War: Wrath and Revenge (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[tense music playing]
[car door slams shut]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[tense music playing]
For someone who is supposed to be dead
you're really a pain in the ass.
You worked hard for that to happen.
I'm impressed that you were able
to keep it a secret for so long.
Sadly, Nafisa is not as discreet.
Where is my family?
[crickets chirping]
[tense music playing]
- [Miriam grunts]
- [body thuds]
[Binta] I was hoping
we would catch up at the hospital.
I never would've thought
you would abandon your pregnant wife
to save your skin.
I regret that.
What you should've regretted
is killing my father, Dikko.
It was a mistake. We made a mistake.
Yeah, yeah. A little too late for that.
- [tense music playing]
- [baby cooing softly]
[Binta] Where is your so-called evidence?
Where is my family?
I need to see my family.
I need to speak to my wife first.
- [baby crying]
- [Nafisa panting]
Did she send you to kill us?
Please don't kill us. Please.
What the hell is going on here?
My name is Nafisa. This is my son.
I gave birth not too long ago.
Binta Bula kidnapped us from the hospital.
- Binta Bula?
- [sniffs]
[tense music playing]
This is ASP Miriam Katung.
Can you send immediate backup
to Datijo Street?
- Thank you.
- [baby cooing]
Let's go.
[door creaking]
- [tense music playing]
- [baby fussing softly]
Wait. Wait here.
[baby crying]
Come. We have to go quickly. Come.
[dramatic music playing]
[Nafisa yells] Police!
- [gunshot]
- [screams]
[baby crying]
Oh, no. No, no!
No, no!
Stay with me.
- Oh, please. Stay with me, please!
- [baby crying]
Stay with me.
[poignant theme music playing]
[theme music playing]
[tense music playing]
[phone ringing]
[ASP Katung] Give it to me.
[phone ringing]
I want to speak to my wife now.
- Who is this?
- [Dikko] Can you give the phone
to my wife, the woman with the baby?
Is this Dikko?
[Dikko] Where's Nafisa,
the woman with the baby?
I'm sorry.
This is ASP Miriam Katung.
I'm sorry, but I have some sad news
about your wife.
She was shot by one of her captors.
[Dikko] No! No, no! What the
You're a murderer.
- Where are you? What are you waiting for?
- [gunshots]
- What?
- Arrest her!
- [policeman 1] Get her!
- [policeman 2] Don't move!
- Idiot!
- If you move, I'll throw you inside.
- [policeman 2] You're under arrest!
- [dramatic music playing]
[sirens wailing]
[car tires screeching]
- [Rabo] Everybody, spread out!
- [officer] Move it.
Let's look for Dikko!
Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[Buba] You can stay
in my house for now, okay?
This is the safest place
in Kowa right now.
- Come.
- [Rukaiya] Thank you, Alhaji.
- [Buba] Yeah.
- [crickets chirping]
Come in.
[Boston] I identified the name
of our mystery man.
He's part of the refueling crew.
Not a full-time staff,
just one of the regular part-timers.
His name is Hakeem Bayero.
Does that name ring any bell?
Not really.
So, how did he cause the crash?
This is the lab report
on the fuel that was used
and we lost
most of the fuel during the crash,
but my people were able
to isolate the compound
from the residue
of the charred remains of the crash
and they found traces
of adulterants in the composition.
- Meaning?
- Hakeem.
He tampered with the fuel.
So this was an act of sabotage
- against my airline?
- I think
You might need to sit for this one.
I believe that this is not
a direct act of sabotage.
How do you mean?
The plane was brought down
because of who was on board.
You're saying someone
was targeting the Emir?
Or someone else on board,
but whoever did this
wanted Kama Air to pay for it.
Your sales logs shows that
there were no aircraft for the Emir
to use on that day he needed them.
So you diverted one
from another client for him to use, right?
Yes, I authorized that,
but not because we wanted him dead.
It's because that's what we do
out of loyalty to clients
that we hold in high esteem.
- I'm not pointing fingers.
- [Alicia sighs]
I'm just stating
what the evidence points to.
What are the options available to us now?
All right, in situations like this,
we follow the money.
My associates in Zurich are conducting
traces on Hakeem's account,
and it's just a matter of time
before they have actionable items for us.
Make sure
they're well taken care of. Okay?
[tense music playing]
- [knocking]
- [man in Hausa] Who is it?
[tense music playing]
[Haruna] Buba! Who told you where I am?
I'm assuring you,
everything that happened is not my fault.
It's Hamza's fault. I'm sorry.
[in English] You'll make
a confession on camera
that Sanusi put you up to it.
That you were led down a corrupt path
by the Governor and Hamza.
Then you can go back
to your home and your family.
And I would make sure
the Governor is never in a position again
to undermine the emirship
and the royal family for his game.
[in Hausa] Praise be to God.
May God bless you.
May God reward you abundantly.
[in English] Thank you for your
humble praises, but I would appreciate it
if you relayed this sentiment
to the rest of the Kingmakers.
[in Hausa] They'll vote for you.
I'll tell all of them.
They'll all vote for you.
If God's willing.
[tense music playing]
[Miriam] Any word on Dikko yet?
We're still looking for him.
And without him, our evidence is weak.
How hard can it be?
Most of our men
have been deployed to Nanji.
What's happening in Nanji?
There was an attack again.
Lots of casualties.
I just have this feeling
the Bulas are involved.
I have to interrogate Binta.
Look, if you need to do this,
you need to do it in a hurry.
You know most of these high-profile cases.
And the commissioner
doesn't want it to look like a show.
Yeah. Are you going
to bring in the husband?
You know he's as involved as she is.
No, I'm not going to do that.
- Come.
- [policeman] Morning, sir!
- [phone chimes]
- Listen to this.
[Nuhu] Miriam was just in here,
asking me about Amal.
- [Binta] And?
- I said nothing.
[Binta] Good. Keep it that way.
Our Dikko issue is sorted.
We'll soon have
all the evidence he has against me.
- We're doing the exchange tonight.
- [phone chimes]
- [tense music playing]
- [door clicks open and shut]
[tense music playing]
I thought you and your husband
were the good guys.
- But we are.
- So, how do you explain
kidnapping and attempted murder?
I'm not saying a word
till I see my lawyer.
Only the guilty say that.
But I'm not guilty of anything.
You arrest me
on the say-so of a criminal like Dikko.
I'm the victim here.
I have something on Hakeem.
[tense music playing]
[Boston] So
they managed to consolidate his accounts
and found large deposits made
to him two days after the crash.
How large are we talking?
Does 20 million sound large enough?
That's enough for him to retire.
Okay, so check this out.
The payment was made from
a shell account with origins here in Kowa
and someone was trying to mask the source.
Some company called
- BK Oil.
- [tense music intensifies]
And we also discovered that
[deep breath]
- Everything okay?
- [Alicia sighs] Not really.
All right, um
They also discovered
two unlisted properties
that were attached to Hakeem.
And if that should lead us
to him, then he can
claim or admit that he was
responsible for the sabotage
and free Kama Aviation from liabilities.
Are you sure you're fine?
Are you okay?
The prospect
of losing this company
It's just so heartbreaking.
After all those years
of blood, sweat, and tears,
and putting up with everyone
[voice breaking]
who wanted to see me to fail.
My father
He was the only one who had faith in me.
And now I feel like
I feel like I'm going to let him down.
Hey. It's okay.
- Don't give up now, all right?
- [Alicia sniffling]
And I didn't come here to
I didn't come all the way
from Amsterdam to let you down.
- All right?
- [Alicia sniffles]
It's okay.
We're gonna get through this, all right?
you don't have to be strong with me, okay?
All right? You don't have to
be strong with me.
I have seen much stronger people
crack under this sort of stress.
[melancholic music playing]
[door clicks open]
[in Hausa] Thank you.
[in English] Sir, do you have a phone?
[in Hausa]
We want to talk to our family at home.
[in English]
To let them know that we're all right.
I'm sorry.
I was told to ensure that you people
are taken care of with food and drinks.
But the people at home will be worried
if they don't know where we are.
[in Hausa] Didn't you hear the news?
- [in English] What news?
- Your village was attacked.
[in Hausa] I seek refuge in God.
[in English]
You two are lucky you were not there.
- So many people were killed.
- No!
[in Hausa] It's not true.
[in English] It's a lie.
That's the truth.
We have to go back.
We have to.
I'm sorry,
I can't let you out of this room.
We are guests of Alhaji Buba,
not his prisoners.
Those were his orders.
[in Hausa] Do you understand?
[wistful music playing]
Oh, the Ever-Living, the Ever-Tranquil.
[crickets chirping]
[female voice] The estimated number
of casualties currently stands at 200,
with so many people
displaced from their homes.
The attack, which the villagers described
as precise and well-coordinated,
has sent shock waves around the state.
There has been no statement
so far from government officials.
Good evening, sir.
Sir, the police are here.
[Nuhu] It's okay.
[police officer 1] Sir!
There had better be
a good reason for this intrusion.
Your wife is in custody.
We would like you to accompany us
to the police station
to answer a few questions with regards
to the death of Amal Tantalite.
[tense music playing]
[Sanusi] So, when did this happen?
Well, our man on the inside
just reported some minutes ago.
Well, you mean that Nuhu
and Binta have been neutralized?
Well, there's been no conviction yet.
[in Hausa] That's exactly what we want.
Now the news will be spread everywhere.
So, this election,
seems like I just won it.
But Your Excellency,
what about our loose ends?
- Do you mean Dikko and Sambisa?
- Yes.
They're no longer useful to us.
- You know what to do with them.
- Yes, sir.
[in English] I'm happy to hear this news.
Thank you.
I was told that you have used
your one phone call.
So, if you're expecting
any saving suddenly,
I would suggest you forget about it.
ASP [scoffs]
You have no idea what you're dealing with.
By all means
- enlighten me.
- Your energy is cute.
The same energy that saved
the lives of you and your husband.
Like you said,
- you were just doing your job.
- And I'm still doing my job.
We have you on two counts of kidnapping
and accessory to murder.
None of this will stick. You have nothing.
[chuckles] Oh, Binta!
We have your husband.
I was there
and I can place him
at the scene of the crime
at the same time Amal was murdered.
So you can wiggle yourself out of this,
but I can't say the same for him.
Even if somehow, some way,
he manages to get off,
like you rich and powerful people do,
how do you think the voters
and the party will take this news?
[tense music playing]
You know the difference
between you and I, ASP?
I'm the one asking the questions.
We're willing to do
anything and everything
to get what we want.
Do you have any idea who I am?
I will not say another word
until my lawyer gets here.
Your lawyer, for what?
What are you guilty of?
You're not under arrest.
Where the hell is my wife?
[Miriam] You know, I really had high hopes
for you and your husband.
Finally, someone who wanted to lead,
not because of what he could get
but because of what he could give.
But sadly,
you've turned out
to be like all the other vultures.
I know my husband is the right person
for the governorship of Kowa.
Have you stopped for once to think that
there are many people who don't want that?
And have gone to great lengths
to make him and I look guilty?
- I just want the truth.
- The truth is our political enemies
are setting us up.
And you are playing right into their hands
by making yourself to be used.
But if you claim that you're being framed,
then give me something.
Tell me what you know.
Give me someone or something.
I have given you everything you need.
[dramatic music playing]
Our time is up.
You've given me nothing.
[Commissioner] ASP Miriam, that is enough.
[door bangs shut]
Thank you. You may leave.
- But sir
- [Commissioner] I will take it from here.
You may leave us.
I told you.
[Dikko] Ouch!
Dikko, you should rest.
Baba, I killed her.
I killed her with my own hands.
No, you did not kill her.
Binta killed her.
Baba, I left her to die.
If I had not left her [whimpering]
she would still be alive.
But I was a coward.
I left her. I was a coward.
Dikko, what is done is done.
You should focus on getting your son back.
And just as I suspected,
someone in the police
is working for Binta.
It may not be Binta.
It may be Sanusi.
[exclaims] Ooh!
Tying up loose ends, right?
- Baba.
- [tense music builds up]
I don't want to spend
another second breathing
as long as
Sanusi and the Bulas draw breath.
They must all pay.
They must pay for what they have done.
[tense music playing]
Did you know about it?
Know about what?
It's only a matter of time
before they gather evidence
to charge you with Amal's murder.
But I believe it was an accident.
I know you did not intend to kill her.
Here's your chance
to redeem yourself and come clean.
[tense music playing]
I don't know what you're talking about.
I actually thought
you were one of the good guys.
I risked my life protecting you and Binta,
believing that once
you became Governor of Kowa,
you would do great things.
But you've turned out to be
even more corrupt than Governor Sanusi.
I stood by your side. I even got shot.
For what?
Alhaji Bula, please,
you still have a chance
to do the right thing here.
I know deep down you are a good man.
At the Polo field,
when you went to speak to Buba Koda,
you spoke your truth.
Or was that just the politician in you
telling people what they wanted to hear
so they could vote for you?
[tense music crescendos,
ends as door clicks open]
This interrogation is over.
Alhaji Bula is not under arrest, sir.
in that case,
no more needs to be said.
On behalf of the police force,
I would like to sincerely apologize
for any inconvenience caused.
We all make mistakes.
[tense music resumes]
[music crescendos and ends]
Sir, Binta Bula was apprehended lawfully.
You even signed off on the operation.
We had the Bulas
where we needed them to be.
The order came from the Presidency.
- The President?
- No.
The Presidency.
It could be anyone from there.
And these are instructions
you cannot defy.
Something is at play here.
But we will all do well
to look the other way.
Sir, they are criminals.
Are we supposed to look
the other way while they go free?
Absolutely not.
But my hands are tied.
[door clicks open and shut]
[Zamani] Your Excellency.
Ah, my able governor!
The honorable General himself!
- [in Hausa] Hope all is well.
- Fine.
- How's work?
- All fine.
All praise be to God. Please sit down.
- Zamani.
- Your Excellency.
[in English] Go and bring
some refreshment to the General.
- Your Excellency.
- [Sanusi] Mm.
So [Sanusi chuckling]
- My able Governor.
- General, General.
To what do I owe
the pleasure of this sudden visit?
Do I need an appointment to come
and see the people's Governor?
Thank you.
Thank you very much. [munching noisily]
[in Hausa] You know,
the Ibo tribe has a proverb that says,
"If you see a monster
during the day,
there's something that brought it out."
You know,
He who brings kola brings life." Right?
[in English] Actually,
I came to see you to congratulate you
on the certainty
of your victory at the elections.
Especially after I heard what happened
to the Bulas
and their problems with the law.
- You know, news travels fast.
- [in Hausa] But
[in English] I also came to ensure
that our arrangement concerning
the road construction contract is intact.
Oh, General!
Of course, that has not changed.
You know I respect
our gentlemen's agreement.
- [traffic buzzing]
- [tense music playing]
I'm sure you have questions.
You're damn right I do.
All you need to know is that
we have friends in very high places.
Friends that will go to great lengths
to protect their investments.
I did not sign up
to become somebody else's stooge, okay?
This election is about bringing
long-lasting change to Kowa.
Oh, I couldn't agree with you more!
But if you think bringing about
change does not come with a price,
then you're even
more naïve than I thought.
If this change
means taking the lives of innocent people,
- then I want no part of it.
- Nafisa was anything but innocent.
What did she ever do
to deserve dying? Huh?
We were just holding her
till after the election.
No harm was going to come to her.
And I mean, if anyone
was to blame for anybody's death,
it should be that petulant ASP.
Well, that's exactly what you get
when you play God with people's lives.
[tense music playing]
Is that my money?
[crickets chirping]
[in Hausa] Are you not counting it?
If it's not complete, [in English]
the Governor will hear from me again.
[in Hausa] Isn't it?
Is the Governor not pleased with my work?
[in English] Is the Governor
not pleased with my services?
He is.
Add more! Add one more!
Useless person!
- Bastard!
- [man] But sir
How do you know the Governor
is going to betray you?
[in English] I He usually tells me
to meet him at the lodge.
[in Hausa] But this evening,
he said I should meet him in the bush.
That's when I realized
there's something fishy.
Your phone.
[phone ringing]
Of course.
Let's talk.
[Sanusi] I'm so glad
that we can count on you on this
coming general elections, General.
I'm afraid it is not
that straightforward anymore.
How do you mean?
You see, Sanusi,
I pride myself with being a man of honor.
I value loyalty,
both as a personal virtue
and I also expect it from others.
Unfortunately, you crossed the line
when you recruited my son Dikko
to blackmail the Bulas.
And then, you tried to have him killed.
So, that is why you're really here?
Sanusi, you should have
treaded more carefully.
- Your Excellency
- Please get out! Get out!
Why, Sanusi?
I wouldn't have minded a little dinner.
So, are you the one
obstructing the work of the police?
You are hiding Dikko?
You're putting it very mildly.
I will do anything for Dikko. He's my son.
Give Dikko up
to the authorities and walk away.
Otherwise, I'll not guarantee
the construction contract
or your wellbeing.
- [chuckles]
- [Sanusi coughs]
Let me complete that Ibo proverb
about he who brings kola brings life.
The kola I brought
has brought you death.
[persistent coughing]
[tense music playing]
No one messes
with General Umar Loko.
[yells] Hey, help!
- Something is wrong with the Governor.
- Your Excellency!
- It's like he's having a heart attack.
- Your Excellency!
Is there no doctor
- in this Government House?
- Your Excellency.
Come to my place at once.
[door slams shut]
I need to speak to you.
You can speak up.
BK Oil?
That's your company.
[tense music playing]
[tense music intensifies]
[theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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