Warrior Nun (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Ephesians 6:11

- [LILITH] She was dead.
[LILITH] So she'd go back to being dead?
[BEATRICE] There's no way of knowing.
[AVA'S VOICE] I can't move.
Well, that was no fun while it lasted.
- [BEATRICE] The Halo chose her.
- It doesn't belong to her.
I say we take it out.
- [BEATRICE] And if she dies?
That's up to God.
- You ever see Shannon do that?
- No.
- What's happening?
I understand that you're scared,
but you need to calm down.
It's reacting to your emotions.
What's reacting to my emotions?
- The Halo.
- What Halo?
What the hell is going on?
This is gonna be a long day.
Are you okay?
What do you say we try this again?
[VINCENT] Areala of Cordoba
was one of the fiercest warriors
the world has ever known,
but her beginnings were far more humble
She wasn't born a believer.
When her family's land
was seized by invaders,
Areala was orphaned.
She spent years wandering
lost, without purpose.
Until she found Him.
Liam Neeson?
I've seen this one.
He exacts revenge on
everyone who wronged her.
Not Liam Neeson.
The Rock?
- God.
- Oh.
She found God.
Yeah, I hate to
disappoint, but I don't
Here's the translation.
"Areala spent the rest of
her life fighting in His name".
[AVA] "By 1095, when Pope Urban
II ordered the First Crusade"
I'm sorry. Can we maybe jump to the part
where any of this has
anything to do with me?
You're getting there.
"Areala was fearless"
[AVA] "willing to give everything
- including her life".
[AVA] "Eventually, Areala
would give her life.
But it wasn't on this day.
A messenger from God, the
angel Adriel had other plans.
He couldn't let her die.
Her journey wasn't finished.
But there was only one way to save her.
So Adriel made the greatest sacrifice.
He gave up a part of himself".
Are you saying that thing is in me now?
Obviously, that was not our plan.
Fate intervened, just
as it did with Areala.
Our plan?
We belong to the Order
of the Cruciform Sword.
Devout women who've dedicated
their lives to fighting an ancient evil.
Devout women and you.
I've been tasked with
tending to their needs.
[AVA'S VOICE] Well, not every need.
You've seen it. The beast.
It's called a Tarask.
Because of the energy it
takes to slip their bonds,
they can only exist in our
world for a short time.
And their world is
And the other ones,
the ones that are here, but not here?
Wraith demons.
They feed on the natural
darkness in people's souls,
influencing them to do their bidding.
They can't do any damage themselves,
because they still have one foot in
- The thing on my back.
- Mm-hmm.
That's why I can see them?
The Halo affords you the gift of sight.
The ability not just to hunt
them, but to kill them.
[SCOFFS] Okay. I hate to break
it to you, but I'm no hunter.
I'm not even a gatherer. A
week ago, I couldn't even walk.
I know, and I'm sorry for
what you've been through.
But perhaps God has spared you
in that accident for a reason.
A greater purpose.
No. No, no, no. You know what?
Maybe I don't know who I am
or what I'm supposed to do,
but I'm pretty sure that
fighting demons ain't it, okay?
Whoever bears the Halo
is the new champion.
The Warrior Nun.
That's the way it's
been for 1,000 years.
We've sworn our lives
to keep this evil at bay.
No. No, you've sworn your lives.
I just got mine back.
I'm not looking for a
commitment right now.
This is hard to process.
I get that.
You know what?
Maybe maybe we take the weekend.
You know? Think think it over.
I'll come back on Monday,
and we can talk more.
[VINCENT] Until you learn
to control the Halo's powers,
you're a danger to yourself
and everyone around you.
I can't let you leave here.
So I'm a prisoner, then.
The other option is less desirable.
[AVA] Well, you can't keep me
locked up in here. It's a legal thing.
You're safe here.
Out there, we can't protect you.
My friends will come looking for me.
The same friends who left
you behind at the party?
How long do you think
you'll survive out there?
[SCOFFS] I have superpowers.
That you have no idea how to use.
Every time you do, you're
putting yourself at risk.
Make no mistake, the
Tarask will find you.
Wait. That thing is after me?
It's after the Halo.
You're just in the way.
The Tarask is attracted to the
energy the Halo gives off.
Like a hound that catches a scent,
it knows where you've been.
But he can't smell me
with this on, right?
The vest is lined with osmium, like
the walls of the protective room.
It acts as an energy dampener.
That's why the beast wasn't
summoned by this morning's incident.
You mean my freak-out.
We can teach you focus and control
so that doesn't happen again.
We can show you what the Halo
can do so you can defend yourself.
Here, I thought you were
taking me to Make-Out Point.
This is funny to you?
A nun with a shotgun to my head?
Oh, so lapsed, then.
My friend is dead, and her
blood is on your hands.
You'll have to be more specific.
The docks. The explosion.
- I don't know anything about that.
- No, of course not.
My team was hired to transport
a shipment. That's all.
Do you know where it came from?
All I know is everything was copacetic
until my men were
ambushed by a bunch of
well-trained female operatives.
Yeah. Who you knew were coming,
and you rigged the crate to explode.
[MACREADY] You think I'd
jeopardize the lives of my men?
Reputation is all there
is in my line of work.
[MARY] So you were moving it
without knowing what was in it?
[MACREADY] As long as I get
paid, I don't care what's in it.
And you did get paid by Arq-Tech.
They're not behind what happened.
And how do you know?
[MACREADY] Because whatever
was supposed to be in that crate,
they wanted it, bad.
[MARY] And they tell you that?
Price on delivery told me that.
How many casualties were on
your side, apart from your friend?
Just her.
Then whoever rigged the crate
is either shite at their job
or they're a real pro who got
exactly what they were after.
Shannon was the target.
Well, I'm so glad I could help. But
if you don't mind, my time is
kind of valuable.
And you think I'm just
gonna let you walk away?
Your men still attacked us.
And you're still a nun.
Thou shall not kill and all that.
The cliff was a nice touch
but the show's over.
What the hell was that?
Your guess is as good as ours.
But before it cut out,
I I thought I saw something.
The camera didn't pick
up a heat signature.
Might be some sort of
cloaking technology.
So, Klingons
[SCOFFS] Harry Potter.
Cameras or no, we still have a lead.
This was Cardinal Duretti's handiwork.
That's not where I was going.
[LAUGHS] Come on.
You think it was those kids who
infiltrated my show-and-tell?
Those kids didn't con their way in
so they could tear up the place.
They were in it for for the free
drinks and the shrimp cocktail.
Maybe their agenda changed
once they got inside.
They were certainly
curious about everything.
Well, it seems they're more
curious about each other.
Kristian, I understand your hesitance
to believe the Church is behind this.
When you leave the Church,
you never really leave.
- I I get that.
- Trust me,
there is no love lost between
the Cardinal and myself.
I know very well what
the Vatican is capable of.
I've seen it from the inside.
I don't subscribe to the idea that
science and faith can't coexist.
What we're doing here, we're
going to prove that they do.
Whoa. What
You see that?
[KRISTIAN] I think she's doing it.
How's that possible?
I've run dozens of tests.
I've never seen it do that.
The artifacts only respond that way
when connected to a
significant energy source.
Macready mentioned something about nuns.
- Nuns?
- In the archives,
there's mention of a sect of women
led by one who wields great power.
The Order of the Cruciform Sword.
I always assumed it was merely a legend.
Well, I'm sure you thought that
way about the artifacts once.
If the OCS is real,
it would be a secret kept for centuries,
even from those on the inside.
It's not like the Church
to keep secrets.
We need to find that girl.
[VINCENT] Divinium?
[DURETTI] They are using it
to build some sort of machine.
Do they know its origins?
We were betrayed by a man
that used to work for the Vatican
and now works for Arq-Tech.
We must assume they know everything.
Our mission is difficult enough.
If we can avoid conflict
If Sister Shannon's
blood is on their hands,
the conflict is already upon us.
What of that girl?
She's here.
Undergoing training.
And Lilith, is she ready?
Yes, but the circumstances
surrounding the girl,
removing it may kill her.
Is she a believer?
Is it not His belief in
her that matters most?
The ancient texts suggest that
the Halo has agency of its own.
What if it chose her?
What if He chose her?
One chance.
For both of you.
[WOMAN] Two!
[AVA'S VOICE] First thing
they do is give you a stick.
I'm sure this will end well.
[AVA'S VOICE] Grizzled.
Mean scar. Grand entrance.
Boss bitch is here.
I'm Mother Superion.
Of course you are.
[AVA'S VOICE] Shit. That was out loud.
Lilith tells me you've noticed
an improvement in strength.
I threw a guy across a room.
So, that was new.
The Halo acts as an amplifier.
It will enhance whatever natural
abilities you already possess.
[AVA] Well, I drew the
short end on a lot of things,
so don't get your hopes up. [CHUCKLES]
[SUPERION] Then you'll
have to work harder.
What else have you experienced?
[AVA] Um, I heal really fast.
I have that creepy demon sight thing.
I can pass through things.
[LILITH] It's true.
Saw that one with my own eyes.
Is that not normal?
Normal is relative.
Some abilities will be unique to you,
just as previous Warrior Nuns
had abilities unique to them.
Warrior Nun.
Makes it sound like I won a
fight or something. [CHUCKLES]
Except top prize is getting a hunk
of magic metal embedded in your back.
[SUPERION] The Halo is a gift.
You are God's champion.
You fight in His name.
About that. I'm not exactly
what you would call "religious".
Also, I just got these back,
so I'm not sure how the whole
fighting thing is gonna work.
You know what, maybe we can focus on
making things go boom,
like this morning.
Oh, shit, I forgot that one.
- [GRUNTS] What the fuck was that for?
[LILITH] Language!
We're in a house of worship.
Where you train killers.
Something tells me profanity
is low on Hail Mary's to-do list.
You'll learn about the Halo's
more significant virtues in time.
First, we need to assess your
physical and emotional conditioning.
[AVA] Emotional conditioning?
Mental fortitude is key.
With the Halo, the psychological
and physical are intertwined.
You can't master one without the other.
- All right. Okay. So how do we
No one said you couldn't fight back.
Well, at least teach me
how to use this thing.
It's a stick.
Whoa! Okay, okay, listen, I'm
all for friendly flagellation,
but maybe we prioritize
a little bit here, huh?
Father Vincent said
the OCS was a family,
but I'm getting a distinct
wicked stepmother vibe, right?
[LAUGHING] Did you see
that? How am I doing it?
[AVA'S VOICE] Did that actually
hurt, or just seem like it should?
You know what? This is probably
just my synapses being super confused
and totally not a comment
on your strength and skill.
[AVA] So, what do you think?
[AVA'S VOICE] No smile,
unreadable expression,
not actively hostile.
I can work with that.
Never went to middle school,
but I feel like I just lived
it in a matter of seconds.
Life is coming at all of us
pretty hard right now.
It might help things along
if you didn't treat
everything like a joke.
Yeah, I can't help it.
It's my default.
The Halo wasn't just hanging
around, waiting for you to show up.
It belonged to someone.
I know.
I'm sorry.
What was she like?
She was intense.
Cold, at first.
Wouldn't let any of us in.
But when she finally opened up
Shannon was a great friend,
especially to the new recruits.
Loved pranks.
[LAUGHS] She really got some of us.
In the last few months, though,
something changed.
It was like she knew.
I'm not her, you know.
No one expects you to be.
I tried telling him.
I'm not a warrior and I'm
definitely not a nun.
This whole place, everything
just isn't me.
It wasn't me either.
Not at first.
We all have a past, Ava.
Secrets that are ours alone.
But none of that
matters once you realize
that not everything is about you.
[SUPERION] You can't force this.
She's not prepared.
- She's not
- She's not worthy?
I read her file, same as you.
She doesn't have it in her.
That's not your decision to make.
These are my girls.
I've been entrusted
with their preparedness.
And I've been entrusted
with their lives.
Including hers.
Even if the Halo doesn't
reject her, she'll reject it.
We'll see.
[SUPERION] I won't go easy on her.
[VINCENT] I'm not asking you to.
But I do expect a certain sensitivity
for her situation.
"Areala would never forget her defeat
at the hands of the barbarians,
but she was destined
for a greater purpose.
At the Lord's urging, she would raise
a band of warriors to
share in the burden.
No one would know their
faces or their names.
They would only be known
by a collective symbol:
a silver cross made
from the hilt of a sword.
And so it came to pass
that the Order of the
Cruciform Sword was born".
A bit wordy, isn't it?
Keep going.
"The Sister Warriors,
as they became known,
thrived under Areala's tutelage".
[AVA] "For evil had taken on
a new and monstrous form.
risen from Hell.
The nuns sought out
these forces of darkness,
releasing lost souls pressed
into the service of demons".
[VINCENT] Mm-hmm.
I don't know about you, but I
thought that was really enlightening.
It's a historical record,
meant to offer context.
It's not a spell book.
Well, a spell book would
be a bit more useful.
Nice job, patriarchy.
All the heroes are women, but
the cake-topper is a dude.
Let me guess: he was the first you.
Where's the Areala statue, huh?
I was hoping you would see a
bit of yourself in Areala's story.
You two aren't that dissimilar.
It may not have been the
path you expected, but
you were both chosen
for a greater purpose.
If by "chosen", you mean
someone shoved something into our bodies
without permission and then was like,
"Oh, by the way, this
is your life now"
Then for all we know,
Areala never wanted this.
Maybe she wanted to die
on the battlefield that day.
Maybe she thought she earned it.
Ava, you've been gifted
something very special.
And I want to give you the space
to discover that for yourself.
But there are some people here
who don't feel the same way.
Hmm. More than some.
I need you to take this seriously
or the calls to replace you will be.
Well, then why do you even
care what happens to me?
Why not just take this thing
out of me and be done with it?
Whether you believe it or not,
God gave you a second chance.
I need you to trust me.
I know that's not easy for you.
It's not easy for me either
but we're both flying a bit blind here.
So, please
maybe we can show a little patience?
You have conditions.
Is there any way we can
make this place, like,
a little less insane asylum?
The vest is for your protection.
No, not the vest.
The babysitter.
[LOUDLY] You know,
the one you don't think
I notice following me around everywhere?
I promise to take all my meds, Doc.
[AVA'S VOICE] Until literally any
other option presents itself
It's gorgeous.
It'll do.
It's ours.
- At least for the next few weeks.
- [ZORI] Holy shit.
- What took you guys so long?
- [CHANEL] Get your hands off me.
How'd you find us?
It's a clever racket you've got there.
Hacking calendars of
the rich, and then
crashing at their pads
when they're out of town.
If you wanted us arrested,
you would have sent police.
But that's not what I want.
Frankly, I admire your spirit.
So what do you want?
[JILLIAN] Your friend.
The girl you were with the
other night. Where is she?
You're looking for Ava?
Ava. Thank you, Chanel.
We don't know where she
is, okay? We got separated.
Yeah. She's not even part of our group.
Well, how do I get in touch with her?
Look, honestly, we don't know her.
We just met her a few nights ago.
She was just a hanger-on.
If she contacts you,
I expect to be notified.
[JILLIAN] That's my private number.
Please do keep in touch.
[IN SPANISH] Have a pleasant stay.
Oh, fuck.
Am I doing that?
When in close proximity to
the Halo, Divinium activates.
Weapons become more destructive;
armor hardens against attack.
It's some kind of metal
They say it's organic.
So, like a free-range metal.
How can Sister Warriors
use these weapons
if they can't see what they're fighting?
No, but that's a good one.
The Halo-Bearer identifies their
position and coordinates the attack.
Unless the wraiths have
taken possession of a human.
- When
- Oh, my God.
I just realized The Exorcist is real.
It's not.
But demon possession is
real, so Father Karras
Can we get back to this, please?
The most important thing to remember
is that the same properties
that make the demons
susceptible to Divinium
also make the Warrior Nun susceptible.
What was that for?
Hey, I thought we were bonding!
[LILITH] You need to
know you're not invincible.
Divinium can kill you.
It's also the only substance
you can't phase through, so
Is that you?
[LILITH] The vibration.
[LILITH] Settle your thoughts.
Settle my thoughts? You just stabbed me!
- [LILITH] Settle your thoughts!
Something's here.
[LILITH] Pick it up!
I thought this room was safe.
- What do you see?
- What
- How many?
- [WHIMPERING] I don't know.
It was a test.
Well, are you going to help
me or just stand there?
[SUPERION] She got herself into this,
let her get herself out.
[SIGHS] I I don't know how.
You did fine just a minute
ago when you thought
you were leaving me to die.
A moment, please.
So, the, uh
walls are really [TAPS WALL]
thick here, huh? [CHUCKLES]
Okay, in my defense, I used my
abilities almost successfully, so
In this house, trust is everything.
You have to know your fellow
Sister Warriors have your back.
Lives depend on it.
She deceived me first.
Trust goes both ways, sister.
Why did you run?
Aside from thinking a giant monster
was about to break down the door?
It makes no sense, knowing
what I know about you.
You've known me for two days.
Father Vincent brought your
file back from the orphanage.
He didn't tell you?
Well, I wouldn't trust what you read.
Those nuns had it out for me.
Facts don't lie, Ava.
What's that supposed to mean?
I know you killed yourself.
Overdosed on pain medication.
No, no, that's not what happened.
How could I? I couldn't even move.
You moved well enough to greet your
caretakers with obscene gestures.
I read that in your file, too.
You don't understand.
Paralyzed in an accident.
Abandoned by your family.
It must have been a nightmare for you.
I didn't kill myself.
Sister Frances said
you'd been depressed.
You were about to age
out of the orphanage.
She said that you knew you
could not survive on your own,
- and you felt helpless.
- That's not true. She's lying!
If I wanted to die, I wouldn't
have just run away.
Of course you ran away.
You're a coward.
Always looking for the easy way out.
Fighting for a cause?
That's not you, is it?
You don't know me.
Make up your mind, Ava.
Do you want to live,
or do you want to die?
Stop this.
Be respectful of her situation.
That's what I said.
If she doesn't confront
this now, when will she?
When she's out on a mission, and
the lives of her Sisters are at stake?
She's a bomb waiting to go off.
So you ignite the fuse?
We have no time for
hand-holding, Father.
You know that as well as I do.
You're trying to push her away.
She's not one of us.
She's a sinner.
She killed herself.
Yet, she's not dead.
Is that not a miracle
of the highest order?
[SUPERION] You see God's influence.
I see an aberration.
She doesn't deserve this.
None of us deserve His grace.
It's not earned, it's given.
Is that what this is about,
what you think you deserved?
My responsibility is to these girls.
To the ones who have
given their lives
and the ones who are still here,
ready and willing to do the same.
That girl?
She's a cancer.
She will bring us down with her.
I didn't kill myself.
I'm serious.
Do you remember what happened
that night, before you woke up?
I was just watching TV
and then fell asleep, but
to me, it was just any other night.
She said they found drugs in my system.
I spent 12 years not feeling
anything below my chest.
Why the hell would I need pain meds?
Perhaps the medical report was wrong.
What does it matter?
No one believes me anyway.
Don't let her get to you.
She's messing with your head.
It's what she does.
So it's not just me.
The other Sisters call
her Cruella de Jesus.
I may have started it.
But you believe me.
I think you're thoughtless
and self-centered.
But dishonest?
Thank you.
I'm just trying to figure
out whether you're
more or less nun-like than the others.
I'm guessing you've had less than ideal
experiences with those
who've taken vows.
[BEATRICE] I took my vows
earlier than most, if that helps.
You'd think it would.
My parents are in politics.
Diplomats back in England.
And concerned about appearances.
I wasn't falling into line,
so they shipped me off to
Catholic boarding school.
I guess it kind of stuck.
There's more to it than you're telling.
[BEATRICE] There's always more.
Ah, Camila.
This is Ava.
[CAMILA] Hi, Ava.
How's it going with the new girl?
Fitting right in.
That well, huh?
I could have used your help earlier.
Where have you been?
You walk your own path, that's fine.
But where it intersects with mine,
I expect at least a little transparency.
Careful what you wish for.
You can make yourself at home in here.
[AVA] Looks like someone
already moved in.
These were Sister Shannon's quarters.
[AVA] She looks so young here.
How long ago was this?
Last year, I think.
Last year?
[CAMILA] Tomorrow's training schedule.
I'll find someone to clear
all this out for you.
[VINCENT] An assassination?
Are you sure?
[MARY] Yes. It's the only
thing that makes sense.
To what end?
Were they after the Halo?
I don't know.
And that's the problem.
Sorry, am I interrupting?
Oh, Ava. Good. Come on in.
Let me introduce you to Sister
Shotgun Mary.
Cool name.
Why do they call you that?
I drink a lot.
[MARY] I'll leave you guys to it.
If you hear anything else
- Of course.
- [VINCENT] Mm-hmm.
[VINCENT] I wanted
to apologize for before.
Mother Superion crossed a line.
- Your past is your business.
It's up to you to decide what you'd
like to share with the rest of us.
I appreciate that.
[VINCENT] What do you say?
Shall we dig back in?
"In the ensuing years, the demons
grew in strength and numbers,
and the Order of the Cruciform
Sword was confronted by a new evil,
the Tarask of Golden Legend,
the beast said to have risen
from the deepest depths of Hell.
It was this creature who would end
the reign of the First Halo-Bearer.
Mortally wounded, her
loyal Sister Warriors
rushed Areala back to their sanctuary.
But it was too late.
Nothing could be done.
'It's time', whispered Areala.
'I'm ready to die'.
Her fate sealed, she called
for the Next in Line.
'Is she here?
Don't be scared, Sister.
We are never ready,
only prepared'".
[WOMAN] Father Vincent?
Bane of my existence.
Excuse me a moment.
Only wanting to be held ♪
[WOMAN] Thank you, Father.
Still kept in the blind ♪
In the morning cold and rain ♪
When everything is still untouched ♪
Courage, don't fail me ♪
For now I'm learning ♪
Courage, don't leave me now ♪
Reveal it ♪
Our place untold ♪
Just breathing ♪
So uncontrolled ♪
Reveal it ♪
Just breathing ♪
Colors, don't leave me now ♪
And now I'm living ♪
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