War: Wrath and Revenge (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[tense music playing]
[splutters] So,
you really killed Khalifah?
[Binta] He was our enemy.
Costing us votes was just the beginning.
Killing you would have been his next move.
- We just beat him to it.
- [yells] We?!
No. No, Binta. [yells]
I had nothing to do with this!
What about all those lives? Hmm?
What about all those lives on the plane?
- They're unfortunate collateral.
- [disgusted sigh]
Trust me. There was
no other way to avoid it. I
Who Who the hell are you, Binta?
I am the woman who chose you.
And there's nothing
I will not do to put you on that seat.
- So, man up.
- [dog barks in distance]
Don't let your penis distract you.
Focus on the damn campaign.
[dogs barking in distance]
What's all this for? Mm? A seat?
Of course not.
It is for the benefit
of all the people of Kowa.
And it is our destiny
to lead this state to greatness.
You and I, alone.
Now you have to break up with her.
[in Hausa] Either you break up
with her or I will do it for you.
[tense music fades out]
[poignant theme music playing]
[theme music continues]
[theme music ends]
[bright music playing]
[hooters honking]
[Binta] You did not come to bed?
How can I?
When my wife has just admitted
to me that she is a murderer.
- [sighs heavily, grunts]
- [dog barking in distance]
It was to protect us.
But are we any safer?
Please, tell me.
Is this the first time that you
have taken a human life?
- It doesn't matter.
- It matters to me.
I need to know
who the hell I'm married to!
I am the woman whose father you killed.
[tense music playing]
What nonsense is this?
Years ago, you, Dikko,
and Khalifa ran over
an old man and you didn't stop.
You left him on the road to die.
[voice breaking] That was my father!
Yeah. I vowed to make all of you pay.
[sharp inhale]
But as I got close to you,
I realized you were the sweetest,
most caring man I have ever met.
And I couldn't do it.
[softly] I couldn't do it.
Instead I fell in love with you.
And here we are.
[deep breath]
[deep breath]
- I took care of Dikko.
- [dramatic sting]
So there's your answer.
I gave up on killing Khalifa,
until he turned on us.
And if I can love
the man who killed my father
just imagine how far
I can go for that same man.
[tense music playing]
[gentle piano music playing]
[hooters honking]
[phone ringing]
- Yes?
- He's here, ma'am.
- Should I show him in?
- Yes, please.
[keyboard keys clacking]
[Alicia sighs] Oh!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh [clears throat] Uh
How was your flight?
Uh, quite uneventful but well-catered.
- Thank you.
- I'm glad.
So, Mr. Boston Bobby Brown.
How on earth did you get that name?
[sighs] It's a nickname
from school, I'm afraid.
Way back in Jos.
It stuck so much, I decided to go with it.
- Now, I use it strictly for the job.
- I like it.
- So, shall we begin?
- Please.
I'm sorry.
I know that I should have listened
to you before blaming you,
but you have to understand,
it's a lot for me.
To get a call from your school
saying you set your class on fire!
Look, I am doing everything I can
to make us comfortable.
Is it too much
to want you to do well in school?
Especially as your father
is not bringing anything.
And whose fault is that?
[unsettling music playing]
Is it because you won't ask for his help?
After he destroyed
our home and betrayed me?
Then maybe it's your fault he cheated.
Don't you ever dare speak to me
like that again. Do you understand?
I may not be the best mother in the world,
but I'm the only one you have.
I'm doing the best I can!
[tense music playing]
- [tense music continues]
- [birds chirping]
[machine beeping]
Nurse! Nurse!
[knock on door]
[Amal in Hausa] You're welcome.
- How is it?
- [Amal] Fine.
Did you come alone?
- Yeah.
- That's good.
[in English] That means
you'll stay for lunch.
- [in Hausa] I have cooked tuwon shinkafa
- [in English] Amal, just
- Just wait.
- [tense music playing]
We need to talk.
[in Hausa] What happened?
[in English] This you
and me, it's over, Amal.
[in Hausa] Nuhu, I don't understand.
- [in English] What are you saying?
- [sighs]
I'm no longer interested
in being with you. And
Day by day, it gets harder for me
to find a reason to be with you.
[in Hausa] You've never spoken
to me like this. What have I done?
- [in English] What have I done?
- My people
will bring you some cash,
okay? You can go to Dubai or Oman,
- but you must leave Kowa.
- Nuhu!
[in Hausa] I'm pregnant.
[tense music playing]
[mobile phone ringing]
Are the doctors with her?
Okay, I'm on my way.
[machine beeping]
No one is allowed in here.
I left strict instructions.
- I am the
- I know who you are.
ASP Katung. Please, madam, leave.
- And you are?
- I am DSS.
This is a local case.
Why is there a federal agent here,
and why have we not been alerted?
This is not up for discussion.
We appreciate the part you played
in apprehending the suspect.
But we're taking over from here.
Let's see what the Commissioner
has to say about this.
[machine beeping]
Hello, sir.
I'm at the hospital and there is DSS here,
trying to take over the terrorist case.
Understood, sir.
This is bullshit.
[mobile phone ringing]
Hello. Hello. Who is this?
[Dikko] Old stud.
Is this some sort of joke?
It's no joke, my friend. I'm alive.
- [stammering] Dikko, how the hell are
- Alive?
Your wife really tried to change that.
If you value your life
and the lives of your loved ones,
you'll meet with me at once,
where we played as children.
- [wistful music playing]
- [critters buzzing]
[softly] Dikko.
Dikko, this is impossible. I
You were shot in the attack.
I went to your funeral.
What can I say?
I needed a break from life.
Why? Why all this?
Don't insult me
by pretending that you do not know.
Know what?
That the reason why
you are still alive is because
your wife, Binta, decided to let you live,
while Khalifa
and I were left for the maggots.
Dikko, it wasn't that easy.
Okay, does anybody else
know you are alive?
They will, soon enough.
And let me tell you, every single person
who double-crossed
and betrayed me will pay heavily.
Starting with your wife.
If she goes down, you go with her.
That is, unless you accept my terms.
What do you mean by that?
You must announce
your withdrawal
from the gubernatorial elections
within the week
or suffer the consequences.
Dikko, think this through.
Okay? If anything, my being governor
will actually give me a chance
to right the wrongs
committed by my wife, Binta.
- I trusted you before. Never again.
- Dikko, come on.
You either announce
your withdrawal within the week
or you go down with your wife for murder.
[unsettling music playing]
[Dikko] I've done my part.
Nuhu will be stepping down
from the race tomorrow.
Wow! [laughs]
This is great.
You're everything Sambisa says you are.
I will need our agreement signed.
I will get an MOU drawn up
- tomorrow morning for you to sign.
- I need it now.
You need it now?
If you will be kind enough
to wait outside.
You can imagine
the sensitive nature of such a document.
[inhales] There you are.
- Right on time.
- Sir.
Zubairu, please excuse us.
- Okay, sir.
- Have you heard the news?
- I met with Dikko today.
- [tense music playing]
He's alive and he's coming for us.
And he knows that you tried to kill him.
He has proof
and he's threatening to go to the press
unless I withdraw from the elections.
[tense music playing]
[softly] No. No. No.
- Did you see it?
- What?
Did you see the proof?
Binta, are you listening to yourself?
The man is alive. That is proof enough.
- His death was all over the papers.
- My God!
- This has Sanusi written all over it.
- Binta.
I mean, who else
stands to gain if you withdraw?
I know in my gut he was behind the bomb.
Oh, he failed there
and now his new strategy
is to destroy your reputation. No.
No. We cannot allow that.
We don't have a choice, Binta.
This, this cannot be the end.
Not after everything we have gone through.
How did you think
that killing Dikko will pan out?
He was my friend, Binta!
- Khalifa was my friend!
- And I am your wife!
Your friends were vile.
They do not deserve
your allegiance or loyalty.
So you want me
to ignore Dikko and carry on
and risk being destroyed,
not to talk of going to jail?
- [sighs] My love, I will take care of it.
- No.
You have done quite enough, okay?
I will announce
my resignation from the race.
And then I can figure out whatever,
- whatever this is.
- What?
And even though Amal was pregnant,
I have given you what you wanted.
[door slams shut]
Nafisa, we're moving out of this place.
[in Hausa] Now, you hear? Hurry up!
Like, how?
[mobile phone ringing]
Oh, gosh!
- Hello?
- [Binta] You bitch!
- Who is this?
- Did you
think I would never find out?
How can you hide
the fact that Dikko is alive?
Binta, what do you mean? Dikko is alive?
[in Hausa] Truthfully, I didn't know.
- [in English] I did not know.
- Liar!
I'm not lying.
[in Hausa] I'm telling you
the truth. I didn't know.
[in English] I've been
on the run since we killed him.
Nafisa, don't play games with me!
I am not playing games, Binta.
Unlike you, that have rich
and powerful people to protect you.
[in Hausa] You know I don't have anybody.
[in English] I am on my own.
I I'm sorry.
I am just so stressed
about the whole thing.
We need to find Dikko.
He knows we tried to kill him.
I don't want any part of this.
[in Hausa] Do you understand?
- I am done!
- Are you crazy
[disconnected tone]
- [tense music playing]
- [sighs]
[in English]
That was Binta. She is panicking.
Good. Let her panic.
We're moving out of this place now.
[in Hausa] Sambisa knows where I am.
He knows this house.
Do you understand?
Hurry. Come and pick what you can.
Go, go, quickly.
Your Highness, may you live long.
Have you seen this? Have you?
Look at what is happening.
- We want you to hold onto this
- [guard] Exactly.
and keep supporting us.
Yes, keep supporting us
- the way you've been doing in the past.
- [in English] Shit!
[in English] Did you know about this?
[Rabo] I found out about
the same time as you.
- What the hell is going on?
- [phone vibrating]
Rabo, let me call you back.
Hello. Good evening, ma'am.
[Binta] Miriam, I need you at the house.
I am sorry, ma'am,
but I have closed for the evening
and I'm heading home to see my son.
I need you to come here now. Now!
- That was not a request. This is urgent.
- [sighs]
I'm on my way.
[hooters honking]
- [crickets chirping]
- [Binta] ASP, thank you for coming.
My husband is preparing
to withdraw
from the governor's race this week.
What?! Why?
[sighs] He's being blackmailed
by an old enemy,
who wants to release
all sort of lies to the press.
So why is he withdrawing if it's all lies?
It's because it's more about me
than it is about him, ASP.
I made some choices when I was younger.
The blackmailers
got hold of this information
and exaggerated it.
Nuhu doesn't want me to go through
the hell of being paraded
in the press. [sighs]
And you know women
like us are soft targets,
because we don't
just sit down and take shit.
- So what do you need me to do?
- [sighs]
Are you able to use your police resources
to trace down a number?
Officially, it may take a while.
And it may be too late.
Can it be done unofficially?
[Buba grunts]
- [Alicia exhales]
- Stop worrying.
I can't help myself.
I'm fighting for survival here.
[disgruntled sigh]
Your aviation investigator
Yeah. I hope
he helps us figure all this out.
How did you get to know him?
You never said.
Through the people
we lease our planes from.
Just wondering.
Do you think, by chance,
he's going to clear your name
and so you would not be
under any pressure to marry me?
I'll pretend you did not just say that.
Boston Bobby Brown is one of the top
aviation accident investigators
in the world.
And then what exactly is this?
What are we doing?
Buba, not today. Please.
Not today.
[somber music playing]
- [traffic noise]
- [Sanusi] I asked you to do just one thing
and you messed it up completely.
How do you expect people to embrace you
as the new emir
after seeing you paying off a kingmaker?
I'm sorry.
I don't want your excuses. I don't care.
Make sure that that video
is taken down within the hour
or I am washing my hands off you.
Your Excellency, we we can shut it down.
Shut it down as if it is a generator.
Please go! Just go! Get out!
- Sorry, sir.
- [yells] I said go!
That is your problem.
- [traditional string music playing]
- [horses neighing]
I will be withdrawing from the race.
I, uh I'll make the announcement today.
I'm being blackmailed,
- and I think Sanusi is behind it.
- That bastard!
How bad is it?
It's bad.
This is going to rock Kowa.
I know. I, uh
I have I have no wiggle room left.
My hands are tied. I
I gave it my best shot.
There's one crucial thing though.
Remember the mines in Nanji,
- the one with the diamond deposit?
- Mm.
I was going to acquire it
when I become governor
and use my executive power
to make the villagers
in the mining processing company.
I remember.
I made a promise to the community.
There's a little girl there. She [sighs]
Look, I think we can still
help the villagers
without me being governor.
We may have
to look at a private acquisition.
I think Sanusi is aware
of the diamond mines
and he wants to exploit it for himself.
You can't stop him now if that's the case.
[sighs] No, I can't. But we can.
Why do I have a feeling
I will not like the sound of this?
Look, with a couple of business partners,
we can acquire the land
as soon as possible.
I will just need you
to be the face of the project and
that would need you to become emir,
sooner rather than later.
- [tense music playing]
- [indistinct chatter in background]
[children chattering in background]
- [door slams]
- [in Hausa] May peace be with you.
- [tense music playing]
- What's this?
What happened? What have I done?
- Hey, keep quiet.
- [Haruna in Arabic] All sufficient God!
[in English] Shut up!
[in Hausa] What have I done to you?
[in English] You're going
to help right a wrong.
[in Hausa] May God have mercy on us.
If this is about that video
Now, listen to me very carefully.
- Are you listening?
- I'm listening.
[in English] We have arranged
a few radio and TV interviews.
[in Hausa] You're going
to tell the people of Kowa
that watched
the video clip that is circulating.
You'll say that money that
you collected in that clip
was given to you
[in English] so as to influence
the selection of the next emir of Kowa.
[in Hausa] Who should I say
has given it to me?
Buba Koda.
So, despite my old age,
you're insinuating that
I should lie against Buba?
You either lie
against Buba Koda or you die.
- [Nafisa screaming] Ah!
- [in Pidgin] Sir, stop this car.
Let me find a good spot to park.
- [exclaims in pain] Oh, gosh!
- [Dikko] Stop this car.
[Dikko] Stop this car, please.
- [Dikko] Sorry, Nafisa.
- [Nafisa] Gosh! Hospital!
[in Hausa] No, stop talking
about hospital. We can't Sir, please,
- we're opposite the gate now.
- [driver] Wait.
- Don't switch it off.
- [Nafisa screaming]
- [Dikko] Stop it!
- [Nafisa yelps, grimacing]
[in Hausa] And who is
going to take me to the hospital?
- [Dikko] Nafisa. Nafisa.
- [crying]
Sir, close the door.
Let's go to the hospital!
- Oh, please.
- The baby is about to come out.
No way! I'm not going anywhere
- other than the hospital.
- [Dikko] I can't go to the hospital
You know I can't go to the hospital.
- [Nafisa crying] It's coming out.
- Go to the hospital. I'll call you.
- I'll call you, Nafisa. I'll call you.
- [Nafisa] Oh gosh! [pained groans]
[Nafisa screaming]
[melancholic music playing]
[knock on door]
- Yes?
- My boss sent me.
He says you know what this is.
[gentle music playing]
- Have a nice day, ma.
- [mobile phone ringing]
[Nuhu] Look, Amal,
now is not a good time, okay?
- I cannot
- Why are you not picking my calls, Nuhu?
[in English] It was a good time
when you wanted to see me.
When you told me that you loved me.
When you put the baby in me.
They were all good times.
[sobbing] Now that I am pregnant
and have sacrificed my reputation
and everything for you,
it is not a good time?
Amal, listen to me.
Listen, Nuhu,
I am not one of those girls
that you can use and dump.
If you do not take responsibility
for this child, I'll make sure
- the whole of Kowa does.
- Amal, listen to me. Just calm down, okay?
[stammers] I'll be with you
in 15 minutes, okay? Fifteen minutes.
[in Pidgin] I'm the driver.
We're driving to go to Abuja.
And she started labor,
so I bring her to the hospital.
[in English] So, where is he?
[in Pidgin] ] I don't know.
The man got out of my car.
[in English] Please go
and bring her things to the reception.
- Sorry. Sorry, ma.
- Sorry. Sorry.
[mobile phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Binta] Who is this?
My name is Sister Maimuna.
They just brought
a woman to the hospital now.
She has gone into early labor. Um,
I think her name is Nafisa.
Yours was the last number
I saw on her phone.
Please come to the Kowa
teaching hospital now.
Amal, I have given you
more than enough cash.
What more do you want from me?
You! Nuhu, I want you.
You can keep your money. I don't want it.
I want what you promised me.
You promised me a name
and I want it, for the child.
That is not possible right now.
It will happen.
How else am I supposed to explain this?
See, listen to me. Listen to me, okay?
I am doing this for you.
Being with me right now is not safe.
- It can get you killed.
- [scoffs]
Nuhu, I died the day
I said yes to a married man.
So please, think of something else.
Amal, they will come for you.
Is that all you can offer?
Is that all you can offer?
[in Hausa] Liar! Fool! Heartless!
[Amal hisses]
[in English] I came here
in the middle of a mess,
to see if we can sort this out
like two civilized adults.
But clearly, you're not
in the right frame of mind.
Take the money, stick to the instruction.
[in Hausa] Is it not so?
- Nuhu. Nuhu!
- [in English] Take the money!
[body thuds]
- Amal.
- [tense music playing]
[tense music playing]
[theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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