Warrior (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Anything Short of a Blow to the Head

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Morning, gentlemen.
What's going on here?
I'm Special Agent Moseley.
This is Special Agent Donaldson.
We're with the United States
Secret Service.
Secret Service?
Never heard of it.
Yeah, we get that a lot.
The reason you haven't heard
of the Secret Service
is, well, because it's secret.
We're part of the Treasury Department
Which I can see
doesn't ring a bell, either.
What kind of cargo
you boys hauling today?
We don't load it.
If there's a paycheck in it,
we don't ask.
You mind if I check the back?
Just a quick look,
you'll be on your way.
Go on, then. Get it done.
Oh, God!
You shot me in the hand!
Well, you shot my partner.
And the only reason I'm not wiping
your brains off my boots right now
is that we haven't
finished our conversation.
Jesus Christ.
Your dead friends were
printing counterfeit bills in here.
I'm guessing the press was right there.
Now someone's absconded with it,
along with the plates for those bills.
And I need to find them.
I don't know. Everything was
here when I picked up the money.
That's disappointing.
Was that all the men,
or were there more?
I don't know.
You don't know much, do you?
There was a guy.
What guy?
Ah, fuck!
I don't know, some Chinese fella.
Ah, fuck
Tell me about this Chinese fella.
You've been at it fucking night and day,
and this is the best you've got?
These onions don't know
what they're fucking doing.
We need people who specialize
in this kind of work.
No, no outsiders.
You want to do this?
Or you want to do this right?
If you got the chop you promised us,
we wouldn't have to do it at all.
We can bring in someone local,
someone we can control.
But Chao's right.
We can't do this on our own.
It's your call.
I want you on this.
Get me?
I get you.
It sounds like you have someone in mind.
Nobody fucking move!
Get up!
Here, you relax!
We're the San Francisco
Police Department.
Get the hell out of here!
This building and all its tenants
are in violation
of the Cubic Air Ordinance,
and this property must be
vacated by order of the mayor.
Now round 'em up and get 'em out!
What's this?
How can anyone live like this?
Get over here!
Is this really necessary, sir?
He threatened an officer of the law.
He waved a fucking spatula!
Are you questioning
my method, Sergeant O'Hara?
I am just trying to figure out
what we're doing here is all.
Well, it's not your job to figure.
It's your job to follow my orders!
Hit him again!
"Despite only recently
entering the public sphere,
"Mr. Thayer has displayed
both a refreshing
"plainspokenness and an almost
pathological lack of guile.
"One might worry about
such a man among the pit vipers
"of San Francisco politics
if not for the sense
"that his unabashed
Americanness will provide
sturdy enough armor to withstand them."
with press like this, why even bother
with the campaign?
Well, he's young,
handsome, good lineage.
You can see why he's popular.
Maybe you'd prefer to work for him.
Of course not.
Just because a man knows
how to present himself
does not mean he knows the
first thing about running a city,
though I'm not quite sure the voters
will appreciate the distinction.
He's got a good deal of support
among the industrialists.
Well, of course he does.
I'm saddled with cleaning up
an entire city.
They're only concerned
with their finances.
Speaking of finances,
the state attorney,
for the late Mayor Blake
has been questioning recent expenses.
Will it be a problem?
I don't think so.
But you custodianship
of the Blake estate
is still predicated on his oversight and
justification of all expenditures.
Mayor Blake would have wanted me to keep
his political legacy alive,
as would his wife,
had she not fallen ill.
That should be justification enough.
I can sell that.
Let's just hope she doesn't
recover anytime soon,
'cause you'll need every last dime
of Blake's fortune to mount a
winning campaign against Thayer.
She's not going anywhere.
I'll make sure of that.
There he is. Mr. Mayor!
This way, please. One by yourself.
Mr. Mayor?
Chief Atwood, excellent work today.
Thank you, Mr. Mayor.
And hold.
Thank you all for coming.
Today, our new chief of police,
Colonel Benjamin Atwood,
carried out a successful raid
in Chinatown,
shuttering yet another breeding
ground of vice and disease.
Can I help you gentlemen?
We're looking for someone
I'm told might be employed hereabouts,
name of Lee.
Doesn't ring a bell.
I see.
Maybe a picture will help.
Good-looking fella, ain't he?
All you gotta do is point us
in the right direction.
Well, all right, then.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
Are you?
- Fine.
- Yeah.
Did anyone hear?
I don't think so.
Lock up behind me.
Whoa. Where you going?
To get Jack.
We knew what might happen
if men came looking for you.
Now we gotta deal with it.
Are you sure we can trust him?
A couple of dead white men in his bar?
He'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell him
why they were here.
Are you settling in?
You've been most welcoming.
Well, I'm grateful to have you with us,
especially during
such complicated times.
Thank you.
What are your thoughts on the Hop Wei?
You lost quite a few men the other day,
from what I understand.
Yes, Li Yong thinks
we're being too aggressive.
What do you think?
Li Yong is a great fighter
because he knows when to strike
and when to hold his ground.
So you agree with him?
Young Jun isn't half
the leader his father was,
or that you are, for that matter.
It's more about him than you.
Under his leadership,
the Hop Wei's fortunes have suffered.
They're growing more desperate
every day.
My advice would be to let them
bleed out naturally.
Well, patience has never been
my strong suit.
My mother used to say, have patience,
and the grass will be milk soon enough.
What does that mean?
I don't know,
but it sounds wise, doesn't it?
Mr. Merriweather,
I got word you were looking for me.
Yes, thank you for coming, Mr. Leary.
So, as agreed, I hired
the men you recommended.
But since then, they've
given me nothing but grief
taunting the Chinese, starting fights.
I'll talk to them.
Those Donahue boys,
they beat up two skilled laborers today.
I've lost hours I can't afford to lose.
I gave you my word, Mr. Leary.
If your men can't make it work
I'll take care of it, all right?
Mr. Leary.
Those chinks you knocked around
cost Merriweather a day's work.
It's coming out of your pockets.
Mr. Leary, please.
I promised you jobs.
You got jobs.
Keep your mouth shut
and your hands to yourself,
and fucking do 'em.
- You wouldn't.
- What the fuck you say to me?
It ain't right that we gotta
work with these fucking chinks.
And we're not the only ones
who feel that way.
Is that right?
Put your shovel down
and both of you get out.
You can't you can't fire us.
You think there aren't 10 other Irishmen
waiting to take your place,
you ungrateful pricks?
Get the fuck out!
And that goes for every one of you!
You don't want this job,
I'll give it to someone who does.
If you've got a problem with that,
well, you know where to fucking find me.
Let's go inside.
Sergeant, a word, please.
What is it?
I'm trying to accomplish something here.
And I can only do so if
my chain of command is strong.
I know you wanted the job.
And if that's gonna be an issue,
well, I'm sure there's plenty of work
out there for a man of your experience.
I'm friends with the Pinkertons.
I can put in a good word.
Is that all?
I hope so.
Who let you in here?
Rutherford B. Hayes.
I'm joking, sort of.
I'm Agent Edmund Moseley,
United States Secret Service.
We're part of the Treasury.
Yes, I know who the Secret Service is.
What's your business here?
Right to the point.
Okay, then.
I understand you have a division
assigned solely to Chinatown.
I'll need to see their personnel files.
For what purpose?
Well, because I'm gonna need
some of them to assist me.
I'm also gonna need
an office and a holding cell.
Mr. Moseley, is it?
Whatever your business is here,
it's got nothing to do
with me or my men.
We have our hands full as it is.
And there's no time to give you
a fucking tour of Chinatown.
So if there's nothing else,
I've got work to do.
So it's gonna be that kind of meeting?
Yes, I'm afraid it is.
I came in here as a courtesy,
Chief Atwood.
The truth is I don't need your
permission or your blessing.
In fact, I've already taken
a holding cell and an office.
Who the fuck do you think you are?
I am a federal officer empowered by
the President of the United States,
and you will render
any assistance I ask for
with a fucking smile,
or I'll have you working
out of the basement
while I make this office mine own.
I guess it is that kind of meeting.
Easy, Uncle.
I'm not here to collect.
We're having some trouble
with the printing press.
Thought maybe you could come
take a look.
What does the Tong need with a press?
That's not important.
What's important is
I can clear your debt,
if you can make it work.
That's very generous of you,
but these machines,
each one is different.
I really wouldn't know where to start.
And my boy, he's only just beginning.
If you need to print something,
why not just use ours?
Yeah, that won't work.
Of course.
Ah, I wish I could help.
Yeah, me too.
Guess I'll have to find someone else.
Are you stupid?
He could have wiped out our debt.
I crossed the South to get
away from gangsters like him,
not to work for them.
Father's right. We don't need
that kind of trouble around here.
No one asked you.
Why don't you go and make dinner?
Why don't you say that to me again, huh?
I dare you.
That's enough, the both of you.
Go back to work.
- Ah!
- Black four!
Okay, step up.
Who's next?
Here we go.
Two whiskey, please.
Yeah, all right.
From far away across the sea ♪
A certain song keeps haunting me ♪
Here you go.
It brings me back
once more to Monte Cristo ♪
The music of your voice, it seems ♪
Rings softly to me in my dreams ♪
I can't forget those nights
in Monte Cristo ♪
Though many moons
have passed since then ♪
We'll meet again, I wonder when ♪
Beneath the scarlet skies
in Monte Cristo ♪
And then I'll hold you close
once more ♪
The same as many moons before ♪
Beneath the scarlet skies
in Monte Cristo ♪
Hong, let's get the fuck out of here!
What about the drinks?
We'll get some at Ah Toy's.
This place is bad luck.
I want to fuck it away.
Hong, let's go!
Do you know these assholes?
Never seen either of them before.
People around here know
not to rob one of my places.
Must be from out of town.
Where you taking 'em?
I know a guy.
Pays good money for fresh corpses.
No questions.
Then I guess it's your lucky day.
Hey, cop.
I'm not a cop.
People try to rob you at my place,
you let them fucking rob you.
Negro woman shoots white man,
nobody cares if it was self-defense.
Her husband, my brother,
got killed for less.
I didn't know.
There's a lot you don't know.
So know this.
I no like you.
I no like you live here.
I no like you with her.
You hide it well.
Just give it time.
Maybe I'll grow on you.
You okay?
What's done is done.
We didn't have to do it that way.
If I didn't pull that trigger,
you'd be on your way
to Georgia right now.
Far as I'm concerned,
wasn't much of a choice.
If they found me, others will too.
Look, I know what you're gonna say,
but maybe we should just
get out of town.
And where would we go, Richard?
I don't know.
It's a big country.
The price on your head says
it isn't big enough.
Besides, where else
is a Negro lady gonna run
a bar like this,
make the money I do?
There's nothing out there for me.
My only question for you is
am I worth the risk?
You read the duck paper now?
If we're gonna be working
with duck businesses,
we have to understand their world.
Muchen reached out.
He asked to meet.
I was surprised as you.
Three Brothers are one of the
last tongs to resist joining us.
You don't like Muchen?
Our men have discipline, honor.
Not everyone can become Long Zii.
And once he answers to you,
he'll change.
Zing didn't.
Take the meeting.
Bring Kong Pak.
And if you think Muchen is serious,
I'll meet with him myself.
If the ducks don't get us one way,
they'll get us another.
Yet we're still here.
We can't buy, we trade.
They close our shops,
we sell in the streets.
We're survivors.
Maybe, but it gets pretty
exhausting after a while.
Being hated.
Don't say it.
They worship you.
They don't know me.
They know you fought back.
How's Lai?
She plants.
She stomps grapes.
She has friends.
She smiles.
She hasn't touched a sword
since she left Chinatown.
How about you?
Think you'll pick one up again?
I don't know.
Out in Sonoma, away from all of this
Nellie and I may actually
have a chance at something.
More than this?
Good for you.
I'm not entirely sure
what you'd like me to do, Mr. Leary.
What you fucking promised!
Outlaw Chinese labor once and for all.
I built my platform around it,
but I can only accomplish
so much as interim mayor.
Once I win the election, I will be armed
with the mandate of the people.
These half measures, they're
they're not gonna cut it.
Don't forget,
you need my votes.
Oh, I'm well aware.
But unfortunately for the both of us,
Thayer supports Chinese labor.
If I lose, the Irish lose too.
You may not like it,
but we're stuck with each other.
You're right.
I don't like it.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
Trust you?
Trust you?
You are a fucking politician!
So are you, Mr. Leary.
If you fuck me on this
You're the, uh, printer's daughter?
My name is Yan Mi.
I'm Ah Sahm.
Yeah, I know who you are.
So where's your broken press?
But your father said
He didn't want to get
mixed up with gangsters.
Can you blame him?
And you do?
I just want what you promised us.
So where's your press?
You sure you can fix it?
Not out here, I can't.
Look, is there someone else
I should be talking to?
Just me.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Come on.
Well, it's not broken.
Then what are we doing wrong?
How much time do you have?
Your press is fine.
You just have no idea
how to fine-tune it
for the bills you're trying to print.
Who said anything about bills?
Green ink, scraps lying around.
It's pretty obvious.
You think you could do better?
I know I could.
What makes you so sure?
Because I'm a printer,
and you're a bunch of gangsters.
You believe this girl?
It's obvious from the ink
splatter all over your press
you're pouring your ink from the top.
You really should be dabbing
it on with a palette knife.
You're over-inking like crazy.
Go on.
Well, if you don't know not to pour,
you're probably also
not letting the ink roll out
long enough before you start printing.
I'd be willing to bet
that your bills are turning out
thicker than real ones.
We're using the same paper stock.
No, you're not.
It's close.
Not close enough.
I know what you need.
And I know where to get it.
Sounds like she knows her shit.
I guess we'll see.
What's your end?
I want you to leave
my father's shop alone.
No more protection money,
no collections of any kind,
Take her to get whatever she needs.
Guess that means you're hired.
Mr. Leary, thank you for coming.
What can I do for you, Mr. Pierce?
What did Lymon tell you?
Only that you have
a business proposition for me.
As an entrepreneur,
I have my hand in
a number of different pies.
But the cornerstone of my business
is infrastructure,
which is railway lines,
all of which require
Unfortunately, there are only
so many manufacturers
who can supply me with the
quality of steel that I require.
And one of my competitors is using
his considerable purchasing power
to strongarm these manufacturers
into making him their sole client.
You'll forgive me if I don't
take up a collection for you.
My point is,
this competitor of mine
is not playing fair.
So I can't afford to, either.
We all have families to feed, Mr. Leary.
What I'd like is for you
to pay this man a visit
and convince him to play fair.
Is that what you and your
fat cat friends think of me, huh,
that I'm just some thug
that'll do your bidding?
What I think, Mr. Leary,
is that I need men to build
my bridges, lay my track
working men in great numbers.
But I can't hire 'em
if there's nothing to build.
Let me take her.
Thanks, Maggie.
She's crawling now.
Is she?
- I can barely keep up.
- Hmm.
I think she may be
the one that breaks me.
Well, we knew she'd be trouble.
I need my family, Lucy.
This is torture.
You have a big heart, Bill,
and a short memory.
We'll come home when things are settled.
It was settled.
That job was mine,
and then fucking Buckley!
I am trying to make things right.
I swear I am.
I know you are.
Sorry, Luce.
She's fussing again.
It's good to see you.
Evening, Horace.
Can I say something?
Is there anything short
of a blow to the head
that could stop you?
I was just wondering,
would you ever consider
quitting the force entirely?
A man of your experience,
I'm sure you could find
a less dangerous line.
You know, you're the second
person today to suggest that.
You could always come work for me.
I could use the extra help
at the factory.
And who better than family?
Did Lucy put you up to this?
Can you blame her?
In either case, the offer stands.
Calm the fuck down.
He fucked us over.
We'll find another job without him.
Sure thing, Bill.
You can't say shit like that here.
I don't give a fuck!
What the fuck are they on about?
Calm down!
I can say whatever I want.
You're gonna get us kicked out.
Settling up and going home,
if they know what's good for 'em.
Rough day?
I'm out there all hours
trying to get things done for this lot,
and all they do is just bitch and moan,
not a shred of fucking gratitude.
For men like you and me,
never appreciated for what we're doing.
But if we stop doing it,
the whole world falls apart.
It's falling apart anyway.
Mr. Leary!
You said at the factory that
if any of us had a problem,
we'd know where to find you.
Well, I do.
I have a big fucking problem.
Go home, boy.
I really don't want
to have to explain to your dad
what I did to you.
What's the matter?
Afraid I'll beat your ass
like that chink did?
bring your fucking brother.
Just had to open
your fucking mouth, didn't you?
Come on.
Silly boys.
Come on!
Get up!
Get the fuck up!
Let's go!
Leary! Leary! Leary!
Clean yourselves up, boys.
Next round's on me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Douglas, welcome.
Look at you,
a Winslow Homer painting come to life.
The country suits you.
I wasn't expecting you in person.
Well, I wanted to see
this new venture of yours for myself
and maybe sample
whatever it is I'm buying.
I'm sure we can accommodate that.
Come, have a drink while
your men fetch the crates.
So what's the verdict?
A little plum, a little spice.
It's magnificent.
Well, spread the word.
God knows we need to sell
as much as we can.
In that case, why don't I
just buy you out entirely?
Excuse me?
Nellie, the federal government wishes
to build a railroad
up the coast of California.
Their survey identified this valley
as being the ideal route.
They want to build
a railroad through my vineyard?
They do, and they will.
Now, I know it's a great inconvenience,
but I would like to see you profit
from this inevitability
by paying you fair market value
for the property
before the state declares eminent domain
and forces you to take
pennies on the dollar.
And why would you want to buy a property
that you can't keep or sell?
You're building the railroad.
I was awarded the contract
a few weeks ago.
And while this does put me
in the awkward position
of having to inform you,
it also puts me in the position
to help an old friend.
Well, if you really want to help,
then find another route.
Believe me, I've tried.
I lobbied Sacramento myself.
This land is not for sale.
Not to you, not to anyone.
Nellie, this expansion
is going to happen.
It's out of my hands.
Well, so is my land.
I have a room full of lawyers
who will make that clear
to anyone who says otherwise.
I understand it's a lot to consider.
I'll do what I can for you.
Thank you for the wine.
Thank you.
How'd she take it?
She'll come around.
How's it going?
She's been at it all night.
These look like dog shit.
Those are the scraps.
This is the product.
Holy fucking shit.
We're in business.
The truth is,
there is no such thing
as a harmless Celestial.
Mayor Blake died
at the hands of a meek,
unassuming Chinaman
his wife had fed
and sheltered for years.
They simply cannot be trusted.
If elected, I intend
to honor the Blake legacy
of American jobs for American workers
and keep our women and children safe
from these foreign invaders.
Of course, we all bemoan
the tragic circumstances
of Mayor Blake's passing,
but perhaps we should spend less time
focusing on what is wrong with this city
and more on what is
very right with it
you, its people,
the American family.
Like you, I believe
in the American family.
That's mine right over there.
My wife, Celeste, and our
children, Miles and Annabelle.
You deserve a mayor
who will fight for your family
as hard as I do for mine.
People like a family man.
There's no getting around it.
Which doesn't mean they won't eventually
recognize you as the candidate
of true substance.
But you gotta get out there,
press the flesh.
You can't win a war without
getting a little bloody,
I'm afraid.
Thank you.
Thank you for your
Mayor Buckley.
Pardon me.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming out today.
Catherine Archer.
I volunteered for Councilman Waithe,
promoting his educational policies.
I see.
I know you think
that didn't go your way,
but stay the course.
Thayer is just a pretty face
spouting platitudes.
Any voter with half a brain
can see that.
It's obvious you understand
the economics of San Francisco,
the deep quandary we're in.
And I intend to help your cause,
in whatever way I can.
Well, thank you for saying that.
My card.
Mr. Mayor, we should keep moving.
Now you're ready to greet your public.
Mr. Mayor?
It was my first time ever
on a ship of any kind.
I was terrified.
I didn't know what to expect.
But I knew that whatever
happened to me in America,
well, it couldn't be any worse
than what had already happened
to me back in China.
Being forced into marriage
by a violent warlord,
chained to his bedside,
you know, sometimes for days.
How did you survive such horrors?
A part of me didn't.
But that part was weak.
And when it died,
why, I became stronger.
Well, I'm sure our guest is spent.
And I promised her a tour of the house.
So, ladies, until next week.
And here's the dressing room.
My goodness.
I know.
It's a bit much.
My husband works
for the Bank of California.
We have so many occasions to attend.
So he allows me my indulgences.
Do you have dresses
of this sort in your culture?
I'd like you to have this.
It's just an evening dress,
dear, not the Hope Diamond.
- I couldn't.
- I insist.
Why don't you try it on?
You never know when you might
need a good evening dress.
May you outlive all your enemies.
Li Yong, I know Mai Ling
wishes to absorb us,
but I have a different proposal.
We acknowledge the Long Zii's takeover
of all Three Brothers' businesses.
But in exchange, we will retain our name
and control of all enforcement
and collections in our territory.
Kill them.
Ahh! Ah!
You all know me.
Make no mistake.
Joining the Long Zii is the
only path forward, for Chinatown,
for all of us.
Tell them.
She may have your balls in a box,
but she'll never have mine.
I understand.
I don't like being followed.
Yes, you've communicated that
very clearly.
Secret Service?
You've heard of us?
That'll save me some time.
It took me four months
to trace the counterfeit plates
to San Francisco,
two more to locate the operators
and the transport routes
from print to distribution.
Unfortunately, by the time
I actually caught up with them,
the plates were gone,
and most of the operators
went down shooting.
What does this have to do with me?
The last surviving idiot
told me his boss
had been buying guns from the Chinese.
So here I am,
talking to a man who knows the terrain.
You need the Chinatown Squad.
I'm not a cop anymore.
It might help you with this conversation
if you just assume
I know a little less than God,
but a lot more than you think.
I know all about the Chinatown Squad,
and I know you quit
after socking your superior in the jaw.
I'm guessing that makes you
a different sort of fella,
the kind I could work with.
Not interested.
Sure, you are.
Yeah, why is that?
Because I'm the one man who can keep you
from being dragged
back to Georgia in chains.
Like I said, assume I know
a lot more than you think.
Relax, Lee.
Here's my offer.
You guide me through Chinatown,
help me find those missing plates,
and I clean up
your Georgia mess permanently.
Be nice, wouldn't it,
to live a quiet life out here
with that pretty colored girl,
never looking over your shoulder again?
I'm wanted for murder.
You know that, right?
Nobody's perfect.
Take the night.
Think about it.
I'll be in touch.
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