Warrior Nun (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Ephesians 4:22-24

[NUNS] Our sister on Earth.
Our sister in Heaven.
Never alone.
Never forgotten.
Ever in our spirits.
[BEATRICE] In this life or the next.
[NUNS] In this life or the next.
[CAMILA] Mary.
Is she in Heaven?
Because if the Tarask took her,
could could she be in Hell?
I mean, is that even a thing?
Can she be dragged to Hell?
I don't know.
She must have been so scared.
[MARY] Sh.
It's been a while.
If Ava was going to come
back to the Cat's Cradle,
she would be here by now.
Ava will show.
And if she doesn't?
She'll be here sooner or later.
You've got to be kidding me.
Who are they?
it's good to see you again.
We've come to pay our respects.
I'm hoping for sooner.
How can I help you?
Hi. Uh, I'd like to speak
to Jillian Salvius.
I'm sorry. She's not available.
[LAUGHS] Okay, uh, you don't
understand. She wants to see me.
T tell her it's Ava.
Miss, I need you to put that down.
And then you'll take me to Jillian?
Just put it down.
- [MAN] Hey!
- [WOMAN] Stop!
[AVA] You want some?
[JILLIAN] You certainly know
how to make an entrance.
It needed a remodel, anyway.
What brought you here?
[AVA] You were looking for me.
I'm a curious person.
And, well, you're a curiosity.
[AVA] You want to know what I am.
[JILLIAN] The research
we do here is cutting edge.
But you are something
altogether different.
I would love to learn what
you're capable of and why.
[AVA] Seems we have
something in common then.
I want you to science me.
Science you?
I wanna know everything.
So I can figure out for
myself what to do about it.
Sounds like we can help each other.
You get your answers. I get mine.
And then afterwards, you leave me alone.
That's the deal.
Are you in or out?
like the girls are getting acquainted.
[IN ITALIAN] These women
don't belong in this place.
[IN ITALIAN] You saw
potential in them last year.
[IN ITALIAN] And I dismissed
them after a thorough evaluation.
[IN ITALIAN] You may
have been too hasty.
Sister Crimson is an impressive warrior.
aggressive, undisciplined
[IN ITALIAN] Sounds like
someone I used to know.
possibly sociopathic.
[IN ITALIAN] You were the one who
said I hadn't taken enough interest
in the Order.
So I'm trying.
[IN ITALIAN] This isn't
what I had in mind.
[IN ITALIAN] When Sister Shannon died,
new challenges emerged for the Order.
New measures are needed to combat them.
I haven't gotten to where I am
by hoping the same old methods
will solve new problems.
- [GRUNTS] Oh!
loyalty, and service.
One can't exist without the other.
I need you to deliver these.
[IN ITALIAN] What are they?
[IN ITALIAN] Solutions to problems.
I wouldn't say I'm superhuman,
but I'm definitely strong.
I can phase through solid objects.
I can do energy-pulse-type things.
Well, that's still a work in progress.
And I can heal.
Shoot me, stab me Call me
Jesus, 'cause I'm coming back.
Can you heal others?
[AVA] So far, it only works on me.
So, any chance we can
be done with this thing?
It's kind of claustrophobic and creepy.
That's a tall assessment for
someone who can see demons.
You know about the demons?
I've heard stories.
How? The OCS is supposed
to be a giant secret.
I have a reliable source.
This is Kristian Schaefer.
He used to be an
archivist for the Vatican.
And now he works for you?
I said science me, not church me.
I'm here because you're not them.
I left the Church in pursuit of truth.
In that respect, you and
I are very much alike.
[JILLIAN] He's here to provide counsel.
There are ethical considerations
to some of my work.
[KRISTIAN] I'm here to balance
the equation, so to speak.
And to assure the outside
world that the work we do here
takes all sides into account.
Hmm. So you're here just for show.
How long until we see results?
It's nearly there.
What is it?
it's definitely an energy
source of some kind.
It doesn't adhere to
traditional laws of physics.
Perhaps because it
exists outside of them.
It could be a foreign body.
Like not of this earth.
A new metal. Different from Divinium.
Could be an asteroid or a
So you're saying I have an
alien battery in my back?
That's weird.
Well weirder than an angel's halo?
If it's a power source,
can I adjust it?
Crank it up and down?
- I'm not sure.
- Or maybe transfer it to another person
and then they can deal with the demons,
and I can deal with the everything else?
I don't know what's possible yet.
So run more tests.
Figure it out.
Vincent. Good.
What is this?
I've been reassigned.
To a convent in Malaysia.
The OCS has no chapter there.
She's not the only one.
Florida, th that's
[SUPERION] A gift.
The Cardinal could've had you
excommunicated for insubordination.
He chose a more compassionate solution.
Cutting us off from everything
we love and care about?
He's giving you a second chance.
By kicking us out of the OCS.
I know you don't support this.
There are many ways to serve God.
Do you think what he's doing
is what's best for this sect?
The Cardinal has the final decision,
and I will not go against him.
[VINCENT] He's using
your history against you.
He may have helped you find a home here,
but you made it your
own a long time ago.
Mother, please.
The OCS is my home too.
There are plane tickets and
cash in those envelopes.
I think it best if you
leave immediately.
To spare the other Sisters the turmoil.
The Sisters or you?
If you want to modulate your power,
we have to identify the energy.
See if we can measure
it, channel it, control it.
Is that an option?
[JILLIAN] All right.
I hope that you're right about her.
It's her. It has to be.
She's the power source,
and this test will prove it.
We should tell her what
this is really about.
[SCOFFS] You saw what
she did to the lobby.
We can't keep her here against her will.
All right, Ava.
I need you to power up,
whatever you do to access
the energy within the device.
Here goes something.
Did that do anything?
That's perfect.
[JILLIAN] This is a quantum
expression of Newtonian force.
This type of energy shouldn't exist.
- Keep going, Ava.
- [ZAPS]
Shit! Sorry. Sorry.
Is it stabilizing?
Getting there.
What are you doing?
Enhancing the conductivity. Maybe
we have to help her get there.
[AVA] What are you doing?
Keep going, Ava. Keep going.
- It won't work.
- It has to work!
What the actual fuck was that?
I'm I'm sorry, Ava.
I was wrong about you.
[AVA] No. No.
No, we're not done here!
Where do these lead?
- Wait!
You weren't testing me at all, were you?
You had me hooked up to
this thing the entire time.
You were using me.
You're not what I thought you were.
[AVA] What the hell
are you talking about?
I'll show you.
This is Michael.
My son.
[CAMILA] I'm sorry.
Don't apologize for doing your job.
I went over the security protocols,
and I have a list of
everyone's assignments
and necessary weapons from the armory.
It sounds like you have
everything under control.
Not really.
I secretly kind of wish
they'd kick me out, too.
Why would you wish that?
I don't know.
It's just that
everything's changing,
and I'm not sure I can
handle it without you guys.
You can, Camila.
I know you can.
A lot of people can smile
when things go wrong,
but it takes a special person to
make everyone else smile with them.
God sends messages to guide us.
Heed them, and you'll be fine.
I need to speak with you.
Well, sorry to disappoint. Father
Vincent already beat you to it.
But I am curious how you
would have done it, though.
Dig the knife in quick and clean?
Or would you do something
a little more nuanced,
seeing I've known you the longest?
I think we both appreciate
the direct approach.
No disagreement there.
I haven't been in Sister
Shannon's room in a while.
It's not really hers anymore, is it?
You were close to her, I know.
Maybe it's a curse.
Bad things happen to
everyone I care about.
When you first arrived here
well, I never expected you to
amount to much, if I'm being honest.
A fair assessment,
all things considered.
Orphaned children tend to have
a difficult time connecting.
My mother isn't dead.
[SUPERION] Still, you grew up alone.
But when you came
here, something clicked.
You connected with these young women.
Protected them.
And you kept your distance.
Never allowing anyone to get too close.
The Sisters think it's
because you don't care,
but I know it's because
you care too much.
I have seen you stand up to the
most powerful forces in the world.
Human and otherwise.
But now
now you're betraying everything you are.
Everything you taught us. For what?
I serve the Church.
Duretti isn't the Church.
He's a man.
One who puts himself before
anyone, including God.
I'm sorry.
I've seen the inside of a prison,
but after each visit, I get to walk out.
It seems to me you're stuck here.
You're not supposed to be here.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
[JILLIAN] The Divinium
particulates are keeping him alive.
I was never supposed to have a child.
The doctors told me I couldn't.
I tried everything, and nothing worked.
So I threw myself into medical science.
Genetic engineering. DNA
modification. All of it.
I tested it on myself.
Eventually, it worked.
My pregnancy was a medical marvel.
He's been sick a long time.
A blood disorder, one unlike
anyone has seen before.
Without the Divinium
coursing through him,
there's no cure.
Then what does that machine do?
The ark isn't designed
to treat his disease.
It's about the next step.
A bridge to somewhere
that will allow him
to continue.
There is something out there.
It's right here, next to us,
existing on a parallel plane.
Where we can be together.
Where there's no more pain.
[AVA] You're serious.
Well, I haven't been able to stabilize
the energy field long enough
to keep the door open, but
I can tell you it's very real.
Every experiment we've run confirms it.
It's a dimension where there's
no disease and no death.
You're trying to create eternity.
It already exists.
I'm only opening the door.
That's why I I tested you back
there. That's what all of this was.
I thought your Halo would be
strong enough to power the Ark.
[MICHAEL] I like her.
I glow when she's around.
I'm sorry.
I'm not the one.
I wish I could help.
And I'm sorry I don't have the
answers you're looking for.
[MARY] We wait till dusk. Move in teams.
Beatrice and I will take
out the security out back.
Father Vincent will move the van.
[BEATRICE] In this
scenario, you have a van?
[MARY] It's a work in progress.
Now we get into Shannon's
room. We blow out the wall.
[VINCENT] Now there's explosives.
[MARY] Well, if either of you have
a more discreet plan, chime in.
[BEATRICE] There's
no version of any plan
that doesn't get us all excommunicated.
We have lost everything
we've ever fought for.
- There's nothing more to lose.
- [BEATRICE] Maybe not for you.
But I joined the Church
to save my eternal soul.
[MARY] Oh, is that the version
of the story you're telling?
There are worse things than Hell.
Like letting Duretti
get away with murder.
Or letting him kill Ava as soon as
she walks through those doors.
[BEATRICE] Murder?
That is a dangerous
accusation. He's a Cardinal.
You don't think I know that?
I wouldn't be saying it if wasn't true.
[BEATRICE] You have evidence?
In Shannon's room. I know it is.
You want us to break into Cat's Cradle,
fight our Sister Warriors
because of a hunch?
It is more than a hunch.
Think about it.
We know that Shannon's
death wasn't an ambush.
It was an assassination.
An inside job.
What would the Cardinal
gain by killing her?
Duretti is ambitious.
He's a climber.
If the Pope was dying, he'd
be vying to fill that position.
Maybe Shannon was standing in his way.
Maybe there's more to the
Pope's health than we know.
- Mary
- Shannon was murdered, Beatrice.
And I am gonna take down who
did it, even if I have to go it alone.
If it was me, I would use the small
door in the back of the crypt.
No one even remembers it.
I'd still go the long way around,
through the east wing,
just to avoid any latecomers.
So you're coming.
I can't.
But I'll be praying for you.
[KRISTIAN] Are you all right?
[AVA] I can heal, remember?
[KRISTIAN] Yes, of course.
What will you do now?
Keep looking for answers, I guess.
Me too.
[AVA] Hmm.
May I ask:
Why did you really leave the Church?
Did you see something that put you off?
No, no, no.
It was more what I didn't see.
Growing up,
I was an altar boy.
And I prayed every day.
I did everything right.
When my mother got sick,
I asked for a miracle.
It didn't come.
I thought it was my fault.
Maybe God didn't think I deserved one,
so I threw myself into
the Church even deeper.
At the Vatican, I watched thousands
of people coming and going every day,
all wanting their own miracles
and never getting them.
I started to question
the point of prayer
if there was no
evidence it did anything.
You were looking for your
miracle in the wrong place.
Exactly why I had to leave.
[AVA] So you came here.
[KRISTIAN] I needed
proof, one way or another.
Is there anything real, above
and beyond ourselves?
If I've realized anything,
it's that we can't find
clarity in the intangible.
It is better to put
our faith in ourselves
and our trust in those who've earned it.
[MARY] We have fought demons,
mercenaries, devil worshipers,
but suddenly a piece of
paper is what destroys us?
You've always trusted me.
Why won't you trust me now?
Are you that afraid to
stand up to Duretti?
- I'm not afraid.
- No? Because that's what it seems like.
You've turned your back on us.
You've turned your back on Shannon.
I might as well have
pulled the trigger myself.
What are you talking about?
Shannon came to me weeks ago.
She was troubled.
I don't know why, but she was convinced
the Church was hiding something.
That there was something in the
Vatican they were keeping from us.
I told her if she wanted answers,
she should talk to the Cardinal.
If there was anyone who'd know
If she went to him, and he killed her
she's dead because of me.
[MARY] Duretti did this.
And I'm going to bring
Hell down on him for it.
My first week, I messed up a lot.
So I get not knowing
all the rules right away.
But one big one is that the
armory cannot be accessed
without permission from Mother Superion.
I take my orders from
the Cardinal directly.
And his instructions were:
if any dismissed personnel return,
they're to be removed immediately.
Surely he didn't mean with violence.
By any means necessary.
His words, not mine.
Mary! What the fuck?
[MARY] Shit.
You gotta watch yourself.
No, seriously. What the fuck?
While you were gone, Duretti
brought in replacements.
Father Vincent, Beatrice, and I,
we've all been reassigned.
And you're here because
You knew I'd come back.
You didn't want me walking into a trap.
We can get into it later.
You like me.
You're gonna need this.
It looks good on you.
- I know. [LAUGHS]
So, what? We bust through
the front door, kick some ass,
get what we need, and blow this joint?
That is definitely not the plan.
Come on.
[MARY] This way.
Whoa. Where does that go?
The crypt.
The door we bring in dead bodies.
Well, in the movies, they
call this foreshadowing.
We're never gonna get this done if
everything comes with commentary.
Question: You think there's another room
on the other side of this wall?
Or you know there is? Because
if it's just more wall
I'm positive.
Good enough.
[AVA'S VOICE] "Sister
Margarite. Sister Kim Ji-Yoo"
It's the Warrior Nuns. All of them.
Come on, Ava.
Let's get a move on it.
You know you didn't join
the Church of Satan, right?
[AVA WHISPERS] There's a secret.
- Mary!
Seriously? On the nose much?
- Oh, that is not what I meant.
You need a lesson in camaraderie.
[CRIMSON] And you're
gonna teach it to me?
I've already beaten you once.
Sometimes you need to
lose a battle to win a war.
Left hook.
Right-handed choke hold.
Beatrice is a badass.
- Bit of an opening on your left.
- My right.
Just say when.
- When.
Ava! Ava!
- [BEATRICE] You okay?
- [AVA] Something's wrong.
I can't move.
Can you feel my hand?
Maybe you just overexerted
yourself. Probably just temporary.
[MARY] C'mon. We've got to
get out of here. Come on.
[MARY] Come on.
Wait, the book. The book. The book.
- [AVA] Wait.
I got this.
We're not your enemy.
But if you try to stop us, then
you'll leave me no choice.
I will kick the ever-loving
shit out of you
because I am the goddamn Warrior Nu
I really hope I got God's message right.
- [BEATRICE] She's been shot.
[MARY] Hold on.
[BEATRICE] Pull over here.
We need to stop the bleeding.
You're gonna be okay.
How's she doing?
Well, she's smiling.
I'll take that as a good sign.
Shannon's part is at the end.
"There is a secret buried
at the heart of the Vatican.
A power that anchors
demons to our world,
but they keep it a secret
for their own benefit.
Telling him was a mistake.
He wants to use it for himself".
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I failed you.
Where's Ava?
She can't help us.
She's the key that opens the door.
No, Michael, she isn't.
We tried.
We tried, but the door wouldn't open.
[MICHAEL] Not that door, Mummy.
The one on the ground.
[IN ITALIAN] Your Holiness,
I appreciate you seeing
[IN ITALIAN] Pray with me, Mother.
The Pope is dead.
[IN ITALIAN] It is a strange
but pleasant surprise
to see you on such a dark day.
I hope you aren't here because
of trouble at the Order.
[IN ITALIAN] I came for guidance.
[IN ITALIAN] Well, it's time to go.
The Vatican will be closed soon for
the Conclave, and there is much to do.
God be with you, Mother.
[IN ITALIAN] And with us all.
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