Warrior (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

Gotta Be Crooked to Get Along in a Crooked World

Hurry. Get him inside.
Come on. Get him. Come on. Here.
Where's my healer?
- Put him on the table.
- Go, go, go. Come on.
Ah, it's over here.
- Step back. Step back.
Okay. It's okay.
It's okay, Dad. We're home, we're home.
- You're home. You're home.
Give me something for the pain.
Hold still.
- Second, for him.
- Here, this. Here you go.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay.
That's it, that's it.
That's it, that's it.
Relax. Easy.
Okay, there you go.

He's strong.
He'll pull through.
I wanna be alone with him.
He was really something out there.

Garrett, potatoes are over there.
Get them. I'll get these.
Oh, quit fucking around.

Don't fucking move.

You boys are a bit far from home.
What's in the bag, boys?
Hope I'm not intruding.
Bill, not at all.
You're a few minutes early.
That's a good habit to cultivate.
Well, we're gonna have to do
something about those clothes, though.
Is there a problem?
Well, you start chucking
concrete in those shoes,
you'll find out quick.
Probably split a seam
in those trousers too.
What size do you wear?
10 and 1/2.
Now, these might be a little tight.
Give them a try.
I was under the impression
I was gonna be working on the books.
Well, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear, Bill.
You'll have to start at the
bottom like everyone else.
It's a matter of perception.
If my men were to see me
give a family member
an unfair advantage,
they lose all respect for me.
Of course.
Little early for you, isn't it?
I, uh, need your help.
My boys got arrested last night.
They got themselves
into a bit of trouble
with a chink grocer.
In Chinatown.
Look, I'll be the first to
admit my boys aren't perfect,
but they're just trying
to feed themselves.
That's why I gave them a fucking job.
You're right. They fucked up.
they don't belong behind bars.
I'll see what I can do.

Come here!
Come back here, you fucking whore!
Come here!
Ming Yu.
Long time.
Word is you brought my
whores back from the sticks.
I came to get them.
I know.
Your girls seem pretty happy here.
That white bitch brought
the bulls to my place
and stole my property.
I'm reclaiming what's mine.
You sure you wanna
whine about your property
while trespassing on mine?
This is Hop Wei territory.
They're not here now.

Get him out of here.
I didn't realize
you two knew each other.
We appreciate you
taking the time to meet us.
I know you're a busy man
what with campaigning,
running the city.
Which is why I'm confident
you'll get right to the point.
We'd like to make things easier for you.
- Grease the wheels, as it were.
- Mm-hmm.
I'd gladly welcome
a donation to my campaign fund.
Fucking hell.
You like your conversation
fast and blunt,
Mr. Buckley, so I'll be both.
No amount of money will give you
what you need to win this race.
And what's that?
Charm, grace, personality, the, uh,
the charisma to win the hearts and minds
of the people, something
Mr. Thayer has in spades.
I see.
I appreciate your perspective,
but if you'll excuse me
Please sit down, Mr. Buckley.
You're gonna wanna hear this.
I've spoken to Mr. Thayer,
and it seems that
despite his vision
for the future of this city,
he's having second thoughts.
Second thoughts?
That's right.
Some folks just don't have
the stomach for politics.
Well, it's not for everyone.
No, it is not.
I don't like owing people favors.
Then maybe you don't have
the stomach for it, either.
It's very simple, Mr. Buckley.
Mr. Leary and I can hand you
the race right here, right now,
and in exchange,
you are going to make sure
that our interests are looked after.
Am I clear?

Looks like we're bringing out
the expensive shit tonight, huh?
Wanna offer me some?
You know where the glasses are.
Oh, Abigail.
Don't moan so much.
Getting mixed up with that cop
was only gonna end one way.
Which way is that?
The bad way.
Comes a time when every man's
gotta answer for his shit.
Simple as that.
I reckon that goes for you too.

You lied to me.
I was trying to look out for you.
You fuckers should have
stayed where I sent you.
We like here better.
Not too sure about you, though.
What the fuck are you
gonna do about it, cop?
He's not gonna do anything.
The deal was done.
All we have to do was ride out of there.
It was just a kid.
You had to do something.
You know, I don't think
Young Jun sees it that way.
Not with Father Jun getting shot.
I feel like every time
I try to do the right thing,
I just fuck things up even worse.
Maybe that's because you haven't
decided which side you're on.
In the riot
You weren't fighting
for Hop Wei or Long Zii.
You were fighting for what was right.
Hey, that means something.
I was just trying to stay alive.
Like everyone else.
But you're not like everyone else.
You're not.
You are so much more than what Young Jun
or your sister wants you to be.
You have to know that.

I'm gonna show you something.
We can't just wait around
for things to change.
When my father dies
and my brother takes over
the shop, then what?
So I'll do Young Jun's
dirty work for now
if that's what it takes,
but I need to look after my own future.

You've been stealing from us.
I'm just printing a few extras.
No one's gonna know.
If Young Jun finds out
He's not.
I won't be able to protect you.
He won't unless you tell him.
This money buys me a future,
or at least a chance at one.
I can get on a train.
I can go somewhere far.
I can start over.
You have to promise me
not to take any more.
You're a soldier. Listen to me.
- You are the tong.
- Dad, what are you doing?
This is what we do.
- You should be in bed.
- This is what we do.
We can't take their navy head on.
They've got too many ships.
What are you talking about?
What am I talking about?
Those fucking cannons!
They'll blow our men to pieces!
Dad, Dad, Dad, easy, easy.
- We need to attack at night.
- Easy, easy.
You're bleeding through your bandages.
Come on.

There's too many of them.
It's gonna be okay.
Just rest.
Too many. Just
It's just too many.
It's just too many.
The fuck is this?
Where's Bill?
My guess is, he's sleeping
off a raging hangover.
He fucking quit.
Get the fuck out of here.
What happened?
You'll have to ask
the new chief about that.

Chief Atwood.
Do you have an appointment?
I'm Dylan Leary.
- We haven't met yet
- I know who you are.
If there's something you wanna discuss,
come back when you have an appointment.
Look, I've always had a good
relationship with the boys in blue,
a relationship that works
for both sides.
There's a couple of boys
in your holding cell
who got drunk and did something stupid.
I know these lads,
and they were only trying
to feed their families.
If you'd see fit
to cut 'em a little slack,
I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.
I went through hard times
as a young man too.
But I never broke the law.
They robbed a fucking Chinaman.
They're not criminals.
Let's take a look.
Conor and Garrett Donahue.
Breaking and entering, larceny.
Let's add assaulting
an officer while we're at it.
I'm in the business of law and order.
My predecessor might have
turned a blind eye
to drunken thuggery, but it's a new day.
You're sure this is how
you wanna play this?

I'm dead fucking certain.
You're not Irish, are you?
I'm an American.
Well, no one's perfect.
Fuck's sake.
Leave the door open.
How's it going out there, Bill?
Eh, no complaints.
Actually, there have been a few.
The foreman says you're
lagging behind the others.
Well, I'm still learning the ropes.
Patrick and Dylan
are lapping you out there,
and those boys aren't much
smarter than the rocks they're hauling.
They're also half my age.
Well, I hope you don't
think this kind of work
is beneath you.
I'll do better tomorrow.
That's the spirit, Bill.

You know, this doesn't get easier.
Just keep practicing.
- Hi.
- Hi. Uh
Would you, uh, mind giving us a moment?
Of course.
I will wait right outside. [CHUCKLES]
Excellent manners.
Not really your type.
Not really your business.
Fair enough.
I don't know if you heard, but, um,
Li Yong and I are engaged.
I did.
Thank you.
I'd like you to be at the wedding.
Uh, because we're in business together?
Because you're my brother.
Mm-kay. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, um,
bring your friend too.

Oh, you smell that?
- Mr. Wu?
- Yes, sir.
- Bag of chestnuts.
Here you go.
You have to try these.
- He roasts them with sugar.
- Hmm.
Well, do I just, um
You have to here.
You have to peel it like this.
Who says chivalry is dead?
Wow, that is good.
So I'm thinking about staying
in San Francisco a little longer.
I've been offered a residency.
It's only a few weeks, but
You're gonna stick around,
you better learn.
Come back here.
You can't leave me like that.
Son of a bitch.
Ethan won't stop going on about trains.
Horace promised him a trip
when the weather turns.
That's mighty generous of him.
You must be sore.
I'm working in a few new muscles is all.
So it's going all right then?
Foreman says I'm making
the other fellas look bad.
Most of them are half my age.
Well, I'm sure Horace will have you
working the books in no time.
I talked to Maggie
about moving things along.
In the meantime, what am I gonna do
about having this big,
strong man in the house?
I'm hoping you'll get used to it.
Don't stay in here all night.

Fucking hell.
The fuck? Crazy chink.


I wondered where you made off to.
You gonna tell me
what happened out there?
Right now, I'd rather
think about the future.
This future you're so sweet on
isn't gonna be any easier.
Inside these four walls,
we're good, but outside
Yeah, yeah.
I never told you how my husband died.
- You don't have to.
- No.
You need to understand.
Happy Jack's always been
a self-serving asshole,
but his brother Wesley was a good man.
He had a job down at the docks.
It didn't pay much,
but it was honest work.
And that's what mattered to him.
One night, he was walking home
and ran into some white boys
out looking for trouble.
It was four against one.
And both sides were bloodied up
by the time the cops came.
Wes tried to tell them what happened.
They saw the color of his skin
and decided he was in the wrong.
When the cops tried to cuff him
and he resisted
They shot him.
Being good didn't get my
husband anywhere but dead.
So when Happy Jack asked me
to work for him, I said yes.
Fact is, you gotta be crooked
to get along in a crooked world.
You regret what we did to Jack?
God, no.
Wes didn't get enough time
on this green Earth.
Way I see it, Happy Jack
got more than his share.
There she is.
Another day, another dollar.
Young Jun.
What's going on?
We need to ramp up production.
Splitting our take
with the Long Zii's killing us.
There's only so much I can do by myself.
Yeah, I figured.
I want you to train my men on the press.
Teach them everything you know.
Printing like this
is a delicate process.
Not everyone can do it.
And even if they are capable,
it's gonna be months before
they make anything
that you could actually use.
Then I guess you better get started.
Hey, don't take it personally.
It's just business.
I mean, what if something
were to happen to you?
I'd lose the only set of hands
capable of making my chop.

Well, look at that.
A dead man pouring drinks.
I asked you to contact me
if you heard from him.
Lucky for me, I don't work for you.
That one's a spitfire, isn't she?
Someone sure cleaned your plow good.
What, this?
Oh, I've had worse.
You're starting to make a habit
out of handing in badges, aren't you?
What happened to you?
Uh, my family won't be
coming after me anymore,
which means I no longer need
the service's protection,
not that it did me much good anyway.
Funny, I didn't peg your kin
as the forgiving type.
Must be mighty persuasive.
You take care of yourself,
Agent Moseley.
I've grown to like you, Mr. Lee,
in my way, which is why I'm
gonna do you the courtesy
of speaking straight.
I just took a bullet for you
and nearly gave up the
goddamn ghost in the process.
Now, someone's gonna pay for that.
It's not my fight anymore.
I disagree.
As does the federal government.
Now, family matters aside,
you still have a murder charge
to contend with,
and that doesn't go away
until I say it does, which I will do
as soon as those plates are in my hands.
Why, we're past sticks
and carrots, aren't we?

Ming Yu, Ah Toy has
come here at my request
as a demonstration of her respect
and her desire to resolve the issue.
I don't give a shit about her respect.
I want my whores back.
I didn't steal the girls.
I gave them a place to stay.
They don't belong to anyone.
No one is buying
into your high and mighty act.
You make your money
selling pussy, same as me.
Ah Toy.
I'm not gonna ask you
to hand over the girls,
but Ming Yu's business
is under my protection.
To that end, I would like to see him
compensated for his loss.
This is an insult.
My girls make more than this in a month.
Oh, there would have been more,
but you owe me a new table.
You think you can
fuck with me like this?
Ming Yu, sit down.

Sit down.
You lost your girls
to the bulls, not to Ah Toy.
By right, she owes you nothing,
and she's offering you more
than you deserve.
Now, take it and stop wasting my time.

Li Yong will walk you out.
Well, the last time I saw you,
you were lying in bed,
bleeding to death.
And the Irish were tearing
our streets to pieces.
One of these days, we must meet
under friendlier circumstances.
I don't know if you've heard,
but I'm getting married.
I did.
Consider yourself invited.
Friendlier circumstances, right?
I'm honored. Thank you.
Your new place is very Chinese.
You don't like it?
It's beautiful.
You can speak freely to me.
It's very traditional,
like the version of us the ducks expect.
Their ideas, not yours.
Our future here must be as Americans,
not as an exotic cultural curiosity.
It was a strategy,
a way to lure them in.
But perhaps that was a mistake.
The only mistake was assuming
that appealing to them
would change how they treat us.
We belong here, Mai Ling,
even if the ducks don't know it yet.

Hey, Where's Father Jun?
He went out.
The fuck you mean he went out?
Why didn't you stop him?
He's Father Jun.
You fucking moron.

Father Jun, find him.
You two, that way. You two, with me.
Yes, sir.
What the fuck is all this then?
I got jumped by a mob
of chinks outside the Pearl.
There must have been
a dozen of the fuckers.
If they attack him there,
they'll attack us anywhere.
Hold on, everyone. Calm down.
- Fuck that!
- Yeah!
I say we show these slants
who they're messing with.
I said hold the fuck on!
You trying to start another riot?
They are the ones that started it.
ALL: Yeah!
We lost good men that day.
Sons, brothers, friends.
What did all that loss accomplish?
Not a goddamn thing.
Just seems like you've given up.
Given up?

We are weeks away from having a mayor
who's gonna ban Chinese labor
once and for all.
Hundreds of jobs
are about to come our way.
And who did that?
Was it you?
Going whoring
and getting your ass kicked?
Was it any of yous?
I am the only one
looking out for you lot.
Day after day, defending you against men
who see you as thugs and hooligans.
No better than the chinks,
just more expensive.
You wanna go out and prove them right?
Because I can tell you,
no one's gonna hire you then.
And tomorrow morning,
when the whiskey clears,
you'll either be
sleeping it off in a cell,
or right back here bitching and moaning
how your families are going hungry.
And this time I'll have to tell
you you're shit out of luck.
You lot stay the fuck put.
I'll handle the Chinese.

Fucking hell.
You don't move unless I say.
What the fuck are you doing here?
I'm not here for a fight.
Do I look worried?
A few of your boys attacked an Irishman
minding his own business last night.
Beat him pretty badly.
Shit happens.
Well, I'm trying to stop
that shit from turning
into a full-blown riot.
Figure you hand over
those boys, we'll call it even.
As soon as you give us the men
who robbed one of our grocers.
Those lads are already locked up.
Sounds like a no deal then.
My people are out for blood.
So what are they waiting for?
We both know what'll happen
if I let them go.
Since when do you care
what happens in Chinatown?
I don't.
I care about what happens to my people.
Your men crossed a line.
Kind of like you're doing right now.
I'm just delivering a message.
Keep the Chinese out
of our fucking neighborhood.
I got some bad news for you.

I don't control Chinatown.
There's a 10-foot fucking portrait
on the wall says otherwise.
I'll keep my boys in
if you keep yours out.
And maybe between the two of us,
we keep a bunch of people
from ending up dead.
I'll do what I can.
You know, the politicians
would love nothing more
than for us to kill each other.
Then who would build their cities?
There's always another group
of desperate folks
willing to do their dirty work.
It's funny.
I've never been to Chinatown before.
Don't make a habit of it.
Don't give me a reason to.
What do you wanna do?
Put out the word.
Anyone who goes
into the pond answers to me.

Long Zii, you son of a bitch!
Come out and face me like a man!
Come on.
Come on, Long Zii.
You sent these hatchets to fight me?
I'll dice every one of you fucks
and still have enough for that dog cunt!
You like that?
Show me what you got.
- Crazy old fool.
- Come on.
This dog here.
Fucking onion. Come on.
Show me what something.
Show me what you got.
What? What, you afraid? Come on.
What is it, huh? Come on.
- It's the best you got?
- Get inside, all of you.
Where the fuck is Long Zii?

I've looked everywhere.
- No one's seen him.
- He'll be back, brother.
He's probably just blowing some
chop at the fan tan tables.
What the fuck?
Dad, are you okay?
Are you okay?
I don't know what
it's I don't know.
What's going what
He got lost, but he's fine.
Dad. Hold
What no.
Please, I don't know what's
I don't know what's
It's okay.
You're home.
- This is your home.
- Home?
Yeah. It's okay.
Home. Home.
Come on, Dad.
Let's go inside.
Come on, Father Jun.


You have any idea what you did?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You play stupid, you get hit.
Your idiot friends here
been bragging all over town.
I just did what you would have done.
No, I'm not that stupid.
We're this close to all hell
breaking loose 'cause of you.
You want another riot here?
If that's what it takes.
Maybe you don't remember
'cause you were hiding
with your daddy the whole time,
but people died,
a lot of them.
Now the ducks are looking
for any reason to kill us,
and you just gave them one.
If they come back,
that blood will be on your hands.
You tell your friends
anyone else gets itchy,
I will fucking hear about it.
You get me?
Now go home.
Go. Go.
[CLAPS] Show's over.
Sending away customers
isn't great for business.
I know.
Sorry about that.
What'd he do?
Something stupid.
Now the Irish are ready to come in here
and tear things up again.
Kind of inevitable, isn't it?
Someday, maybe, but not tonight.
Didn't you throw some onion
over the banister the other day?
Technically, Lai kicked him over.
It's usually my job.
Yeah, but from what I hear,
you've got your own problems.

So, you going to Mai Ling's wedding?
How about you?
I have been saving a dress
for a special occasion.
Another one?
Of course you have.
Mr. Strickland.

You must be quite happy with yourself.
You got what you wanted.
I'm dropping out of the race.
Well, that's a shame.
You seem to have a real knack
for campaigning.
I was certainly thrashing you.
It's ironic, actually,
how despite everything,
you're still the one who warrants pity.
I have a family I love,
things I believe in.
What do you have?
Not even a friend to share
a celebratory drink with,
because everybody knows what kind of man
you really are.
Unlike you, a soft, entitled man
of middling charm
who inherited his wealth,
yet clings to the notion
that he accomplished something
beyond an accident of birth.
You never fought for a
single thing in your life,
and that's why men like you will always
be undone by men like me.
- Listen to me, Walter
- This conversation's over.
I suggest you go home
and spend some time
with that lovely family of yours.

I hear congratulations
are in order, Mr. Mayor.
Winning suits you, Walter.
Yes, it does.

You good, boss?
Not really, Hong.
I mean, my father's
losing his fucking mind
because my best friend had to play hero.
And now we're shoveling shit
for his sister.
Are you sensing a pattern here?
The last thing he wanted was
to make a deal with Mai Ling.
He did it to help you.
I suppose he's fucking that
printer girl to help me, too, right?
We're supposed to be brothers,
and now I gotta find out
what he's been up to
from Mai Ling?
It's fucking bullshit!
We've let too many goddamn
fucking outsiders in.
The Hop Wei has to come first.
But Ah Sahm,
I'm not sure he believes that.
If we can get rich
without dicing each other,
maybe this partnership isn't so bad.
Sometimes I forget
just how fresh you are, man.
Peace never lasts.
And when this deal
with Mai Ling blows up,
I'm gonna need soldiers
who are loyal to me.
And when it comes to Ah Sahm
He'd dice or die for you, boss.
I'm not sure about that.

King of the king.

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