Warrior Nun (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Galatians 6:4-5

[creatures snarling and screeching]
[Ava] I know.
You want to know what happened.
Tell you the truth,
I'm still figuring it out myself.
[peaceful music playing]
[Ava] First, I was dead. Swear to God.
Then I was alive.
Then I got tricked.
And then the devil kicked my ass.
I told JC that I would learn to swim,
and I did.
Still, there's a thousand items left
on my life to-do list,
but you can't check them off
if you're dead.
[phone chimes]
[kids chattering and laughing]
[phone chimes]
- [Ava] Ugh. Buzzkill.
- [phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
Duty calls.
["Supergirl" by Stereo Total playing]
Hey, supergirl ♪
Supergirl ♪
[singers continue in French]
- [bicycle bell dings]
- [car horn honks]
Hey, supergirl ♪
Supergirl ♪
[singers continue in French]
[man 1] I could definitely drink more
than the Pope. He's, like, 200 years old.
[in German] You're late.
[in German] Yeah. My roommate
forgot to set the alarm.
Ja, okay.
[Ava in English] Probably not what you
were thinking when I said, "Duty calls."
Whatever. It's honest work.
I need to lay low for obvious reasons.
And I happen to make
a spectacular Cuba libre.
[man 1] All I know is they say
this Adriel character's responsible.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
the bullshite you'll buy!
Enza's the one
who called it a miracle, Leesa.
I'm staying clear of
any theological arguments.
- It's a fact.
- What are you guys talking about?
Angels. Not unlike yourself, darlin'.
- [Ava chuckles]
- Leave her be, you grim lech.
[tsks] Adriel. It's all over social media.
And, uh, what are they saying?
The Vatican explosion. It's a cover-up.
They say an angel came bursting up
out the basement.
[Leesa] Does the Vatican
even have a basement?
[man 1] It's more of a
cellar-type deal, I think.
I'm going with catacomb.
[man 1 chuckles]
Laugh all you like. Adriel's got a few
thousand followers already, and growing.
Are you talking about those zealots
handing out leaflets on the street?
- [Enza] Those "zealots," as you say
- Shit.
- [Enza] They all experienced a miracle.
- Sorry.
Ten thousand people across Europe
contract this virus,
this rotting of the face,
and this Adriel makes it go away
on the exact same day,
same hour, for every single person.
[man 2] I seriously doubt that.
Ladies. Fergus.
The usual, please.
- [Enza] Which part, Miguel?
- Which part what?
You doubt they are Adriel's followers,
or you doubt that he cured them?
It was a virus. It ran its course.
He just took credit for it and inherited
an army of deluded angel groupies.
[Enza chuckles]
[Miguel] Just watch.
The next thing this con artist does
is start a church-slash-cult,
then comes the fascism.
[Enza laughs] Whoa! That was a fast trip.
[Fergus] Yeah, aren't you a barrel of fun?
Let's go, Enza.
We've got better places
to be called fascists. [scoffs]
Hey. Would you pay the lady, will ya?
Come on, Leesa.
Cheap bastardi.
- Ciao, Ava.
- Ciao.
What do you think? About the angel?
I, uh I haven't given it much thought.
You should.
These are dangerous days.
Yeah, well, I [hesitates]
I would like to do more.
[bartender] Ava?
[in German] The boss wants a word.
[Ava sighs] What's up, boss?
We're getting busy out there.
Yes. Could you try to spend
more time pouring drinks
and less time chatting up customers?
Well, chatting equals good bartending,
you know.
[Beatrice] Not when it's about Adriel.
What can I do?
Everyone's talking about it. It's viral.
We need to stay discreet.
He has spies everywhere.
- The whole point of being incognito is to
- [footsteps]
[Beatrice] Push the specials.
You need to be upselling the specials.
Yeah. Got it. Specials.
[departing footsteps]
What was that?
- Hm? What was what?
- That glance.
There was a glance?
- Yes. You and Hans shared a glance.
- That was more of a look.
[Ava chuckles]
What do you expect?
Hans has been here for three years.
We've been here a month,
and you already got promoted to manager.
Well, it's not my fault
that I'm exceptionally well organized.
Ah. As a matter of fact, it is.
[clicks tongue]
Discreet, remember?
You don't have to be
so perfect all the time.
Well, I'm heading back to the apartment.
Camila will be checking in soon.
Yeah. Um, don't forget to ask about
I will. I always do.
You don't stay out too late.
We train tomorrow.
Yes, Mother. [chuckles]
[kisses] I'm messing with you.
See you at home.
- Have you read the good news?
- Pass.
Non-believers will suffer
the light of burning truth!
[in German] I was cursed with boils.
Adriel saved me.
[in German] Piss off, man.
- You can't run from his judgment.
- I'm not running.
Everyone will follow his light or perish.
[in English] He's not the only one
bringing light, fuckface!
[feedback whining]
- [onlookers exclaiming]
- [Ava] Shit.
That was not discreet.
[onlookers chattering in German]
[theme music playing]
[wind blowing]
["The Magic Bomb" by Hoàng Read playing]
[nuns chattering indistinctly in Spanish]
[chattering continues]
[Camila] Um
And that's how you make a TikTok.
[chattering resumes]
Have fun.
[chattering continues]
[string music playing]
[nuns whispering]
[liturgical choir music playing]
[clacking on keyboard]
I think we may have to go to London.
The OCS chapter is convinced
one of the cabinet ministers
is possessed by a wraith demon,
and they need our expertise.
I'll prepare my things.
[Camila sighs softly]
What else, Camila?
Well, it's just
I had a dream last night
that we were reunited with Mary.
And I know
dreams shouldn't be taken literally,
but it made me think
that we might get some information
about what happened to her.
Camila, there is a chance
Mary may still be out there.
But we must prepare ourselves
for the possibility that she's not.
Can you show me how?
[car horn honking]
- [car horn honks]
- [women chattering]
[bicycle bell rings]
[ominous music playing]
[energy whooshes]
- [Vincent groans]
- Ugh!
You're drunk.
I was celebrating.
I'm glad, given what
I'm about to do to you.
[Vincent groaning]
- [Vincent gasps]
- [energy crackles]
Any last words?
[Vincent panting]
She's alive.
You lie. I saw her fall.
[inhales sharply, pants]
She lives. I swear it.
If you kill me, you'll never find her.
- Where?
- [Vincent gasps]
At Toledo.
At the desert.
With him?
Fortress. All guarded.
Show me.
[Vincent grunts, thuds]
[eerie music playing]
[church bell tolling]
[choral music playing faintly]
[tolling continues]
[door opens]
Ms. Amunet. Please sit.
Thank you.
Please call me Yasmine, Your Holiness.
[door closes]
[Yasmine] Thank you
for granting me this audience.
[priest exhales]
Um, may I record this interview?
[Duretti] Of course.
Your reputation precedes you, Ms. Yasmine.
The bishop of the See of St. Mark
speaks highly of you and your family.
Well, the bishop is too kind. [chuckles]
Your Holiness, I am preparing
an article for The Economist
on lost Christian artifacts,
and tracing their passage through history.
[Duretti] A noble pursuit.
And a difficult one. [laughs]
I must say, it's so good to see
things returning to normal at the Vatican.
Is there Is there any truth
to the rumors that the Vatican attack
was connected to the emergent sect founded
by the self-proclaimed prophet, Adriel?
I'm not sure
this relates to lost artifacts.
Well, in the course
of my research, I have
But let me just say, Ms. Yasmine,
that, yes, I've heard those rumors,
and I can tell you categorically there is
no connection between these events.
Just enthusiastic speculation
to drive recruitment to this bizarre cult
and sell less than reputable newspapers.
But in the course of my research,
I discovered a previously unknown
Christian sect dating back to the Crusades
made up entirely of women,
and they called it, um
[pages turning]
the Order of the Cruciform Sword.
[tense music playing]
I don't believe I'm familiar.
Upon further investigation,
I discovered that
the creation of this ancient female order
was linked to the appearance of an angel
who gave up his halo
to their founding member
roughly a thousand years ago.
The angel in question
was named Adriel.
Ms. Amunet, I feel we've gotten off track.
Well, you must see the connection
between this ancient female order
and a man named Adriel engaging in combat
with a group of armed nuns
right here in the Vatican.
I'm not sure I want to comment
on something so ridiculous.
I have cell phone camera footage
I'm afraid I'm late
for my next appointment. Good day.
Don't you find it coincidental that
Security will see you out.
Thank you for your time.
[beeping faintly]
Thank you.
- [mysterious music playing]
- [faint birdsong]
[device pulses]
[Kristian] Did I really just see that?
It started happening a few days ago.
At first.
But now it seems to be
following a pattern.
The Arc activates briefly every six hours.
I assume you tried to pass through?
Of course I tried.
[sighs] But the field won't solidify.
The portal never completely opens.
[exhales] Any attempt to cross over is
very painful.
[Kristian] Jillian.
[Jillian] I've sent in drones.
Some make it through.
Some are destroyed
on contact with the field,
and even the ones that make it through
never return.
All they transmit is static.
Do you want me to have
some of our people look into it?
I'm sure if I can't crack it,
none of your people could.
Oh, um
[hesitates] I'm sorry.
I I haven't been sleeping.
The The prospect of
finding Michael gives me hope.
At the same time,
it sharpens the agony of losing him.
[Kristian] No need to apologize.
I didn't mean to intrude.
[Jillian] What brings you out here?
Documents. For your signature.
The lawyers won't accept
electronic versions of these forms.
[Jillian] Sounds important.
It concerns the final renovation phase
and updated costs
of the building you bought.
[eerie music playing]
Are you sure these are
the best bids available?
Well, you're always welcome
to come into the office
and go over the proposals with me.
Dare I suggest,
it might be good for you to return
to Arq-Tech again in person.
I'm sorry, Kristian. [chuckles]
I ask you to take over
day-to-day business,
and then I second-guess your decisions.
It's rude.
Rude, perhaps,
but it's still your company.
You've seen me through my darkest hour.
I trust you completely.
do keep me posted
on developments with the machine.
[Jillian sighs]
I'm very curious to see where this leads.
As am I.
[leaves rustling]
[Beatrice in earpiece] Okay, Ava.
Halo pulse, the rock.
[energy builds, pulses]
[Beatrice] Hard left.
Over water.
[dramatic music playing]
[energy blasts]
- [Beatrice] Concentrate.
- No, no, no, no!
[music fades]
[Beatrice] You all right?
[Ava sighs]
I'm tired.
I can cut your hours at the bar.
Tired of sitting on the sidelines.
Hiding up here
while Adriel gets stronger every day.
We're not hiding.
We're preparing you to face him.
You're so close, Ava.
Just a little more patience.
It's not impatience. It
All right.
Tell me.
All of this is my fault.
Adriel freed.
The FBC gaining ground.
Mary lost.
Vincent used me.
He manipulated me because I was naive,
because I was stupid.
- No.
- Yes.
Yes, I was stupid.
I need to make this right.
[choral music playing]
[church bell tolling]
[tolling continues]
Holy Father.
That's not necessary, Kristian.
We are old friends, are we not?
Gentlemen, a little privacy, please.
What can I do for you?
[Kristian] I've come to offer my services.
[Duretti] How so?
[Kristian] I think you'll agree
that our disciplines
have a strong potential to overlap.
That is to say, Arq-Tech's discovery
of a multidimensional universe
could dovetail
with existing Catholic goals.
[Duretti] Could they indeed?
I thought you had
overthrown your faith for science.
And so I had.
But now an angel walks the earth.
I see.
So Arq-Tech has formed an alliance
with this so-called angel, has it?
Exclusive rights, merchandising,
little angel dog toys perhaps?
Very amusing, Holy Father.
Your Holiness
Adriel personifies
the bridge between faith and science.
Just think of it.
Billions of skeptics out there.
All they need is one small dose
of evidence to bring them into your fold.
So suddenly Jillian Salvius thinks
she can co-opt the Catholic Church
to her own ends?
Jillian is on sabbatical
following the tragic death of her son.
She has handed oversight
of Arq-Tech to me.
And you have bold new plans.
I come to you as a pilgrim.
A believer reborn.
A divine being walks the earth.
And I believe it is your fate
to join forces with him.
[ominous music playing]
You know what I believe?
I believe that Adriel has blinded you
as he has blinded so many.
And your blindness has somehow led you
to believe that I would put the fate
of the most powerful religious institution
in the world
into the hands of a lying madman.
No, Holy Father.
Adriel has opened my heart
How dare you defile this house of God
with the name of that devil?
You imperil your eternal soul.
I am sorry you feel that way,
Your Holiness.
I would advise you to reconsider
before it is too late.
[Duretti] Kristian.
[Kristian scoffs]
I would advise you the same.
[Miguel] The usual, please, Ava.
One water for the wild man.
I drink water
because I like to keep a clear head.
Yeah. No judgment here.
- [Miguel] Mmm.
- [Ava laughs]
[faint chatter in background]
[faucet runs, stops]
You know, the other day you were, um,
talking about people doing their part
in stopping Adriel and his cult.
You said you wanted to do more.
I think I could help you.
I have, um,
similar concerns about these zealots
and this so-called angel.
From personal experience?
I didn't say that. No
I mean, yeah. You know, Adriel, he just
He fucking sucks.
[glasses clinking in background]
I'm trying to determine
whether or not you can be trusted with
sensitive information.
Yes. I mean
Trust me. I I want to help.
[Miguel] I believe you.
You're the kind of person
the Samaritans need more of.
- Samaritans?
- You haven't heard of us?
You will. Factions are popping up
all over Europe in response to the FBC.
Firstborn Children.
Adriel's creepy, leaflet-wielding zealots.
I'm familiar.
Samaritans are the answer.
[Ava] And this is your doing?
I'm just a volunteer. Same as everyone.
We're a decentralized cadre
of like-minded people
working toward the abolition of Adriel's
crypto-fascist religious formation
through disruption and intimidation.
So like a book club?
[Miguel snickers] Yes.
A book club
that will fight to stop Adriel's rise.
I'll drink to that.
[ominous music playing]
[Duretti] Suzanne.
[Superion in Italian] Holy Father,
have I caught you at a bad time?
[Duretti in Italian] It's always
a bad time in this job.
I can't, for the life of me,
recall why I wanted it so badly.
What's troubling you?
Adriel is rallying his forces.
I fear something terrible is coming.
I'm all too aware.
Then I must know
what we're doing about this situation.
Where does the Church stand?
We need direction.
We plan to release a statement
denying that Adriel
is what he claims to be.
That is our official position.
[Superion chuckles] A statement?
Your Eminence,
the Vatican has delayed
its response to Adriel for too long.
It has allowed him
to galvanize Catholics into his fold.
I realize that.
But until Adriel takes direct action,
this remains a political situation.
Should he advance to physical attacks,
I will unleash the full power of the OCS.
I only hope it is not too late.
Trust in God, Mother Superion. Good night.
[phone clicks]
[Duretti on recording]
Trust in God, Mother Superion. Good night.
[computer trilling]
[in English] Gotcha.
[dramatic music playing]
- Are you all right?
- Mm-hmm.
- But you're troubled.
- [Superion sighs]
Sometimes I think the old teachings
may not be serving me.
I need a more modern approach to this job.
I find you very modern.
Has Lilith reported in?
No, not for days.
[Superion sighs]
We're both working too hard.
Yeah. We should eat.
It's dinnertime in the convent.
[cane tapping]
[Lilith] Signal them,
put a foot out of place, and I'll
You'll kill me. I know.
I won't kill you.
I'd never take that pleasure
away from Mary.
[Vincent exhales]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [guard] Your Eminence.
- [Vincent] Evening, gentlemen.
I have brought home a friend.
[Lilith chuckles softly]
[bar patrons chattering]
[Beatrice] I'm tired, Ava. Let's go home.
We need to talk about what Miguel told me.
- [Beatrice] You got charmed by some blond.
- It's more complicated.
Have a drink with me.
- Fine. I'll have a water.
- Nope. No water, not tonight.
Oh, but You know that I've
I don't I've never
- What?
- No.
What, you've never had a drink?
No, not with alcohol. No.
What about Communion wine?
I just take tiny sips.
Oh my God. [chuckles]
Okay, this is gonna be great. [laughs]
What is?
I get to be the one
that gets you drunk for the first time!
Drunk? No, no,
I thought it was just one drink.
No. Uh-uh. Not anymore, sister.
Oh, I am not letting
this opportunity pass. Hans!
- [in German] Start lining them up.
- Oi.
[eerie music playing]
These are stab wounds.
[Superion prays softly]
Look for the others. Quietly.
[eerie music swells]
- [upbeat pop music playing]
- [Hans] Boom!
Whoo! Danke sehr.
Shouldn't I start with something
like wine or some
Nope. Nope, nope.
Say your prayers and bottoms up. Come on.
It smells lemony.
Yeah. That's why it's called a lemon drop.
[Ava chuckles]
Come on. Cheers.
[gasps] Whoo!
Ooh, it's It's sweet.
That's not entirely unpleasant.
[both laugh]
You know, that is, uh,
one small sip for nuns,
one giant drink
- For nun-kind.
- for nun-kind. Yes!
Zwei mehr!
["Bambola" by Betta Lemme playing]
- [Beatrice] I did not say that!
- [Ava] Yes, you did.
- No, I did not.
- You did! [laughs]
I am absolutely not royalty.
You said it.
I am a freewheeling,
secret, ass-kicking nun.
Wha [laughs]
["Bambola" continues]
[both yelp]
Yep, yep, yep!
- Ah!
- [Beatrice coughs]
["Bambola" continues]
[music fades out]
But if he is an angel, then does it mean
that all angels are just dirtbags?
[Ava groans]
Not an angel.
Well, he's not human.
For sure.
Then what is he?
Hey. It's Miguel.
What is he up to?
- Come on. Let's catch up to him.
- No, no, no.
You go ahead.
- But he's
- I'll see you at home.
It looks like he's up to something.
Are you sure?
[dog barking in distance]
- [fighting grunts]
- [dramatic music playing]
[Miguel grunts]
[Ava] Miguel?
[fighting grunts continue]
[Ava yells, grunts]
Hey! Do you want me
to kick the shit out of you again?
[grunts] Stop that!
[Ava exhales]
- Ava!
- [zealot grunts]
[metal bar clangs]
[music intensifies]
[Beatrice yells]
[fighting grunts continue]
- [zealot groans]
- [Beatrice grunts]
[Ava grunting]
[Beatrice screams]
[zealots grunting]
[zealot wails] Help me!
[movements echoing]
- [Ava grunts]
- [Beatrice grunts]
[zealot groans]
- [Ava] It's time to go.
- Ava.
- Say goodbye.
- [Beatrice panting] Goodbye!
Not a chance.
[distant siren wailing]
[distant dogs barking]
Can I at least thank you
for helping me back there?
Fine. You're welcome.
- But we really need to go.
- Uh, Beatrice
Meet Miguel.
[Miguel] You really kicked ass back there.
You're clearly not all talk.
- Samaritans could use your help.
- The Samaritans?
- We're a decentralized cadre of
- They're fighting Adriel.
- Oh?
- [Miguel] Not just in the streets.
We've got plans
to take down more of these zealots.
Tonight. You should come with me.
I I'm down for some plans tonight.
Well, let's hear these plans
before we make commitments we can't honor.
We've got word
of a secret gathering tonight.
We're gonna survey the whole thing
and gather evidence
to expose the Firstborn Children
and this scam religion.
Like spies?
- Like revolutionaries.
- Let's do it.
Hold on.
I don't think this is a good idea.
Bea, you know I've been wanting
to get more involved in this fight.
Yes. This is not what we talked about.
- Look, I don't want to cause any friction.
- It's fine. Just listen.
We could gather some damaging information
on Adriel with minimal exposure.
Fine. Fine.
It sounds like an interesting opportunity.
- Great.
- But I'm coming with you.
Even better.
[Beatrice] That's brilliant.
We must warn the other outposts
in case this was not the only OCS target.
Camila, get me the codes
for the other locations.
[keys clacking]
Mother Superion.
Something's happening.
- [Superion sighs]
- [beeping continues]
[Superion] They're either abandoning
their outposts or being taken out.
I don't know which.
The OCS is suffering
a coordinated global attack.
[Miguel] This is where they meet.
We'll wait for them to clear out,
and go in.
[Beatrice] So we just want to break in
and risk getting the authorities involved?
It's not breaking in
if they gave us a key.
Where did you get that?
That fight in the street was
my clumsy attempt at pickpocketing.
- Not so clumsy it seems.
- [van doors closing]
Eyes up.
[van engine turns over]
[Ava] Okay, coast is clear.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
Follow them.
You want to know what they're up to?
They're clearly about to go and do it.
So this way we don't get arrested.
Good point.
[ignition clicking]
Not too close. It'll tip them off.
[Miguel] You've done this before?
She watches a lot of movies.
So where are you from, Miguel?
I hear an English accent,
and somewhere else also.
Keen ear.
I moved around a lot.
Places you've never heard of.
I wouldn't count on that with Beatrice.
- You're obviously educated.
- Is that a crime?
No, it's just,
this town,
doesn't quite seem like you.
Leave him alone.
He's not under indictment.
No. She's right.
Truth is, I came to the mountains
looking for someone.
Somebody connected to my past.
Look. They're turning off the main road.
This is it.
This is where we get the upper hand.
You're Samaritans now.
[ominous music playing]
Any survivors have gone to ground
and will wait for further instructions.
This is my fault.
My failure.
How can you say that? There was no way
to know this would happen.
But I knew it could.
We need to abandon this place,
go underground.
Camila, we have to face the possibility
that the OCS may no longer exist.
As long as there are two of us,
the OCS exists.
Let's gather our things.
[ominous music builds]
[Camila] Mother Superion.
The Madrid chapter.
Someone is alive.
[ominous music fades out]
You can't possibly understand the rapture
of knowing a truly divine being.
Was it worth killing Shannon?
Divine truth cannot be judged
so simplistically.
That's her cell, on the right.
[lock clangs]
[Lilith] Where is she?
[Vincent] She did not survive, Lilith.
[Lilith] Mary, don't!
[sobbing] I'm so sorry!
[Vincent] Mary is no longer in this life.
She's in the next.
What is this?
An opportunity.
[eerie music playing]
[Vincent] Adriel knows what you are.
He can help you.
I urge you, Lilith,
to offer yourself to Adriel.
This is your true worship.
Traitor. Murderer.
[Vincent] In his name, take her!
[Lilith groans]
[zealot screams]
- [gunshots]
- [energy whooshing]
[Lilith grunts]
[running footsteps]
[weapons cocking]
- [energy whooshing]
- [screams in pain]
- [gunshots]
- [energy whooshing]
[zealot groans]
- [gunshots]
- [zealots grunting]
[energy whooshing]
[energy whooshing]
[zealot chokes]
- [gunshots]
- [energy whooshing]
[Lilith grunts]
[zealots groan]
- [fighting grunts]
- [energy whooshing]
- [gunshots]
- [Lilith groans]
- [pistol clicking]
- [Lilith sighs]
[clicking continues]
[zealot gasps, pants]
[Lilith yells]
[breathing heavily]
[theme music playing]
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