Warrior Nun (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Colossians 3:9-10

[piercing scream]
[Lilith] Vincent!
[Lilith panting]
[somber music playing]
[inhales sharply, pants]
- [flesh crackling]
- [wails in pain]
[indistinct yelling]
[weapons cocking]
[man yelling in Portuguese]
[joints cracking]
[theme music playing]
[insects chirping]
[eerie music playing]
[music intensifies]
[car door opens]
[metal clanging]
[Ava] What are they doing?
[Beatrice] They're building something.
Prayer circle? In a field?
Stay here. I'm gonna get a closer look.
- Ava
- I know what you're gonna say.
I don't care. He's hiding something.
- We're all hiding something.
- [Beatrice] But we know what we're hiding.
What we don't know is what he's hiding.
You're jealous.
Jealous of what?
I just sometimes get the feeling that
you don't like it when I make new friends.
That's absurd.
[chanting indistinctly]
[Beatrice] What I dislike is when
your rash decisions and poor judgment
threaten to get us killed.
[Ava] That is not what's
going to happen this time.
I am not the same person I was,
and I thought you knew that.
[chanting continues]
Do you hear that?
[zealots chanting] Adriel Adriel
Something's happening.
- [Ava] What are they doing?
- [Miguel] They're just standing there.
They're around that weird cross,
praying in some sort of trance.
But now
[faint high-pitched squealing]
What the hell is that?
Guys look.
[Miguel] Is that smoke?
It's alive.
[Ava gasps softly] Oh, no.
[insects buzzing loudly]
[Ava] Religious zealots
praying at the altar of Adriel.
[Beatrice] How has he inspired
such devotion so quickly?
People are desperate to believe in magic,
especially magic they can see.
Do you think maybe we're focusing
on the wrong thing? The locusts?
Yeah. That was strange.
I need to know what else you've seen,
if a plague of locusts
barely makes a dent.
What do you think?
Typical specimen of the genus
Schistocerca gregaria.
Nothing remarkable about it.
[window opens]
Except it was called down by an angel.
- [Miguel] Okay, seriously.
- [locust flutters]
- [Miguel] You both kick ass.
- [window closes]
You're weirdly informed
about the theological state of the world.
And apparently this one speaks Latin.
So, really, no bullshit.
Who are you two?
You wanna know the truth?
We're undercover tactical nuns.
Don't tell me.
[Beatrice] First boils, now locusts.
He's manufacturing biblical plagues.
We need to go back.
No, not yet.
Why not?
Bea, come on. You know what's coming.
There's a pretty tidy list of plagues
he can run through.
Mother Superion swore me to prepare you
for the final confrontation with Adriel,
and I'm sorry, Ava, but you're not ready.
Fuck that. I've been training my ass off.
Who are you to tell me I'm not ready?
I'm your best friend,
and I cannot watch you die.
[fuel pump clicks]
Fine, okay.
So we stay for now.
At least we can find out what we can
through Miguel and the Samaritans.
- No, we can't do that either.
- Why not?
The Samaritans are a nice idea,
but they're just amateurs,
spread too thin over the continent
to be of any use.
Plus we don't know him.
- We know he wants to destroy Adriel.
- And that's all.
We don't know his agenda.
He could blow our cover. He could expose
the location of the Halo to Adriel.
Then we fall.
And so does the world.
So what are we supposed to do?
Keep training until we're called back in.
I can't just sit this out, Bea.
Why? Because of the mission? Or because
he's easy on the eyes?
Because he is
He's passionate about the cause.
Because he's in the fight.
And that's all?
- Entirely.
- [shop entrance bell rings]
"Easy on the eyes," by the way.
What are you, 70?
Hey, um, we could still break
into the FBC HQ if you like.
Um, yeah, you know, I'd love that,
but, uh, we have a shift.
We have to wake up early.
Sure. Okay. Um
I'll drop you.
[engine turns over]
[ominous music playing]
Another 30 feet or so.
[car horns honking]
The flower shop?
That's the OCS Madrid HQ?
I mean, the coordinates match
the remaining light
on the map signal grid.
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
Infiltration approach. On guard now.
"God is everything I do,
and all my work glorifies Him."
Dolly Parton.
[door hinge creaking]
[eerie music playing]
Stop! Identify yourself.
[Yasmine gasps, grunts]
[Yasmine] Wait, wait!
You're not going to hurt me, are you?
I don't know yet.
[Yasmine grunts, exhales]
You're them, aren't you?
The Order of the Cruciform Sword?
- You must be the Mother Superion.
- And who are you?
My name is Yasmine Amunet,
and you answered my call.
You lit the signal?
[Yasmine] Yes.
But you're not
Part of the OCS? No, I Uh
There's something you need to see.
[emotional music swells]
[Yasmine] I don't know what to say.
Except to tell you I'm I'm sorry.
[Superion sighs]
[Superion in Italian]
Bless them with eternal rest, O Lord.
Shine on them your perpetual light.
And may they rest in peace.
[in English] Amen.
- [Camila] Amen.
- [Yasmine] Amen.
[sniffles, sighs]
[metal clinking]
[Camila] This was a coordinated
worldwide attack
meant to eliminate all of us
before we knew what was coming.
Who are you, then?
How did you know to come here?
How did you know about us?
Um, I'm [sighs, sniffles]
I'm a PhD candidate at La Sapienza.
Archaeology. I focus on the Crusades
[Camila] They don't teach about us
at La Sapienza.
[Yasmine] No. You're right. I am babbling.
I I do that a lot when I'm nervous.
Well, I also do that a lot
when I'm not nervous.
[Superion] Yasmine, calm.
Why are you here?
Sorry, I
Look, I'm sorry for your loss.
Really. More than you can know.
I've been waiting my whole life
for this moment,
but my reason for being here,
I can't tell you.
Why not?
Because I've sworn
to only say it to one person.
The Warrior Nun.
[dramatic music swells]
[bird squawking]
[energy rumbles, crackles]
[indistinct chatter]
[bottles clinking]
[woman in Spanish] Are you alone?
[in English] Excuse me?
[in English] I've been watching you
watch that girl for 20 minutes now.
There must be something you want from her.
Yes, to listen to me for once.
Hm. I have a friend like that too.
- Yes?
- Mm. Yeah.
[Beatrice] How do you deal with it?
I make it very clear to her that
she's not the only friend in the world.
Well, what if she is?
[in Spanish] Poor thing.
[Beatrice chuckles]
[in English] I said on the rocks!
This is [scoffs]
It's an Irish coffee, dude. Just
You're contained.
Yeah. [chuckles]
That is painfully accurate.
[Beatrice sighs]
You're a mystery a labyrinth.
Walls within walls,
and in the center, a fire
burning to be free.
[Miguel] Ava? Ava.
[panting] Ava.
- We got one of 'em.
- One of who?
Them. You need to come with me.
I I can't, man. I'm working.
Hey, you said this fight was important.
Now we've got a chance
to interrogate one of these fuckers
and get some actual inside information.
But you're working?
Yeah, okay. You're right. Yeah.
- [glass shatters]
- [yelps] Fuck!
[Ava inhales sharply, groans]
[Hans in German] Are you okay?
[in German] Yes
I think I might need stitches.
- I'll take her.
- Sorry, Hans. Can you cover my shift?
Yeah, no problem. Go.
Yeah. Thanks.
[in English] Bea.
Hey. Uh, we gotta go.
All right. Mm?
- Thank you for the talk.
- [chuckles softly]
What did she say?
There is more
than one friend in the world.
- [Ava] What?
- There's a clinic just down the street.
- Get you stitched and to the safe house.
- Oh, I'm fine.
- I saw your hand. It's not fine.
- No, it was a trick. See? Faked it.
[chuckles] Ta-da!
So you just happen to carry around
a bottle of fake blood?
Uh, a magician never reveals her secrets.
Come on.
What is this? Where are we going?
Miguel and his group
caught an FBC informant.
We're gonna question him.
You're talking about a kidnapping.
- We weren't gonna get more involved.
- Are you in this fight or not?
[dramatic music playing]
Fine. Fine.
We have to abandon this place.
They may be watching us.
I have a room at a hotel close to here.
You're welcome to join me there.
We must minimize our exposure.
We have a place,
but we will need discretion.
Oh, discretion. I can do discre
[grunts, sighs]
[Superion] Camila?
Don't worry. It's just a tranquilizer.
- [Superion sighs]
- Oh
You were thinking blindfold?
[clicks tongue]
[leaves rustling]
[eerie music playing]
[eerie music intensifies]
[door opens]
Hello, Mother.
[distant train horn blowing]
[Ava] Where is everybody?
Cella and Santo are out scouting.
So there's only seven of you?
Our branch has only been up
and running for a few weeks.
We're more organized in other cities.
The Firstborn Children have an army.
We barely know anything about them.
Let's change that.
Come on.
If they find out who you are,
it's not only dangerous for you,
it's also dangerous for them.
He's FBC?
Where did you find him?
[man grunts]
Right out of the womb.
Caught him wandering off from the others.
Matteo Russo.
He's from Rome.
When did you decide to become
a soldier for evil, Matteo?
You will burn in the fiery flames of Hell
unless you bow to his love.
Isn't that a bit redundant?
Fiery flames? Come on.
[Miguel] They're not known
for their literacy.
Listen, Matteo, you're gonna tell us
everything you know about Adriel
and his plans, or it's gonna be
a very long night for you.
[eerie voice hisses]
[Ava mouths] Perfect.
[Miguel grunts]
What are you planning?
There's too many of you
for it to be a coincidence.
That guy, he has a
He has a He has a thing in his soul.
[Beatrice] What do you need me to do?
I have not thought that far ahead.
[indistinct chatter]
[guitar music playing]
[camera clicks]
- [in Spanish] Good evening, Father.
- May the Apostle bless you.
Did you come for the Apostle's Festival?
We're part of the congregation
of St. Francis Church on Calle Bailén.
Yes. I know it well.
Do you believe in miracles?
- [man] Yes.
- [woman] Hmm.
That's good.
Because they're everywhere.
Now that he's among us.
[man] "He"?
The angel, Adriel.
His arrival foretells a new world.
[insects fluttering]
[people gasping and screaming]
[insects buzzing loudly]
[people screaming]
- [Adriel in Spanish] Do not be afraid.
- [screaming continues]
[ominous music builds]
I said, do not be afraid!
[loud whoosh]
[people screaming]
[people chattering worriedly]
[ominous choral music playing]
[worried chatter continues]
[woman in Spanish] What's going on?
With the power of faith,
no danger may stand before you.
[indistinct chatter]
So my will be done.
[man 1 in English] Is this real?
[man 2] Yeah, there were
hundreds of witnesses.
[man 3] Just as he planned.
He intentionally usurped
one of our hallowed holidays
for his own aggrandizement.
[man 4] How is he doing this?
Enough. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Even if Adriel isn't an angel
Of course he's not an angel.
He's a fraud, a showman.
Your Holiness.
These appear to be
genuine acts of supernatural power.
If you are so easily impressed,
Cardinal Rossi,
you should google David Blaine.
Whatever his methods,
he's inspiring devotion.
[man 3] He's expanding his movement,
growing bolder by the day.
He's become a viable threat.
To whom?
To the Church, to our flock.
And to you, Your Holiness.
To acknowledge this man's actions
is to give them validity,
and that we will not do.
But quietly, quietly,
let's find out everything we can
about this so-called angel.
[somber piano music playing]
I wasn't aware that
your Order allowed personal adornments.
I'm sorry, Mother?
Your hair.
Oh, yes. Well, I
needed a change.
Perhaps you could join a rock band.
I suppose it makes no difference
at this point.
Meaning what?
Well now that you've been
passed over for the Halo
I wasn't passed over
for the Halo, Mother, I
Oh no?
May I see it, then?
You make it sound as if I failed.
We were under attack.
- [bangs table]
- This has always been your way, Lilith.
All excuses and no action.
Oh, you find that funny, don't you?
[Lilith] Me? No action?
- I have the scars to prove otherwise.
- That doesn't prove anything.
It proves that my mother only cares about
the expectations of her daughter,
refusing to see the reality of
the actual woman sitting in front of her.
I have accepted
the only reality that counts.
My daughter will never be the Warrior Nun.
[wood creaking]
[music intensifies]
For millennia, my family has pledged
to protect the world
against Adriel's return.
We're an adjunct operation of the OCS.
[Superion] If that's so,
how have I never heard of you?
Because we're very, very good
at keeping secrets.
Our order was created
by the Warrior Nun named Cora,
direct successor to Areala herself.
And we know how to stop Adriel.
That's why I need to find the Warrior Nun.
What's her role in this?
[Yasmine] I would love to tell you.
I really would.
But I've been sworn since birth
to follow a specific protocol.
Should Adriel again walk the earth,
our secret is to be delivered
directly to the current Halo-Bearer.
I am bound by my duty to God.
I'm sure you can appreciate that.
More than you know, I suspect.
[Yasmine] Then you'll take me to her?
[Superion] Send the call.
He's buying your faith
with cheap parlor tricks.
- [Matteo groans]
- Dime store magic.
[Matteo curses in Italian]
[in English] You.
You know the truth.
You were there at the Vatican.
Tell him.
You You have me confused with someone.
Tell the truth,
and everything will be forgiven.
Return what's rightfully his,
and he'll make you whole again.
You know that he's
the true bearer of the Halo
[metal chains clinking]
Theological grandstanding
just really annoys me.
[Matteo strains, yells]
[Ava gasps]
- [Beatrice grunts]
- [Matteo roars]
[Ava grunting]
[intense music playing]
[fighting grunts]
- [Ava whimpers]
- [Matteo grunts]
- [Matteo snarls]
- [Ava yells]
[fighting grunts echoing]
[Ava groans, pants]
[Ava yells]
[snarls] Come on!
[Ava grunts, whimpers]
[exhales sharply]
[creature screeching]
[energy builds up]
[echoing thud]
[Matteo groaning]
[Ava grunts]
[creature roars]
[creature shrieking]
[piercing scream] No!
[energy fades]
[Ava panting]
- I'll check on him.
- He was possessed.
I hate to be the one to tell you this,
but there are more things
in heaven and earth, Horatio.
[Beatrice sighs]
What? I read.
He's breathing.
Okay. That's good.
What's that on your back?
[Beatrice] We've been exposed. Let's go.
I know.
Just take care of him, okay?
And tell him I'm sorry.
[somber music playing]
[Lilith breathing rapidly]
She doesn't understand.
- [grunts]
- [stone crumbling]
She's right.
I'm a monster.
[breathing heavily]
We need help.
[Duretti] Chin up, William.
We've weathered storms in the past.
But always with a map to guide us.
This time, we find ourselves
in uncharted waters.
[energy pulses]
- No.
- [William] As you wish.
[Duretti] Adriel, welcome.
How are you enjoying the Vatican?
[Adriel] It's very impressive.
Much nicer than the catacombs,
I might add.
Please, sit.
You know, there are casks of 16th-century
brandy in the caverns below us,
collecting dust in the shadows.
Long forgotten.
Much like I was, I suppose.
I couldn't reach them from my tomb,
but I could sense them.
I could practically smell them.
It was agony being so close for so long
- [eerie music plays]
- unable to taste.
But now, well,
now all things are mine to enjoy.
And what brings you here?
[Adriel] Can a man not come home?
After all, this was my residence
since long before you were even born.
And, due to my presence here, it's become
a site of enormous religious power.
A place where millions turn for salvation
and to ease their suffering.
Hasn't humanity suffered enough?
Don't they deserve a better world?
A better world awaits us all.
[Adriel] Yes, of course.
The halls of my father.
The kingdom of Heaven.
I know.
But what about now?
What about this world?
You and I could change it.
[scoffs] Together?
Surely a man powerful enough
to do the water glass trick
can perform his miracles without my aid.
[Adriel] I could.
I could wipe this symbolic building
of yours off the face of the map
with the wave of a hand.
[in Italian] But why be divided,
when we can be so much stronger together?
[in English] Might we have
a word alone, Your Holiness?
I will not abandon you, Father.
You see, that is devotion.
And there's over
a billion Catholics out there
that give you that same kind of devotion.
There's power in those numbers.
Now I see.
You need to be legitimized by the Pope.
[Adriel] I don't need anything.
But consider a partnership between us.
The things we could do.
Heal the sick, grow crops from the desert,
feed the hungry, body and soul.
We could unite the world.
How your flock would grow
until only one true religion remained.
[William] And why would His Holiness
ever agree to such a thing?
[Adriel] Oh, please.
His Holiness has spent
every waking moment of his life
thinking about this very same idea.
I'm not the first
to offer salvation to mankind.
Sadly, our previous emissary
failed in his mission.
He never returned.
I don't plan on suffering his same fate.
No, you will suffer
the flames of Hell and eternal damnation.
I cast you out! Leave this holy place!
- [rumbling]
- [voice echoes] Hear me well, Francesco.
For a thousand years,
the Catholic Church has used my power
enclosed in this very same building
as a holy battery to fuel its rise
to unprecedented power.
I think you owe me.
[rumbling stops]
The offer stands. Give it some thought.
[door opens]
[tense music playing]
[device trills]
- [Jillian on intercom] Who's this?
- It's Sister Lilith. May I speak with you?
I'm sorry, Lilith.
I'm not up for visitors at present.
I need your help, Doctor.
Something's happening to me.
I had no one else to turn to.
Okay, stay there. I'll be right down.
[energy whooshes]
Let's not waste any time.
- [insects chirping]
- [distant owl hooting]
Are you in pain?
I'm fine.
[faint beeping]
What's that?
The call. An OCS emergency code.
[faint beeping]
They're in Madrid.
You've You've got to go?
I've got something more important to do.
But first I need to tell my sisters
what happened to Mary.
Where can we go? We can't just run.
I don't know.
I should have listened to you.
We cannot change what is,
only what will be.
- I'm sorry.
- Are you?
Because saying sorry indicates regret,
and people who regret tend to take care
not to repeat their mistakes.
- You just
- What?
You just You do whatever you want.
You let your emotions
carry you headfirst into danger,
sweeping the rest of us,
the rest of the world, up in your wake.
Well, excuse the fuck out of me.
I didn't ask to be paralyzed.
I didn't ask to be dead.
And I certainly didn't ask to have
some fucking dirtbag angel's halo
jammed in my back so I could fight demons
for the Catholic fucking Church!
[sobs] You think this is easy for me?
You think my choices are clear?
I'm doing the best I can!
[Ava continues sobbing]
[Beatrice sighs]
[Ava crying]
[Ava sniffles]
[sobs] I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- [cries]
For everything.
[Ava sniffles]
I've trained my whole life for this.
And sometimes I forget that you haven't.
But it is my job to see you through this.
Just your job?
[both chuckle]
and my pleasure.
[gentle piano music playing]
It's the call.
[Beatrice] It's a sign for the entire OCS.
It's like a code,
but only members of the Order can read it.
Nun code.
[chuckles] That's cool.
It's supposed to bring the OCS together
in times of extreme danger.
What's it saying?
[Beatrice] The letters form a pattern.
We're going to Madrid.
[faint beeping]
Hold on. There's a second message.
[voice breaking] It's just three words.
We've lost Mary.
[Beatrice sobs]
[both sobbing]
[emotional music playing]
- [sniffles]
- [Ava sobs]
[Beatrice sighs]
[emotional music swells]
[dramatic music playing]
My Lord Adriel.
What does it mean?
[Vincent] The call of the OCS.
The survivors are gathering.
Then you must join them.
[dramatic music swells]
[music fades]
[theme music playing]
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