Warrior (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

In Chinatown, No One Thinks About Forever

Fires are mostly out.
There's nothing left to salvage.
I'll take a wagon into town,
get some supplies.
We go
back to Chinatown.
What are you talking about?
We no belong here.
I promise you, Strickland
will not get away with this.
He already did.
No, Ah Toy, wait!
You cannot take these girls
back to the brothel.
We worked so hard to get
them out of that life!
You no protect them.
You no protect them here.
In Chinatown, I can.
They were happy here.

Happy mean nothing if you dead.



You have a cop problem.
Bad enough you have one living in here.
Now there's another outside.
Multiplying like fucking rabbits.
The Secret Service
isn't interested in us.
A badge is a badge.
Look, I don't like it either, but
Everything all right?
Jack and I were just catching up.
I got to restock the bar.
- You good?
- Mm.
Hey, cop.
Let me ask you something.
You really care about her?
I do.
Not that it's any of your business.
You are standing in my business
you and that smiley fuck outside.
Now, if you care about her
like you say you do,
you will take that piece of tin
and your lily-white ass
and get back where you belong.
And where's that?
Anywhere but here.

You take longer to put on your face
than my third ex-wife.
What's our next move?
Well, most counterfeiters,
ones that aren't outright idiots,
spend small at first,
check to see if their bills pass muster
before they make any big moves.
So we sweep Chinatown,
check for any phony papers
in the local shops.
By the way
let's meet at the station
from here on out.
Sure, though I will sorely miss
your neighborhood's charming aroma.
- Well, thank God you came by.
Otherwise Bernard
would still be going on
- about that new horse of his.
If you saw Apollo,
you'd understand my enthusiasm.
His sire set a record
at the Preakness back in '76.
You see what I'm dealing with?
- Darling, you're going to bore
Mai Ling to tears.
Actually, I'm quite fond of horses.
My father used to take me to
the Mongolian horse markets
when I was a girl.
God, they had these
gorgeous white stallions.
I made him promise
to buy me one someday.
Connoisseur and a businesswoman
you are full of surprises.
Well, then I hope
you'll forgive my boldness,
but, well, I was wondering
if you'd given any thought
to our conversation at the gallery.
Actually, I have.
I'll admit, diversifying your
assets outside of Chinatown
will be tricky, but it can be done.
There's no reason
why you shouldn't be able
to conduct business
like other Americans.
I agree.
The rules barring Chinese
ownership are nothing but
rank political posturing.
If only more people here
shared your sentiments.
Bernard will find a way.
He's brilliant at that sort of thing.
If I were to hold your money
in a proprietary account
at the bank as part
of my personal portfolio,
I could gradually take positions for you
across various industries
with your approval, of course.
And what kind of industries
are we talking about?
Railroads, construction, agriculture.
The possibilities are countless,
assuming you've got the stomach
for some risk.
I think you'll find I've
got the stomach for it.

When can we start?
Do you feel that,
when the rhythm changes?
That's when you go harder, okay?
Okay. I'm not going to be
able to get this right.
You know, you spin
those sticks around your head
with absolute precision, but
ask a man to turn a crank
Your father taught you this?
He didn't teach me anything,
not while there was a son to teach.
I taught myself, watched him work.
I'd practice on the press
at night after we closed shop,
and it's a good thing I did,
'cause my brother
turned out to be an idiot.
And if I hadn't stepped in,
we would have lost the shop,
which he's going to inherit anyway.
So why learn, then?
A Chinese woman in America
without a skill
is either going to be a prostitute
or ends up being labeled one
and deported.
You ever think about going back?
To China?
Why? Do you?
Not anymore.
You know, my father isn't perfect
but he sacrificed everything
to bring us here to America.
And in spite of how awful it's been,
I still really think
it's the land of opportunity.
People like us just need to
try a little bit harder to find it,
that's all.
I guess San Francisco has its charms
aside from all the people
who want us dead.
I don't plan on staying here forever.
My father's sick,
and and when he's gone,
there isn't going to be
anything left keeping me here.
So no China,
no Chinatown.
Where will you go?
Maybe north, I think.
I hear there's a lot
of open spaces out there.
Maybe I'll find something I like
and make something of my own.
With this, I have to confiscate it.
It's official.
I will not be eating in Chinatown.
Those are actually pretty good.
Any luck with him?
He only had one ten in the till.
Came back queer.
Wasn't too pleased
about parting with it neither.
No, I imagine he wasn't.
I figure we split up,
work the rest of this block,
then expand our grid.
Pattern will emerge.
You can hang your hat on that.
I can see why the other cops
didn't like you.
You actually work for a living.

I saw an interesting article
in the "Register" today,
about Thayer's brother-in-law
being an opium addict.
I suppose every family
has their skeletons.
If you know where to dig.
You know, Miss Archer, it's surprising
to find a woman of your
intelligence and background
who isn't married.
You're wondering what skeletons
might be lurking in my closet.
- Is that it?
- No, of course not.
I meant no offense.
Relax, Mr. Buckley.
My skin is thicker than it looks.
Of course,
my family expected me
to be married up years ago,
but I was more interested
in traveling the world
- than being tied down.
- And now?
I would think a woman like you
would have her pick of suitors.
And you would be wrong.
I'm suddenly a woman of a certain age,
and as such, I'm expected to entertain
a parade of sad widowers,
fading bachelors,
and pitiful eccentrics
the price I paid for my independence,
and well worth it.
I cherish my freedom
which is why it takes
a special kind of man
to make an impression on me.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, dear.
Have I stunned you
into silence, Mr. Buckley?
Call me Walter.
Don't mind the looky-loos.
Seeing you out with a woman
is good for your campaign.
But I wonder what you will think of me
if I lose the election.
I would think no less of you.

But I'm not going to let you lose.




I heard about Sonoma.
I'll go after them.
It's too late for that.
What are you talking about, Ah Toy?
Come on, talk to me.
I have a business to run.
I'm fine.
Ah Toy!
Maybe take a few days.
Let Chao handle things
till you're feeling up to it.
Do you have any idea how long
it took to put this dress on?

Cheers. Cheers.
Good to see you.

Did we take a wrong turn somewhere?
[CHUCKLES] Trust me.
We're exactly where we're meant to be.

What the fuck is this place?
It's a private club
for people who share
a certain joie de vivre,
a place without boundaries,
where everyone is welcome.

- Ah, Monsieur Marcel.
- Oh.
- Welcome back.
Would you prefer the blue or the green?
Oh, excellent choice.
Enjoy your evening, gentlemen.

That was disgusting.
Mm, I promise you're going
to love it when it kicks in.
Come on.
there's more.


I think I'm going to like it here.

- Yuxian.
- Whoa!
Watch the suit, you clumsy bitch.
Well, you can make it up to me.
Come on, let's have some fun.
- [GRUNTS] Hey!
- Come on, let's go upstairs.
Stop! Let go!
Stop it!
Go upstairs
- Sergeant O'Hara.
- Everything all right?
Things seem a little tense in here.
Was just small disagreement.
I take care of it.
For last week, extra,
when I not in town.
You may wish you hadn't come back.
The new police chief is, uh
coming down hard on Chinatown.
That what red envelope for.
[SIGHS] Well, you've always
done right by me, but
things are changing.
I may not be able to keep
trouble from your door forever.
In Chinatown
no one think about forever
only today, maybe tomorrow.

Thank you all for coming.
I've called this press conference
to address a salacious article
the "Register" saw fit
to publish about my family,
my brother-in-law's
unfortunate opium habit.
First and foremost,
it's important to acknowledge
that this isn't news, strictly speaking,
but a hit piece planted by my opponent
without corroboration
in a desperate attempt
to bolster a faltering campaign.
- There is no reason
- Do you deny the report, then?
I do not.
I'm only sorry
that Howard's private struggle
has been made public
because of my candidacy.
My brother-in-law was wounded in battle
in the service of his country.
Like so many others,
his pain did not end
when the fighting stopped.
And it is the intention of my family
to love and support him
however we can.
As with so many things,
compassion, not judgment,
must be our guiding light.




You're unfocused today.
Too slow.
you want to talk about it?
It's Mai Ling.
She's spending
more and more time in the pond.
You must have known her ambitions
would reach beyond the confines
of Chinatown.
This feels different.
Are you worried about her
or the tong?
She isn't safe out there.
She won't let me protect her.
Mai Ling is very smart
but sometimes it's the smartest
ones who forget to be wise.
Good thing she has you to remind her.
We going to fight or what?

Regardless, the state of California
is well within its rights
to assert eminent domain.
It has offered just
compensation to Miss Davenport
and has clearly demonstrated
its public use as a route
A privately owned and managed railroad
does not constitute public use.
Might I remind the court
that we have proffered
multiple witnesses who will testify
that Miss Davenport
was housing prostitutes
on her so-called vineyard.
That is outrageous, Judge Hopkins.
Miss Davenport has a long
and well-documented history
of liberating young women from bondage.
- These girls were her employees.
- I've heard enough.
My ruling is that the state
has just grounds
to exercise its constitutional powers.
Eminent domain stands.
Your Honor, please!
You can't let him get away with this.
- Charles, I don't understand.
- I did what I could.
No. Miss Davenport.
This isn't over.
I'm sorry, Nellie. I know you
were hoping for a different outcome.
If there's anything I can do
I always knew you were a shit, Douglas.
You just hid it better than my husband.
But I didn't know you were a monster.
Please understand that all
I want, all I've ever wanted,
was to see you taken care of,
however I could.
You just couldn't stand not
having something that you wanted,
so you took it, like a
like a petulant child!
I can see you're upset,
but I'm afraid I don't know
what you're talking about.
You killed them.
You murdered my girls, and for what?
For more money,
as if you didn't have enough.
You are sick, Douglas.
You are a twisted, despicable creature.
No, this man, this man is a murderer.
Bernard and his friends
are obsessed with the game.
Personally, I don't see
what's so thrilling
about knocking little balls around.
[CHUCKLES] Well, there is
a little bit more
to it than that, darling, but, uh
admittedly, it is more fun
when there's money at stake.
But the real appeal is
escaping their nagging wives.
Oh, I seem to have run dry.
I'll go get us a fresh bottle.
- That sounds delightful.
Oh, I, uh I meant to tell you
I'm looking at providing
high-interest bridge loans
using the capital you provided.
They'll, uh, bring in
a substantial return,
but we we have to move slowly
to avoid any unwanted attention.
And your fee?
Well, given our personal relationship,
I'll keep it modest say, uh,
Let's make it 10%.
I intend for this to be a long
and fruitful arrangement
for the both of us.
You, um
really are
Quite beautiful.
Wait. Stop. What are you doing?
- You must have misunderstood.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I hope I haven't spoiled things.
Not at all.
We all make mistakes.
No need to let it
affect our partnership.

Oh, good. You're here.
Yeah, I-I think I found something.
They say the state of a man's office
is a reflection of his state of mind.
The thing is this is my office.
I've been through every
territory in Chinatown,
testing bills,
and most of them came back clear,
except for the ones in this pile.
Where did you find them?
I pulled a few off
a highbinder in a Hop Wei suit
and a few more in shops here, here
- And here.
- All in Hop Wei territory.
It makes sense.
With the increased police
presence and enforcement,
cash must be tight.
So where are my plates?
My best guess
Hop Wei headquarters.
It's the most fortified spot.
And here I was, wondering
what we were going to do today.
Now, we're going to need some backup.
- I'll go tell Bill.
- Well, I'll tell Atwood.
Why should you have all the fun?


You're pretty handy with that blade.
- Care for a turn?
- I prefer using my hands.
Speaking of hands
I hear Mr. Pierce
has some new holes in his.
The man insulted me in me own bar.
Then I admire your restraint.
I took care of your problem,
Mr. Strickland,
but now I'm left with one of my own.
Pierce promised to hire 40 of my men.
Look, you want me to hire 40 Irishmen,
I'll hire 40 Irishmen.
But you'll still be precisely
where you are right now
fighting to gain every sad little inch.
I've got hungry men
banging down my door.
They'll take every inch they can get.
As long as you keep begging
wealthy men for scraps,
that's all they'll receive.
You have things people want,
Mr. Leary
votes, workers, influence.
Yeah, so I'm told.
But it hasn't put
my people back to work.
Because Buckley
takes your votes for granted
and Thayer supports Chinese labor.
Put it this way you can't beat
this problem with your fists.
You can't outspend the industrialists.
If you're telling me the game's rigged,
it's not fucking news.
How much do you think
this ring is worth?
No idea.
But based on the finger
that's wearing it,
I'd say a lot.
I don't think it's worth $2,
but I value it more than anything I own
because of who I took it from.
Money isn't everything, Mr. Leary.
Power comes to those
who are willing to seize it.
I don't know
what we're talking about here.
Talking about an alliance.
Work with me,
and I'll show you how you win this game.
What do you get out of it?
I have big plans for California,
but I can't realize them
without government approval,
without laws, workers.
You can help me get them.
How do you figure that?
The details can wait.
Come on, let's have another drink.
Tomorrow you can tell your working men
you did as you promised.
40 jobs, right?
Judge Milton Hopkins
Mr. Dylan Leary,
my guest of honor this evening.
Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Leary.
Who are they?
Do you really need to know their names?
- Stone.
- Mm-hmm.
Take three men, set up
a perimeter around the corner.
- Anderson, Cartwright.
- Yes, boss.
Cut off passage to the west.
If you see any black suits
running, shoot to kill.
Yes, sir.
The rest of you gentlemen are with me.
Now, that is how you win
beautiful hand,
not that chicken shit hand
that Hong keeps winning with.
You know, we're letting
you win, right, boss?
Letting me win?
Get the fuck out of here, Hong.
Hey, come on, we'll be here
all night. Let's go.
Up against the wall!
Secret Service. Nobody move.

Right, line them up. Let's go, boys.
Come on! Come over here!
- You fuck.
- You, get over there.

You two take the hallway.
I'll have a gander upstairs.

So this is the Hop Wei tong
the most terrifying band
of highbinders in Chinatown.
They're certainly the best dressed.
You know what I see?
Subhuman excrement
wrapped in silk.
Gentlemen, show them what we're about!
You really think these guys
are stupid enough
to print counterfeits
in their own backyard?
I reckon I won't know till I look.

Fuck, no.

That look like a secret door to you?
Don't gloat. It doesn't suit you.

Looks like you want
to say something, boy.
Go on, out with it.
Sorry. I
I-I didn't catch that.
Fuck your mother's smelly pussy.
With stones like those
I gather you're in charge.
So you want to be the big man, huh?
Now's your chance.

Do it, princess.
Come on, make a fucking move.

- There's nothing here.
- I can see that, Bill.
They moved something, something heavy.
Someone must have warned
them we were coming.
San Francisco Police Department!
- Get up against the wall!
- Whoa, whoa.
- Come here.
- What?
Come here.
Okay, the bulls
they've got us boxed in.
We can't go back.
Let's just leave it here.
They might not check the cart.
No, if they do, the tong is screwed.
I need to get these plates out of here.
- Look at me. Look at me.
Hey! Hey!
This isn't your problem. Just go home.
They won't stop you.
Well, what are you going to do?
I'll figure something out.
- That is so stupid.
- Yeah.
- You need a plan.
- I like to improvise.
Hey, take off your jacket.
They're looking for Hop Wei, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Hey, let's go.
This is not your house.
- Hey!
- Lee, no.
This is not your tong.
Chief, he's had enough.
- You have nothing.
- Chief.
- You are nothing.
- Chief, he's had enough.
Chief, he's done.
Don't you ever
lay a finger on me again.
Arrest this man.
He assaulted an officer.


- Shit.
- Hey.
- There's more cops to the right.
- Then go the other way.
- Excuse me!
- Aw, shit.
- You there!
- Keep going.
- Don't look at him.
San Francisco Police.
I need to check that wagon.
- What do we do now?
- I'm working on it.
You, stop!
Turn left.

Come on, boys.
It's a dead end. We can't get out.
Neither can they.
Wait, what?

Fuck is your problem, lady?
Didn't you hear us?
Where's the other one?
Your fucking friend
where is he?
This bitch doesn't understand
a word you're saying.
Talking slower ain't going to
make a shit bit of difference.
There's only one language
these people understand.
Let's take a look.
What the fuck?
Stone! Harrison!
What the hell is going on?

Up you go, you piece of shit.
Get in there!
- Come on, come on! Let's go!
- Right, let's move it out!
- Chao tipped them off.
It's the only thing that makes sense.
You must have known he would.
I thought we'd be faster.
Your new boss is a real charmer.
He's a fucking lunatic is what he is.
You should have been chief, Bill.
Serves me right.
I should never have trusted
a snake like Buckley.
I knew better!
What about your case?
Hop Wei will go underground now.
Back to square one.
Don't beat yourself up over this.
That round-headed cunt had us
going through the front door,
guns blazing.
It was never going to work.
- Jesus Christ.
- Bill.
Stone! What the hell happened?
We got jumped by a couple of slants
in an alley up the road.
- Hop Wei?
- Oh, maybe.
He wasn't wearing a suit. [COUGHING]
He who? Give us something!
Well, I don't fucking know!
He was fast, though.
Cut through the five of us
like we were nothing.
He had a girl with him, too.
They were hauling something on a wagon.
You think you'd recognize him
if you saw him again?
I don't fucking know.
It was dark. They were chinks.
What the fuck you want from me?
Fucking hell.
Okay, I need you to watch
over the plates
for a little while
till I figure out what to do.
You just beat up a bunch of cops.
Yeah, well, they had it coming.
And what you think that they're just
going to forget about that?
- Okay.
- They saw our faces.
I didn't have a choice.
That is not true. We could have run.
We could have done
anything, and I hit a cop.
And I have never done that before.
- Listen to me.
- Don't you get it?
They could have killed us!
They didn't, and they
don't know anything.
- You don't know that.
- Yes, I do.
I didn't sign up for this.
- I know.
- This isn't what I wanted.
You okay?


Where are Franny and the others?
Is something wrong?
Is this the woman, Mrs. Pendleton?
Yes, Officer.
I don't understand. What's going on?
You're under arrest
for criminal solicitation.
What? Of who?
Eliza, what is this?
I saw you yesterday with Bernard.
He told me everything.
He touched me.
I swear, I would never do this to you.

I took pity on you.
- I let you into my home.
- I didn't do anything.
We were discussing business,
and he just reached out and
Eliza, please, you have to believe me!

I hope they send you back to China.
Eliza! Please!
- Eliza, stop them!
- Come on.
- Eliza!
- Let's go.

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