Warnie (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

My special guest is,
quite simply, special.
He's the great spin bowler of them all.
Some would go further
and declare him the greatest cricketer
to have played the game.
And that assessment
would accommodate his gift
as an entertainer as much
as his skill as a bowler.
Spin bowling is a magic trick.
Warnie's struck. What a
wicket this is for Australia.
When you create something
that isn't there.
Or is it?
Gatting can't believe his eyes.
I created chaos.
Absolutely brilliant from Shane Warne.
And I became famous as a great magician.
If we see his like again,
we'll be very lucky.
The fact is he's unique,
he's irreplaceable.
Ladies and gentlemen, Shane Warne.
Did you want to be famous
when you were a young kid?
I'd never thought about being famous.
- Didn't you?
- No.
It was good fun for about ten
days or a couple of months,
but it sort of wore off pretty quick.
We're just hearing the very sad news
that the former Australian leg spinner,
Shane Warne, has died suddenly.
A legendary cricketer
Shane Warne,
cricket's best spin bowler
the world's ever seen.
But he was more than that.
A father, a commentator, a
larrikin and an Australian icon.
They gave me a state memorial.
Me, a boy from Black Rock.
The time has come to
farewell Shane Keith Warne
in body, but never spirit.
Thousands and thousands
of people showed up.
You had rock stars, film stars,
some of the biggest names in the world.
And just, you know,
everyday people from every walk of life.
Oh, I mean, it was mind-blowing.
And now, the Shane Warne Stand,
the stand of the people.
I was given Queen's Birthday honours.
It was like a knighthood
for being a role model.
A role model. Oh!
They were her words, not mine. Amazing.
'Cause, you know, it wasn't
always like that for me.
Shane Warne and Mark Waugh
have formally admitted
that they were paid for information
Information they gave
to an Indian bookmaker.
But the pair deny any involvement
in match fixing or bribery.
Tarnished forever as a drug cheat,
Warne says it was given
to him by his mother
so he would look better for the cameras.
Shane Warne is almost
certainly coming home
from the World Cup.
His forced departure from
South Africa after sex
and betting controversies.
The woman who may have
killed off Shane Warne's dream
of ever becoming
Australian cricket captain.
The issue is a private
matter between Warne, his wife
and the woman in question.
Shane Warne has been
caught out getting cosy,
this time with Liz Hurley.
The UK tabloid, News of the World
Villain one day, saint the next.
And yet no matter what,
I always pulled a crowd.
So, how does that happen,
and what does that say about you guys?
You think my life was
all glitz and glamour?
Think again.
In 1999, I was on the ropes.
Post-surgery, out of form.
My confidence was down.
I was a mess.
Shane, you in there?
It was Steve Waugh's first
test series as Captain.
They smashed us out there today.
Oh, you know, we had a bad spell.
A 300-run partnership's not a bad spell,
it's a bloody disaster.
- How's your shoulder.
- It's fine, right?
You just focus on your own
problems, like, um, I don't know,
coming up with a plan, Captain.
A complete rebuild of your shoulder,
you can't expect to jump
straight back in after that
Oh, what, are you a doctor now?
No, I'm just concerned.
Don't be. You know, I'm good.
Well, pizza'll fix it.
Well, I can't smoke.
I signed that legally binding contract,
so, I'm sticking this
in my mouth instead.
Is that alright, Doc?
Guess so.
Hey, we just need to stay calm.
We can win this Test.
Yeah, right.
Did I mention also,
I'm up against the
best batsman on earth.
Brian Lara.
Imagine your worst day at the office,
and it's shown live on
TV, all around the world.
I was trying to stay positive.
Oh, you are so hot.
You are gorgeous.
I wish you were here right now.
OK, there's a lot been said about this,
so, here we go.
Yes, I like women.
Yes, I dated one of the most
beautiful women in the world.
In fact, I married her.
Her name's Simone.
I'm the size of a house,
my hair's a disaster
and Brooke here has
vomited all down my front.
Oh, Brookie. How's my girl?
Yeah, she's good. Brookie,
it's Dadda. Say hi.
Say hi, Dadda.
Hi, Dadda. Hi, Daddy.
Oh, I'm over being pregnant.
It won't be long now.
God, I wish I was there with you.
Oh, you could sneak away.
Jump on a plane. Nobody'd know.
Oh, I think they might
notice if they didn't
- Oh!
- You right?
Yeah. Yeah. Just a bit of a twinge.
Is it your shoulder? Shane,
you need to stop using it.
Oh, that might be a bit difficult.
Hey, Sim, I might have to let you go.
I love you. Love ya, Brookie!
Love ya. Are you going to say bye Dadda?
Say bye Dadda.
- Bye Dadda.
- Bye.
See ya.
Can we just give it a rest for a minute?
I was in a world of hurt.
There was one thing that might help.
Not a doctor, not a drug.
Hey, it's me.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry but I'm desperate.
I need you here. Huh?
Could you just to Barbados, alright?
Friend, bowling coach and
Yoda, all rolled into one.
You want a life story,
TJ had been to hell
and out the other side.
Get your wrist up higher.
It's just
Pain? Or fear of pain?
I don't know. Both?
You're not bowling the
flipper a whole lot.
Yeah, well, that one hurts,
and I don't want them
to see me struggling.
Come on, spin it up.
For those of you who think the
flipper's some kind of dolphin,
let me explain.
You can spin the ball two ways
one, with your fingers, finger spin,
or with spin, where you
use your whole wrist,
which is what I do.
With your wrist, it's way
harder to control the ball,
but it's beautiful.
Just the sound alone.
You can hear it fizz through the air.
Then, you've got options.
You can change the angle, speed,
the amount of spin,
the direction of spin.
You can change your grip, which I did.
And swerve, late curve.
I could make it drift, or lift.
Bounce it high, or slide it in low.
It's all about the feel. The rhythm.
The rhythm and the feel.
The drive of the hips,
the point of release.
The redness on the
ball, rhythm and feel,
it's kinda like rock and roll.
What do you reckon?
Yeah? What's that mean?
It means yeah, good one. Good luck.
TJ, seriously, if I
don't find some form soon,
I can hear the critics.
You know, "He's had
surgery on the shoulder,
he's not the player he was."
Blah, blah, blah
That's your problem right
there, the voices in your head.
You gotta get your mind right.
- You off the smokes?
- Yeah, 12 weeks. Not a puff.
That's it?
That's the only positive you
can find, I'm not smoking?
A few months before that,
I'd been offered money.
200 grand to quit smoking.
I wanted to quit anyway, so why not?
Bit of extra incentive.
You sure about this? You
definitely think you can do it?
Well, it's about time I gave up anyway,
you know, for you and for Brooke.
I think
Hey, Shane, what are you doing?
Well, it's my last one.
- No
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, no, no.
No, well, the contract
doesn't start till tomorrow,
so you know, technically
- No.
- Technically
Right here? Right here?
Yeah, well, that's that's
kinda like a before and after.
They'll get this shot. Do you want one?
- Oh, you sure?
- No, you're on your own.
- You want one? Look.
- You're on your own.
Get outta here.
So, back in Barbados,
we needed a breakthrough.
And sore shoulder or not,
I had to get out there
and perform for the team.
No more excuses.
Steve Waugh led the charge.
Steven Waugh has launched this.
And then, Brian Lara.
He's got that out of the ground.
He smashed us all over the park.
I had no answer.
Steve! Steve!
How badly is Shane Warne's
lack of form affecting the team?
Two years ago, we would
have won that Test easily.
Shane would have gone through
them, but he's fighting his way back
from two major surgeries.
His confidence is down.
Steve! Steve!
Is there a possibility he
won't play in the next Test?
Everything's a possibility
in Test Cricket.
But can Shane Warne be
dropped? Is he Vice Captain?
Vice Captain's just a title.
Can you come back from this?
Yes. Yes, we can.
We've got a plan for the next
Test. We've just got to stick to it.
We've come back from
worse than this before.
Well, there's 11 players on the team
and I get the blame for losing.
Are they serious? You may
not play in the next Test?
Oh, it's just reporters.
They're trying to find an angle.
You know, on tour there's
only three selectors,
and I'm one of 'em, so
good luck sacking me.
After everything you've done.
I'm more worried about you.
Are you alright?
Ah, actually, I had a
pretty rough morning.
Hey mate, can you can you not?
Sorry, sorry, Sim, just one second.
Hey mate, no, don't.
Not with this shirt off, alright?
Don't don't use those ones, OK?
- You right?
- I've quit the smokes.
I've put on a few
kilos, so can you just
Hang on, hang on. No, wait.
Right, ready?
Good? You got all you need?
Sorry, Sim.
Sim? Hello?
I mean, are you serious with
this? No, get off the beach, mate.
Steve Waugh, myself and
the coach Swampy Marsh
had a selectors' meeting.
I don't think you should play.
Because you're not bowling well.
Oh, I admit I haven't been at my usual.
I just I need time
to find my rhythm
We don't have time, Shane.
If they win the next one,
that's it. We're done.
I can turn it around in the next Test.
Look, if we lose this series, one
person's going to get the blame
and it's not either of you blokes.
I'm sorry, Shane, I'm calling it.
You're not in the team.
Shane Warne took money
to quit smoking and real Australians,
they want an explanation, Shane.
Well, I agreed to try to
quit, and that was the deal.
When I had a cigarette, I
told the company straight away.
One ciggie? Mate, you
expect us to believe that?
And why take the cash
if you weren't serious about quitting?
I was serious.
I I was just under a lot of pressure.
But you made a promise, Shane.
- Yeah, I know but
- Is your career over?
We beat the West Indies without you.
Stuart MacGill's bowling well.
Surely it's the end for Shane Warne?
Thanks for the call.
You'd think I murdered someone.
- Give me that.
- What? No. No.
- Simone. Simone!
- Give me the phone.
- Just
- Can you just
Hey! Hey! Hey, hey!
Just shh. Just come here.
Just breathe.
You're right.
What will you do, hey?
I don't know. Give the money back?
Say, "Sorry, everyone, I like smoking."
If you're not playing cricket.
Hey, at least you get to
be present, for the birth.
You can hold my hand
while I scream at ya.
That's kinda how we got
pregnant in the first place.
Sometimes I think,
if I could only freeze the moment
and stay there, forever.
But then, would you?
If it meant missing out?
I hate missing out.
Australian Rules Football.
It's long. It's straight. It's a goal!
Kicking goals. Leaping
up to take that mark.
The aggression, the competitiveness.
That's all I cared about
from the time I could walk.
I made St Kilda Under 19s.
I thought, "This is it. I'm set."
Sweetheart? There's a letter here.
Hold it out. Hold it out.
I'll hit it with the ball.
- No! You'll hit me in the head.
- Hold it out!
Just put your arm out like that.
It's for you. It's from
St Kilda Football Club.
Dear, Shane,
your services are no longer required.
What's it say?
Dear, Shane, you're
not quite good enough.
Maybe I wasn't, but when you're
19 and it's all you ever wanted,
and you're so close
I drove a truck, delivered
beds, delivered pizzas.
I just existed. I could
have stayed that way.
Lots of people do. I always wanted more.
Not things, but adventure.
You know, more faces, places,
music, more sex, more sport.
I couldn't play footy,
so I played cricket.
I played every chance I could get.
You could say
Oh, gone. Gone.
I'm a tiny bit competitive.
In those days, cricket
was all about fast bowling.
Nobody bowled spin, so I got noticed.
And not just 'cause
of the blonde mullet.
Alright everyone, fitness session.
OK, let's go.
Come on, boys, let's run!
That's how I met TJ.
He was there as a coach.
He'd just got out of prison.
I think I scared him
more than he scared me.
I didn't last too long at the Academy.
But I kept at it.
I played for a club
then the state team.
And, well, you know this bit.
We should have a leg
spinner in the team.
A waste of time. Nobody bowls it.
Well, Australia had the best
leg spinners in the world.
Used to, years ago.
Hey, what about that blonde kid?
Oh, shit, the chubby kid?
The big mouth?
He can spin a ball.
I know, TJ, but come on.
He's hardly played.
Yeah, it's a huge gamble.
The kid can spin a ball.
Hello? One moment.
Shane. Shane!
Aha. Yep.
OK, thank you.
I'm in the team.
I'm in the I'm in the team.
I'm playing for Australia!
- Arghh!
- I'm in the team!
Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!
I'm in the team!
I'm playing for Australia.
I'm playing for Australia!
Second of January, 1992.
My first ever Test match
playing for my country.
He might feel just a
touch of apprehension,
but in the main, I
feel a touch of delight
that we have a leg
spinner back in the side.
Shane Warne, Victorian,
playing his first Test
match for Australia.
A great moment here for Shane Warne.
I was nervous as hell, but I bowled OK.
Well bowled again.
And then Sachin Tendulkar turns up.
Tendulkar smashed me
all over the ground.
Him and his team mate, Ravi Shastri.
It was horrible.
I copped more of the
same in the next Test.
And, well, that was that.
In cricket news, Shane Warne has been
dumped from the team to play the fifth
and final Test against India.
The experiment with leg spinner
Shane Warne appears to be over.
Oh, thank God you're here.
I just drove all the way from Melbourne.
Got us a slab of beer.
Nice bottle of red.
On your way somewhere else?
No, came to see you.
You know, have a drink.
No, I don't think so,
Shane. I'm gonna pass.
What, are you sick?
Why don't you get fit, mate?
You got a goal in life?
Well, do ya?
To have as much sex as possible.
I don't know, is that a
trick question or something
Son, you played for Australia.
You know, how many
people get that chance?
How many would kill for it?
You don't seem to give a rat's.
Ah, OK, if this is a bad
time I'll just come back
You haven't made one single sacrifice.
Like it's nothing to
play for your country.
Well, I never said that.
So, what have you done to earn it?
What, half an hour in the nets?
I mean, look at you. You
can barely run around.
I wouldn't talk if I were you.
I'm not the one with
the opportunity, Shane!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm just not into
health food and jogging.
- You know, it's not really my
- No shit.
Pizzas and parties in Black Rock, eh?
Yeah, that's you.
Right, so why don't you just
go back there and piss off.
Go on, piss off. Stop
wasting everyone's time.
Or show 'em you're serious.
Get fit. Get real.
At least look like you want it.
Well, you know I do.
Yeah, Shane, but there are
a lot of people in suits.
- Is that it?
- They make the decisions.
Blokes like me and you, we don't.
You learn as you go along,
you can't just be Warnie from Black Rock
and get to the top.
They won't let you.
Right, well, you tell me honestly, then.
Do you think I'm good enough?
No, I don't.
But you could be.
You got the raw talent.
- You just need to
- What, get a haircut?
Yeah, that'll be a start.
And just sheer bloody hard work, mate.
Thank you everyone
for taking part today.
It's great to see the boys
from the Aussie Cricket team.
Merv Hughes, Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh.
Thanks for your support today, fellas.
Yeah, that's right. I'm
not even worth a mention.
Well, we've got quite a
few still to finish so relax
and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
You right? Ooh, sorry!
- Sorry.
- Need a hand?
I'm good, thanks.
Can I offer you a drink?
I'm Shane. Shane Warne.
Hi, nice to meet you.
I've got beer and a
bit of sparkling wine.
I'm I'm a cricketer.
I mean, I'm here with the
Australian Cricket Team.
- I thought it was a golf day.
- Well, it is.
But it's like a celebrity
charity golf thing.
I know. I was kidding.
So, does that make you a celebrity?
Guess it kinda does, yeah.
Or a charity.
I actually feel more like a charity.
Yeah, the way I've been
playing, just giving runs away.
Oh, right. You're not
much good then, are you?
No, I'm hopeless.
That's why I'm in the Australian team.
I'm actually
I was in the team,
but I kind of need to
cement my place, you know?
You renovating, are you?
I I can't tell if
you're being serious or
Oh, I'm serious. I'm
a very serious person.
Simone, can we get the
drinks over here please, now?
Yeah, travelling.
Nice to meet you, Wayne.
Hey, ah, Simone.
Could I could I get your
number? We could grab a drink.
I got a whole tray of drinks here,
but you didn't seem very keen, so
Oh, I'm keen, trust me. So keen.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Front arm, come on. Front arm.
You know, who invented the flipper?
Clarrie Grimmet, back
around the First World War.
Took him about 12 years to build up
the confidence to use it in a match.
Twelve years to perfect
it, disguise it, unleash it.
And decades later a bloke
called Bruce Dooland,
he taught it to Richie Benaud.
It took him years to
perfect it and disguise it.
You understand, Shane?
You're part of a secret society, mate.
This is ancient voodoo magic.
Spin it up.
It took a while for me to
really, properly fall in love.
But once I did, I was totally committed.
And I didn't stop until
I was back in the team.
Oh, and he's bowled him.
That has beaten the outside edge.
Shane Warne has struck. What
a wicket this is for Australia.
Steve Waugh, could I trouble you
for a few moments of your time?
Clinch the series and
make it three in a row?
That's what their
Captain, Allan Border says.
I'm here with Aussie
twins, Steve and Mark Waugh.
Tell me, are you feeling confident?
Ah, quietly confident. Yes, I think so.
UK Would you miss not having
the home crowd behind you, Mark?
Oh, a bit, but it's all
part of being on tour.
No, don't.
- Shane, Shane, stop. There's cameras.
- No.
I'm just looking forward to
beating England on their home turf.
All the best, gentlemen.
Thank you so much.
Alright, where where
am I supposed to go?
Warnie! On the bus.
Oh, yeah.
Well, what about Simone?
Non-playing personnel go to Location B.
It's in the itinerary.
Well, can't we just
give her a lift to
On the team bus? No.
It's it's OK. I'll take the train.
- No, hang on she can just jump on
- Shane, move it!
- It's all good.
- Warnie! Come on.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Simone.
Come on. Come with us.
I'll call you, OK? I'll call you.
- Simone?
- Yeah?
Yeah, it's by the near the tap.
Oh, can I borrow it?
Oh, it's a full tube.
I got it for you.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
Hey, Jules?
Do you ever get nervous?
About tomorrow.
The game? Oh, God no.
You want them to win.
Do I?
I mean, yeah, I do.
But then they're out celebrating
for the next three days.
That's when I get nervous.
The women. Everywhere. Groupies.
Right. Shane wouldn't do that.
He wouldn't. He's he's
a really great person.
Do you mean he's a good
person or a great bloke?
What's the difference?
Oh, there's a difference, trust me.
Well, Shane's both.
Gooch, Atherton, Gatting.
Gooch, Atherton, Gatting.
The top three England batsmen.
I paced and I said the names.
Gooch, Atherton, Gatting.
I didn't sleep.
Longest night of my life.
And then, suddenly
I'm at the bowler's
end, ball in my hand.
Mike Gatting on strike.
First ball in Test Cricket
in England for Shane Warne.
We both agreed you weren't
going to spin it too much
for the first few times.
Just land a couple. Get comfortable.
Take your time.
He's done it.
You little ripper! You bastard!
That wasn't what we planned!
He started off with the
most beautiful delivery.
What a bloody ball!
Gatting has absolutely no
idea what has happened to it.
Still doesn't know.
The Gatting Ball.
The Ball Of The Century, they called it.
What a start for Shane Warne.
Mike Gatting, bowled Warne.
It was like I'd pulled off
this incredible magic trick.
I took eight wickets,
got Man of the Match,
and my world exploded.
There's a huge buzz
around me as it appears
the Australian team is now arriving.
Newcomer Shane Warne of
course is the man of the hour.
Oh, is it always like this? In England?
Sim! Wake up. Roll over. You're snoring.
Come on, come this way.
Shane, we'll get caught.
I'm not supposed to be in your hotel.
Well, what are they gonna do, sack me?
I don't care. I love you, Simone.
It's him!
Yeah, it's a quiet night, OK, so
At the ripe old age of 23,
Shane Warne has now been
a match winner for Australia
against Sri Lanka, New Zealand,
the West Indies and England.
Shane Warne is the most
exciting prospect I've seen
Richie Benaud has led Australia
against some of the best.
it was absolutely brilliant.
He started off with the
most beautiful delivery.
Were you as shocked as everyone else
when you got Mike Gatting
with that first ball?
Yeah, well, I got lucky there, didn't I?
Have you got your eye
on the record books now?
Oh, no, not really.
I don't even know what the record is.
Oh, it doesn't matter if
Merv gets eight wickets
and I get one wicket, or whatever.
As long as we, you know, get the win,
it doesn't matter who gets the wickets.
Simone Callahan is the
great love in Shane's life,
apart from cricket.
What was it about Shane?
It wasn't his spin bowling you fell for.
I don't know, I just liked him.
He was a really genuine kind of person
and he was cute, yeah.
All of a sudden, I was the golden boy.
I couldn't seem to put a foot wrong.
Not just on the field
Got him!
but off it as well.
Sponsors queuing up,
TV, radio, magazines.
Oh, it was unreal.
Everywhere I went, everything I touched.
Now, I just need to
kiss a little longer,
if that's OK with you.
- Oh, OK.
- But that was really beautiful.
Yeah. And again, the look around
- Slower.
- slower.
Pretty soon I had the
house, the Ferrari
- That's it!
- the second Ferrari.
You tell me the truth.
Who bleaches his hair?
Richie, how much pressure
is he under, out there?
He's under enormous
pressure and tension.
Everyone tells me that
for any Test cricketer,
his first love has to be cricket.
Are you going to play
second fiddle to cricket?
No, Shane says I'm first, so
he said he'd put me before cricket,
so we'll see how long that lasts.
What he has to do is have
one of the biggest hearts
you've ever seen, and a lot of ability,
and a level head.
And from everything I've
seen of Warne so far,
those are three attributes he has,
and I wouldn't anticipate
that would change.
Remember to disguise what you're doing.
Keep 'em guessing.
Spin bowling is about deception.
Disguise, deceive, destroy.
Ah, that's gonna be my motto for life.
Yeah, well, don't make it
your motto for your whole life, OK, son?
Did you see me and Simone
set a date for the wedding?
Yeah, I saw that.
Oh, you think it's a bad idea?
- TJ.
- It's none of my business.
Seriously. What, you don't like Simone?
Course I like Simone. She's lovely.
It's just you're young.
You're away for months at a time.
Yeah, well, she knows that.
She's she understands.
There's women everywhere.
On tap, if you so desire.
Does she understand that?
Mate, Simone's beautiful.
She probably gets
hassled more than I do.
That stuff, it's not important.
To you or to her?
I just
I reckon she's the one, you know?
My dad loves her to bits.
I look at him and Mum and,
you know, they're awesome.
Dad always says, family, right,
it's the most important thing.
Every boy wants to be
his dad till he doesn't.
TJ, what does that even mean, mate?
You'll find out.
From 1993 onwards, it was non-stop.
200, 300 nights a year on the road.
Test matches. One day
games. 1,000 overs.
5 continents.
Hotel bed, bar, breakfast,
shampoo, rinse and repeat.
You forget what your own bed feels like.
Shane! Here! Shane!
You forget what your
own life feels like.
If you've never been to
Sri Lanka, you should go.
Oh, it's incredible.
Awesome people, beaches, elephants.
I really like elephants.
I also like gambling.
Blackjack, poker roulette.
I love that spinning wheel.
Here we go.
No more bets!
Number 14, red.
What am I looking at?
Mark Waugh, in a casino, not gambling?
Oh, I had to quit while I was behind.
Oh, tell me about it.
I just lost five grand on the roulette.
Gidday, buddy.
Ah, this is John.
I'm Shane. Nice to meet you.
Everyone knows who you are.
You're the greatest
cricketer on the planet.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Yes, you do. You say it
yourself all the time.
So, ah, how're you going?
You live around here?
Sri Lanka? No.
John bets on the cricket.
Ah, here's some advice.
If you ever get introduced
to someone with the words
'this is John, he bets on the cricket'
just run, out the door.
You go to Pakistan next.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, good bowlers.
Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, the two W's.
OK, I'm making this up.
I don't remember what
we really talked about,
except sooner or later
You like the roulette.
Oh, I did, you know, up until tonight.
Still reeling from the loss.
That's from me, for you.
That's $5,000.
You've won me so much money
when I bet on the Aussies.
It's a little present. Take it.
Oh, I can't take that.
Come on, yes you can.
Well, you're very
generous, so thank you.
But, um nah, come on.
You gotta remember, I'm
barely 24. I was a kid.
Which is why the next day,
I met up with John again.
Now, he had the five grand in cash.
No strings attached. A gift from a fan.
That's very kind. This time I took it.
I really appreciate it.
Better pop that in there.
No more bets.
Number 28 black.
And didn't that work out well.
A few weeks later, we're in Pakistan,
four days into a Test match.
I'm sharing a room with Tim May.
Man goes to the moon, right?
No sign of life.
Hello! Wrong planet.
I mean, there's life out there,
it's just obviously not on the moon.
Warnie, what is that?
Strawberry milk. Did you want one?
Is there alcohol in it?
What, in strawberry milk?
Hi, Shane speaking.
Who's this?
Oh, good day mate.
I'm sorry?
Ah, OK.
Saleem Malik.
Pakistan Captain.
No, I know who he is,
but why is he calling you?
He's calling us. Wants us
to go meet him in his room.
10:30 at night, during a Test?
You alright? It sounded
serious on the phone.
You know we can't lose tomorrow.
Well, I think you can.
One day left to play.
I'd say we're in control.
You don't understand. We cannot lose.
It would be devastating for the players.
Bad things would happen to them.
Are you playing mind games at this hour?
'Cause I'm actually pretty tired.
No games. I'm serious.
Maysey! Maysey, Maysey!
Warnie, what'd he say?
$200,000 US in cash.
We can have it tonight.
200 grand, each, for you and me
if we bowl some trash outside off stump.
Well, I'm an off-spinner.
That's how I bowl it anyway.
I'm not joking, alright?
That is what he said.
You're saying Malik offered you a bribe?
No, he's just trying
to mess with your head.
That's what I thought at first, but
I'm pretty sure he's being serious.
What'd you say?
I said, 'Mate, we're gonna win tomorrow.
See ya.' And I left.
What are you laughing at?
It's like you're both 12.
Well, you wouldn't even come
and talk to the guy, alright?
What are we going to do?
I'm just gonna bowl how I bowl.
Except better, obviously.
Maysey, we're on day
four of a Test match,
and the opposing captain offers a bribe?
I mean, I don't know about you,
that has never happened to me before.
Straight away, we call
Tubs Taylor, our captain,
and we told our coach, Bob Simpson.
Unless, of course, we didn't.
There are so many
versions of this story.
Who knew what and when?
Nobody seems to agree,
except Mark Waugh,
Junior as we called him.
A few weeks later, he
says Malik approached him.
How was your night?
Same kind of deal.
200 grand US, in cash, to play badly.
Next day, Junior hit 121 runs.
Bang! There's your answer, Saleem.
Driven well. Does it
carry to the boundary?
It does. Nice looking
stroke by Mark Waugh.
But we lost the match.
We were gutted, especially Junior.
We should have just taken the bribes.
You heard about this
Mark Waugh business?
The news went up the food chain,
all the way to some bigwigs
at the Australian Cricket Board,
which is where it stopped dead,
until a month later
when a Fairfax journo broke the story.
I think this colour.
Pear, like the fruit.
Well, it's looks
yellow. It's like vomit.
Oh, I like it if you like it.
Hey, look who it is.
That's Saleem Malik.
He's the one who offered me the bribe.
Oh, yeah, did you take it?
Could use it for the reno.
Painters will be here tomorrow morning.
Yeah, yeah, go with what you want.
You tell 'em. Go the yellow vomit.
The pear. Yeah, I
I I love the pear.
- Mm.
- It's good.
Oh, I hate people who cheat.
Me too.
Saleem Malik was
eventually banned for life,
but not before my own integrity
was called into question.
And bit by bit, my world
began to go pear-coloured.
Now, Shane, we've had a
journalist asking questions.
Alan Crompton,
Chairman of the
Australian Cricket Board.
It's about a Sri Lankan
bookmaker, talking to players.
Well, I don't know any
Sri Lankan bookmakers.
Yeah, you do. John.
John? Your mate John?
Yeah, he's a bookmaker.
He bets on cricket.
I didn't know John was Sri Lankan.
I think he's actually Indian.
- You spoke to him?
- Yeah.
Has he ever given you money?
Oh, last year he gave me
five grand at the casino.
Why? What's this about?
Well, Mark had an arrangement with him.
I had a few chats with
him about the weather,
state of the pitch.
Just general stuff.
In exchange for money?
Well, it was just general chat.
We spoke ten times.
How many times did you talk to him?
Just the once.
Oh, three times at the most,
but I think he just called to
say Happy Christmas at one point.
Well, we we talked.
Um, you know, like Junior said, pitch.
Weather. Nothing important.
Jesus wept.
Do do you see how any of this looks?
Both of you made bribery accusations
against the Pakistan captain!
Hang on, what's that
got to do with this?
It's completely different.
- Is it?
- Yeah. Ah, it is.
You don't think John the
Bookmaker and Saleem Malik
were maybe, possibly,
working with the same people?
Softening you up with small gifts
so you'd say yes to a bigger bribe?
Hey, I never took any bribe. Ever.
Yeah, me neither.
We're about to tour the West Indies.
For the first time in 20 years,
we've got a chance of beating them
on their home turf!
- Yeah, I reckon we will.
- Yeah.
Without you in the team? Either of you?
Well, hold on!
Hey, I haven't done anything wrong here.
- You took money from a bookmaker!
- Oh, it was a gift.
Oh, gift or no gift, it looks off!
If a reporter decides to run with it
Hang on, I thought you said that
the genie's out of the bottle.
So, we stuff it back in.
Now, you do not talk to a soul.
Not a word.
Suits me.
Alright. We good?
No, Shane, sit back down.
Love what you've done with the house.
Looks gorgeous.
Oh, thank you. Yeah,
we're getting there.
It's beautiful, Simone.
It is a lot of house
for just the two of you.
Oh, what do you reckon, we
should get some flatmates, do ya?
Hey, look at this.
Hugh Grant got busted.
I saw it this morning. Liz
Hurley is standing by her man.
Oh, my God, why? I would
be out the door so fast.
I would not cheat on Liz Hurley.
Or anyone, I hope.
Actually, you probably would, Shane.
Vice Squad detectives say
at 2am on Sunset Boulevard
Oh, I mean hypothetically
Dad, did you see the wall colour
in the office on the way in?
It's pear.
Looks yellow.
What happened with your little problem?
You know, the business
with the bookmaker.
No-one's supposed to know about that.
Jason told me.
Here. That's sharper.
I got fined, right? $8,000.
Mark Waugh copped ten. Ten grand.
What, for just talking to some
random bloke about weather?
Come on, that's ridiculous.
Well, at least they kept it
quiet. It's been months now.
Not a word.
Well, they understand.
Shane made an honest mistake.
Just a few months later
Simone and I got married.
We'd had to postpone it a
couple of times for cricket,
but we got there.
Would I do it again? Hell, yes.
We had three amazing kids.
Being away on tour, missing
the birth of your child,
it's just the worst.
Well, actually, no.
There is one thing worse than that.
Ah, Simone
Give me a West Indian
fast bowler any day.
For the '96 World Cup,
I was back in Pakistan,
the home of Saleem Malik.
What's going on, Shane?
It's my spin finger.
The veins are swelling
right through to the knuckle.
It's killing me.
Plus my shoulder.
I feel like it's coming apart.
What am I supposed to do?
You know a good surgeon?
Seriously, TJ. I can't take time out.
You might have to.
I just kept bowling.
Bowling through '96, '97.
I had fractures, pulls,
sprains, the finger surgery.
I kept bowling.
I had a shoulder joint disintegrating.
Let's pack it in.
I played through 1998 when my
old friend, Sachin Tendulkar,
happily smashed me round the park again.
A another, beautiful
stroke from Tendulkar!
Finally, I flew home.
It's OK. It's going to be OK.
Complete rebuild of my shoulder.
Four screws to keep it in place.
And that's when I got the call.
Hello? Australian Cricket Board.
The new CEO, Malcolm Speed.
There's been a journalist asking
questions, about a bookmaker.
What is this, Groundhog Day?
That was four years ago.
I need to know the full story, Shane.
There is no story. Nothing happened.
Well, clearly something did.
Yeah, and it was dealt with at the time.
The thing is, Shane, if the story's
now going to be published, I
think we should beat them to it.
Release a statement of our own.
Well, now you get the
impression sometimes
that Shane Warne and
trouble are a double act.
Our greatest spin bowler is
back in the headlines again
for all the wrong reasons.
During the course of the
1994 tour of Sri Lanka,
I was approached by a man who asked
me to provide routine information
before Australia's one
day matches on that tour.
He asked me general questions
on what the Australian side
expected from the pitch
and weather conditions,
but at no stage did I discuss
About tactics or selections.
As the Captain of Victoria and
a senior Australian cricketer,
I regularly provide much
more detailed information
to the media before any match I play.
In return for speaking to
me on a handful of occasions,
he offered me $6,000, which I accepted.
He gave me $5,000 and in return,
he spoke to me on several occasions.
Even while this matter has
not been made public until now,
I realise and fully accept
that my actions were naive and stupid.
I've had no contact
with the bookmaker since,
and am very disappointed
and sorry for my actions.
I've always strived to do
the best I can for my country
and I think that the way I've
played and conducted myself
on-field shows that I'm a
cricketer with integrity,
who has never given
anything but his best.
I deeply regret this
action off the field.
I must emphasise that
I've never been involved
in any match fixing or bribery
in any cricket matches
at any stage of my career.
Shane. Shane!
In one of the biggest scandals
to hit Australian cricket,
Shane Warne and Mark Waugh
have publicly admitted
taking money from a bookmaker
during a tour of Sri Lanka in 1994.
Both denied match fixing
No questions allowed?
Cricket Board's idea. To
protect us, supposedly.
It was four years
ago, and I paid a fine.
Everyone knows you
wouldn't risk your career,
not for that.
Hey, people will understand, Shane.
The next day, the press went nuts.
It's been revealed that the
world's greatest spin bowler
People understood, alright.
That I was the worst person ever.
The issue so serious,
even the Prime Minister
wanted to comment.
Australians love their
cricket and anything that
looks as though it's
knocking cricket off its pedal
is something that does
deeply disturb Australians.
I realise, I was very naive and stupid.
So, that's right.
We're back to where we started.
Me and my goddamn shoulder.
Oh, and Steve Waugh.
A complete rebuild of your shoulder,
you can't expect to just jump
straight back in after that.
Sorry, Shane, I'm calling it.
You're not on the team.
I felt betrayed. Angry.
I stayed that way, even when
I was recalled to the team
for the '99 World Cup.
Australia must win two of
its remaining pool matches
to make the next round
of cricket's World Cup,
after New Zealand proved yet
again to be our sporting nemesis.
I was sick of living in
public. I was sick of it all.
I made up my mind to quit.
- You alright?
- Yeah, good.
And then, like it does in my
life, the weirdest thing happened.
Can we talk?
About what?
What do you reckon?
I talked a lot. More
than two fucking weeks
I cursed.
I cried.
I talk to my wife, right?
Simone, she's under that
much, but I don't see it.
I get no support. I go home!
You're Australian Captain.
You are the Captain of this team, mate.
I quit. What am I supposed to do?
Half a dozen times.
You think I don't hear that?
I know. I see it.
Steve Waugh listened.
But if you walk away now, having lost?
You're a lot of things,
Warnie, but never a loser.
And the press, the TV
crews, they all buzz around
because you're the guy.
You're the one everyone wants to see.
Shane Warne.
I know, right?
Just when you think you hate someone.
For the record, we didn't fall in love,
but we won the World Cup.
It's not often that Australia
can sit back and claim
a World Cup in sport,
but our cricketers did it overnight.
They were too good with the
ball, too good with the bat
and too tough overall for Pakistan.
And with the hard work over, it's
now time for the boys to party.
In 2002, I did something
I'd done a thousand times,
dived to stop a ball.
Oh, hello, there's a problem out there,
and Warne has gone down on his shoulder.
Yep. That shoulder.
They'd rebuilt it once already.
An absolute tragedy
for Australian cricket.
That's a sad sight.
The best bowler in world cricket.
I went back under the knife.
Oh, sweetheart. Hey.
- Oh! You're so hot.
- Oh, hi.
This is Dr McDoctor Face.
- Yeah.
- Dr Hoy.
- Yeah.
- We've met. Hi.
You physio-sexual.
Yeah, we've given him
something for the pain.
Oh, no, never would have guessed.
And the shoulder?
I'm scared to ask.
Will he play in the World Cup?
Well, that's a million-dollar question.
That's not really what I was asking.
We'll get him there. Five weeks.
I'll get you fit and
strong, buddy, I promise.
Well, if anyone can do it, it's Shane.
In much of the English
speaking world right now,
there's just one topic of
conversation about Australia.
It's whether Shane Warne can
recover from shoulder surgery
and resume his brilliant career.
Three pushes. Pushing. That's good.
I had five weeks to
get from total breakdown
to World Cup form.
Oh, brutal.
That's good. I know it hurts. I
know you don't like me, alright.
Errol, the physio,
went all-out to get me back into shape,
a massive job for an injury like this.
So, I did what anyone would do.
I popped a bunch of steroids
and sped up the recovery.
Stop. Stop. I'm kidding.
I'm I'm kidding.
Do you think I'm nuts?
We get drug tested.
I did it the old school way.
You can sit up, mate.
Knock-knock! It's only me.
- How's the patient?
- Oh, yeah, it's getting there.
Thanks Errol.
See you this arvo for round two.
You don't look so crash hot.
Yeah, well, I'm having a bit of
a rough time at the moment, Mum.
You look puffy in the
face. Are you overweight?
Well, I can't exactly run
or swim at the moment
You should do something
about your looks.
I just said, I can't run.
So, take a pill.
The Cricket World Cup gets under
way in Johannesburg, South Africa,
in less than 24 hours.
The covers are coming off the
pitch and in headline news,
Shane Warne has been
declared fit to play.
Five weeks of hell and I
made it to the World Cup.
I was seriously proud of myself.
- Hello?
- It's on the list.
- I took a pill
- Shane, hey.
- It's on the list, Sim.
- Sweetheart, take a breath.
Slow down.
It's on the banned substance list.
- I didn't know. The list, Sim.
- What are you talking about?
I've failed a drug test.
It's it's the end of my career.
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