Warrior Nun (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Ecclesiasticus 26:9-10

"I want to live". That's
God's honest truth.
I don't owe anything to a bunch
of holier-than-thou nuns.
Life's unfair, ladies.
Take it from me.
I'm going back to my friends,
and I'm going to live
the hell out of this life.
I'm going to swim and
eat and kiss and dance
and maybe even make love to, well
Speaking of which
Temptation awaits.
Why am I cold all of a sudden?
Oh, no.
Don't stop. Don't look.
Just a girl walking home
after a tough night.
Nothing to see here except
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Ignore it. No one's asking for a hero.
That's not the life I chose.
Goddamn it!
Wait! Stop!
See what you get for being a hero?
What's happening?
Why can't I move my body?
Hush, little lamb.
You've been in a car accident.
Your mother is gone.
But you're a very lucky little girl.
You're in my care now.
I'm not lost.
Just taking the scenic route.
I know it's around here somewhere.
Ava, stop!
You're fast. What the hell?
What the hell, you? I was
on my way to find you.
Yeah, the homeowners came back.
So, we had to bolt.
Holy shit! What happened?
- Oh
- Are you hurt?
No, no, no. I'm fine, really.
You should see the other girl.
She's essentially fine, by the way.
So, where is everybody?
I'll take you.
Okay. Let's go.
- Oh, yeah.
- It's
So, Romeo finds his Rosaline.
You know, this sad dope's
been going on and on
about you since you disappea
Good Lord, girl! What is that?
Uh uh
My time of the month?
Looks like your time of the year.
Hand her to me, Romeo.
I'll find Carrie a prom dress.
- Oh
- It's all good.
Girl, the shit you get into.
This view is freakin' incredible.
And the wife has some
expensive, eclectic tastes.
Let's see what we can find you
that won't embarrass the rest of us.
Oh, what about this one?
Absolutely not.
Why not?
I'm sure it could work.
That's your problem, doll.
You're too easily satisfied.
That is so not my problem.
My problem is that I've never had
the chance to pick out my own clothes.
To find my own style,
discover who I really am.
This probably makes no sense to you.
Actually, it took me a while
to figure out who I was, too.
So how do you do it?
How do you choose who you are?
The key is to remember that
your clothes don't define you.
They define your image for the world.
Fashion can be an illusion.
A book jacket, describing
the fun story inside.
You see?
Yeah, I think I do.
All right, then, doll.
Let's find you.
You look, uh
You're welcome.
Hey, we picked up some supplies.
The fuck is she doing here?
You didn't tell her?
Tell me what?
Yeah, um, we're moving out.
Bugging out's more like.
What's that mean?
We had a visitor.
A visitor.
We found Jillian Salvius right
here in our fucking home.
It's technically not our home.
Jillian Salvius?
Yeah. She was looking for you.
What? Why?
She didn't mention.
Somehow, she figured out we
were at the party together,
so she came here to threaten us.
Now, we've gotta fly.
Zori, back off.
Well, let's just go then.
- Disappear, hit the next town.
- Are you deaf and fashion-crippled?
Hey, easy now.
I prefer fashion-disabled.
You brought the heat down on us, chica.
You're radioactive.
I'm sorry, I didn't
you're my only friends right now.
You're the only people I know.
We're leaving.
And you are going to disappear.
Zori, enough! Okay?
What did we say when
we started all this, huh?
"We're in it together", remember?
I remember.
We said it right before Little
Miss Spotlight showed up.
We also promised not
to take stupid risks,
to never get caught.
We had a good thing going here, JC.
You fucked it up by bringing her
in. Now you bring her back here?
How stupid are you?
Stop! Stop it!
Stay out of this, you weirdo bitch!
Do not talk to her like that!
I said stop!
I'm sorry.
All right. One more time.
Any luck recreating the effect?
Any sign of the girl?
Our people are searching the city.
But we did find Blair Macready
at the bottom of a quarry.
Don't worry. We do have
the situation contained.
You think Cardinal Duretti is
going to stop at Macready?
The Church has been killing
heretics for centuries.
You know that.
I also know Duretti.
He's desperately protective
of his reputation.
And his religion.
He thinks I'm going to
open a portal to Heaven
and steal their business.
My point is, if you oppose them openly,
you could find yourself at war.
Looks a lot like war already.
Father, the Vatican is watching.
Yes, we can limp on,
but without the Halo,
we are effectively neutralized.
Ava will come back.
- You can't know that.
- But I can have faith.
Mother Superion.
May I have a word?
Cardinal Duretti, please join us.
I trust you're squared away
for your return to Rome?
My orders have changed.
Please have a seat.
Given the difficulties we are facing,
I have decided to postpone my return.
For the time being, I will remain
here in an oversight capacity.
May I ask why?
To determine what it might
take to save this operation.
I wasn't aware we needed saving.
Sister Shannon is dead.
You have failed to bring the
new Warrior Nun to heel.
You have lost the sacred Halo.
Father Vincent, how would you
characterize our current status?
As a period of transition.
How euphemistic.
We've faced grave trials before.
We'll face them again.
Father Vincent,
need I remind you that the Cardinal
retains ultimate oversight of our Order?
I merely wished to point out that
oversight is not the same as management.
The fact is this operation has fallen
to its lowest point in decades.
I'm afraid I must agree.
Mother Superion, we go back many years.
We have experienced
many trials together.
Please attempt to
convince your colleague
that I am fighting desperately
to keep this sacred mission alive.
And I am the only ally you've got.
You've lost your friends
and betrayed the nuns
who brought you back from the dead.
Impressive stuff, kid.
I should just go.
Skip town. Find a job.
Make a new life.
New friends.
What's keeping me here, anyway?
You're a woman now.
So, could you at least
try to be anything
but a burden to everyone around you?
But I am trying, Sister Frances.
Look what I taught myself to do.
Sure, what's the use of that?
Well, you know your little joke on
how I never lift a finger around here?
It's the little victories.
What do you want?
I wanted to know how you're doing.
I'm getting by.
Well, you've managed to rattle Zori.
I've never seen that before.
It's the little victories.
Any idea why Salvius could be after you?
I have a vague suspicion.
Do you want to talk about it?
Zori's right.
I have to go.
I'm sorry I fucked things up
for you and your friends.
It was really nice knowing you.
Hey, can I go with you?
What about your gang?
I think we might have come
to the end of our road.
Those aren't real friends.
They're partners
to back you in a scam.
People you boost a couple of
beers with, have a few laughs.
Why is he doing this?
Just to be nice?
Is he rescuing me again?
You're probably just buying
more trouble, you know.
When you say trouble, I hear adventure.
So what? We just hop on
a ferry and go where?
Where we want.
I'd rather be rescued than alone.
Let's go.
Sisters, we are at war.
The Lord, in His wisdom, has
widened the scope of our directive.
But I recently saw Dr. Salvius
in possession of a
Divinium-plated device.
I suspect that she's melting down
pieces of the Holy Armor in her lab.
This is blasphemy.
The Church will not see the
destruction of our sacred relics
for the personal
enrichment of a heretic.
Where's Father Vincent?
Why is the Cardinal taking over?
What difference does it make?
It is imperative that we
bring these artifacts
into our possession immediately.
Your Eminence.
Sister Lilith.
Your family has served this
order faithfully since the 1500s,
providing six Halo-Bearers.
An impressive lineage.
But it must have been
hard on you, that legacy.
Those expectations.
And then to have your destiny
so rudely snatched away.
I accept the path before me.
As do I.
But I would suggest there
is a difference between
meekly accepting one's path
and correcting a grave mistake.
Perhaps even a dire sin may be forgiven
in the pursuit of the greater good.
Wouldn't you agree?
I would.
Sister Lilith,
if I may trust you
to keep this conversation
strictly between us.
The OCS is under intense
scrutiny from the Vatican.
We must get our house in order.
How might I help?
Track down the girl.
Bring the Halo back into our possession.
I'll find her,
but she'll never come back with me.
Not willingly.
Then I would suggest
that her lack of loyalty
is a betrayal to the Halo itself.
Perhaps our Order
can only be restored
by a new Halo-Bearer.
The proper Halo-Bearer.
I dropped my tea.
I saw.
What can I do for you?
I have a confession to make.
I'm all ears.
No, I mean
Yes, of course.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It has been
Well, you know how long it's been.
May the Lord be in your heart
and help you to confess
your sins with true sorrow.
I feel no sorrow.
I killed a man who was gonna kill me.
Then your conscience is clear.
My conscience was never the issue.
And here's what we know.
Someone targeted Shannon directly.
And that means whoever did
it knew Divinium could kill her,
and they had enough of
it to rig the explosion.
And now Cardinal Duretti tells us
that Salvius has been collecting
and studying Divinium.
I know you and Shannon were close,
but you mustn't let anger
cloud your judgment.
I found this in her room.
Part of her habit.
Embedded in the wall.
How could there be a hidden
room in her chambers?
It's possible.
This old place has endless secrets.
So, if Shannon had knowledge
that endangered her life,
wouldn't it make sense that she would
keep it somewhere
only she could find it?
A room she'd have to phase into.
I'm knocking down that wall.
If Shannon was murdered,
we can't risk drawing
unwanted attention.
We need Ava to phase into the room.
Any idea where to find her?
I suggest we ask a friend of hers.
Ungrateful little pig!
Do you not know there's children
starving all over the world?
They probably had nuns
cooking their meals.
Your birthday is coming up.
Ooh, I want a motorcycle.
And skis!
Oh, yeah, Jet Skis!
Oh, mental high five!
Soon, next month,
you'll age out of here.
A poor, crippled girl out on the street.
No money, and no way to make it.
What will become of you without me?
Are you all right?
It's going to be strange, leaving.
I've been here so long.
How'd you end up here?
That's a
A long story?
Short and unpleasant.
How about you?
Well, after my mom died,
I was supposed to go to university,
but I figured the college
fund they'd scraped together
should go towards her medical bills.
I just didn't care
anymore about anything.
So, I lifted a businessman's wallet
and a pack of gum in the
shuttle to the airport.
I went inside,
and I whipped the gum at the
big board of airline destinations.
It hit Geneva,
and I bought a first-class
ticket with the guy's gold card.
Oh, my God.
What if it had hit, like,
Florida or something?
I had more gum.
Anyway, so I landed in Geneva,
took the train into the
Alps for the ski season,
and that's where I met Zori and Chanel.
Um, we picked up Randall in Amsterdam.
That was about 18 months ago.
So, come on. Your turn.
Tell me Ava's story.
Not yet.
I'm still figuring it out.
West door.
Looks optimal.
That's, what, two and a half meters?
We need to clear three
meters, or we'll fry.
Not a problem. Let's go!
What are we waiting for, Bea?
Shift change.
I can have patience.
I can be calm.
Come on, you stupid shift change!
Don't be nervous.
You'll do well tonight.
It's not that.
It's more that
I'm just surprised the Cardinal sent us
to break into a private business.
I know it's for Divinium
and all, but I'm
just surp
It's just not what I was
expected to be doing.
It seems like he's changing
the agenda of the OCS.
It's his agenda to change.
And if Jillian Salvius is melting
down the Armor of Adriel,
that is a blasphemy.
Still, we're taking a risk here.
We could expose our sect, and for what?
For the protection of our interests.
Which interests, Lilith?
I noticed you were speaking
with the Cardinal alone
before we left.
Careful around this one, Camila.
She'll pry into all your business.
Only when it affects our business.
Does it?
Guards will be moving.
Let's go.
In this life, or the next.
In this life, or the next.
Where do you want to go?
Casablanca? Tangiers?
Wow. We can lay low in Marrakesh.
I actually know a French dude
who can get you a passport.
Endless possibilities for
the first time in my life,
and a blazing hot guy by my side.
So why can't I leave?
Because something's wrong.
Something's unfinished.
Something you said about
leaving your friends.
I thought you didn't
have any friends here.
No, I have one.
He's getting worse. Poor little lamb.
A poor, crippled girl out on the street.
What will become of you without me?
I know you killed yourself.
Oh, my God.
Ava, what's wrong?
Hey. What's going on?
Aren't we leaving?
Yes. Grab some tickets.
It doesn't matter where.
I trust you, okay?
Where are you going?
I have to check in on a
friend. He may need my help.
I'll be back. I promise!
- Did you put it in the report?
- Mm-hmm.
The target has been spotted
at St. Michael's Orphanage.
Dispatch Team Four-A to pick her up.
They're talking about Ava. Maybe we
On it.
Camila, you're up.
All teams report in.
All teams report in.
We have intruders at
the north gate. Over.
You can't be in here.
Look, I don't want to hurt you.
And we appreciate that.
The Cardinal said the
artifacts would be in the labs.
Where'd they go?
Through there, maybe.
Key cards won't work here.
See what you can do.
We're out of time.
Take the others and go.
What about you?
I'll meet you back at the Cat's Cradle.
"You make known to me the path of life".
Ha! Ha!
No! Wait!
I'll shoot. Don't think I won't.
Why would I doubt?
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Faith is my business.
Holy Mother.
Who is that?
Who are you?
Get out!
Who do you think you are?
Just a poor, crippled girl
back from the streets.
But you died.
Yes, I did.
You killed me.
I cared for you.
I sacrificed my life for you.
Until the day I was
aging out of the system.
So you put me out of my misery.
You're a devil, sent from Hell.
No, Frances.
You're the devil here.
How many?
How many have you killed?
I lost count over the years.
So many souls.
So much pain.
You're a murderer!
I'm a savior.
I released them from their pain.
I released them into the arms of God.
I freed their souls.
Give me the syringe, Frances.
I'm so sorry you had to see that.
Are you okay?
You're an angel.
You'll be okay now. All right?
All right? Now let's take
you to Sister Emilene,
and she'll take good
care of you, come on.
No, just go.
Just go before you get in trouble.
I'll miss you, Diego.
I'll see you again, in Heaven.
How the hell did this happen?
It was a nun.
A very fast nun.
We've got the footage.
I tried to warn you.
Without the Shield, I
can't finish the machine.
I'll send a team to search the city.
Oh, no.
Not our men.
I want you to buy out Macready's
operation under an alias.
You're taking on a private
security company?
Well, given the fact
that our current team
has been taken out by what appears to be
a petite member of the clergy,
it strikes me they may
not be up to the task.
And like you said
the Church and I are at war.
The Shield of Faith.
There must have been other artifacts.
She's melted the rest of them down.
Into what?
Some sort of device.
A circle, about two meters in diameter,
connected to power generators,
computer systems.
The first ring was just a prototype.
It was unfinished.
I believe Dr. Salvius needs the
Divinium content of the Shield
to complete it.
She seems to be applying
technology in an attempt to
activate the Divinium somehow.
Activate it to do what?
To open the gates of Hell.
I killed Frances.
Killer. Murderer.
No! It was self-defense.
She poisoned me.
Tried to kill me again.
She was gonna kill
Diego, and I saved him.
So maybe it all balances out.
Hey, Ava.
Hello, Lilith.
I've been looking for you.
I told you.
I'm not going back.
It's all right.
I only need a part of you.
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