Warrior Nun (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Revelation 2:10

A millennia since I've
seen another human face.
But a thousand years alone
in this hole
seems like a small price to pay,
now that I lay my eyes
upon you, my dear.
You seem surprised to see me.
I am.
You must have many questions,
but first there's something I have
to say, and I mean this sincerely.
Thank you.
Thank you for returning my Halo, Ava.
He knows my name?
How can he know my name?
I know a great many things.
Time check.
Three minutes since she went through.
Did you hear that?
Someone's coming.
Fine. Let them come.
We still need to talk
about what's happening
Yes, right after I'm done with this.
- What is this?
- Please
don't be afraid.
How do you know my name?
How is it even possible
that you can be here?
Is this some kind of trick by Duretti?
This is no trick.
What are you doing?
Get out of my head.
As you can see
I am
I am who I claim to be.
Is she
She'll be fine.
Just a little rattled. Don't
draw attention to it.
I understand.
Tell them.
Tell us what?
Duretti, he's been named Holy Father.
Why am I not surprised?
We should just burn this whole
goddamn place to the ground.
How long has Ava been in there?
About five minutes.
What's taking so long?
She needs at least seven
minutes to recharge the Halo
before she can phase back to us.
Assuming she made it in.
Can you talk to her? We need
to know what's happening inside.
I have no signal.
It might be the walls or interference
from the energy the
bones are giving out.
Standing here doing nothing
is not an acceptable strategy.
We need to get the
Halo out of this place.
What are you doing?
We talked about this.
I'm gonna blow the wall
and get Ava out of there.
No. You don't know what you're doing.
Just setting these off like that
could kill us all. Ava included.
So we do nothing?
You don't get to touch the
dynamite. Are we clear?
Not until we figure out
what happened to you.
I'm trying to help.
I know.
Look, if Ava doesn't come
out in the next five minutes,
I'll blow the wall myself. But
it needs to be done properly.
Come. Help me drill a hole in the rock.
We need to channel
these explosives deep.
But this is just a worst-case scenario.
I think we give Ava the
benefit of the doubt
and a little more time.
She can do this.
You're right.
I know it.
I don't understand.
How is this possible?
The science behind who I
am and how this is possible
would only confuse your
fragile mind further.
Fine, I don't need the
science, just tell me why.
Why you're here?
Why am I imprisoned?
You're all driven by irrational fears.
That makes you, what?
Something else.
An angel?
If you like.
We would certainly never refer
to ourselves as such, but
if the terminology helps you
grasp the essence of this,
feel free.
No, it doesn't.
Why am I here?
I am here because Areala tricked me.
The Areala?
The same.
She stole my Halo from me.
But I thought you gave
up your Halo willingly.
That gesture was perverted into
a betrayal of the highest order.
Jesus Christ.
Kristian, you better come to my office.
I have news.
Sweetie, what what are
you doing? Come here.
Hey, what's wrong?
He he called for me, and then
the light came, and I saw him.
I don't understand, darling.
All the ghosts were there, and they
were looking at me from the pit.
The pit? What pit?
Please take me to the ark.
No, sweetie, it's not ready yet.
We're we're nearly
there. A few more days.
No. It's almost time, Mommy. Today.
Time? Time for what?
For me to go.
No. No.
No, Michael, it's not. It's not time.
going to get you better, remember?
You know that's not true.
I know you built the ark
so I wouldn't have to die.
Now, please, Mommy, don't cry.
You're going to save
me. The angel told me.
Please take me to the ark.
I need to see it.
When Pope Urban the Second was
made aware of Areala and her gifts,
he contrived to keep the
power of the Halo to himself.
To do so, I needed to be removed.
They soon found out I could
not be killed in this realm,
so they built this cage for me
to keep me locked away for all eternity.
But you're proof of Heaven.
You're proof of God. They
could have used that.
My child, you don't understand.
For these people, faith is based
upon that which cannot be proven.
For without faith, there
is no manipulation.
Without manipulation, there is no fear.
And without fear, there is no power.
You might think ♪
I'm coming to the brink ♪
I guess we'll see ♪
If I keep it all together now ♪
Don't think you've got ♪
Got the upper hand ♪
'Cause I got no time for
lines drawn in the sand ♪
No ♪
Uh, bring it on ♪
Bring it on, bring it on ♪
Yeah ♪
Oh, here it comes ♪
So bring it on, bring it on ♪
Bring it on, bring it on ♪
Bring it on, bring it on,
bring it on, bring it on ♪
Holy Father,
it's tradition to address the
faithful and friends in the square
within the next few hours.
Of course. I know. It will be done.
We are here to help you with
anything you may need, Holy Father.
What I need is to be alone for a moment.
I'm sorry, my child.
I am exhausted, and I would like
to prepare myself better for the speech.
Put me through to the
Commander of the Swiss Guard.
I don't blame Areala.
She was surrounded by opportunists who
preyed on her innocence, her loyalty.
Both qualities that
drew me to her at first.
You remind me of her.
I'm not. I'm I'm just
someone who accidentally
Don't underestimate yourself.
Before this
you were a victim of circumstance.
Alone, crippled, and angry, but
you were given a second chance.
Now, most people in that situation
would subjugate themselves
to the powers that gave them that
second chance, but not you. No.
You realized that after
one life of limited impact,
you wouldn't let that second opportunity
pass you by. You would grasp it.
You would take control of your destiny.
Now the question that remains
is what you plan on doing
with that second chance, Ava.
I I don't know.
A few weeks ago, I didn't
believe in any of this.
Hell. Not even God.
And now?
Nothing surprises me now.
I understand.
I'm not blind to your world.
My Armor
whatever's left of it.
It's connected to me.
A part of me. Part of my realm.
It's still out there,
constantly changing hands,
feeding me knowledge.
Fragments, really.
Like a book with missing pages.
When in the right hands,
with those who understand its power
I can piece them together.
They become so close
yet so far away.
Ava, I felt so alone.
I know what it means to be alone.
We don't have to be alone anymore.
It's as it was before.
It's gonna happen soon.
My angel promised.
Your angel?
You mean the girl who came
to see you, who disappeared?
Or the one who talks to
you and gives you pictures?
Jillian, are you there?
I want to stop the
cycle of girls like me
being used, abused, and
tossed away by powerful men.
The Church.
We fight the same enemy, you and I.
And I presume you want your Halo back
which I understand.
If I give you the Halo,
it will mean no more
Warrior Nuns have to die.
Except me.
Honestly, I'm not sure.
You may survive
and simply return to the
state you were in before this.
It wouldn't matter.
Only one of us can leave this place.
I won't leave you here, my child,
not the way they left me.
Ten minutes. Something's wrong.
As soon as Lilith finishes,
I'll start setting the charges,
but we need a new
plan to get out of here.
As soon as these start detonating,
we'll have the entire Swiss
Guard regiment down here.
We're not getting out
the same way we came in.
And let's not forget,
Camila is still up there.
Let me deal with Camila.
She may be able to help
me hold off more trouble.
Make sure she gets away safe.
Don't wait for us.
In this life or the next.
In this life or the next.
I'm finished.
Start feeding me the charges, Lilith.
Let's get Ava out of there.
If I give you the Halo,
what will you do with it?
I will revert to what I once was.
A being of Heaven.
An angel?
An angel, yes.
I will bring the light,
and I will cast out the dark.
Knights, with me!
I am your servant, agent of Christ.
Slayer of devils.
The girl,
she is important to you.
I can save her, but I need your help.
I need you to fight for me.
Fight who?
The devils.
I swear it.
Another comes!
Stand at the ready!
We're safe now.
How do you feel?
Who are you?
I'm the one who saved you, Areala.
My name is Adriel.
I am, in your tongue,
what's known as an angel.
An angel?
How am I expected to believe that?
Because you are expected
to believe that this is a devil.
You lie like a man.
But you are not a man.
And you are no angel.
And you're a clever girl, aren't you?
But men will believe what
men want to believe,
and I trust you'll keep my secret
unless I take away what I've given you,
and I let you die without
a second thought.
You fear me.
Why do you fear me?
Don't fear me.
We are the same, you and I.
We've both been misunderstood.
You expect everything
to be straightforward.
Right and wrong.
Good and evil.
You expect this because this is what
you've always been taught to believe.
That divinity is infallible.
It's not.
It's messy.
It's complex.
You're full of shit.
I don't want to have to hurt you, Ava.
Awesome, so don't.
But you need to return
what is rightfully mine.
I think I'm starting to get why
you got locked up in here.
Well, that's all about
to change now, isn't it?
Why else do you think
you were sent here?
I wasn't sent here. I made this happen.
but that's what you believe
because that's what we
wanted you to believe.
Because we understood that's
what you needed to believe.
You're no angel.
No, I'm not.
No! No!
Now let's get you back to your
room and get you comfortable.
Do you feel that, Mommy?
Feel what?
He's coming.
You've been wanting this for so long.
Now you get what you want.
May my cage become your tomb
Warrior Nun.
- It's okay. I'll be okay.
- No.
- No, not like this.
- I'm tired of being in prison!
No, no, no! Not like this!
Not like this, Michael!
Maybe we should go together.
Maybe we shouldn't go at all.
Maybe it's a trap.
It's divine will.
Come with me, Mommy!
- Michael!
- Jillian! No!
I tried to warn you.
No time to lose.
Everyone, get deeper into the tunnels.
Help! Help!
- Ava!
- Beatrice!
We're gonna get you out of here.
What the fuck?
Get me away from him.
We have to move.
Get her legs.
We're almost there.
Superion? What's happening?
I don't know.
But this will be the
shortest Papacy in history.
What are you talking about?
Father Vincent and the girls.
They figured out what you did.
Why you did it.
Is this their doing?
Does it matter?
You initiated all of this.
You destroyed the Order.
You spilled blood in its sacred walls.
I was protecting the Order.
As I have always done.
By killing Sister Shannon?
That's how you protect us?
We have to keep moving.
More buildings could collapse.
Put me down. Put me down. I can walk.
Are you okay?
What happened in there?
Adriel happened.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about there was a man
in the tomb, and it was Adriel.
That's impossible.
The angel?
He's no angel.
He's a devil.
What? Sister Shannon?
What are you talking about?
I didn't kill anyone.
I've been trying to
protect my reputation.
Keep it and the OCS intact
so I could win this election.
And the bones?
What bones?
Stay here.
What are you accusing me of?
I asked you a question.
Who is making such
accusations against me?
My master.
You cannot be revealed
to the world this way.
The Halo cannot be yours.
You know this.
Your plan to escape has succeeded,
and your machine awaits, as promised.
In time, you will be reunited.
Vincent set us up.
But if he's working for Adriel
That means Vincent killed Shannon.
- That motherf
- Mary, don't.
I'll handle this.
You've been to the other side.
What are you?
Doesn't matter, but I
know what you really are.
Nothing but a thief.
Come on!
Take it!
You're wasting your time.
- You cannot beat me.
- We know.
We don't need to beat you.
We only needed seven minutes.
Wraith demons.
Oh no.
What do we do?
Draw in closer.
In this life or the next.
In this life or the next.
Fuck that.
In this life.
Ha! Ha! Ah!
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