll see me
every day once you become
Mrs. Amal Nuhu Bula.
[in Hausa] No problem.
[in English] Bye.
How do you refuse an offer like that?
Because it sounded
like a business arrangement
and not a marriage proposal.
The man is trying to save you,
not to mention your business.
If I say yes to Buba,
I'll have to walk away from the business.
- Then what? Is that such a bad idea?
- Oh, Binta!
You know, [in English] my father
came to Kowa as a non-indigene.
He built the airline from scratch.
He was told not to make me CEO
because I was a girl.
I've been through hell
and back just to prove
he made the right choice.
I can't just walk away
at the first sign of trouble.
[in Hausa]
We're talking about the royal family.
[in English]
They're looking for a scapegoat.
They're looking for someone
to blame for Khalifa's death.
[in Hausa] Do you really have any sense?
[in English] It looks like
the only way you can save your airline
is to walk away from it
but as Buba's wife.
- [mysterious music playing]
- [cars honking]
[mysterious music continues]
[female voice in Hausa]
Can you really do it?
[in English] Binta tried to kill me.
[in Hausa] I would've been dead by now,
if you hadn't warned me.
But this is the time
I must get my revenge.
I must get revenge.
Do you think they'll allow you?
[in English] If they know
you're alive, they'll leave you?
We don't have the power
or the resources to stand that now.
[in Hausa] Even getting food is difficult.
[in English] We're barely surviving here.
[in Hausa] And we're expecting a baby.
- [tense music playing]
- [bag unzips]
- [in English] We have money now.
- We need more.
We need real money, real power.
Everything you lost when you had to run.
Are we able to bury the Bulas
and make more money from your new friends?
I would have to play
my cards very carefully.
And yes, we can kill
two birds with one stone.
That bitch Binta
will get what is coming to her
for all that she did to you.
[tense music continues]
[gentle music playing]
- Why are you sleeping on the sofa?
- [groans]
I wanted to wait up for you.
The attack was all over the news.
I'm all right.
Eli, with the way things are now,
it's going to be impossible for me
to choose my work hours.
So, you're basically saying
even if I was to be sick,
you wouldn't be able
to take time off work to be with me?
- Are you sick?
- No.
But I've seen that your work
is more important to you than
any other thing right now. So, good night.
Elkanah. [sighs]
- [protesters in Hausa] What do we want?
- Justice!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now, now.
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now, now!
- [in English] Hello, everyone.
- [protesters] When do we want it?
Please, if I can have your attention.
- What do you want?
- Justice!
It's okay.
It's okay.
- We want justice!
- What do we want?
[man in English] We will be liable
to pay out huge compensations.
- No insurance cover, of course.
- [protesters in Hausa] What do we want?
We will have to diffuse multiple
court cases against Kama.
Possible class action.
Not to talk of possible jail time.
And there's the angry mob outside.
These are the possible scenarios,
which we can fight,
ferociously, of course.
But our legal expertise
is powerless against an angry mob.
Thank you. I appreciate your counsel.
I wish we had better news.
We have to find that black box.
Everything depends on it.
Thank you.
[Miriam] Good morning, Mrs. Bula.
I'm here to tell you that
I've officially been assigned
to your security detail.
Commissioner's orders.
It means less time at work
and more time with my son.
- I appreciate the honesty.
- Mm.
I'm also a firm believer
in family, no matter what.
Ah, darling.
- Morning, sir.
- Morning.
What's going on?
ASP Katung will be
overseeing our security.
That's wonderful news, ASP.
You can call me Miriam.
Well, your timing is impeccable.
I have a very important meeting to attend.
- Meeting?
- Yeah.
I wasn't aware of any meeting.
Uh, yeah, it just came up.
The party executives have organized, uh,
- a private meeting with the donors.
- [Miriam] Sir,
I would advise against
any outside meetings for now.
It'll be better if you have them here,
where it'll be easier to protect you.
Unfortunately, the business world
doesn't work that way.
And since our last campaign
was rudely interrupted,
we must leave no stone unturned.
We're going to raise funds
for the last leg of the campaign.
- All right, sir.
- [in Hausa] That's it.
- [Miriam] Excuse me.
- [Nuhu sighs]
[tense music playing]
Look, I have to be upfront with you, ASP.
- Miriam.
- Yes. Miriam, of course.
I'm going to see my mistress.
But Polo Club first.
I intend on taking a second wife.
But not before the campaign, okay?
And Binta cannot know about this. Okay?
My job is to protect you, sir.
However you choose
to lead your life is not my business.
Just out of curiosity, sir,
you're entitled to more than one wife,
- so why hide it?
- I'm not hiding it, okay?
I just don't want Binta to be distracted
from the campaign. Okay?
- Are you married?
- No. I'm divorced.
- Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
- I'm not.
My ex was an ass.
- Was he abusive?
- No.
He had an affair.
[tense music tempo increases]
- [in Hausa] Now, now!
- When do we want it?
- What do we want?
- Justice!
[in English] The crowd keeps growing.
I really think we should call the police.
And risk aggravating them more?
I worry about our safety.
Members of the royal family
are in that mob.
I know.
I'm going to speak to them.
[tense music playing]
[tense music continues]
- [in Hausa] My man. What's up?
- [in English] Brother.
Very well.
To what do I owe this pleasure?
Shouldn't you be keeping
a low profile after yesterday?
It'll take more than a bomb
to stop or scare me.
Besides, I have one of
Kowa's finest protecting me.
This is Buba Koda,
one of the wealthiest
and most powerful men in Kowa
and a prominent member of the royal family
who prefers to stay out of the limelight.
It's an honor to meet you, sir.
Kowa owes you a debt of gratitude.
The governor should be
pinning a medal on you
- for your gallantry.
- Exactly.
And one wonders why he is not doing that.
- I was just doing my job.
- Keep it up.
Kowa needs this man
to be its next governor.
Just as the people need you to
accept the nomination for the next emir.
- No, we both know that can't happen.
- Why?
It's just not my thing.
- I've got other plans.
- Buba,
people like you and I
cannot sit on the sideline
and let our beloved country
and state go down the drain.
Sanusi is going to do
everything in his power
to put one of his stooges there
and he's gonna manipulate
voters in his favor.
And we all know who that stooge is.
- Hamza?
- Yes.
And what will follow will be nothing
compared to the four years
we've had with Sanusi.
- I'm begging you. Please consider this.
- [horses neigh]
This woman, a single mother,
risked her entire life
to save me and a hundred others.
If she can answer the call of Kowa,
what excuse do men like you and I
have with our resources?
[Nuhu] Come on.
- Oh my God!
- [in Hausa] Let me see. What is it?
[in English] I need to get
to Kama Aviation now. It's urgent!
Do you need a police escort?
- Yes, please, that would help.
- What do we want?
[in Hausa] Prosecute Kama!
- What?
- Prosecute Kama!
- What?
- Prosecute Kama!
- No retreat, no surrender.
- [voice in crowd] No, let's just hear.
[in English] Gentlemen, please.
[mob in Hausa] Say what you want to say!
[in English]
I'm sure there's a more amicable
- and civilized way of handling this.
- [mob in Hausa] It's a lie.
[in English] You kill our emir
and you want us to be civilized about it?
- Please, we beg that
- By Allah, it's a lie. We won't agree.
- Allow the investigation take its course.
- By Allah, it's a lie. We won't agree.
- We don't trust them.
- [in English] Gentlemen, please.
We're devastated as everyone else
over the tragedy that befell the emir.
And we are doing
- everything in our power
- [man in Hausa] What should we do?
- to get to bottom of this.
- [in Hausa] Catch her!
- [mob] Bring her!
- [Alicia] God help me!
It's a lie.
By Allah, you can't do anything.
[tense music playing]
- [in English] Are you all right?
- I am.
- Let's get you inside.
- No, you go back to Hamza.
If you and your rabble
don't get out of here in five minutes,
I swear, you all will regret
the day you were born.
But cousin, you know we couldn't
- let them boycott
- Who is "we", Hamza?
You do not speak for the royal family.
No one has given you permission
for this madness.
You know you do not want to
mess with me, Hamza.
Just because Sanusi has his eyes on you,
you think you can do whatever you want?
Trust me, if you dare defy me,
I will make sure
you're taught a real lesson
that you and your little minions here
would regret for the rest of their lives.
[tense music tempo increases]
[Amal] Who is she?
That's, um, ASP Katung.
She saved us all yesterday.
- [in Hausa] Does she knows about us?
- [in English] Of course.
She's the head of my security.
She has to know.
Listen, very soon, I'll make
good my promise to you, okay?
But in the meantime,
I need you to be very discreet about
where you go and how you move.
- [in Hausa] Do you understand?
- I understand.
- Okay, that's it.
- Okay.
- Be very careful, okay?
- [in English] Of course.
- See you later.
- All right.
- Till tomorrow.
- All right.
You'll not smoke here.
[in Hausa] You cannot smoke here.
[in English]
I would have been happy to return
when you're in a better mood,
[in Hausa] but we don't have that time.
[in English]
Well, I see you have been busy,
- my man, Dikko.
- Who is your handler?
You either say it or we don't have a deal.
[in Hausa] Who sent you?
Sanusi. Governor Sanusi.
That should be reassuring to you, right?
[in English] So, do we have a deal?
[tense music playing]
- When am I meeting him?
- [Sambisa sighs]
I need to see him face-to-face.
[in Hausa] Eye to eye.
[in English] Not a wise call, my friend.
Not a wise call.
These sorts of arrangements
are best handled
with middlemen like me.
That is my condition.
Let him meet with me,
if you really want Binta
and Nuhu out of the way.
It is Nuhu and Binta.
Let's get the priorities straight.
we don't want to put your baby at risk.
[in Hausa] Right, my man?
- Sambisa, look at my eyes.
- [tense music playing]
[in English] You will not threaten me.
So I see we agreed. Can we shake on it?
[tense music tempo increases]
[sighs] Thank you very much, Miriam.
Will that be all for today?
- Yes, that will be all.
- Thank you.
[mobile phone ringing]
Hello, Rabo.
[Rabo] Your back up team
is here, at the station,
throwing some people into the cell.
Yes, Bula asked me to release them
to help with another matter.
Uh, Rabo, please can you hold
for me? Please. Thank you.
- Good day, ma.
- Good day.
Are you headed somewhere too?
Where did you escort my husband to?
Don't you think that's a question
you should ask your husband?
I'm asking you.
He went for a business meeting
with Buba Koda.
- That was it?
- Are you expecting more?
[Binta sighs]
This election is very,
very important to me.
I am my husband's campaign manager.
And he does not get to engage with anyone
or any party without consulting with me.
With all due respect, ma,
where he goes and who he meets
is none of my business.
My only job here
is to make sure you're all safe.
And I appreciate that.
But there are many other ways
you can keep someone safe.
Are you asking me to spy on your husband?
[tense music playing]
Thank you for that. Really.
- [sighs]
- Why didn't you call me?
I had to find out
from your Executive Assistant.
I didn't want you involved.
- Your uncle being the emir and
- I'm already involved, Alicia.
They're not going to be happy about this.
You just let me worry about that.
Nuhu came to me
to ask that I accept the nomination
- of being the next emir.
- And?
A few minutes ago, I wasn't too sure,
but now, I see it as
the only way to protect you
from this madness.
No, no. No, love.
If you are going to accept,
it can't just be for me.
And if you are my wife,
then no one would even dare harass you.
I want to be your wife.
I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
But you
How do I walk away from all of this?
Then you risk losing
the company altogether.
The very thing you're trying to save.
They won't stop
until someone pays for this.
[traditional string music playing]
- [Hamza] Your Excellency.
- [Sanusi] How are you?
I'm good.
- He came with a baskets of fruits,
- [Sanusi chuckling]
cartons of drinks, and a cow.
[in Hausa] Why, Hamza?
Why would you come with all this?
You shouldn't have brought anything.
No, Excellency.
[in English] I can't come empty-handed.
Okay, you're welcome. You,
tell them to prepare something
and bring it here.
- Okay.
- Listen, and kola nuts too.
- Hurry up and bring it.
- Okay.
- Hamza.
- Yes, sir.
- [in English] It's good to see you, truly.
- [in Hausa] How's the family?
- [in English] How have you been?
- [in Hausa] By Allah, here we are.
- We're good. We really thank Allah.
- Yes, really.
But the reason why I asked you to come
You know whoever did good to us,
- we must reward him.
- [Hamza] Exactly.
I want to support you to become an emir.
You'll be an emir.
By Allah, nobody can prevent it,
- except Allah.
- May you live long.
You know, you're like a son to me.
Because of that,
I'll do whatever it takes to support you.
Get up. You have to start
acting like an emir.
Stand up and sit.
Your Excellency, this is not a problem.
[in English] It's not a problem at all.
I have always lived in the palace.
- [in Hausa] I swear by Allah.
- [Sanusi] Exactly.
But Your Excellency [tuts]
[in English] The Kingmakers,
they're known to dance to their own tune.
I know that they favor Buba.
[in Hausa] Those Kingmakers,
I know how I'll handle them, I swear.
They can't do anything!
[Hamza in English] Buba is the most
prominent member of the royal house.
He has more power and influence
with the people of Kowa.
[in Hausa] Here are the kola nuts.
Eat and calm your mind. [munches loudly]
- Thank you.
- Eat kola nut!
We'll deal with whoever it is.
All I'll tell you is,
just go and do your part
with the Kingmakers.
And I'll take care of the rest.
You'll be an emir by the grace of Allah.
Take this little gift and make use of it.
- Wow!
- [Sanusi] Until next time.
[traditional string music continues]
- Hamza.
- Yes.
- It's been a while since we last talked.
- [Hamza chuckles]
We don't greet each other.
I came from the governor's house
and we had a very long conversation.
Allah has willed it.
[in English] We talked about
finishing what our family started,
seeing as it was cut off so abruptly.
[in Hausa] Do you understand? So, um
[clears throat]
We just want you to
[sighs in contentment]
keep on supporting us
As you supported our family before,
we ask that you continue.
- Now I understand
- Good.
- what you mean.
- Exactly. That's how it is.
Truly, the thing
- [Hamza] Guards.
- Yes.
Someone is spying on us.
- [guard] May Allah help you.
- [Hamza] Catch him.
Don't make him run.
[in English] What sort of name is this?
He comes highly recommended
by the Dutch National
Transportation Safety Board
as an independent investigator.
If you want to speed things up,
he's your guy.
His price tag is also very hefty.
His sort of expertise
is rare in the world.
[sighing] I know.
Frankly, I'd rather pay his fee than
sit in limbo worrying about the company.
Ma, you do realize that
if you go down this path,
whatever he uncovers
could absolve or bury us.
What choice do I have?
I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.
Pardon my forwardness,
but seeing what Alhaji Koda did today,
surely he is the solution.
It comes at a very heavy price, Safiyah.
For me and for him.
Call our fellow.
Tell him to get
on the next flight to Nigeria.
[tense music playing]
- [in Hausa] Where is it?
- Sir, I did nothing wrong.
They just caught me
while I was just passing by.
Hey, listen up. I'll not ask you again.
Where is the phone
you used to make the recording?
- I don't have a phone, sir.
- Bring that phone.
Sorry, sir. Here it is.
[tense music continues]
Sir, my phone!
Now, look at me closely.
By Allah, if I ever see your face again,
[in English] I will not only kill you
but your generations yet unborn!
- [in Hausa] Do you understand?
- I'm hearing you.
Get up and leave this place.
- [guard 1] Say thanks.
- [guard 2] Say thanks.
- Bastard!
- [guard 1] C'mon!
[tense music continues]
I gave him the wrong one.
I've already recorded the video.
You'll see what will happen
since I already recorded the video.
[in English] We have a situation, ma.
Why? What's wrong?
You're needed downstairs
at the Complaint Desk, ma.
- What for?
- Your son was brought in
for starting a fire at school.
[tense music playing]
[in Hausa] You're very stubborn,
insisting on meeting with me face-to-face.
I'm a cautious man
because of some mistakes
I made in the past
that I hope not to repeat again.
[in English] I do not
do business by proxy.
[in Hausa] Well, but I can refuse.
[in English] I could have refused.
[in Hausa] And that would've shown how
uninterested you were
on winning this election,
like you've shown
to people and gaining their trust.
[in English] You see,
I do not believe in sticking out my neck
for others
who are busy saving their fingers.
[in Hausa] But I really like you.
You're saying what's in your min.
[in English] But you've heard my terms.
Can you deliver?
[in Hausa] May you live long.
Had it been that I have any doubt,
you wouldn't have seen me here.
[in English] But I have my terms as well.
- [in Hausa] I have my terms as well.
- [in English] Terms?
[in Hausa]
I know about Nanji. I know everything.
[in English] I want a share
of the diamond revenue.
- Thirty-five percent.
- What? Are you mad?
[in Hausa] If you agree,
[in English] I guarantee you
that I'll make Nuhu and Binta
drop out of the election
before the end of this week.
You have much more to lose
than a small share of a gemstone mine
if you lose this election.
And from the recent events,
Nuhu Bula is poised to become
the next governor of Kowa.
And I'm the only one
that is capable of making sure
- that does not happen right now.
- [Sanusi sighs]
[tense music continues]
- Seven percent is what I can offer.
- Twenty percent.
- Fifteen percent, or we are done.
- Eighteen percent.
Well, I can make a way to see that happen,
if you do not get greedier
than you have shown today.
[in Hausa] Till you hear from me.
[in English] I'll keep in touch.
[keys jingle]
[in English] Leave it.
He is not getting out.
Is this a joke? You want to leave me here?
For what you did in school today,
I have worse options.
What I did?
- You just concluded that I did what
- Did you set your class on fire?
- But it was an accident!
- An accident?
Can you hear yourself?
How do you accidentally
set your class on fire?
Can you hear yourself?
Are you insane?
Nuhu has a mistress.
[tense music playing]
Are you Are you sure?
I suspected for a while.
But now, I know for sure.
Wow. That's heavy.
What are you going to do?
Because, culturally,
he's allowed more than one wife.
Not after everything I have done
to make sure
he gets to where he is right now.
- No!
- [sighs]
Trust me, I know.
And Buba has me
between a rock and a hard place.
If I say no to him now,
I'll lose the protection he affords me
from the crazies out there.
You know, we worked our asses off
to get to the position where our destinies
cannot just be determined by anyone.
But somehow, just somehow,
we end up being screwed
by the ones we trust the most.
What are you going to do?
- I'm gonna kill them both.
- [chuckling]
- [tense music sting]
- [chuckling]
Binta. [chuckling]
[in Hausa] My goodness.
My husband. [sighs]
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
How did it go?
[in English] As planned.
You don't look too happy.
I saw it in his eyes.
The moment I give
the governor what he wants,
it will only be a matter of time
before both of us would
turn up dead in a ditch somewhere.
- So, what are we going to do?
- Nafisa,
[in English] I have a plan that will
bring back everything full cycle.
I'm taking back everything that I've lost
a million times over and more.
[wistful music playing]
I believe in you.
- [tense music playing]
- [door bangs shut]
You're seeing someone.
You didn't think I would notice.
I'm entitled to another wife.
Yeah! Entitled is what you are.
An entitled, spoilt piece of trash.
Oh! You really think I will sit
idly by and watch you
bring in another woman?
- Binta.
- Everyone
is working their fingers to the bone
to make sure you're on that seat,
but you're just creeping around with your
- trousers down.
- Okay, that's enough.
I will not have you speak to me
in that manner in my house.
This position election is mine
as much as it is yours.
And I am not going to lose
after everything I have done.
What have you done that I have not done
- right alongside you, Binta?
- [Binta] Oh!
Did you kill Khalifah?
[tense music tempo increases]
- [yelling] What did you say, Binta?
- [yelling] Oh, yes, Nuhu!
I brought the fucking plane down!
[tense music crescendos and ends]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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