Warrior Nun (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Proverbs 14:1

The answers we're
looking for are in here.
This first part is in Latin.
Anyone know how to read it?
Yes, private education.
I wish I could speak Latin.
"The story of the death
of the angel Adriel.
As the first Warrior Nun,
Areala formed the Order
of the Cruciform Sword.
Gathering women who were
dedicated to the Church,
willing to fight and
die for their beliefs".
"The angel Adriel was proud of Areala.
But gifting her his sacred Halo
forced him to live as a mortal man.
And die as one.
His remains were placed in a tomb
of honor at the center
of the Necropolis,
an ancient city of the dead.
For decades, people felt immense
power radiating from Adriel's Tomb.
It became a place of pilgrimage.
Some people brought the sick and
dying, who it was said were healed.
Others felt a rush of strength,
which they used to defeat those
who they perceived as rivals.
The power from the tomb
could be used for good or evil.
And its reputation as a holy
site became legendary,
until the Sisters decided
that the otherworldly energy
was too powerful for
ordinary people to withstand.
Adriel's remains were locked
away in an enormous stone crypt.
Where a door would be, a
mammoth, final stone was placed,
sealing the angel's
resting place forever.
To frighten grave robbers,
warning symbols were
carved into the stone
over the words 'Et defunctis requiem'".
What does that mean?
"Let the dead rest".
"Over time, the tomb was forgotten,
buried by weather and earth,
until a new city rose up on the site.
Vatican City.
Shannon wrote here that the
unnatural energy of the angel's bones
could control demons.
That it is, in fact, what
anchors demons to our world.
Oh, shit.
She suspected the Church
had known all along.
Father, have you heard this before?
I have.
A devil's bargain to keep
people reliant on the Church.
As long as there is
darkness in the world,
people will turn to us for light.
I refused to believe it.
But Shannon did.
It adds up.
The walls of the tomb are too
thick for anyone to break through.
Except the Warrior Nun,
who can phase inside.
If Duretti becomes Pope,
he could order the Halo-Bearer
to phase into that tomb
and grab the power for himself.
Couldn't he order that anyway?
Maybe he did.
But Shannon would never do such a thing.
He wanted a Halo-Bearer
he could control.
That's why he pushed out
everyone who wasn't loyal to him.
Now do you believe me?
I still don't understand
how it benefits Duretti
to take the bones for himself.
The Journal said "control".
"He who bears the Relic of Adriel
shall be the Lord of Demonkind".
He could weaponize them.
Use them to possess
and destroy his enemies.
We have to get into that
tomb before Duretti.
If we get those remains and they
are what Shannon said they are,
will that be enough proof for you?
I suppose it would have to be.
Father, if Adriel's bones really
are driving people to belief,
wouldn't removing them weaken
the entire Catholic faith?
That's the difference
between us, Beatrice.
I care more about my
Sisters than my Church.
That's hardly fair.
Look at it like this.
If we get rid of Duretti, we can
get the OCS back together.
Ava, the Journal says that the
tomb walls are 11.5 dirra thick.
That's 20 feet. It's
a long way to phase.
I got in and out of Shannon's
secret room, remember?
Remember when you got stuck
in two feet of Cat's Cradle wall?
So, I'll train, Sister
Photographic Memory.
And how are we going to find this tomb,
buried under centuries of dirt
in a labyrinth of ancient
catacombs under the Vatican?
We ask an expert.
Oh, God, you're back.
We need to speak to Kristian Schaefer.
So, you want me to help
you break into the Vatican,
escalating my problems with the
Church by an order of magnitude?
Not you. Him.
We were hoping Mr. Schaefer
might help us locate Adriel's Tomb.
Well, kind of kind of you, too.
I need a place to train.
We've been kicked out of our homes.
We'll also need bricks to
construct solid barriers
of various thickness, four to 20 feet.
What's in it for us?
If the bones are as powerful
as the Journal says,
then maybe you can use
it to power your machine.
- This is what you asked for, no?
- Yeah.
No, I'm just surprised.
Do you have, like, a giant brick guy?
Thank you, Dr. Salvius.
Good luck.
I'm going to keep studying the Journal.
All right.
Let's do it then.
Whoo! Whoa-ho!
Right on! Piece of cake!
How far is it? Eight feet?
Still, you know I crushed it.
What's next?
I remote-accessed the
Vatican digital archives,
compiled them in our data processors,
partially mapping the
catacombs beneath the Vatican.
So, where's the tomb?
Well, researchers were only able to
identify 37 percent of the tombs.
Adriel's was not among them.
I say we take our chances.
Find it while we're down there.
That would take months.
The Medicis commissioned
a map of the Necropolis
when the Vatican was built.
Now, it might identify the
whereabouts of the tomb,
but the map was loaned
out and stolen decades ago.
Can you describe the map?
I know what it looks
like, but it's gone.
Well, you'd need to know the black
market to even begin to look for it.
I think I may be able to help.
You'll replace the Sisters
at posts two and six.
Tell them to get some rest.
I want them fresh for their next shift.
You really think the
traitors will return?
We can only hope.
Is somebody there?
She didn't take this long
on the two-block wall.
Should we be concerned?
- I think I peed a little.
- What happened in there?
Basically, it really
sucks after a few feet.
I got disoriented and bailed.
It's like I'm solid, and the
wall is phasing around me.
Like walking through syrup or something.
But the whole time, I can feel
the mass of the stone around me.
And the longer I'm in there,
the more it feels like it's trying to
flow back in and occupy my space.
To crush me.
What if I could find
some way to guide you?
I can help you with that.
Well, Kristian said black market.
This looks like where Beatrice's
parents buy their Picassos.
There's a man here who can help us.
He's got a photographic memory for
every stolen artifact he's fenced.
And how do you know this guy?
From another life.
Wait here.
Follow my lead.
It's kinda hot.
I'm looking for Esteban.
Sorry. We're closed.
Listen, Señor
Just tell him Vincent is here.
Fuck off.
Where to?
What the fuck is going on?
- Hello, Esteban.
- Vincente.
I'm looking for a rare item.
Of course.
GPS tracker.
And the earpieces?
I'm not sure how they'll react
to moving through concrete.
Can you hear me?
I'm right next to you.
Just for that, I'm gonna ace this.
You're four feet through.
Keep going straight.
You've stopped moving.
I'm lost.
Take two steps in any direction.
Turn 90 degrees to your
right and keep going.
I want out. Bring me out!
Just a few more feet.
You can do this.
It's okay.
You did it.
Thank you.
I don't know what happened. It's like
It's like the longer I'm in there, I
You lose power.
You're draining the Halo's energy.
And, unfortunately, in this
case, if you lose power
I get stuck in a fucking wall.
I'm gonna need a hell
of a lot more energy
if I'm gonna make it through 20 feet.
Well, I've been able to amp
up the Halo's output before.
Yeah, by lighting me up like
a fucking Christmas tree!
There's no way I can walk
while being electrocuted.
You're dehydrated.
A few days' rest should help.
Thank you.
Dr. Salvius,
- if we might have a few moments.
- Of course.
How is this even possible?
We had a funeral for her.
Why does everyone think I'm dead?
What's the last thing you remember?
I was in the warehouse
with Mary.
We tried to get to Ava,
but the Tarask appeared.
And then
I must have blacked out.
The next thing I remember,
I was in the Cat's Cradle.
You know something.
Mary said that the Tarask grabbed you.
Like, it put its claws through you.
- She said it dragged you back into
- We thought you were lost.
God granted you another life.
What's wrong?
Who has it now?
All this was many years ago.
I don't remember.
You don't remember?
So at last,
your famous memory has failed you.
Here it is. The Medici's map.
It's had many owners.
Now it's in the hands
of a private collector.
Name and address.
You should have stayed in the car.
You should have been honest with me.
Oh, hey.
Yeah, I was just I was
How how is she?
Alive, somehow.
You should see her.
Yeah, but she probably
needs to rest, so
It was your name she called out.
What are you afraid of?
Well, for one, the last time I
saw her, she tried to murder me.
For two, she sacrificed herself for me.
She stepped in front of that monster
and laid down her life for me,
and I just
I don't know what to say to her.
She's asleep.
Stay with her.
I found this story in the Journal.
I think it might help.
This is from a Warrior
Nun called Sister Melanie.
"I became the Warrior Nun
in the summer of 1942,
following my escape from the
hellish Dachau Work Camp".
Wait, how could she be Jewish and a nun?
They persecuted others
for being different.
Not just Jews.
She was gay.
Oh, God.
Nazis suck balls.
"Returning to Occupied France,
Mother Superion told us the Nazis
were outside the parameters
of our mission.
She told me that my
anger came from hate.
And that hate was not
within our jurisdiction".
Wait. Are you translating
that from French?
Pay attention.
Ooh. Read on.
"But last night,
I passed a group of Nazi officers
carousing inside a French pub.
I don't know what I thought I was
going to do, but I went inside.
A Nazi lieutenant asked
me to dance with him.
When I refused,
he grabbed my wrist
and saw the number they
tattooed on me at Dachau.
I let him see it.
I wanted him to.
He looked at me as if I was vermin.
'Juden', he sneered.
'Nein', I replied.
"His friends converged on me.
I drew the Holy Sword
and cut them down".
Oh, yeah, she did!
"But Mother Superion was right.
Each slice was an act of hate.
Hatred that they had made
me afraid to be myself.
So I raged in a rainfall of their blood
until the Nazi lieutenant aimed
his gun at me across the room.
I could not reach him.
He said he would put me
back in the camps himself.
What happened next, I can't explain.
At the thought of returning to
the camps, I passed through fear,
past hatred, beyond pain.
The Halo flared with a blinding
light and emitted a blast,
unlike anything I had ever experienced.
The Nazi's bullets melted away,
along with his gun, his flesh,
and a good portion of the wall.
I fell back in the collapsed
ruins of the pub, drained.
I have no understanding of what
allowed me to conjure such energy.
But in the moment,
I felt unbound.
I felt finally myself".
I tried to tell you.
I vowed to forget my past. Completely.
Maybe the tattoos
weren't such a good idea.
You, of all people, should understand
what it's like to have regrets.
You know I do.
That's my point.
Do you want to talk about it?
Nothing. It's fine. I
A badass story of a Warrior
Nun tapping into her rage
making you cry is nothing?
Your ignorance is really
a downer sometimes.
What what's going on?
As usual, you've managed
to miss the entire point.
Sister Melanie tapped
into something elemental in her soul
and it amplified the Halo's energy.
If you wanna pass
through 20 feet of stone,
you need to break through
your own personal pain.
Okay, but why are you so mad at me?
I'm not mad at you.
I I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's not you.
It was everyone but you.
My whole life,
people have tried to make
me into something I'm not.
To make me "normal",
or at least "acceptable".
I became skilled at so many things
just so I would still have value
despite my flaws,
or what I'd been taught was a flaw.
Of course I tried to fit in.
But when you're punished
just for being different,
you begin to hate what you are.
And what you love.
What should make you happy
only brings you pain.
Pain is what made me a Sister Warrior.
Don't hate what you are.
What you are is beautiful.
I'm sorry for your pain.
Don't be.
Because now we get to tap into yours.
Disable the alarm, break in,
find the map, get out clean.
Huge place like this, we
won't have time to search.
We'll need this guy to take us to it.
The Medici map of the Vatican catacombs,
where is it?
I I didn't know it was stolen.
That's why you have it locked up.
Now what?
We wait.
What's up?
Just, uh, running away from Beatrice.
Oh. Good luck.
I'm glad you're back.
Are you?
I don't know.
I owe you my life.
You're one of us.
I should've been fighting
beside you, not against you.
I let Duretti play on my pride,
and I lost sight of my
my responsibility.
Can you forgive me?
I just did.
I'm really glad you're not dead anymore.
You too.
All right.
This ends our transaction.
Just past the halfway point.
You're doing great.
How far am I?
Fourteen feet.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck, fuck!
This wall is your fear.
It's your deepest pain.
Why can't you get through it?
What's stopping you?
I don't have enough energy.
- That's not it.
- Yes, it is.
That is a physical limitation.
It's not what's in your soul.
Yes, it fucking well is!
Because if I drain the Halo,
I go back to being paralyzed.
That's what you're afraid of.
That's not what scares me.
What scares me is being alone.
Abandoned in some
sickbed with no one to
With no one.
But that will never happen.
It wouldn't matter if
you were quadriplegic,
festooned with boils,
or a talking head in a bag.
You would still have us.
And we will never leave you.
You mean that?
You know I do.
Sixteen, crossing 17.
Nearly there.
You made it!
Only thanks to you.
The Halo is nearly depleted. Um
We need to keep testing.
Figure out how long it takes to recharge
so we can get you out of that tomb.
Think you're up for a few more tries?
I'll be there every step of the way.
I was a kid.
A runner for the cartels.
Good, fast, kept my mouth shut.
Over time, they promoted me to enforcer.
The money was intoxicating.
The work was ugly but satisfying.
And God forgive me, I loved it.
Until I saw the light.
When I joined the OCS, I
I believed I'd found an answer.
That darkness inside of
me had to be a demon.
But the first Warrior Nun to
look at me saw the truth.
I had no demon.
It was just
And now I fear that even if
we destroy the bones, and
we rid the world of demons, that
darkness, my darkness will remain.
I never wanted you to see me like this.
You're not going to be
playing that all day, are you?
I take requests.
I request silence.
You look pale.
How are you feeling?
Like I've been to Hell and back.
Seriously, I'll be fine.
My mom's from Inverness,
in the Highlands.
Her remedies rank as follows:
whiskey, prayer, and sweet nettle tea.
Improved already.
My mom knows what she's doing.
What's gonna happen, you think?
To us?
To the OCS?
We'll be fine.
We'll figure it out.
We always have.
- What's wrong?
- Ah! Ah!
I'm fine.
I'll be fine!
I found the tomb.
Three levels down.
Now, most of this area was
constructed during the Second Period,
under Constantine. But
Can't you just point to it?
The Tomb of Adriel.
Thank you for your help.
How how were you
able to find the map?
That's why I have the shotguns.
You look happy.
Because she's back.
- Who?
- Ava.
I feel better when she's close.
What's wrong, Mommy?
I just worry about you.
Sorry I make you worry.
Well, mothers are supposed to worry.
Do you know why?
Because when you love someone so
very, very, very, very, very much,
you want to do everything
you can to protect them.
I know you will.
Because I have some news.
We found the other door.
That will change everything.
You're Sister Shannon.
I wish I'd known you.
We all meet, eventually.
In this life or the next.
You left me this.
Not you.
Just the next.
You've read their entries.
Only a few, so far.
There are so many of them.
But their stories are short.
So much promise unfulfilled.
So much life unlived.
And for what?
I mean
I'm still catching up
with all of this, but
to rid the world of demons, right?
The Halo is a burden.
Too great for one person to bear.
I felt alone.
Yet through it, I found a family.
Me too.
I think.
A family who died, one
by one, before my eyes.
For the mission.
What what's going on?
What's wrong?
How can I help you?
How can I help you? Tell me
what I'm supposed to do.
Supposed to do.
I need to stop this.
We need a new plan.
Stay back!
Let me help you.
You can't. Not with this.
Please tell me what you're doing.
I need to see if I can use
the Halo to destroy Divinium.
- Why?
- Because if I can,
then maybe I can destroy
the Relic of Adriel.
That was not the plan.
We have a plan.
We'll find the bones, expose Duretti,
and the OCS can get back on mission.
The mission is the problem.
Warrior Nuns dying,
one after the other
Who's next after me? You?
If Shannon is right
and the Relic of Adriel is
keeping demons on Earth,
then we have to destroy the bones.
No more demons.
No more Warrior Nuns.
The cycle of death ends.
We can stop this.
I can stop this.
I'm going to be the last Warrior Nun.
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