Warrior (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

A Soft Heart Won't Do You No Favors

What the fuck are we doing
in an ice factory?
You expect us to run
our operation out of here?
I expect us to avoid getting caught.
That means operating in my territory.
Yeah, why is that exactly?
This place has everything we'll need
to print, dry, and pack.
We're not doing this.
You made a deal.
I didn't make shit. He did.
And to be honest, I don't know
what the fuck he was thinking.
He was probably thinking
that he didn't want you
to get deported.
Okay, look.
We don't have to like
each other to make this work.
I know she can be an asshole,
but it's the smart play.
What's going on?
Oh, we just wanted to see
if you're up and running yet.
Um, I'm still setting up,
but I should be ready to go
in a couple hours.
Give us a minute, yeah?
I know Ah Sahm thought this deal was
the only way to go,
but I haven't forgotten that you tried
to dice him and my father.
Things are different now.
We have enough enemies
outside of Chinatown.
I no longer want to be at war
with my own people.
You wanna rule this place.
You've been plotting since the moment
you climbed into Long Zii's bed.
And you know what?
I respect that.
You scrapped like a motherfucker
to get where you are.
But don't think for a second
that just because I was born
into this, that makes me soft.
'Cause that would be
a big fucking mistake.
You're right.
My brother and I have
a complicated relationship.
But I would never let that get
in the way of business,
which is why I think
we need to keep an eye on him.
The fuck are you talking about?
I'm sure you've noticed he's
gotten close with our printer.
Our only printer.
Yeah, so?
How well do you know her?
Because she's seen enough
to sink our entire operation.
If my brother were to become
a little too attached,
well, that could be a big problem.


Anyone tell you you snore like sick cow?
Already tried that.
Where are we?
I mean, where are we going?
Wherever they go
to collect price on your head.
Happy Jack don't like you much.
It seems to me he doesn't
like you much either.
you tell me.
Where are we going?
Hey, Ah Sahm.
Just, uh, getting Father Jun up
to speed on our new alliance.
How much do you trust Mai Ling
to hold up her end of the deal?
As long as we're offering
something better than war,
we're good.
It doesn't mean I trust her.
Counterfeiting is risky.
Add to that a partner
you can't count on,
and it's just a matter of time
before the deal goes sideways.
We need to prepare.
Father Jun knows a couple of Krauts
who are sitting on a silver
claim a couple of hours east.
Old-school gangsters we can work with.
Work with how?
Trade fake chop for silver.
We pay them three times the going rate.
That's a steep markup.
It is, but we come away
with something of real value,
- something we can count on
- Mm-hmm.
More than our partners.
It's a big move.
You two should talk it over.
I'm sorry. I think I missed something.
Is Father Jun running the show now?
Of course not.
I know you two didn't
always get along, but
We led a coup against him.
But whatever beef we've had,
he's always put the tong first.
You're talking
about adding another partner.
That's more risk, more exposure.
It's better than grabbing our ankles
and waiting for Mai Link to fuck us.
- Okay?
- Okay.
When do you leave?
We leave tomorrow morning.
What, you thought you were staying home?
I need a translator.
I don't speak German.
And I'm betting those Krauts
don't speak Cantonese either.
You're coming.
This sounds like my kind of party.
- You're not coming.
- What?
Why the fuck not?
Someone has to run this place
while we're gone.
The men you kill, who are they?
Or maybe family?
If you wanna get out of here,
feel free to pitch in.
Better to save energy.
Then stop wasting it talking.
What is her name?
Men kill for money or love.
You no care for money,
so what is her name?
Chao maybe die because of you.
Deserve to know why.
We are both in this mess because of you.
All you deserve is
whatever's waiting for you
at the end of the line.
God willing, that's a bullet or a noose.
You are the one wanted
for murder, Agent Lee,
not me.
You're right, Chao.
Maybe they won't kill you.
Maybe they'll just keep you
in chains the rest of your life.
And how long will you be gone?
Um a couple days.
Maybe three.
Hey, I'll be fine.
I'm not worried about you.
There are a thousand ways
that this could go bad,
and I'm in the middle of all of them.
That means you're valuable.
No one will touch you.
Unless your sister
betrays your best friend.
And then I'm a target.
Look, they tried killing
each other before, right,
so what's stopping them
from trying again?
Right now, they need each other.
They both need you.
Lucky me.

How long no opium?
I'm fine.
[SARCASTICALLY] You look fine.
Will anyone notice you're missing?
I thought Chao was a friend to everyone.
She won't know how to find me,
but she'll try.
If she want to find you.
She is Happy Jack's sister-in-law, no?
Maybe she tell him about bounty.
Maybe they share.
Well, not everyone's like you.
Like me?
You think you know Chao, hmm?
I know enough.
I know you'd sell your own child
if you could turn a profit.
And you'd do just about anything
to anyone for the right price.
Such a simple point of view.
Like a stupid child.
Money important, sure.
But money is easy.
Deal is what matter.
Deal is everything.
We shake hand.
Now, you not white. I not Chinese.
Now, we are partner.
You don't like me, so what?
Want to kill me?
Don't matter because we have deal.
Right deal turn slave into man.
Turn man into
American, huh?
Enough money, make any deal,
become anyone.
Pretty picture.
All I see
is a man who has no loyalties,
who has no one, and stands for nothing.
Now, you like to think
that makes you smart.
In my mind, that makes you a coward.
No, that make me free.
And how's that working out?
He's been missing for two nights now.
It's not like him to stay out
without telling me.
A man gets his fill of home
his eye tends to wander.
It was only a matter of time.
Richard's not the wandering kind.
He wandered into here, didn't he?
[LAUGHS] Looking for his drugs.
Just tell me you didn't have
anything to do with this.
I told your idiot cop
that he was putting you in
danger by being here.
Who knows?
Maybe he finally did
the smart thing and left
before getting the both of you killed.
Insult him all you want.
Richard's ten times the man you are.
If I was you,
I would walk out of that door right now
before you find out
the kind of man I really am.


Them Black boys came through
in the end, huh?
Worth every penny we paid them.
Ain't that right, Cousin Richie?

I got to tell you, I ain't never seen
such a fancy chink before.
Fucker stinks, too, huh?
What do we do with him?
Why don't we let Mama decide?

Bring him here.
I've been waiting
a long time for this day.
What, you got nothing to say
to your Aunt Violet?
Nothing that would change anything.
Don't you talk down
to her, you piece of shit.
You still think you're
better than us, huh?
I say we put him down right now.
He's gonna suffer
plenty for what he done,
but not till we get back to Savannah.
We're gonna string you up
from that old oak
you used to climb.
The one where I buried my boys.
Oh, so it's a family reunion then?
What do you know about family?
Your mama lost two sons in the war,
God rest their souls.
But I reckon you broke
her heart worst of all,
killing your own kin.
And for what?
Some doe-eyed coon
spread her legs for the first
white man to come along?
Chain him up in the wagon.
We've got a long ride ahead.
But, Mama, what about the chink?
Bring him with.
A strong back like his
will come in handy.
You look put off, Mr. Leary.
There's nothing but starched shirts,
and puckered assholes.
I don't belong here.
You are the face of San Francisco labor,
and like it or not, these
are the men who control it.
They need to know who you are.
It's a fucking party.
That's right.
So grab a drink and get comfortable.
Which kind would you like, sir?
Do I look like I care?
He'll have the 18-year.
Fucking hell.
Another one of those.
Fill the fucking glass up this time.


If you chinks are looking
for work, don't bother.
We're full up.
You get a lot of chinks in suits
who want to dig holes for you?
Go tell the Krugers
Father Jun is here to see them.
Father who?
Father Jun, from the Hop Wei tong.
They know him.
Maybe that's true.
Father Jun
from the hip-whatever-the-fuck.
See, I need to know what this is about.
The brothers are busy.

They'll make time.
It's greed, plain and fucking simple.
And if we don't pass laws
to protect the workingmen,
they'll grind us up
till there's nothing left.
What did I tell you, William?
If you can abide
a little rough language,
my friend Mr. Leary has
some compelling ideas
about the future of American labor.
I can't say
I've ever considered the issue
from that perspective.
It was because you never had
to work for your money.
You was born right on top of it.
If you'll excuse us for a moment.
Careful not to bite the hand that feeds.
A fucker like that
needs to feel the teeth.
You're not wrong,
and you certainly made an impression.
But you have to understand,
the wealthy are just like everyone else.
They operate out of self-interest,
and they won't take you seriously
until you're equipped to either
give them something they want
or take away something
they can't bear to lose.
Let me show you.
The money is perfect.
You won't have
any problem passing it off.
It's all fine and pretty, huh?
Like a like a little tiny sparrow.
If the money is so good,
then why not spend it yourself?
Well, there's a lot
of heat on us right now,
so it's safer outside the city.
Papa used to own a shipping business.
Had a lot of dealing with
Father Jun back in the day.
Then, when I was a boy,
he used to scare the piss out
of me 'cause that that eye.
He also killed my dog.
Did he tell you?
My hound, Cecil.
He didn't mention it.
Oh, you must ask him about it.
I will.

Uh, you mean right now?
Oh, yeah.

So he didn't kill your dog?
Oh yes, he did. With a hatchet.
That creature was a demon shit, huh?
$0.25 on the dollar.
4 to 1, and you have a deal.
4 to 1.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Lovely to see you.
Enjoy the party.
So glad you could make it.
I was happy to be invited.
Anna's grown into quite a beauty.
Thank you.
I'm afraid I haven't met your guest.
Oh, this is Dylan Leary.
He represents the Workingmen's Party.
Mr. Leary, of course.
Quite a feat you've pulled off,
organizing Irish labor.
Well, the men will always come together
under the threat of a common enemy.
You're speaking about the Chinese?
A lot more than I want to be.
Mr. Leary and I share some concerns
about the future of this city.
We'd love to bend your ear
if you're not too busy.
This is my daughter's
engagement party, gentlemen.
If you wanna discuss politics,
we can schedule something for next week.
Arthur seems like a fine young man.
Yes, we're quite pleased.
With an even finer pedigree.
Did you know he's the heir
to the Newhouse Shipping fortune?
I did not.
No doubt Mr. Thayer worked very hard
to make this marriage happen.
Of course, the whole thing
would fall apart
if the family
found out that Anna is, uh,
damaged goods.
That's outrageous.
I don't know what kind
of game you're playing
The way I hear it, she had a fling
with one of the servants
some dago without a pot to piss in
and found herself in the family way.
Now, this wasn't the kind of future
that Franklin here had in mind
for his precious little girl,
so he raised the boy as his own,
sparing Anna the public humiliation
and, of course, protecting
her value as a bride.
What the hell do you want?
I want you to think about
what's best for your family.

If you had that kind of dirt on Thayer,
why not use it
after he wins the election?
You'd own him.
Because, at heart,
Thayer is an honest man,
and I have absolutely no use
for an honest mayor.



- Thank you.
- Bitte.
Quite an operation you got here.
I accept your compliment.
We employ more
than 600 Chinese on our claim.
They work for scraps, and we get rich.
The American dream, yes?
For someone.
Why a church?
Well, because nobody was using it.
You see, the Spaniards
they came to convert the savages, but
See, the Spanish, they came
to convert the savages,
but the savages didn't want their God,
so they took their scalps instead.
And then, the Mexicans,
they killed the savages,
and the Mormons killed the Mexicans.
So much blood spilt
in the name of God, huh?
And then we discovered silver.
And once, where there was God,
now there's commerce.
You like pussy, yes?
Um yeah.
We like pussy.
Then you must stay the night.
Eat, drink, fuck our women, huh?
We finish business in the morning.
Those crazy fucking Krauts.
I didn't know if they were
gonna shoot us or eat us.
Neither would have surprised me.
To Cecil.
That fucking dog.
To Cecil.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Valentina wants to know
if she's supposed to fuck
all of you or what?
Just him.
Is she all they got?
What, is she not enough?
Fuck you. She might kill me.
Well, what a way to die.
I'll wait if you want to go too.
I'm good.
Yeah, I guess you're
getting all the sticky
you need from our printer.
We'll talk about
your shitty judgment later
if I survive.
I imagine this must be hard for you.
Having me back.
If he's happy, I'm happy.
I'm not sure he is.
Though, to be honest,
I don't think he ever has been.
Young Jun came into this world
full of piss and vinegar,
and he'll probably leave it
the same way.
He needs people around him he can trust.
Right now, he's not sure who that is.
He's got his brothers.
That hasn't changed.
It's no secret
I never liked you, Ah Sahm.
But maybe that's because
I didn't understand you.
And now you do?
Better than I used to.
Being torn between blood and duty
that's a hard way to live.
Not as hard as you think.
Mai Ling tried to have me
diced, remember?
And now we're doing business with her.
The point is, blood is messy.
I think you care about my son,
but you're unsettled.
And a man in chaos is chaos first.
Is that how you see me?
It's nothing personal.
I was once the same way.
And what changed?
I grew the fuck up.
That good, huh?
I can't feel my body.
Tell the bartender
to bring another bottle.
I think it's time I turned in.
I'll see you two in the morning.
Good night, Dad.
Tell me everything.
No bullshit, man. That girl ooh.
She was like
I'm not a religious person or anything,
but I'm pretty damn sure
there was a spiritual experience.
You know what I mean?
- I really don't.
- Hmm?
Oh, whoa.
Oh, oh, I think she cracked a rib.
I was an asshole before.
You could have let me get
on that boat, but you didn't.
Yeah, well.
What the fuck is that?
You hear that?
What the hell is going on?
This is a private matter, I'm afraid.
Oh, yeah? Well,
it doesn't look fucking private to me.
This half-breed stole scrip
from the general store
and must be taught a lesson.
Well, I think he got the message.
Are we going to have a problem?
It's up to you.
What is it?
[SPEAKING GERMAN] What is happening?
[SIGHS] Mein herren, I think
we should all just relax, yes?
I am really, really sorry
that you had to see this,
but, um, larceny is rampant here,
and my brother is what
you call, um, uh
A stickler.
A stickler for the rules.
Stickler, huh?
Perhaps you would like
to go to sleep now, yes?
Tomorrow we all make
a shit-ton of money together.
Hop away.
What the fuck was that?
Yeah, she's stuck good.
- Mm.
- Gonna have to dig her out.
Why should we break our backs?
Chinese are known
for their digging skills.
Ain't that right, big boy?
You, come on.
Start digging.
Listen, cocksucker.
You better make yourself useful
or I'm gonna bury you
in these here woods.
I said get to work!
Well, goddamn.
It looks like this one's got
a history of bad behavior.
Maybe a few more licks
will smarten him up.
Oh, you're gonna wish
you played nice, huh?
I will cut your fucking teeth
out one by one.
It seems like you got
a bleeding heart for everyone
but your own kind.
You've never been my kind.
Go on, hit him again.
Well, God damn it, Carter.
Shoot his ass.
String him up.
Keep your eye on him.

Any sign?

What are you looking at?
I hate seeing you swept up in all this.
You were always such a good boy, Carter.
Always always smiling,
ever since you were knee-high.
I ain't a boy anymore.
I guess it has been a while.
You know, I
I still remember
teaching you how to swim.
Remember when you were six or seven,
out at Crawford's ranch?
Do you remember that?
You need to stop talking to me.
And you were holding on to my shoulder
like your life depended on it.
And you had this terrified look
in the eye, kinda like
- kinda like you do now.
- Shut up.
I'm warning you.
But after a few minutes, you realized
you weren't gonna drown.
You were strong enough
to swim on your own.
And you spent the rest
of the day chasing mudpuppies,
and I don't think
I'd ever seen you so happy.
You were never ever like your brothers.
You were smarter, kinder.
I always figured you'd leave home
and get away from all this.
Yeah, me too.
And then you went and killed
my brothers,
and I had no choice, did I?
And I had to stay to help Mom and Bo.
I'm sorry, Carter. I
you know, I never meant to hurt them.
It haunts me every day,
and I know I'll have to answer for it.
But whether I live or die,
you have got to get away from here.
Get away from her
before she turns you
into something you're not.
What the hell is going on here?
Nothing, Ma.
He was just running his mouth.
My boys know who they are.
They don't turn on family.
Damn right.
Where's the Chinaman?
Oh, that fucker got away.
It don't matter.
We got bigger fish to fry.
Fix the wagon.
- Well
- Now, dammit!
In the meantime, why don't you
show your cousin who you are?
A soft heart won't do you
no favors in this world.

A pleasure, as always,
Father Jun of the Hop Wei tong.
Come back in four weeks,
we do it again, yeah?
Four week we come.
The good stuff for the good stuff.
- Zum Wohl!
- Yum.

Those twisted fucks came through.
And you thought it was too risky.
Okay, go ahead, gloat.
You deserve it.
Damn right I do.
We all do.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on?

Ah Sahm.
We got the silver.
Let's just get the fuck out of here.
[WHISPERING] This is our fault.
We don't know what happened.
They wanted us to see him.
See if we do a fucking thing about it.
[WHISPERS] I'm sorry.
He didn't steal anything.
He was a good boy.

Don't be stupid.
This place is our meal ticket.
You go back in there,
and the deal is dead,
you get me?
This is not your fight.

Yes, it is.
Wait up, man!

Stupid fucking onions.


It could have been so easy, Hop Wei.
All you had to do was scurry
back to your little hole!
Now we are in conflict, yes?
You should know, Hop Wei.
The boy died like my Cecil:
whimpering and lost, wondering
why God had abandoned him.
But in his final moments, he realized.
He learned what we all must eventually.
There is no God.
Are we good in there?
All good.
Holy shit.
Where'd you learn to shoot like that?
It's a fucking shotgun.
You pick it up and pull the trigger.
Fu fucking Kraut clipped me.
He needs a healer.
[STAMMERING] I'm fine.
No, you're not.
Trust me, I've seen worse.
We need to get away
before more men come.
We can find a healer on the way.
Get me back to Chinatown.
Come on.
You took my sons from me.
You cut them down in cold blood
like it was nothing.
Losing a child is like losing a limb.
The pain never dulls.
It just grows like the
the roots of a weed
till it chokes out everything else.
You ain't done losing them.
What did you say?
It's only a matter of time.
Sure, I shot your boys,
and that's on me,
but it was you who put them
in the firing line.
And when it happens to Bo and Carter,
it'll be you pushing them there too.
Son of a bitch.
Time to end this once and for all.
I don't want your blood
poisoning the ground
where I laid my sons to rest.
Better you die right here
and rot in the sun
like the dog you are.
You came back.
I needed horse.
Carter, put the gun down.
So you do me like you done them?
You put the gun down, you can walk away.
I promise you.
No, no, no!


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