Warrior (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

There's No China in the Bible

War is coming between the Tongs.
If you can scrap, you're in.
Two Chinamen were killed last night.
Yes, by all means, let's keep murder out of the paper.
Careful, dear.
You're married to the government.
Mayor has asked me to start a new Chinatown squad.
Your cop, the young one.
He can't show up in courts, understand? Blood is cheap here, so you'd better learn to adapt.
I can take you out of business as fast as I put you in it.
There will be no peace.
I'm looking for someone.
Who is Xiao Zhang to you? Why are you looking for her? I'll tell her when I see her.
Enough! - You don't belong here.
- This is exactly where I belong.
- Xiao Zhang - Get out! Shit.
You have something for me.
Okay, then.
It's on.
Here it is.
This is bullshit.
This fucking onion shouldn't be here.
Father Jun said work him in, so we're working him in.
You'll see, he can scrap like a motherfucker.
He's too fucking fresh.
I don't like it.
And I thought we were getting along so well.
And I'm thinking maybe you wouldn't have such a smart mouth if I took out all your teeth.
I'd pay to see that.
Come on, we got shit to do.
Just don't get in my fucking way.
Look, it's your first real run, so just hang back, keep an eye out.
- You get me? - I got you.
- Is that everything? - Yeah.
Aah! Hey! What? I think he's dead.
I think you're right.
What the fuck are you doing? That's a shit-ton of molasses! We aren't thieves, and this isn't a robbery.
You think they'll get the message? I think they'll get the message.
Your brother Can we not talk about that? No one can know.
I know.
Do you think it'll be a problem? No.
No, he won't stay.
I know him.
He's a good fighter.
Better trained than your typical Hop Wei.
So are you.
So what? The Hop Wei are stepping up their recruitment.
If we're going to war We should probably do the same.
I think I heard a hint of disapproval there.
- I just want to be ready.
- I know.
We will be.
Xiaojing was a stupid farmer's girl who died in Sun Yang's bed.
He beat me raped me There you go.
- Proper little man.
- Come eat your breakfast.
Molly, come and get some hot toast.
Bring your plate.
Hot, hot, hot, hot.
Good girl.
Thank you.
Just - Who the hell is that? - Put that down.
- Oh, hello, little lady.
- Hello.
- How are we? - Good.
Lee, what are you doing here? The Chief sent me to get you.
Sit, darling.
Ethan, look after your brother, aye? There was a killing down at the Banshee last night.
But I was at the Banshee last night.
- Who was it? - I don't know.
Chief just told me to find you and get our asses over there.
Lord, you really do plow the back forty before breakfast, don't ya? I don't know what that means.
Why does Flannagan want us down at the Banshee? - We're on the Chinatown beat.
- I asked him the same thing but he wasn't in an explaining sort of mood.
- Good mornin'.
- Morning, ma'am.
Apologies for disturbing you at home.
Does it look like we could be more disturbed? This is Officer Lee.
He's on the squad.
We have to go.
Go to your mother.
That accent.
Where are you from, - Officer Lee? - Georgia, ma'am.
You're a long way from home.
It's down the road a piece.
And how does your wife feel about your new assignment? - Chinatown.
- Oh, I'm not married.
What? Handsome lug like you.
There must be someone pining for you back home, then? No, ma'am.
No, uh, not a soul.
All that Southern charm going to waste.
Shame they couldn't charm their way out of getting their asses kicked in the war.
Come on, let's go.
Good day.
Get back here.
Come on in, Molly.
Come on, have some breakfast.
You're a beautiful woman, Li Juan.
Thank you.
It takes work, doesn't it? Beauty.
It takes work and vigilance.
And pain.
I guess so.
But it's a double-edged sword because beauty is an unforgiving canvas.
It makes it harder to conceal the blemishes, the things you don't want others to see.
You're working for the Long Zii.
What? You're working for the Long Zii, and you brought their hatchet man into my house.
Don't worry, Li Juan.
You'll still be beautiful.
Morning, Bill.
- Leeds.
- It's Lee, sir.
Look at this fucking mess, would you? No witnesses? Happened pretty late, from what we can gather.
If we had any, they would have been deep in their cups by then anyway.
There had to have been at least two men, maybe three.
Cut this one's head clean off.
That one put up a fight.
They made a proper mess when they gutted him.
Do you recognize these boys? That one's Morgan.
One missing his head is Davis.
And you think the Chinese did this? This was an assassination by sword, for fuck's sake.
I don't think it was the Chinese I know it was.
Yeah, well, let's keep that part quiet for now, okay? Otherwise we'll be peeling chink stiffs off the sidewalk - for the next week.
- What the fuck is he doing? Lee.
- Yes? - Are we disturbing you? Not at all.
Just making some notes.
Put the man's guts back in his fucking belly.
Jesus! This is your beat now.
- Bring me some murderers.
- Or a murderer.
What's that? With this second fella see, his knife hand it's cut almost clean off.
One blow.
And he's cut pretty deep in the gut.
I've slaughtered cattle and venison, but to cut through a moving body like that active muscle and tissue that's an expert swordsman.
Probably the same man decapitated our first fellow.
See here? It's one swipe.
No struggle, no hesitation.
Bring me my Goddamn murderers.
Dead or alive.
What you just did there? Don't do that again.
Be back in a minute.
- You see those boys out there? - I did.
Fucking savages we're dealing with.
You find those slanty fuckers, you hear me? - Yeah, I hear you.
- We can't have the chinks thinking they can get away with shite like this.
And in our neighborhood.
It will not fucking stand.
In the meantime, as I paid you to keep your boy from testifying against Morgan and Davis, and as dead men cannot stand trial, I'll be wanting that money back now.
Of course.
The thing is, I don't have it all right now.
I thought you were done with the fucking cards, Bill.
They weren't quite done with me, I guess.
Jesus, Bill.
Well, I guess I don't mind owning a cop.
- I'll get you your money.
- That time's come and gone.
With the interest accruing and whatnot, - you'll work it off.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.
Sergeant, uh, the Chief was just wondering where you'd disappeared to.
Where are you from, Officer? - Savannah, Georgia, sir.
- Ah.
You're not Irish.
You make that sound like a character flaw.
It's no fucking attribute.
Taking breakfast breaks, now, are we? - Morning, Mr.
- Chief.
You boys need to head down to the wharf.
- We got some new stiffs.
- The wharf? That's not Chinatown.
Tell that to the dead Chinaman blocking up traffic.
Well, I guess the news isn't all bad, then, is it? Come on, let's go.
Why don't you just leave him alone? Oh.
These are dangerous men.
We go now.
You think you're so tough intimidating an old man? - You're cowards.
- Please, missus.
They don't understand you.
I think they understand me perfectly.
Not bad looking, though.
Wouldn't mind getting sticky with her.
Okay, Uncle.
- Let's sort this shit out.
- Yeah.
Now, you're gonna have some more chop for me - next week, right? - Okay.
Now, I know I said that like a question.
I'm not really asking.
All right, let's go.
What the fuck? Why isn't this area closed off? People gotta get through.
Okay, we'll take it from here.
Again with the damn notebook.
Helps me organize things.
If we tried to solve every Chinese crime These men were butchered, Sergeant.
They're gangsters.
It's an occupational hazard.
You smell that? It's opium.
I don't need your little book to know that this was a tong hit.
And tomorrow, some of their buddies will butcher the guys that did this.
There's plenty more where they came from.
Showing up every day by the boat-load.
You can write that down.
What do they want? They want them.
And they're welcome to him.
Take it we're not gonna write up a report? When it comes to the Chinese, we're not cops.
We're janitors.
Our job is to mop it up and get the hell out of the way before the blades start to fly again.
I warned you about this.
The Hop Wei have controlled the molasses trade for years.
They won't stand by while we break the treaty.
Yeah, but opium is the future.
That's why the Hop Wei resources are growing faster than ours.
If we don't get in now, we won't survive.
This is no time for war.
Not with the duck government trying to drive us out.
The longer we wait, the more powerful - the Hop Wei become.
- And the bigger the target they make for the duck cops.
Did you know they've formed a Chinatown squad? How did you know that? I have my sources in the pond.
What does Li Yong think? I assume you discussed it with him.
He agrees that the Hop Wei are becoming too powerful.
Look at my hand.
I used to be able to snap the bones of a man's hand in mine.
Now my hand shakes, my knees are weak, my heart skips every third or fourth beat.
But if there is one advantage to old age It's perspective.
I need you to trust me.
Sandlot's more crowded than usual.
Why pay for Irish labor when you can get three chinks for the price of one? The regular working man is fucked.
Maybe you should take it up with the men doing the hiring instead of blaming the Chinese.
Just trying to eat, same as everybody else.
What? It's just funny hearing you talk about fair labor practices, considering where you come from.
Just because I'm from the South doesn't mean - I condone slavery.
- Maybe not, but it fed your family just the same, didn't it? I'm just curious are you ever in a good mood, Bill? I'm in a good mood right now.
Look at that.
The rich bitch with a trained chink.
She's even got him in a proper suit and everything.
Hey, sweetheart! You dress me in a fancy suit, I'll follow you anywhere! Hey! I'm talking to you! Listen, I don't know who you are, but you men need to go home and sleep it off.
Are you telling us what to do? You can boss your pet Chinaman around, but you you don't tell me what to do.
I'm sorry.
Come on, Jacob, let's go.
" - He's no fucking "Jacob.
" - Let go of him! Leave me alone! "Jacob" is from the Bible.
This heathen rice nigger ain't in the Bible.
There's no China in the Bible.
Jacob! No! - Jacob! - Don't you talk to me, coolie fuck.
Stupid cunt took a bite out of me! Two of you, huh? Hey, that's enough! You okay? - Yeah.
- Oh, my God! - Just got caught off-guard.
- All right, everybody, mind your business! Show's over! Thank you.
Wait, Officer! He was defending us! He was beating on two citizens.
You, get the other one.
You will not get the other one! Jacob is my valet, and he did nothing wrong.
Neither did this man.
It was these two drunks who attacked us.
I didn't see how it got started, but it wasn't the Chinese fellow who hit me.
- It was that one.
- Look, what I saw was this thug in a tong suit beating on two men and a cop, so he's coming with me.
You, check the other one.
See if they need the hospital.
If they're up to it, - you get their statements.
- Officer! - It's "Sergeant.
" - Sergeant.
I'm Penelope Blake, Mayor Blake's wife, and I'm telling you you're arresting the wrong man.
I don't think so.
Come on.
These are strange fucking times.
The ducks think we're less than human.
We can't own, we can't vote, and yet, somehow, we're responsible for the economic woes of their entire nation.
They hate us because they fear us, and that fear is where we get our fucking edge.
You get me? The Hop Wei keeps that fear alive.
They stay the fuck out of Chinatown, and we all continue to earn.
Yes! - What is it, Chao? - Your boy, the new one.
He's been arrested.
Ah Sahm? - When? - Few hours ago.
Scrapping with some ducks in the pond.
What the fuck was he doing in the pond? - I have no idea.
- You have no idea? You were responsible for him.
Can you get him out? Pay someone off? Are you serious? - We can't just leave him to rot.
- Any halfwit onion knows better than to scrap with ducks in the pond, and I'm not going to reward his stupidity or expose us any more than he already has by trying to get him out.
Got enough of my own fucking problems.
Two ducks were diced last night.
The same two who killed those coolies a few nights ago.
The bulls suspect Chinese vengeance, the Irish are out for blood this arrest just might take the heat off Chinatown.
This is bullshit.
Shut your mouth.
I appreciate your loyalty to Ah Sahm, but it's misplaced.
We don't know him yet not really and this is no time for wild cards.
I never liked that motherfucker anyways.
Name? Do you understand me? Officer Lee You You're wasting your time.
He's probably undocumented.
Just put down "John Chinaman" and let's get on with it.
Can't we get a translator? You'd think there'd be a protocol for this.
There is.
"John Chinaman.
" That's you.
Let's go.
Is this really necessary? House regulations.
You've seen how they live.
Whatever they've got, we don't want them spreading it around here.
- Penny.
- That man they arrested, he wasn't the one who attacked us.
I've asked you not to parade your Chinaman around town.
I can't be perceived as being in the business - of hiring coolies.
- I wasn't parading him around! These two men attacked Jacob.
When I intervened, they went after me, and then this Chinese man saved us.
I tried to explain that to the Sergeant, that he was arresting the wrong man, - but he wouldn't listen to me.
- The man they arrested was a member of the Hop Wei tong, a notoriously brutal gang.
He was carrying weapons and attacked - two law-abiding citizens.
- I was the one - who was attacked! - And thank God you weren't harmed, but you walked a Chinese past the sandlot.
Any idiot could tell you that was a bad idea.
- You all but provoked them.
- That's absurd.
Did you know that the two men arrested for killing Merriweather's coolies were hacked to pieces outside a pub last night? What? - No.
- They're getting bolder.
Coming into our neighborhoods, now.
Killing on our streets.
You think it's a coincidence on the very next day we arrest a Chinese gangster just a short distance from that pub? You don't know that it was him.
And you don't know that it wasn't.
I don't know what I was thinking coming here.
I'm mystified myself.
Penny, dear, hello.
What are you doing here? I might ask you the same thing.
I thought you abhorred the halls of power.
With unmitigated passion.
As do I.
And yet, here we are.
Are you okay, dear? I'm fine.
We miss you at the house.
You should come by, see your sisters.
They're lonely without you.
Not as lonely as I am.
I'm sorry, Daddy, I didn't mean Mr.
- Right on time, I see.
- Afternoon, Mr.
Blake, I'm glad to see you looking so well.
I heard about your unfortunate episode today.
What episode? What's he talking about? Nothing.
I'm fine.
And I don't want to keep you from your meeting.
Are you sure? Tell Nadine and Sophie I'll be by this weekend to see them.
To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.
Euripides said that.
Do you have children, Mr.
Buckley? Good God, no.
Well let's not keep His Honor waiting.
- You're still down here? - Did you hear Flannagan? He's already announced that we caught the Banshee murderer.
- It could be we have.
- We have exactly no evidence - to support that claim.
- Come on.
You saw the way he took those guys on.
Spinning and kicking.
He was like a Goddamn fightin' machine.
- Doesn't put him at the Banshee.
- Yeah? How many guys you ever see can fight like that? And you said it yourself it could have been a single person who did Morgan and Davis.
A killer like that I'd imagine he'd have to move something like the way this guy moves.
And if you're wrong? Well, we still got him for the assault.
And that I saw with my own eyes.
Plus, um, he was wearing Hop Wei colors, so it's a pretty safe bet he's guilty of something.
We're all guilty of something.
Yep, that's the spirit.
Come on! And the price of steel continues to rise, so I was compelled to take a position on credit.
I've had steel being delivered on a weekly basis in anticipation of your order, and every day the order doesn't come, I incur large warehousing costs, as well as carrying costs and interest.
- Mm.
- As you know, I made those purchases based on your assurance that I would be awarded the exclusive contract to lay cable-car track across the city.
I put myself in a precarious position on your word.
If you don't come through with the order soon, - I'll be ruined.
- Now, let's be honest.
Your company was teetering prior to the Mayor's assurances.
- What are you insinuating? - I'm not insinuating anything.
Just pointing out that your position was every bit as precarious before your daughter and the Mayor - were wed.
- You son of a bitch! You think for one minute you're gonna pull the rug out - from under me now? - Gentlemen.
I apologize.
It was not my intention to offend.
Well, I can only wonder what it looks like when it is your intention.
Byron, my word is my bond.
It's just taking us a bit longer than expected to get the funding approved.
We've got the necessary support from the city council, it's just about massaging the numbers a bit.
If I massage the numbers any more, I'll be paying you for the honor of laying track.
Now there's a notion.
I appreciate the visit, Byron.
Give me a week.
Two at the most.
Miss Carlson will show you out.
Not a happy man.
What exactly is the hold-up? I thought we had all the approvals in place.
We do, but establishing a cable-car network across the city is an enormous undertaking.
An enduring legacy for any mayor.
I just want to make sure we did our due diligence on Mercer.
Measure twice, cut once.
I did give him my word.
And he gave you his daughter.
Apparently we both know how to drive a hard bargain.
You're a cold bastard, Buckley.
You're welcome, Mr.
- Excuse me, Sergeant.
- Mm? I need you to take me to the prisoner.
This is highly unusual, Mrs.
It's been an unusual day.
Does the Mayor know you're here? I don't know why that would concern you.
Well, keeping my job is what concerns me.
In which, case it would behoove us both to be discreet.
I'm sorry if I was a little short with you out in the street earlier.
There was a lot happening.
It doesn't matter.
You were going to arrest him no matter what, weren't you? Well, he's a criminal, ma'am, and that's generally what I do with criminals I arrest them.
Well, in this case, you arrested the wrong man.
I was working these streets when you still had your baby teeth, so you'll excuse me if I consider my judgment to be a bit more sound in these matters.
There's your boy.
I'll give you a few minutes.
It should be more than enough, considering he won't understand a word you say.
I'm Penny.
Penny Blake.
It was me that you helped earlier.
I don't know if you recognize me.
Um This was mine.
You brought it back for me.
Anyway, uh I don't know if you can understand me but I wanted to say how sorry I am that this happened to you.
I know you were only trying to help us.
I don't know what I'm doing here, I just I wanted to thank you and I want you to know, I will do everything I can to help you.
They're saying you killed those two men outside the pub last night.
But you don't look like a murderer to me.
I'm sorry.
I wish there were more I could do.
I'm not a murderer.
Very nice.
Very nice.
Mm Okay.
So - Ah Sahm.
- He was a fool, scrapping in the pond like that.
- And Father Jun? - Ah, he's washed his hands.
Can you blame him? No.
The itchy onion he mean something to you? No.
He just seemed - promising.
- Ah.
A promising hatchet man.
I know.
I don't suppose you have any influence there? Well, not the kind you need.
He bloodied those two ducks pretty good.
And now they're gonna try to pin that double murder on him, too.
It's not a great time for the Hop Wei - to be losing good fighters.
- Father Jun and Long Zii have always managed to keep the peace.
Long Zii isn't calling the shots anymore.
Either way war is good for business.
But not for Chinatown.
Chinatown isn't going anywhere.
I keep hearing about this "Exclusion Act.
" It'll never pass.
Bad for business.
You work every angle, don't you? It's a gift.
One of these days that gift will get you killed.
America isn't a place to live a long life.
My philosophy is, "the fast die rich.
" Hopefully in that bed upstairs with a duck girl riding me like a thoroughbred.
How did you learn to speak English? I had an American grandfather.
How does that even happen? It's kind of a a long story.
This is incredible.
You can speak to the police, tell them what happened.
It won't help.
I'm John Chinaman.
No one wants to hear John Chinaman speak English.
You heard the cop.
I'm already guilty.
They needed a Chinese scapegoat and I served myself up on a fucking platter.
But you can't just give up.
You have nothing to lose.
I've already lost.
Gotta shut things down in here, now.
You have to try.
What is this? What the fuck do you want? I asked you a question.
What the hell does he want? His men killed last night.
That's got nothing to do with me.
They paid me, and I walked away just like I was supposed to.
He think maybe you double-cross.
Well, you tell him if he doesn't get out of here right now, he's gonna walk away with a big fucking hole in his face.
I tell him later.
You tell him now.
Well, now he busy.
The fuck are you talking about? Get rid of the body, Chao.

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