War: Wrath and Revenge (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

- [birds chirping]
- [tense music playing]
[car engine starts]
[Nuhu] Zubairu, please cancel
my meetings for the rest of the day.
Yes, I'm not feeling too well.
Thank you.
- Is everything all right, sir?
- Why wouldn't it be?
Look, I have a lot on my mind.
- Just allow me to think in peace.
- Of course.
My apologies, sir.
[tense music playing]
- [birds chirping]
- [tense music playing]
[male reporter] Alhaji Koda!
Sir, do you have any comment
regarding Alhaji Haruna's allegation,
that you bribed him
to endorse you as the next emir?
Get these urchins out of here now.
[security officer] Move! Get out!
- Get out! Get out!
- [male reporter] Wait now
[tense music playing]
[poignant theme music playing]
[theme music playing]
[theme music playing]
- [baby crying]
- [heavy breathing]
[indistinct chattering]
[somber music playing]
We had to sedate her
so she can get some rest.
It wasn't an easy birth.
But your sister is very strong.
[baby crying]
[somber music playing]
[baby crying]
[mobile phone ringing]
[baby crying]
[phone ringing]
[Dikko] Hello? Hello, Nafisa.
Nafisa, my love.
I'm so, so sorry. I'm so sorry.
How are you? How is the baby? Is he fine?
- Hello?
- [busy tone]
[door slams shut]
- Sister, please, how did she get here?
- Oh, a taxi man brought her.
And the husband?
Ma, we don't know. He never came.
All these useless men
that impregnate women and abandon them.
[muttering in Hausa]
Hypocrite. I'm going to kill you.
- [in English] Sister.
- Yes?
Could you please
do me a huge favor?
[chuckles] Anything I can do to help, ma.
Anything I can do to help.
[tense music playing]
[tense music playing]
Take the woman inside
and put her in the guest room.
And make sure she never leaves the room.
Yes, ma'am.
When the woman wakes up,
allow her to feed her baby
however she sees fit.
- Is that clear?
- Very clear, ma.
[tense music playing]
[Dikko] Hello, Nafisa.
I'm so, so sorry for
for leaving you
when you needed me the most.
Please, [in Hausa] pick up my call.
[in English] Please pick up this call.
I like that nobody
has to tell them what to do.
Are these your best hands?
Only the very best for you, ma'am.
I do not want any mistakes.
- I hope that is clear?
- Very clear, ma.
Nobody goes in or out without my say-so.
- Yes, ma'am.
- [sighs]
Guard them with your life.
- And stay close to your phone.
- Yes, ma'am.
[tense music playing]
- Amal is dead.
- What?
[spluttering] It was It was an accident.
[stammering] I went there to tell her
to take the money that I offered her.
[stammering] Okay, I didn't mean
I didn't mean to push her.
She fell and hit her head. [gasps]
[somber music playing]
Did anyone see you?
Miriam escorted me there. [gasps]
[stammering] But she was outside.
I don't know if she knows
or suspects anything.
That may actually be a good thing.
She's a police officer.
What better alibi to have
than that you were with one?
[somber music playing]
[stammering] I don't know what to do.
What you need to do right now
is to stop drinking.
We need your clear head and strength
to continue with the campaign tomorrow.
- Please.
- [Nuhu scoffs]
Did you not hear anything I just told you?
Yes, I did.
And this unfortunate situation
will be taken care of. Mm?
What about Dikko?
He has been handled.
You and I don't need to
worry about him anymore. Mm?
[nurse 1 in Hausa]
Who is the one in this hospital?
- [nurse 2] Aw.
- [nurse 1 chuckling]
- [in English] Um, excuse me.
- Yes, sir.
I'm looking for
a pregnant woman that came here.
She was admitted
into this hospital yesterday.
Um, please, what's her name?
- Um, Nafisa Loko.
- [scoffs]
So, it's you?
So, you're the useless man
that abandoned his pregnant wife here.
- Huh?
- Excuse me. Is she here or not?
- She has been discharged, sir.
- Discharged?
Sir. She's well.
She had the baby in good health.
And they were both discharged.
And the bill has been paid.
- By the sister.
- Sister. What sister?
Let me check.
Memunat Bako.
But I didn't recognize that name.
That is all we know, sir.
Okay. Thank you.
[somber music playing]
- Excuse me. What did she have?
- A coconut.
Sir, she had a boy. A handsome baby boy.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
[nurse 1] You're welcome.
[phone ringing]
[Binta chuckles]
- [in Hausa] Big boy.
- [tense music playing]
[Binta in English]
You thought you had me in your net.
Binta, what are you doing
with Nafisa's phone?
I think you should be
more worried about the fact that
I have your wife and your new baby.
Binta, I swear, if you lay a finger on
Is that the thank you I get
for settling your medical bills?
[Binta laughs]
[in Hausa] That's Dikko for you.
- [tense music playing]
- [baby cooing]
[Dikko] Nafi.
Dikko, Dikko!
Nafi, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
[in Hausa] Yes, we're fine.
[in English] Please be patient.
I will get you out of that place.
[in Hausa] He's fine.
[in English]
We will save the reunion for later.
Binta, what do you want?
All the evidence you have against me.
Every bit of it.
If I do not get it by the end of today
your little lookalike and his mother
will be memories.
Binta, please.
[in Hausa]
For God's sake, do not harm my family.
[in English]
I could've said the same thing to you
when you crushed my father
and left him on the road for dead.
Their lives are not in my hands, Dikko.
They're in yours.
[tense music playing]
[baby cooing]
I will send you instructions on where
and when to meet for the exchange.
You better know not to come with someone.
[busy tone]
Can I speak to you privately?
Yes, ma.
[sirens wailing]
I need you to do me a huge favor.
What's up?
I'd like you to trace this number.
You know what it entails, right?
Yes, but it's for Binta Bula.
She says it's a matter of life
and death, and it cannot wait.
So, we're bending
the rules now for the Bulas?
Trust me, I'm not proud of it.
Okay. I'll get all the evidence and
the traces and
For this case, okay?
- New case?
- Possible homicide.
Or accident.
The victim is the daughter
of one of the prominent families around.
Her body was found
by the housekeeper, and she reported in.
Any leads?
[tense music playing]
I was just here yesterday.
What do you mean?
What the hell is going on?
[knock on door]
[tense music playing]
May I, sir?
And what is so urgent that
you would interrupt my break?
The gubernatorial candidate,
Alhaji Nuhu Bula.
I think he may be a suspect in this case.
Now, how did you jump
to that conclusion, ASP?
He was at the residence of the deceased.
I escorted him there yesterday.
And from the forensic report,
the time of death of the deceased
was the same time
that Alhaji Bula was there.
And what was he doing at the house?
The deceased was his mistress.
- [sighs]
- [tense music playing]
the forensic report
does not conclusively connect
the cause of death to a third party.
Yes, sir.
It says she may have fallen.
So, let me get this straight.
He invited you,
a distinguished police officer,
to his mistress's house.
And then he killed her.
I know how it sounds. But
he acted very suspicious after the visit.
They were I mean, he was going to
And, you want us to consider
a gubernatorial aspirant,
possibly the next Governor of Kowa,
as a suspect,
on the strength of his
suspicious behavior?
With all due respect, sir,
50% of police work is based on
the strength of suspicion.
And evidence.
Where is yours?
I don't want to hear of this again.
You'll allow the officers
assigned to this case to handle it.
Yes, sir.
- [Alicia] Knock, knock.
- Hey. [chuckles]
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Boston chuckles]
Oh, my goodness!
Look, thank you so much
for this food. It's really nice.
- With all the attendant furniture too.
- [Boston laughing]
- So?
- Um,
I would say that your sins are forgiven
in this life and the next.
- Please, join me.
- Hmm
- May be next time. This one is for you.
- No, no, no, no, I insist.
Very strategic, I see.
Well, I wouldn't be Boston
if I wasn't strategic. [laughs]
How many siblings do you have?
How do you know I have siblings?
Well, typical sibling move.
- You know, when sharing food and all.
- [laughs]
Well, let me guess. Brother.
- One point for you again. [chuckles]
- [Boston chuckles]
All right, so
Tell me. How did you guys meet?
I knew there were strings attached
to this invitation.
Look, no pressure. I'm just being curious.
That may be,
but I know where this is going.
You're not the only one
with inference skills, you know.
Oh, I I was
just trying to make conversation.
No harm intended. I promise.
- [whispers] Hey, Alicia, please.
- [sighs]
Next time, maybe, just stick to
professional conversations?
I apologize, all right?
No offence, please.
None taken.
[traditional string music playing]
[rooster crowing]
[traditional string music playing]
- May you live long, sir.
- Okay now. I'll see you.
Yes, sir.
[rooster crowing]
[traditional string music playing]
Alhaji Koda.
Accept my sympathies
as regards to your recent troubles. I
[in Hausa]
Please don't sympathize with us.
[in English]
Keep your pretense to yourself.
[in Hausa] See
[in English] We do not welcome
people here with no integrity.
The emir-ship of Kowa is a sacred one.
Not to be bought with bribes and lies.
[in Hausa] It is not for sale.
[in English] I can assure you
that whatever you must have heard on TV
[in Hausa] it's all lies.
Whether it's a lie or not,
[in English]
we don't want people like you here.
[children chattering in the background]
All of this money is yours.
I need you to take me
to the family of the little girl
who survived the attack.
I'll show you.
- Let's go in my car.
- No, wait.
Just drive ahead.
I don't want the village head
to see me talking to you.
- [boy] Go.
- Okay. All right.
- [somber music playing]
- [baby cooing]
Wait. Binta, please give me back my baby.
[in Hausa] For God's sake. Please.
[in English] As soon as you eat,
the baby will be brought back to you.
After all,
we cannot punish
the poor baby for your sins.
[in Hausa] Binta,
for God's sake, I'm sorry.
Give me, let me go.
[in English] Let me and my baby go.
I have done nothing to you.
Enough with the games, Nafisa!
I know everything.
I know about you and Dikko.
I trusted you!
You were the one that brought
the information about EFCC moving Dikko.
[in Hausa] But it's all hypocrisy.
[in English]
And not only did you betray me,
you went ahead and married him?
- He killed my father!
- [yells] It was an accident!
Oh? And now you defend him?
After everything I have done for you.
For us.
[in Hausa] Is this how you'll repay me?
[sniffling] That's not how it is.
[in English] I did not plan it that way.
[in Hausa] I was driven by love.
[in English] I fell in love with him.
The same way you fell in love with Nuhu.
[in Hausa] I know what happened to you.
[in English] It's enough
to make anyone go mad.
[in Hausa] But what happened
in the past has already passed.
[in English] That was many years ago.
Don't allow this
to turn you into this monster.
- Binta.
- [scoffs]
You can thank your Dikko for that.
Men like him make women like me.
They thought they were rich
and could get away with anything.
Well then, two can play the game now.
What about Nuhu?
[in Hausa] Will you kill him too?
[in English] Like you said, my darling,
I fell in love.
And the man you love now
wants to destroy the man I love.
And I cannot allow that.
[in Hausa] Binta, please have mercy.
[in English] Thank you very much, Sadiya.
- I know this must have been hard for you.
- [insects buzzing]
So, what happens next?
My friend, Nuhu Bula, made you a promise.
And I intend to make sure
that promise is kept.
In a short while, none of you will
- worry about money or bandits anymore.
- Oh!
God richly bless you, sir.
- Thank you.
- [Bula] Mm.
So, can anyone
take me to the massacre site?
- Of course. We can show you.
- Okay!
[Rukaiya in Hausa] Let's go.
[in English] Yeah.
That's my car. No, this way.
[car ignition starts]
[car door slams shut]
[ringback tone]
[spy] Hello, boss.
[Sambisa in Hausa] May you live long.
[in English] My men just informed me
that Buba Koda was in the village,
snooping around.
Sir, if we attack him now,
we can take him down with the villagers.
I'll call you back.
[in Hausa] Okay, Your Excellency.
[in English] Is there a problem, sir?
Please leave us.
Koda is in Nanji village.
Does he know about the gemstone deposit?
I can't afford
to make such an opportunity
Sir, my worry about another public attack
is that it will reflect badly on you.
You know, the people would say that
you cannot ensure security,
and they'll move their allegiance to Bula.
Bula will not be
in the picture for much longer.
But sir
I did not become the Governor of Kowa
to give a shit
about what people think or say about me.
[phone ringing]
[Sanusi] Do it.
[tense music playing]
- [knock on door]
- [footsteps approaching]
[tense music playing]
[tense music playing]
[in Hausa] What a surprise!
[in English] For someone
who is supposed to be dead,
you appear to be very alive.
[in Hausa] I have
no one else but you, Father.
I have no one else.
[in English] Nafisa warned me
about the men Binta hired to kill me.
This was after you had disowned me.
I figured, with my life in danger
and you wanting nothing to do with me,
it was high time for me to cut my losses
and disappear and start afresh somewhere.
[in Hausa] Tell me.
[in English] So, whose body did we bury?
It was a random beggar.
I had bought the body from the mortuary
and it was Nafisa who helped
arrange the body to be wrapped
and passed off as me for the burial.
I laid low, hoping to recover my assets,
until Sanusi's men approached me
with more money than I've seen in months.
And a chance for me to
get back at Nuhu and Binta.
Baba, how could I refuse?
[in Hausa] Hold on.
[in English] So, this same Binta
has taken Nafisa and your child?
- Your grandchild, Father.
- [clicks tongue]
You know, that woman is psychotic.
She will not think twice
about hurting them.
If I give up the evidence
I have against her,
Sanusi will have my head.
Father, I'm screwed.
[in Hausa] Okay. [in English] So,
what would you have me do?
I need your resources and your men
to help me get my family back.
Baba, please.
I have no one else to turn to.
I know I deserve what you did to me.
But my family is innocent, Baba.
[in Hausa] Okay.
ASP, I'm not myself today.
I doubt I will have need for you.
Please accept my deepest condolences, sir,
on your recent loss.
I assume that you're speaking of Amal.
I would remind you
of the discretion that I urged.
Um, yes, of course.
But I thought you were serious
about taking her as a second wife.
Things changed.
Do you know something
about her death, sir?
- What are you insinuating, ASP?
- [tense music playing]
I'm only asking
so we can rule you out as a suspect.
My colleague is on this case.
And one way or the other,
the police
will come to you for questioning.
The day I went to see Amal,
I went to break up with her.
If I had any plans of killing her,
would I have carried you along?
I know that, sir.
But it's just the timing.
We were there,
- right about the time of her death.
- Amal's death
is very unfortunate.
And don't you, for a second, think
that I'm not broken by this on the inside.
Life, unfortunately, doesn't stop
when those we love pass away.
The nature
of my circumstance demands that,
and that does not make me a killer.
- [Binta] Hello!
- Hello, dear.
- I was wondering where you went to.
- Oh, I had some business to transact.
- Good day, ma'am.
- Hello, Miriam.
- Can you give us a moment please?
- Yes, ma'am.
- [tense music playing]
- [phone chimes]
Miriam was just in here,
asking about Amal.
- And?
- I said nothing.
Good. Keep it that way.
Our Dikko issue is sorted.
We'll soon have
all the evidence he has against me.
We're doing the exchange tonight.
- I want to come with you.
- What? No!
It's too risky.
We need to clear you out of all this.
Let's go upstairs.
- [in Hausa] Let's go.
- [Nuhu sighs]
[Binta in English] You need
to relax and recover.
[Alicia] I heard
you needed to see me urgently.
[deep sigh] Thank you for coming.
Please sit.
- We may have something.
- Really?
Yeah. Who is that?
Should I know him?
Well, someone should.
He carried out maintenance checks
on the day of the flight.
Oh, I take it he's one of our ground crew.
I'll have my PA get us his details.
No, don't worry, I already did that and
That is It's our main suspect.
A bit too convenient, don't you think?
- Blame it on the mechanic?
- No, the thing is,
he is not your mechanic.
Body mass, he's way slimmer.
And then, secondly, he's not even wearing
the correct reflector jacket
that's required.
So, you have one main maintenance staff
and one cover staff,
and they both work twice a week.
But on that day,
- they were both out.
- Why?
Well, it's what we're about to find out.
But I'm afraid to say, Alicia, this
this is definitely
leaning towards sabotage.
[mobile phone ringing]
Hello, love.
Yeah, I'm sorry,
I'm in the middle of something.
We found something.
- I think our plane was sabotaged.
- [dramatic sting]
We're still trying to figure it out.
This is This is, uh This is great news.
I know.
Where are you?
I'm out of town.
I'm attending to some business.
[driver] Sir.
[bike engines roaring]
Get down. Get down, everybody. Down!
- Hello
- [busy tone]
[Buba] Get down!
[dramatic music playing]
- [people screaming]
- [multiple gunshots]
[dramatic music playing]
[man yelling] Move.
[men chanting]
[tense music playing]
Greet the gods.
- [gunshot]
- [attackers shouting]
Move out!
[somber music playing]
[somber music playing]
If not for your father's esteemed
military service
to this country and status,
you would be spending
the better part of your years in jail,
for manslaughter
and falsification of your death.
I think we should focus more
on the present, Commissioner.
Forgive me, Alhaji,
but your son comes forward
with this elaborate story.
Considering that he has already
admitted to all sorts of illegalities,
all this must be weighed, carefully,
before we take any action.
Everything I said is true.
Are you saying that you're not
going to take any action?
I'm saying we must proceed with caution.
We'll put two officers out of sight
at the site of the exchange.
And we'll see
that your son is wearing a wire.
If there's any veracity to his claims,
we'll have it all on record.
And we can use it as evidence
for future prosecutions.
What about my family?
Well, if we have Binta on tape
admitting to her crime,
we'll move in and arrest her.
And she'll have to reveal the location
of where she's holding your family.
Thank you very much,
Commissioner, for your support.
But what about Governor Sanusi?
I'm sorry.
But that is out of the ambit of my office.
Any investigation into his activities
must be sanctioned from the highest level.
Are you saying that
my son's life will forever be in danger,
until Sanusi is brought to justice?
Is that what you're saying?
I wish I could offer more.
we have an operation to execute.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Nuhu] Miriam was just in here,
asking about Amal.
- [Binta] And?
- I said nothing.
- Good.
- Keep it that way.
[phone chimes]
It is Binta.
She has sent the location.
[in Hausa] Go.
[in English] Let's go.
[Binta] Our Dikko issue is sorted.
We'll soon have
all the evidence he has against me.
We're doing the exchange tonight.
[dramatic music playing]
- [Nuhu] I want to come with you.
- [Binta] What? No!
It's too risky.
We need to clear you out of all this.
Let's go upstairs.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[car engine starts]
[dramatic music playing]
[hooter honks]
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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