Warrior (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

John Chinaman

1 (BOTH GRUNTING) YOUNG JUN: We aren't thieves, and this isn't a robbery.
I think they'll get the message.
MAN: There was a killing down at the Banshee last night.
MAN 2: When it comes to the Chinese, we're not cops.
We're janitors.
FATHER JUN: The Hop Wei are stepping up their recruitment.
If we're going to war, we should probably do the same.
DYLAN LEARY: I thought you were done with the fuckin' guards, Bill? I guess I don't mind ownin' a cop.
WANG CHAO: The boss suspects Chinese vengeance.
The Irish are out for blood.
(MEN GRUNTING) You're arresting the wrong man.
I don't think so.
You can't just leave him to rot.
His arrest just might take the heat off Chinatown.
BILL O'HARA: Put down John Chinaman and let's get on with it.
I will do everything I can to help you.
They needed a Chinese scapegoat.
I'm already guilty.
Do you mind if I join you for a minute? Seems you already have.
No one's ever accused me of being overly polite.
I hear congratulations are in order.
Word is, you'll be getting exclusive city contract to lay track for the new cable car lines.
Well, nothing's official yet, but yes, all indications are that the city will be accepting my bid.
That's gotta be a hell of a windfall.
Even for a rich fellow like yourself.
These are hard times for all of us, Mr.
Some more than others, Mr.
Leary, I know why you're here.
When construction begins, I'll need a small army of skilled workers 100 jobs, maybe more.
I guess you do know why I'm here.
You're here to intimidate me, and you can believe me that I didn't become a rich fellow by being easily intimidated.
But the mayor's office is drilling down on me hard, so I'll tell you what.
I'll hire on your recommendation, and in return, you will help me to keep salaries manageable.
What do you think? I think our city need more patriots like you.
And naturally, in performing this service, you'll charge me a consulting fee.
Only what you think is fair.
I'll leave you to your breakfast.
The State versus John Chinaman.
Two counts of aggravated assault in the first degree.
Your Honor, it should be noted, and the police in attendance can confirm that this defendant is also the prime suspect in a double homicide.
It is the People's intention to prosecute this man for those crimes as well, so perhaps we should delay these proceedings Your Honor, to wit, no murder charges have been filed against my client.
As such, any allegations have no bearing on today's arraignment.
Stanton, have you been personally presented with evidence to support these additional charges? No, not yet, Your Honor, but the police assured me that it will be forthcoming.
You should know better, Mr.
Until you file charges, my hands are tied.
The murders are out, Mr.
On the assault charges, how does the defendant plead? Not guilty, Your Honor.
It's a clear-cut case of self-defense.
Uh, the two victims, Seamus and Paul O'Shea, are prepared to testify to the contrary.
Does the defense have any witnesses? No, Your Honor.
Imagine that.
The trial is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.
Until then, the defendant will be held without bail until a verdict is rendered.
Next case.
Bill, a word, please? - I'm a little busy right - Then I'll be quick.
I appreciate the fact that you made the arrest.
We all do.
But there's no satisfaction in watching the wheels of justice diminish the chink's crimes.
You're worried about the judge? He wasn't moved by the notion of a double homicide.
Well, the assault charges'll stick.
We got two victims testifying.
We want the murder, Bill.
And this fucking judge Well, maybe you can talk to the prosecutor, cook up some grounds for a new judge.
That will take too long.
The people I speak for have already convicted this chink.
So I'm thinking we may as well skip the trial, and get right to the sentence.
Good afternoon, Mai Ling.
I am sorry for the interruption, but I wanted to personally deliver this week's casino receipts.
Well, I assume, if you delivered this yourself, you're here for more than just a pat on the back.
The box is full, but not as full as it could be.
I'm listening.
Our capacity is limited.
Every night, we turn away players.
That's money walking out our door.
And you have a suggestion? If I remove one of the bars, the one against the south wall, I could fit in six or seven new tables.
And how much of our revenue do the bars generate? 30%, between the two.
And how long to renovate? Three weeks, maybe four.
Make it three.
Don't I need Long Zii's permission to make these changes? Well, you just got it.
Is there a problem, Ji Huang? No, Mai Ling.
I'm sorry.
I I'll start work immediately.
Yes, you will, and on half salary until the renovations are complete.
Incentive to work quickly.
What is it? Your brother was arrested yesterday.
Of course he was.
I should should've been home that day, girls.
Doug was never there! Phillip.
You look lovely, as always.
- Get the fuck out of here! They told me I might find you here.
Yeah, they told me you might too.
What? Who? Mr.
There's a pleasant fella.
- Gareth.
- Aye.
Will you get Mrs.
Blake a drink, please? Oh, no, thank you.
It's a bit early, isn't it? - No, not if you pace yourself.
Since we both know this is not a social call, could you please just just get on with it? The Chinese man you're defending is innocent.
He was only protecting my manservant and me from those Irish thugs.
Your manservant? Phillip.
I'm sorry, there's really nothing I can do at this point.
Put me on the stand.
I'll testify that he was coming to our defense.
Let's put the mayor's wife on the stand to testify on behalf of a Chinese enforcer.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong? [SOFT SCOFF.]
Look, even if I thought it would help, which it wouldn't, not even a little bit, Buckley has made it excruciatingly clear that if I let you anywhere near this case, then I lose my job.
And I'm sorry, but in this economy, career opportunities for drunk lawyers are just eh, not what they used to be.
What's happened to you, Phillip? You are not seriously asking me that, are you? Do you really think so little of me now? It doesn't matter what I think anymore.
You made your choice.
And apparently you made yours.
He doesn't belong in prison.
He doesn't belong in this country.
Proudly the note of the trumpet is sounding [DOOR CLANKS SHUT.]
Loudly the war cries Arise on the Gael Fleetly Shut the hell up! [KEYS JINGLING.]
Go on.
- Go on.
You boys behave yourselves, you hear me? [WIND WHOOSHING SOFTLY.]
What the hell is he doing? Hey, panface.
Open your goddamn eyes.
Fuck you.
- [YELLS.]
What the hell kind of chink are you? What the hell kind of cop are you? You can speak English? You sneaky bastard.
If you could speak this whole time, how come you didn't say anything? It wouldn't have helped.
I guess not, not while you're wearing a Hop Wei suit, anyway.
You think because you wear that uniform, you're any different? Well, I don't go around assaulting people.
No, you bring in assholes like this to do it for you.
Least I have the balls to use my own hands.
And look where it got you.
The only reason I'm in here is because my skin is a different color than yours.
Your skin is not the reason you were arrested.
I think you know that it is, just like you know it's the reason they'll convict me.
Strange, the way you can talk.
If I close my eyes, you could be anyone.
Is it safe for me to come in there and drag those guys out? [UNEASY MUSIC.]
I can't make any promises.
What in the world? Shift's over, Lee.
Go home.
You had another cell, but you threw them in with him.
Which part of "shift's over" do you not understand? Go the fuck home.
I saw you with Leary.
You put them in with him deliberately.
Well, if it bothers you so much, you can move them.
Were you speaking English? Ah, mm.
John Chinaman.
When can I expect a little one from you? [LAUGHTER.]
Now put that down.
Eat your food.
Come on, stop playing around.
Your ears broke? - Get the damn door, boy.
- That was a fine one.
- What'd you have to drink? - Mm Could you grab some more of that, please? - [BLOW LANDS.]
Go, go! Oh, Seamus, no! Ah! [YELLS.]
Children, come here.
Come to me now.
What the fuck is this? You have a beautiful family, Mr.
How the hell are you talking to me? Be grateful for it.
If I couldn't talk to you, we wouldn't be able to negotiate.
And if we couldn't negotiate, you'd already be dead.
Negotiate? [GRUNTS.]
What the hell are you talking about? [GRUNTS.]
No-no-no-no You and your son will not come to court tomorrow.
You will not testify.
The hell I won't! [WOMEN GASP.]
And in return, we'll leave your family alive.
You get away from her.
It would be a lot of work, I imagine, burying a family this large.
We won't testify.
We won't go.
I'm gonna take you at your word.
- Oh I suggest you take me at mine.
The State versus John Chinaman.
Two counts of aggravated assault.
All right, Mr.
Let's get on with it.
Are you ready to call your first witness? Neither witness appears to be here, Your Honor.
The witnesses are not here? That is correct, Your Honor.
And do you have any notion as to where they might be? I do not, Your Honor, therefore, I ask that the court may indulge a short continuance until the victims can be located.
- I object.
Order! Order! Your Honor, both Paul and Seamus O'Shea had ample notification for the time and the place of this trial.
Their absence is a slight to the offices of this court and to my client's right to due process.
Any continuance would only serve to condone this disrespect and to give affirmation to what is clearly a delay tactic.
I tend to agree with you, Mr.
Coleman, and without any substantiating testimony, I see no good reason to proceed.
- Order! Order! Your Honor, if we release the accused, the chances of locating him again are very slim.
May I remind the court that he's still a prime suspect in a vicious double homicide? And may I remind you, Mr.
Stanton, that I've already ruled on that matter? - And until the police - What the hell is happening? Coleman fucked us.
Be ready to move.
another word about it.
I applaud your zeal, but not at the expense of the law.
Your Honor, there are mitigating circumstances.
Yes, maybe, but you do not seem to have any idea as to what they are.
The charges are dismissed.
The defendant is free to go.
Order! Order! Filthy Chinaman! Get out! [CROWD ROARING.]
Friends! Friends, I share your anger and your outrage! As you know, my wife my wife was a victim of this attack as well.
It's a sad day for our city when our citizens cannot walk the streets in broad daylight without fear from a from a foreign criminal element.
What's worse, our own courts cannot uphold the very protections put in place to keep us safe.
And so, I say here today, in front of all of you, this will not stand! [CROWD CLAMORING AGREEABLY.]
You have my word that I will devote every resource necessary to ensure the safety and sanctity of every man, woman, and child of our great city.
God bless you all, God bless San Francisco, and God bless the United States of America.
You are one lucky son of a bitch.
I would've bet a week's pay they were gonna hang you out to dry.
Well, sorry to disappoint you.
That crowd will tear you to pieces.
And here, I thought you didn't care.
Well, believe it or not, scraping dead chinks off the sidewalk stops being fun after a while.
At the end of this hall is a doorway to some stairs that'll take you down to a service exit at the back side of the building.
Keep your head down and stick to the side streets.
Don't thank me.
Just stay on your side of the line.
You don't have three more guys waiting for me down there, do you? It'd take more than three, wouldn't it? I thought that went well.
What? You didn't say anything directly about the Chinese.
You didn't talk about jobs.
You want me to condemn the Chinese in public speech? To vilify the city's greatest source of cheap, expendable labor, and by extension, the men who profit from it? Merriweather and his cronies would crucify me.
They'd pull their support, and I'd be dead in the water this time next year.
So instead, you'll turn your back on 20,000 Irish votes? I'm not turning my back on anyone.
I'm cracking down on Chinese crime.
That won't put food on anyone's table.
Well, I can't do anything about that if I'm not reelected, can I? Ambivalence won't get you reelected.
This city's becoming a powder keg.
You're gonna have to pick your poison.
I thought that's what I just did.
You know, Buckley, you're a smart man, and God knows I wouldn't be here without you, but every once in a while, you could stand to shut the fuck up and let a man have his goddamn moment.
So, how are you finding America so far? [SIGHS.]
You don't seem happy to see me.
Well, last time I got in a carriage with you, I ended up getting branded.
You're welcome.
Where's Young Jun? Young Jun didn't send me.
Father Jun has a strict policy about that.
As far as the Hop Wei are concerned, you were on your own the minute you stepped foot outside of Chinatown.
I thought you were Father Jun's bitch.
You see any colors on me? - No.
- No, you don't.
That's because I work for one man, and one man only, and that's me.
Get me? When the witnesses didn't show, I figured the Hop Wei were behind it.
Well, you also figured it'd be a good idea to take out some ducks in broad daylight, so maybe figuring isn't exactly your strong suit.
Matter of fact, I'm here courtesy of Mai Ling.
Who the hell is Mai Ling? [LAUGHS.]
See, now, that might be the smartest thing you've said since I first met you.
Maybe you won't die so soon after all.
Still, I can't help but wonder, why would Long Zii's pretty bird concern herself over a Hop Wei onion, hm? No? It's okay.
I can wait.
Anyway, this Mai Ling, who you don't know, asked me to deliver a message, and that message is this: Get out of San Francisco right now.
She didn't say "or else," but it was definitely implied.
It's not a bad idea.
I seem to recall some drunk asshole telling me that I can't leave.
I know.
You, my friend, are well and truly fucked.
Welcome back, motherfucker.
Get your onion ass over here! We got a few days of drinking to catch up on.
Now, I don't want to see you sipping this shit.
We're partying tonight.
So how did you get out? Ah, no idea.
The judge and lawyers started shouting at each other.
I didn't know what they were saying, but next thing I know, they were sending me on my way.
So you're just one lucky fucking onion, is that it? Go spend a few nights in that cell, see how lucky you feel.
All right, enough of this shit.
He was in.
Now he's out.
Drink up.
Evening, boys.
Does anyone want to tell me how one skinny chink managed to beat the piss out of all three of yous? He's like a fucking demon.
- Shut the fuck up.
- He just moved around like I should leave you all in here, for all the good you've done me, you worthless cunts.
But I don't want to hear it from your fucking wives.
Now get the fuck out of my sight before I change my mind.
Ow! [SIGHS.]
It's hard to find good help.
You and me, we're square now, right? You've got bigger concerns, Bill.
Your bust didn't hold up.
That yellow bastard just made a fucking fool out of you.
What are you gonna do about that? Hm? [BROODING STRING MUSIC.]
Your Scotch.
Sit with me for a minute.
You're upset with me.
I'm sorry.
Politics and marriage are a fraught combination, but ultimately, it worked out, didn't it? The result is what matters.
Your, uh, [LAUGHS.]
defender walked away a free man, and I delivered a speech establishing the platform for my reelection, which will, uh, benefit us both.
All's well that ends well.
Isn't that right? I suppose so.
So, why don't we forgive each other and get on with our lives? [EXHALES.]
Yeah! [LAUGHS.]
All right! Shut your holes! I'm making a toast here.
Raise your glasses to our brother Ah Sahm, the toughest motherfucker in Chinatown! - Yeah! - Yeah! He fucked up a couple of mick ducks in their own pond.
- Yeah! - And when he had enough - Yeah! - He walked right out of jail like it was no big thing and came back home! [ALL CHEERING.]
Whoo! You gonna drink with me? Yes, I am.
- You good? - Sure.
You look good for a guy who just spent two nights in duck jail.
By any other standard, you look like hammered shit.
How was it in there? I don't recommend it.
What the hell were you doing out there anyway, man? I looked away for one minute, and you were gone.
I know.
I'm I'm sorry about that.
The streets are still a little confusing to me.
I had no idea I left Chinatown.
The white faces are usually a dead giveaway.
Yeah, I know that now.
Look, from now on, you stay close.
You get me? I get you.
Now look at us.
Surrounded by all this sticky, and we're standing here with our cocks in our pants like a couple of old fucking codgers.
Huh? Oh, here we go.
Come here, little girl.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on! - [SOFT LAUGHTER.]
- Whoo! - [CORK POPS.]
We were just celebrating Ah Sahm's release.
Where is he? I interrupted your celebration.
Where's my drink? And another for Ah Sahm.
Look at your arm.
Look at it.
That's the seal of the Hop Wei.
That seal doesn't make you any more Hop Wei than that fucking suit does.
What makes you Hop Wei is your undying devotion to the tong, to your brothers in it, and to the rules by which we live.
I don't know what the fuck you were doing out there, but you weren't with your brothers, you weren't with me, which means you had no fucking business being out there at all.
Get me? I get you.
I don't think you do.
It's partly my fault.
I skinned you in without a proper initiation, and by doing so, I failed to impart this lesson to you.
I diminished the importance of the tong.
And now I have to correct that.
Drop your hands.
Drop your fucking hands.
- [YELLS.]
Very good.
Now, it's fucking time for a drink.
Ah Sahm! ALL: Ah Sahm! Ah Sahm.
Whoo! Ah Sahm! - Whoo! - Yeah! Yes! I see Father Jun didn't spare the rod.
- Probably had it coming.
- It was a stupid move.
You went to the pond looking to scrap.
- No, that's not what I did.
- Well, that's what happened.
I didn't think it would turn into a thing.
You didn't think at all.
You could've spent the rest of your life rotting in some duck prison.
But I didn't.
Only a fool considers dumb luck validation.
Well, as much as I'd love to stay and bask in your disapproval [SIGHS.]
What did you see over in the pond? [SIGHS.]
We're not people here.
We're cattle.
And they'll never stop seeing us that way.
They'll stop when we make them stop.
Most of our people are content being oppressed.
I'm not one of those people, and neither are you.
We're a nation of warriors, not slaves.
What do you want from me? I want you to take better care of yourself.
I have plans for you.
Really? You're gonna start a revolution in a brothel? Barrooms and brothels are where revolutions are usually born.
You want company? I have company, thanks.
Good evening, Mai Ling.
Rough day? You heard about it.
A minor setback.
I take a longer view of things.
In this very minor setback lies a larger opportunity.
The mayor now has to show he's hard on Chinatown crime.
He couldn't care less where the hammer falls.
Hop Wei, Long Zii, it's all the same to him.
But luckily, I have you to aim the hammer.
In theory, that's true, but what have you done for me lately? I've broken the treaty, and signaled to the Hop Wei that we're getting into the opium business.
Yes, and they killed your men and burned your shipment, a shipment I took great pains to secure for you, by the way, and you still haven't retaliated.
My husband's still urging restraint.
You assured me the old man wouldn't be a problem.
He won't be.
You just have to take the long view, Mr.
Have the police start pressing the Hop Wei, and leave the rest to me.
And the opium? I'll need another shipment.
And I'll need to see blood in the streets.
You'll have your blood.
I believe I will.
It's you.
How did you You followed Jacob.
This is really nice.
Very, um well, it's clean.
My husband is asleep upstairs.
- If he finds you in our home - Don't worry.
- I won't be staying long.
- You won't be staying at all.
You need to leave now.
You're coming off a bit, like, rude.
I saw you today.
Were you gonna testify on my behalf? I was gonna try.
Please, you have to go.
Now I'm starting to get the sense you'd like me to leave.
What do you mean, try? My husband is the mayor.
He would've been better served with your conviction.
Either way, I don't need your money.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know how else to thank you.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
Well, you know, you could ask my name.
Here's a hint.
It's not John Chinaman.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
What is your name? It's Ah Sahm.
- Ah Sahm.
- Yeah.
- I'm Penny Blake - Penny Blake.
I remember.
Well, have a good night, Penny.
Why did you do it? Why did you defend me? Because I'm an idiot.
- I mean it.
- No, so do I.
You called me a coward in the shop.
I guess I wanted you to know that I wasn't one.
Why would you care what I think? Because I'm an idiot.
I'm sorry to have misjudged you.
No, you just saw what everyone around you sees.
We're not all like that, you know.
No? Really? What are you like, Penny Blake? You have a good night.
Ah Sahm? I don't think you're a coward.
And I don't care what you think.
Evening, Seamus.
I missed you in court today.
Well, you have to understand, Mr.
Leary, those slanty fuckers showed up here and threatened my family.
You should've come to me.
My children, they were going to slaughter my children.
You should have come to me! Mr.
Leary, please.
Who's that out there? The fire brigade.
Here to make sure the fire doesn't spread.
What fire? No! No! What are you doing? No! - [GLASSES SMASH.]
Oh! Let's go, come on! - Everyone out! - Out of the house! Quickly! Get out! Come on! You with me.
Come on! Run! - Run, quickly! - [PANTING.]
Come on, kids.
Run! Keep going.
Take your family and leave San Francisco tonight.
I don't ever want to see you here again.
Let's go, kids.
Let's go.
Check Young OZI right here Check, check [RAPPING IN CHINESE.]
Goddamn bout time to [RAPPING IN CHINESE.]
100 carat diamond [RAPPING IN CHINESE.]
You can't see me coming I'm a [RAPPING IN CHINESE.]
I flex hard I'm a diamond Crush me all you want I'ma take no damage bling, bling, bling That's how we do you can call me HP Printing paper by the minute yeah We going big, repping FP Now we down with this business yeah Tracks go flame when I'm in it yeah Diamond, diamond, diamond, whoa Gang, gang, gang, gang I'm making bank, bank, bank [RAPPING IN CHINESE.]
I flex hard I'm a diamond Spitting fire like a savage You should quit rapping cut the jaw jack 'cause Your track whack all y'all flow trash Come take me on a challenge yeah Goddamn it I'm on a rampage I can't hold back these emotions Man I just can't manage You can't imagine how a kid on this island Can spit like a god but it doesn't matter I'm no Marshall Mathers I'm Lucious Lyon I'm building my empire I'm gravity-defying I'm like the Wright brothers Told myself that I'ma Go ahead and make a deal with Lucifer I'm a deadly punisher I got no mercy on this lyric massacre 'Cause low-key that's my guilty pleasure Let's start it from the bottom From the day I started rhyming A disciple to the rhythm I became addicted to this adrenaline And now I stand in front of people [ENGINE REVS.]

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