Warrior (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

No Time for F... Chemistry



Fucking pond.
I know. Isn't it great?
I'm beginning to think
this one's a little touched.
You just noticed?
Guys, quit fucking around.
This is serious.
Don't worry. The chop looks good.
Just stand there, look pretty.
I'll do the talking.
It looked good in our basement.
But ripping off Happy Jack
is a different fucking story.
If this deal goes sideways,
I'm fucking blaming you.
If this goes sideways, it won't matter.
I hope you Chinamen didn't
come to us for credit.
Because you put me
in a very difficult position
the last time you asked me
to hold onto your shit.
We had a minor cash flow issue.
And we very much appreciate
you holding on to our product for us
He ain't interested
in your appreciation.
You got our money?
This covers our last order
and our next one,
plus a little extra for your trouble.
What are you doing here, Chao?
You're running with the Hop Wei now?

I make investment.
Things must be worse than I thought.
Like I said, a minor cash flow issue.
The cops are squeezing us.
We have it all worked out now.

They're straight.
I guess you do.
Give these men their product.

You're back.
The work is never done, it seems.
Was there a problem with your wine?
I wasn't expecting
to see you again so soon.
No, not at all.
It might be your best vintage yet.
I just came by to see
if you'd reconsidered my offer.
I thought I made my position clear.
You did, you did, but
I wouldn't be where I am today
without believing
there's always a deal to be made.
I couldn't help noticing you have
a lot of Chinese girls working here.
What of it?
Well, it's just that some folks
not me, mind you
but some folks around here
might surmise that this place
was some kind of brothel.
But not you.
Of course, you're quite
familiar with the genuine article.
I blame the politicians.
They've got everyone all riled up
with this Page Act business.
Well, you know me.
I never much cared what other
people think, least of all politicians.
On that, we can agree.
But nevertheless, if the government
caught wind of what's happening here
Oh, I have a dozen San Francisco police
who will testify on my behalf.
They helped me liberate these girls.
Of course.
I read all about it in the "Register."
Nellie Davenport,
savior of Chinatown's whores.
I just wonder
what they'd make of you now,
sharing your bed with one.

It's a reasonable offer.
Get the hell off my land.

So this cop knows
you're wanted for murder.
And instead of arresting you,
he wants to deputize you.
That's the gist of it.
Must be nice to be white.
You're not considering it, are you?
You're considering it.
If I help him, we can finally
stop looking over our shoulders.
Have you looked in a mirror lately?
As long as we're together, honey,
we're always gonna be
looking over our shoulders.
You said that you wanted
to stay in San Francisco.
This is how we do it.
No more bounty hunters.
And a cop living in my bar?
How do you think that's gonna play?
That badge isn't just bad for business.
It's bad for you.
The last thing I want to do
is go back to Chinatown.
But if there's even half a chance
I can buy us a future, I have to try.
The attack on Li Yong was
a desperate act of cowardice
by Muchen.
But thanks to Kong Pak, his plot failed.
The surviving members
of the Three Brothers tong
will be sworn in soon.
These men betrayed us.
How can we ensure their loyalty?
Kong Pak, you know these men.
What do you think?
Muchen ruled by fear.
Now that he's gone,
his hatchets will fall in line.
Then we'll proceed as planned.
But I'd like you to keep an eye on them.

Not the sort of dress you usually wear.
It was a gift from Eliza.
She invited me to an art gallery.
You're starting to spend
a lot of time in the pond.
Just enough time
to look after our interests.
It's a risk.
But a calculated one.
I should come with you.
You're not safe out there alone.
It's not a meeting with a rival tong.
I'll be fine.
Besides, your presence
will only make it harder
to gain their trust.
Agent Moseley.
I take it you know Mr. Lee?
Only by reputation,
which does you no favors.
Coming from this outfit,
I take that as a compliment, sir.
If you're done fawning over each other,
maybe you could do us a favor
and round up the Chinatown squad
Yes, sir.
Agent Moseley has tracked
the counterfeiting operation
- to San Francisco.
We have reason to believe
the men running it
are headquartered in Chinatown.
Which is why we'd like your squad
to test the local currency
as you make your rounds.
A single drop is all it takes
to ferret out a fake.
If the bill is legal tender,
the iodine won't leave a mark.
We're trying to keep the chinks
from slaughtering one another.
There's no time for fucking chemistry.
Those payoffs you're taking
could be counterfeit too.
So you'd be doing yourself a favor.
Would you mind repeating that?
Which word didn't you understand?
You shit-sucking son of a bitch.
- Come on.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
We'll keep your concerns in mind.
Now, if there's nothing more,
my men have work to do.
You told me you were done
with police work.
I was.
I will be again,
as soon as this is over.
So what's the plan?
Besides insulting my men.
Moseley says
the original crew was buying
weapons from a Chinaman.
I figured I'd start by paying
a visit to Mr. Wang Chao.
Well, Chao is not
much of a fan of yours.
Oh, maybe I should come along
and help smooth things over.
I appreciate that, but
that might muddy the waters.
I need to do this my way, Bill.
well, in that case [CLEARS THROAT]
Stay safe, Agent Lee.
Afraid I can't promise that.
Well, then just for fuck's sake,
stay alive, huh?

That's that's all of it.
"Thank you." You're welcome.
For what?
Forcing me to work for you?
Hey, do I need to remind you
that you came to us?
[SCOFFS] Yeah, to get you
up and running,
not to join your gang.
I get it, but you don't need to worry.
We protect our own.
You know, one of you said
the exact same thing to my father.
We missed one payment, and you beat him.
That wasn't me.
You wear the same suit.
yeah, that never should have happened.
I know it might not mean much,
but I'm sorry.
Come find me when you're done.

Can you imagine living in a log cabin
with nothing but dirt for a floor?
Nothing to relieve yourself
into but a wooden bucket?
Actually, I can.
Sorry. God, I must sound so entitled.
Not at all.
Just American.
Is the artist here?
Who knows?
Nobody comes here for the art.
They come here to see and be seen.
And to drink.
Thank you.
Gosh, it feels like I'm the
one hanging on the wall.
[SCOFFS] Don't mind them.
They're just jealous.
You wear that dress
better than they ever could.
Well, dear,
if you wanted to cause a stir,
you've certainly done it.
Not my intention.
But a nice fringe benefit. [BOTH LAUGH]
Mai Ling, this is my husband, Bernard.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Pleasure is mine.
Eliza hasn't stopped
talking about you all week.
She says you're quite
the business woman.
I've made some good investments.
But hardly the sort that would impress
a banker of your stature.
Your firm finances some of the largest
construction projects in the city.
You've done your research.
May I say your English is flawless?
Well, yours isn't too bad either.
You did not tell me she was funny.
She's funny. [LAUGHS]
It looks like Eliza Pendleton
has a new project.
You know her?
The Chinese girl? No.
But Eliza's always been
determined to seem
just this side of the avant-garde.
Miss Archer, wasn't it?
I'm flattered you remembered.
Since I imagine you misplaced my card,
or is there some other reason
you haven't called on me?
I thought you were simply being polite.
When you get to know me,
you'll realize I'm rarely,
if ever, polite.
I can't wait to watch you knock
that smug bastard on his ass.
That makes two of us.
I mean, the whole
"man of the people" routine
is getting stale, don't you think?
Well, I think I've had
about all the culture
I can stand for one day.
I recommend you call on me
soon, Mr. Buckley,
or else I might decide
you don't like me,
and then I'll become intolerable.

And you can prove this?
Given the amount of money in
that envelope, it shouldn't matter.
But yes.
We've got two witnesses who can put
Thayer's brother-in-law
in a Chinese opium den
as recently as last week.
A real scandal, if it were to come out.
The story will play better
if I can bring them in,
ask a few questions.
For obvious reasons,
these men wish to remain anonymous.
However, in the interest
of due diligence,
everything is there.
Quotes, dates, and times.
I was thinking for the headline,
"Thayer Campaign, Up In Smoke."
You're the professional.
Evening, Mr. Strickland.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
Name's Dylan Leary.
I need a quick word.
Champion of the workingman.
I hear you've been causing quite a stir
down at City Council.
I'm here on behalf of Leonard Pierce.
So now the City Council has
got you breaking legs for them,
is that it?
I don't doubt you're
a dangerous man, Mr. Leary.
But if Pierce went to all the
trouble to pay you to threaten me,
I would at least think he
told you I never travel alone.
It must have slipped his mind.
That's too bad.
Either way, I hope
it's becoming clear to you,
I'm not the man you threaten, Mr. Leary.
I'm the man with whom you make a deal.

Come on.
Let's have a chat.

So this is what gangsters do for fun?
You know, when they're not
beating up old men.
Well, actually, I have many interests.
Sometimes I beat up young men.
Oh, how sweet.
I'm done printing.
The bills will be dry in the morning.
Great. I'll walk you home.
Uh, thank you.
Actually, I think I'll just
take my payment and go.
Well, I need to pat you down first.
Young Jun's orders.
They have trust issues.
Arms up.
Just, um
Okay, all good.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Have a good night.
You have fun playing with your wood.

You were in the cavalry?
Served under Sheridan
in the Army of the Potomac.
Fightin' Phil Sheridan?
The man's a fucking legend.
[CHUCKLES] He certainly thought so.
We used to call him Little Phil
behind his back.
He was so short,
he could scratch his own ankles
without stooping over.
Did you serve?
88th Infantry, Irish brigade.
The Fearless Sons of Erin.
You gave those Rebels hell.
They sent a few of us there too.
My boy, Louis, fell at
the Battle of Sailors' Creek.
I lost his mother in childbirth, and
at the time, I remember thinking
I'd suffered the worst pain
life has to offer.
Turns out I was wrong.
Every day of the war,
I prayed to make it home to my boys.
And I did
so the pox could take 'em.
If there is a God,
he has a sick sense of humor.
He's a fucking prick is what he is.
You and I know the price
this country demands.
We've paid it tenfold for the freedom
to build something of our own.
Men like Pierce and his cronies
will never understand that.
They were born into wealth.
They've sacrificed nothing.
I earned every dime I ever made.
From where I'm sitting,
you don't look so different.
On the surface, maybe.
But I don't think the way they do.
They see you as a thug,
someone to do their dirty work.
I see something else.
And what's that?
A political powerhouse.
The voice of the Irish.
But what good is that voice
if nobody listens?
You twist some arms, you get
five Irish hired here, ten there.
- And their families eat.
- Yes, but nothing has changed.
You're thinking too small.
The problem you face is systemic.
It's built into the economics
of the country.
If you want to change that,
you need the kind of political capital
that comes with real power.
Otherwise, you'll end up
a washed-up gangster
with nothing but your noble intentions
to show for your troubles.
These are fucked-up times.
The bulls are in our bowl.
The Long Zii are puffing up
their chests.
Fuck the Long Zii! [LAUGHTER]
It's been tough.
I won't deny it.
But we're the motherfucking Hop Wei!
And there aren't enough cops
in San Francisco
to stop us from running our business.
We're back in the molasses game
stronger than ever.
So get drunk.
Get sticky.
Because tomorrow,
we get back to being the baddest
fucking tong in Chinatown!
Your boss seems happy.
But you're not.
Printing was supposed to be a solution,
not the solution.
We should be using the chop
to buy more soldiers, not
not booze and whores.
Then you better hurry.
Cash won't matter if there
aren't any soldiers left to buy.
Mai Ling just absorbed another tong.
How is she making moves
when we're out here fighting for scraps?
How doesn't matter.
What matters is that Mai Ling
is building an army.
She won't come directly at us again.
Not with this much heat in the streets.
Doesn't seem like she's
all that bothered by the heat.
Does it?


You know, if it weren't
for the tailored suits,
I'd almost believe
this whole poultry setup.
Former Officer Lee.
I thought you were
Barbary Coast problem now.
Not a lot of room in here
for contraband, Chao.
Chinatown squad make
business bad for Chao.
Turn over new leaf.
Then you won't mind
if I ask you a few questions.
Too bad.
I almost like you for a second.
I'm looking into
a counterfeiting operation.
Somebody printing American greenbacks,
possibly here in Chinatown.
What I know about printing money?
I have a witness,
part of the original
counterfeiting crew,
says a Chinese man sold weapons
to his partners
down at the docks
shortly before they were robbed.
And you think this Chao?
Given what I know about you,
I'd be foolish not to ask.
You're foolish either way.
Look, I'm not a cop anymore.
I work for the government.
I can do things differently.
Different how?
You give me something useful,
you get paid.
And I make sure you stay out of jail.
New badge, new rules.
Sound like old rule for snitch.
I'm just asking you to point me
in the right direction.
Exit that way.


Took you guys long enough.
I've been wandering
around your territory
for, like, 20 minutes.
Yeah, we knew.
We just didn't care.
Right, so you're the funny one.
Which one of you's the smart one?
None of you. Got it.

Hey, sis.
I think my men are still
itchy about the other day.
Oh, you mean
when you almost started a war
by setting up shop in our backyard?
It was an honest mistake.
Hop Wei territory is
shrinking by the day.
Hard to know who owns what anymore.
Yeah, tough times all around
for everyone but you.
Your point?
Well, there are no bulls here.
No shutdowns or raids,
and you're parading around
like the queen of Chinatown
while everyone else suffers.
It's a big world, Ah Sahm.
Opportunities everywhere.
Oh, my God.
Do you have any idea
do you have any idea
how arrogant you sound?
And you sound like a sore loser.
Listen, I don't know
who you made a deal with,
but it's only a matter of time
before it blows up in your face,
and when it does,
Hop Wei will be
the least of your worries.
The Hop Wei are the least of my worries.
Ever since Young Jun took over,
he's been doing my work for me.
All I have to do is wait.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Ah Sahm.
You don't have to go down with him.
I mean that.
Don't worry.
I won't.

This man, he was friends
with your husband?
I don't think
Douglas Strickland has friends.
But he convinced Fred to invest
in his construction business
just as the city was taking off.
And they made a fortune together.
And now he want your land.
You know, he used to want me too.
I don't think he ever
got over the rejection.
At least he have good taste.
He can do this?
Don't worry.
Douglas likes to puff out his chest,
but he knows my lawyers can
tie him up for years.
He'll find another route
for his railroad.
Hey, I won't let anything
happen to our girls.
And what if he still want you?
I didn't take you for the jealous type.
Not jealous.
You too make very handsome couple.
[LAUGHS] Shut up.
He look like he make good baby.

Take this back to your family, okay?
Here you go.
Take it back to your family.
Here you go.
Don't spend it all at once.
All right, take this back
to your mommy, okay?

What's going on?
Just helping out a few places
that got hit by the ordinances.
Thank you.
I figure the sooner they're
back up and running, the better.
Check out what he gave me, guys.
It's a pipe!
Since when do you smoke a pipe, Hong?
Since right fucking now, I guess.
- What's up?
- Nothing.
I just thought we were being careful.
We are.
Muscle and molasses.
That's what we agreed on.
Not flooding the street with fake chop.
Okay, so you don't want me
roughing up old men,
and you don't want me
giving them money either.
I guess I don't know
what the fuck I'm doing,
- do I?
- That's not what I'm saying.
Oh, really?
'Cause it sounded like
you were calling me out.
Hey, guys, come on. Take it easy.
I'm not out here swinging my dick,
for no reason, man.
I'm washing the money.
Businesses buy inventory
with the chop that I give them.
Customers buy their shit,
and real money flows
back into our pockets.
And if a few fucking onions
think I'm God's gift,
even better.
Get me?
Fuck, man.
I know you're trying to help,
but let me handle the big picture shit,
all right?
You just make sure
that girl keeps printing.
Because right now,
that's all that matters.

How'd we do today?
Same as yesterday.
I can only go so fast with six plates.
I thought you might be hungry.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Those those are gonna
be some good ones. I can tell.
These are terrible.
What? No.
Those are the best dumplings
in Chinatown.
Yeah, maybe if you grew up on a farm.
I did grow up on a farm.
That explains a lot.
You have something against farms?
No, I have something
against these dumplings.
I gotta get something else.
Well, then I need
to come with you, so
if there's some top-secret
dumpling spot, I need to know.
Okay, suit yourself.

My father used to tell us this
one at bedtime. Do you know it?
I didn't really have bedtime
stories growing up, you know?
That's Lei Gong, God of Thunder.
Jade Emperor knew
that he was an angry god.
So he gave him an axe
and taught him how to conjure thunder.
But the problem was,
when he made his thunder,
the skies got dark and he couldn't
always see what he was doing.
One day, there was
a young girl named Dianmu
throwing rice into the river.
In his blind rage,
Lei Gong accidentally struck her down.
He'd killed an innocent girl.
And Jade Emperor was furious.
So he resurrected Dianmu,
making her this powerful goddess.
And as punishment,
Lei Gong had to marry her
so she could help him.
And she held mirrors in the sky,
making lightning so he could see.
And that is why lightning
always comes before thunder.
So it has a happy ending.
- How is that happy?
- Well, think about it.
I mean, a love story. Mm.
She made the thunder monster better.
Better at killing.
And it's not like she had
a choice in the matter either.
Nobody gets a choice.
Or maybe you just don't like
the choice you made.

I saw you at the riot.
You came in like some avenging angel.
Here to save us.
But then you come to my shop
with Young Jun to collect,
I realized you're not an angel
or a warrior.
You're just
some hatchet man.

Sorry to let you down.
Well, maybe it's not too late.
For what?
For you to choose differently.
You sing, you dance ♪
You love to romance ♪
You seem to know
just what it's all about ♪
Ooh, baby, you knock me out ♪
When you roll your eyes,
I seem hypnotized ♪
Everything you do thrills me
through and through ♪
So if that's the way,
then I have to say ♪
I'll always be loving you ♪
You kiss ♪
You smile, and yes ♪
I'll always love you,
but I'm still in doubt ♪
Ooh, baby, you knock me out ♪
- Is this your room?
- Mm-hmm.


Oh, fuck.
Okay, is the pipe authentic
or an affectation?
What's an affectation?
Well, you seem pretty fresh.
How long ago did you cross?
A few months ago.
To be a hatchet man?
I've been in a tong ever since
my father kicked me out.
I was 14.
Where's your family?
My mom was indentured
to a commodore in the Royal Navy.
He traveled a lot, so we did too.
After she died,
he didn't have any use for me.
Been on my own ever since.
It must be hard to be alone
in all those places.
It's different for artists, I think.
We're more accepting than most.
Besides, you can't be an immigrant
if you never stay in one place.
- Oh, hang on!
- Oh!
- Ow.

Leary, I've been waiting
to hear from you.
Did you speak with Mr. Strickland?
- We spoke.
- And?
Didn't go your way.
What the hell's that supposed to mean?
Hey! I asked you a question.
Ah, God!
This isn't your house, you pasty fuck.
It's mine.
And when you're in my house,
you show me some fucking respect.
Oh, son of a bitch!
I'll have you arrested.
I suppose you need a cop, then.
Owen, get over here.
What's the problem?
This man attacked me.
Any witnesses?
What do you mean?
Of course there are witnesses.
I won't forget this.
That was the intention.

Here you go.
Well, thanks for walking me home.
You really didn't have to.
No, I no, I did.
I'm supposed to keep
an eye on you, remember?
So I guess you gotta frisk me too, then.
Uh, oh uh, yeah. [CLEARS THROAT]


You're good.
Well, good night, then.

Good night.

Girls are going to bed.
Dinner is all cleaned up.
Just you and me now.
You must be tired.
I am.
But the good kind, you know?
I'm gonna draw a bath, I think.
Good idea.
Hey, go to that field.
Get gun.
Go, go!

The fields. Go.
Put her down.



- Get up, bitch!



Shaw, let's go!
We've been here too long!


All of my girl, girl, girls ♪
Say no, no, no ♪
Nuh-uh, nuh-uh ♪

So I say no ♪

All of my girl, girl, girls ♪
Say no, no, no ♪
Nuh-uh, nuh-uh ♪
No ♪
No ♪
No, no ♪
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