Warrior (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

Man on the Wall

Now, he doesn't look very dead
to me, does he?
Relax, Chao. It's over.
You know they're gonna hang him,
I'm going to Chinatown!
Who's coming?!
It's Chao, goddammit! Let me in!
Why are you helping me?
MAI LING: We may not like each other,
but today, we're Chinese,
and they're not.
And that's all that matters.
YOUNG JUN: We spend every day
living in their world,
but today
they're gonna die in ours.
[engine revs]
[low somber music]

[quiet chatter]

[woman crying]

Oh, for God's sake.
[indistinct chatter]

It's a good likeness.
What the fuck happened to you?
You caught outside yesterday?
This was unrelated.
I got cocky.
- Who was it?
- It's okay.
I didn't leave anyone alive
for you to punish.
You shouldn't be out like this.
After yesterday,
just needed to come outside
and make sure it was still here.
Looks like you had quite the day.
- Oh, that?
That's just a painting.
- Nose is too big.
- [laughs]
Regardless, it's an opportunity.
You're a symbol to your people.
- It's paint on a wall.
It'll fade.
But it's here now.
People will follow you.
You could win a war.
Or end one.
- I don't call the shots.
Young Jun does.
Young Jun doesn't have
his face on a wall.
- Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- [groans]
- Let's get you home.
- No.
Do you know why I'm alive?
Because Mai Ling saved me.
She's done some terrible things,
and she'll probably
do more of them.
But when she saw me dying,
she stepped in to save me.
This place,
none of us can be our best selves.
We're too busy just trying
to survive.
We need a hero. [chuckles]
Someone to remind us
who we really are,
or who we could be.
[mysterious music]
Maybe it's time
you were that guy on the wall.

I'm nobody's hero.
That's exactly
what a hero would say.
[scoffs] Come on.
[dramatic music]

[dramatic spaghetti western music]

[blade swishes]
What the fuck is this?
I can't do it anymore.
Lee, wait.
Look, we all think that
from time to time,
and after yesterday
I can't say I blame you,
but yesterday was not
business as usual.
Wasn't it?
Hooligans killing the Chinese,
gangsters killing hooligans,
and police in the middle
unable to do a damn thing
- about any of it.
- Listen.
We're not meant to succeed, Bill.
We're just bagging flies
for politicians
while they count their votes.
That's what I've been telling you
since the day you got here.
Then why do it?
Because there's still
a chance, Lee.
In between all the shit
and all the politics,
there's still a chance every day
to do some good,
to keep the peace.
I've seen enough war
to know the value in that.
And in lining your own pockets.
You're a smart guy, Lee,
so I'm not gonna try to tell you
I haven't made mistakes,
and God knows they've cost me.
I haven't known you for very long,
but I do know that
you're better than this.
I hope one day
you actually believe that.
You're young.
But maybe it's not
because you're young.
Maybe it's just because
you're a better person than me.
Either way
We need you here.
I need you.
Don't quit. Not now.
[brooding music]

I'm sorry.
I just don't think
I'm cut out for it.
You can teach a pig to hunt,
but that don't make him a dog.
And what does that mean?
It means you're a cop;
not anything else.

Guess I'll find out.

It's easier
when it's another tong.
Then you can at least
plan a counterattack.
But you can't fight an entire city
or country, for that matter.
No, I guess you can't.
I guess I'm relieved
to hear you say that.
It's hard not to want to, though.
Yes, it is.
But believe me.
The battles
you choose not to fight
are every bit as important
as the ones you do.
I'm sorry about everything.
I really didn't want it
to happen that way.
Maybe that was the fight
we both needed.
We had our heads
so far up our own asses,
something had to give.
You grow old on the outside,
but inside
Inside I still feel like I'm 25
and itchy as shit,
and that's a dangerous feeling
for a man my age.
It's good to have you back.
I'm not back.
It's your show now.
[brooding music]
You know that weight you feel,
that worry that
you can't quite pinpoint?
Learn to live with it.

Well, you inherited
one hell of a mess there,
Mr. Buckley.
That incident in Chinatown
the other day was a nightmare.
- A real black eye on this city.
- Yes, it was.
A holdover from
my predecessor's weak position
on the Chinese problem.
It's my position that
the Chinese don't belong
in this country, Mr. Oswald.
Captains of industry like you
and you, Mr. Clemmons,
continue to build your fortunes
around Chinese labor,
you'll be in for
a terrible reckoning
when the federal government
finally expels them.
- [exhales sharply]
[glass clacks on table]
We had hoped you would take
a more sympathetic approach,
Mr. Buckley.
If you intend on
going down this road,
you'll lose a lot of
friends around here.
We're not friends, Mr. Clemmons.
The sooner you understand that,
the sooner you'll sit back down
and we can make a deal.
A deal?
You gentlemen will be among
the first to support my position.
And in exchange
for your patriotism,
I'm going to offer you
Very quietly
A handful of financial incentives
to mitigate your
increased labor costs.
Are you happy, Mr. Buckley?
They killed him in the street
like a dog.
we'll have to pick this up
another time.
- Yeah.
- Sir.
Mrs. Blake,
would you like a drink?
They lynched Jacob,
and you didn't make
a single arrest.
Lower your voice,
or do you want everyone
to hear you grieving
the wrong man?
You could have told the truth.
You know Jacob
didn't murder Samuel.
Do I?
But instead you were determined
to cast yourself as the hero
for your new constituency.
I'm going to see
that you pay for this.
You know,
I used to enjoy coming here
because no one bothered me.
You made this happen.
You may as well
have killed him yourself.
- I'm sorry.
Who are we talking about here?
I'm losing track,
what with the trail of bodies
in your wake.
You just inherited
the Blake fortune.
Without Jacob, you'd be on trial
for murdering your husband.
So if you're here
to express your gratitude,
pull up a stool.
Now be a good widow and go home.
Nelson, can we help Mrs. Blake
to her carriage?
She's clearly very distraught.
- Of course
- I'm fine.
You like to sit there
in the shadows,
pulling everyone's strings.
We'll see how you like it
when someone else
starts pulling on yours.
[tense music]

Place is quiet, huh?
We'll bounce back.

So Father Jun saved your ass, huh?

I've been in some bad scraps,
but I gotta tell you,
when I was staring into the barrel
of that asshole's gun,
I didn't think it.
I knew I was dead.
It got real quiet.
Everything just slowed down,
and I could just feel it,
you know?
And then there he was.
My father.
Just like he's always been,
yanking my dumb fucking ass
out of the fire.
It was like he knew
I would need him.

I don't know if I'll ever
be the leader he was.
He was young once too.
I don't know.
Sometimes I think he came
out of the womb
with that little beard
and his dead eye
already calling the shots.
[both chuckle]

Mai Ling reached out.
What for?
I think she's feeling vulnerable
without the Fung Hai.
Wants to get the lay of the land.
How do you wanna handle it?
I'll just tell her
exactly how it's gonna be
- from here on out.
- [scoffs]
- She's gonna love that.
- Yeah.
I'm looking forward to it,
I'm gonna go check on Ah Toy.
Give her my best.
Feels wrong getting sticky
when she's in such bad shape.
- So you're just gonna go home?
- No.
I'm just gonna enjoy it less.
[both laugh]
[dramatic music]


Well, I'm just kind of enjoying
not being the one
lying in bed bleeding.
I guess this is a bit of a switch.
Ah Toy, whoever did this to you
I took care of it.
Next time
maybe invite me along, okay?
You're not alone in all of this.

This wasn't something I'd planned.
Now you're really
starting to sound like me.
[footsteps approaching]

[speaking Cantonese]
I'm sorry.
Is there something
I can help you with?
What? You speak English?
Yeah, and you mangle Cantonese,
so who are you?
I'm sorry.
I came as soon as I could.
The police had the roads blocked.
I told you not to come.
God, you're running a high fever.
I'm taking you to my house.
- My doctor will care for you.
- No.
You've been badly hurt.
I think I survive.
But if no,
I die here,
not in some white lady house.
Well, fine.
Well, then I'm staying here.
Unless you're gonna
kick me out again.
- You wouldn't go.
- No.
No, I wouldn't.
Well, this all
makes perfect sense.
I'm Ah Sahm, by the way.
Nellie. Davenport.
I'll check on you in the morning.

Thank you.
[brooding music]

Don't belong here.
I belong wherever you are.
- You don't know me.
- Oh, I think I do.
I've done many bad things.
[whispers] Tell me.

Thank you for seeing us
on such short notice.
You're welcome.
Not literally.
It's just an expression.
You're not actually welcome here.
I just wanted to come in person
to pay my respects
and to congratulate you
on taking the chair.
And now you have.
I know you and your father
didn't see eye to eye
with regard to our treaty,
but I hope you'll give me
the chance to prove
that we can all make more money
if we work together.
Is that the pitch
you gave the Fung Hai?
Because it didn't work out
too well for them, did it?
The Fung Hai were a mistake.
I'll admit that.
Like you, I'd just become
the head of the tong,
and in my desire to make changes,
- I acted impulsively.
- Mm.
And now that we've wiped them out,
you're suddenly here
to pay respects?
Look at what's happening
around us.
Just two days ago
they were killing our people
in the streets, in their homes,
destroying their businesses.
We can't afford to be
fighting amongst each other.
You mean you can't afford it.
[inhales and exhales deeply]
I just don't wanna be at war
with my own brother anymore.
[tense music]
What brother?
I'm not your fucking brother.
I'm sorry. Did you not
[grunts quietly]
You didn't tell him?
I just assumed you knew
this whole time.
[inhales and exhales]
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Oh, this is awkward.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck
is she talking about?

Ah Sahm.

Get them the fuck out of here.

[indistinct chatter]
What the hell was that?
A last resort.
You could have warned me.
I had no idea I was gonna do it.

She tried to have you killed.
I was there.
I didn't say we were close.
Oh, fuck you!
- Look, this is what she wants.
Don't you see that?
Sh she wants to drive
a wedge between
There is a wedge between us!
You're her fucking brother!
I'm your brother.
[both grunting, blow lands]
Hey, hey, hey. I'm your brother.
For what it's worth,
I think he means it.
Why don't we all just
have some dumplings
and give him a chance to explain?

[both grunt]
- Start talking.
Extra, extra! Order restored!
[bell ringing, shouting
continues indistinctly]
Mr. Raice?
I'm Penelope Blake.
I read your column.
Yes, Mrs. Blake. Of course.
I know who you are.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
- [exhales]
- What happened was just awful.
But you don't actually know
what happened, do you?
Nobody does, except me.
What are you talking about?
[bell ringing, distant shouting]
I'm talking about
an exclusive, Mr. Raice.
Here's what I think.
I think you've been lying to me
since the day you got here.
Hell, you could've been working
both sides all along.
You might have even thrown
that tournament for her.
- Young Jun
- Shut up.
I'm talking.
The thing is,
you didn't throw that tournament.
You were trying to kill Li Yong.
And Li Yong was gonna kill you
before that gun went off.
I know what I saw.
And when Father Jun
kicked you out,
you didn't ask to come back.
That would have been the time
to join the Long Zii,
but you didn't.
So what does that make you?
That makes you an asshole
with a sister who you hate,
who hates you,
who didn't want anyone
in the tong to find out,
because we'd have diced your ass.
And her coming in like that
to blow your cover?
She was basically counting on
that being the end of you.
[exhales sharply]
The battles
you choose not to fight
are every bit as important
as the ones you do.
[dramatic music]

We've been through too much
for me to believe
you have any loyalty to her.

But when the time comes,
and it's her or me,
us or them
Are you gonna make
the right choice?
- You saw it.
She was ready to watch me die.
Yeah, she's a cold bitch.
But what about you?
Are you ready to watch her die?
- [groans]
- I don't know about that.
Don't let her beat you like this.
Don't make this about her!
This is about you lying to me!

I'm gonna need some time
to think about this.

Don't take too long.

What do you think, Hong?
It's a tricky one, boss.
You're pissed he didn't tell you,
and I get that,
but you said yourself,
if he told you,
he'd have been dead meat,
so if you're him,
what was the right move?
Fucked if I know.
What I'm saying is,
maybe there wasn't one.
Kinda like now.
[dramatic music]

[breathing heavily]

[breathing continues]
[grunting, piano notes plunking]
I think your tempo was a bit off.
What the fuck do you want, Bill?
Are you taking requests?
[exhales sharply]
If I'm being honest,
I was just looking
for a fucking drink.
Looks like you could
use one too, eh?
[indistinct chatter]
[distant piano playing]

Aww, damn it. Aces again!
[indistinct chatter]
You again.
It's nice to see you too.
I don't want
any more trouble here.
I'm glad to hear it.
So, uh, where are my friends?
This no place for a cop.
Fortunately, I am no longer a cop.
So what does it take to get
a damn drink around here?
[tense music]

I mean, every man
makes mistakes, right?
I'm a cop.
I'm sworn to uphold the law,
and I'm not saying I always do.
I'm not saying
I always get it right.
I mean, the world
is not black and white,
and sometimes in order to do good,
you have to make alliances.
Of course you do.
I didn't ask for any of this.
I didn't become a cop
to police a bunch of foreigners.
They don't understand
a fucking word I say.
How are you supposed to
uphold the law in a place
where no one understands
a fucking thing you say?
She'll come home, Bill.
You didn't see
the look she gave me.
Good women get angry.
Do you know why?
Because they know men like us
have no business loving them.
And they can't forgive
themselves for loving us.
So we pay for it.
[dramatic music]
We pay 'cause our fucking reach
has exceeded our grasp.

[glass clunks on bar,
cork squeaks]

And for you?

So how come you're not
a cop anymore?
Because the cops aren't cops.
They're just broken men
in blue suits.
And are you broken?

I was once a better man.
We all were once.
Maybe there'll come a time
we can be again.
Not at this rate.
I have killed men.
Some men need to be killed.
Who gets to decide that?
The man holding the gun,
I guess so.
If you had to do it again?
Would you do it any different?
No, I reckon I wouldn't.
Well, there you have it.
[brooding music]

Time to go.



You were collecting
for the Chinese.
I buried that fucking gang.
'Cause you got in over your head
and you couldn't get out.
Won't happen again.
But it did happen.
And that bill's gonna come due.
You hear me?
[exhales sharply]
I've killed men too.
[dramatic music]
Would you do it again?
Oh, honey, I did.
Some men need to be killed.
You're gonna be trouble.
I can already tell.
[both moaning]

[both moaning]
[moaning continues]

[breathing heavily]

[knocking on door]
- Yes.
- Mr. Buckley.
Sorry to bother you so late.
[door closes]
What can I do for you, Mr. Raice?
Now that Mayor Blake is dead,
I have no more
embarrassing stories
of his sordid peccadilloes
to kill.
You'll have to supplement
your income elsewhere.
Maybe. Maybe not.
I had a visit
from Mrs. Blake today.
Mrs. Blake is claiming
that her husband
was three sheets to the wind
and trying to strangle her.
The Chinaman was defending her.
She also claims that
you knew this to be true
and you made the Chinaman
a political scapegoat.
That's absurd.
She also had quite a lot
to say about Mr. Blake's
Yes, I see you spared no details.
God is in them, Mr. Buckley.
It would appear we're still
in business after all,
Mr. Raice.
And what should I tell Mrs. Blake?
Tell her the truth.
You're not running the story
because you came to me
for comment, and I scared you off.
Mr. Mayor.
[door clicks open]
[door clicks shut]
[indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music]

[breathing deeply]

[indistinct chatter]
[twangy piano playing]
[chatter dies down]
Who's buying?
[twangy guitar plays]
You're a long way from home.
So you keep saying.
How come you can speak English?
Well [clears throat]
Because it's really fucking easy.
It's not a great idea for you
to come in here like this.
- That's what they thought.
- Mm.
[exhales sharply]
What happens now?
Now I finish my drink.
Then I'm thinking
I'm gonna kick your Irish ass
in front of all your buddies here.
[indistinct chatter]
Anyone ever tell you you suffer
from an abundance of confidence?
It's come up.
Well, I appreciate you
saving me the trouble
of finding you.
Yeah, well,
no one wants to see another
fucking Irishman in Chinatown.
You say that like you've got
any kind of goddamn right
to be in this country.
And where were you born,
Mr. Leary?
- That's not the fucking point.
- So what is the point?
The point is,
my people bled for this country.
Your people are bleeding it dry,
like fucking pestilence.
[tense music]
Your people came here
for the same reason we did.
The cupboards were bare.
People needed
to feed their children.
Do you have any children, Leary?

Are we gonna talk
or are we gonna fight?
[all shouting]

[crowd cheering]

You ready?
Let's go.
- [blow lands]
- [grunts]
[blows landing, both grunting]
[crowd shouting]
[tense music]
You gonna dance
or are you gonna fight?
[all shouting]

[blows landing, both grunting]

[all shouting]


[blows landing, both shouting]

[blows landing, both grunting]
[crowd shouting]
Come on!


- [blow lands]
- [grunts]
[all shouting]
[grunts] [blow lands]

[grunts] [blow lands]
[crowd cheering]

Come on!

[both grunting, blows landing]
Come on!
Yeah, right here.
[blow lands, grunts]
- [blows landing]
- [grunting]
Come on!
Come on!


[crowd shouting]
[blow lands, bones crack]
[blows landing, both grunting]

[blows landing, both grunting]
[shouts, blow lands]
[shouting continues]


[bones cracking]
[both screaming]
[blows landing]
[heartbeat thumping]
[crowd shouting]

[breathing heavily]
[both panting]
Stay out of Chinatown.
Or I'll be back
with a fucking army.

[both panting]
[distant thunder rolling]
[rain pattering, thunder cracks]
[dramatic music]

[thunder booming]

Good morning, Chao.
You're up early.
I'm up late.
I don't, uh,
sleep much these days.
These are difficult times.
You taking a trip?
Something like that.
Well, you went out strong.
It felt good to scrap again.
Where you gonna go?
It's a big country.
I'll know when I get there.

You'll tell him?

I think that's it, then.

Keep an eye on my boy.

[carriage rattling]
You bastard!
- I'm sorry, Mr. Buckley.
- It's okay, Miss Foster.
So you're buying reporters now?
Don't be ridiculous.
I've been buying reporters
for years.
How do you think
I kept your husband
out of the papers for so long?
I will find one
that you don't own.
Are you so determined
to sully your
late husband's reputation?
Jacob didn't deserve
what you did to him.
Me? What did I do?
The police apprehended a suspect,
one whom you aided and abetted,
I might add.
Mrs. Blake,
you've been through
a terrible time
these last few months.
Your father died,
your business was destroyed,
and now your husband
has been killed
right in front of you.
Any one of these events would
be more than most could bear.
[blow lands, grunts]
[inhales and exhales sharply]
[tense music]

Mr. Buckley, what are you doing?
- [blood squelches]
- [groans]
Oh, help!
- What are you doing?
- She's gone mad!
- What are you doing?
Why did you do that?
- Buckley, get up!
- What's going on here?
- She's in here!
- [groaning]
- Oh, God.
- Help!
- She stabbed me!
- Stop!
- All right, miss.
Come along with us.
- Wait.
- She stabbed me!
- He stabbed himself!
- Come on, let's go!
- He stabbed himself!
- Sure he did, miss.
Mr. Buckley,
I'm calling the medic.
- He stabbed himself!
- All right, that's enough.

- [door squeaks]
- Lucy.
You look terrible.
I heard about the riot.
I just wanted to make sure
you were okay.
I'm not.
Are you coming back?
Not right now. No.
I never meant for
any of this to happen.
I don't I don't even know
how it did.
I was just going out there
every day
trying to do some good and
At some point, for some reason,
good stopped being an option.
A better man would have made
better choices.
I know that.
But the thing is,
I think I can still be that man.
I know I have no right
to ask it of you.
I know I put you
and the children in danger,
and that is unforgivable.
I know that, but
[dramatic music]

Do you have any love
left for me at all?

I swear to you,
I can be that man again.


[breathing heavily]
I miss you.

Mr. Buckley.
Is my sister home?
I'm afraid your sister's
had an episode.
An episode?
A mental collapse of some kind.
She stabbed me in my office.
Of course, I won't press charges.
She's been through so much,
the poor woman.
It is my hope that
with sufficient rest
she will be able to come home.
What do you mean "come home"?
Where is she?
[dramatic music]

[all laughing and screaming]

[horse hooves clopping]
[knocking on door]
Not your type.
I know.
What are you doing here, Mai Ling?
You didn't show up
to our last meeting.
I've been unable to reach you,
and I figured your redheads
might have better luck.
Operating a little far from home,
don't you think?
I think maybe you're a little
far from home yourself.
Tennessee, was it?
Now, I'm no expert,
but it looks to me like
you fought for the losing side.
I have two more.
They're for sale.
[tense music]
What do you want?
The same as you, Mr. Buckley.
I want blood in the streets.
Gentlemen, this area here
is Hop Wei territory.
The Hop Wei are the most powerful
and brutally violent gang
in Chinatown.
This is where we'll start.
I don't love the idea
of sending my men
to do battle with that lot
on their streets.
They're our streets,
Chief Flannagan,
but rest assured,
we're not going
to fight on their terms.
We're going to fight with
the most powerful weapon
at our disposal, laws.
All the surrounding businesses
are the lifeblood
of the Hop Wei,
and we're gonna shut them down
by enforcing every
long-neglected ordinance
on our books. For example,
ordinance 234 concerning
the operation of brothels.
Ordinance 250
concerning the review
of every laundromat permit
in the area.
263 concerning maximum occupancies
in Chinatown apartments.
We will enforce these laws,
not by levying fines,
but by making arrests
and shutting down businesses.
Ordinance 275 is about
Empty promises.
As long as there's a buck
to be made with Chinese labor,
no one's gonna put
Americans back to work.
Mr. Leary,
you can't just walk in here.
This council doesn't recognize
you in these proceedings.
They all recognize me just fine.
And for those of you that don't,
you soon will.
[chair dragging across floor]
I'm Dylan Leary,
and I'm here on behalf
of the Workingmen's Party
of California.
[tense music]

[match striking]


[water lapping]
[seagulls calling]
[chains clattering]
Stand up and assume the position.
[tense music]

Hug those bars!

[plate clatters]
[chains rattling]

[bars clanging]
[bars rattling]
[dramatic spaghetti western music]
[rapping in a Chinese language]

Slide me a whiskey across
the bar top ♪
My life is hard knock ♪
And when your chest connects
with my fist ♪
It'll make your heart stop ♪
Counting me out but you
didn't add it up right ♪
Brought a couple nunchucks
to a gun fight ♪
You know at this card table ♪
The deck is stacked right up ♪
Unless you look like,
walk like ♪
And quack like a duck ♪
Been a long night
with no match and one light ♪
But like Bruce Lee,
I survive standing upright ♪
[rapping in a Chinese language]

Phoenix from the fire,
we're tight like no other ♪
You see, I'm tired
of fighting my own brother ♪
It ain't over,
we must destroy and rebuild ♪
And still have to move
the boulder up ♪
This fool's gold hill ♪
[rapping in a Chinese language]

Warrior ♪
Back at it again ♪
Warrior ♪
A new legend begins ♪

Warrior ♪

Warrior ♪

Warrior ♪

Warrior, warrior, warrior,
warrior, warrior, warrior ♪
Warrior, warrior, warrior ♪
[engine revs]
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