Warrior (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Exactly the Wrong Time to Get Proud


Come here.
You know me?
Everyone knows you.
You know Young Jun?
Tell him it's time.

What's going on here?
Hey, how's it going?
You guys seem to have wandered off
Long Zii territory.
It's okay.
We all get turned around now and then.
I'd be happy to point you
in the right direction.
You're the one who's
turned around, motherfucker.
Wow, you escalated that pretty fast.
Usually there's a little more repartee,
a few zingers before the
hatchets come out, you know?
Walk away, asshole.
We fought the ducks together
for one day.
Now Mai Ling thinks she can
just set up opium dens
in Hop Wei territory?
That's against the treaty.
And, you know, basic common sense.
So take your molasses,
get the fuck out of here,
or I'll take it,
and then you'll have to explain
to Mai Ling
how you lost your opium
and got your asses kicked.

Still gonna feed you
that hatchet in three seconds.
Listen to me, you dumb fuck
- Two.
- I don't know what you think
- is gonna happen here.
- One.
It's not gonna end well. [GRUNTS]




- All right, let's go, boys!
- Yeah!
Let's go get 'em!
Now, boys. Let's go!
Come on.




Hey, how's it going?
You know there's a door right there.
Shut up and help me up.


- San Francisco police!
Stand down!

Get up!
Police! Hold your ground!
Hold your ground!
- Ah Sahm!
Don't move.
Put your hands where I can see 'em.
It's not my hands
you have to worry about.
You think you can kick
faster than a 12-gauge?
They finally put this place
back together,
and you and the Long Zii are out here
tearing it apart again.
You're the one coming in here
every day with an army of cops,
busting heads.
Because it's fucking chaos here.
Only since you cops started
cracking down in Chinatown.
Hey, I was here during that riot
trying to keep your people safe.
We don't need you to keep us safe.
We need you to stay the hell
out of our business.
Tong business.
I mean every business
the cops have shut down
with these bullshit ordinances.
People are starving.
And how are your turf wars
gonna feed them?
- Fuck's sake!
Get the fuck out of here.

Little shit.
Stone, no shooting! We're pulling out.
- What are you talking about?
- Fight's over.
We're not here to start it up again.
Come on! Let's fall back!
Fuck, Bill.
Something on your mind?
Ever since the chief kicked it,
you've had your eye on his damn job.
And you're tying our fucking
hands behind our backs.
You sure you wanna speak
to the new chief that way?
You're not him yet.


And where is Mr. Greer? Hmm?
Hey, Greer!

Mr. Greer.
So good to see you again.
- 100 for the lot?
- As agreed.
They look kinda old.
100, you get old.
200, you get new.
I say this. You choose 100.
I know what I chose.
I just wanna make sure they work.
I test all myself.
Oh, yeah?
And I'm supposed to take
your word for it?
[SIGHS] Hey.
"Hey" what?
Think anyone's gonna miss
one uppity Chinaman?
You got something to say?

You're one ballsy Chinaman,
I'll give you that.
[MOCKING ACCENT] "One hundred dollar."
Now get the fuck out of here.

Used to be the Chinatown squad
was a joke.
Now they got half the police
force cracking skulls.
It's all politics.
Ducks are just trying to look
tough before the election.
Yeah, but why they gotta shut down
all my favorite spots, though?
I finally find a decent egg tart,
and bang, Mr. Gaoyuan is gone, man.
Meanwhile, Mai Ling breaks the treaty
and we can't even retaliate
because of all these damn bulls.
We're losing protection money
and we're losing guys.
Either we find a way
to dodge these ordinances
- or we're fucked.
- Yeah.
Young Jun.
I am, uh, honored.
And I am, uh, pissed off.
I'm only here because my men
have come up empty-handed
two weeks in a row.
I know, and I'm sorry,
but the bulls shut us down
twice in the last month.
These are tough times for all of us.
But that doesn't absolve us
of our debts.
I'm happy to pay
for the protection, but
I don't see that we're protected now.
Do you really wanna talk
to me like that?
I don't have the money to pay you.
I'm just telling you how it is.
Your father would've understood.

My father isn't running things anymore.
I am.
So if I were you, I'd leave him
the fuck out of this conversation.
If he could see you now
This fucking onion.
Hey, let's
let's let Hong handle this, huh?
It's okay. You're the boss.
You shouldn't be collecting anyway
You better watch the way
you fucking talk to me, old man.
Handle it.
Young Jun. Hey, hey.
What the fuck was that?
Getting in my way like that!
You were beating on an old man.
I was making a fucking point.
He disrespected me.
You want respect,
you're not gonna get it by
flying off the fucking handle.
Don't you ever challenge me
in public again.

It's getting dangerous out there.
The bulls are coming in larger numbers,
shutting down businesses,
damaging our property.
Our unity might be the only
weapon we have against this enemy.
The Jiang Yao Tong has always enjoyed
a friendship with the Long Zii.
But the truth is,
the more tongs there are,
the more we are divided.
And so as you asked
and under the terms you stipulated,
the Jiang Yao Tong are honored
to become part of the Long Zii.
We pledge our blades, our blood,
and our souls to the Long Zii
and to its leader,
Mai Ling.
Kong Pak.
After leading a tong for so long,
I'm sure this was not an easy decision.
It wasn't.
But when you're given no choice,
the choice becomes clear.

Li Yong tells me
you're a great warrior
And an honorable man.
I hope you will sit
on my council with the elders.

It would be my honor.
Well, then
Welcome to the Long Zii.

I am Irish. Dublin-born.
And it pains me, as I'm sure it does
everyone on this council, to be unable
to hire Irish labor.
But with lumber prices bleeding me dry,
I just don't have the margins.
If you don't have the margins
to pay a living wage,
you're doing something wrong.
It's a wage the Chinese can live on.
A dog could live on it too,
but that doesn't make it right.
Mr. Leary, we've been through this.
If you would simply study
the economics
I understand the economics.
Well, then why don't you
explain them to me?
Because clearly, we're seeing
the numbers differently.
I'll give you a number.
What's that?
That's how many chinks
there are in this city.
And not a single damn one
of them can vote.
Do you happen to know
how many Irish there are
in San Francisco?
I have no idea.
Well, Mr. Buckley does.
He's got that special election to win.
And I got 30,000 votes he needs
to do it.
How many votes do you have?
Mr. Leary, you've been
on this council long enough
to know we all want
the Chinese gone, but given
But that won't stop you all
from making every last buck
you can while they're still here.
If I could show you what I am
paying for steel and lumber
So negotiate with your suppliers!
You think I haven't? It's all I do!
We're going round in circles.
That's because no one ever says
anything new.
Welcome to politics, Mr. Leary.
Now, I move to adjourn.
I've got seniority.
And Flannagan himself
recommended me for the position
before he passed.
So what's Mr. Buckley waiting for?
He needs a police chief, doesn't he?
I think he's just sorting himself out.
He's focused on keeping
his own job right now.
He practically gave you
the keys to the city
when you arrested that swordsman.
It will happen, and when it does,
I will be out of Chinatown for good.

I miss you.
I miss my family.
Please come home.

Get out of Chinatown,
and we can talk about it.

Molly. Michael. Cut it out right now.
Some whiskey, Bill?
Thank you.
And how did that go?
Okay, I think.
And the chief job?
- Any day now.
- Excellent.
Well, you have a wonderful family,
but it's a large one.
And I would love to get
these people out of my house.
Michael, stop doing that to your sister.
Molly, look after your brother.
Headed back to Sonoma?
Just a weekend trip.
So is someone running
the place while you're gone,
or is it on the honor system?
Chao will keep an eye on things.
- Chao?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, and who is keeping an eye on him?
Feels like you're gone more
than you're here these days.
Miss me?
Things are getting worse out there.
I'm of no use to you right now.
How's the shoulder?
Mm, I'm starting to be able
to move it again.
How are things at the Hop Wei?
Not great.
And Young Jun?
Doesn't take a lot
to set him off these days.
Doing what I can to keep him on point.
If Young Jun can't
find his way as a leader,
there's nothing you can do about it.
Some things are beyond
even your control.
Yeah, maybe I should just
start leaving town with you.
There's plenty of room in the carriage.

Mai Ling.
Mr. Buckley.
How goes the campaign?
Running for a position I already have,
it's a tricky business.
You mean democracy.
Glad-handing. Crowd-pleasing.
It's not in my nature.
I'm sure.
You know, if it helps,
and old Chinese philosopher once said,
"No one is ever defeated
until defeat has been accepted
as reality."
Thank you. It doesn't.
You caused quite a fracas the other day.
It was a misunderstanding.
You were making a move
into Hop Wei territory.
I'm keeping the police off your back
as per our arrangement,
but expanding your operations
was never part of the agreement.
Then I'll change our agreement.
You offered me some Chinese wisdom.
I will offer you some American.
Benjamin Franklin said,
"Necessity never made a good bargain."
You might think you have me
at a disadvantage
with that incriminating photograph,
but there's only so far you can push me
before I decide your leverage
isn't worth the price.
No more moves.
No more violence of any kind
until after the election.
Believe me,
the Long Zii greatly value
our relationship
with the mayor of San Francisco.

For your campaign.
If the glad-handing ever gets
to be too much,
just do what I do.
Imagine your knife in their throat.


Here you go, boys.
We closed our tab.
This round's on me.
It's just a round, Killy.
Wouldn't need your round
if we were working.
I thought the idea of you
joining the city council
was to get rid of the Chinese
and get us all working again.
What the fuck do you think I'm doing?
You think I like sitting 'round a table
with those fat fucks talking down to me?
I can't just force them
to write new laws.
It's like anything else, right?
You find the pressure points,
and then you dig your thumbs in.
These things take time.
Ooh, careful there.
You're even starting to sound
like a politician.
You're an asshole
when you're drunk, Killy.
And a cunt when I'm sober.
Whiskey, three glasses.
- Anything else?
- That's all.
What time is it?
Earn your keep, baby.
- You all right?
- I'm all right. I'm all right.
- Hey! Come here.
- Get the fuck off me!
Hey, what are you doing?
He's robbing me!
It's nine drinks between the two of you,
plus everything you broke.
He didn't pay for his fucking drinks.
- So take that up with him!
Now, I see you in here again,
I'ma hang you up
like Mama's wet washing.
Just go.
- Asshole!
- My hero.
Just keeping the peace.
- Richard?

Bad one?
Um, not not too bad.


What the fuck is this?
Standard hatchet,
bevel blade, U.S. steel.
The Long Zii use these.
And you make it for them.
I didn't make this.
But you do deal with them.
- Hatchets?
- The Long Zii.
I deal with a lot of people.
You sit here drinking
like you're one of us,
but tomorrow, you might sell
the blade that kills me.
Or I might save your life.
Your father understood the value
of an independent contractor
with his ear to the streets.
My father valued loyalty above all.
And so do I.
At some point, you're gonna
have to choose a side.


You know, Zing said
the exact same thing to me.
Ask for my help,
and I will happily give it.
But don't threaten me.
Doesn't work.
- Something up?
- I don't trust him.
It's Chao. You pay and he delivers.
And that's what you trust.
Cause and effect, right?
It's very Buddhist.
You a Buddhist?
Fuck no.
[LAUGHING] Come on, boss.
You here to fuck with Chao
or to get some sticky?
- What was that?
- Just the new boss flexing.
Think he's starting to get paranoid.
This business about Mai Ling
being your sister isn't helping matters.
I mean, what'd you think would happen?
I just didn't figure she would tell him.
It was a cold and reckless
and ultimately brilliant move
on her part.
Classic Mai Ling.
I think he's still worried about it.
He should be.
Chao, I am loyal to the tong.
You crossed the salt to find her.
And she ordered my death.
- Family can be complicated.
- Look, if you ask me
- I didn't.
I don't see you moving
against your own sister,
and neither does Young Jun.
You've gotta keep an eye on him.
He's not his father.
He goes off the wrong way,
he could bring down the whole tong.
We might not have to wait that long.
The bulls are bleeding us dry.
We don't have the chop
to pay for our molasses,
and now Happy Jack won't
release the product.
None of which reflects well
on the new boss.
I get it. Hmm.
I may be able to help.
I delivered some shooters
to these guys on the docks.
While I was there, I saw cash.
Piles of it.
We're not thieves, Chao.
Now is exactly the wrong time
to get proud.
Now is the time to adapt or die.

Sergeant O'Hara.
May I have a moment?
Of course, Mr. Mayor.
I know you've been waiting for news
ever since Chief Flannagan passed away,
and I appreciate your patience.
Of course, sir.
I know conventional wisdom
has you next in line for chief.
But based on a number
of extenuating factors
I'm afraid I've had to go another way.
Another way?
I expect you to be
a professional about this.
Sergeant O'Hara,
meet Colonel Benjamin Atwood,
our new chief of police.
I'm sorry.
Who the hell is this?
Chief Atwood comes to us
from New York City,
where he was extremely successful
in bringing to bear
his military experience,
as well as the law,
to clean up their Chinatown.
San Francisco is nothing like New York.
But the Chinese are the Chinese
everywhere, aren't they?
Mr. Gumm, why don't you show
the chief to his new office?
I'm sure he'd like
to get started right away.

That job was mine.
Only in your mind.
I'm facing an election,
and a significant pillar of my platform
is bringing order to Chinatown.
And that riot left our citizens shaken,
wondering how vulnerable they are
to savage foreigners
living in their midst.
And I am the one
who brought order to that riot.
But I would argue
that the entire thing happened
because you failed to transport
a single prisoner
the man who murdered our mayor,
I might add.
It's not as simple as that,
and you know it.
The voters don't want excuses.
They want results.
And Atwood gets results.
He will tear Chinatown apart
and put the fear of God
into those heathens.
He's an outsider. These are my men.
You can't expect them
to just follow him.
He brought some of his own
men from New York.
The rest will take their cues from you,
and if you can't deliver those cues,
you can deliver me your
resignation by the end of the day.
- Sergeant.


I've been waiting for you.
I come as early as I can.
- Oh!
Come inside.
You see black on wall?
This from fire.
You remember riot?
After the mayor die,
many fire.
That was a horrible time.
But Chinese people work hard.
Build back their home, hmm?
It should never have happened.
Well, they did kill the mayor.

Very sad what happen to your mayor.
Maybe a Chinese man kill him.
Maybe not.
There bad Chinese people
and maybe bad white people too, no?
But most of us good,
- Of course.
- Of course.
This way!

Please meet Mai Ling.
Very successful businesswoman
in Chinatown.
Oh, my.
She's really beautiful.
Thank you.
So are you.
Would you like to come inside
and have some tea?
I've just finished renovating,
and it's been ages
since I've had any guests.
You speak like an American.
When in Rome.
Please. Come in.
I was forced into marriage
with a very powerful warlord.
He was cruel to me.
And there was nowhere in China
I could run
where he wouldn't find me.
And so I started secretly
bringing weapons from his home
to the market and selling them.
He had so many. Never missed them.
And eventually, I had enough money,
for a ticket to America.
My Lord.
What would he have done
if he had caught you?
He would have killed me.
Oh, but if I had stayed,
he would have
eventually killed me anyway.
Or I would have killed myself.
And now you have men working for you.
I have to imagine there were
almost no opportunities
for a Chinese woman here.
It's really very impressive.
How did you do it?
Well, I just have one rule, really.
But it's it's served me well.
Be smarter.
Than whom?
Than the men.

Thank you for having us in your home.
It was so inspiring to hear your story.
We're having a small reception
in a few days.
Just some close friends.
But I think they would love
to hear your story.
And it would be
such a unique opportunity
for people to meet
a truly exceptional Chinese woman
who has overcome so much.
You're inviting me to your home?
And I insist you come.
The details are on the card.
Chao did well.
That group was much better
than the last one.
Our new house is
already paying dividends.
You disapprove.
I just don't like the way
they look at you.
They are fascinated with us.
If I can gain their trust,
I can make them see us
as people to do business with.
Chinatown is getting smaller.
We need to expand beyond it.
Out in the pond, not everyone hates us.
They'll never treat us as equals.
But the ducks are greedy.
And our money is as good
as anyone else's.

Does it still hurt?
Not so much.
I move fine, no?
Yes, you do.
By the way, I think I may have
found another property.
Just a few miles from here.
Another one?
We could help more girls.
Maybe I buy it with you.
If you want to, yes.
It's very nice here.
With you.
Well, maybe you should consider
staying longer.
Longer? How long?
Why not?
You're here so much these days as it is.
Hmm. I have business in Chinatown.
This is better business.
Maybe it's time to think about a change.

You're getting slow in your old age.
You want some company?
- You sure you're up for it?
I'm sure I'm not.
My ribs still remember
the last time you hit me.
I have a better idea.
Look, you know if I had the choice,
I would not have joined the Long Zii.
But I have to say, if nothing else,
it's nice to be
your brother in arms again.
It's been too long since
we fought on the same side.
I agree, brother.
Our friendship kept the peace
between our tongs for many years.
Yes, it did.
If only you had a friend
like me in the Hop Wei.
The thing is, the Hop Wei are
less of a threat today
than they were yesterday.
But Ah Sahm is no less dangerous.
Don't worry about Ah Sahm.
The beauty of no longer being
the head of a tong
is that I don't worry about anything.
I leave that to you.
You know,
we all believed you would
take over when Long Zii died.
Wasn't that your understanding
with the old man?
Mai Ling has done more for
the tong than I ever could have.
I'm not a leader.

To Long Zii.
To the Long Zii.
- Are you kidding me?

Just wanted you to know
that I'm still holding onto it.
In case, you know,
you ever wanna come back.
I could really use you,
what with this new chief and all.
I thought you were
supposed to be the new chief.
I thought so too.
Mr. Buckley felt otherwise.
I'm sorry, Bill.
But I'm not coming back.
Now you sound like my wife.
She's still at her sister's?
The plan was, I was gonna be chief
and out of Chinatown,
and she'd come home.
Now, I have no idea how to get her back.
It's bad enough you drink for free.
If you start recruiting,
I'm gonna have to break your legs.
Yes, ma'am. [LAUGHS]
Do I need to worry about you?
No more than usual.
That's a good woman you've got there.
Sweet as stolen honey.
But she can ride the rough string.
I assume that was you agreeing with me.
I'll be seeing you.
She'll come back, Bill.
Just give her time.
That's what she said about you.
Turns out, you're both idiots.

What's this?
Those are your new lumber prices.
I paid Sanderson a visit last night.
What'd you do to him?
I negotiated.
And now you have the margins
to hire Irish labor.
He'll honor these numbers?
He will.
They don't completely bridge the gap,
but they do give me room to maneuver.
You understand your men will be
working alongside the Chinese.
Will they agree to that?
How many men?


Good evening.
What the fuck is this?
Watch out.
Watch out for what, motherfucker?

Hey, you! [GUN COCKS]

Hey, asshole.
- Think you're gonna rob us?
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait!
You get what you pay for.

So where's this money?
- It was right here.
- Are you kidding me?

I don't see any money, Chao.
What the hell is this?
Something better.
The fuck are you talking about?
You know, my father always said,
the best way to make money
is to make money.

- Bag that bao ♪
Bag that bao ♪
Bag that bao ♪
Bag that bao ♪

See you later ♪
Bag that bao ♪
Bag that bao ♪
Bag that bao ♪
Bag that bao ♪

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